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					?Sprain, arthritis, fracture, gypsum, ankle

?Ankle instability and ankle

?Ankle joint activities is an entire system, moving up and down in
the direction of the plane, we called the Plantar dorsal flexion.
Talus ankle very stable position as being placed in a box, one side
is the other side of the medial malleolus is fibula.
Foot or actual movement does not occur in the ankle and is below the
subtalar joint, muscular foot Varus-valgus foot than the muscle
strength was slightly stronger, when the foot is not at the time,
because of the position with the Department of external lateral
ligament of the resulting tension, when a certain degree of tension
over ankle sprain occurs. When pulling more than their elastic
ligament strength point occurs when a tear. The degree of ankle
sprain can range from very small to the ligament of ankle joint tear
has been completely relax. Zhu Yuan Shanghairuijinyiyuan orthopedics
Acute ankle sprain usually manifested as lateral ankle swelling and
bruising, certain types of sprain ankle brake needs rest, I usually
use of ankle sprain treatment methods become RICE process, rest, ice,
compression, elevation (rest ice compression elevation), the
treatment aims to reduce injury of inflammation and swelling, but
cannot be a ligament healing because ligament healing needs gypsum,
lighter sprain can use brace, ligament healing prohibition.
Subsequently, functional training for recovery ankle balance is
important, and the outside of the fibula muscle stronger, the process
should start in the direction of the person (s), if you are seriously
of ligament tear, ankle functional stability and to prevent further
sprain depends on the degree of fibula muscle strength and toughness.
Because of the fibula muscle weakness, ankle sprain that much more
easy, natural foot patients prone ankle sprain.
Due to ankle constantly spinning, twisting and instability, the
normal function of the foot is becoming increasingly limited.
Judgment of the foot contact with the ground's capacity to State is
called proprioception, if this ability has decreased, ankle sprain
incidence increases, the phenomena we call ankle instability of
chronic loop, along with the risk of occurrence of other issues,
including the talus cartilage wear as well as lateral ankle bone
Spurs, etc before these factors can cause arthritis.
Once confirmed, early treatment before taking special intensive
healing methods.
Fortunately, surgical treatment is applied in chronic ankle ligament
relaxation treatment method of stabilizing ankle has many, some
relying on repair to stretching ligaments; others use autologous or
allogeneic ligament to pull the entire ankle surgery was a success,
back in patients with fractures and sports activities without having
to worry about the risk of once again sprain.

?Sprain, arthritis, fracture, gypsum, ankle

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