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									                                    “I am committed to 20/20 vision
                                            for each of my patients.”
                                                 - Gary Wilson M.D.

 What kind of vision do you want?
 Having crystal clear vision without glasses is a wonderful, life changing experience…
 but how do you know which laser center is right for you? After all, your visual result
 depends on the surgeon you choose and not reaching 20/20 vision without glasses is a
 big risk at some laser centers. At ClearSight Center you get the best of the best: the best
 technology, the most experienced surgeon and the most affordable prices & payment
 plans. And we’ve added one other key: The ClearSight Guarantee.

 The ClearSight Guarantee
 • OKC’s Only “20/20 or It’s Free” Money Back Guarantee
 • OKC’s Only Guaranteed Payment Plan Approval on 0% Financing
 • OKC’s Guaranteed Low Price on the technology you need

See how ClearSight compares to every other laser center in OKC:
                                                                                      All Other
  Important Feature                   The Difference                    ClearSight   OKC Centers
                                 Most eye doctors spend less than
    Full Time Specialist          10% of their time doing LASIK.           Yes           No
                                Do you want a full-time specialist?

                                Only CSC offers a laser that is FDA
    Better Night Vision          labeled for better night vision.          Yes           No
                                What kind of vision do you want?

                                 All-laser IntraLase LASIK is safer,
      Blade-Free LASIK          more precise and more comfortable.         Yes           No
                                  Do you want the safest LASIK?                        except TLC

                                  No one else offers a money back
      20/20 or It’s Free         guarantee, yet we put it in writing.      Yes           No
                                    Only the best can do this!

                                  A lot of places advertise low
Guaranteed Low Price              prices… we guarantee them.               Yes           No
                                 How much do you want to pay?

                                   No one else offers guaranteed
 Guaranteed Approval            approval & 0% for up to 48 months.         Yes           No
                                      Now you can afford it!

