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Dear Bruno Boy Nation,
To answer the great Hank Williams question, the Bruno Boys Fantasy Football staff is indeed ready for some football.
Heck, we've been ready since the New York Giants showered in confetti after shocking the previously undefeated New
England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. And, we've been made even more ready by this off-season that has played out like an
episode of Cops! Seriously, fantasy football player news reads more like a police blotter than anything else. And, this time
around, it's not the Cincinnati Bengals or Adam “Pacman” Jones making headlines.

Cedric Benson apparently can't operate a moving vehicle without alcohol. Hey Bear's fans, perhaps that's why he could never
put it together on the field - either he was too drunk or not drunk enough when taking handoffs from Grossman. Speaking of
which, if the Bruno Boys had to pick a drinking buddy for Benson from Da' Bears, Grossman would definitely be the guy.
He's got frat boy written all over him.

Just like he does on the field, Marshawn Lynch can take a hit while driving and keep on running. Though someone should
tell Lynch, some skills are better to have in the NFL than in real life.

They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Veags. Not the case for Javon Walker, who made headlines after being discovered
bloodied and unconscious on a Vegas street. Though Walker was the victim of a robbery, his champagne spraying at the club
and voluntary entry into a stranger’s car won't exactly please Al Davis.

The list goes on and on. In fact, we're seriously considering starting an off-season fantasy football league in which you rack
up points based on criminal activity. Think about it, for each DUI your guy gets, you get the same number of points that he
gets on his license. After all, we need something to keep the competitive juices flowing that's football related during the off-

The good news is that the off-season is drawing to a close, and just as spring comes and washes away the Winter, mini-camps
and two-a-days are arriving to wash away this wretched off-season. Hope springs eternal (unless you're Benson, Shaun
Alexander, or any of those other big names still waiting for a team to take a chance on them), and it's time for you to get back
into the swing of things fantasy football wise. Don't worry, the Bruno Boys are here to help with our 2008 Pre-Season

You want player write-ups, we got 'em. In-depth team analysis, no problem. Draft tips, you're covered there, too. How about
offensive line information? Yes, we have that for you as well. Oh, and cheat sheets! I mean, we wouldn't be one of the up and
coming fantasy football sites on the web if we didn't have cheat sheets!
So, sit back and enjoy this Fresh New Voice in Fantasy Football!

All the Best,

Marc Caviglia & Mike Whooley

Co-Owners, Bruno Boys Fantasy Football
                                Why Did We Create Bruno Boys Fantasy Football:

Plain and simple, the answer to this question is our pure love for fantasy football and our desire to help others discover this great game
and attain valuable information that will help even beginners excel in their respective leagues. Fantasy Football is something we have
been involved in since 1996, when we were only in 7th grade. It was then that we began the WCFL (the West Coast Football League)
with just four members. It was also a time in which fantasy football was in its stone age. Scoring had to be done manually by looking
at box scores in the newspaper and information had to be gathered by watching SportsCenter or by reading the Sports Section.

In the 12 years that we have run our league, we have seen fantasy football grow and grow. Leagues offered by sites like RotoHog
allow you to challenge literally thousands of other fantasy football fanatics; businesses like Commish Kit make a living on selling
Draft Boards; fantasy football sites now process scoring live; fantasy football advice sites can be found all over the world wide web in
multiple languages; and Screaming Sports allows you to use their fantasy dashboard to manage the absurd number of teams you own.
And, in seeing all this, we wondered why not get even more involved with this glorious game? After all, we, too, have been a part of
this since its humbler beginnings. Each year we research and research during the off-season in the hopes of drafting a championship
team, something at which we've been quite successful. We watch preseason games to see how sleepers perform. And, during the year,
we check on NFL news more than we check our e-mail, in the hopes of securing an advantage week to week. To sum it all up, we
know our stuff!

So, we set out and created Bruno Boys Fantasy Football, a website that allows us to share our knowledge with you. For three years,
we have sought to provide you with the best fantasy football advice out there, but this off-season it got even better as we joined forces
with Screaming Sports, allowing us to not just provide you with fantasy advice, but with the best fantasy football experience possible.
Screaming Sports has the fantasy dashboard that will make managing your teams as easy as pie. The Bruno Boys have the advice
you’ll need to PROPERLY manage each and every one of those squads. It is in essence the joining of two titans!

                            What Does Bruno Boys Fantasy Football Have to Offer:

In creating Bruno Boys Fantasy Football, we sought to be a fresh new voice in the world of fantasy football. Yes, we cover the basics
and include all the types of articles that you have come to expect from a fantasy football website– preseason cheat sheets, weekly
rankings and articles divulging who one should start and bench based on match-ups, injury reports, waiver wire articles, and so forth.
But, we know that that isn’t enough. Sometimes the question you have isn’t answered in the articles we have written, thus we provide
you with a forum to ask your personal questions, produce question and answer articles, and conduct live chats with our viewers so that
we can give you the exact advice you need. Lastly, for those of you, who like fantasy football but don’t particularly enjoy reading, we
have Podcasts that provide you with key information.

We also bring a little more personality to our site. As of right now, the Bruno Boys staff is a collection of people from all walks of life.
Each of whom will be submitting their own articles that will allow their separate personalities to shine through (years of a league
message board has definitely allowed each to find their own niches). While these articles are a bit more fun to read, they still contain
serious information that you as a fantasy player can use. Essentially, Bruno Boys Fantasy Football teaches one about the ins & outs
of fantasy football, helps you win your leagues, entertains and makes the game fun. In all, we have made a site that we, ourselves, with
our high standards that have emerged from playing 12 years of fantasy football, deem worthy of viewing.
          MARC CAVIGLIA                                                      MIKE WHOOLEY
          CO-OWNER & CO-CREATOR                                              CO-OWNER & CO-CREATOR

Marc Caviglia resides in San Bruno, California, hence the       Mike Whooley lives in the happiest place on Earth. No, not
name "Bruno Boys Fantasy Football." Apart from his two          Disneyland; rather that beautiful city known as San Bruno in
year hiatus, in which he moved to Hawaii, Marc has called       the wondrous state of California. A graduate of Providence
the city of San Bruno home for over 23 years. A graduate        College in Rhode Island, Michael has also done his time on
of University of Hawaii- Hilo, Marc lettered on the Vulcans     the East Coast and has come to the conclusion that the West
Baseball Team. Although baseball is his sport of trade,         Coast truly is the Best Coast. Seriously, who needs
football, preferably fantasy football, is the sport he enjoys   snow? Michael emerged from his mother's womb decked in
analyzing and writing about. Marc started playing fantasy       the red and gold of his beloved San Francisco 49ers. Growing
football at the age of 10, winning his mom's competitive        up in the Bay Area in the late 80s and early 90s, Michael was
work league, and he has been hooked since. In 1996, he          spoiled and got to enjoy some of the best football any team
started the West Coast Football League (WCFL), which he         has ever played (not just opinion, but a fact as solid as the fact
won for the third time in 2007. Entering its 12th season,       that the male seahorse has the babies - look it up!) Trips to
the WCFL has turned into one of the most competitive            Candlestick Park to see the 49ers with his grandma were
fantasy football leagues on the net. Sick of buying             frequent occurrences. High school athletics, college
outdated fantasy football magazines, and having his             intramurals, Rec leagues, a 4 year gig as a Sports Talk Show
knowledge for crunching numbers going to waste, Marc            Host on WDOM 91.3 FM Providence College Radio, and an
decided to join forces with lifelong friend Mike Whooley to     internship for the Sports Department at ABC 6 (WLNE TV)
form Bruno Boys Fantasy Football. Since starting the            in Providence Rhode Island are just a few of the ways that
Bruno Boys, Marc has appeared weekly on Sports Radio            Michael has involved himself with sports. However, these all
1310 AM in New Mexico, and he currently runs a weekly           pale in comparison to his role with Bruno Boys Fantasy
fantasy football segment with ex-NFL quarterback Dave           Football. An avid player of fantasy football since the 7th
Ragone & Rob Gidel on 93.9 FM “The Ticket”, Louisville,         grade, Michael, in 2005 along with Marc Caviglia, decided to
Kentucky's new ESPN Radio (formerly known as 1570               use his vast fantasy football knowledge to do some good in
"The Zone".) Marc is also the host of a weekly Bruno Boys       the world and inform all those lost souls who needed guidance
Fantasy Football podcast with Whooley and the rest of the       when it came to their fantasy football squads, and out of
Bruno Boys staff.                                               nothing, came what you know today as Bruno Boys Fantasy
Caviglia's 2008 Fantasy Football Tip: Marc said it in
2007 and he will say it again in 2008. He believes that you     Whooley's 2008 Fantasy Football Tip: Don't let a down year
can win your fantasy football league on draft day. If you       by Steven Jackson of the St. Louis Rams cause you to pass on
prepare yourself and stick to your game plan on draft day,      this dynamic back. Even without Orlando Pace clearing his
you shouldn’t need to hoard the waiver wire every week.         path in 2007, Jackson was able to tally 12.5 fantasy points in
The ones who prepare to succeed are going to succeed.           each game he was actually on the field for. Expect that
Good Luck in 2008!                                              number to increase in 2008, and for Jackson to once again be
                                                                a beast.
                 CORY STEGER – STAFF WRITER

Cory Steger has a considerable amount of journalism experience. He majored in sports communication and journalism at Indiana
University. During his time there, he worked as a sports staff writer for the Indiana Daily Student for three years. Most recently
Cory has been working as a sports writer for This Week Community Newspapers in Columbus, Ohio. Cory adds considerable
experience to Bruno Boys Fantasy Football as he is the longest tenured staff writer. He has been involved in fantasy sports and
in particular fantasy football for a decade. He has been a staff writer with Bruno Boys Fantasy Football for three years now and
has been a professional sportswriter for six years total. Some might say Cory has an addiction to fantasy sports as he also
participates in fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball fantasy hockey and fantasy football - the English kind.

Steger's 2008 Fantasy Football Tip: Cory encourages readers to embrace trading in fantasy football Players of value do you
no good when you have them benched, so use valuable backups to fill holes in your starting lineup.

                   CHRIS ZIZA – STAFF WRITER

Husband and father of two beautiful baby daughters, Chris Ziza is originally from Detroit but now, calls Reno, Nevada
home. Ziza has been an active fantasy player since 1990, stating that he loves fantasy football more than any other fantasy sport
because most of the action takes place during a 6                          y
                                                   6-hour period on Sunday afternoons, a period Ziza refers to as "heaven on
earth." Ziza has written about sports for the past five years, including a stint at the Most Valuable Network, where he wrote
about the Detroit Tigers, Lions and Pistons. The Most Valuable Network is also where Ziza joined forces with Bruno Boys
Fantasy Football, writing for the site all of the 2007 season. Ziza enjoys the work he does for Bruno Boys Fantasy Football very
much and would have to say the best part of it all is being able to communicate with you, the Fantasy Football fan, and he urges
all of you to continue to come on back and interact on the site.

Ziza's 2008 Fantasy Football Tip: The one thing heading into the 2008 season that Ziza would suggest you do is to prepare
very well for your draft, an area in which Bruno Boys Fantasy Football can aid you tremendously.


                                         Salem,       Carolina.
Joel Stubblefield hails from Winston-Salem, North Carolina He has since moved to Charlotte, and is currently attending the
University of North Carolina at Charlotte, obtaining his MBA in Sports Marketing and Management. Stubblefield got a late start
on fantasy football, as it wasn't until good friend and current Bruno Boys Fantasy Football staff writer, Jesse Burkhart,
introduced him to fantasy football during his junior year of college. He remembers his first draft like it was yesterday. Fred
Taylor was his first selection with the 10th overall pick. As for writing, Joel spent his undergraduate years as an opinion/sports
writer for the Campus Chronicle at High Point University. Now he brings his talents and years of experience to the Bruno Boys
in hopes of making the site one of the preeminent sources of fantasy football knowledge on the internet, which thanks to Al
Gore, is now available to us all.

Stubblefield's 2008 Fantasy Football Tip: Think outside the box when you are drafting your fantasy football squad. You
should always consider the talented, on-the-rise player instead of the aging, over-the-hill ones.


Jesse Burkhart currently resides in Durham, North Carolina and attends the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a
senior Journalism major. He presently works as an Editorial Intern with Baseball America. Jesse started playing fantasy football
when he was 13 years old, well before it assumed a place in the American sporting consciousness as it has today. A data-driven
person who cherishes his Sundays and Monday nights on the couch, fantasy football was a natural fit for Jesse's personality.
Now, he is obliged to share what he has learned in his nine seasons of experience, and he has been doing so since joining Bruno
Boys Fantasy Football as a Staff Writer in March of 2007.

Burkhart's 2008 Fantasy Football Tip: His tip to readers this year is for all fantasy football owners to play in the Bruno
                                                               credibility will never be of the street variety until you do so.
Boys/RotoHog league this upcoming season. He claims that your cred
I’m 5’3” on a good day. So when I met my buddy Joe a few years ago, an                                  ABOUT THE
ex-offensive lineman from a DIII school, I was suitably intimidated by his                      FANTASY FOOTBALL LIBRARIAN
more formidable size. I can only imagine how I’d feel chatting up 6’9”,           By day Sara Holladay is a librarian at the
345-lb Jonathan Ogden. But these guys better be formidable – in fact,             University of Colorado at Boulder, but by night
                                                                                  she's the Fantasy Football Librarian. The FF
downright frightening is what I really want from my offensive line. O-lines
                                                                                  Librarian ( is a blog she
are the secret weapon that can make or break so many teams and on the             started in September 2006 to help fantasy football
fantasy front, details on the o-line can inform fantasy players about the         players find all the info and resources they need.
risks and rewards of drafting running backs and quarterbacks. And with            Her work has appeared in the New York Times
                                                                                  Fifth Down blog and Sports Grumblings. Living
such a deep offensive line class with this year’s NFL rookies (eight              in Boulder, Colorado, it's hard not to be a Denver
offensive linemen were taken in the 1st round of the NFL draft), I thought it     Broncos fan but she also has a soft spot for the
was time that an o-line assessment becomes more of a tool for fantasy             Washington Redskins as a Washington native.

football players. Fortunately, there are a slew of offensive line rankings out
                                                                                  This will be Sara's first year as a guest contributor
there for your perusal, but what exactly does that mean for your fantasy          to the Bruno Boys Fantasy Football staff. You
football draft?                                                                   can check out her weekly column on the Bruno
                                                                                  Boys website by visiting
I’ve taken a look at some of the bigger risks and rewards that you might
find in 2008, all thanks to the offensive line.


 NFL TEAM               OFFENSIVE LINE MOVEMENT                                    WHO DOES THIS IMPACT?
    Pittsburgh        Lost Alan Faneca, added Justin Hartwig and            Willie Parker. This situation in Pittsburgh makes me
     Steelers         drafted Tony Hills.                                   nervous; despite Big Ben’s solid performance last year,
                                                                            the high number of sacks per pass attempt and low
                      Marvel Smith had back surgery in the off-season.      number of TDs per carry in 2007 give me cause for
                                                                            concern for the running game in particular. Then again
                                                                            perhaps it’s that whole Rashard Mendenhall
                                                                            acquisition and RBBC potential that make me most
                                                                            nervous about Parker.
    Minnesota         Bryant McKinnie was involved in an off-the-           Okay, I’m certainly not advising you to avoid drafting
     Vikings          field incident that may lead to a suspension of 2-4   Adrian Peterson (but I do love having his name under
                      games. This should be monitored throughout the        a “fantasy risk” category purely for the angst and furor
                      offseason, as the league should make a decision       of it all), but if McKinnie is suspended for a few games
                      during that time.                                     as expected, then temper your expectations of AP in the
                                                                            first few games with this beastly left tackle out…
   Washington         The o-line just kept getting older and has been       Sorry Skins fans, but you have an ancient o-line.
    Redskins          injury prone.                                         Clearly the Redskins have been more inclined to draft
                                                                            those big name players than add some youth to their o-
                      However, they did draft rookie Chad Rinehart to       line (or defense for that matter…). I fear for Jason
                      add youth.                                            Campbell in particular should they lose any of the line
                                                                            to injuries again this year. I think Clinton Portis is
                                                                            such a gamer that I don’t worry about him as
                                                                            much…but Campbell coming back from an injury with
                                                                            such a shaky o-line is a dicey situation to be in.


NFL TEAM        OFFENSIVE LINE MOVEMENT                                    WHO DOES THIS IMPACT
 New York      Acquired Alan Faneca, Damien Woody and                             ;
                                                                    Thomas Jones; with Faneca’s skills mostly in the run
   Jets                       line
               while not an o-line change, they acquired fullback   block arena and with so much uncertainty at QB,
               Tony Richardson from the Vikings.                    Jones should be seeing a bundle of carries.
 Denver        Matt Lepsis retired and brought in Casey             Jay Cutler, Selvin Young and let’s stretch this one
 Broncos       Wiegmann . Tom Nalen and Ben Hamilton                                        Marshall,
                                                                    all the way to Brandon Marshall too. With more
               return from injuries.                                protection time for Cutler, I see the Broncos’ #1 WR
                                                                    with more time to get downfield for some sweet long
               Drafted Ryan Clady and Kory Lichtensteiger           passes.
Jacksonville   Not much, this is exactly why you should pay         Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor, but also
  Jaguars      attention to them.                                   potential 2008 surprise stud David Garrard.

 San Diego     Will start the same five starters who were in for    LT. A no brainer, right? Throw in basically one of the
 Chargers      the final games of the 2007 season, who on                                    rushing
                                                                    easiest schedules from a rushi standpoint (the
               average are 27-years-old; that’s one of the          Chargers face many of the league’s weakest run
               youngest averages in the league.                                               very
                                                                    defenses), and you have every possible reason to draft
                                                                    LaDainian Tomlinson.
  Miami        Added Justin Smiley.                                 Ronnie Brown and that’s about it This team really
 Dolphins                                                           can only get better from here, and while I do think
               Drafted rookies Jake Long, Shawn Murphy and          they may have a surprisingly good year, I wouldn’t
               Donald Thomas.                                       gamble on anyone but Brown until the pass protection
                                                                    in particular develops a little more. And some of you
                                                                    might be wondering about Ricky Williams – I don’t
                                                                    see him as much of a risk for taking carries from
                                                                    Ronnie Brown. Keep in mind that once Ricky
                                                                    Williams was reinstated last November, it only took 6
                                                                    plays before he was injured; some might call him
                                                                    undervalued, but this librarian calls him damn lucky to
                                                                    still be playing. Draft him at your own peril.

                                                                               Article contributed by Sara Holladay from Fantasy Football Librarian

1. Keep the Bruno Boys Website Handy!
Nowadays, with rising gas prices, economy struggles, and your wife (husband) nagging at you, it is hard to find great,
affordable advice regarding fantasy football. We offer things that you have to pay hefty prices to get at other sites. New
articles constantly added to the site, free draft guide and player rankings, an in-depth message board full of daily advice, as
well up to the minute player news. The Bruno Boys Fantasy Football staff offers a multitude of great experience,
knowledge and insight for nothing more than wanting to deliver you a division title and championship THIS YEAR!

2. Know your leagues point system!
It is SO unbelievably important to know your leagues point system! You need to identify if you are in a league that is
Traditional Scoring league, or a Points Per Reception (PPR) league. So make sure that you know your leagues point system
and that you have your players ranked accordingly! This has such a profound effect on a player’s value and your team’s
future that we can’t stress it enough! If you are unsure of where to rank a certain player, simply read through the rest of the
Bruno Boys Webazine for more insight.

3. Come Prepared and Organized to your leagues draft!
There is nothing more comedic than someone sifting vigorously through pages, trying to compare three different players as
the draft clock winds down to zero! It is very easy to avoid this situation. First, make sure that you have the essentials in front
of you, and that does not include beer and pretzels! Have a copy of the Bruno Boys Webazine handy so that you can refer to
for bye weeks as well as advice, but other than that, bring a notebook (one that easily conceals so other owners can’t read
your notes), a hi-lighter and 2 pens (in case one runs out). This will allow you to take notes on players that you want to target
in the next few rounds and hi-light (or cross off) what your opponents and you have already filled on their team.

4. Keep track of each owner’s roster!
Just because we recommend that you write down your roster, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be keeping tabs on who the
other owners in your league have drafted. Make a sheet that allows you to write down the roster for every owner in your
league. This will help you determine if you should reach on a certain position or not. For example, if you are in a 10 team
league and you are the only person who still needs a quarterback, this will help you realize that you can wait a few rounds and
bulk up at other positions, instead of grabbing the 10th best quarterback option.

5. Know the Bye Weeks and keep track of Injured Players!

Just admit it; you do not want to be the man drafting what you hope to be a building block of your team and end up being the
laughing stock of the draft, because you drafted the guy who got hurt during the preseason. Plus, wasting a valuable draft
pick on an injured player can really hinder your chances of winning your leagues fantasy football championship.

As for bye-weeks, don’t place so much emphasis on making sure your bye weeks are spread out if you are getting great value
for you pick. After all, a loss is only a loss. Look at it this way, if you have a few core players on a bye at the same time,
that’s 16 potential weeks that all your guns play on the same day. This doesn’t mean to draft your team around one specific
bye week, but never, EVER, pass on better talent to try and beat the bye-week sorrows!

6. Have fun and relax!
The draft is what the Bruno Boys like to call a preseason football party, so instead of being uptight, just relax, be yourself and
most of all have fun. If you come to the draft prepared, be confident in your choices, and if you don’t get the guy that you
were targeting, go to plan B! In summary, no one ever drafts a team full of studs. Come prepared, stay in the right mind and
body frame, know your league’s point system and rely on the Bruno Boys Fantasy Football as your bigger brother. We
promise this will lead to a great showing throughout the 2008 season!

1. Do not overrate your local star players!
Perhaps the biggest sin on draft day is drafting with your heart over your head. But, year in and year out, the Bruno Boys se
people reach for their favorite players a round or two ahead of where they should go. Remember, football and fantasy football
are two different things. Even if you don’t have one local star on your fantasy team, it does not mean that you won’t be
rooting for them every Sunday! Separate the two!

2. Stay away from rookie Quarterbacks!
While running backs and wide receivers can come into the NFL and have an immediate impact, it is a rarity that a rookie
quarterback excels their first go around. There is so much to learn and adjust to in the NFL, that even if given the starting gig
right out of the gate, a rookie QB will be hard pressed to perform the same way a veteran will. You are trying to vie for a
fantasy football championship, so fill out your starting lineup with as few question marks as you possibly can! We all know
Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco will get their opportunity at some point during the season, but don’t be the guy who takes a gambles
on them just because their rookies.

3. Do not go into the draft unprepared!
Don’t be the guy thinking that knowing the top 10 at every position is good enough and that you’ll wing the rest of the draft.
That strategy is rarely successful and often leads to terrible pick after terrible pick. If you want to just gamble, play the lottery
or head to Vegas. Instead, have your mock lists, your cheat sheets, your impact rookies and key veterans co     coming off of injury,
all ready to go. Doing that will get you tremendous value in the later rounds, while your buddies just pi names to fill their

4. Do not get overly intoxicated!
Drafting in person, year after year, the Bruno Boys know the typical draft scene is flowing with alcohol. We advise you not t to
be a fool. Don’t get so intoxicated that you’re drafting Michael Vick as your starting QB! It’s a waste! Yes, the draft is me
to be a great time, but make it a great time by drafting a stellar squad and then celebrating with your beers afterwards. By
doing it this way, you get to enjoy the rest of your night knowing that you drafted a contender heading into 2008. We
recommend you keep a steady pace throughout the draft, and save the shots for the after party.

5. Do not leave the draft thinking that you don’t have to upgrade!
You may play in a league with the 11 worst alcoholics this side of the Mississippi, but odds are your tea can get better, so
don’t settle in and get comfy. Scour the guys not drafted and create a watch list of possible guys you’d like to pick up as t
year marches on. Track their stats just as you do your squad’s, and if you see one of those waiver wire guy outperforming the
guy holding your roster spot, make a move. If you need help spotting your biggest weaknesses, just remember the Bruno Boys
are here to help. Every Monday night throughout the season, the Bruno Boys will provide you with an in   in-depth weekly waiver
wire report
At some point in your draft, you’re going to say, “DAMN! I totally forgot
                                                                                               PAUL GRECO – OWNER, MELNICK
about him.” Being prepared prior to going into your draft is key, but you                       AND GRECO FANTASY SPORTS
all ready know that! You’re looking for something a little more. You want
someone to point out clearly why you should take that key skilled position
one round earlier than your competition so when you win it all every
owner in your league thinks you’re a genius
Look no further than these key skilled players that are flying under the
radar in many “Expert” mock drafts. I (Paul Greco) believe that at the end
of the season, when you look at these players stats, they’ll perform a lot
better than their average draft position.
Here are your NINE players that will be....

 “Flying Under the Radar” come 2008!

QB Marc Bulger (STL) – I see a turnaround season for Bulger while many of the other “Experts” don’t

for some reason. Offensive tackle, Orlando Pace should be healthy for the ’08 season which makes Bulger’s
backside happy. Also, the running game of Steven Jackson will return. No longer will we see seasons of 4,000+
yards from Bulger, but I think 3500+ is respectable. The loss of Isaac Bruce will hurt a little, but let’s be honest
here, he was on the downside of his career and really wasn’t making plays for the Rams offense. Torry Holt is
still the man, and we all know what he can do. If the Rams can incorporate Randy McMichael a little more into                  .
the offense it should open the field more, and allow Bulger to check down to Jackson. I like Bulger this year, I
see a big comeback for him, and he’s my Comeback Player of the Year in ’08 at the quarterback position.

