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01st November, 2010

October 31, 2010 - Managing finances and maintaining credit for both individuals and
businesses has become such a complicated task today that almost invariably they need the
services of a specialized financial company. FL John Enterprise is one such financial company
that specializes in Home loans, Credit Restoration and Business Consulting. Whether you are
looking to fix credit report through individual consultation or want online credit restoration, or
need help in getting mortgage loan, you can always depend on FL Enterprise. It has
partnerships with a number of companies and is in the best position to advise you about the
resources available, accessible and adequate to meet your needs.

FL Enterprise is the number one choice for businesses as well as individuals for online credit
repair or to fix credit report in general, as it has over seven years’ experience in the field as an
industry leader with a proven track record for positive results. It utilizes its exclusive insight
and resources resulting from its large number of partnerships, to restore and sustain its clients’
overall credit and financial picture, or to help them secure mortgage loans. It prepares tailor
made credit solution for each of its clients and provides over the top customer service
experience to position them for greater opportunities in their enterprise.

Over the last seven years, FL John Enterprise has succeeded in getting derogatory items
permanently removed from the credit reports of its clients by leveraging credit law. On an
average, 90% of these derogatory items have been removed, and credit scores improved by
75-100 points, within the first 60-90 days. In many cases, the most damaging items have been
removed within the first 30 days itself! So, you can be assured of quick results when you
employ FL John’s services to fix credit report, or use them for online credit restoration.

As a business consultancy service provider, FL Enterprise has a collective experience of over
ten years, again with a proven track record for outstanding and impressive results. It utilizes its
own expertise as well as its partnerships to your business’ bottom line while providing you with
the most delightful customer service experience. It always pursues an aim of executing your
vision while exceeding your expectations which is the secret of its outstanding success record.
Over the years, it has not only increased the productivity and profitability of its clients, but also
set them apart from the competition.

FL John’s business services include free consultation, financial planning and start up,
marketing and advertising, website designing, logo and graphics designing, clientele
development, as well as social and event planning.

About FL John

FL John Enterprise is financial company that empowers individuals as well as business by
working to fix their credit report and provide business consultancy services. It also provides
online credit repair services and helps clients get mortgage loans. For further information you
can visit their website at: http://www.fljohn.com

Contact Information:

Jabari Courtney
Tel: 980-428-9131
Email: jabari@ibarigroup.com


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