  ClearSight Center • 7101 NW Expwy Ste 335 • Oklahoma City, OK 73132 • 405-722-2020
                     The Top 10 Reasons...
        ...to Choose LASIK                                            ...to Choose Dr. Wilson
1. LASIK Is Much More Convenient                                   1. OKC’s First Bladeless LASIK Technology
  One reason that LASIK has been performed millions                  IntraLase replaces the hand held steel blade of traditional
  of times in the US alone is the great sense of freedom that        LASIK with a computer guided laser to give you the safest
  comes from being able to just get up and go.                       possible LASIK along with better results and greater comfort.
2. LASIK Is Much More Comfortable                                  2. OKC’s First & Only WaveLight LASIK
  Glasses often pinch your nose or ears and contacts are just        WaveFront LASIK gets more people to 20/20 or even better.
  barely tolerable. Why not enjoy the much greater comfort of        And, it not only reduces the risk of night time vision
  seeing with just your own eyes. Nothing on your nose and           problems but it could even improve your night vision.
  nothing in your eyes!
                                                                   3. OKC’s Most Experienced Refractive Surgeon
3. LASIK Saves You Time                                              With nearly 30,000 refractive procedures, Dr. Wilson is
  Whether you wear glasses or contacts you spend a lot of time       Oklahoma City’s most experienced refractive surgeon. Plus,
  buying them, cleaning them and finding them again when             Dr. Wilson is also Oklahoma’s ONLY full time refractive
  they get lost. Imagine how much time you could save if you         surgery specialist. Don’t your eyes deserve the best?
  didn’t have to do all that!
                                                                   4. We’re Focused on Your Best Possible Vision
4. LASIK Saves You Money                                             With the combination of IntraLase and WaveFront many of
  With the ongoing cost of eye exams, glasses, contacts and          our patients tell us they see better than they ever did with
  solutions, LASIK could actually save you money over the            glasses or contacts. In fact, we’re surprised and disappointed
  long run. And while this isn’t the main reason to choose           if they don’t see even better than 20/20! If you want the best
  LASIK, it certainly helps justify the up front cost.               possible vision after LASIK, come to ClearSight Center for
                                                                     our unmatched combination of technology and experience.
5. LASIK Brings Greater Safety
  There are lots of situations in life when losing your glasses    5. The Guaranteed Lowest Price
  or contacts is more than an inconvenience... sometimes its         We’ve shopped our competitors and set our prices to give you
  dangerous! From unexpected fires and tornadoes to losing a         the guaranteed lowest price on the technology you need. For
  contact lens while driving your life could be that much safer.     your free quote, give us a call today at 733-2020.
6. When You See Better, You WORK Better                            6. Great Payment Plans and Guaranteed Approval!
  Lots of jobs are safer or easier when you don’t have to worry      We know most people don’t have the money for LASIK just
  about glasses getting knocked off or contacts blowing out of       sitting around. That’s why we offer a variety of affordable
  your eyes. But there are also lots of people who wear              payment plans — including lots of 0% payment plans. We
  contacts to improve their confidence, image or appearance          even have payments that start as low as $29 per month. Plus,
  on the job. LASIK gives you the benefits without the hassles.      whether you have great credit or no credit at all, everyone is
                                                                     guaranteed to be approved for one of our no interest plans.
7. When You See Better, You PLAY Better
  Whatever hobbies or sports you enjoy, they will almost           7. Commitment: 20/20 or Your Money Back
  certainly be easier and more enjoyable if your glasses or          We believe you should get what you pay for! That’s why Dr.
  contacts aren’t hanging around to get in the way. What             Wilson is the only LASIK specialist in Oklaoma to offer
  would you do if you never had to wipe the sweat off your           qualified candidates a written commitment to give you a full
  glasses or worry about lost contacts again?                        refund if we can’t help you see 20/20 without glasses.
8. Contact Lens Intolerance and Eye Infections                     8. Our #1 Principle: We Treat You Like Family
  Not only do contacts irritate your eyes and require frequent       Dr. Wilson has always lived by the principle that he offers
  maintenance but, at some point, almost everyone becomes            nothing to his patients that he wouldn’t have himself. In fact,
  contact lens intolerant: you just can’t wear them any more.        he has had his own nearsightedness treated and has treated
  Plus, wearing contacts actually puts your eyes at greater risk     the vision of many of his own family members.
  of infection than either glasses or LASIK.
                                                                   9. Our other #1 Principle: We Tell You The Truth
9. Appearance: You’ll Look Better Without Glasses                    At ClearSight, we offer the most comprehensive pre-LASIK
  Almost everyone looks better without glasses. Why else             exam possible. Because of that, we tell about 20% of the
  would so many people endure the hassle, discomfort and             people who come to the exam that they aren’t good
  expense of contacts? Plus, if you really do need the look of       candidates for LASIK . We have no interest in treating your
  glasses, you can always wear nonprescription glasses when          eyes unless it is truly a good option for you.
  you need them and enjoy the rest of your day without them!
                                                                   10. The Next Step: A $125 Eye Exam for FREE!
10. The Alarm Clock Factor                                           While some clinics charge as much as $400 just to tell you
  Its amazing how many people tell us that the first time it         whether or not you are a candidate for LASIK Correction,
  really hits them how wonderful it is to see without glasses is     we believe you should have all of your questions answered
  when they wake up the next morning and see the alarm               without any cost or obligation. That’s why we’ve always
  clock... without reaching for their glasses. Are you ready to      offered our comprehensive LASIK evaluation for free. Just
  be surprised at just how much you’ll love life without lenses?     call SEE-2020 to schedule your free LASIK exam!
  When you are ready to reclaim your vision, give us a call!
                                               ClearSight Center presents

                                      bout your doctor
                                                Gary Wilson MD
                                      A Personal Interest In Oklahoma
                                           “I was born in Oklahoma City and grew up on a cattle farm. The good
                                           things I learned in the cattle business have stayed with me for life.”
                                           •Graduated: Cameron University where he was named the Most
                                             Valuable Man Student and the Outstanding ROTC Cadet.
                                           •Community: Former board member of Lawton Christian School,
                                             Chief of Staff (1977 & 81) and Chief of Surgery (1978 & 82) of
                                             Southwestern Medical Center.
                                      Outstanding Educational & Leadership Background
                                           “I was fortunate to be trained by the late Dr. Jack Guyton, former Chief of
                                           Eye Surgery at Johns Hopkins. Dr. Guyton was one of the finest eye
                                           surgeons who ever lived.”
                                           •Medical School: University of Oklahoma (1968)
                                            President, Senior Class; Alpha Omega Alpha National Honor
                                            Society; Highest scores on National Board Exams
                                           •Internship: Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Michigan(1969)
                                           •Residency: Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Michigan(1971-75)
                                           •Specialized Studies in Sight Without Glasses, Berlin (1990);
                                            London (1990); Los Angeles (1991); Arizona (1992); Florida (1993);
                                            Seattle (1995); San Diego (1998); and Presbyopia (1998) ASCRS
  Dr. Gary Wilson                           (2001)
“I am committed to the same                •Leadership
excellent care for my patients              National President, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (1961-62)
                                            American Farmer Degree, FFA, Kansas City, Missouri (1963)
as I would want for myself.”                President, Senior Class, Univ. of Oklahoma Medical School (1968)
                                            Chief, Preventive Medicine, Ft. Gordon, Georgia (1969-71)
American Board of Ophthalmology
                                            Army Commendation Medal for Meritorious Service (1971)
                                            Chief of Staff, Southwestern Medical Center (1977 and 1981)
            MEMBER                          Chief of Surgery, Southwestern Medical Center (1978 and 1982)
       International Society                Founding Member, Ophthalmic Anesthesia Society (1984)
           of Refractive surgery            Summit Excimer Laser Visionary Group (1990-1996)
   American Society of Cataract             Medical Director, ClearSight Center (1994-present)
     and Refractive Surgery                 Board of Trustees, Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (1998-2002)