               QB Philip Rivers (SD) – This is another quarterback that doesn’t get the Fantasy Owners respect for some

               reason. After looking over some other “Experts” rankings, Rivers was as high as 20…20, are you kidding me?
               Here’s a guy who’s played in 32 consecutive regular season games, arguably has the best running back and tight
               end in the game as weapons, but still gets no love. Well Phillip Rivers, I love you man. I love what you bring to

        .      the table and the fact that he has AWESOME weapons around him, makes him that much more appealing to me.
               We at Melnick and Greco Fantasy Sports feel that Rivers is a great pick in every league and when it is all said
               and done will outperform quarterbacks who are garnering all of the attention during the preseason.

QB Alex Smith (SF) – Alex Smith meet Mike Martz, you know the guy who helped Jon Kitna pass for

more than 4,000 yards the last two years. If you can’t succeed in this offense you should be working right next to
Ryan Leaf at the local burger joint. This is a make or break year for Smith. With the additions of Isaac Bruce and
Bryant Johnson to go along with up and coming tight end Vernon Davis, the pieces are in place to make Smith
succeed. The big question is can Smith beat out Shaun Hill who is knocking on the door? I think so, and I think
that Smith could be one of those nice sleepers that you pick late in the draft as your second quarterback and reap             .
the benefits of the “Martz System”. It should be exciting to see how Smith turns the corner with a proven
offensive coordinator, because if you remember in 2006 Smith started to excel under then OF Norv Turner.
              RB Matt Forte (CHI) – The former Tulane standout is quickly moving up the RB rankings. Not many

              Fantasy owners know much about him, so if your draft is early this is a guy you can sneak onto your team in the
              middle to late rounds. At 6’2’’, 220 lbs, Forte is a guy who can handle the rock for 20+ carries a game. Over his
              last eight games at Tulane, the bruising back averaged 202.3 yards per game. The kid can also catch the ball out
        .     of the backfield, which should help Points Per Reception league owners. If Forte holds off Adrian Peterson
              (Chi), which he should, he should enjoy an excellent rookie campaign and garner rookie of the year consideration

RB Rudi Johnson (CIN) – 2007 was an awful year for Rudi Johnson.                  Thinking that losing weight
would make him a better runner, Johnson suffered through his worst season as a pro. Now, Johnson is back to
his 2006 weight, and look for a dramatic improvement in his Fantasy numbers. Although Johnson is a reliable
running back, Kenny Watson and Chris Perry should see significant time in the backfield. Johnson is still a
decent RB2, and should be selected in the middle rounds.

              RB Kevin Smith (DET) – Smith's major competition in Detroit is Tatum Bell, which isn't saying
              much. Coming off an NCAA record for careers in a season (450), Smith has shown he's durable and take a
              beating. In your Points Per Reception (PPR) leagues, Smith has the highest selling for rookie running backs.

        .     With great hands out of the back field, if Smith doesn't win the job right away in Detroit, he'll be handling
              passing and third down situations.

WR Laurent Robinson (ATL) – Many of you reading this right now are probably like, “WHO”?
This is Understandable! After a great minicamp in April, Robinson has taken over the #2 wide receiver spot in
Atlanta. That may not mean much right now since the Falcons haven’t named a starting quarterback, but the fact
of the matter is, this guy has the talent and could close in on 1,000 receiving yards. And it this happens, he
potentially can work his way into a decent WR3 or flex player for your fantasy football team.

              WR Drew Bennett (STL) – Bye-bye Bruce, hello 6’5” Drew Bennett.                     Torry Holt is the man in St.
              Louis, but Marc Bulger can’t throw his way every time. Bennett will see plenty of balls thrown his way,
              especially in the red-zone. With Tory Holt consistently drawing double teams, look for Drew to bust free, and

        .     slowly become a favorite target of Bulger. Plus, with the Rams back to full strength on offense, they should be
              able to score at a rapid pace in the weak NFC West, and Bennett will be the one benefiting from this.

WR Sidney Rice (MIN) – Fall in love with this guy and you won’t regret it.

                                                                                          I (Paul Greco) have a
feeling that Rice will finish the season as a top 30 wide receiver. With decent numbers a year ago (396 receiving
yards, 4 TD’s), I think Rice and Tavaris Jackson will form a bond, and will be a great tandem. Bernard Berrian
is listed as the Vikings #1 wide receiver, which is good news because he’ll draw the double teams, allowing Rice
to have one-on-one coverage. You should be able to get him in the later rounds, but if Rice continues to                                             .
progress, he will produce at the rate of a sixth rounder for your fantasy football team.

                                                                                Article contributed by Paul Greco from Melnick and Greco Fantasy Sports
“Playoffs?!?! Don’t talk about, playoffs! You kidding me?!?!?!
                                                                                                   ABOUT BRUNO BOYS GUEST
PLAYOFFS?!?!” Yes Jim Mora, were talking about playoffs, the most                                  COLUMNIST – WILL KEARNS
rewarding, and, conversely, heartbreaking time of the fantasy football
season. A time where bragging rights are earned and dreams are crushed.            Originally from Edison, N.J, this proud USAF
A time where marriages are in jeopardy, trophies are won, and egos are             veteran, dedicated husband, and loving father
                                                                                   now resides in Charleston, South Carolina. As a
deflated. That’s why, folks, week 14, 15 and 16 of the regular season
                                                                                   supervisor in the military from 2000-2006, Will
should be considered when drafting your team. Real quick, by a show of             mentored and helped guide young active duty
virtual hands, how many of you have literally flipped a coin to determine          troops to a successful future. As a guest member
                                                                                   of the Bruno Boys Fantasy Football team, Will
between two players? Now how many of you have asked the notoriously
                                                                                   fills that void by providing insight that will guide
doomed manager in your league—year in and year out each of their top 3             you all down a similar path, success in your
picks are injured by week 3—for their preference, and took the complete            fantasy football leagues.
opposite? Ladies and gentlemen, this is the MOST inefficient way to draft
                                                                                   This will be Will’s first year as a guest
your team. From this day forward, I want you to keep the quarter in your           contributor to the Bruno Boys Fantasy Football
pocket. I want you to refrain from relying on your opponents past                  staff. Make sure to check out
misfortunes. Instead, I want you to check your league rules to determine           on a regular basis to read about what Kearns has
                                                                                   to say about happenings around the NFL.
when playoffs start and end.

First and foremost, if your league finals occur during week 17, I have two suggestions: You can demand that the commissioner
starts the playoff schedule a week earlier or take the easy route and get out of that league as fast as you can. Nothing is more
depressing than seeing your entire starting roster benched after the first quarter, especially when your fantasy football life is
hanging in the balance. With that being said, the following should be highly considered when deciding between two players that
you value equally.

During your fantasy playoffs, there are two crucial elements that can handicap a player’s fantasy value. The first element we’ll
discuss is weather conditions. Granted, it is impossible to forecast the weather four months from now; however, it is feasible to
make an educated guess on the probability of horrible weather. For example, in week 15 of the 2007 season, how many of you
started Tom Brady? Anyone? Anyone?!?! To the dismay of many, I didn’t. Why on earth would I bench the 2007 fantasy MVP
during the most crucial part of the season? For the love of everything holy, why would I not start a guy who single-handedly
outscored 90% of my opponents? I’ll tell you why, because it was mid-December and New England was playing at home. In the
end, my “planning ahead” paid off as Brady threw for a whopping 140 yards and not a single TD amidst a 20 inch snow storm.
Over the years I’ve learned a valuable lesson: if I select a QB or WR that does not play in a dome, or their stadium/opponents
stadium is located north of Edison, NJ, I make sure that my backups are playing in comfortable weather. It’s really that simple.
Please understand that in no way, shape, or form am I telling you to downplay Brady’s value, nor am I advising you to sit him
during your fantasy playoffs. I am simply suggesting that you should draft a legit backup who has a favorable playoff schedule,
both in environment and defensive match-up. By doing this, you give yourself a viable option if the blizzard does in fact hit. It’s
called preparing ahead to achieve success down the road. Remember, I am not suggesting that you draft your entire team based off
playoff weeks and their match-ups, however, providing insight that will help you pick between two players you value equally.
The other crucial element that can hinder your stud’s performance is the defense they are matched up against. I can’t stress enough
the importance of this element and am flabbergasted that managers don’t foresee it as being important on draft day. How many
times have you seen your top-seeded teams get knocked out in the first round because their match-ups were horrible? Countless,
that’s how many. Isn’t THAT what fantasy football is ultimately about? Yeah, yeah, there’s that whole “camaraderie” and “moral
boosting” aspect, sure, but the only ones who claim “camaraderie” as their reasoning to play are the ones who never make the
playoffs. From the words of Herm Edwards, “You play to win the game. HELLO?!?! YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!!! You
don’t play it to just play it!” Let’s be honest for a second, it all boils down to the bobble head trophy that you will proudly display
at work or at home. It’s all about the privilege to name next year’s team as, “The Champ is Here”. If you want to earn that
privilege, I advise you review the Bruno Boys Fantasy Football tier 6 and 7 defensive rankings (page 66) and determine if the
player you covet plays these teams during your league’s playoff schedule.

You may be thinking to yourself, “what if the defensive match-up is in the players favor but they’re playing in Buffalo at the end
of December?” If that is the case, then you need to decide which will hamper your player’s performance the most. Is it the
possibility of bad-weather conditions or the predicted caliber of the opposing defense for that specific week? Personally, I value
defensive match-ups over weather forecasts; however, a legitimate argument can be made for both. Again, I am simply providing
you with material that will allow you to make an educated guess. And an educated guess is much more efficient than most of your
previous determining factors (flipping a coin and/or taking advice from your opponents.) Lastly, remember that Snow, Ice, and/or
high winds will handicap quarterbacks and wide receivers, but bolster the potential of running backs.


                           WEEK 14                                                                  WEEK 14
                Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers                                    Washington Redskins @ Baltimore Ravens
                  Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions                                       Jacksonville Jaguars @ Chicago Bears
                Cincinnati Bengals @ Indianapolis Colts                                   Houston Texans @ Green Bay Packers
                 Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints                                    Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants
                Cleveland Browns @ Tennessee Titans          DOME TEAMS                      Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills
                 New York Jets @San Francisco 49ers                                       Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos
                  St. Louis Rams @Arizona Cardinals        Atlanta Falcons                Dallas Cowboys @ Pittsburgh Steelers
              Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Carolina Panthers                                  New England Patriots @ Seattle Seahawks
                                                           Houston Texans

                           WEEK 15                         New Orleans Saints                       WEEK 15
               Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Atlanta Falcons                                     New Orleans Saints @ Chicago Bears
                 Denver Broncos @ Carolina Panthers        St. Louis Rams                Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens
                 Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans                                      Washington Redskins @ Cincinnati Bengals
                  Detroit Lions @ Indianapolis Colts       Detroit Lions                San Diego Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs
               Green Bay Packers @ Jacksonville Jaguars                                       Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets
                San Francisco 49ers @ Miami Dolphins       Minnesota Vikings             Cleveland Browns @ Philadelphia Eagles
                  Seattle Seahawks @ St. Louis Rams
                Minnesota Vikings @ Arizona Cardinals      Arizona Cardinals
               New England Patriots @ Oakland Raiders                                               WEEK 16
                 New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys          Indianapolis Colts            Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns
                                                                                          Miami Dolphins @ Kansas City Chiefs
                                                                                        Arizona Cardinals @ New England Patriots
                           WEEK 16                                                        Carolina Panthers @ New York Giants
               Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville Jaguars                               Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins
                 Baltimore Ravens @ Dallas Cowboys                                           Buffalo Bills @ Denver Broncos
                  New Orleans Saints @ Detroit Lions                                        New York Jets @ Seattle Seahawks
                 Atlanta Falcons @ Minnesota Vikings                                       Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears
                 San Francisco 49ers @ St. Louis Rams
                Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tennessee Titans
                  Houston Texans @ Oakland Raiders
             San Diego Chargers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2008 BRUNO BOYS QUARTERBACK RANKINGS                                                                               BY: CORY STEGER

Entering last season, Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback, Peyton Manning, was rated as the top player at his position
without much question. It didn’t take long for New England Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady, to dethrone
Manning as Brady led his team to a perfect regular season en route to setting the single season passing touchdown

Now, Brady enters the 2008 season as the top quarterback with Manning looking up at him from the second spot,
chomping at the bit to reclaim the throne. The battle for the top spot is only one of what will be numerous
developments to watch from the quarterback position this season. For some quarterbacks, such as Jason Campbell,
Matt Leinart, Vince Young and Matt Schaub, it’s time to take the next step. For others, such as Donovan McNabb,
Jeff Garcia and Marc Bulger, the season represents a chance for the quarterbacks to prove they still can play with
the best of them. Additionally, there are new starters in Green Bay (Aaron Rodgers), New York (Kellen Clemens),
Oakland (JaMarcus Russell) and Atlanta (Matt Ryan). Out of all the quarterbacks, some are destined for breakout
seasons, while others are headed for lackluster years. Take a look at the Bruno Boys Fantasy Football 2008
Quarterback Rankings to find out how all the quarterbacks stack up going into this season

                                                                        way for Brady to sustain that pace over the course of two
                                                                        seasons, as defenses will put an emphasis on defending the pass
                                                                        from the start of the season. Still, Brady could throw 10 fewer
                                                                        touchdowns than he did last year and that would still be an
                                                                        incredible season.

                                                                        2. Peyton Manning – Indianapolis Colts (Bye: 4)

                                                                        Manning may have been usurped by Brady as the top
                                                                        quarterback but that still doesn’t undermine what the Colts
                                                                        quarterback did last year. Manning threw for 4,040 yards, 31
                                                                        touchdowns, and 14 interceptions. While the interception
                                                                        amount was at its highest since 2002, part of that can be
                                                                        attributed to Manning having to play most of the season without
                                                                        his favorite target in Marvin Harrison, who missed a total of 11
                                                                        games due to injury.

                                                                        Manning looks set to have another great season this year as
                                                                        almost everybody returns on offense. Harrison, Reggie Wayne,
 1. Tom Brady – New England Patriots (Bye: 4)                                                               ark
                                                                        Anthony Gonzalez and Dallas Clark form one of the league’s
                                                                        deadliest receiving corps, while Joseph Addai mans one of the
 Not only was Brady at the top of his game last season, he had                       ning
                                                                        stronger running games in the league. Altogether, the Colts have
 the best season by an NFL quarterback in the history of the            one of the best offenses led by one of the best and most
 league. Brady threw for 4,809 yards, 50 touchdowns and just            consistent quarterbacks in the history of the game. The only
 eight interceptions last year, and he made it look easy. Easily        thing going against Manning and Indianapolis is the schedule as
 forgotten though is that Brady set career highs in completion                                hree
                                                                        the Colts have just three games against teams with losing
 percentage (68.9), quarterback rating (117.2), as well as a career     records in ’07. Still, great players get it done against good
 low number of sacks taken (21).                                        teams, and Manning should hold true to that in 2008.
                                                                           RANKINGS ARE BASED ON            RANKINGS ARE BASED ON
 The scary thought is that Brady enters this season with just                STANDARD SCORING:                STANDARD SCORING:
 about everybody on the offensive side of the football returning.
 Receivers Wes Welker and Randy Moss are back to wreak                   PASS TD: 4 POINTS                 25 PASS YARDS: 1 POINT
 havoc on opposing defenses. However to expect anything close            RUSH TD: 6 POINTS                 10 RUSH YARDS: 1 POINT
 to a repeat of last year from Brady is unrealistic. There is just no
                                                                         RECEIVING TD: 6 POINTS            10 REC. YARDS: 1 POINT

                                                                         ALL OTHER TD’S: 6 POINTS
                                                                                                           ALL TURNOVERS: - 2 POINTS
2008 BRUNO BOYS QUARTERBACK RANKINGS                                                                              BY: CORY STEGER

 3. Tony Romo – Dallas Cowboys (Bye: 10)                             5. Carson Palmer – Cincinnati Bengals (Bye: 8)

 Any doubts about Romo’s abilities as a quarterback were             Palmer followed a disappointing season two years ago by
 quickly erased when he started the season with 11 touchdowns        another, albeit less, disappointing one last season. Palmer threw
 and just three interceptions in the team’s first four games. Romo   for a career-high 4,131 yards, but also had a career high in
 continued to throw touchdown passes at a high rate through the      interceptions with 20 and the lowest amount of touchdowns (26)
 next nine games at which point he seemingly hit a wall. The         since his rookie season as Cincinnati went 7-9 in 2007, a season
 gunslinger suddenly found life in pads difficult and finished out   when many believed the Bengals could make the playoffs.
 the last three games with just one touchdown against five           Contributing to Palmer’s down year was the fact the he often
 interceptions. Damn you, Jessica Simpson!                           appeared out of sync with receiver Chad Johnson, something
                                                                     that carried over into the offseason when the two mixed words
 Those last three games are likely an aberration as Dallas had       about the receiver’s status with the team.
 already clinched a playoff spot. What you should pay attention
 to is that, with the exception of those three games, Romo’s         Looking at this season, a lot depends on Johnson. As of now the
 completion percentage actually rose in the second half of the       receiver claims he will play for the Bengals and has been
 season. Similar to Brady and Manning, the majority of the           practicing with the team, but between now and the start of the
 offense returns for Romo this season including receivers Terrell    season, Johnson’s opinion and attitude may change. Out wide
 Owens and Patrick Crayton, tight end Jason Witten and running       with Johnson is T.J. Houshmandzadeh and tight end Ben Utecht,
 back Marion Barber. The departure of Julius Jones would hurt        both of whom Palmer should use quite often. Between Rudi
 more only if the Cowboys hadn’t used their first round pick on      Johnson, Chris Perry, Kenny Irons and Kenny Watson the
 Felix Jones, a rookie back from Arkansas. The only alarming         Bengals have plenty of options - when healthy – in the
 thing about Romo is that he is very prone to throwing               backfield, so Palmer does have a good amount of weapons at his
 interceptions. He threw interceptions in 13 of the team’s 16        disposal. The biggest question facing the Bengals offense is
 regular season games last year, and had a five-interception game    along the offensive line where injuries and inconsistent play
 in a 25-24 win over Buffalo. The bottom line, though, is that his   were a problem for the team last year. One thing to note is that
 touchdown and yardage totals far outweigh his turnover issues.      despite injuries to the top three running backs and the offensive
 ______________________________________________                      line, Palmer set a career-low in sacks taken last year and
                                                                     increased his completion percentage.
 4. Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints (Bye: 9)                         ______________________________________________

 Last year, Brees went through the first four games of the season    6. Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers (Bye: 6)
 by throwing nine interceptions and one touchdown, promptly
 sending fantasy owners into panic mode. But Brees quickly           Lost behind Brady, Manning and Romo, Roethlisberger quietly
 turned it around and went on to throw for 4,423 yards, a career-    enjoyed a breakout season last year as he passed for 3,154 yards,
 high 28 touchdowns and 18 interceptions. In the second half of      32 touchdowns and just 11 interceptions. His 11 interceptions
 the season, there was a five-game stretch where Brees threw for     tied a career low, while his previous season-best mark in
 10 touchdowns and just two interceptions. Making Brees’ feat        touchdown passes was 18. His completion percentage rose to
 even more impressive is that he did all this despite injuries to    65.3 last year from a career-worst 59.7 in ’07. And, don’t forget
 Reggie Bush and Deuce McAllister, which severely limited the        that he finished with a career-high quarterback rating of 104.1.
 options of the offense.
                                                                     It’s easy to overlook the Steelers and Roethlisberger, but
 Now, Brees enters the ’08 season with many fantasy owners           Pittsburgh has assembled one of the best offensive teams in the
 wondering which quarterback they’ll get. Brees has had issues       league. Between receivers, Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes,
 in the past with interceptions, so it is a legit concern, but       tight end, Heath Miller, and running back, Willie Parker,
 realistically the first four games of last season are not           Pittsburgh is no longer a team that relies on its defense. Throw
 representative of what Brees is capable of. With a healthy          in rookie receiver, Limas Sweed, and rookie running back,
 McAllister and Bush in the backfield, as well as deep threat        Rashard Mendenhall, and there may simply not be enough
 Marques Colston and the revitalized David Patten out wide, the      football to go around. While that may be a bad thing for the
 Saints offense is a dangerous one yet again. Brees could be on      individual stats of the support players, it’s a great thing for the
 track for his best season yet.                                      guy who makes it all happen. Roethlisberger’s breakout season
 ______________________________________________                      last year was definitely not a fluke and a repeat is very likely.
2008 BRUNO BOYS QUARTERBACK RANKINGS                                                                                 BY: CORY STEGER

 7. Donovan McNabb – Philadelphia Eagles (Bye: 7)                       9. Matt Hasselbeck – Seattle Seahawks (Bye: 4)

 McNabb was finally healthy for the majority of the season, as he       Hasselbeck had an incredible season last year, throwing for
 played in 14 games last year and passed for 3,324 yards, 19            3,966 yards, a career-high 28 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.
 touchdowns and seven interceptions. He completed 61.5 percent          He finished with a quarterback rating over 90 for the second
 of his passes, which was up from 57.0 in 2006, and his 291 pass        time in his career. A large part of the reason for his success last
 attempts were the third most in his career. A good sign is that in     year stemmed from an injury to running back Shaun Alexander,
 the four games he played in after missing two games because of         which saw the Seahawks all but abandon its running game.
 injuries, he threw for 995 yards, six touchdowns and one
 interception while completing 65.3 percent of his passes.              The biggest questions surrounding the Seattle offense this
                                                                        season is the health of Deion Branch and the contract of Bobby
 The Eagles this season will look similar to how they did last          Engram. Branch tore an ACL in the team’s playoff loss to Green
 season, but is that a good thing? Reggie Brown, Hank Baskett,          Bay, while Engram has threatened to hold out if he doesn’t get a
 Kevin Curtis and Jason Avant are the top receivers, but only           new contract. The Seahawks released D.J. Hackett, and
 Brown and Curtis have significance experience. Rookie wide             suddenly, what once was a deep receiving corps could become a
 out, DeSean Jackson, has incredible speed, but will likely spend       thin one, especially at the beginning of the season. But, the great
 most of his time this season on the punt and kick return teams.        thing about Hasselbeck is that he’s so amazingly consistent no
 That leaves McNabb, tight end L.J. Smith, and running back             matter which players make up his surrounding cast. In fact, the
 Brian Westbrook to carry the load. Still, McNabb has had               only time Hasselbeck plays poorly is when he is injured and
 success even when the players at the skill positions around him        tries to play through it. For the first time in multiple years,
 aren’t Pro Bowl-caliber, so as long as he is healthy, he is a good     Hasselbeck will enter the season healthy and he should enjoy
 fantasy option.                                                        another good year. ALERT – With the injury to Bobby Engram,
 ______________________________________________                         the Seahawks are left with just Nate Burleson and a committee
                                                                        of wide receivers to start the season, thus dropping Hasselbeck
 8. Derek Anderson – Cleveland Browns (Bye: 5)                          to the 9th slot in our rankings.
 Anderson exploded on the scene last year after taking over for
 Charlie Frye halfway through the first game. In his first start –      10. Marc Bulger – St. Louis Rams (Bye: 5)
 the team’s second game of the season – Anderson torched the
 Cincinnati defense for 328 yards, five touchdowns and just one         Following a stellar season two years ago, in which he threw 24
 interception. He finished the season with 3,787 yards, 29              touchdowns and eight interceptions, Bulger was pegged by
 touchdowns and 19 interceptions and was named to the Pro               many, including the Bruno Boys, as a top five fantasy
 Bowl. Not bad for a first-year starter, who many originally            quarterback for the ’07 season. But, Bulger’s season never got
 thought was just there to keep the position warm for Brady             off the ground as he finished with 2,392 yards, 11 touchdowns
 Quinn.                                                                 and 15 interceptions in just 12 games. Injured for two games at
                                                                        two different points in the season, it was thought perhaps he
 Anderson will look to prove he’s not a fluke this season and will      would be better once healthy, but in his last three games, Bulger
 have a lot of help from the rest of the Browns’ offense as most        had six touchdowns and six interceptions while completing just
 of the players from last year’s team return. Anderson has one of       51.5 percent of his passes.
 top deep threats in the game in Braylon Edwards, as well as one
 of the best possession receivers in the game in Joe Jurevicius.        This season Bulger has his sights set on turning things around
 Keeping defenses honest at tight end is Kellen Winslow, a              and if he doesn’t, veteran quarterback, Trent Green, is standing
 playmaker with some untapped potential. The Browns also                right behind him. Aiding Bulger in his quest to keep the starting
 feature a backfield of solid backs in Jamal Lewis, Jason Wright        job are receivers Torry Holt and Drew Bennett, tight end Randy
 and J.J. Harrison. It will be interesting to see if Anderson can       McMichael and running back Steven Jackson. Holt and Jackson
 continue to play at the frenetic pace he did last year. In his first   are among the top three players at their respective positions,
 11 games, Anderson had a 2:1 touchdown-to-interception ratio.          leaving the biggest issue for the Rams this season at the
 In the final five games, Anderson returned to earth and had            offensive line. Orlando Pace is back after a torn rotator cuff in
 seven touchdowns to eight interceptions. If Anderson can play          the season opener last year cost him his entire season, but the
 somewhere in between those two extremes, his 2008 should               guard and center positions are a bit weak. If the line can hold
 please all those that take a chance on him.                            and give Bulger time, then expect a return to form.
 ______________________________________________                         ______________________________________________
2008 BRUNO BOYS QUARTERBACK RANKINGS                                                                                BY: CORY STEGER

 11. David Garrard – Jacksonville Jaguars (Bye: 7)                                                       living
                                                                      spectacular during the postseason, livin up to his billing and
                                                                      leading the Giants to the promise land. In the regular season,
 During preseason last year, Jacksonville coach, Jack Del Rio,        Manning threw for 3,336 yards, 23 touchdowns and 20
 made what was then a controversial decision to cut incumbent                                     ing
                                                                      interceptions while completing 56.1 percent of his passes.
 starter, Byron Leftwich, and name Garrard as the starter. Del
 Rio took a lot heat until the season started, at which point         But postseason exploits do not guarantee success the folfollowing
 Garrard led the team to an 11-5 record and a playoff berth, while
                                 5                                    season. As with any quarterback, you should evaluate Manning
 passing for 2,509 yards, 18 touchdowns and three interceptions       more on how he played during the regular season than during
 in 12 games. Garrard was so efficient that he didn’t throw an
     2                                                                the postseason. Look at his numbers, Manning was real good at
 interception until a week 13 loss to the Colts.                      throwing both touchdowns and interceptions, in fact he’s fairly
                                                                      consistent in that degree across his three full seasons as a starter.
 Hindsight being 20/20, Del Rio is wishing he would’ve made           In those three seasons, he had touchdown totals of 24, 24 and 23
 this move earlier than he did. Garrard is now in his seventh year    and interception totals of 17, 18 and 20. With the entire offense
 with the organization, so all that time helped go towards his        returning, Manning will not enjoy a huge surge or a big l  letdown
 development and his relative inexperience as a starter will not      in his numbers. He is still on the upswing of his career, so a
 hinder him this season. To help Garrard, the Jaguars went out        minor progression in all the major categories is a realistic
 and got receivers Jerry Porter and Troy Williamson as former         expectation.
 first-round picks Matt Jones and Reggie Williams have not lived
 up to their expectations. Williamson and Porter provide Garrard
 with a deep threat and possession receiver, respectively, and will
 help the quarterback continue his success. Taking pressure off
 the passing game is one the league’s best backfield
 combinations of Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew.Drew.
 Combine all that with a good offensive line and Garrard is
 primed for another good season.

