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					?Check that the aminotransferase, liver cancer, advanced, serum

?Discussion of transaminase


Discussion of transaminase

Li guangrong

Body at least 20 kinds of amino acids can turn various kinds
of amino acid with ammonia reaction, reaction time is
transamination need special transaminase. AST is an essential
amino acid metabolism process "catalyst" (catalytic enzyme).
Skeletal muscle, liver, heart, brain, kidneys, pancreas,
spleen and aminotransferase activity strongest, testis, lungs,
gastrointestinal tract, red blood cells, platelets, serum
also contains different dynamic transaminase. Different
organizations with a variety of transaminase varies as
alanine aminotransferase (ALT) according to their content
counts: liver, kidney, heart, brain, and aspartate
aminotransferase (AST): heart, brain, liver and kidney. When
tissues and cells containing transaminase failure or damage,
the corresponding aminotransferase can enter the bloodstream,
causing elevated serum enzyme activity. Binzhou medical college
affiliated hospital infectious diseases branch, Lee

Check aminotransferase by spectrophotometry, paper upper
chromatography and Colorimetry, etc. One photoelectric
Colorimetry of the more popular, it's 1 unit is 1 ml of serum
culture in 26 ° c for 20 minutes after 1 μg of Pyruvate and
vitality. The same patient in different medical units,
different from the methods used, results may be inconsistent.
ALT and AST liver function test is the most important
indicators of the enzyme. ALT and AST most present in the
liver cells, ALT key exists in the cell, AST chiefly in
mitochondria. During the first enters the blood, ALT; when
the hepatocytes in the serious injury, endangering the
mitochondria, AST has also entered in the blood. Visible
damage to the liver cells ALT more sensitive. However, the
liver cells is not the only storage of ALT and AST, other
organs such as kidneys, heart, pancreas, spleen, gall bladder
muscle, and lung injury can also cause blood serum
transaminase rise to varying degrees. ALT levels from 0-40
units is normal. If you exceed the normal range, you can
review once excluded due to laboratory equipment failure and
operator error and other factors may cause errors. If the
value exceeds the normal serum ALT CAP 2.5 times and a half
months, consider Hepatobiliary disease; if the measured value
exceeds the normal upper limit of 20 x (normal ALT CAP is 40
units, 100 units 2.5 times, 20 times to 800 units), in
General, only the liver and gall diseases caused mainly by
hepatocyte injury. The ALT, scalding, viral hepatitis, drug-
induced liver disease, alcoholic liver disease, autoimmune
hepatitis and diffuse liver cancer liver disorders. Of course
elevates the liver disease may also not obvious, who will
also increase disease. Even if the confirmation is viral
hepatitis, nor can we simply to elevated ALT levels to
determine the severity of the disease such as hepatitis,
liver cell because survival is relatively small, released
into the blood serum transaminase rarely, with the worsening
of the illness, bilirubin, ALT decreases, the emergence of
the "separation" of bilirubin-transaminase. Acute rheumatic
fever , myocardial infarction and other diseases can cause
moderate increase. Mildly elevated amebic liver abscess,
advanced treatment of schistosomiasis and antimony poisoning,
acute pancreatitis, cholecystitis, rheumatism and liveliness
of heart disease, rheumatic myocarditis, toxic shock,
influenza, prostatic hypertrophy, nutritional liver disease,
polycystic liver, tuberculosis, depression, blood and liver,
mesh, cerebral hemorrhage, etc. For healthy people,
aminotransferase in normal range raise or lower, does not
mean that the liver problem. Aminotransferase very sensitive,
in a day's time, the height will be checked with some
fluctuations. Vigorous exercise, too much or too oily food
before eating, expose transaminase temporarily on the high
side. Menstrual transaminase elevation can be temporarily.

?Check that the aminotransferase, liver cancer, advanced, serum

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