  American Medical Association
                                      Leading The Way In Sight Without Glasses
                                           •Oklahoma’s Only Full Time Specialist in Laser Vision Correction.
                                           •About 30,000 refractive procedures completed.
                                           •Offering our exclusive Precision 20/20 Plan™ which offers
       VISX STAR Surgeon                    “20/20 or Your Money Back” and our “Commitment to
         Over 25 years of                   a Lifetime of Better Vision.”
      eye surgery experience               •Performing Refractive Surgery for Family: Dr. Wilson has done
                                            refractive surgery for about 100 family & staff members and has
 About 30,000 refractive procedures         had refractive surgery himself.
 Has done refractive surgery for      Time For Family
numerous doctors, nurses & other           “I like to spend time with my wife, Nancy, and my two married children
   health care professionals               Dan and Teri, who work with me, and their families. I also enjoy
                                           landscaping and fly fishing.”
       A Word From Dr. Wilson’s Patients
 Dr. Wilson has treated the nearsightedness and astigmatism of thousands of people. Here are a few of their thoughts.
   Wayne Hatcher: I don’t have to search for                Tom Gibson: When we walked in , he said,                 April Beggrow: I am active in outdoor activities,
glasses. I don’t have to clean glasses. I don’t have     we’ll give you an exam and all this and if it’s not     many times losing contacts & breaking glasses. I
to worry about contacts. Things are sharp and            right for you, we’re not going to do it.                love waking up in the morning and not having to
distinct. It’s a whole new world. Dr. Wilson has            Wayne Hatcher: Dr. Wilson explained to me            search for glasses to see each day and now, I don’t
given me a whole new world.                              the different types of ways that payment could be       have to worry about re-wetting my contacts or
   Brian Alldredge: I checked several places first       made. And it made it so affordable. I had the           fighting headaches caused by glasses.
and the thing I kept coming back to is that Dr.          different options and I could plan it. And I could          Sunnie Messersmith: Dr. Wilson did this surgery
Wilson is the only one who seemed to have the            plan my surgery, and I could plan it around my          on his kid’s, that’s far beyond. I mean, you’re
standards I wanted. He would get you to 20/20, if        income and what time of year it was and when I          protective of your children on top of everything
possible, he’d do it.                                    wanted it done. So, he made it quite easy and very      else. So he had to know this worked. There wasn’t
   Connie Maury: Dr. Wilson has added just a             flexible.                                               a question in his mind.
totally new concept of freedom to my life.                  Bonnie Lawler: A few days after my Laser                 Leon Leonard: There’s no more sweat or steam
   Duane Del Vecchio: It’s, it’s helped me in the        treatment I called my Mom crying. I told her that       on my glasses. It is wonderful not to have to wear
aquatic field a bunch. Ah, climbing at the               I never believed I would see like this. I had worn      glasses. I was 20/400 in one eye & 20/1200 in the
mountains. When you’re sweating you no longer            glasses since I was four years old and now, after       other and now I’m 20/20 in both eyes. It was well
get the post-glasses drip is what I always called it.    just seconds of laser time, I was seeing clearly        worth the time and the money. I would do it
   April Beggrow: The minute I met Dr. Wilson I          without them.                                           again.
knew he was the doctor I wanted to do my surgery.           Nela Cowan: When I didn’t find a doctor in               Ron Fortin: I install auto electronics and I was
With his experience, I felt confident that it would      Florida or Georgia who had the goals I wanted for       constantly taking my glasses on and off, knocking
be done right. Why take a chance on another              my vision, I was delighted to learn about Dr.           them on the ground, laying on them, stepping or
doctor with your vision? How can you put a price         Wilson. He told me I could have Normal Vision           sitting on them, scratching them, or leaving them
on your vision?                                          or get my money back. So I came to Oklahoma             somewhere. I had to get them fixed every couple
   Judy Gibson: Glasses just drove me nuts. I wore       and got Normal Vision.                                  of months. After my procedure I told my wife she
contacts and I did well with contacts for years.            Judy Gibson: If you stop and really figure how       was the prettiest thing I had ever seen.
Then I got to the point where I just couldn’t get        much you spend on exams and if you have                     Jonathan Berch: The best care I have ever
comfortable with contacts any longer. Now I’m            contacts and supplies and purchasing new                received in any medical facility.
thrilled. I’d do it again tomorrow.                      contacts, and glasses and frames and bifocals, and          Connie Maury: I didn’t mind wearing the
   Nancy Kendall-Koonce: I was so impressed with         sunglasses and prescriptions... the list just goes on   glasses, or the contacts, but once I heard of a
his credentials, his mannerisms, his calmness. He        forever. And, yes, this is very important and very      procedure that might make it possible. It was
just had a manner about him that made me                 worth it.                                               wonderful. I just couldn’t wait to talk to somebody
comfortable. I’ve had a lot of surgery, but I’ve,           Debra Amyx: I appreciated Dr. Wilson very            just to see if I could have it done. Just to see if I
never met a doctor who had that much confidence          much. The optometrist advised me that I might           could see like, I don’t want to say normal people,
and it was so understated. He didn’t make me feel        want to have just one eye done at first because my      but like other people that didn’t wear glasses did.
like he was pushing me into doing something. I           eyes were not that bad. I said “No, I want to get           Duane Del Vecchio: I said I want it as soon as
didn’t have any questions. He explained                  both done at once.” I signed the releases and paid      possible which was that Friday. So we went
everything in detail so that I could understand          the money to have both eyes done. When I got            through the eye appointment on Wednesday. I got
exactly what was going to happen.                        ready to have it, Dr. Wilson wanted to meet with        financing done Thursday. And did it on Friday.
   Scott Stebbins: Someone that will actually have       me. He said, “If you were my sister, I would            Zoom! Bam! Next day I was able to see. It was
it done themselves, and also perform the surgery         recommend that you do one eye first and see how         wonderful.
on members of their family. You have to believe in       you like it. You can always go back and do the              Nancy Kendall-Koonce: I wouldn’t have cared
someone that believes in themself and their family       other eye if you want to.” I took his advice and I’m    if it was twice as much as it was. The results have
and what they can do.                                    thrilled I did. I can see! He refunded my money for     been that pleasing for me. My insurance company
   Steve Hensley: Oh, it’s just fantastic. You know,     the second eye. That shows what a wonderful             didn’t pay for it. I didn’t care. It was never a
I can go out and play golf. I don’t notice the dirt. I   person he is. I had already paid for both eyes. It      consideration. I would have done it regardless of
mean there’s dirt in the air obviously, but it           shows he cares more about his patients than the         the cost.
doesn’t get between my contacts an my eyes. My           money.                                                      Scott Stebbins: Now I have 20/20 vision and I
eyes don’t get sore any longer.                             Scott Stebbins: I think that if it gives you         can go to work at any police department of my
   Debra Amyx: I hated wearing glasses and               confidence in your doctor when they say that            choice.
contacts were very uncomfortable. Now I don’t            they’ll give you your money back. They know                 Sunny Messersmith: Dr. Wilson spent a lot of
have to clean glasses or continually push them up        what they’re doing and they know what they’re           time going over any concerns that I might have,
on my nose when I’m outside. Everything is crystal       saying and I appreciate that.                           explaining them in English where I could
clear. I just wish I’d done it sooner! Do it!               Nancy Kendall-Koonce: I thought that if Dr.          understand them. He got away from the
   Sunny Messersmith: The gift of vision is              Wilson was confident enough in the results of the       professional edge. Dr. Wilson’s just real easy to get
something you want to share and although I don’t         surgery that he would perform it on family              along with.
owe them any money, I’m forever in their debt.           members, then I didn’t have any problem with Dr.            Judy Gibson: I would not trust any one else with
Because I can’t replace my vision, and he has.           Wilson doing the surgery for me.                        my eyes. I would go to Dr. Wilson.