 12. Brett Favre – New York Jets (Bye: 5)

                                                  off-season, the
 After what seemed like limitless coverage this off-
 Favre saga came to an end as Brett Favre landed in the big apple
 as a member of the New York Jets. Favre should have a good
 season in 2008, but don't expect his numbers to replicate the
 4,155 passing yards, 28 touchdowns and 66% completion
 percentage he put together in '07. His supporting cast with the
 Jets just isn't quite as good as the Packer squad he played with
 last season, lacking the playmakers that the Green Bay offense
                                                                      14. Jay Cutler – Denver Broncos (Bye: 8)
 sported. While returning from “retirement,” Favre still should
                                                                      Cutler took a major step forward in his development as a
 have enough in the tank to play at a high level, which is why he
                                                                      quarterback in his first full season as a starter. He passed for
 earns himself the 12th spot in our pre-season rankings. When
                                                                      3,497 yards, 20 touchdowns and 14 interceptions while
 targeting Favre, you should do so in the middle rounds of your
                                                                      completing 63.6 percent of his passes. He got stronger as the
 fantasy football draft and make sure to pair him with an equal
                                                                      season went on, throwing for 11 touchdowns and five
 talent. From there, you can play matchups on a weekly basis and
                                                                      interceptions in the team’s last seven games compared to nine
 fully optimize the drafting of Favre.
                                                                      touchdowns and nine interceptions in the first nine games.
                                                                      Watching Cutler, it’s easy to see what makes him so good.
 13. Eli Manning – New York Giants (Bye: 4)                           Cutler has an incredible pocket presence. He’ll need that
                                                                      presence this season as there are two major problems facing
 Manning did last year what many thought he would never do            Cutler and the Broncos. The first is that Javon Walker is gone.
 and that was win a Super Bowl with a heroic come
                                              come-from-behind        Walker was signed by the Oakland Raiders after being released
 17-14 win over the previously undefeated New England
    14                                                                                                 Brandon
                                                                      by Denver in February, leaving Brand Marshall, Brandon
 Patriots. Manning was solid during the regular season, but was                              acquired
                                                                      Stokely and the newly-acquired Darrell Jackson Cutler’s
2008 BRUNO BOYS QUARTERBACK RANKINGS                                                                        BY: CORY STEGER

 receivers. The second issue Cutler will      the Lions started the season 6-2. Six
                                                                                         18. Matt Schaub –
 have to deal with is diabetes. In May,       straight losses followed and Detroit
 Cutler was diagnosed with Type 1             ended with a 7-9 record behind Kitna’s     Houston Texans (Bye: 8)
 diabetes which requires daily insulin        4,068 passing yards, 18 touchdowns
                                                                                         Throughout his career, Schaub has been
 shots. But, Cutler said he feels fine, and   and 20 interceptions. It was Kitna’s
                                                                                         coined the ultimate backup quarterback,
 the Denver coaching staff has said it        worst season since ’01, when he had 12
                                                                                         but in 2007 he finally got his chance to
 won’t be an issue. As long as Cutler         touchdowns and 22 interceptions.
                                                                                         start as a member of the Houston
 can keep down the interceptions, it will
                                              Kitna is in the middle of an interesting   Texans. In what can be considered an
 be a good season for him. ALERT –
                                              situation in Detroit. The Lions have       inconsistent season, he managed to pass
 Cutler’s prime target last season,
                                              good players at the skill positions        for 2,241 yards, nine touchdowns and
 Brandon Marshall, is suspended for 2
                                              including receivers Roy Williams,          nine interceptions in just 11 games.
 or 3 games, meaning the
                                              Calvin Johnson, Mike Furrey and            Concussions held out Schaub in the
 Broncos will be thin at the wide
                                              Shaun McDonald and running backs           other five games, including the last four
 receiver position to start the season.
                                              Kevin Smith and Tatum Bell. The only       of the season. At times Schaub showed
                                              problem seems to be Kitna himself.         the potential and upside to be a good
                                              Despite all the talent around him, poor    NFL quarterback and with everybody
 15. Matt Leinart – Arizona                   decisions have led to Kitna failing to     returning on offense, including a
 Cardinals (Bye: 7)                           punch through into the upper echelon of    healthy Andre Johnson, expect Schaub
                                              quarterbacks. After so many seasons in     to continue his growth. Still, target him
 Leinart’s season was over almost as          the league, it’s clear what kind of        as a backup, but don’t be surprised if he
 soon as began as he suffered a fractured     quarterback Kitna is, he’s a guy who       becomes a regular fantasy football
 collarbone and was placed on the             will pass for a good amount of yards       contributor by season’s end.
 injured reserve list just five weeks into    and a similar number of touchdowns         _____________________________
 the season. In those five games he           and interceptions.
 played before getting hurt, Leinart          _____________________________              19. Jake Delhomme –
 threw for 329 yards, two touchdowns
                                                                                         Carolina Panthers (Bye: 9)
 and four interceptions while completing
 60 percent of his passes.                    17. Philip Rivers –                        It appeared Delhomme was on his way
                                              San Diego Chargers (Bye: 9)                to his finest season of his career until
 Leinart is an interesting player because                                                an elbow injury in week 3 cost him the
 his talents are known but haven’t really     Rivers had another solid season for the    rest of the season. Delhomme
 been displayed at the top level in either    Chargers, throwing for 3,152 yards, 21     underwent Tommy John surgery, more
 of the two seasons he’s been in the          touchdowns and 15 interceptions. He        commonly associated with pitchers in
 NFL. When healthy, Leinart is an             played on a torn ACL in the playoffs       baseball, and is still rehabbing from the
 accurate passer that has two incredible      and almost led the Chargers to the         injury. Before he was hurt, Delhomme
 receivers in Larry Fitzgerald and            Super Bowl before being defeated 21-       threw for 624 yards, eight touchdowns
 Anquan Boldin. Combined with                 12 by the New England Patriots. From       and one interception while completing
 Edgerrin James in the backfield, the         a fantasy football standpoint, Rivers is   64 percent of his passes. If healthy,
 Cardinals could have a potent offense if     a decent quarterback at best, and will     Delhomme is capable of having a
 the offensive line was better. Leinart       have his good games, but with Norv         career year as the Panthers will sport a
 will have a good season as long as he’s      Turner as coach and LaDainian              receiving corps that has tons of big play
 not too busy looking over his shoulder       Tomlinson in the backfield, he will        potential. New additions D.J. Hackett
 at backup Kurt Warner.                       always be the second offensive option.     and Muhsin Muhammad fit in nicely
 _____________________________                As he continues to develop, expect         with superstar Steve Smith and rookie
                                              some minor progression from Rivers         running back Jonathan Stewart will
 16. Jon Kitna –                              this season, but don’t count on him        help add new dimensions to the offense.
 Detroit Lions (Bye: 4)                       having a breakout season in 2008.          The Bruno Boys staff wouldn’t suggest
                                              _____________________________              taking Delhomme over the top tier
 Last summer Kitna made the infamous                                                     options, but a gamble as your teams
 prediction that the Lions would win 10                                                  backup could lead to something special.
 or more games and through the first                                                     ALERT –2-game suspension to Steve
 eight games he looked like a genius as                                                  Smith drops him from 16th to 19th.
2008 BRUNO BOYS QUARTERBACK RANKINGS                                                                        BY: CORY STEGER

                                                                                         while in his last five games he had six
 20. Vince Young –                           22. Jeff Garcia – Tampa Bay
                                                                                         touchdowns and three interceptions.
 Tennessee Titans (Bye: 6)                   Buccaneers (Bye: 10)                        With Lee Evans, James Hardy and Josh
                                                                                         Reed at receiver and Marshawn Lynch
 An enigmatic player, Young appeared         Garcia enjoyed a decent season for the
                                                                                         and Fred Jackson at running back,
 to regress in the major statistical         Buccaneers, throwing for 2,440 yards,
                                                                                         Edwards has the weapons to put up
 categories last season, but led the team    13 touchdowns and just four
                                                                                         some decent numbers. Still, Edwards is
 to a better record than ’06 and a playoff   interceptions while completing a
                                                                                         pretty inexperienced and is likely to
 berth. Young threw for 2,546 yards,         career-high 63.9 percent of his passes.
                                                                                         encounter some more growing pains
 nine touchdowns and 17 interceptions,       Garcia’s playing style along with his
                                                                                         this season.
 which was worse than his rookie             experience make him a perfect fit in
 numbers of 12 touchdowns and 13             Tampa Bay. With experienced receivers
 interceptions. Still, Young improved his    in Joey Galloway, Ike Hilliard and
                                                                                         25. Tarvaris Jackson –
 completion percentage almost 12 points      Michael Clayton, Garcia will likely
 from his rookie season and is starting to   enjoy another solid season regardless of    Minnesota Vikings (Bye: 8)
 rely less on the run. The Titans didn’t     what the team does at the running back
 get any new receivers to play on the        spot. Just don’t expect a lot of            After throwing five interceptions in the
 outside, but did sign tight end Alge        touchdown passes from Garcia.               first two games of the season, Jackson
                                                                                         turned his season around and finished
 Crumpler from the Atlanta Falcons.          _____________________________
 Crumpler works well with mobile                                                         with eight touchdowns and eight
                                                                                         interceptions in his final 10 games. He
 quarterbacks and could really open up       23. Aaron Rodgers –
 the offense for the Titans. This should                                                 completed 58.2 percent of his passes
                                             Green Bay Packers (Bye: 8)                  and out of his last seven games had a
 be enough to help Young continue his
 growth, but he still should be targeted                                                 65.2 completion percentage, so the
                                             After three years of holding a clipboard
 as a backup quarterback in all leagues.                                                 skills are there. Still, Jackson needs to
                                             and charting plays, Rodgers finally gets
                                                                                         prove he can do it consistently while
 _____________________________               his shot to start for the Packers because
                                                                                         limiting his turnovers before he
                                             of the trade of Brett Favre. Reports out
                                                                                         becomes a fantasy-relevant
                                             of Green Bay suggest that Rodgers has
 21. Jason Campbell –                        been looking good so far, as he has
 Washington Redskins (Bye: 10)               impressed the team with his knowledge
                                             of the offense as well as his accuracy.
                                                                                         26. JaMarcus Russell –
 Campbell took a few nice steps in his       Rodgers may end up the season in the
 first season as a starter, including        top 10 quarterbacks if he plays like he     Oakland Raiders (Bye: 5)
 improving his completion percentage         did against the Cowboys in a week 13
 and his quarterback rating despite          loss where he came off the bench for        The top pick in the ’07 draft spent most
 throwing more interceptions. He totaled     the injured Favre and went 18-for-26        of his rookie season watching games
 2,700 yards, 12 touchdowns and 11           with 201 yards, one touchdown and no        from the bench. He did get some
 interceptions. Now he will have to          interceptions.                              playing time at the end, passing for 373
                                                                                         yards, two touchdowns and four
 continue his growth under new coach         _____________________________
 Jim Zorn, who brings the West Coast                                                     interceptions while seeing time in four
 offense to Washington. Receivers                                                        games. Russell has an absolute cannon
                                             24. Trent Edwards –                         that fits the Raiders system well, but he
 Santana Moss and Antwaan Randle El
 along with tight end Chris Cooley and       Buffalo Bills (Bye: 6)                      is likely a year away from a breakout
 running backs Clinton Portis and Ladell                                                 season. Expect some growing pains
 Betts already form a potent offense.        After going back and forth between          from Russell this season.
 Add in rookie receivers Malcolm Kelly       Edwards and incumbent J.P. Losman,          _____________________________
 and Devin Thomas and tight end Fred         the Bills have finally decided to stick
 Davis and Campbell is drowning in           with Edwards. As a rookie, Edwards
 offense weapons. If he continues to         passed for 1,630 yards, seven
 progress despite the coaching change,       touchdowns and eight interceptions in
 he could be on the verge of a breakout      10 games, nine of which were starts. In
 season.                                     his first five games, Edwards had five
                                             interceptions with just one touchdown
2008 BRUNO BOYS QUARTERBACK RANKINGS                                                                          BY: CORY STEGER

                                                                                          relevant, immediately becoming a
 27. Alex Smith –                            29.
                                             29 Brodie Croyle –
                                                                                          fantasy starter.
 San Francisco 49ers (Bye: 9)                Kansas City Chiefs (Bye: 6)                  _____________________________
 Smith is quickly running out of chances     Croyle played in nine games last year
                                                                                          32.Kyle Boller –
 in San Francisco though it’s not entirely   and started six for the Chiefs, passing
 his fault. The entire team                  for 1,227 yards, six touchdowns and six      Baltimore Ravens (Bye: 10)
 underperformed last year, but Smith         interceptions. Now Croyle enters the
 was especially bad as he threw for 914      season with an edge in the battle for the    Being the most experienced out of the
 yards, two touchdowns and four              starting position and will be boosted by     Baltimore quarterbacks, Boller will
 interceptions in seven games. If Smith      Dwayne Bowe at receiver, Tony                likely start the season at that position
 can regain the form he showed two           Gonzalez at tight end and Larry              for the Ravens. Boller has a big arm
 years ago then he would make for a          Johnson at runnin back. While Croyle
                                                         running                          and in limited playing time last season,
 good backup even in regular-sized           could have some success this season,         he did well, passing for 1,743 yard,
 leagues. The addition of offensive guru     the team has a lot of new players on         nine touchdowns and 10 int   interceptions
 Mike Martz should help with his             both sides of the ball. A rebuilding         in eight starts. Still, Boller’s value this
 progression. Keep Smith on your watch       season likely signals what will be a         season is limited as Flacco is expected
 list as he could be a 2nd half sleeper.     long season for the Chiefs and Croyle.       to become the starter at some point.
 ALERT – J.T. O’Sullivan is currently        _____________________________                _____________________________
 leading the Niners quarterback battle,
 but even if he starts week 1, we don’t      30.
                                             30 Rex Grossman –                            33. J.T. O’ Sullivan –
 expect the Niners to keep Smith on the      Chicago Bears (Bye: 8)                       San Francisco 49ers (Bye: 9)
 sidelines all year long.
                                             Having signed a oneone-year contract in      Many envisioned the quarterback battle
                                             February, Grossman is in a makemake-or-       y
                                                                                          by the Bay to be a two man race
                                             break situation in Chicago. The Bears        between, Alex Smith and Shaun Hill,
                                             front office likes him but in reality        but O’ Sullivan has emerged as a dark
                                             Grossman is on life supports with the        horse, currently occupying the top slot
                                             team. Grossman has a big arm, but is         on the depth chart. O’Sullivan has
                                             turnove and injury prone. After Marty        benefitted greatly from his familiarity
                                             Booker, his receiving options are            with Martz’s offense and could ride that
                                             limited, while first
                                                             first-string running back,   to a week 1 starting gig; however,
                                             Cedric Benson, was released after two        sooner or later, O’ Sullivan will make
                                             alleged incidents involving alcohol. So,     mistakes and the 49ers will feel the
 _____________________________               while it’s possible that Grossman could      pressure to bring Smith onto the field.
                                             recapture his form from the beginning        _____________________________
 28. Chad Pennington –                       of the 2006 season, the Grossman
 Miami Dolphins (Bye: 4)                     you’ve seen since then is the one more         .
                                                                                          34. Matt Ryan –
                                             likely to emerge.                            Atlanta Falcons (Bye: 7)
 With Brett Favre’s arrival to New York,     _____________________________
 Pennington was sent packing, though it                                                   The Atlanta organization made a bold
 didn’t take long for him to latch on with   31 Kurt Warner –
                                             31.                                          statement with the drafting of Ryan,
 a new team, former division foe, Miami                                                   signaling the end of the Michael Vick
                                             Arizona Cardinals (Bye: 7)
 Dolphins. Pennington, though, finds                                                      era. Ryan possesses all you like to see
 himself again in a position battle. This    Filling in for an injured Leinart last       in a potential franchise quarterback,
 time with rookie, Chad Henne. While         year, Warner played like he wanted the       including leadership and a strong and
 Pennington is expected to win the job,      starting job back as he passed for 3,417     accurate arm. As most rookie
 don’t be surprised if at some point in      yards, 27 touchdowns and 17                  quarterbacks struggle in their first year,
 the season with the Dolphins again          interceptions in 14 games. Warner            Ryan’s value is limited, though he
 toiling towards the bottom of the           enters the season as the backup, but if      could start producing by the end of
 standings that they don’t throw Henne       Leinart plays poorly or gets hurt, then      2008. ALERT – Ryan has impressed
 in there to get valuable experience.        Warner once again becomes fantasy
                                             Wa                                           thus far in training camp and should
                                                                                          earn a good deal of playing time in ’08.
2008 BRUNO BOYS QUARTERBACK RANKINGS                                                                           BY: CORY STEGER

 35. Chris Redman –                            37. Kyle Orton –                            39. Byron Leftwich –
 Atlanta Falcons (Bye: 7)                      Chicago Bears (Bye: 8)                      Pittsburgh Steelers (Bye: 6)

 After spending the previous four              Lurking behind Grossman is Orton,           Leftwich couldn’t make the most of an
 seasons out of the league working as an       who is just waiting for his opportunity     opportunity with the Atlanta Falcons in
 insurance agent, Redman put the pads          to start. Even if that opportunity comes,   2007, forcing him to compete for a
 back on last season for the Falcons, and      you might not want to jump on the           back-up job in 2008. It appears that
 in the team’s last five games, he threw       Orton bandwagon right away as he            Leftwich will win that competition and
 1,070 yards, 10 touchdowns and just           doesn’t complete many passes and            secure the second spot on the Steelers
 five interceptions. Given his success at      throws a lot of interceptions. Orton        depth chart. While his chances of
 the end of last year, Redman will             should only be on your radar in deep        playing are slimmer than last season
 probably start at the beginning of this       leagues.                                    with the Falcons, if Leftwich finds the
 season, keeping the position warm until       _____________________________               field, it will be with a much better
 rookie Matt Ryan is ready.                                                                supporting cast.
 _____________________________                 38. Sage Rosenfels –                        _____________________________
                                               Houston Texans (Bye: 8)
 36. Chad Henne–                                                                           40. J.P. Losman –
 Miami Dolphins (Bye: 4)                       There’s no doubt that Schaub is the guy     Buffalo Bills (Bye: 6)
                                               in Houston, but given his trouble with
 At 6’2”, 226 pounds, Henne’s a big            concussions, Rosenfels takes the last       Just Pathetic Losman lived up to the
 body with a big arm. The Michigan             spot in the rankings. When he filled in     nickname last season, playing in 8
 grad was a draft day favorite of Bill         for Schaub last year, Rosenfels played      games and throwing for just 4 TDs to 6
 Parcells and appears to be the future         well as he passed for 1,684 yards, 15       INTs. Still, Losman has talent, granted
 arm of the Dolphins’ franchise for years      touchdowns and 12 interceptions in          he hardly taps into it, and with an injury
 to come. While Henne will one day be          nine games. He, also, completed 64.2        or misstep from Trent Edwards could
 this team’s starter, right now, he’s not      percent of his passes, so if Schaub can’t   find himself with one more chance to
 even the number one quarterback               play, then Rosenfels is a good backup       prove himself.
 named Chad. With the addition of Chad         option.
 Pennington, Henne will start the season
 holding the clip board.

                                            2008 QUARTERBACK TIER RANKINGS

        TIER ONE              AVERAGE                                                          TIER EIGHT           AVERAGE
      Tom Brady (NE)             1                  TIER FIVE            AVERAGE           JaMarcus Russell (Oak)     26.33
    Peyton Manning (Ind)        2.17              Matt Leinart (Ari)       15.17              Alex Smith (SF)         26.67
                                                                                           Chad Pennington (Mia)       27
                                                   Jon Kitna (Det)          16
        TIER TWO              AVERAGE                                                        Brodie Croyle (KC)       27.67
                                                  Philip Rivers (SD)        16
      Tony Romo (Dal)             3                                                          Rex Grossman (Chi)        29
                                                 Matt Schaub (Hou)         16.17
      Drew Brees (NO)             4
                                                Jake Delhomme (Car)        17.33                TIER NINE           AVERAGE
     Carson Palmer (Cin)         5.8
                                                                                             Kurt Warner (Ari)         32.5
                                                      TIER SIX           AVERAGE
       TIER THREE             AVERAGE                                                         Kyle Boller (Bal)       35.66
                                                  Vince Young (Ten)        17.83
   Ben Roethlisberger (Pit)      6                                                          J.T. O’Sullivan (SF)        36
                                                 Jason Cambell (Was)       18.17              Matt Ryan (Atl)           36
   Donovan McNabb (Phi)          8
    Derek Anderson (Cle)        8.67                                                        Chris Redman (Atl)        36.33
                                                    TIER SEVEN           AVERAGE
    Matt Hasselbeck (Sea)       8.67                                                         Chad Henne (Mia)         36.33
                                                   Jeff Garcia (TB)        21.67
     Marc Bulger (Stl)          9.67             Aaron Rodgers (GB)        22.33               TIER TEN             AVERAGE
                                                 Trent Edwards (Buf)       23.83             Kyle Orton (Chi)           37
         TIER FOUR            AVERAGE
                                                Tarvaris Jackson (Min)     24.33           Sage Rosenfels (Hou)         37
     David Garrard (Jax)        10.67
      Brett Favre (NYJ)           11                                                       Byron Leftwich (Pit)        37.5
     Eli Manning (NYG)          12.67                                                       J.P. Losman (Buf)         38.33
      Jay Cutler (Den)           13.3        RANKINGS UPDATED – AUGUST 14TH
2008 BRUNO BOYS RUNNING BACK RANKINGS                                                                                  BY: CHRIS ZIZA

Longevity over flashy and new, that’s basically the story behind the top two backs on the Bruno Boys’ board
heading into 2008. While Adrian Peterson, aka AD, had one of the best fantasy debuts for a rookie in some time up
in Minnesota, it wasn’t enough to supplant LaDainian Tomlinson, aka LT, on top of the Bruno Boys Running Back
Rankings. Not that we don’t believe in AD, it’s just that LT has done it year in and year out for the past seven
seasons. On a separate note, if any other running backs wish to see their value rise before draft day, we suggest
adopting a two letter nickname. After all, it has apparently worked for these two.

A couple of other quick notes before diving into the Bruno Boys Running Back Rankings. Multi
backs, those that can both run with the football and catch it, should always get the nod when deciding between
two backs likely to put up similar numbers. Committees aren’t always a thing to be feared. At times, they can keep
your back fresh, allowing him to be more productive with the opportunities he gets. Finally, don’t let a down year
from a previous fantasy beast, ala Steven Jackson and Larry Johnson, scare you away, bounce back years should be
in the mix for many backs coming off of a disappointing 2007. To find out just which ones, along with which ones
might take a step back in 2008, simply read on to the Bruno Boys Fantasy Football 2008 Running Back Rankings

 1. LaDanian Tomlinson –San Diego Chargers (Bye: 9)

 What is there to say about this guy other than he is a STUD.
 Once again the Bruno Boys have selected him as the top running
 back to go after this year, just ahead of sophomore Adrian
 Peterson. Tomlinson had a down year to his standards in 2007
 as he rushed for only 1,474 yards and 15 TD’s. That is right,
 that is a down year for him. Having played with a bum knee, he
 still averaged 4.7 yards per carry, added 475 receiving yards,
 hauled in 3 receiving TD’s and even threw for one as well. If
 LT’s on the field, he’ll get his numbers, and since he has also
 only missed one game in his seven year career, it’s a safe bet
 he’ll be on the field.

