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					?Traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese angelica, drugs, donkey-hide
gelatin, radiotherapy

?Different levels of radiation
proctitis approach


(1) mild (G 1) to a small amount of blood the symptoms, in patients
with Rectal Mucosa may be or Telangiectasia. Mild radiation proctitis,
may not be processed, or given vitamin K and vitamin. But you should
avoid fatigue and eating spicy food, maintaining patency stool.

(2) to moderate (G 2) obvious symptoms, increased number of bowel
movements, xuebian or mucus lijihouzhong xuebian, recurrent or longer
duration, intestinal congestion, edema, thickening, or even white
film is visible, you can have a shallow ulcers, anal finger see
tenderness, finger touch. Moderate radiation proctitis should
actively processing. 1) hemostasis: oral bleeding, such as vitamin K,
Ann complex blood, bleeding, aminomethylbenzoic acid, etc. Or choose
their injections and reptilase, human Fibrinogen; 2) antidiarrheal:
using Belladonna, Belladonna mixture, compound tincture of opium
tincture of camphor, etc; 3) intestinal inflammation: can be selected,
such as antibiotic gentamicin, Berberine, metronidazole, plug-ins
with a-patch, furazolidone; 4) enema: a: aluminium hydroxide gel
compound camphor can be joined or tincture of laudanum enema daily,
60 ml of water; b: smecta 6 g 60 ml of hot water or join chips; c:
other, such as available Hemostatic Bletilla powder, powder, powder
made of rubber Enema, compatibility which can be made according to
the specific situation of patients to join the adrenaline,
furazolidone, gentamicin, strong loose and laxative, each 60 ml; 5)
commonly used traditional Chinese medicine: the following drugs
Grackle, such as herbal and fruit, Burnet, patriniae, Agrimonia, Jop,
Chinese angelica, orange peel, Mei Lin, donkey-hide gelatin, double
flowers and Red 100 Shao, etc.; 6) rest and little residue diet.
Beijing maternity hospital Oncology hole for the people
(3) to severe (G 3) rectovaginal fistula, narrow, obstruction.
Conservative treatment is not possible at this time, Ostomy surgery.
Ostomy in transverse colon sigmoid permanent stoma, due to the
treatment field for sigmoid stoma. Also note that the emergence of
rectovaginal fistula, because the surgeon does not understand the
gynecological tumors radiotherapy rectal changed, and the rows are
not appropriate for biopsy, wound healing.

?Traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese angelica, drugs, donkey-hide
gelatin, radiotherapy