                     Dr. Wilson’s Credentials                                                             Dr. Wilson’s Principles
He is a Board Certified M.D. Ophthalmologist (eye surgeon).                           1. Dr. Wilson offers nothing to you that he hasn’t already done
He has over 25 years of eye surgery experience.                                    for those closest to him. He has had his own vision corrected and has
He has performed more than 40,000 successful eye surgeries.                        treated many family members including his sister and his son. He has
He has more experience in treating nearsightedness and                             also treated about 100 members of his staff and their families.
 astigmatism than any other doctor in Oklahoma City.                                  2. Dr. Wilson wants the same good results for you that he gave to
He performed the first Laser Vision Correction in Oklahoma.                        his own family. That’s why his standard of success for your vision is
He has performed about 25,000 refractive surgeries (including                      20/20 and not 20/40. In fact, if 20/40 or even 20/30 is your best
 about 15,000 LASIK procedures) to treat the nearsightedness,                      result without glasses or contacts he’ll give you a full refund.
 farsightedness and astigmatism of thousands of people.
             ClearSight Center’s Payment Plan Application
This application allows us to offer you our convenient, affordable payment plans. For your no cost, no obligation pre-approval,
simply fill out this application and give it back to us. If you give us this completed application at the beginning of your exam, we
will usually process it right away so that you can have your payment plan options by the end of the exam. If you would rather we
not process this application until you are certain that you want to proceed with treatment, please let us know when you turn in the
completed application. You are also welcome to take this application with you and mail or fax it back to us at (405) 721-1411.
Low Monthly Payments: Payments typically range from $29 to $99 per month. APRs are typically 9.9% but can be higher with
terms from 24 to 60 months. Payment, APR and terms depend on the amount financed and finance company.
Plans with No Interest: With these plans you'll pay no interest if you make the minimum monthly payments (usually 1/30th of
the amount financed) as scheduled and pay off your balance within the term chosen. Terms can be 3, 6, 12, 24, 36 or 48 months
depending on the amount financed and finance company. For regular payments divide the amount financed by the term.
Guaranteed Approval: We offer “Guaranteed Approval” on our 12 month no interest plan. This may require a down payment
and your agreement to pay by automatic draft from an established checking account. All other plans require approved credit.