 After having a career year in 2006 where he combined for 33
 TD’s and set the all-time rushing TD record for a single season,
 his 2007 season could be viewed as a disappointment. But that       part is that Peterson put up those type of stats playing in just 14
 is only because expectations were exceedingly high. He still put    games, only 9 of which he started. He also had to split carries
 in a fine performance and there is no reason to believe that        with Chester Taylor. The downside from Peterson’s rookie
 Tomlinson will not have another remarkable year this year. In           paign
                                                                     campaign was that he couldn’t shake the reputation for being
 fact, the Chargers are so confident in LaDanian bouncing back       injury prone, which he has had since his college days at
                    priced                            back-up,
 that they let high-priced free agent and LT’s former back           Oklahoma.
 Michael Turner, leave for Atlanta without much of a pursuit. If
 you end up with Tomlinson on your team, feel grateful, as he is
                                    ur                               Entering his sophomore year, a year in which many great young
 one of the few fantasy players out there that you can truly count   running backs struggle, he is committed to adding to his
 on for a remarkable week almost every single week.                  firepower on the field as he is working out like a bandit in the
 ______________________________________________                      gym as well as on his receiving game. Having openly admitted
                                                                     that he wants to catch more passes this season, he very well
 2. Adrian Peterson – Minnesota Vikings (Bye: 8)                     could avoid the sophomore jinx. He has a very nice OL in front
                                                                     of him, and the way the Vikings offense is made up, the running
 Rated the clear cut second highest RB by the Bruno Boys,
             lear                                                    game will be their biggest weapon. All reasons to believe that he
 having received two first place votes from our writers, Peterson    could improve on his already impressive stats. It looks as if his
 is entering the 2008 season having come off a very impressive       biggest hurdle this season very well may be just staying healthy.
 rookie campaign, having rushed for 1,341 yards and 12 TD’s as       If he can do so, the Bruno Boys fully expect another excellent
 well as putting up 268 receiving yards and 1 TD. The craziest
                       8                                             season from this young stud.
2008 BRUNO BOYS RUNNING BACK RANKINGS                                                                                   BY: CHRIS ZIZA

                                                                        another 364 yards through the air and totaled 15 TD’s. Addai
 3. Brian Westbrook – Philadelphia Eagles (Bye: 7)
                                                                        started out very strong last year, only to lose some steam during
 Having a reputation as a RB that is often injured, Westbrook           the second half of the season. That could be contributed to a few
 added to his great 2006 season by following it up with an even         different things. First of all, Indianapolis’ OL was banged up a
 better 2007 season. He combined for 2,104 yards and 12 TD’s            bit. Also, Addai was questionable many weeks with an
 through the ground and air. Being the main focus of opposing           assortment of injuries, and he plays on a team that is more
 defenses game in and game out, he was still able to thrive in an       focused on passing the ball rather than running it. Not to
 Eagles offense that was watered down some last year. He is said        mention, do I have to say it? Sophomore season. He just very
 to be very excited about the potential that the Eagles offense can     well may have hit a wall. Plus, the measley 38 total carries in his
 put forward this year, which is always great to hear from a            last 4 games, trying to keep him fresh for the playoffs, didn’t
 veteran player, as it indicates that he is excited to get the season   help add to his overall stats.
                                                                        That very well could change some this year as WR Marvin
 His receiving skills rival that of his running skills, making          Harrison is getting older and Peyton most assuredly will find
 Westbrook a very dangerous player on the field and one that            other ways to burn the time clock. Addai is dangerous both out
 opposing defenses hate to face. In fact, his receiving totals the      of the backfield as well as running passing routes, making him
 last four years are 703, 616, 699 and 771. There is no one way         the perfect weapon for this always intimidating offense. A lot of
 to defend a guy like him, and with having back to back seasons         people don’t realize this, but during his rookie year in which he
 in which he has played 15 games, the injury bug shouldn’t be a         ran for 1,081 yards, he never started one game, yet he still had 8
 major factor this year. If he can ever get to the 1500 yard            total TD’s. So the potential is there for him to have a very
 rushing plateau, his stats would rival that of the top 3. As long      remarkable 2008 season. If you are sitting there in the middle of
 as he can stay healthy this year, he looks primed for a career         the first round and Addai is still sitting on the board, find
 season.                                                                yourself very thankful and don’t hesitate when grabbing him to
 ______________________________________________                         be your RB1.
 4. Steven Jackson – St. Louis Rams (Bye: 5)
                                                                        6. Frank Gore – San Francisco 49ers (Bye: 9)
 Known as the grimace heard around the world (ok, I made that
                                                                        Frank Gore, coming off a monster season in 2006 in where we
 up), Jackson missed four games last year due to a groin tear.
                                                                        saw him go for a total of 2,180 yards and 9 TD’s, fell short of
 Yes it sounds very painful, and I am sure it hurts even more to
                                                                        his 2007 fantasy production expectations. He still totaled 1,538
 play with it, but that is what Jackson did last season. He
                                                                        yards and 6 TD’s, which is a solid season for RB’s, but no
 remarkably still ended up combining for 1,273 yards and 6
                                                                        where near his top of the draft projections that everyone,
 TD’s. Entering the 2007 season as a prime candidate to rival
                                                                        including him thought he would produce. Granted he was
 Tomlinson for the #1 overall fantasy RB, he disappointed many
                                                                        banged up some, and it was only his second season in which he
 fantasy owners that either had drafted him or traded for him
                                                                        was the featured back for the 49ers, so it would not surprise us
 before the season started.
                                                                        any if he were to bounce back some in 2008.
 Now that he is over his groin tear, he has a very good
                                                                        By the end of the 2008 season it is very possible that Gore will
 opportunity to once again challenge for the title of the best
                                                                        once again be mentioned in the same breath as the top 5 backs.
 fantasy RB. In 2006, his breakout year, he rushed for 1,528
                                                                        He has one thing going for him this season that he did not last
 yards, had 806 receiving yards and totaled 16 TD’s. Add into
                                                                        season, and that is an offensive coordinator in Mike Martz, who
 the equation that this year is his contract year and it would be
                                                                        molded Marshall Faulk into the player that he was during his
 foolish not to consider him as one of the top RB’s to target on
                                                                        career with the St. Louis Rams. In fact, the 49ers even had Faulk
 draft boards this season. With a healthy Marc Bulger and
                                                                        in the mini-camps just to talk football with Gore and run
 Orlando Pace, Jackson is primed for another outstanding season
                                                                        through certain things; mainly focusing on learning the offense.
 and should continue where he left off in 2006.
                                                                        He did have a TD dry-spell at the end of last year, but
                                                                        considering that he has stayed pretty healthy the past two
                                                                        seasons, having missed only one game, it is a very reasonable
                                                                        expectation to see Gore back in the top 10 in RB production,
 5. Joseph Addai - Indianapolis Colts (Bye: 4)                          and very possibly even higher.
 Entering his third season, this great young running back had a
 very solid sophomore outing. He rushed for 1,072 yards, gained
2008 BRUNO BOYS RUNNING BACK RANKINGS                                                                                   BY: CHRIS ZIZA

 7. Clinton Portis – Washington Redskins (Bye: 10)                      9. Marion Barber III – Dallas Cowboys (Bye: 10)

 Early in his career, there was hardly a RB who garnered a more         Bye-bye Julius Jones, hello $45 Million other reasons that
 positive outlook on his fantasy potential than this kid. Stemming      Barber should be ecstatic for this up and coming season. Barber
 from a possible short list of reasons on why he has not lived up       just signed a seven year contract, and with the loss of his
 to those expectations could be seen as being overworked,               counterpart in Jones who fled for Seattle, he is pretty much
 buying way too much into his own hype, or it could of just been        assured a bigger role in the Cowboys’ lethal offense. Dallas did
 the plain old fact that the Denver system always produces.             draft impressive back Felix Jones to help compliment Barber,
 Having been in Washington for a little while now, he averaged          but make no mistake, Jerry Jones did not fork out that type of
 only 3.9 yards per rushing attempt this past season.                   money just to watch Barber sit on the sidelines.

 One positive to look at is that he played in all 16 games last         One thing Barber has shown during the past few seasons is that
 season after having played in only 8 the season before. Portis         even splitting time, he can definitely rack up the TD totals. He
 has made an attempt to become a bigger part of this Redskins           rushed for 14 TD’s in 2006, and combined for 14 in 2007. His
 team by participating in the off-season workouts. He did total         overall total yardage on the field was only 1,257 yards, but you
 1,651 yards on the field and 11 TD’s showing that his skill is         must remember that he was splitting a lot of time with J. Jones
 still there when he is on the field. He teams up with Ladell           as he had only 204 carries. Entering his 4th year, first as the
 Betts, which very well could lead to a back to back 16 games           featured Dallas back, Barber should take an even bigger leap
 played season. If he can remain healthy throughout the 2008            into fantasy RB stardom if he is able to add some good yardage
 season, there is no scenario in which the Bruno Boys feel that he      to his already impressive TD totals. He’ll be even scarier for
 will not remain a top 10 RB.                                           your fantasy opponents if he can also add to his TD totals.
 ______________________________________________                         ______________________________________________

 8. Marshawn Lynch – Buffalo Bills (Bye: 6)                             10. Larry Johnson – Kansas City Chiefs (Bye: 6)

 What a wonderful rookie season Lynch had for Buffalo as he             Like Steven Jackson, Johnson’s 2007 season could not have
 had a total yardage on the field of 1,299, as well as being able to    gone any different than what people were hoping for. Starting
 touch pay dirt 7 times. No one argues that this kid has the            the season on the wrong foot by missing the preseason because
 physical attributes, mindset and skills on the field to become and     of a contract holdout, things got worse when his OL took a hit
 remain one of the better RB’s year in and year out in the league.      with the retirement of Willie Roaf. Coming off a true workhorse
 Unfortunately though, he is starting to develop a little reputation    2006 season in which he rushed 416 times, his workload was cut
 for having some off the field problems as well.                        by nearly a third in the 8 games that he played in 2007. He is a
                                                                        great goal-line runner, as he totaled 37 TD’s between his 2005-
 One of those that he can’t avoid is his reasoning behind getting       06 seasons, as well as having rushed for no less than 1,750 yards
 Lasik eye surgery. Athletes, especially now-a-days with the            those seasons. Those were years that he split carries with Priest
 pace of the NFL game want to be able to see as well and as             Holmes, and it is looking like he will be thrown into a similar
 clearly as possible so they can react even a half a second earlier     role once again.
 than they normally would have. This little procedure, as long as
 it does not affect his vision in a negative way to start the season,   Head coach, Herm Edwards, plans on using a RBBC this
 could actually help him produce a bit better. The thing that           season, hoping to keep LJ fresh and strong throughout the
 really has people wondering though about his character is his          season. The Chiefs will be relying on a run-heavy offense, and
 hit-and-run violation. We, at the Bruno Boys like to concentrate       having to run into defenders 400+ times in a year puts a true toll
 on truths, and what we do know is this kid has great skill, and        on one’s body. Being utilized in situations that adapt to his
 his guilty plea to the hit-and-run shouldn’t affect his playing        strengths most likely will result in similar TD totals prior to
 time in 2008. Expect similar numbers to last season and be             2007, as well as a more eager, determined LJ to do as much on
 thankful if he is able to produce at an even higher level as           the field as possible every chance he gets. If all goes well, the
 sophomore seasons are not very kind on RB’s. If you are one            Bruno Boys would be shocked if he does not resemble his old
 that likes to build your team without question mark players, he        self in a lot of ways, making a push to be ranked in the top 5 for
 is a player you may want to consider avoiding. But, if you are         RB’s at seasons end. ALERT – Facing 8-man fronts, LJ will be
 willing to take a gamble, he could pay off very handsomely             in need of a strong offensive line. That’s something he won’t
 compared to where he will be drafted. He definitely has all the        have playing in Kansas City.
 attributes to be able to pull off top 10 RB production this season.    ______________________________________________
2008 BRUNO BOYS RUNNING BACK RANKINGS                                                                                    BY: CHRIS ZIZA

 11. Maurice Jones-Drew -Jacksonville Jaguars
                         Jacksonville                                  another remarkable level this season, as long as he doesn’t burn
                                                                       too many bridges. However, a slow start coupled with a poor
                                                                       attitude could make the Packers willing to start giving more
 Oh what life would be like for Jones-Drew owners if Taylor
                                           Drew                        carries to fellow Packer teammates. A solid potential back, with
 would finally quit being healthy. Fragile Freddy never seemed         a slight possibility for major disappointment, he is definitely one
 to be able to stay on the field, that is, until Jones-Drew came
                                                       Drew            that you really want to follow during training camp and react
 along. Maurice, coming off an outstanding rookie campaign,            accordingly to what news comes out of Green Bay.
 especially for a part time player, slipped some in 2007 but was
 still able to put up solid numbers in his sophomore season,
 which should always be expected, especially when kept in a
 similar role.

 This year very well could be his year for a true-breakout season.
 Taylor is one year closer to his mid-30’s…any year now… so
 his health could start becoming a factor once again. Also, the
 speed and elusiveness of Jones-Drew very well could start
 tempting the coaches to plug in some more specialized plays for
 him. Last years numbers of 1,175 total yards and 9 TD’s is
 nothing to sneeze at. Those numbers alone warrant a draft pick
 standing close to what the Bruno Boys rate him. Very real
 possibilities that could play into more playing time can only
 skyrocket the potential of Jones-Drew as any season now he will
 get the opportunity to shine in the featured back role. And we, at    ______________________________________________
 the Bruno Boys feel this very well could be the year.
 ______________________________________________                        13. Brandon Jacobs – New York Giants (Bye: 4)

                                                                       If Jacobs could ever learn to hold onto the ball and remain
 12. Ryan Grant – Green Bay Packers (Bye: 8)                                          ould
                                                                       healthy, he would have the potential to be a fantasy stud.
                                                                       Unfortunately for his sake, he has not done either as of yet. He
 Grant came out of the middle of nowhere to produce a season
                                                                       has the size and power to where he could develop into a Marion
 that any fantasy RB would be proud of. In a very special
                                                                       Barber type, a great goal-line back that can also pick up good
 Packers season in which not much was expected but still gained,
                                                                       yardage between the 20’s. Last year he played in 11 games,
 Grant was no exception. He helped Green Bay to a spectacular
                                                                       starting 9 of them, and totaled 1,183 yards and 6 TD’s. Those
 season by playing in 15 games, starting 7 of those, while
                                                                       are stats that you definitely can’t belittle, but there are things
 averaging over 5 yards per carry. He totaled 1,101 yards and
                                                                       that should be of some concern.
 rushed for 8 TD’s which is excellent production for the amount
 of playing time that he received, but flashbacks of Javon Walker
                                                                       Of those concerns, two really pop out at us. His healt is an
 are starting to surface.
                                                                       issue. He had to have off season surgery to correct a wrist
 Now, we are not saying that Grant is JW2, which just is not the
    w,                                                                 problem in which everyone associated with the team has been
 case. But after having a very promising breakthrough year after       pretty hush hush about. And something even more concerning is
 having come from no-where to their starter, as well as having a
                        where                                          that when he was out with injury, the Giant’s backup RB’s filled
 solid group of RB’s already on the Packers squad, Grant is             n
                                                                       in very admirably. The good news though is that Jacobs himself
 holding a small form of a holdout; thus the Walker comparisons.       has said that there is no reason in which he won’t be ready for
 He has shown up to team meetings and practices, but has               training camp come July. But if you were a player concerned
 refused to suit up and get onto the field in fear of injury. Seeing   about his playing time, wouldn’t you say the same? That being
 what Grant had done for the Packers, it wouldn’t surprise me if               s
                                                                       said, his production was still there even in a very disappointing
 they gave Grant a small raise, but it really would shock us if
             rant                                                      season, so the Bruno Boys have confidence in selecting him as
 they gave him a completely new, stacked contract. Brett Favre         your RB2, with the possible potential of playing up to RB1
 must be rolling in his grave. Ok, don’t worry folks, Favre has        status. Just don’t expect it. Rather, if it happens, let it be a very
 not passed away, he is just retired. But, he was the main             warming surprise.
 advocate in saying that people must live up to their contracts
                       at                                              ______________________________________________
 and pretty much shunned Walker who has never been the same
 since. Grant has the talent and the line to be able to produce at
2008 BRUNO BOYS RUNNING BACK RANKINGS                                                                                   BY: CHRIS ZIZA

                                                                        And he always has the potential to do much more than that. But
 14. Willis McGahee – Baltimore Ravens (Bye: 10)
                                                                        if he doesn’t get used on the field the way solid fantasy RB’s
  Love him or hate him, McGahee is the poster boy of being              need to be used, he may never climb out of the middle RB2
 solid, but not overly impressive year after year. Being blessed        status that he holds right now.
 with the skills to be a top-featured back, he seems to just do         ______________________________________________
 enough to not allow us to forget about him. Having missed only
 3 games the past four years, injuries are not much of a concern,       16. Jamal Lewis – Cleveland Browns (Bye: 5)
 but there is the very real possibility that he could lose some of
 his carries to rookie Ray Rice this season. Overall though, that       As much as went right for Cleveland last year, perhaps the best
 shouldn’t put too much of a cramp on McGahee’s stats as this           news was the re-emergence of this former 2,066 yard rusher.
 may be the little bite in the butt that he has needed to actually      Having played in 15 games last season, making it three years in
 push him into a higher fantasy RB class.                               a row that he has played in 15 or more, not only is health not in
                                                                        question anymore, but he also had his first 4+ yards per carry
 Entering his second season with the Ravens, he did show some           average since the 2004 season. Still in his late 20’s, he totaled
 signs of some positives to build on from last year. First of all, he   11 TD’s last year and even more impressive, he had 9 20+ yard
 held a decent role in the passing game last year as he caught 43       runs last season. A number he hadn’t reached since his
 passes, a major improvement over his previous career high, and         outstanding 2003 season. Barring a setback due to injury, there
 accrued stats of 231 receiving yards and 1 TD. Rushing he was          is no reason to believe that Lewis will not keep plugging away
 able to go for 1,207 yards and 7 TD’s. As long as injuries             and remain a solid RB2 option.
 remain in his college past, McGahee could be primed for a              ______________________________________________
 career year. But, then again, everyone has said that for the past
 handful of seasons. Even at his worst, McGahee will still              17. Michael Turner – Atlanta Falcons (Bye: 7)
 produce enough to warrant low RB1, high RB2 consideration
 depending on the deepness of your league. Just don’t count on          A possible Atlanta scenario this year that you may see quite
 him to suddenly figure it all out and turn in a top 5 RB season.       frequently is run, run, pass, and punt. Turner excelled in San
 There is just way too much competition at this position to expect      Diego in a limited duty behind Sir Tomlinson, but Turner left
 and rely on that. ALERT – Conditioning questions on top of a           for much greener pastures with Atlanta. And no, I am not
 scope of the same knee McGahee blew out in college increase            talking about Atlanta being the better of teams; I am talking
 the risk of drafting McGahee.                                          about good old cash. The Bruno Boys believe that there is
 ______________________________________________                         plenty of upside in this solid RB, but we want to remind you of
                                                                        a few things. First of all, on one hand he has only carried the
 15. Reggie Bush – New Orleans Saints (Bye: 9)                          ball 228 times in his career. Secondly, he only has 6 career
                                                                        TD’s. But, on the other hand, he has a career average of 5.5
 Oh, how the great have fallen. This third year back was drafted        yards per carry. It is hard to base the potential of a runner on
 extremely high in fantasy leagues in his rookie season just two        such little play, especially when a runner enters a brand new
 short years ago. Having come out of college all hyped up, he has       organization, and the fact that the QB situation in Atlanta is not
 shown only glimpses of what he was supposed to be so far in his        great which will most likely lead to many dump passes in which
 career with New Orleans. Last year word had spread that Bush           Turner has only 11 career catches. But at least he has been able
 just may not have the size to be a full-time back. He proved that      to learn from playing behind the best in the game. Based on
 by ever so politely breaking down as the season wore on.               potential the Bruno Boys see him as a mid-to-lower end RB2,
                                                                        but don’t be surprised one way or another if he either excels at
 It is becoming more common place for RB’s to include a solid           his new role, or if he flops horribly.
 passing game to compliment their running game, but here at the         ______________________________________________
 Bruno Boys, we are weary that his passing game needs to start
 having a complimentary running game. In his first two seasons          18. Laurence Maroney– New England Patriots
 he neither had 160 rushing attempts, nor has he had 600 yards
 rushing. And even worse, he has yet to have better than a 3.7
 yards per carry average. He in fact is a more prominent receiver       Maroney, another of the young backs in the NFL who was
 on the Saints, having 88 and 73 catches in his first two seasons       supposed to take a step forward last year actually took a few
 respectively. The Saints are stacked at RB, and barring injury,        steps back. It wasn’t all his fault as his shoulder was just never
 Reggie Bush very well could be heading towards another season          right the whole season. Hitting the hole and nailing defenders
 of fantasy letdown. Thanks to his receiving game he should be          with a less-than solid shoulder probably hurts quite a bit,
 able to put up totals of at least 1,300 total yards and 6 TD’s.        wouldn’t you think? But other than missing weeks 4-6 to help
2008 BRUNO BOYS RUNNING BACK RANKINGS                                                                           BY: CHRIS ZIZA

 him heal more, he was a gamer. One          20. Earnest Graham – Tampa                  high RB3 at this point, unless your
 could say that he was rushed back too                                                   league heavily rewards yardage.
                                             Bay Buccaneers (Bye: 10)
 early, but it was a mixture between that                                                _____________________________
 and him not being mentally ready to         The good; Graham topped 1,200 total
 take the hits on his shoulder. As an        yards and had 10 TD’s even though he        22. Darren McFadden –
 athlete it takes time to gain confidence    only started in 10 games, playing in 15.    Oakland Raiders (Bye: 5)
 in previously injured body parts and it     The bad; Graham averaged only 4.0
 looked like at the end of the season and    yards per carry and his first legit lead    McFadden, entering his rookie season
 into the playoffs that his confidence       role did not come until he was in his       after a great college career at Arkansas
 finally had arrived. He was able to         late 20’s. The ugly, he has to split time   is as well known for his off the field
 maintain a mid-4 yards per carry            with two other solid backs, one right       problems as his great running skills.
 average and 6 TD’s, but his passing         away with Warrick Dunn and                  McFadden has the skills to be the
 catching ability took a horrible            eventually with Cadillac Williams. At       complete package, and he is joining a
 downward spiral. That can be explained      least in the beginning of the season        young offensive club which could rely
 by the emergence of Randy Moss and          Graham should produce in the vicinity       heavy on the running game. He should
 Wes Welker into that Patriots’ system.      of where he left off during the 2007        lose some carries to his fellow
 All-in-all, if you draft Maroney to be      season, but if anything happens to, or      teammate RB’s, primarily Justin
 your RB2, you should have no worries,       goes wrong for some reason this             Fargas, but as long as you are drafting
 as the Bruno Boys do not see him            season, don’t be surprised if Graham        McFadden as a late RB2, early RB3,
 falling any lower than this status          loses some carries to his teammates         that should be fine for your roster. He
 throughout the season. In fact, he could    which would lower his value some.           has the potential to climb to mid-RB2
 be one of the better bargains this season                                               value, and even more if he busts out
 at RB and could possibly reward you                                                     like Adrian Peterson, which the Bruno
 handsomely, as long as you don’t                                                        Boys fully do not expect. If you are in a
                                             21. Willie Parker –
 overdraft him.                                                                          dynasty league, drafting McFadden
 _____________________________               Pittsburgh Steelers (Bye: 6)
                                                                                         higher than this ranking is very
                                             Talk about a downward spiral, entering      justifiable, but if you are in a yearly
 19. Thomas Jones –                          his fourth season in the NFL, “Fast”        league, heed warning and temper your
                                                                                         enthusiasm on this young kid.
 New York Jets (Bye: 5)                      Willie was coming off of a season in
                                             which he had rushed for 1,494 yards         Eventually he very well could prove to
 In Jones’ first year as a Jet, he had a     and 13 TD’s while also racking up           be one of the best backs in the league,
 solid, but forgettable campaign.            another 222 yards through the air and 3     but as far as 2008 is concerned, he is
 Coming off of back to back solid years      more TD’s. He had jumped from RB2           worried about just performing as the
 with Chicago, he was moved to make          to a definite mid-pack RB1 status and       best back on his team.
 room for up-and-comer Cedric Benson         then the NFL caught up to him. No
 (Oops!), and found himself in New
                                             longer did Pittsburgh want him to be
 York where he celebrated the move by        the goal-line back. His TD’s dropped
 accumulating a massive TD total of 2. 1
                                                                                         23. Ronnie Brown –
                                             from 16 to a total of 2 last year. A
 was on the ground, the other through        HUGE disappointment for fantasy             Miami Dolphins (Bye: 4)
 the air. The lack of TD’s is puzzling as    owners, as that destroyed many teams
 in the previous three years his lowest                                                  What a season Brown was having until
                                             depending on his TD production from
 total was 6. He did rush 310 times and                                                  he got injured during a game against
                                             the season prior. And now, in this years
 put up 1,119 yards rushing on the field,                                                New England in late October as he had
                                             NFL draft, the Steelers drafted Rashard
 but those are not numbers that were                                                     989 total yards through 7 games, as
                                             Mendenhall, all but putting the nail in
 expected from his fantasy owners. The                                                   well as 5 TD’s and a 5.1 yards per carry
                                             Parker’s coffin to being a starting RB in
 Bruno Boys are very pleased with the                                                    average. All numbers were well ahead
                                             fantasy leagues. He will lose some
 makeover that the Jets have done to                                                     of where he normally produced in his
                                             carries to Mendenhall, and if his TD
 their OL though, which could only help                                                  first two seasons. Was it his
                                             situation does not improve some, he
 Jones get back to solid RB2 status.                                                     breakthrough year, or one that was a
                                             will become just another blip on the
 How quick he returns to that status                                                     career year in the making? That is a
                                             former fantasy stud list. Barring an
 though is fully dependent on when that                                                  tough call, and one that the Bruno Boys
                                             unexpected injury to Mendenhall,
 OL gels. ALERT – Favre’s presence                                                       feel is more of the latter than the
                                             Parker rates no higher than a low RB2,
 should give Jones running room.                                                         former. Brown definitely is a solid RB,
2008 BRUNO BOYS RUNNING BACK RANKINGS                                                                            BY: CHRIS ZIZA

 and should be drafted with RB2                                                           27. Rudi Johnson –
                                             25 Selvin Young –
 confidence, but there is reason to
                                             Denver Broncos (Bye: 8)                      Cincinnati Bengals (Bye: 8)
 believe that even when healthy enough
 to play he will be splitting carries with                                                Before last season’s hamstring
                                             During his rookie season with Denver,
 Ricky Williams. Eventually Brown’s                                                       problems arose, Johnson had strung
                                             Young did not disappoint, having
 talents and possibly Williams’ love for                                                  together four solid years in a row, the
                                             played in 15 games, starting 8 of those,
 the green sticky icky should warrant                                                     last three as the featured back. During
                                             an nearly accumulating 1,000 yards
 Brown more playing time, and thus                                                        those years he was averaging near
                                             total on the field through the ground
 increased value. We are looking for a                                                    1,500 total yards and 12 TD’s a season.
                                             and the air. He did only score one TD,
 2008 season in which if you draft                                                        Word out of Cincinnati is that
                                             so there is plenty to be worked on in
 Brown to contribute later in the year, he                                                Johnson’s injury plagued 2007 is a
                                             that category, but he was able to run for
 very well could be a bargain. Just don’t                                                 thing of the past and that the Bengals
                                             20+ yards 8 times on only 140 attempts
 expect him to contribute as a major                                                      are looking for a bounce back season
                                             which is a pretty good cli to perform
 player on your team until the coach is                                                   from Johnson. If that is the case, look
                                             at. Now that Travis Henry has gone the
 confident that Brown can take on the                                                     for Johnson to bounce back into RB2
                                             way of Ricky Williams by puffing
 bulk of the load in carries, which may                                                   status. Keep an eye out during training
                                             away at his career, Young stands a
 not happen at all in 2008. ALERT –                                                       camp, and if he is looking healthy and
                                             great chance at coming away with the
 Coming back from an ACL injury made                                                      is able to make the proper cuts, adjust
                                             starting gig. Sophomore years are
 selecting Brown scary enough. Ricky                                                      your rankings accordingly. This is a
                                             usually tough on RB’s, but in Young’s
 Williams’ resurgence this preseason                                                      guy that you very well could get at RB3
                                             defense, he is playing for an
 makes it even scarier.                                                                                         could get you the
                                                                                          prices, yet he easily c
                                             organization that is known to produce
 _____________________________                                                            payoff of a RB2. But of course, if he
                                             fantasy backs.
                                                                                          tweaks his hamstring again, don’t
 24. Edgerrin James –                                                                     expect a return to old.
 Arizona Cardinals (Bye: 7)                                                               _____________________________

