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Tracheal stenosis _31472


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									?Breath, erosion, cases, tracheal, Dyspnea

?Tracheal stenosis


Etiology: mechanical respiratory therapy can improve the respiratory
function, good clinical efficacy in the treatment of a growing number
of cases. With the mechanical application of respiratory therapy,
tracheostomy and intubation of complications such as tracheal
stenosis have been few and far between. Tracheostomy parts are too
high, the cartilage damage 1, can cause cricoid cartilage erosion,
inflammatory diseases and difficult to repair cartilage of by
stenosis. Tracheotomy, tracheal resection of too much future anterior
tissues, a large number of granulation tissue formation and fibrous
scar tissue. Endotracheal tube, tracheal pressure caused a cut above
the front organizations inwards and tracheal tube outer joins the
excessive repression of pipe wall, the Organization will pressure
erosion can scar tissue forming fiber. In addition, for the closure
of the trachea and the cavity endotracheal tube outer bag filled with
too much pressure is too high, the oppression of the wall, leading to
a full week organized, serious erosion of necrosis in the future
formation of cyclic scar cancerous stenosis, or even produce
tracheoesophageal fistula and tracheal innominate artery fistula. The
latter two cases the mortality is very high. Therefore the purpose of
tracheostomy and intubation of the trachea, anterior resection of
tracheal organization and selection of endotracheal tube sizes and
lengths to fit, balloon inflation pressure is too high, the
connecting pipes should be light and soft, to reduce the tracheal
stenosis of complication rate. ???Symptoms: common symptoms are
shortness of breath due to obstruction of the airway and breathing
difficulties, physical activity and the increase of respiratory
endocrine, often wheeze. Once the purposes of tracheostomy intubation
and case render the above symptoms, you should first consider the
tracheal stenosis of the scar. Lateral spines, and oblique tracheal
fault radiography can clearly show the extent of the parts, narrow,
length and shape of the change. Yantai yuhuangding hospital
Otorhinolaryngology, Chang Quan
Address: extubation, eliminating the need for mechanical respiratory
therapy in severe cases, the extent of the tracheal stenosis,
normally required for the purposes of tracheal reconstruction surgery.
Ventilation function is still not fully recovered cases can be
regular tracheal dilation, reconstruction of the trachea, cut the
tube or in narrow segments placed tracheal tube support Qiang
conservative treatment measures to maintain ventilation function. We
pass the tracheotomy tube endoscopic resection of the Cicatrix,
placement of t-tube extension, works well.

?Breath, erosion, cases, tracheal, Dyspnea

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