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?How to correct the shampoo


Everyone needs the shampoo, the shampoo process seems simple,
but simple repetition of the poor shampoo used but will
damage the hair. The following is the correct method: 1
shampoo) shampoo, whether it be leaching or wash basin, let
your hair hanging. 2. rinse with lukewarm water completely).
3) placed a certain amount of shampoo in the Palm of the hand,
the amount of their own decisions, the standard is to let the
foam covered with hair. 4) hand pick out enough quantity of
foam to hair from the scalp, hair gradually with all, and
then the finger pulp from the hair roots to the tips of the
hair and gently massage and also remember to let your hair
down and natural. 5) washing is very important, in a warm
shower hair when you massage gently with your finger pulp. At
this point, wet hair is very easy to damage due to friction,
so be very careful not to be excessive. 6) clean shampoo,
foam gently squeeze to hair too much moisture, and then use a
conditioner. Avoid the following when you shampoo: 1) to put
all the blame to the hair of his head, especially for women
with long hair; 2) did, friction force; 3) hair into a mess;
4) out of water like twist twisted hair towel-like. The first
affiliated hospital of China Medical Dermatology LEE Yuen macro

?Hair, shampoo, foam, China Medical University, warm water

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