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Pay attention to the perianal abscess of early diagnosis and treatment _31298

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					?Cases, skin abscesses, gap, rectal

?Pay attention to the perianal
abscess of early diagnosis and

? Anal and rectal surgical Anatomy of the gap is around, because fat,
connective tissue, resulting in extremely vulnerable to infection.
Early diagnosis and therapy on the significance of the prognosis is
very important that we also often clinically reception of some cases
of high abscess, many due to delays caused by disease, abscesses
particularly high and complexity, because organizations large abscess
necrosis, edema, infection causes lesions in finding more difficult,
approximately 80-90 per cent of patients eventually develop into on
abscess of anal fistula surgery even if drainage and other measures
to keep up with, there is still a high recurrence rate. In recent
years we have adopted operation mode of operation for modification,
the recurrence rate control at a relatively low level, but high
abscess and surgical treatment of spent considerable effort, early
diagnosis and treatment will make the treatment of many easy, our
out-patient and have a lot of interpretation in order to obtain the
patient's understanding and the importance of the disease. Because in
some cases even if an operation has also made a great effort, still
hard to avoid the possibility of recurrence, this is a perianal
abscess itself and other parts of the abscess is the biggest

Anal and perianal space following the levator ani muscle: ① perianal
space, located in Ischia and around the anus and diaphragm, between
the left and right sides of the skin can be connected after anal
(here also referred to as shallow gap after anal). ② Ischia to
intestines (also called Ischia anal gap), in the anal canal on both
sides, is located in Ischia, levator ani muscle anal about diaphragm,
and one each in the anal canal is common (here also known as deep
anal space). There are more than the levator ani muscle: ① pelvic
rectal gap, in the rectum, one on each side, located above the
levator ani muscle, pelvic peritoneal. ② after clearance of rectum,
between the rectum and sacral is also above the levator ani muscle,
and rectal clearance on both sides of the pelvis. In fact the abscess
clinic are often more space infection, in function of protection and
treatment of contradictions, the doctors sometimes select staging
surgery, so of course greatly extend the, the patient more time is
spent, or., Nantong City Hospital of anorectal branch Lu Jie

?Cases, skin abscesses, gap, rectal

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