INFORMATION ABOUT YOURSELF (Please Print) (NOTE: For the best payment plan options please fill out this form as completely as possible.)

Preferred Payment Plan:        Lowest Payment (typically under $100 per month)              No Interest (typically under $300 per month)

Check One:      Run this application now so that I can know my options at the exam.           Wait to run this until I decide that I want to go forward with LASIK

Full Name: _________________________ Middle Initial: ________ Last Name: ____________________________________________

Date of Birth: _______/_______/_______

Social Security Number: _________-_______-____________

Home Telephone: (_________) _____________________________

Current Street Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________

City, State and Zip: _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please check one: Do you        Rent      Own        Neither Rent nor Own (e.g. Live with a friend, parent, other relative, etc. and so have no payment for lodging)

Employer: __________________________________________

Work Phone: (_________) _____________________________

Total Pay from Employer: $_______________ This amount is:               per Month or         per Year

Total Household Income (from all sources): $_________________ This amount is:                  per Month or           per Year (NOTE: If you are married, you may include your
spouse’s income here. ALSO: Alimony, child support or separate maintenance income need not be disclosed if you do not wish it considered as a basis of paying this obligation.)

Name of nearest relative not living with you: _______________________________________

Telephone number of nearest relative not living with you: (_________) _____________________________


How long have you lived at your current address? Since (month/year): ________/_________

If you own or are buying your home, what is the monthly mortgage payment? __________ The mortgage balance? __________ Current value? __________

If you are paying rent, what is your monthly rent payment? $____________

Your job title or position: ___________________________________________

Date you were hired by your current employer: __________________________________________

By signing below I am certifying that the information contained in this application is true and accurate to the best of my
knowledge. I am also authorizing ClearSight Center, Wells Fargo, Care Credit, Unicorn and their assigned representatives to
make whatever inquiries they deem necessary, including obtaining credit reports and verifying my credit, employment, and
income references in connection with this application.

________________________________________                    ______________
APPLICANT’S SIGNATURE                                       DATE

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