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                       MICROWAVE BAKING BAG
                           POTATO BAKING

This attractive baking bag produces a “just right” baked potato in your microwave
with the inside well done, yet still moist, and a nice tender skin.
You can prepare from one to four medium size potatoes at once:
Just wash and dry your potatoes.
DO NOT PRICK!! This is not necessary when using the baking bag.
Wrap the potatoes in a moist paper towel and place them in the bag.
Microwave as instructed by your microwave manufacturer. Times will vary per
microwave oven.
To serve, you need no knife. Just use your fork. Potatoes will be very fluffy.

                            CORN ON THE COB

While originally designed for potato baking, we have found the baking bag is great
for other foods as well. If you like corn on the cob, you will love it prepared in the
baking bag.
If the corn has been cleaned (shuck and silk removed), just wrap the ears in a
moist paper towel, place them in the bag and pop them into your microwave oven.
As an alternative, you can clean the corn, removing the silk, but leaving the shuck in
place. Place the ears into the bag without the paper towels and microwave bake.
Baking time will vary, depending upon your microwave, number of ears being baked
and your personal preference. I'd suggest starting with 2 - 2 1/2 minutes baking
time, then experiment from there.
Give other vegetables a try! Don't be afraid to experiment. You may be pleasantly

After use, you can let the bag air dry. It's made from 100% cotton so it can be
OH, by the way...when you're not baking, this bag makes an attractive pot holder to
protect your table surface or to help handle those hot items.

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