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					?Skin, eczema, erosion, exudative, papule

?Annoying Seborrheic Dermatitis


Gehin due to air pollution, all kinds of new chemical
products, food, cosmetic additives are emerging, people
constantly rising pressure, as well as seasonal factors, the
incidence of seborrheic dermatitis. It is therefore necessary
to study the following Seborrheic Dermatitis of common sense.
The first affiliated hospital of China Medical Dermatology
LEE Yuen macro

Seborrheic Dermatitis (seborrheic dermatitis), also called Seborrheic
eczema, occurred in a prominent and sebum thoracodorsal, etc. larger
parts of a chronic inflammatory skin disease.

Etiology and pathogenesis is not yet clear. The current study found
in hereditary sebum and, on the basis of the Constitution following
the oval Malassezia , Corynebacterium acnes and other pathogenic
organisms infections can cause sebum composition change (mainly to
the increase in free fatty acids) and infectious cause allergy, skin
inflammation. Spirit, catering, b vitamins deficiency, alcoholism,
and other factors may influence disease due to varying degrees, and
development. In sebum parts to the head, face, chest and back, etc.
Skin lesions of the beginning of the hair follicle, gradually
expanding papule fusion anhong or greasy stains, covering Hong-scale
or exudative jiapi, can appear, crusted and erosion and eczema-like
performance. With varying degrees of pruritus. Serious skin lesions
of the skin, the Pan from diffuse or andropause and significant
desquamation, called Seborrheic red skin disease. The disease is
chronic recurrent after that. Should maintain regularity of life,
sleep; to adjust their own emotions and the mind State, remain calm,
pleasant attitude; limiting the number of grease and food, alcoholic
and spicy irritant foods, eat more fruit and vegetables; to avoid all
kinds of mechanical stimulation, less alkaline large SOAP. 1 .
topical medication for liposuction, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic,
and antipruritic. Commonly used drugs to a mix of sugar-containing
corticosteroid preparations, there is a small amount of leakage,
erosion site available zinc oxide paste, oil or head skin lesions are
available including ketoconazole shampoo shampooing. 2 . drug therapy
with oral b vitamins and zinc preparation; severe pruritus
antihistamine when available.

?Skin, eczema, erosion, exudative, papule

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