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?The treatment of uterine Sarcoma


Uterine sarcomas seem to be increasingly common in clinical, most
patients do not quite understand this disease.

Common uterine Sarcoma have uterine Leiomyosarcoma, ESS,
Carcinosarcoma, in the past have always thought that cancer sarcoma
is a malignant degree uterine Sarcoma in the highest, but a new study
finds that uterine Leiomyosarcoma is the most highly malignant
uterine sarcoma. From the texts we can understand the main way to
transference of sarcoma is metastasis, the transfer of other
relatively rare, but in recent years in research and clinical
practice found in lymph node metastasis of uterine sarcomas are not
uncommon, even have a uterine Leiomyosarcoma accompanied by huge
lymph node metastasis, and even exceeded its primary focus. I myself
have uterine Sarcoma after cases of infection, a huge lump as pelvic
lymph node metastasis. Prof. Wu Ming Gynecology

Uterine Sarcoma treatment consists of surgery, chemotherapy,
radiation therapy, and hormonal therapy.

Surgical treatment is the most important, current international
commonly used technique is the endometrial cancer surgery, the use of
staging is the staging of endometrial cancer, surgery should cover
the entire uterus double attachment cutout, pelvic and abdominal
aorta abdominal lymph node excision, Bowl flushing fluid cytology.
Fertility Preservation seems to be no more reliable evidence because,
for the treatment of uterine Sarcoma also does not want to treat
other cancers that relatively mature.

Chemotherapy in the treatment of uterine sarcoma is playing an
important role, it should be said that the role of chemotherapy in
patients with sarcoma is somewhat limited, however, for the purposes
of the present research or have a certain effect, for control and
delay tumor recurrence and still have a role, in particular the
regular occurrence of metastatic sarcomas, chemotherapy becomes even
more important. Usually for Sarcoma chemotherapy rather effective
drugs Adriamycin, epirubicin, cisplatin, ifosfamide, popular
chemotherapy regimens are nothing more than a combination of several

Radiation treatment for uterine Sarcoma majority didn't just ESS
exceptions, this tumor for radiotherapy or effective, endometrial
stromal sarcomas in essential method.

Hormone therapy for endometrial stromal sarcomas are valid, even
after a lot of medication for a long time with survival. And hormones
for other Sarcoma speaking had almost no effect. `

?Chemotherapy, Sarcoma, drugs, tumor, the maximum