 James, in his second season with the                                                       .
                                                                                          28. Fred Taylor –
 Arizona Cardinals, was able to play in
                                                                                          Jacksonville Jaguars (Bye: 7)
 all 16 games and rack up 1,222 yards
 on the ground with 7 TD’s, and also                                                                         Jones-Drew to be one
                                                                                          Anyone drafting Jones
 added 204 yards through the air. He is                                                                           should definitely
                                                                                          of their starting RB’s sho
 getting to the point in his career where                                                 consider handcuffing him with Taylor.
 300+ carries a season will start                                                         Fragile Freddy hasn’t looked very
 becoming a thing of the past along with     _____________________________
                                                                                          fragile as of late and he continues to put
 the numbers he’s generating in the                                                       up solid numbers, including last year
 receiving game, which have gone down        26.
                                             26 LenDale White –
                                                                                          when he rushed for 1,202 yards and 5
 in each of the last 3 years. The good       Tennessee Titans (Bye: 6)                    TD’s. No longer is Taylor wearing out
 thing about this year is that if the                                                     as Jones--Drew compliments him well
 Cardinals decide to keep him on the         This kid has solid talent, and at the        as a running partner, so health shouldn’t
 payroll, he really has no real              moment is the Titans starter, but word       become an issue. Taylor is starting to
 competition for the starting gig. James     out of Tennessee is that his knee rehab      see the end of his career coming up in a
 would make a solid, low-end RB2 in          is not going as well as hoped and his        short few seasons, so the motivation to
 deeper leagues or a nice RB3 in smaller     consistency remains in question. One         be at the top of his game is at its peak.
 leagues that consist of about 10 teams.     week you could get a really good                                         what
                                                                                          If he can produce close to wha he did
 Don’t expect an improvement on his          quality game out of White, the next he       last season, having Taylor as your RB3
 overall stats though as age and his         doesn’t even look like he belongs on         would be a solid choice.
 constant role as a workhorse is bound       the field. With the Titans drafting Chris
 to catch up to him, and probably sooner     Johnson this year, White’s leash may
 than later.                                 not be nearly as long as it was last year.
 _____________________________               Pay close attention to White during
                                             training camp, a if for any reason the
                                             injury just does not seem to be getting
                                             any better, adjust accordingly.
2008 BRUNO BOYS RUNNING BACK RANKINGS                                                                              BY: CHRIS ZIZA

                                              as DeAngelo Williams’ counterpart. I         struggled to gain the coaches
 29. Matt Forte –
                                              liken this to how Jacksonville uses          confidence last season, which could
 Chicago Bears (Bye: 8)                       Jones-Drew and Taylor. Since it is his       lead to a quicker route to the starting
                                              rookie season, there will be a learning      position. Smith has all the intangibles
 Forte, a rookie this season, who played
                                              curve that he must go through, but once      that a solid RB needs to be productive
 his college ball for Tulane, was pretty
                                              he is comfortable with the play book         in the NFL, but he must get used to the
 much given the reigns when the Bears
                                              and gets used to the speed of the NFL,       speed of the game first. With his
 released Cedric Benson this off-season.
                                              there is no reason that he shouldn’t be      enormous confidence in himself, the
 His only competition comes in the form
                                              able to have a solid year. Depending on      Bruno Boys would be shocked to see
 of Adrian Peterson, which is definitely
                                              the amount of touches he gets a game, a      him fail if given the opportunity to play
 good news for those that will own Forte
                                              solid year of rushing yardage and TD’s       on a regular basis.
 this year. Depending on how quickly he
                                              is not out of the question. Splitting time   _____________________________
 learns the speed of the NFL, he very
                                              with Williams will keep him from
 well could turn into a low-RB2, high-
                                              having a productive season similar to        34. Ahman Green –
 RB3 at some point this year. As they
                                              that of a mid-RB2, but this is the NFL       Houston Texans (Bye: 8)
 say, don’t count your eggs before they
                                              and injuries do happen, so handcuffing
 hatch, but in this situation, Forte is
                                              him to Williams, and vice versa would        This former star RB and aging veteran
 looking like a safe bet to hatch.
                                              be a very solid strategy and one that        seems to have hit a road block in his
 ALERT – Forte’s been with the first
                                              could pay off handsomely if an injury        career because of injuries. In the past
 team all training camp.
                                              does happen to occur for either runner.      three years he has a total of only 7 TD’s
 _____________________________                ALERT – Stewart’s surgically repaired        and a little more than a total of 1,500
                                              toe has been nagging him this off-           rushing yards. If you draft Green,
 30. DeAngelo Williams –                      season, preventing the rookie to             definitely consider drafting Chris
 Carolina Panthers (Bye: 9)                   showcase his talents.                        Brown so you can handcuff them
                                              _____________________________                together as it is only a matter of time
 Williams, one half to the dynamic duo
                                                                                           before Green goes down with injury.
 that the Panthers are hoping to have put     32. Rashard Mendenhall –                     _____________________________
 together, is in a very good situation.
 First of all, his coach is looking to push
                                              Pittsburgh Steelers (Bye: 6)
                                                                                           35. Justin Fargas – Oakland
 the running game a lot this year,
                                              Pittsburgh drafted Mendenhall out of         Raiders (Bye: 5)
 meaning that there should be a ton of
                                              Illinois to partner up with Willie Parker
 carries to go around. Secondly, with a
                                              to form a solid 1-2 punch to their           If you own McFadden, consider
 revamped line as well as a solid overall
                                              running game, in which the Steelers are      drafting Fargas as well. Fargas showed
 running game that is complimented by
                                              planning to emphasize even more this         plenty of upside last season for Oakland
 his strong receiving skills, it would not
                                              year. Mendenhall runs with a different       as he was able to rush for 1,009 yards
 surprise us if he took a nice step
                                              style compared to Parker, so it would        and 4 TD’s in limited play. There is no
 forward over last year’s stats in which
                                              be of no surprise to the Bruno Boys to       question that Fargas is the backup on
 he had totaled for almost 900 yards and
                                              see both of these players get their fair     the Raiders, but if injury were to
 5 TD’s. Again, if you draft Williams,
                                              share of touches. Handcuffing him to         happen to McFadden, Fargas’ value
 try to make it a priority to handcuff him
                                              Parker would make very good sense,           during that time would definitely take a
 with Jonathan Stewart as this is the
                                              and there is definite upside to his game.    quick boost. That being said, at this
 NFL, injuries do happen, and if one
                                              Drafting him as your late RB3 or early       stage of the game you are drafting RB’s
 were to happen to either of these two,
                                              RB4 should pay off well.                     to fill out a roster, and Fargas is just as
 the other could take a huge step forward
                                              _____________________________                good as any leftovers that remain on the
 in production at that time.
                                              33. Kevin Smith –                            _____________________________
 31. Jonathan Stewart –                       Detroit Lions (Bye: 4)
 Carolina Panthers (Bye: 9)                   Smith, drafted by the Lions in the third
                                              round out of the University of Central
 Stewart, coming off of toe-surgery, was
                                              Florida, is expected to compete with
 drafted by Carolina to help add to their
                                              veteran RB Tatum Bell for the starting
 running attack, and is expected to play
                                              gig this season. That is a bonus as Bell
2008 BRUNO BOYS RUNNING BACK RANKINGS                                                                             BY: CHRIS ZIZA

 36. Chester Taylor –                        39. Jerious Norwood –                         41. Ricky Williams –
 Minnesota Vikings (Bye: 8)                  Atlanta Falcons (Bye: 7)                      Miami Dolphins (Bye: 4)

 One of the games’ better backup RB’s,       Do not fret over the fact that Atlanta        After totaling 1723 yards in 2003 and
 Taylor sits behind star running back        brought in Michael Turner this year.          10 total TDs, Ricky Williams has
 Adrian Peterson. When on the field,         Norwood definitely has value and is a         turned into somewhat of a joke in the
 Taylor has shown the talent to both         solid sleeper as well. His value comes        world of football. Whether making
 move the chains as well as reach pay        in the form of being a solid handcuff         headlines for his marijuana use or
 dirt, as he has 13 TD’s combined over       option to Turner, as Turner has never         suiting up for the Canadian Football
 the last two years. If you are one of the   been a starter in the league and he may,      League, Williams’ name has been in the
 lucky ones to land Adrian Peterson on       and probably will wear down here and          news for the wrong reasons. But, that
 your team, it is pretty much a must that    there during the season. But even more        has changed this off-season. Williams
 you grab Taylor as well. In fact, it very   importantly, this kid’s average yardage       is once again impressing folks with his
 well may be the most important              per carry is sick. He has averaged 6.4        football skills, so much so that he will
 handcuff that you can do this season as     and 6.0 in his first two years, and that is   more than likely end up sharing carries
 Peterson has had a history of injury        not on just a few attempts. He has            with Ronnie Brown. Taking a flier on
 problems, meaning that at least for a       averaged about 100 in both seasons.           Williams in the later rounds is not a bad
 short time Taylor could become a very       Also, the Falcons are planning on using       idea at all.
 good play option.                           him in more receiving routes which            _____________________________
 _____________________________               only adds to his value. He has averaged
                                             8.5 and 9.9 yards per reception in his        42. Pierre Thomas –
 37. Julius Jones –                          first two years. If an injury occurs to       New Orleans Saints (Bye: 9)
 Seattle Seahawks (Bye: 4)                   Turner or he does make his way into a
                                             Reggie Bush type of receiver role out of
                                             the backfield, his value could                The undrafted free agent out of the
 After being kindly pushed out of
                                             skyrocket. Keep an eye on this kid and        University of Illinois went virtually
 Dallas, Jones headed to Seattle for a
                                             mark him as a definite sleeper going          unheard of throughout the season’s first
 chance at being the Seahawks’ featured
                                             into this year’s draft.                       sixteen weeks but came on strong in
 back; however, it appears that once
                                                                                           week 17. Thomas torched the Chicago
 again Jones will be partaking in a          _____________________________
                                                                                           Bears for 226 yards from scrimmage
 running back by committee situation,
                                                                                           and a touchdown, making a statement
 this time with Maurice Morris. Jones        40. Tatum Bell –
                                                                                           to the Saints coaching staff that he was
 should get more touches as he is the        Detroit Lions (Bye: 4)                        vying for carries in 2008. With the
 more talented back, but it might take
                                                                                           Saints planning on using Reggie Bush
 some time for that to matriculate as he     Tatum Bell has been mind boggling
                                                                                           as a receiver part of the time, it opens
 learns the offense.                         when it comes to fantasy football. First
                                                                                           up opportunities for Deuce McAllister,
 _____________________________               of all, he was so unimpressive last year
                                                                                           Aaron Stecker and Thomas to shine in
                                             with his work ethic that he was a
                                                                                           the Big Easy. McAllister is proven but
 38. Felix Jones –                           healthy scratch in 11 games. Despite
                                                                                           has suffered two ACL surgeries in his
 Dallas Cowboys (Bye: 10)                    that, with the Lions releasing often
                                                                                           career and Stecker is more of a backup
                                             injured Kevin Jones this off-season, it
                                                                                           option than a primary ball carrier,
 Jones, drafted by Dallas in this years      was looking as if he would get a shot at
                                                                                           leaving Thomas with every chance to
 draft out of Arkansas comes into the        the starting gig. Unfortunately, he
                                                                                           snag the role as Bush’s backup. If this
 league with the chance to play more         showed up to the off-season mini-
                                                                                           is the case, he could be a great sleeper.
 than most rookies that join a team with     camps out of shape, while Kevin Smith,
 a solid RB veteran. The Bruno Boys          his main competition, was showing
 believe without a doubt that his TD’s       solid skills. Given Bell’s potential, he
                                                                                           43. Chris Brown –
 will be practically non-existent, but he    will not be written out of the starting
 could put up some decent yardage here       gig yet, but watch training camp              Houston Texans (Bye: 8)
 and there. A very solid handcuff for        carefully. Even if he does win the job,
                                             it’s only in due time that Kevin Smith        Brown was solid, but unspectacular in
 Marion Barber owners, Jones should
                                             will take over as the featured back.          his five year stint with the Titans.
 pick up where Julius Jones left off.
                                                                                           Having averaged 4.3 yards in his
 _____________________________               _____________________________
                                                                                           career, as well as having reached 5
2008 BRUNO BOYS RUNNING BACK RANKINGS                                                                           BY: CHRIS ZIZA

 TD’s three times, shows he has                              Jones-Drew, Jerious
                                             Bush, Maurice Jones
 potential and could excel in the right                          Washington do in
                                             Norwood and Leon Washi
 system. That system very well could be      the NFL. And, since LenDale White is
 the Texans. If you drafted Ahman            his main competition, it is possible that
 Green to be your third RB, it would be      Johnson could become the featured
 very wise to back him up with Brown         back sometime this season. At the very
 as it is very possible that Green could     least, Johnson should impress
 struggle with injuries once again. But,     Tennessee’s brass enough as to where
 even if you don’t own Green, just for       he steals a good chunk of LenDale’s
 the previous reason stated alone Brown      touches.
 is worth taking as your RB4. Is it          _____________________________
 guaranteed that Brown will produce
 more than a RB4 should? No. Is it           46. Ahmad Bradshaw –
 guaranteed that Green will go down          New York Giants (Bye: 4)
 with injury? No, again. But if you are                                                  _____________________________
 looking for a sleeper this late in the      Bradshaw has overcome many
 draft, Brown could pay off handsomely       obstacles to get to where he is in the      48. Ray Rice –
 to the point of becoming a high RB3.        NFL today. And, now that he has             Baltimore Ravens (Bye: 10)
 _____________________________               become Brandon Jacobs’s primary
                                             backup he is celebrating it b going to
 44. Maurice Morris –                        jail. Ok, joking aside, he was decent in    Ray Rice, the former Rutger Knight,
                                                                                         stands just 5’9” and weighs a little over
 Seattle Seahawks (Bye: 4)                   the regular season, but his real
                                             contributions to the Giants came during     the 200 pound mark at 205, but he
 Morris is one of those RB’s whose true      the playoffs where he rushed for an         packs a big burst of speed in a small
 value lies in the NFL, not fantasy          average of 4.3 yards per carry. He could    package. While Rice’s main job in 2008
 football. He keeps his mouth shut, does     have some value as the Giants will be       will be to spell Willis McGahee and
 his job, and when given the opportunity     trying to keep J
                                                            Jacobs fresh this year       provide a change of pace, the
 he normally produces. But the               because of his injury problems, but         diminutive back could find himself
 Seahawks brought in Julius Jones and        unless you own Brandon Jacobs on            shouldering more of a load if McGahee
 TJ Duckett this off-season, taking away     your fantasy team, there really is no       continues to be bothered by his knee.
 any chance of Morris being the featured     need for drafting Bradshaw until the big    _____________________________
 back or the goal-line back. Morris most     bruising back goes down, opening the
 likely will go undrafted in most leagues    door for Bradshaw.                          49. Kenny Watson –
 this year, but if serious injury were to    _____________________________               Cincinnati Bengals (Bye: 8)
 ever come to Julius Jones, he definitely
 is a player that you would want to pick     47. Warrick Dunn – Tampa Bay                Watson made an immediate impact last
 up right away.                                                                          year in fantasy circles when given a
                                             Buccaneers (Bye: 10)
 _____________________________                                                           chance to play, totaling 1,137 total
                                             Dunn is looking like he is done; at least   yards and 7 TDs. Watson could very
                                                                                         well have a chance to repeat the magic
 45. Chris Johnson –                         in the fantasy world. In his last three
                                             years, Dunn’s average yards per carry                                    Bengals’
                                                                                         in 2008. Early reports from Benga
 Tennessee Titans (Bye: 6)                                                               training camp place Watson competing
                                             has dropped from 5.1 to 4.0 to 3.2. His
                                             yardage from 1,416 to 1,140 to a mere       with Chris Perry on the team’s depth
 Johnson, drafted by the Titans out of
                                             720 last season. Ironically, he still       chart. With Rudi Johnson not the back
 East Carolina, comes with a very
                                             threw up 4 TD’s a year, although it is
                                                       4-5                               he used to be, Watson could be getting
 sought after skill in the NFL. That skill
                                             highly unlikely that is going to happen     a good deal of carries sooner rather than
 is speed. The Titans are toying with the
                                             this season as Earnest Graham and later     later. He’s a must grab if Rudi is on
 idea of making him a multi-threat back
                                             on Cadillac Williams will be getting        your squad and he wins the RB2 battle.
 in which he would line up in many
                                             most of the playing time down in            _____________________________
 different places in many different
 formations, trying to exploit any           Tampa. Dunn should go undrafted in
 mismatch that they can create. Johnson      most leagues this year.
 could play a similar role to what Reggie
2008 BRUNO BOYS RUNNING BACK RANKINGS                                                                     BY: CHRIS ZIZA

 50. Leon Washington –                                            2008 RUNNING BACK TIER RANKINGS
 New York Jets (Bye: 5)
                                                                                            TIER SIX            AVERAGE
 Washington, perhaps one of the most                   TIER ONE            AVERAGE     Edgerrin James (Ari)       24.33
 underappreciated RB’s in the game,             LaDainian Tomlinson (SD)     1.33      Selvin Young (Den)         25.67
 produces every time that he is asked to.         Adrian Peterson (Min)       2        LenDale White (Ten)         27
 In two years in the NFL, he has carried                                                Rudi Johnson (Cin)         28
                                                       TIER TWO            AVERAGE       Fred Taylor (Jax)         28
 the ball 222 times, scored 7 TD’s and            Brian Westbrook (Phi)       3.5        Matt Forte (Chi)         28.33
 averaged 4.5 yards per carry. He has              Steven Jackson (Stl)      4.17
 also racked up 483 yards through the              Joseph Addai (Ind)        4.17        TIER SEVEN             AVERAGE
 air. Entering his third year, he will once                                          DeAngelo Williams (Car)       31
 again play behind Thomas Jones,                    TIER THREE             AVERAGE    Jonathan Stewart (Car)      31.17
                                                    Frank Gore (SF)           7      Rashard Mendenhall (Pit)     35.83
 although it is very possible that you
                                                  Clinton Portis (Was)       7.67       Kevin Smith (Det)         36.17
 will start to see him getting more              Marshawn Lynch (Buf)        8.17      Ahman Green (Hou)          36.17
 playing time here and there. If Thomas          Marion Barber III (Dal)     8.83
 Jones ever goes down to injury, he               Larry Johnson (KC)         10.5         TIER EIGHT            AVERAGE
 would be a solid option to have as your        Maurice Jones-Drew (Jax)      11        Justin Fargas (Oak)       37.17
 RB3 and possibly even plug into your                                                  Chester Taylor (Min)       37.33
 starting lineup from time to time.                  TIER FOUR             AVERAGE       Julius Jones (Sea)       38.16
                                                    Ryan Grant (GB)          13.17       Felix Jones (Dal)        39.33
 _____________________________                   Brandon Jacobs (NYG)        14.17    Jerious Norwood (Atl)       41.17
                                                 Willis McGahee (Bal)        15.33       Tatum Bell (Det)         41.83
                                                   Reggie Bush (NO)          15.83    Ricky Williams (Mia)        42.67
                                                   Jamal Lewis (Cle)         16.33
                                                                                           TIER NINE            AVERAGE
                                                      TIER FIVE            AVERAGE     Pierre Thomas (NO)         44.33
                                                  Michael Turner (Atl)        18.5     Chris Brown (Hou)          45.17
                                                 Laurence Maroney (NE)        18.5    Maurice Morris (Sea)         45.5
      Is the proud sponsor of the                 Thomas Jones (NYJ)         18.67     Chris Johnson (Ten)        45,83
               1st Annual                         Earnest Graham (TB)
                                                   Willie Parker (Pit)
                                                                              19.5   Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG)         47.17
                                                                             20.17     Warrick Dunn (TB)          49.83
     Bruno Boys Fantasy Football                 Darren McFadden (Oak)       20.33        Ray Rice (Bal)          49.83
           Expert League                          Ronnie Brown (Mia)         22.33     Kenny Watson (Cin)         50.67
                                                                                     Leon Washington (NYJ)          51
                                              RANKINGS UPDATED – AUGUST 14TH
2008 BRUNO BOYS WIDE RECEIVER RANKINGS                                                                          BY: MARC CAVIGLIA

Running backs have always been the darlings of fantasy football. Year in and year out, it is repeated to us
constantly that the key to a successful fantasy draft is to load up on running backs early, but 2007 may make us
rethink that approach. With more and more teams utilizing the pass, the time of the wide receiver has arrived. In
fact, in 2007, in looking at running backs and wide receivers combined, 10 of the top 20 fantasy seasons were of the
wide receiving variety, led by Randy Moss and his record breaking 23 TDs.

With the rise in production at the wide receiver position that is due in large part to a change of rules that has made
the cornerback position all the more difficult to play, no longer should it be a requirement to grab a running back
with your first pick. Grabbing a wide out like Moss, Reggie Wayne, Terrell Owens, Braylon Edwards, and so on,
can be just as beneficial. To see exactly which wide receivers hold the most value for 2008, be sure to check out the
Bruno Boys Fantasy Football 2008 Wide Receiver Rankings.

                                                                      likely counter that strategy by focusing more on the
                                                                      development of the running game with Laurence Maroney.
                                                                      Once, the Patriots are able to get Maroney going, teams will
                                                                      have to be more honest, and Moss will once again have room to
                                                                      roam, though all of this will leave Moss with fewer
                                                                      opportunities to put up fantasy points than he had last season.
                                                                      Still, we’re sure his owners wouldn’t be disappointed with 1 1,400
                                                                      receiving yards and 15-16 TDs that the Bruno Boys believe are
                                                                      in store for the man.

