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Itchy rashes in children _29092


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									?Traditional Chinese medicine, the skin, pimples, licorice,

?Itchy rashes in children


Treatment of children with itchy
rashes praeparatum
The spring season, many children, a skin rash, bright red lumps,
circle or oval, small as large as the beans, peas, widely distributed
across the top of the trunk and limbs, as well as blisters, very
itchy, night and day, children did not. This disease is the medical
name, papular urticaria is called our habitual itchy rashes in

The disease has a distinct seasonal characteristics that a certain
period of time the onset-centricity, a substantial increase in the
percentage. Fortunately this is not an infectious disease, the same
classroom, with a family won't appear obvious increase in incidence.
A small number of children throughout the year, the incidence of
recurrent skin dry and rough, scratches, severely affect quality of
life. Shaanxi Provincial Hospital of dermatovenereology Zhao-Hao

Childhood itchy rashes mainly related to mosquito bites and food
allergy related, sick children are like snacking a drink, dinner eat
eating food choice, less also various food additive intake in the
opportunities that may be important cause. Avoid contact with cats
and dogs, develop healthy eating habits to reduce the recurrence of
the disease.

Chinese medicine believes that "the itching and sore heart", and Kang,
stagnation; bias in the skin, itchy rashes. Fire extinguishing means
a lot, you can clear the fire, the fire can be bulk, can also fire,
urine, Pediatric physical tender, cannot withstand the bitter cold
and heavy smell, the smell of peace must be selective, good taste,
the treatment is the key to decrease rapidly, and antipruritic. I
frequently used to treat children with itchy rashes praeparatum,
mostly in one day, and antipruritic, coupled with the restraint of
sulfur-containing zinc oxide external lotion, skin rash. Normal itchy
rashes just blindly praeparatum, boiled for 20 minutes after the
sugar consumed within one year, with 5-10 grams, two-year-old with a
10-15 g, three-year-old with 15-20 g. Constitution of partial
deficiency of licorice, itching to intense heat and gardenia, the
dose is half praeparatum. The most typical case is a one and half
year old child, systemic itchy rashes, abnormal irritability, for two
days and two nights crying, neither eat nor sleep. Observation of
children cry loudly, surface, a large number of mouth pink, in the
case of drinking water; the exuberant, lascivious persons, open
praeparatum 10 g, 6 g, gardenia fried 20 minutes with sugar
consumption. The next morning, the children's parents called to say
only had two times, each time two soup spoon, night quiet sleep.

Praeparatum is fermented soybeans, joined in the production process,
making artemisinin and Mulberry leaves have a medicinal effect of
soybean. Fermented soybean into kidney Meridian, mulberry, acts also
increased divergence entrusted to it, lead the water turned to the
kidney, heart, restricting the firelight, like water fire
extinguishing fire extinction since the itch. Basically nothing
praeparatum flavor, sugar after children willing to take. Praeparatum
inexpensive, convenient, and antipruritic effect is significant for
the treatment of children with itchy rashes reflect cm Jane,,
inexpensive and effective.

This is my friend says, I reproduce here for everyone

?Traditional Chinese medicine, the skin, pimples, licorice,

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