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					Leslie Pittman
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       Arts and Crafts have been a part of the Christmas tradition for Century’s. Many

families make symbolic ornaments every year to be passed down from generation to

generation. Christmas ornaments vary in size, shape s and colors. Some traditions use

vividly bright to dark colors. Many colors even relate to ethnic heritage such as Mexican,

Chinese, Japanese, American and so forth. The American tradition has changed over the

years from the simple reds to pretty pastels, clear lights, and vibrant metallic. Also, since

Christmas is more family oriented and kids are more involved with decorations, every

one likes there idea of a Christmas ornament.

       Making ornaments not only bring in Christmas cheer but close family gatherings

as well. Children and adults of all ages enjoy making different types of ornaments to be

hung on the tree. Paper rings, popcorn strings, and miniature Christmas wreaths reindeer

ornaments and watercolor ornaments are some of my favorite, and I would like to explain

how to make them.

       First of all I would like to explain how to make paper rings. You will need the

following items to begin. scissors, glue and assorted construction paper. Begin by

cutting construction paper into (1) one inch strips. Next fold a strip in circular fold in

ends overlap enough to glue together. Then interlock another strip into first ring and glue

its ends together. Continue to interlock rings until you make it long enough to go around

Christmas tree of mantel. As always, be aware of hazards.
          My next project is popcorn string. You will need popcorn, transparent string and


Start by popping the popcorn. Thread needle with string and began string popcorn.

Remember to tie knots at the beginning of string as well as the ends. This will allow

popcorn to stay on string. String as many as you like to be placed on Christmas tree.

          My favorite craft is the Christmas wreath rings. Supplies you need are several

circular rings (2 ¾). Also you will need scissors, (½ to 1 ½) yards of double twisted

green twine, transparent string and red ribbon and hot glue gun. Other items such as

Holley, crimson and even pictures can be used. Start by cutting twine into (3) inch

pieces. Loop twine around rings and knot it tightly. With a dull pointed object start to

unravel twine ends. Once completed all ends should be fuzzed out. Then cut ribbon or

string into pieces to tie on ring. If using red ribbon, cut long enough to make a bow in

wreath. Also with this project you can glue on Holley, crimson or glue picture to inside

corners of wreath.

          Reindeer ornaments are also great to make for the season. Double edged crafts

pins are needed for this project. Small bells, red ribbon and small glue on eyes are other

items needed. You will also need (2) small paint brushes and transparent string. Black

and brown paint is needed for hooves and antlers. Don’t forget small red crafts balls for

the nose and hot glue. Begin by turning crafts pins to the flat side to glue eyes. Next you

will want to paint on antlers and hooves allowing time for them to dry. Then you can

attach ribbon through bell and attach around neck. Last, glue on red nose and attach

transparent sting to hang on tree.
       My last craft is water colored ornaments. Items needed for project include

watercolor paint. Coping paper (80 bright), small paint brushes, several irregular cuts and

shapes of cardboard, Christmas stencils, hot glue, scissors and nail. Also you need

transparent string or colored ribbon. Start by cutting cardboard in desired shapes.

Center nail on cardboard and make opening for string or ribbon. Next place stencils on

paper, allowing enough between designs. Use desired watercolor for each stencil. After

watercolor has completely dried, remove stencil and cut leaving edges. Then attach

watercolor print to pieces of cardboard with glue. After cutting raw edges of paper attach

string or ribbon through opening. At this time you may also add decorations to edging of


       These are some of my Christmas projects I have chosen to share and that I have

enjoyed making over the years with my family. I hope that they are easy enough to

understand and I hope that you will some day share with yours.

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