                                                                      2. Reggie Wayne – Indianapolis Colts (Bye: 4)

                                                                      For once in his NFL career, Wayne isn’t looking up the fantasy
                                                                      ranks at Marvin Harrison. In fact, Wayne isn’t looking up at
                                                                      anyone besides Randy Moss.
 1. Randy Moss – New England Patriots (Bye: 4)                        Heading into 2007, Wayne was playing 1A to Harrison’s 1, but
                                                                      2008 changed all that. Harrison finally showed his age by
 Moss proved two things last season after bouncing back from a        succumbing to an injured knee that kept him out 11 games. With
 disappointing 2006 with the Oakland Raiders, in which he went        Harrison out, Wayne played bigger than ever, going for 1,510
 for 553 yards and 3 TDs. One, the guy still has the talent to be     yards and 10 TDs. What makes those numbers even more
 one of the best in the league as he hauled in 98 passes for 1,493    impressive is that opposing defenses knew Peyton Manning
 and 23 scores for the New England Patriots. Two, the guy only        would be trying to get Wayne the ball, leading them to focus
 plays when he wants to. The good news is that it looks like right                        ’0”
                                                                      even more on the 6’0” wide out. Still all that extra attention
 now with the Tom Brady throwing him the ball, Moss is willing        wasn’t enough to stop Wayne from hauling in 104 passes.
 to put in the maximum effort. If that’s the case, Moss once again
 should find himself putting up big numbers week in and week          Harrison’s return shouldn’t cause Wayne to take a step back. In
 out, though don’t expect him to match the record sesetting           fact, it should help his cause. With Harrison on the opposite side
 numbers he had last season.                                                                   on’t
                                                                      of the field, defenses won’t be able to focus as much on Wayne,
                                                                      and if he could catch 104 balls with all the attention he got last
 Teams have decided that they’ll try and force the Patriots to find   season, think of what he could do with some room. 1500+ yards
 other ways to beat them rather than allow Brady and Moss to          and double digit TDs is definitely within reach.
 hook up for long TDs, a trend that developed in the post
                                                     post-season      ______________________________________
 as Moss was able to haul in only 7 passes in 3 games. In the
 perennial chess match that is the NFL, Belichick will most
2008 BRUNO BOYS WIDE RECEIVER RANKINGS                                                                        BY: MARC CAVIGLIA

 3. Terrell Owens – Dallas Cowboys (Bye: 10)                         5. Larry Fitzgerald – Arizona Cardinals (Bye: 7)

                                                                     “Leaping” Larry has always been a Bruno Boys favorite and he
 2006 saw T.O. making headlines for all the wrong reasons,           does nothing but make the Bruno Boys (and his fantasy owners)
 including an attempted suicide. 2007, on the other hand, saw        proud year in and year out. In a Fitzgerald like season, the stud
 T.O. make headlines for all the right reasons – a note to           receiver had 100 receptions, 1,409 receiving yards and ten
 reporters that he wouldn’t be giving interviews prior to a match-   touchdowns. Ironically, those statistics are identical to his 2005
 up with New England as he didn’t want to supply the Patriots        season; just in ’05 he had 103 receptions. What we like about
 with bulletin board material, tears after a playoff loss while      Fitzgerald is that he doesn’t gain his points in chunks; instead he
 defending his quarterback, Tony Romo, and of course, his play.      builds them up throughout the season. In fourteen of the 15
 2007 saw T.O. put up the best numbers of his career since 2001      games he played, Fitzgerald scored at least seven fantasy
 as he went for 1355 receiving yards and 15 TDs, finishing just      football points, and in 7 of those games he had at least ten
 second to Randy Moss among fantasy wide receivers.                  points.

 2008 should be another stellar season for Owens as the
                                                                     Heading into 2008, Fitzgerald is already one of the NFL’s elite
 Cowboys return the majority of their high-powered offense
                                                                     receivers, and the fact that he gets to pick on soft secondaries in
 intact. Perhaps the biggest boost to Owens’ value comes in the
                                                                     the pass happy NFC West has Fitz licking his chops. The only
 shape of Jason Witten. With Witten going for 1145 yards and 7
                                                                     concern we have is that Matt Leinart is projected to start in
 TDs in 2007, it’s another wrinkle defenses will have to prepare
                                                                     Arizona, and in the four games they played in together last year,
 for as they get set to face the Cowboys going forward, which
                                                                     they failed to find pay dirt. Still, Leinart will begin to realize
 means less time teams have to prepare for Owens. Owens
                                                                     that Fitzgerald has the hands and play making ability to help his
 should once again end the season with 1100+ yards and double
                                                                     statistics and before you know it, he will be targeting “Leaping”
 digit TDs and could do even more damage, if he learns to limits
                                                                     Larry on a more consistent basis.
 his drops.

 4. Braylon Edwards – Cleveland Browns (Bye: 5)                      6. Andre Johnson – Houston Texans (Bye: 8)

                                                                     Here is the Bruno Boys bold prediction of the offseason; out of
 Other than Randy Moss, perhaps no other wide receiver, will         the 49 NFL players with the last name Johnson, none are better
 see as dramatic an increase in their ranking from 2007 to 2008      than Andre Johnson! Sorry Chad, but this Johnson isn’t streaky
 than Braylon Edwards. Entering 2007, Edwards fell somewhere         therefore he has more fantasy value. Before suffering a leg
 between a low WR2 and a high-upside WR3. Then, the Browns           injury that caused him to miss seven games, Johnson had 14
 struck gold when they placed Derek Anderson under center.           receptions for 262 receiving yards and three touchdowns in just
 Originally thought to be nothing more than a place holder for       2 games. Unlike that other receiver named Johnson, this one
 Brady Quinn, Anderson turned in a pro bowl season for the           came back with a bang in week 11 and scored a touchdown in
 Browns. Having someone capable running the offense and              five of the Texans final 7 games. Despite playing just nine
 throwing the ball, allowed Edwards to use his superb skills to      games, Johnson finished the season with 60 receptions, 851
 turn in by far the best season of his career, a season that         receiving yards and eight touchdowns. For those of you in
 included 16 TDs to go along with 1,208 receiving yards.             leagues that reward long touchdowns, Johnson hauled in two
                                                                     touchdowns on 70+ yard plays.
 As such, Edwards enters 2008 as a top 5 option at the wide
 receiver position. While he should benefit from being on an         In 2008, a healthy Matt Schaub and Johnson could lead to some
 offense that does possess numerous weapons, Jamal Lewis,            astronomical numbers for the sixth year receiver. The only
 Kellen Winslow, and Donte Stallworth, whether or not Edwards        thing holding him back from the top five at the receiver position
 lives up to his ranking falls heavily on the throwing arm of        is the running game in Houston. The Texans ranked 21st in the
 Anderson. If Anderson is anywhere near the quarterback he was       NFL on the ground last year and teams are going to start
 in 2007, Edwards should once again be in for a spectacular          focusing on containing Johnson, in attempt to make Houston
 season. If not, then Edwards may regress. Still, the Bruno Boys     beat them on the ground. Still, Johnson is a playmaker, has
 have enough confidence in Edwards’ size and skills to predict       always made things happen and we like him to close in on 100-
 another 1000+ yard and 10+ TD season.                               receptions and set a career high in both yardage and TDs.
 ______________________________________________                      ______________________________________________
2008 BRUNO BOYS WIDE RECEIVER RANKINGS                                                                          BY: MARC CAVIGLIA

 7. Marques Colston – New Orleans Saints (Bye: 9)                     9. Steve Smith – Carolina Panthers (Bye: 9)

 After having a big time rookie season in 2006 (1038 receiving        For those of you out there that undervalue the quarterback
 yards, 8 TD catches) Colston was even better in 2007. Many           position, just ask Steve Smith how important it is to have a
 fantasy owners thought that he would come down to earth in           proven quarterback under center. Heading into 2007, Smith was
 2007, as teams started to scheme around him, but this was not        the consensus number one wide receiver and before Jake
 the case, as he hauled in 98 receptions for 1,202 receiving yards    Delhomme injured his elbow, Smith was off to the fastest pace
 and 11 touchdowns. What is even more impressive about his            of his career, as he had 271 receiving yards and four
 final totals is that Colston had just 26 receptions for 263          touchdowns (50 fantasy points) through just two weeks. But in
 receiving yards and two touchdowns through the seasons first 6       week 3, down went Delhomme and for the most past down went
 games. As the season started to roll, Colston caught fire and        Smith’s season. With the Panthers forced to use David Carr,
 rewarded his owners with a huge showing in the fantasy football      Vinny Testaverde and Matt Moore at quarterback, Smith was
 playoffs (weeks 14-16), as he combined for 39 fantasy points         never able to find a rhythm and he finished the season with just
 during those weeks.                                                  140 fantasy points, his lowest total since an leg injury caused
                                                                      him to miss 15 games in 2004.
 After four straight losses, the Saints offense started clicking in
 week 6 and you would suspect that they are going to put an           With Jake Delhomme looking sharp in offseason workouts and
 emphasis on getting Colston involved early this season. You          the Panthers signing receivers D.J. Hackett and Muhsin
 should look to target him in the middle half of the third round      Muhammad, Smith should be able to take advantage of more
 and can expect an increase in his production. We feel that he is     single coverage. If this is the case, you can expect him to regain
 yet to reach his ceiling and could go over the century mark in       his superstar form and once again be a top option at the wide
 receptions, hover around 1,250 receiving yards and should get at     receiver position. Despite being subpar last year, owners won’t
 least ten touchdowns for the second straight year.                   overlook Smith’s big play ability and he will fly off the board in
 ______________________________________________                       the middle half of round three. ALERT – Smith’s temper led to
                                                                      a broken nose for teammate Ken Lucas, which led to a 2-game
 8. T.J. Houshmandzadeh–Cincinnati Bengals (Bye: 8)                   suspension for the superstar wideout.
 Over the course of the seasons first 9 weeks, no wide receiver in
 football (besides Randy Moss) was working at a pace                  10. Torry Holt – St. Louis Rams (Bye: 5)
 comparable to “Housh.” At the halfway point of the season,
 Houshmandzadeh had 62 receptions for 674 receiving yards and         Led by quarterback Marc Bulger, running back Steven Jackson
 ten touchdowns. On pace to break just about every NFL record,        and Holt everyone thought the Rams offense was going to post
 Housh’s numbers declined during the second half of the season,       career numbers in 2007, but they failed miserably. A sluggish
 as he had just 50 receptions for 469 receiving yards and two         start to a 3-13 season, combined with injuries to Bulger and
 touchdowns over the seasons final 8 games. His 112 receptions        Jackson led to Holt failing to meet his 2007 projections, but he
 still had him atop the league (tied with Wes Welker) and his 179     still had serviceable fantasy football stats. In a down year, Holt
 fantasy points (standard leagues) ranked him 7th amongst wide        was able to post 93 receptions for 1,189 receiving yards and
 receivers.                                                           seven touchdowns. These numbers totaled 159 fantasy points,
                                                                      and led to Holt failing to finish the season as a top ten receiver
 Over the past three seasons, Housh has shown a dramatic              for the first time in five years. Despite the decline in TDs, Holt
 increase in production, but after a career year in 2007 it will be   still remains the consistent figure that every fantasy owner
 hard for him to build on those numbers. A realistic outcome for      should target. He has had at least 1,000 receiving yards in eight
 Housh is numbers similar to his 2006 total, so you can expect        straight seasons and at least 90 receptions in six straight seasons.
 around 90-95 receptions for 1,050-1,100 receiving yards and
 nine or ten touchdowns as he continues his quest to dethrone         With both Bulger and Jackson in better health, there is a good
 Chad Johnson as the top dog in Cincinnati. You should target         possibility that the Rams return to being “the greatest show on
 Housh at the top half of the third round in all twelve team          turf.” If this is the case, Holt will find himself as a WR1 on a
 leagues.                                                             fantasy team near you. One red flag is that Holt has battled
 ______________________________________________                       knee trouble and isn’t getting any younger, but this shouldn’t
                                                                      prevent you from grabbing him if he is on the board in the late
                                                                      third or early fourth round. Holt’s consistent ways should
                                                                      continue and the Rams very well could breakout in a big way.
2008 BRUNO BOYS WIDE RECEIVER RANKINGS                                                                         BY: MARC CAVIGLIA

                                                                      Johnson is no longer the sole number one receiver in Cincinnati,
 11. Plaxico Burress – New York Giants (Bye: 4)
                                                                      but his numbers should be good enough to be considered a low
                                                                      tier number one fantasy football receiver. Parts of us think
 Despite being a game-time decision on a weekly basis, Burress        Johnson puts together a complete season and post career
 played in all 16 games and had a career year to show for it.         numbers, but odds are he continues his trend as a streaky player.
 Hindered by a troublesome ankle injury, Burress finished the         Still, those big games in which he scores 30+ points a week,
 season with 70 receptions, 1,025 receiving yards and twelve          could be enough to contribute three or 4 wins. But, let’s hope
 touchdowns to go along with a Super Bowl ring. The lanky, yet        that “Ocho Cinco” performs when he counts, in the fantasy
 physical, wide receiver showed his big game ability last season      football playoffs!
 with games of 14, 15, 15, 18, 19, 20, and 32 fantasy points. One     ______________________________________________
 concern though from last year was his inconsistency, as he also
 had games of 0, 1, 2, 3, 3, 4, and 4 fantasy points. In what could   13. Anquan Boldin – Arizona Cardinals (Bye: 7)
 be considered a tale of two separate seasons, we feel that the
 injury played a toll in his down weeks, and that 2008 could lead
 to more of a complete season.                                        When healthy Boldin, the ex –college quarterback, continues to
                                                                      make great strides as a wide receiver. However, 2007 was the
 After a big 2007 showing, rumors are surfacing that Burress          third time in his five-year career in which injury prevented him
 might be a training camp holdout, but it is believed that the        from playing a full season, and that should now be on the minds
 Giants won’t let this become a huge problem. It doesn’t take a       of fantasy owners come draft day. Despite missing four games
 genius to realize that Burress is an integral part of New York’s     because of injury, Boldin still posted a career high in touchdown
 success and with this his fantasy owners can another expect          receptions (9 TD’s) to go along with71 receptions for 853
 great showing in 2008. You aren’t going to be enthralled with        receiving yards.
 his reception and 100-yard game numbers, but his high yard per
 reception average and third straight double-digit touchdown          Heading into the 2008 season, the Cardinals are expected to
 season should be enough to use him as your top wide receiver in      have a healthy Matt Leinart at quarterback, which is a good sign
 standard scoring leagues. And if you’re an owner who is              for those who are targeting Boldin. The reason is because his
 concerned by his injuries, keep in mind that he has just missed      crisp route-running speaks to his capability of throwing up big
 one game over the past 3 seasons.                                    time yardage totals every season and Leinart often looks for the
 ______________________________________________                       high percentage option over Kurt Warner’s air it out style of
                                                                      play. When projecting his value in terms of fantasy football,
 12. Chad Johnson – Cincinnati Bengals (Bye: 8)                       you have to figure that he will surpass the 1,200 receiving yard
                                                                      mark for the fourth time in 6 seasons, and score around seven
 “Ocho Cinco” was his typical self in 2007, as he once again          touchdowns. You can look to grab Boldin towards the end of the
 brought great entertainment to the NFL fans and performed at a       fourth round in your drafts, as he is a low tier number one wide
 superstar level. He finished the season with a career high in        receiver and the cream of the crop second receiver. The thing
 receiving yards (1,440) and found the end zone on eight              that we like about Boldin is that when healthy his stats are
 different occasions. However, just like every other year,            guaranteed, as some of the receivers below him are to Jekyll and
 Johnson’s stats came in big chunks. He scored touchdowns in          Hyde for our liking. If you play in a PPR league, Boldin has
 just four games, and seven of his 8 total scores came in three       even more value, as he has 413 receptions (82.6 per season) in
 games. These numbers don’t bode well for the fantasy owners          just five seasons.
 who are looking for the consistent threat. In fact, in the fantasy   ______________________________________________
 football playoff’s (weeks 15 and 16), Johnson combined for just
 11 fantasy points and proved to the Bruno Boys that he can’t be       RANKINGS ARE BASED ON             RANKINGS ARE BASED ON
 counted on as a big game player.                                        STANDARD SCORING:                 STANDARD SCORING:

                                                                      PASS TD: 4 POINTS                25 PASS YARDS: 1 POINT
 Heading into 2008, Johnson has been in a sparring match with
 the Bengals franchise over his status with the team, but the         RUSH TD: 6 POINTS                10 RUSH YARDS: 1 POINT
 typical Johnson antics should go overlooked come the regular
                                                                      RECEIVING TD: 6 POINTS           10 REC. YARDS: 1 POINT
 season. In late June, he had surgery to clear up bone spurs in his
 ankle, but the eight year veteran said he will be ready for          ALL OTHER TD’S: 6 POINTS
                                                                                                       ALL TURNOVERS: - 2 POINTS
 training camp. With the emergence of T.J. Houshmandzadeh,
2008 BRUNO BOYS WIDE RECEIVER RANKINGS                                                                        BY: MARC CAVIGLIA

 14. Roy Williams – Detroit Lions (Bye: 4)                           16. Wes Welker – New England Patriots (Bye: 4)

 Williams was another wide receiver who never got it going in        Tom Brady and Randy Moss might be the face of the New
 2007, which led to him failing to meet his average draft            England Patriots, but the Bruno Boys feel that Wes Welker is
 position. In fact, by week 14 his season was over, as a knee        the most integral part of the potent offense. After coming over
 injury forced him to miss the seasons final four weeks, thus        from the Miami Dolphins in 2006, Welker nearly doubled his
 completing a forgettable year for the fourth year receiver.         reception and yardage totals and scored seven more touchdowns
 Williams saw a dip in every statistical category as he could only   in 2007. He finished the season tied with T.J. Houshmandzadeh
 collect 63 receptions for 836 receiving yards and five              for the NFL lead in receptions with 112, had 1,175 receiving
 touchdowns. These numbers aren’t bad, but 25 percent of his
 yardage total came in one game, and for a player of Williams        yards and scored eight touchdowns on the season. When
 caliber they just aren’t going to cut it.                           dissecting the Patriots offense you will notice that there is no
                                                                     way to defend Welker, which is why we feel that he will post
 What Williams does well is combine his exceptional leaping          similar numbers in 2008. The Patriots have so many weapons
 ability with his above average size to make some big plays          that it is almost impossible to take away Welker’s underneath
 down the field, but he still hasn’t figured out how to take his     route, in which he thrives on. If you play in a standard scoring
 talents to the next level. With offensive coordinator Mike Martz    league, grab Welker as your number two receiver and be
 heading to the San Francisco 49ers one could only imagine that      rewarded with an average of 7-10 points on a weekly basis. If
 the Lions will develop a more conservative style of play. Still     you are in a PPR league, you might want to bump Welker up
 with a defense that is projected to give up tons of points, you     into a low end number one receiver, as he should haul in 100
 will see the Lions playing in a fair amount of shootouts, and       receptions for the second straight season.
 Williams should be able to see a plethora of balls thrown his       ______________________________________________
 way. With second year wide receiver continuing his
 development as wide receiver 1A, Williams might never live up
 to those lofty expectations, but we can see him having slight
                                                                     17. Marvin Harrison – Indianapolis Colts (Bye: 4)
 better numbers than Johnson in 2008. Expect around 75
                                                                     You know that saying, “when it rains, it pours”? Well that is the
 receptions for 1,100 receiving yards and eight touchdowns, but
                                                                     best way to sum up Harrison in 2007. Drafted ahead of his
 don’t say the Bruno Boys didn’t tell you so if Johnson posts the
                                                                     teammate Reggie Wayne in most leagues, Harrison could only
 better fantasy numbers.
                                                                     muster five games due to a nagging knee injury. In those five
 ______________________________________________                      games, he averaged just 49.4 yards per game (down 36 YPG
                                                                     from ’07) and only connected with quarterback Peyton Manning
 15. Santonio Holmes – Pittsburgh Steelers (Bye: 6)                  for one touchdown. Already considered on the decline heading
                                                                     into 2008 (based on his average draft position in years past),
                                                                     Harrison is now in legal trouble after being the accused shooter
 Move over Hines Ward! In just his second NFL season, Holmes
                                                                     during a fight outside of a Philadelphia restaurant/bar that he
 solidified himself as the Steelers primary receiving threat as he
                                                                     owns. There is no timetable as to when Harrison will face legal
 made big play after big play. He finished the season with just
                                                                     action, but this is not a good sign for those hoping he can find
 52 receptions, but had 942 receiving yards and eight
                                                                     his groove again this season. The Bruno Boys feel that ranking
 touchdowns despite missing three games due to an ankle injury.
                                                                     Harrison at 19 could be a stretch, but if Harrison is cleared of
 His growth in statistics from his rookie season are nice, but
                                                                     his legal headache and the knee holds up, he is too good to pass
 hidden to many fantasy football players was Holmes rise in
                                                                     up as a second wide receiver. It is suggested that you monitor
 yards per reception (18.1) and fumbles lost (0). Unfortunately,
                                                                     his status throughout the preseason to make sure that you are
 those of you who drafted Holmes under the radar in 2007 can’t
                                                                     drafting a guy that will help lead your team to the promise land.
 get away with that in 2008, as he has become an explosive
 receiver that is now a household name. Although we would like
 to see an increase in Holmes receptions and targets this season,
 his game changing speed and ability to catch the homerun ball
 make him a solid second option at the wide receiver position. If
 he can stay healthy all season, you should see around 65-70
 receptions, 1,100 receiving yards and nine touchdowns for the
 budding superstar.
2008 BRUNO BOYS WIDE RECEIVER RANKINGS                                                                          BY: MARC CAVIGLIA

                                                                      be around 65-70 receptions, 1050 receiving yards and seven
 18. Brandon Marshall – Denver Broncos (Bye: 8)
 To put things into perspective on just how far out of nowhere
 Marshall came from, in our 2007 magazine we ranked him as
 the 53rd wide receiver. Well, 102 receptions, 1,325 receiving
                                                                      20. Roddy White – Atlanta Falcons (Bye: 7)
 yards and seven touchdowns later, Marshall has cracked the
 Bruno Boys top 15 heading into 2008. He used an instant              Prior to the 2007 season, White combined for 59 receptions for
 rapport with quarterback Jay Cutler to post solid fantasy            952 receiving yards and three touchdowns in 32 total games and
 numbers on a weekly basis. In fact, he never had a game in 2007      was used as a third option in a dismal Falcons passing attack,
 in which he scored less than six fantasy points, making him one                                             White
                                                                      Well, things changed last season, as Whit hauled in 83
 of the most consistent threats at his respective position.           receptions for 1,202 receiving yards and five touchdowns.
                                                                      Whether it was Joey Harrington, Byron Leftwich or Chris
 After a big ’07, you might wonder why Marshall didn’t crack          Redman throwing White the football he always seemed to put
 our top 10; well the reason is because of his off the field          together a big game and he eclipsed the 100 receiving yard mark
 incidents. It is reported that Marshall has been arrested three      on five different occasions. At the age of 26, you would think
 times over the past 12 months and he is expected to have a court     White should see a spike in his production in 2008, however, the
 hearing during the season. These issues could lead to an in          Falcons signed running back Michael Turner in the offseason
 season suspension, which would be a tough pill to swallow for        and all reports indicate they will turn into a run first team. Plus,
 those relying on his steady production. The third-year receiver      the loss of tight end Alge Crumpler will take its toll on White,
 out of Central Florida went public to project another 100            as he will be seeing more double coverage, since teams don’t
 reception season, but we feel that the Broncos have too many         have to worry about Crumpler’s pass catching skills. All in all,
 holes in their offense for a repeat performance. Now that            White will post enough numbers to be a solid fantasy football
 Marshall has established himself as an elite threat, teams are          ion,
                                                                      option, but with so many question marks in the Falcons offense,
 going to plan accordingly and try to limit his production as         don’t expect him to carry your receiving corps like he did
 much as possible. You can count on him to grab around 90             towards the end of last year.
 receptions for 1,150 receiving yards and he very well could be       ______________________________________________
 flirting with double digit touchdown totals. ALERT – Marshall
 is all but guaranteed to be suspended by the NFL. The only           21. Calvin Johnson – Detroit Lions (Bye: 4)
 question is for how long. The length of the suspension will
 determine where Marshall drops to in these rankings.

