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					?Cases, papules, leucorrhea, sexually transmitted diseases, foreign
body sensation

?The Ministry of health diagnosis
and specification of Condyloma

?1, diagnostic criteria

A history of exposure to have extramarital 1.1 sexual contact
history, spouse or indirect infection infection history.

1.2 clinical manifestations

1, 2, 1 male and female genitals, anus, perineum or see oral,
breasts, etc. appear more pink, gray and white, or grey-brown
papules or papillary, comb-shaped or cauliflower-shaped
neoplasm of high up. The minority is the proliferation of
papillary tumor-like giant Condyloma Acuminatum, i.e.
Buschke-Loewenstein giant Condyloma. Henan province people's
Hospital Dermatology Lawrence

1.2.2 symptoms see Tickle, foreign body sensation and
oppression or pain, often fragile skin lesions and bleeding.
Women may have a Dingbat negative number.

1.2.3 women Condyloma Acuminatum with pseudo (villous minora),
men should be the Pearl-like penis papule. Men and women but
also with the acuminate, Bob flat Papulosis, genital phase of,

1.2.4 uses 5% acetic acid liquid smudge pelade, 3 ~ 5 minutes.

1.3 laboratory
1.3.1 skin lesions, biopsy have HPV infection of the
characteristic au histopathological features.

1.3.2 necessary in skin lesions, biopsy with Antigen or
nucleic acid detection display with HPV. Commonly HPV6, 11,
18, rare for the HPV16.

1.4 case classification

1.4.1 reported cases have 1.1 and 1.2 indicators

1.4.2 confirmed cases have 1.1 1.2 and 1.3 of indicators.

2 principles of management

2.1 treatment principles

2.1.1 note with both Neisseria gonorrhoeae, chlamydia,
Mycoplasma, vaginalis, and other pathogens, if any, should be

2.1.2 with spouse and partner if it has warts or other
sexually transmitted diseases, treatment should be at the
same time.

2.1.3 treatment period to avoid having sex.

2.2 sentenced more and prognosis

Convicted of the more standard is the removal of hyperplasia
youti, Condyloma prognosis is generally good, but the
recurrence rate is relatively high.

2.3 management and prevention

2.3.1 Condyloma each patients should report only once. In the
past has not been diagnosed for the first time, patients
should report at the time of diagnosis.
2.3.2 Condyloma patients should avoid having sex, or the use
of condoms to prevent infection to their spouse.

2.3.3 patient should be treated early.

2.3.4 to comply strictly with monogamy is the best way to
prevent the disease.

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Dr. Lawrence Henan provincial people's Hospital

Dermatology Department of Henan province people's Hospital

?Cases, papules, leucorrhea, sexually transmitted diseases, foreign
body sensation

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