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                             Searching beyond the Language Barrier
                                 Google Translate now ‘speaks’ Filipino
               First local language launch of Google’s translation tools in Southeast Asia

Manila, Philippines, November 27, 2008 – Today Google announced the launch of a full suite of translation
tools of 34 languages to and from the Filipino language at, another first for the
Philippines in Southeast Asia. Now Filipino-speaking users all over the world can find and view foreign-
language web content in their own language using the Google Translate™ translation service. With these free
tools, Filipino-speaking users can translate text phrases or specific webpages to and from the Filipino
language. They can also use Filipino keywords to search for webpages that are published in 34 languages
and have the results automatically translated back into the Filipino language. In addition, Google is making
available a translation website gadget that Filipino-language website owners can use to have their webpages
instantly appear in up to 34 other languages.

“At Google we believe that the Internet is about enabling access to the world’s information—all the world’s
information, regardless of language,” said Derek Callow, Marketing Manager, Google Southeast Asia.
“Today’s launch of Google Translate in Filipino language makes it easier for millions of Filipino-speaking
Internet users all over the world to search and access much more web content in their own local language.”

“Google Translate also allows Internet users to contribute to the improvement of translations to and from the
Filipino language. When users come across an inaccurate translation, the tool allows them to suggest a better
translation than the machine translation,” Callow said.

Go multi-lingual with Google Translate for foreign-language text and webpages
Searching the web to find a business partner in China, but can’t read Simplified Chinese language? Copy and
paste the Simplified Chinese text into the box labeled “Original text” on and
select English or Filipino language you want the text translated into. Google can automatically detect the
language of the text you pasted into the box. Simply select “Detect language” on the left-hand drop-down

To translate the contents of an entire webpage—say, an Indonesian-language tourism site about Bali —paste
the URL into the box under “Translate a web page” and choose English or Filipino language you are
translating into. Within a matter of seconds, Google is able to analyze the contents of the webpage and deliver
them to you in English or Filipino language or in any of the 34 languages you can choose from.

Use translated search to expand your search horizons
Take, for example, a Filipino student working on a homework assignment about Spanish history. If he is
searching in English or Filipino language, the information he will get is likely to be western perspectives of
Spanish history and culture — the Spanish perspective will be primarily in Spanish language. But what if you
could receive web results about Spanish history in Spanish language, then translated back into English or
Filipino language for you?

Google Translate can help navigate situations like these. Under the “Translated Search” tab, you can type in
your query in English or Filipino language and select the language in which you would like to search for your
results. In a fraction of a second, Google translates the query, searches across the web, and translates the
search results back into English or Filipino language. Click on any search result to see the webpage
translated as well.
Push your website or blog beyond the language barrier
Google’s translation website gadget can help make local website content more accessible to users around the
world—all just by adding one line of HTML code to the website. For example, if you’re an English-language
online news site in the Philippines, adding the Google Translate gadget to your website will increase your site
traffic by enabling people from all over the world to translate your webpages into Filipino or any of the 34
available languages that they understand.

The translation website gadget is free and easy to embed in your website. Visit the “Tools” tab on Google
Translate, select English or Filipino for the language of your webpage, then cut and paste the automatically-
generated HTML snippet and include it in your website. Now when users visit your English or Filipino
language website, they can automatically translate your website into one of 34 languages using the drop-
down menu on the embedded gadget. The user will then be taken to an automatically translated version of
your website.

                        in its original English version.

                           translated into Filipino.
About Google Translate
Machine translation, or automated language translation, is a great tool for users looking to instantly access
and get an overview of web content in languages they don’t know well. While machine translation isn’t perfect,
users who are unable to read your website can now get a basic understanding of your content. In addition,
Google also provides users the ability to suggest a better translation if they encounter a translation that’s
awkward or not quite right. Google uses this feedback to help improve translation quality in future updates to
the system.

Google Translate currently supports the following languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian,
Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian,
Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak,
Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

About Google Inc.
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