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                        GraphicMail Launches Animated Christmas e-Cards in the UK

       By Mark Chapman
       Dated: Dec 05, 2008

       GraphicMail is pleased to announce the release of exclusive collection of email marketing templates for
       Christmas 2008 animated e-cards and static newsletters.

       GraphicMail’s UK office has launched their exclusive collection of email marketing templates for
       Christmas 2008. A selection of animated e-cards and static newsletters are available for their customers to
       send out.

        Organisations can choose from 5 wonderful animated card designs, a song or even a Christmas game, and
       each one can be customised with the company name or logo from just £45.

        There is also a selection of pre-built Christmas-themed email newsletter templates available free to the
       users of the GraphicMail email marketing solution.

        Head of UK operations, Mark Chapman says “We’ve decided to make these templates really cost-effective
       for our clients and new customers.”

        “In the current economic climate we are seeing a trend towards sending Christmas emails rather than
       conventional cards in the post. It is also an environmentally friendly method of sending a Christmas
       greeting, so it is also good for companies trying to reduce their carbon footprint”.

        Bulk email marketing has shown strong growth in the UK over recent months, as companies switch to
       online marketing to try and recession-proof their marketing. Using the GraphicMail system, organisations
       can get instant reports on the success of their email marketing campaign, and work out quickly their return
       on investment.

        GraphicMail also offers a 60 day free trial, allowing potential customers to fully try out the product before
       signing up. They can then choose a monthly subscription or a pay as you go option.


       The GraphicMail application now has over 6,000 customers, and support offices in 14 countries, and is a
       global leader in its market. Organisations as diverse as Disney, Sage, Yahoo and Oxfam use GraphicMail to
       maintain relationships with their distributors, customers, students or members. The product is available in 6
       languages and was designed to be simple enough for those new to email marketing, while still being packed
       with the powerful features required by multi-national marketing departments.

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