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					?Low back pain, deformed, cases, surgery, cyst

?Minimally invasive Urologic
Surgery new breakthrough


Speaking of surgery, people will think long scar, bloodshed and
suffering. However, one just need to make a few small body can do
major abdominal surgery, carried out in recent years in the clinical
and ushered in a new field of surgical treatment, which is minimally
invasive laparoscopic surgery, with the gradual maturity of the
technology, laparoscopic surgery in urology range now almost 70 per
cent of the substitution of traditional open surgery, this is one of
the other minimally invasive techniques are incomparable, therefore
the true meaning of the age of minimally invasive surgery. Recently,
Anyang City people's Hospital of the successful implementation of
Urologic laparoscopic peripelvic cyst, the success of the operation
marked the city's Urology technical level has a new breakthrough.
Anyang City people's Hospital Urology cattle Ling wei
Behalf of a patient, because of the "January" to the left of the low
back pain patients in a hospital in me, according to CT discovery
left renal hilum spoils a size of about 5 × 4 × 4cm cyst, cyst of
IVP displays on the renal pelvis, renal pelvic distortion caused by
compression of patients referred for further investigation in our
hospital, renal cysts and bottom color discovery Carroll poles, with
AHD dorsal renal vascular wrap Carroll, surgery have greater risk.
Our hospital Urology doctor on the case further analysis, consider
the cyst is close to the ventral suitable implementation of
laparoscopic surgery, endoscopic surgery, trauma surgery endoscopic
on fields, clear vision, surgery, the success rate of relative
security. A fully prepared, on 9 November on the implementation of
the laparoscopic left parapelvic cyst, surgical procedure only 45
minutes, day patient postoperative intestinal ventilation, belly,
only three of less than 1 cm of holes, the wound without my stitches
on the third day is fully recovered and been discharged.
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Laparoscopic surgery is the traditional surgical approaches and
modern high-tech. Traditional surgical scalpel incision is the doctor
in the abdominal wall, fully exposed need surgical site, hands and a
variety of surgical instruments. Laparoscopic abdominal surgical
incision and avoiding, not only in patients with abdominal opening
several centimeters of hole 1, in the artificial air conditions, TV
screens via laparoscopy and show that the use of appliances in place
of the surgeon's hand to complete the operation. In addition to the
incision minimally invasive endoscopic, since there are 5-10 x
magnification, field of vision and clear, reliable hemostasis, body
injury also light, light, the recovery of patients suffering. For
example, the traditional surgery after 3-4 days to restore the diet,
7-10 days to discharge; laparoscopic surgery, and postoperative 6-12
hours eating, 1-3 days to discharge.

?Low back pain, deformed, cases, surgery, cyst