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Tuberculous ascites knowledge _30744


									?Check, menstruation, dysmenorrhea, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer

?Tuberculous ascites knowledge

?Tuberculous ascites for many women it is very strange that many
patients to see results very vague. Caused by Mycobacterium
tuberculosis is called female genital inflammation, also known as
genital tuberculosis tuberculous pelvic inflammatory disease. Many
found in 20-40-year-old woman, also seen in older postmenopausal
women. To the most common oviduct TB about female genital
tuberculosis 85% ~ 95%, followed by the endometrium, other types of
TB incidence. The vast majority of genital tuberculosis as a
secondary infection, often secondary to tuberculosis, intestinal
tuberculosis, Peritoneal tuberculosis, TB focus of mesenteric lymph
nodes may also be secondary to bone tuberculosis, or TB of the
urinary system. Can some accessibility check 1. endometrial biopsies
2.X line check 3. laparoscopy pelvic laparoscopy can directly observe
the situation, and preferred solution for culture or lesion of the
Department for biopsy. 4. culture conditions, if any, will the
menstrual blood or blown out of the endometrium for culture or animal
vaccination, but generally positive rate is not high, acute stage may
be higher. 5. other white blood cell count is not high, the
classification of lymphocytes may increase, unlike ordinary purulent
inflammation; active period increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate,
with the exception of normal erythrocyte sedimentation rate cannot be
changed; the old TB tuberculin test if positive description of the
body have had tuberculosis infection; if it is a strongly positive
description of the currently active lesions, but does not explain the
location; if negative means not a tuberculosis infection. These tests
check are nonspecific, can only be used as a reference for the

Tuberculous pelvic effusion A. chronic pelvic inflammatory disease
(chronic), chronic pelvic inflammatory disease with childbirth,
abortion, acute pelvic inflammatory disease, and more generally of
menstruation, menopause rare; but as many as genital tuberculosis,
infertility or even menstrual reductions, pelvic examination of
amenorrhea sometimes reach nodules. B. endometriosis endometriosis
and genital tuberculosis clinical manifestations have many
similarities, such as low, dysmenorrhea, pelvic adhesions are
thickened and nodules, and so on. But obviously endometriosis
dysmenorrhea, menstruation in general more. The diagnostic curettage
and uterine hysterosalpingography and laparoscopy can assist in
troubleshooting. C. Ovarian Tumor tuberculous peritonitis with
hydrothorax, and ovarian cyst identification, according to the
episode, there is no history of tuberculosis, B-mode ultrasound check
help identification; tuberculous annexitis formation package block
surface uneven, nodules or bulb, and differential diagnosis of
ovarian cancer. The clinic is sometimes mistaken for pelvic
peritoneal ovarian cancer and genital tuberculosis, chronic therapy,
resulting in delayed or even endanger the life, the diagnosis may be
difficult for laparoscopy or laparotomy probes to clear diagnosis.
Cervical cancer cervical tuberculosis may have papillary hyperplasia
or ulcer, and cervical cancer is not easy to distinguish, for Pap
smear and cervical biopsy. Tuberculous ascites should anti-
tuberculosis treatment. Extract the effusion is checking or therapy
means, should not be used for. Because simple pumping effusion will
not be cured ascites, may also make the effusion. Guangzhou chest
Hospital of obstetrics and gynaecology, Liu Ying

Tuberculous ascites basic information first here, it is recommended
that the note rest, diet, eating spicy rich, drink plenty of water,
eat more vegetables and fruit. What are the specific need to do a
check to confirmed proposals or to a local hospital for examination.

?Check, menstruation, dysmenorrhea, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer

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