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									?Skin, Melasma, pregnancy, laser, pulsed

?Glare can Chloasma


Melasma is face common pigmentary disorders. In Asian populations may
be involved in, Chloasma 40% women and 20% male. Caused a lot of
factors, including genetic factors, tanning, pregnancy, endocrine
disorder, thyroid disease, oral contraceptives, and hormone
replacement therapy, photosensitivity, anticonvulsant drugs,
cosmetics, anxiety, depression, etc. The first affiliated hospital of
China Medical Dermatology Li Yuan macro

In histology, Asian Chloasma for mixed type skin color, Wood light
has deepened, the Department has not changed.

Because traditional therapy (sunscreen, bleaching agent, dermabrasion,
etc.), don't attempt to use a laser to treat Chloasma, including
pulsed dye laser, Q switched Ruby Laser, Q switch purple jade laser,
pulsed CO - 2 erbium laser, laser, etc, but some in the treatment
effect and cause inflammation after pigmentation (post-inflammatory
hyperpigmentation, PIH).

Compared with laser and intense pulsed light (Intense pulsed light, IPL)
energy soft, pigmentation probability significantly reduced. 2004
years Wang, such as the use of second-generation IPL treatment
instrument (Vasculight, Santa Clara, CA ESC, USA) joint hydroquinone
cream for the treatment of Melasma. Each week treatment 4 1 once
treatment 4 times. Control group only hydroquinone cream. The 16 week
clinical observation, treatment group 35% patients improve rates
exceeding 50%, melanin index declined 39.8%, while the control group
only decline 11.6%. ?

2005 years along with the perfect impulse technology (optimal pulse
technology, OPT), fourth-generation IPL treatment instrument. This
great forts, uniform emission of light energy spikes, neither did not
decay, and greatly reduces the peak energy is too high, the side
effects, while improving the efficiency of the treatment. Therefore,
we apply this new IPL therapy for the treatment of the 128 cases
patients to see Chloasma its efficacy and safety. After 2-4 times for
treatment, patients to treatment satisfaction reaches more than 90%.
Chloasma regression 70% above (article published in skin surgery
Dermatologic Surgery).

We found that the treatment of Melasma epidermal-type works best,
followed by a mixed Chloasma. Therefore, for newly diagnosed patients
of Melasma (epidermis), immediate treatment, do not wait to dermal
pigmentation deposition before seeking treatment.

For stubborn hybrid Chloasma, we take the intense pulsed light +
laser treatments sequential therapy, can also be obtained.
?Skin, Melasma, pregnancy, laser, pulsed

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