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					 Technology Trends Shaping the
    Classroom of the Future
          Keynote Speaker for
San Diego County Office of Education and
 The Classroom of the Future Foundation
  The Power of Digital Learning Seminar
      La Jolla Marriott, La Jolla, CA
               April 4, 2001
Governor Davis Created New Institutes for
 Science, Innovation, and Tech Transfer
             The California Institute for Bioengineering,
               and Quantitative Biomedical Research

                               The Center for
                     Information Technology Research
                          in the Interest of Society
                    (Proposed-UCB, UCD, UCSC, UCM)
    UCSF                                The California
    UCSC                             NanoSystems Institute

                                 The California Institute
               UCLA             for Telecommunications
                               and Information Technology
The Internet is Poised to Move
Throughout the Physical World

      Radio     Internet
     (1940s)    (1990s)
         The Era of Guerilla Infrastructure
• Guerilla vs. Commercial Infrastructure
  –   Bottom Up
  –   Completely Decentralized
  –   Self-Assembling
  –   Use at Your Own Risk
  –   Paves the Way for Commercial Deployment
• Examples
  –   NSFnetInternet
  –   NCSA MosaicWeb
  –   NapsterPeer-to-Peer Storage
  –   SETI@homePeer-to-Peer Computing
  –   IEEE 802.11Broadband Wireless Internet
Governor Davis Created New Institutes for
 Science, Innovation, and Tech Transfer
     220 UCSD & UCI Faculty and Staff
    Working in Multidisciplinary Teams
With Students, Industry, and the Community

      The State Provides $100M for New Buildings,
        Laboratories, and High Tech Equipment
         A Broad Partnership Response
            from the Private Sector
        Akamai                                    Mission Ventures
        Boeing                                           NCR
       Broadcom                                 Newport Corporation
          AMCC                                         Orincon
        CAIMIS                                Panoram Technologies
        Compaq                                       Printronix
       Conexant            Computers                QUALCOMM
  Copper Mountain                                     Quantum
                         Communications   R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical RI
Enterprise Partners VC      Software                     SAIC
        Entropia            Sensors                   SciFrame
       Ericsson                                   Seagate Storage
    Global Photon          Biomedical               Silicon Wave
           IBM              Startups                     Sony
 IdeaEdge Ventures        Venture Firms          STMicroelectronics
         Intersil                                Sun Microsystems
    Irvine Sensors                              TeraBurst Networks
    Leap Wireless                                Texas Instruments
   Litton Industries                              UCSD Healthcare
      MedExpert                                  The Unwired Fund
          Merck                                         WebEx
                 $140 M Match From Industry
      The UCSD “Living Grid Laboratory”—
    Fiber, Wireless, Compute, Data, Software
                                         •Commodity Internet, Internet2
                                         •High-speed WAN (OC48+)
                                         •Link UCSD and UCI

• High-speed optical core
                                    Eng. / Cal-(IT)2
• 8 Gigabit now
• 80 Gigabit in 18 months                   Hosp
• 1 Terabit in 36 Months

                                        • Campus Wireless
                                       ½ Mile

                   Source: Phil Papadopoulos, SDSC
              The Three Layers of CENIC

•   The Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California

• Optical Network Initiative / NTON

• California Research and Education Network (CalREN-2)

• The Digital California Project

• Links Calit2 with UC Campuses with State K-12
 Broadband Wireless Internet is Here Today
• Create Wireless Internet “Watering Holes”
  – Ad Hoc IEEE 802.11 Domains
     – Real Broadband--11 mbps Going to 54 mbps
     – Security and Authentication can be Added
  – Home, Neighborhoods, Office, Schools?
     – MobileStar--Admiral Clubs, Starbucks, Major
       Hotels, Restaurants, …
     – UCSD—Key Campus Buildings, Dorms, Coffee
          “The future is already here,
       it‟s just not evenly distributed”
  William Gibson, Author of Neuromancer
Wireless Internet Can Put a Supercomputer
        in the Palm of Your Hand!
                 802.11b Wireless

                           Interactive Access to:
                           • State of Computer
                           • Job Status
                           • Application Codes
         Wireless Internet Turns PCs into
             Servers for Web Tablets
•   Back to the Slate Tablet!
•   Connected by IEEE 802.11b
•   Powerful Microprocessor Onboard
•   At Home and At School

          The High Performance
Wireless Research and Education Network

                         NSF Funded
                PI, Hans-Werner Braun, SDSC
                   Co-PI, Frank Vernon, SIO
                  45mbps Duplex Backbone
       The Wireless Internet Adds
Bio-Chemical-Physical Sensors to the Grid
                                      • From
                                        Experiments to

                                      • Scripps
                                        Institution of
                                      • San Diego
                                      • Cal-(IT)2

                                      • Imagine the
                                        School Projects!
           Source: John Orcutt, SIO
      Creating Tiny and Inexpensive
  Wireless Internet Sensors Combining…


Stresses and Strains                        0.1 mm

  Optics and Lasers

        UCI Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility
              How Will You Know
       if The Kids Are on the Internet?
                It connects to the audio piece and
                works like a tiny monitor that
                projects an image through the
                really cool bug-eye monocle into
                my eye. It has lots of „serious‟
                applications, but my favorite is to
                watch „Buffy‟.
My mom has already realized that when the video is
 on, the lenses become less transparent. That way
 she knows if I‟m really paying attention to her or
    reading my email. She‟s caught on quickly.
Pervasive Computing Means Overlaying
   the Physical and Cyber Realities

        Source: Virginia Tech/Univ. Illinois, MIT,
               Univ Washington, UCSD
    Cal-(IT)2 Will Collaborate to Create
Links Between Art, Technology, & Science

 “UCSD                             ”
      Multiplayer Computer Games Form
          Interactive Fantasy Worlds
• Persistent Evolving Worlds
  – Players Build Cybertowns
• 3D Multiplayer Worlds
  – "EverQuest The online, real-time fantasy world lets
    players assume the roles of warriors and wizards for days
    on end... As the decade closed, this was the nearest you
    could get to being on a Star Trek holodeck."


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