 19. Lee Evans – Buffalo Bills (Bye: 6)

 Unfortunately, Evans was a big underachiever in 2007. When
 taking a look at our 2007 magazine, we ranked Evans just short
 of the top 10 (No. 13 receiver), but stated that in 2008 he would
 be a top 10 receiver. Well, our projection went to waste early
 when Evans caught just 12 passes and zero touchdowns in the
 season’s first five games and was dropped in just about 50
 percent of leagues nationwide. Towards the end of the season
 things started to pick up for Evans, as he finished with 55
 receptions for 849 receiving yards and five touchdowns, but it
 was too little too late. One thing to keep an eye on throughout
 training camp is how quarterback Trent Edwards and Evans
 progress. It seemed that throughout the season they never found
 the rapport (24 fewer targets in 2007) that is needed to become a    With all the hype surrounding Johnson coming into the 2007
 consistent receiver each week. Until we see how Edwards              season to say he didn’t live up to expectations can be considered
 matures as an NFL quarterback it is tough to forecast Evans          an accurate assessment. Drafted by many owners as a low tier
 value, but the ceiling is high and if you like to take risks, you    second receiver, Johnson managed just 48 receptions for 756
 could reap the benefits of a good boom or bust option. If            receiving yards and just 5 total touchdowns. At times Johnson
 everything plays out in Evans favor, a realistic possibility would
2008 BRUNO BOYS WIDE RECEIVER RANKINGS                                                                        BY: MARC CAVIGLIA

 took advantage of smaller defensive backs and showed glimpses       eddy second or 3rd wide receiver depending on your leagues
 of greatness, but for the most part he was a non-factor in the      scoring system (he has more value in a PPR league).
 Lions high powered offense. Still, Johnson has the size (6 ft. 5    ______________________________________________
 in.), intangibles and playmaking ability to put together a great
 sophomore season. Despite losing offensive coordinator guru
 Mike Martz, the Lions drafted running back Kevin Smith to
                                                                     24. Jerricho Cotchery – New York Jets (Bye: 5)
 compliment quarterback Jon Kitna, wide receiver Roy Williams
 and Johnson. These pieces should be enough for Johnson to           After starting his career as a fourth receiver in New York,
 take advantage of single coverage on a regular basis and enjoy      Cotchery has rapidly developed into the Jets most reliable
 statistics around 75 receptions, 1,050 receiving yards and six to   option. Entering his 4th season, Cotchery combines good hands
 eight touchdown range.                                              with precise route running and he continues to show signs of a
 ______________________________________________                      breakout campaign. In 2007, his play coined himself the true
                                                                     definition of possession receiver as Cotchery scored five or
                                                                     more fantasy points in 13 of the 15 games he played. Heading
 22. Greg Jennings – Green Bay Packers (Bye: 8)                      into 2008, the Bruno Boys believe that Cotchery has surpassed
                                                                     Laveranues Coles as the top target in New York, and you can
 After a solid, but unspectacular, rookie campaign, Jennings had     expect a spike in his touchdown total. Look for Cotchery to
 one of the most efficient seasons in NFL history last year.         haul in around 85 passes, for around 1,050-1,100 receiving
 Despite missing three contests due to injury, Jennings emerged      yards and take it to the bank that his touchdown total will be
 as a top fantasy football wide receiver in 2007 as 12 of his 53     closer to his 2006 total of six touchdowns. Target him as your
 receptions went for touchdowns. As the season went on               3rd wide receiver, but don’t be surprised if he continues his
 Jennings became accustomed to making big play after big play,       upward trend toward being an elite fantasy football option.
 but with Brett Favre retired and untried Aaron Rodgers leading      ALERT – Trust us, having Brett Favre under center is much
 the offense you can’t expect a repeat showing from the speedy       better than having Pennington throwing you the ball.
 receiver. With Favre gone, the Packers will be going to a more      ______________________________________________
 conservative playbook, which the Bruno Boys believe will lead
 to Jennings running a few more underneath routes until Rodgers      25. Dwayne Bowe – Kansas City Chiefs (Bye: 6)
 gets comfortable in the pocket. You can expect an increase in
 receptions and yardage, but don’t expect Jennings to score a
                                                                     Last season, no rookie wide receiver made an immediate impact
 touchdown in over 80 percent of games, like he did in ’07. Still,
                                                                     like Bowe, as he had 18 receptions for 299 receiving yards and
 he should be targeted in the first five rounds of your leagues
                                                                     three touchdowns during the seasons first month. When it was
                                                                     all said and done, Bowe finished the season with 70 receptions,
 ______________________________________________                      990 receiving yards and five touchdowns, which ranked
                                                                     amongst the top 25 statistically at the wide receiver position. If
 23. Hines Ward – Pittsburgh Steelers (Bye: 6)                       the Chiefs offense had any type of direction, Bowe’s numbers
                                                                     could be off the charts, but until Kansas City can find
                                                                     consistency, it’s best to set realistic expectations. Plus, head
 Often called a “warrior” by the Bruno Boys staff, for his
                                                                     coach Herm Edwards isn’t afraid to rush the football every
 hardnosed and gritty play, Ward struggled through nagging
                                                                     down if that is what the game dictates. The Bruno Boys feel he
 injuries en route to a mediocre showing. In just one fewer game
                                                                     is a bottom of the barrel second wide receiver in a twelve team
 than 2006, Ward had 232 fewer receiving yards and averaged
                                                                     league and a very good third receiver in a ten team league.
 just 10.2 yards per reception in 2007. With Santonio Holmes
                                                                     Either way, you will get your good games and your bad games
 having a breakout season in ’07, this should make teams scheme
                                                                     from Bowe, so owners who value consistency over the potential
 their defenses towards Holmes, which should allow Ward to
                                                                     big game should stay clear.
 find more openings as the play develops. One thing that can’t go
 overlooked is the fact that you know what you are going to get
 when you are a Ward owner. He probably isn’t going to be
 lighting up your leagues scoreboard with many 20 fantasy point
 games, but more than likely he won’t be checking in with many
 two or 3 point performances either. Ward has always been a
 great short to intermediate route runner and still remains a
 viable red zone threat, so you should target him as your steady
2008 BRUNO BOYS WIDE RECEIVER RANKINGS                                                                  BY: MARC CAVIGLIA

                                             route running will allow him to get         than touchdown passes. When it was
 26. Chris Chambers –
                                             open in tight spaces and provide            all said and done, Coles finished with
 San Diego Chargers (Bye: 9)                 Rodgers opportunities to get rid of the     just 55 receptions for 646 receiving
                                             ball quickly. The Bruno Boys feel that      yards but did manage to find pay dirt
 If anyone got a midseason fantasy           Driver has at least one more 80             six times. With the 2008 season
 football gift in 2007, it was those who     reception season in store and there is no   approaching, Coles should be
 owned Chambers. After going scoreless       doubt about it that he will find pay dirt   considered as a solid fourth wide
 during the seasons first sixth weeks,       more than the two touchdowns he             receiver in all leagues. If the aging
 Chambers was traded from the hapless        totaled in 2007.                            body can hold up, you can expect Coles
 Miami Dolphins to the San Diego             _____________________________               to have a season similar to his career
 Chargers, and showed some signs of                                                      averages. Look for him to haul in 75
 life. In ten games with San Diego,                                                      receptions for around 950 receiving
                                             28. Kevin Curtis –                          yards and five or six touchdowns.
 Chambers finished the season with 555
 receiving yards and 4 touchdowns.           Philadelphia Eagles (Bye: 7)                ALERT – See Jerricho Cotchery Alert.
 These numbers aren’t great, but                                                         _____________________________
 Chambers scored touchdowns in each          After being a slot receiver for the first
 of his last two regular season games,       four years of his career, when Curtis       30. Joey Galloway – Tampa Bay
 and had 278 receiving yards to go along     came to Philadelphia he was used on
 with a touchdown in the postseason. If      the outside and with that came some up
                                                                                         Buccaneers (Bye: 10)
 he can continue to build the much           and down play. Although he finished
 needed rapport with quarterback Philip                                                  They say that the older you get the
                                             the season with 1,110 receiving yards
 Rivers during the preseason, Chambers                                                   more your skills diminish, but this
                                             and 6 touchdowns, a big portion of his
 should be able to have his best season                                                  statement can’t be hold true for the
                                             success came in three games. Of his
 since 2005, in which he caught 11                                                       speedy Galloway. For the third
                                             159 fantasy football points in 2007, 75
 touchdowns for the Dolphins. You                                                        consecutive season Galloway (1,014
                                             of them game in those three big weeks
 should draft him as your third wide                                                     receiving yards) surpassed the 1,000
                                             and this should be considered a red flag
 receiver in all leagues, but keep in mind                                               receiving yard mark and in 2007 he
                                             when targeting Curtis. Heading into
 that he still is the third option in San                                                improved his yard per reception total by
                                             2008, the Bruno Boys are not
 Diego, so his targets and reception                                                     nearly a yard. Still, the Bruno Boys are
                                             suggesting staying clear of Curtis,
 totals could lack at times.                                                             concerned that at the age of 37
                                             because we feel he has the talent to be a
                                                                                         Galloway might not have much fuel left
 _____________________________               valuable fantasy asset, but there are a
                                                                                         in the tank. Entering his 14th season,
                                             lot of factors that he needs to overcome.
                                                                                         Galloway’s reception and touchdown
                                             McNabb must stay healthy and the
 27. Donald Driver –                                                                     totals have decreased over the past two
                                             Eagles need to find consistent play on
 Green Bay Packers (Bye: 8)                                                              seasons, and he had five games in ’07
                                             offense for him to match his ’07 totals,
                                                                                         in which had had two receptions or less.
                                             because the odds are he won’t have
                                                                                         It is suggested that you target Galloway
 Since 2004, only a handful of wide          another 40 point performance like he
                                                                                         as your 3rd wide receiver, and use him
 receivers have been more dependable         did against the Detroit Lions last year.
                                                                                         as a matchup receiver for your squad.
 than “Double D” himself. Despite            _____________________________               Expect Galloway to post similar stats to
 getting up there in age, Driver will head
                                                                                         those of 2007, in which he finished
 into the season as the Packers primary      29. Laveranues Coles –                      with 1,014 receiving yards and six
 possession receiver, as evident by his      New York Jets (Bye: 5)                      touchdowns.
 fourth straight 80 reception, 1,000
 receiving yard season. However, with
                                             After a big 2006 season, Coles was just
 quarterback Brett Favre retiring in the
                                             average in 2007. He did battle injury       31. Bernard Berrian –
 offseason, Driver will need to continue     that forced him to miss some action, but
 his consistent play with and unproven                                                   Minnesota Vikings (Bye: 8)
                                             outside that he was never able to get
 Aaron Rodgers under center. Above
                                             into a groove. A large part of his
 any other receiver on the Packers’                                                      It has to be that Berrian just doesn’t
                                             inconsistency can be attributed to the
 roster, the trusty veteran will be the                                                  know any better, but you would think
                                             terrible play of quarterbacks Chad
 most critical to Rodgers development as                                                 that playing with the likes of Rex
                                             Pennington and Kellen Clemens as the
 an NFL quarterback. Driver’s precise                                                    Grossman, Kyle Orton and Brian
                                             duo combined for more interceptions
                                                                                         Griese would make Berrian want to go
2008 BRUNO BOYS WIDE RECEIVER RANKINGS                                                                     BY: MARC CAVIGLIA

 to a team with a proven quarterback.         dropped a few spots in a PPR league, as      anything more than 65 receptions and
 This was not the case, as Berrian            he hasn’t hauled in over 65 receptions           900
                                                                                           850-900 receiving yards.
 chased the money and landed in               since 2005.                                  _____________________________
 Minnesota on yet another offense that        _____________________________
 has inconsistent quarterback play. We                                                       .
                                                                                           35. Patrick Crayton –
 are not saying that Tavaris Jackson is       33.
                                              33 Derrick Mason –                           Dallas Cowboys (Bye: 10)
 garbage, but he is raw and is still a year   Baltimore Ravens (Bye: 10)
 or two away from being a solid                                                            Slowly and surely, Crayton has seen his
 contributor on a weekly basis. In 2007,      Oh Derrick Mason when are you going          numbers increase since entering the
 Berrian showed signs of becoming             to go away? It appeared that after a         NFL, reaching career highs in 2007
 more of a complete receiver, as he           sluggish 2006 campaign Mason was             with 697 yards and 7 TDs. With
 ditched the turn and burn approach and       headed towards retirement, but all he        Crayton in line to start opposite T.O. on
 started running different routes. This is    did in 2007 was set a career high in         the dynamic offense that is the Dallas
 evident by his 71 receptions compared        receptions with 103 and surpass the          Cowboys, the increase in numbers
 to just 51 receptions in 2006. In 2008,                                           sixth
                                              1,000 receiving yard mark for the sixt       should continue at least on the yardage
 you can expect teams to stack the box        time in 7 seasons. The big asset that        side. Another 7 TDs would be an added
 in attempt to contain Adrian Peterson,       Mason brings to the table is reliability.    bonus as T.O., Jason Witten, and
 so Berrian should be able to get loose       He caught at least 3 passes in every         Marion Barber will all steal redzone
 on some big gainers, but the lack of         game last year, and had at least five        trips away from Crayton.
 consistency in the passing game should       fantasy points in all but 2 games.
 hinder him from doing anything               Despite the success, the Ravens are
 special. He is best valued as a fourth       probably to be relying on rookie
 receiver in standard leagues and should      quarterback Joe Flacco at some point
 only be used as a bye week fill-in or        during the season, which means an
 during a favorable matchup.                  instant drop in production from the 11
 _____________________________                year veteran. Still, he will haul in
                                                       75-80 receptions and has a
                                              between 75
 32. Santana Moss –                           good chance to outperform his draft
                                              position (should be valued as a 4th
 Washington Redskins (Bye: 10)                wide receiver) for the second straight
 For the seasons first 13 weeks, Moss                                                      _____________________________
 was pretty much a non-factor, as it          _____________________________
 wasn’t until week 15 that he turned it                                                      .
                                                                                           36. Donte Stallworth –
 on. In seven of his first 11 games,          34.
                                              34 Reggie Brown –
 Moss scored four or less fantasy points      Philadelphia Eagles (Bye: 5)                 Cleveland Browns (Bye: 5)
 and the majority of owners grew
                                              Once Terrell Owens left Philadelphia,        After signing a free agent deal with the
 impatient with his play, which led to
                                              head coach Andy Reid wanted Brown            Cleveland Browns this will be
 him being found on the waiver wire
                                              to take the reign as the Eagles primary      Stallworth’s 4th NFL uniform in as
 after week 7. If it wasn’t for the final
                                              receiver, b it’s been two years and
                                                        but                                many seasons. As a member of the
 three games in which Moss had 261
                                              Brown never put his finger around the                 ,
                                                                                           Patriots, the most potent offense in
 receiving yards and two touchdowns he
                                              job. In fact, outside of increasing his      NFL history in 2007, Stallworth could
 would have had his worst showing
                                              reception totals from 45 to 61, in a lot        ly
                                                                                           only muster 46 receptions for 697 yards
 since 2002, his second year in the
                                              of ways his 2007 season was a step                  TDs.
                                                                                           and 3 TDs However, he used this
 league. The interesting tidbit about
                                              backwards. He finished the season with       statistics to land himself a contract that
 Moss’s late season success is that it was
                                              just 780 receiving yards and his             will pay him over $35 million over the
 backup Todd Collins throwing him the
                                              touchdown total was chopped in half (4       next seven years. Stallworth has never
 football and not starting quarterback
                                              TD’s in ’07 opposed to 8 TD’s in             been a possession receiver, just a hike
 Jason Campbell. For most of last
                                              2006). A healthy Donovan McNabb              and go deep threat, and nothing should
 season Campbell and Moss looked out
                                              can help the numbers of Brown moving                     Cleveland. The change of
                                                                                           change in Clevela
 of sync and until they can find a
                                              forward, but he trails the likes of Brian    scenery should lead to more targets but
 groove, you should only target Moss as
                                              Westbrook and Kevin Curtis in terms of       it won’t change his style of play that
 a fourth receiver. His value should be
                                              value, so it is unrealistic to pr
                                                                             project       will lead to inconsistent fantasy totals.
2008 BRUNO BOYS WIDE RECEIVER RANKINGS                                                                      BY: MARC CAVIGLIA

 37. Nate Burleson –                          39. Bobby Engram – Seattle                    Hackett up on the other side of Steve
                                                                                            Smith, and he should be able to pick
 Seattle Seahawks (Bye: 4)                    Seahawks (Bye: 4)                             apart second rate corner backs and
 After teasing fantasy owners by going                                                      probably won't be seeing much safety
 for 1,006 yards in 2004, then                Outside of Randy Moss, no wide                side help. This should allow Hackett to
 disappearing off the planet in 2005 and      receiver had a better comeback season         pick on single coverage, and there is no
 2006, Burleson was again fantasy             than Engram. After missing nine               reason why Hackett can’t haul in 70+
 relevant in 2007, taking advantage of        games because of injury in 2006, he           receptions for your fantasy football
 injuries to Deion Branch and DJ              enjoyed a career year in 2007. Being          team. In fact, the Bruno Boys feel
 Hackett to the tune of 694 yards and 9       the beneficiary of multiple injuries to       Hackett should be considered one of
 receiving TDs. He, also, added two           wide receivers, and head coach Mike           those players that out performs his
 return scores to his totals. Burleson will   Holmgren abandoning the run, Engram           average draft position in all leagues.
 again be able to take advantage of an        hauled in 94 receptions for 1,147             _____________________________
 injury to Branch at the start of the 2008    receiving yards and six touchdowns.
 season as it will push him into the          What the Bruno Boys liked about               41. Deion Branch –
 starting spot alongside Bobby Engram.        Engram is that his sure hands and             Seattle Seahawks (Bye: 4)
 Burleson finished 2007 with 20 catches       abundance of targets led to him scoring
 in the Seahawks last two regular season      at least four fantasy points in all but one   If it wasn’t for an abundance of
 games and two playoff outings for 268        game. What we didn’t like is that Matt        injuries, Branch wouldn’t be nestled
 yards and 3 TDs, an indication the           Hasselbeck checked him off in the red         towards the bottom of the Bruno Boys
 receiver has earned the trust of             zone. Hasselbeck connected with               wide receiver rankings, however, he has
 quarterback, Matt Hasselbeck.                Engram just seven times in that area in       missed 7 games over the last two
 ALERT– A slew of injuries has made           2007, leading to 5 touchdowns. With           seasons. This alone makes Branch to
 Burleson the Seahawks top wide out to        Deion Branch expected to start the            much of a risk to take an early gamble
 start the season.                            season on the PUP list, Engram will           on, plus off season knee surgery will
 _____________________________                enter the season as the Seahawks              force him to probably start the season
                                              primary option and should be able to          on the PUP list. It is suggested that you
 38. Anthony Gonzalez –                       pick on opposing defenses in the pass         keep your eye on the progress of his
                                              happy NFC west. To project a repeat           recovery because Branch may be the
 Indianapolis Colts (Bye: 6)                  performance is a stretch, but his             mid to late season pick-up that can get
                                              consistency warrants some serious             your team over the hump. He did score
 When the Colts drafted Gonzalez in the
                                              consideration as a second wide                11+ fantasy points in six of the 11
 first round of the 2007 draft, they
                                              receiver. ALERT – Engram suffered a           games he was on the field for.
 thought he would be used as the slot
                                              crack in his shoulder that will most          _____________________________
 receiver. However, an injury to Marvin
                                              likely keep him out until week 5.
 Harrison forced Gonzalez into playing
 on the outside and he finished the           _____________________________                 42. Vincent Jackson –
 season with 576 receiving yards and                                                        San Diego Chargers (Bye: 9)
 three touchdowns to go along with 36         40. D.J. Hackett –
 receptions. As the season progressed                                                       Everybody’s favorite sleeper heading
                                              Carolina Panthers (Bye: 9)
 Gonzalez became more comfortable in                                                        into 2007, Jackson did put up career
 the Colts high powered offense and he                                                      yardage numbers. Unfortunately, they
                                              The signing of Hackett will help bolster
 rewarded his owners with three                                                             weren’t the career numbers many
                                              a Carolina Panthers receiving corps
 touchdowns during the fantasy football                                                     envisioned as Jackson totaled just 623
                                              which featured Steve Smith and little to
 playoffs. Heading into 2008, the aging                                                     yards to go along with 3 TDs. Once the
                                              nothing else in ‘07. Despite missing 10
 knees and legal trouble surrounding                                                        Chargers 3rd option behind LT and
                                              games, because of a nagging ankle
 Marvin Harrison leave the Bruno Boys                                                       Antonio Gates, Jackson dropped to 4th
                                              injury, Hackett scored a touchdown in
 to believe that Gonzalez should be                                                         man status with the addition of wide
                                              three of the 6 games, and went over
 targeted as a sleeper. It is best to keep                                                  receiver, Chris Chambers, last season,
                                              100- receiving yards in two of those.
 an eyes on how Harrison’s legal battles                                                    and that’s where he sits heading into
                                              His presence should alleviate some of
 play out, but if he is set to miss                                                         2008. While Jackson has upside,
                                              the double teams Smith has seen in
 anytime, Gonzalez instantly becomes a                                                      beware because some owner in your
                                              years passed. If he wins the job in
 third wide receiver for your fantasy                                                       league will overvalue the wide receiver
                                              training camp, the Panthers plan to line
 football squad.                                                                            due to his postseason in which he put
2008 BRUNO BOYS WIDE RECEIVER RANKINGS                                                                    BY: MARC CAVIGLIA

 up 300 receiving yards and two scores.      could put together a solid season, as the   have solid fantasy numbers. With the
 He’s worth a gamble though as your          Raiders are starting to piece together      plethora of running backs on the roster
 WR4/WR5.                                    playmakers on offense, but that is a big    and a young QB under center, Oakland
 _____________________________               “IF”. You can expect second year            will continue to be a run first team.
                                             quarterback JaMarcus Russell to target      _____________________________
 43. Jerry Porter –                          his playmaker on a regular basis, but
 Jacksonville Jaguars (Bye: 7)               until Walker proves he can still play at    47. Isaac Bruce -
                                             100 percent, only target him as your        San Francisco 49ers (Bye: 9)
 After a battle with Raiders owner Al        fourth wide receiver. ALERT – A
 Davis in 206, Porter returned to full       report stating that Walker had gone to
                                             Al Davis ready to retire is not music to    After topping the 1,000 yard mark in
 form in 2007 but was marginal at best.
                                             fantasy owners’ ears.                       2006, Bruce's numbers, like all St.
 A large part of this was because of the
                                                                                         Louis Rams, dipped a bit in 2007. Still,
 inconsistent passing attack in Oakland,     _____________________________
                                                                                         the ageless wonder finished with a
 which never allowed Porter to find is
                                                                                         respectable stat line of 733 yards and 4
 groove. Looking into the positives,         45. Sidney Rice -
                                                                                         TDs. The good news for Bruce heading
 Porter was able to score six touchdowns     Minnesota Vikings (Bye: 8)                  into 2008 is that in joining the 49ers, he
 on just 44 receptions, and he did
                                                                                         will once again be reunited with Mike
 manage to score three touchdowns over       With 31 catches for 396 yards and 4
                                                                                         Martz, whom he had some of his best
 the seasons final 5 weeks. However          TDs, Rice didn't exactly make the
                                                                                         years under. The bad news is that this
 things will be different in 2008 as         splash in his first season that fellow
                                                                                         time Martz will be running his offense
 Porter is now a member of the run           Viking's rookie Adrian Peterson did,
                                                                                         with a team that ranked last in total
 happy Jacksonville Jaguars offense.         but he did prove he will be a
                                                                                         offense in 2007. With that in mind,
 With the Jaguars being led by precision     serviceable wide receiver in this league.
                                                                                         there are other, younger wide receivers
 passing expert David Garrard, you           Heading into 2008, the Vikings know
                                                                                         with more upside than Bruce.
 should see a bump in his reception and      that opposing teams will be looking to
 yardage totals, but not his TD’s.           stack the box in order to slow Peterson
 ALERT – Hamstring injury has limited        down. As such, they made a
 the amount of time Porter has had to        conscientious effort to bolster their       48. Drew Bennett –
 pick up the Jaguars’ offense.               passing game, adding Bears' deep            St. Louis Rams (Bye: 5)
 _____________________________               threat, Bernard Berrian to the roster.
                                             With Berrian drawing defenders deep         Bennett proved to everyone during his
 44. Javon Walker –                          down field and Peterson attracting their    days with the Tennessee Titans that he
 Oakland Raiders (Bye: 5)                    attention near the line, Rice should find   can make the big play and after a
                                             room in the middle distances to             subpar 2007 showing with the Rams, he
                                             increase his rookie numbers.                is primed to have a bounce back year in
 Just a few months into his tenure as an
 Oakland Raider and Javon Walker is          _____________________________               2008. Playing behind Torry Holt and
                                                                                         Issac Bruce, Bennett could only
 already drawing unwanted attention to
 the Silver and Black. Not only did
                                             46. Ronald Curry -                          manage 33 receptions for 375 receiving
                                             Oakland Raiders (Bye: 5)                    yards and 3 touchdowns. With Bruce
 Walker rip the Raiders off in landing a
                                                                                         headed to the San Francisco 49ers,
 ludicrous six-year contract, he got
                                             If asked to name the Raiders' leading       Bennett will jump into a starting spot
 mugged in late June at a Las Vegas
                                             wide receiver in both 2006 and 2007,        and should prove a reliable red zone
 nightclub. It was reported that Walker
                                             Ronald Curry is probably not the name       target for quarterback Marc Bulger. It’s
 left the nightclub in a random car, was
                                             that would come to mind; however, it        safe to assume that Bennett will
 later robbed, beat-up and left bloody in
                                             would be the correct one. For the past      significantly increase his totals from
 the street. The Las Vegas police have
                                             two seasons, Curry has been the             last year, and he should be targeted
 since taken one victim into custody but
                                             Raiders most consistent wide out, going     towards the end of your draft. If all
 there is still no rhyme or reason for the
                                             for 727 yards in 2006 and 717 this past     goes well, you can expect him to
 beat down. Now onto football related
                                             season. Even with the addition of Javon     perform better than his draft position.
 issues, Walker has a degenerate knee
 that has given him trouble for years and    Walker, we wouldn't be surprised if         _____________________________
 is too unpredictable to rely on. If he      Curry once again had the best numbers
 stay healthy, it is possible that Walker    of any Oakland receiver. The only
                                             problem is that doesn't guarantee he'll
2008 BRUNO BOYS WIDE RECEIVER RANKINGS                                                                    BY: MARC CAVIGLIA

