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?Smoking and lung cancer


Lung cancer (lung cancer) is the current world-wide one of the most
common malignant tumors, cancer mortality rate has been lived in. In
2007, China's annual lung cancer incidence rate of up to 60/100 000
and has been on the rise, becoming the first country in the world
lung. Lung cancer prevention and treatment of breast tumors became
our surgeon's main tasks. As Henan province characteristic
specialties, Xinxiang key specialist of Xinxiang city hospital of
second division, each year a wide range of more than 400 chest
surgery, and postoperative patients can be a normal person would be
very few early lung cancer patients, and such patients tend to have a
long history of a large number of smoking and passive smoking
experience. Therefore, it is necessary to the broad masses of the
popularity of the dangers of smoking to prevention-based on the
premise of the new concept of health, reduce the incidence of lung
cancer. Xinxiang city hospital surgical thoracic aneurysms Po Hou

"After a cigarette, but better than live", "Dim sum" late wine
cooking smoke, smoking is always to find their own "tunyuntuwu" all
sorts of excuses. Few young people out of curiosity, or by the
surrounding smoking people, often in the ceiling in the play ",
learned to get into the habit of smoking, forever. In fact, smoking
is harmful to it. Cigarette burning decomposition, factoring out the
variety of substances, including about 30 kinds have carcinogenic or
nitrosopiperidine. One of the nicotine, ingestion of 50 milligrams
for adults. It is estimated that 30-day smoking a cigarette, the α
radiation on the human body produces the annual radiation dose,
equivalent to shoot 100 x-rays of accumulated dose. Such exposure can
affect the metabolism of tissues and cells, the cell gene mutation
induction and promote the formation and development of cancer;
smoking leads to NK cell activity, smoking, the more its activity.
The data show that annual cumulative smoking more than 150 packages
of severe smokers, NK cell activity than non-smokers decreased

Smokers, the incidence of various types of cancer than non-smokers
high 7-Eleven times that link more closely. Smokers lung cancer risk
is not smokers 13 times, if the daily smoking in more than 35
branches, their risk was increased to 45 times. Statistics show the
amount of daily smokers start smoking, the more the younger, longer
smoking age, tobacco tar content is higher, but the risk is also
induced by cancer. Daily smoking 25 more smokers lung cancer
morbidity is 250/100 000. Smokers can also be caused by indoor air
pollution, the majority of passive smoking. In recent years has
proved to be a passive smoker's risk of lung cancer has increased
significantly. Research proved that, if in a family, husband and wife
do not smoke, smoking, often living together, then the future wife
have lung cancer from smoking than husband wife twice to three times.
Husband wife smoking increases, so the greater the risk of
contracting cancer. If someone is smoking in the home, home children
easier for bronchitis and pneumonia. According to u.s. statistics,
83% of lung cancer is caused by smoking. A day smoke more than 40
branches, the lung cancer mortality for smokers 15-20 times. In
addition each year due to passive smoking in causing lung cancer
deaths in the large increase in smoking, smoking is susceptible to
cancer facts are indisputable. Smoking not only harm ourselves, but
also harm those closest to you. No matter how smokers prefer to
believe that, like it or not willing to admit that this is true. In
1985, the Swedish court made a decision that smoking can cause common
colleagues and Office personnel suffering from lung cancer causing
death, and this phenomenon is called "occupational injury", the
victim's family to ask for a certain degree of economic compensation.
According to statistics, each year due to passive smoking deaths
United Kingdom is 1000 people, the United States is 4000 to 5000

Warning: smoking on the human being is "harm none", no matter how I
benefit or second-hand smoking, are great bodily injury and,
therefore, we advise the addict who, for the sake of their own and
other people's health, please immediately quit smoking!

?Lung cancer, tumors, tumors, smokers, Xinxiang city