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					?Chinese medicine TCM, drugs, pregnancy, dysmenorrhea,

?The speckle-removing Chloasma
yurong pill description


Prescription sources Selection
purposes topic based (spot-removing Chloasma yurong
pill 60 cases) Shaanxi Provincial Hospital of dermatovenereology Zhao
Hao   a prescription sources the prescription to clinical
experience, Shaanxi Province of traditional Chinese
Medicine Dermatology clinical experience in dermatology,
the combination of traditional medicine in strict
accordance with the guidance of the motherland, a reliable,
safe and non-toxic, water-formulations, low-cost medicine
such as so-called "Jane,, inexpensive," four
characteristics. II selection purposes Chloasma is a
common to facial skin colour was pale brown or dark brown
changes to features of pigmentary dermatosis. Skin lesions
are usually pale brown, grey, Brown, black, Fusion chip
pigment spots, can butterflies-like appearance. Usually
develops slowly, lasting several years, many have no
complaints. Chinese medicine is called "blackish." Commonly
known as the "liver spots," and "black". View more from
stagnation in the disease, liver failure, yujiuhua hot big,
burns cloudy blood cause discord, facial blood or blood
stagnation of facial or temper, Qi and blood cannot honor
Peter facial or kidney, renal water cannot sing. Doctors
think exact etiology and pathogenesis of the following
factors: pregnancy, oral contraceptives, female
reproductive system diseases (menstruation and menstrual
disorders, inflammation of the uterus annex, ovarian cysts),
expendable diseases (tuberculosis, cancer, liver disease,
hyperthyroidism), ultraviolet irradiation, genetic factors,
beauty products, improper use, mental status and disease,
excessive fatigue, rest and mental burdens, as well as
depression, mental pain, etc., can cause pigment. The
disease is still considered no specific drug treatment,
therapy, and proximity to good health, but have a greater
impact on the psychological. In recent as we continuously
improve standards of living, environmental pollution, the
working pressure increase, the increase in the abuse of
cosmetics, coupled with the pursuit of growing, resulting
in the increase in the number of patients with the disease.
Traditional Chinese medicine and profound, and informative.
Development of safe, effective and affordable medicines for
the treatment of Melasma is imperative. Three topic based
by clinical observation and experimentation, discovery
Chloasma to bilateral cheeks are symmetric distribution,
pigment color tie contrast significantly, the combination
of traditional Chinese medicine calls for "liver disease",
disease porphyry and liver-related, "stagnation", or a long
period of time does not heal, or gas and blood, or
depression and of heat, thus allowing the blood cannot
lifes skin, facial pigmentation change hygiene. Treatment
to Shu Qi, and to invigorate, nourishing. This study topic
is based on the history of the ancient Chinese medicine
exactly as it appears on "blackish," liver spot
"(stagnation) of doctrine and traditional theory, combined
with many years of clinical experience and modern clinical
pharmacology of multiple results. Adhere to the traditional
Chinese medicine theory to guide the prescription drug, the
more targeted, and therefore a satisfactory outcome.

?Chinese medicine TCM, drugs, pregnancy, dysmenorrhea,

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