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					                                               HORSES FOR SALE
                            Grand Paints of Oklahoma - Truman and Cecilia Barnes - 405-454-6489
                             Email: - Web:

                                                       Shezagranddixondude ("Star")
                                                    « 5-year-old APHA black overo mare »
                                                  « BKS Threebar Dixon X Silverados Star »
                                               Is started under saddle. Very gentle, wants to               Paint It Grand (“Spot”)
         Heza Grand Spot ("Slugger")           please. Very pretty mover, excellent English        « 9 year old APHA/PtHA Overo Stallion »
     « 7-year-old Chestnut Overo Gelding »     prospect. She is half sister to Reserve World      « Mronehundredgrand X Bold N Beautiful »
  « Mronehundredgrand X Miss Roy Deck »        Champion Miss Blue Dream Dude.
Well started under saddle by Shandra Tate.                                                       Has been started under saddle. Wonderful,
Naturally rounds his back and drives from                                                        friendly, easy-going disposition and is very
behind, and is a big loper. Has a wonderful                                                      easy to work around. Very pretty and athletic.
disposition and only wants to please. Will                                                       His sire and dam are both pleasure and halter
make an excellent English/Hunter prospect,                                                       champions. Spot could also make a good
will take fences, and should work well even                                                      roping horse. He has a few foals on the
over large fences. He is very athletic.                                                          ground.

                                                       Quincys Extra Grand (“Liz”)
                                                « 3 year old APHA/PtHA Sorrel Overo Filly »
                                                 « Mronehundredgrand X Quincys Clown »
                                               Over 16 hands and well started under saddle
                                               by Shandra Tate. Flat-kneed and a modern
                                               and elegant mover. Liz is an excellent English

          Model Me Grand (“Chief”)                                                                         RPHR Jasmine ("Jazz")
   « 4 year old APHA Sorrel Overo Gelding »                                                              « Yearling Sorrel Overo Filly »
     « Mronehundredgrand X Kelly Model »                                                           « RPHR Cajun Bandit X Obvious Ro Ho »
Has 60 days under saddle, ridden extensively                                                     Has top breeding all through her pedigree. -
in pastures and around cattle. Would make a                                                      Cousa, Ima Cool Skip, Obvious Conclusion,
good barrel or roping prospect.                                                                  Justa Pleasure and more. Extremely gentle
                                                                                                 and good natured. Nice enough to halter and
                                                                                                 should be an excellent rider.

                                                     Two Grand Forwards (“Grandy”)
                                               «10 year old APHA Sorrel Breed Stock Mare »
                                                « Mronehundredgrand X Iam Grand Lady »
                                               Grandy is very well broke - safe and gentle for
                                               anyone to ride. If you need a baby sitter,
                                               she’s for you.
                                                                                                         TS Leos Neon Scotch (“Storm”)
                                                     Previously Listed - Now SOLD                   « Yearling APHA Sorrel Overo Gelding »
       TS Spot Me Awhe Missy (“Mea”)                   Im Grand Too (“Nickers”)                    « The Neon Adonis X Butterscotchbrandy »
    « 2 year old APHA Sorrel Overo Filly »           « Yearling APHA Bay Gelding »               Nice young horse with many possibilities. His
  « Mronehundredgrand X Me Awhe Betsy »         « Mronehundredgrand X Silverados Star »          sire is a roping horse and his dam has many
Mea is a nice loud filly with pleasure and                                                       halter and pleasure horses in her pedigree
halter champions in her background.               See Mronehundredgrand (“Grand”) at             including Sonny Dee Bar.