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									?Drugs, epilepsy, the maximum temperature, high fever,

?TOPAMAX-induced fever?


A 11 months girl visits to local diagnosis of epilepsy, topiramate
treatment significantly reduced the amount of increase, is still in
the process, but in the third day of fever, Jiangxi stuffy, daytime
37.7 ° c, night of up to 39 ° c, slightly reducing the attack also
increased. Ask if the continued application of topiramate treatment,
what's the deal?

    Topiramate has decreased sweating, increased body temperature,
but taking TOPAMAX during treatment of fever may have been caused,
first of all, a distinction should be made between whether the fever
and the application of TOPAMAX? in General, the majority of
topiramate-induced fever as mild to moderate fever, very few high
fever, if you have high fever to the hospital to see if there are no
other diseases exist; TOPAMAX-induced fever also has a feature that
only in case of need to sweat can kids fever, body temperature is
normal, but if TOPAMAX-induced febrile children into into the air
conditioning room temperature can drop soon after into normal, if not
then you should find cause. Children's Hospital, Department of
Neurology, Jiangxi province Zhong Jian-min
If you are indeed the topiramate-induced fever, is there any good
alternatives for TOPAMAX-induced fever approach includes the
following aspects: one is slow loading; the second is to dress
properly wrapped too much; 3 ambient temperature appropriate to avoid
the stifling heat; fourth, it is possible to add some regulation of
autonomic nervous function. In general the treatment most effectively
addressed, if you still can't stand the heat, then only the swap with
other antiepileptic drug therapy.

?Drugs, epilepsy, the maximum temperature, high fever,

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