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how to measure ring size - PDF


									160 mm How to measure your ring size: 1) Print out this document. Ensure that when you are printing you DO NOT select the option to fit to page or to shrink to page. Measure the outer box and ensure that it is 160mm by 160mm. Measure a ring that fits against the char t so that one of the circles matches the internal diameter of your ring.

2) 3)

Please note: 1) 160 mm Rings with a wider band need to be a larger size, even to fit the same finger, so try to use a ring of similar width to the one that you are ordering. Check that both sides of your ring are the same size.


Online Shopping: 1) 2) 3) 4) Visit Find a ring you like and click on the ring for more details. Simply select a size from the drop down list and click Add to Shopping Bag. Once you are happy with your selection simply click Proceed to Checkout to fulfill your order.

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