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									Re: still not convinced global warming a hoax?

Re: still not convinced global warming a hoax?

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I think, that the global warming is not a hoax. But the question is: what's the part of mankind and what is normal (we did have a lot of Ice Ages and times where it was very warm). Regardless of reason, we (the mankind) should do, what we can do to prevent the earth. Re: still not convinced global warming a hoax? 1

Re: still not convinced global warming a hoax? AFAIK God's will is, that the whole mankind becomes believer. So Christians should live that this will be seen. IMHO, they have to do, all what they can do to prevent the earth. What could it be? Don't use your car if you can. Buy less powerful PCs. Don't support wars, etc. Search for the best way to stop the global warming.

Best regards Rudolf Wingert


I'll apologise up front if this comes over in a way not suited to newsgroup= readers. I am similar to Tom Linden and Kerry Main and find it difficult = to control the blasted Microsoft stuff I am forced to use. The only way I = can get my mail now is via Outlook Web Access and it's a bloody pain.


I agree with your general sentiments. However, if there is a global warmin= g problem, the biggest culprits who seem to be doing nothing are America (U= SA) and China. The Green party (in various countries) also seems happy to = fly their politicians here, there and everywhere for them to spout off abou= t reducing carbon emissions.

A hobby−horse of mine is the reliance on renewable sources. Take wind powe= r as an example, there must be enough spinning reserve of conventional powe= Re: still not convinced global warming a hoax? 2

Re: still not convinced global warming a hoax? r sources in order to pick up load when the wind dies. Conventional power = sources cannnot be brought on line immediately so often need to be spinning= throughout the period of reliance on wind. Ecologists are also concerned = about the number of birds being killed by this method of power generation.

There are means being developed to store the energy generated from wind so that a continuous supply can be maintained. Threre are many different schemes being developed from flow battery storage see to compressed air storage in a sandstone aquifer see

Yeah, that's a real encouraging domain name there! '−) ;−) I really wouldn't take anything seriously from a Web site with a URL like that.

As I said below it is just a copy of the New Scientist article. Unfortunately unless you subscribe to New Scientist you cannot see the full article online at the New scientist site − hence it seemed better to quote a url (even if the name is a bit suspect) which does display a full copy. The article is on the New Scientist site at−fuels/mg19526231.700−rocks−could−be−novel−store−for− Similarly the flow battery article is available to subscribers on the New Scientist site at−bank−for−wind−power.html

(the latter article a copy of a recent New Scientist article mentions some of the other storage solutions being developed).

Re: still not convinced global warming a hoax?


Re: still not convinced global warming a hoax? The most economic and "carbon−friendly" generation of electrical power is n= uclear, which some countries like Australia eschew (though this might chang= e if the Liberal party stays in power). This does currently have problems = in long−term disposal. But the fission/fusion (I forget which is which − I= 'm a number cruncher not an engineer) technological investigations will hop= efully resolve this.

Fusion appears to be relatively clean but still appears to be someway off.

This has ALWAYS been true of fusion.

Although I agree that past predictions have been rather optimistic I still think we are edging closer to getting fusion working. But realistically it's probably still something for the middle to the end of the century rather than something which will be able to make a contribution in the near future.

Fission not only suffers from the waste problem but is not a solution that can be used throughout the world because of the potential for redirection of civilian nuclear energy programs into nuclear weapon programs. If you want Iran to cut it's C02 emissions then if you promote nuclear as a solution then you should support Iran's development of a civilian nuclear power program.

I'd worry mostly about redirection into weapons. What's worse, a very occasional Chernobyl (assuming worst non−weapons case) or turning Earth into Venus (assuming Global Warming is really that bad and I'm not saying it's one way or another)?

I'm pretty sure there is practically zero chance of Global warming running away to the extent it has on Venus. The Earth has often been warmer than the present interglacial. The point about global warming is that our civilisation has developed in present conditions with our cities being built on present coastlines etc. Life on earth will adapt with some species moving and some species going extinct but nature's natural adjustments may not be pleasant for Humanity and our relatively fragile civilisation. As to redirection into weapons. The nuclear weapons genie has been out of the bottle for half a century. The Nuclear Non−proliferation treaty has only slowed it's spread and doesn't look like it can last much longer. (The non−nuclear nations signing the NPT were promised help in developing Re: still not convinced global warming a hoax? 4

Re: still not convinced global warming a hoax? civilian nuclear power in return for not developing nuclear weapons and the nuclear nations were supposed to not pass on nuclear weapons technology, cut back on such weapons and begin negotiating a global ban on nuclear weapons. The nuclear nations have instead passed on nuclear weapons technology to their friends eg Israel, continued to renew their nuclear weapons and failed to start any such negotiations. Add to that non−signatories getting away scot free with developing nuclear weapons and the NPT looks practically dead. ).

David Webb Security team leader CCSS Middlesex University

I think we just have too many people on the planet. Not that I recommend killing anyone, but policies shouldn't promote population growth. All these alternate energy sources are either lame, too expensive, or both.

Reducing light pollution would help save energy AND improve the quality of life at night for everyone. See for more info.

David Webb Security team leader CCSS Middlesex University>P.S. The religious world is now fast becoming Muslim, particularly those w= ith extreme values.

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Re: still not convinced global warming a hoax?


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