Gremlins - 6 Gizmo Mogwai CraftLabel Statue

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					  Gremlins - 6" Gizmo Mogwai CraftLabel Statue

Measuring approximately 6" tall, the Gizmo CraftLabel Statue features a construction utilizing fabric,
metal, resin and PVC elements. Covered in white and brown fur, the disarmingly doe-eyed Gizmo is
situated atop a bed pillow display. Gizmo the Mogwai is acquired by misguided inventor Randal Peltzer
from the obscure shop owned by the cryptic Mr. Wing. Randal is vaguely warned by Wing's grandson
that Mogwai, averse to bright light, cannot be exposed to water or fed after midnight. Gizmo provides
Billy with a unique, charismatic mascot, although when Gizmo is accidentally exposed to water he
produces five duplicate Mogwai. These latter Mogwai, malicious versions led by the aptly-named
Stripe, trick Billy into feeding them after midnight. When Stripe and his followers are transformed into
larger, more capable Gremlins, Gizmo assists Billy and Kate in battling the original Gremlins as well as
the army gained by Stripe after he (Stripe) gains access to the YMCA pool. In the aftermath, Mr. Wing
returns to take custody of Gizmo yet again, at least until the shell-shocked Peltzers are capable of the

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