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					Cheap Last Minute Airline Tickets
The last time we were faced with looking for a last-minute airline ticket was when an unexpected invitation to a friends retirement party. The lack of
flexibility of both the ultimate destination and the dates of travel resulted in limited choices. We used the Internet and found seats for several hundred
dollars cheaper than some.This is where a romantic streak can come in handy--there will probably be no last-minute cheap flights to warm places in
the winter or to Paris in the spring. But if you are willing to be something of an adventurer, you might try a destination you would never have thought
about or you might be able to take advantage of off-season pricing of hotels at your destination.Off-season trips often allow you to see a place as it is,
not a place carpeted in tourists. Meeting the folks that live there usually results in a more genuine understanding of a place. While some places may
be closed, landscape is always open; if your destination involves interesting outdoor sights, you will not be disappointed.When an emergency arises,
you still may be able to find a deal, particularly if your emergency takes you against the prevailing line of traffic. An example, it was probably cheaper
to fly out of Portland on Saturday than to fly in. The internet is your best resource here. Be sure to use Google or Yahoo to see what tickets are
available to your destination and from your point of origination. You might try some of the travel websites that collect information from multiple airlines
as well as the airline websites themselves.If you can be flexible either about dates or about airports you use, you may still be able to get a deal. For
example, it may be cheaper to fly to an airport fifty miles from your destination and rent a car than to fly to the airport in that particular town. In sum: the
biggest disadvantage of last minute airline tickets can be the high price and the lack of seat selection. With some flexibility in your plans you can reap
the benefit of cheaper prices and you may end up enjoying a super journey

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