                                             wait and see scenario with Johnson as
 49. Ted Ginn Jr. -                                                                        .
                                                                                         54. Muhsin Muhammad -
                                             he has the talent to put up solid fantasy
 Miami Dolphins (Bye: 4)                     numbers, but in order to do so, Martz's     Carolina Panthers (Bye: 9)
                                             system has to take flight in San
 With Chris Chambers traded away                                                         Muhammad is returning to Carolina,
                                             Francisco with Alex Smith at the helm.
 during the 2007 season and Marty                                                        where he had the best years of his
 Booker signing with Da' Bears, Ginn                                                     career, for the 2008 season. Still, don't
 enters his sophomore season as the                                                      expect him to repeat the numbers he
                                             52 Devin Hester -                           had in his previous stint with the team.
 Dolphins top wide out. If that was all      Chicago Bears (Bye: 8)                      Steve Smith is the team's obvious
 he had to bring to the table fantasy                                                    number one, while Muhammad will
 wise, then Ginn would find himself a        In just two NFL seasons Hester has          most likely split time with DJ Hackett.
 few spots lower in these ranks as the       already solidified himself as the           _____________________________
 Dolphins, who finished 1-15 in 2007,        greatest kick/punt returner of all time,
 are still a mess. But, Ginn gets bonus      as el
                                                eleven of his 152 returns have gone        .
                                                                                         55. David Patten –
 points due to the fact that he's also the   for touchdowns. Now that he has             New Orleans Saints (Bye: 9)
 Dolphins return man. He's one of those      mastered that craft, the Bears want to
 guys younger than Bruce that has a bit      see Hester excel as a wide receiver and     After racking up 800 yards in 2004 for
 more upside despite his lower rank.         have committed to him seeing more           the New England Patriots, Patten toiled
 _____________________________               time on the offensive side of the           in obscurity up in Washington in 2005
                                             football. Hester saw limited action at      and 2006, playing in just 14 games and
 50. Reggie Williams -                       the position last season, but shined in     going for a combined 242 yards over
 Jacksonville Jaguars (Bye: 7)               Week 17 as he connected with Kyle           those two seasons. But, in 2007, the
                                             Orton for a 55 yard touchdown pass.         receiver was revived as he marched
 Yardage wise, Williams was solid but        Hester has the speed and playmaking         with the Saints to the tune of 792 yards
 not spectacular in 2007, hauling in 38      ability to shine, but with the Bears        and 3 TDs. With New Orleans likely to
 passes for 629 yards, but when it came                                     non-
                                             passing attack being close to non           be among the top 5 in offense for the
 to finding pay dirt, Williams made the      existent let someone else in your league    third straight year, Patten is worth a
 most of his receptions, touching down       sn him.
                                             snag                                        look in the later rounds of a deep draft.
 for 6, 10 times. Those 10 TDs will          _____________________________               _____________________________
 cause Williams to be overvalued
 heading into drafts this off-season. The    53 Amani Toomer -
 Jaguars once again will focus on
                                                                                           .       Walter
                                                                                         56. Kevin Wal –
                                             New York Giants (Bye: 4)
 running the ball, and with Jerry Porter                                                 Houston Texans (Bye: 8)
 added to the mix, Williams, despite his     During his 9 year career, Toomer has        Opportunity came a knocking in 2008
 starter status, will be the teams #2.       tallied 700+ yards in 7 seasons. In the     for Walter when Andre Johnson went
 ALERT – Williams underwent knee             two that he hasn't, he had 684 in one,      down with an injury, and Walter
 surgery and is in question for Week 1.      and in the other, he played in just 8       opened the door wide, hauling in 65
 _____________________________               games due to injury. That consistency       balls for 800 yards and 4 scores.
                                             is nice to see from a wide out this low     Though going into 2008, temper your
 51. Bryant Johnson -                        on the board. He makes a solid bench        expectations because uunless Johnson
                                             guy, excellent for bye week fill in.        misses time once again, Walter should
 San Francisco 49ers (Bye: 9)
                                                                                         see his numbers decline.
 The 49ers decided the best way to boost                                                 _____________________________
 their wide receiver corps this off-season
 was to raid the cupboards of their NFC                                                  57. Justin Gage - Tennessee
 West foes, landing both Isaac Bruce                                                     Titans (Bye: 6)
 from the Rams and Johnson from the
 Cardinals. Johnson has spent his NFL                                                    It's a crap shoot as to which of the
 career living in the shadows of Larry                                                   Titans receivers will ultimately end up
 Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, but in                                                    establishing themselves as Vince
 2008, he’ll get his chance to shine in                                                  Young's gogo-to-guy. That combined with
 the city by the bay. It's somewhat of a                                                 the fact that Vince Young isn't exactly
2008 BRUNO BOYS WIDE RECEIVER RANKINGS                                                                  BY: MARC CAVIGLIA

 putting up the best passing numbers,
                                                               2008 WIDE RECEIVER TIER RANKINGS
 leads us to believe it's better to let
 things play out in Tennessee than to                TIER ONE              AVERAGE
 take a draft day gamble on Gage.                  Randy Moss (NE)            1
 However, he will open the season as the
                                                      TIER TWO             AVERAGE
 primary receiver in Tennessee.                    Reggie Wayne (Ind)                      TIER SEVEN           AVERAGE
 _____________________________                     Terrell Owens (Dal)       3.83       Derrick Mason (Bal)         37
                                                 Braylon Edwards (Cle)       4.33        Reggie Brown (Phi)        38.5
 58. James Hardy -                                Larry Fitzgerald (Ari)     5.67       Patrick Crayton (Dal)      38.5
                                                  Andre Johnson (Hou)        8.33      Donte Stallworth (Cle)     36.67
 Buffalo Bills (Bye: 6)                                                                  Nate Burleson (Sea)      40.17
                                                 Marques Colston (NO)        8.33
                                               T.J. Houshmandzadeh (Cin)      9        Anthony Gonzalez (Ind)     40.33
 As of now, it appears the rookie wide
                                                                                        Bobby Engram (Sea)        40.67
 receiver out of Indiana has a good                 TIER THREE             AVERAGE        D.J. Hackett (Car)      43.33
 chance of starting opposite Lee Evans              Steve Smith (Car)        9.67        Deion Branch (Sea)       44.17
 this season. At 6' 6", Hardy should                 Torry Holt (Stl)       10.33       Vincent Jackson (SD)      44.67
 make a solid red zone threat, allowing          Plaxico Burress (NYG)      10.83
 Trent Edwards to simply loft a jump              Chad Johnson (Cin)        11.83           TIER EIGHT          AVERAGE
                                                                                          Jerry Porter (Jax)       46.5
 ball up that Hardy with his height
                                                     TIER FOUR             AVERAGE       Javon Walker (Oak)       49.17
 advantage on cornerbacks should be
                                                  Anquan Boldin (Ari)         14          Sidney Rice (Min)         50
 able to come down with.                          Roy Williams (Det)         14.67       Ronald Curry (Oak)       51
 _____________________________                   Santonio Holmes (Pit)       15.83        Issac Bruce (SF)        51
                                                   Wes Welker (NE)            17         Drew Bennett (Stl)       52
 59. Brandon Stokley -                           Marvin Harrison (Ind)        19
                                                                                         Ted Ginn Jr. (Mia)      52.17
                                                Brandon Marshall (Den)       20.33
 Denver Broncos (Bye: 8)
                                                      TIER FIVE            AVERAGE           TIER NINE          AVERAGE
 Stokley is best out of the slot, and that's        Lee Evans (Buf)            21       Reggie Williams (Jax)     55.67
                                                   Roddy White (Atl)                     Bryant Johnson (SF)      55.83
 where the Broncos attend to keep him,                                       21.83
                                                  Calvin Johnson (Det)         22        Devin Hester (Chi)         56
 putting Darrell Jackson opposite
                                                  Greg Jennings (GB)         22.33      Amani Toomer (NYG)         56.5
 Brandon Marshall. Stokley is coming
                                                    Hines Ward (Pit)          24.5     Muhsin Muhhamad (Car)        57
 off of his best season since his 1,077                                                   David Patten (NO)       57.67
                                                Jerricho Cotchery (NYJ)      25.33
 yard campaign in 2004, and is worth a                                                   Kevin Walker (Hou)         58
 flier this late in your draft. Though his             TIER SX             AVERAGE         Justin Gage (Ten)      58.33
 best value will come from your leagues           Dwayne Bowe (KC)           26.83        James Hardy (Buf)       58.67
 waiver wire, keep in mind that if               Chris Chambers (SD)         26.83     Brandon Stokley (Den)      59.67
 Marshall gets suspended he will be               Donald Driver (GB)         27.83     Laurent Robinson (Atl)     60.67
 getting an instant increase in targets and        Kevin Curtis (Phi)         29
 could have some value as bye week              Laveranues Coles (NYJ)       29.33
                                                  Joey Galloway (TB)          30
 filler if the matchup calls for it.
                                                 Bernard Berrian (Min)       32.83   RANKINGS UPDATED – AUGUST 14TH
 _____________________________                    Santana Moss (Was)          33

 60. Laurent Robinson -
 Atlanta Falcons (Bye: 7)

 Two Atlanta receivers in our top 60.
 We must be crazy! But, down here,
 you’re looking for upside and Robinson
 has it. He finished last season with 37
 receptions for 437 yards and 1 TD.
 Those are numbers he can improve on e
 and Ryan lines up under center.
2008 BRUNO BOYS TIGHT END RANKINGS                                                                       BY: MICHAEL WHOOLEY

The tight end position once was an afterthought in fantasy football leagues. Think about it, besides the likes of
                         rpe,                     Novacek,
Shannon and Sterling Sharpe, Brent Jones, and Jay Novace what other tight ends from the 80s and early 90s had
any type of fantasy impact.

Now, there are a plethora of tight ends deserving of roster spots, whether your league has a tight end slot or not.
Antonio Gates, Jason Witten, Kellen Winslow, and Tony Gonzalez will all most likely go in the first four rounds of
your league’s draft, and even when those guys are off the board, there are plenty of other options to choose from in
the forms of Dallas Clark, Chris Cooley, Jeremy Shockey and so on. The tight end position has chang
dramatically over time. Once called upon simply to block, tight ends are becoming bigger and bigger parts of their
teams’ passing games. As such, the tight end position is one you can no longer ignore come draft day, so get an
advantage over your opponents at this now crucial position by taking a look at the Bruno Boys Fantasy Football
2008 Tight End Rankings below.

 1. Jason Witten - Dallas Cowboys (Bye: 10)

 For the first time in his six year career, Witten surpassed the
 1000 yard receiving mark in 2007, going for 1,145 yards along
 with 7 scores. Those numbers propelled Witten to the top spot
 among fantasy tight ends. Not bad for a player selected 108th on
 average in fantasy drafts heading into 2007. This time around
 though, Witten will be a much hotter commodity, most likely
 costing you a 3rd or 4th round pick at the least.

 In the end, that pick will again be well worth it. Witten has
 developed a nice rapport with quarterback, Tony Romo,
 becoming Romo's favorite target in 2007 to a tune of 96
 receptions. With teams often having to throw double coverage
                                                                                                                Winslow should have
                                                                     anywhere close to those numbers in 2008, Wins
 Terrell Owens' way, Witten is able to find the open spots over
                                                                     his 3rd excellent fantasy season in a row.
 the middle of the field, and Romo's been able to find him in
 those spots. That trend will continue in 2008.
                                                                     3. Antonio Gates – San Diego Chargers (Bye: 9
 2. Kellen Winslow – Cleveland Browns (Bye: 5
                                                                     It's beginning to become like clockwork. Every year, Gates is
 It's hard to fathom that 2008 will be Kellen Winslow's fifth year   grabbed in the third round of fantasy drafts, and for the past four
 in the NFL, and in all actuality, though the numbers support that   years, he has awarded the lucky owner to draft him with at least
 claim as Winslow was selected by the Cleveland Browns in the        900 yards and 9 scores, becoming one of the safest draft day
 2004 draft, 2008 will be more like Winslow's third year as he       selections. Despite coming off of foot surgery, that remains the
 lost nearly all of 2004 and 2005 to injury.                         case for 2008.

 Since returning to the field in 2006, Winslow has been              LT attracts so much attention from opposing defenses that Gates
 establishing himself as one of the more coveted fantasy tight       often finds himself matched up one on one with just a safety or
 ends. After a solid 2006 campaign in which he went for 875                               up
                                                                     linebacker, a match-up the Chargers love to exploit. A full year
 yards and 3 TDs, Winslow really opened eyes in 2007 going for
                                          ed                                                                                 set-up
                                                                     with Chris Chambers lining up on the outside of him, a set
 1,106 yards and 5 TDs as the Browns finally showed they could                                                        8-2
                                                                     that led the Chargers to finish the season on an 8 run, should
 play on the offensive side of the ball, jumping from being the      also allow Gates to keep putting up the solid numbers we have
 31st ranked offense in the league in 2006, all the way to number    all become accustomed to. ALERT – Gates’ recovery from foot
 8. The turnaround was in large part due to quarterback Derek        surgery is not going as plan; thereby, making him a riskier pick
 Anderson, who many felt would serve simply as a filler until        than previously.
 Brady Quinn was ready to take the reins. Anderson finished the      ______________________________________________
 year with 3,787 passing yards and 29 TDs. If he comes
2008 BRUNO BOYS TIGHT END RANKINGS                                                                         BY: MICHAEL WHOOLEY

 4. Tony Gonzalez - Kansas City Chiefs (Bye: 6)                       down year. Shockey now heads to New Orleans, where he gets
                                                                      to work in an offense that seems perfectly suited for his type of
 Those who might be thinking Chiefs tight end, Tony Gonzalez,         game. While Marques Colston takes defenders deep and Reggie
 is getting a bit long in the tooth, need only to remember that the   Bush keeps linebackers honest thanks to his pass catching
 12 year veteran led all tight ends in 2007 with 99 receptions.       ability, Shockey should find ample room to roam on mid-level
 Those 99 receptions translated into 1,172 yards (also best           routes, something Drew Brees should take advantage of.
 among tight ends) and 5 TDs, one of Gonzo's best years of his        ______________________________________________
 long, illustrious career.
                                                                      7. Chris Cooley - Washington Redskins (Bye: 9)
 The prospect of the inexperienced Brodie Croyle manning the
 Chiefs offense might not inspire a lot of confidence , but           It's a shame Cooley plays in the NFL and has to wear a helmet
 remember often times, young QBs look to their tight ends to          because he sports perhaps the best white man's afro in all of
 bail them out of trouble - something that will benefit Gonzo         professional sports. Still, it's more than the afro that should
 nicely. Also, benefiting Gonzo is the fact that the Chiefs finally   make you covet the Redskins' tight end for 2008.
 have a wide receiver that will keep secondaries honest in
 Dwayne Bowe. Don't be surprised to see Gonzo put up another          Already an every week fantasy starter, Cooley, who has put up
 one of his better years in 2008.                                     at least 730+ yards and 6+ TDs in each of the last 3 seasons,
 ______________________________________________                       should see a slight boost in his value for two reasons. First, new
                                                                      head coach, Jim Zorn, will use a west coast style type offense,
 5. Dallas Clark - Indianapolis Colts (Bye: 4)                        which usually keeps the tight end involved as the quarterback
                                                                      looks to make quick strikes. Speaking of quarterbacks, that
 Beware fantasy owners because chances are that Dallas Clark          brings us to the second reason Cooley could perhaps have yet
 will be overvalued in your league's draft. That's nothing against    another career year in 2008. Redskins' quarterback Jason
 Clark. In fact, we, the Bruno Boys, have no doubt that Clark         Campbell has gotten valuable experience under his belt.
 will end the season as a top 10 fantasy tight end. After all, he     Improved play from Campbell helps Cooley along with the
 does have Peyton Manning throwing him the ball.                      whole Redskins' passing game.
 Still, while Clark's yardage should be similar to the 616
 receiving yards he had in 2007, we're not so sure he'll match his
                                                                      8. Todd Heap - Baltimore Ravens (Bye: 10)
 11 TDs that led all tight ends. For one, as long as legal troubles
 don't keep him off the field, Marvin Harrison should be back in
                                                                      After missing 10 games in 2007, Heap will find his value
 2008, taking away some opportunities from Clark. Throw in
                                                                      diminished heading into 2008 fantasy drafts. Take note and snag
 Anthony Gonzalez, who matured rapidly last season once thrust
                                                                      this tight end late for great value. Sure, Heap has played in 8 or
 into a starting role due to Harrison's injury, and those 11 TDs
                                                                      less games in 3 of his 7 seasons in the NFL, but following each
 look like a tall order even with the Colts putting up the points
                                                                      of those previous injury plagued seasons, Heap stayed healthy
 they do.
                                                                      enough, playing in 32 games before sitting out again.
                                                                      The quarterback situation in Baltimore may also lead many to
 6. Jeremy Shockey - New Orleans Saints (Bye: 9)                      undervalue Heap, but remember, inexperienced quarterbacks
                                                                      tend to look to their tight ends often, so the Raven’s weakness
 The Shockey soap opera that took place this off-season was           may be a strength for Heap’s fantasy value. Add Cam Cameron,
 filled with just as many twists and turns as As the World Turns      who knows how to use a stud tight end (Antonio Gates,
 and Days of our Lives, culminating in a shouting match between       anybody?) into the equation, and Heap is looking at a strong
 Shockey and Giants’ GM, Jerry Reese. Apparently, the Giants’         bounce back year.
 brass actually bought the talk that the Giants are a better team     ______________________________________________
 without Shockey after the team’s Super Bowl run, shopping
 Shockey around the league. As you can imagine, a player as           9. Vernon Davis - San Francisco 49ers (Bye: 9)
 emotional as Shockey, didn’t quite like that.
                                                                      It's been two years and still the 49ers (and fantasy owners for
 In the end, the Giants were successful in their trade efforts, as    that matter) haven't gotten the return they thought they would
 they dealt Shockey to the New Orleans Saints in return for draft     when they chose Vernon Davis with the 6th selection in the
 picks. Even with just playing 14 games in 2007, Shockey racked       2006 draft. Whether it's been injuries, mental mistakes, or drops,
 up 619 yards and 3 TDs . Not his best year, but still solid for a    Davis just hasn't been able to put it together.
2008 BRUNO BOYS TIGHT END RANKINGS                                                                         BY: MICHAEL WHOOLEY

 However, Davis' third go around might be the charm. While the        along side stud wide receiver, Andre Johnson, should only speed
 49ers' new offensive coordinator, Mike Martz, has never been         up the process.
 known to make fantasy studs out of his tight ends, early reports
 indicate that Martz wants to make Davis a big part of his game       Daniels is able to work the middle deeper than most tight ends
 plan in 2008, lining him up in numerous areas of the field and       as Johnson opens up the field by taking defenders deep down
 taking advantage of the tight ends athletic ability. If that turns   the sideline with his speed and deep threat ability. Daniels may
 out to be the case, Davis just might finally reward those owners     be a border line starter now, but someday soon, he'll be an elite
 who draft him heading into 2008.                                     tight end in both the NFL and fantasy leagues.
 ______________________________________________                       ______________________________________________

 10. Heath Miller - Pittsburgh Steelers (Bye: 6)                      13. Tony Scheffler - Denver Broncos (Bye: 8)

                                                                      Scheffler has all the tools necessary to be a top fantasy tight end.
 As long as Big Ben continues to choose Miller as his playmate
                                                                      He can get off the line, runs nice routes, and has soft hands, but
 within the opponents 20-yard line, Miller will be of great
                                                                      even more important than all of that is the rapport he's built with
 fantasy value to his owners. His 47 receptions may seem a bit
                                                                      Bronco's quarterback Jay Cutler. That rapport led to Scheffler
 low for a top tier tight end, but with 17 coming in the red zone,
                                                                      racking up 388 of his 549 yards in the second half of 2007.
 Miller makes the most of his catches, often earning a quick six
                                                                      Perhaps it's because the two were rookies together or perhaps
 with them.
                                                                      Cutler is confident that if he throws it Scheffler's way, there's a
                                                                      good chance the ball will be caught.
 The continued development of Santonio Holmes will also
 benefit Miller. While Hines Ward is a possession type receiver,       Whatever the case may be, these two are on the same page
 usually working the same area of the field as Miller, Holmes is a    more often than not, and as Cutler continues to develop and puts
 deep threat. As safeties have to play back to make sure Holmes       up bigger and bigger numbers, you can bet Scheffler will be a
 doesn't get behind the secondary, Miller should find room to         big beneficiary.
 work underneath.
                                                                      14. Ben Watson - New England Patriots (Bye: 4)
 11. Alge Crumpler – Tennessee Titans (Bye: 6)
                                                                       On any other team, Watson would not be found this high in our
 The Falcons were a mess last season following the Michael            rankings, especially with the number of drops thaty plagued him
 Vick saga. As such, it’s not hard to see why Alge Crumpler           late last season. Sometimes though is more about what's on the
 finished the season with one of the three worst outputs of his       outside of that jersey than who is in the inside. With Watson
 career – 444 yards and 5 TDs. Wisely, Crumpler got out of            sporting a Patriot's jersey, his value gets a tremendous boost,
 dodge and will play 2008 in a Tennessee Titan uniform.               though expectations need to be tempered compared to his 2007
                                                                      pre-draft value.
 Obviously, having Vince Young throwing him the ball won’t
 cause many fantasy owners to jump for joy as Crumpler may be         Prior to 2007, Watson had been a favorite target of Brady's, but
 hard pressed to match his career high of 877 receiving yards;        in 2008, with many brand new toys to play with, Watson
 however, Crump-daddy can make up for another low yardage             somewhat got tossed aside, seeing his yardage total dip 254
 total by hauling in numerous TDs, resulting in quick sixes for       yards. Luckily, for his owners, that dip was offset a bit by the 3
 his fantasy owners. After all, a big reason Crump was targeted       more scores Watson had in 2008 as the Patriots put up the most
 by the Titans was to help cure their horrid performance in the       points in NFL history.
 red zone from last season.
 ______________________________________________                        It's only natural to assume the Patriots return to Earth a bith and
                                                                      fail to match their record breaking season, which means Watson
 12. Owen Daniels - Houston Texans (Bye: 8)                           won't have as many scoring opportunities, especially with
                                                                      Marcus Pollard joining the fray. He'll have even less chances if
 While Daniels found pay dirt less often in 2007 (3 TDs) than he      the Patriots decided that Brady needs some extra protection,
 had in 2006 (5 TDs), the Texans' tight end made up for it by         keeping him into block.
 more than doubling his yardage during his sophomore campaign         ______________________________________________
 (768 yards to 352 yards). Daniels' spike in receiving yards
 should be enough to put you on notice that this young tight end
 is set to make a name for himself in fantasy circles. A full year
2008 BRUNO BOYS TIGHT END RANKINGS                                                                  BY: MICHAEL WHOOLEY

 15. L.J. Smith -                           17. Zach Miller -                            20. Dustin Keller -
 Philadelphia Eagles (Bye: 7)               Oakland Raiders (Bye: 5)                     New York Jets (Bye: 5)

  Like with Watson, L.J. Smith is a tight   Inexperienced quarterbacks, ala              Keller enjoyed some nice years at
 end that has seen his perceived fantasy    Oakland's JaMarcus Russell, often            Purdue, including a senior season in
 value drop big-time since last off-        utilize their check downs. That's            which he went for 881 yards and 7 TDs.
 season. For one, despite playing in all    excellent news for Miller as he gets set     That senior year impressed the Jets so
 but one game from 2003 to 2006,            to begin his sophomore season after                          traded
                                                                                         much that they trade up to get the
 Smith's durability is now a question       gaining 303 yards in the second half of           making
                                                                                         play-making tight end. With that being
 mark after he missed 6 games due to        his rookie campaign. Those 303 yards         the case, look for the Jets to get him in
 injury in 2008. Secondly, Smith's skills   were the difference between Miller           the mix right away.
 seem to be on the decline. Most            falling into fantasy obscurity and Miller    _____________________________
 notably, the Eagles' tight end was able    being on this list.
 to haul in only about half of the balls    _____________________________                21. Ben Utecht -
 thrown his way last season. Whether a                                                   Cincinnati Bengals (Bye: 8)
 lack of separation from defenders or       18. Donald Lee -
 simply drops were the biggest factor,      Green Bay Packers (Bye: 8)                   In 2007, the Bengals took a huge step
 doesn't matter. What matters is that                                                    back on the offensive front. Utecht,
 Smith wasn't able to take advantage of     A career year of 575 yards and 6 scores      who's coming from a pretty good
 the opportunities he was given.            is enticing, but the "real" retirement of    offense in itself, the Indianapolis Colts,
                                            Brett Favre is enough to make the            has been added to help right the ship. In
 With so many young tight ends moving       Bruno Boys resist the temptation.            order to keep defenses honest, Utecht
 up the fantasy ranks, it no longer makes   Aaron Rodgers is just not going to be        gives Carson Palmer a target that can
 sense to wait for Smith to put it all      slinging it as often as Favre did. Lee is    run routes underneath Chad Johnson
 together for a season.                             back-up fantasy tight end with a
                                            a solid back                                          Houshmandzadeh, opening
                                                                                         and T.J. Hous
 _____________________________              nice upside, but nothing more for            things up for the passing game as a
                                            fantasy purposes.                            whole. Expect a career year.
 16. Greg Olsen -                           _____________________________                _____________________________
 Chicago Bears (Bye: 8)
                                            19. Randy McMichael -                        22. Jeff King -
 Olsen's rookie campaign ended with         St. Louis Rams (Bye: 5)                      Carolina Panthers (Bye: 9)
 numbers that are by no means jaw
 dropping (391 yards, 2 TDs). But, there    McMichael is like that plate your waiter     The return of Jake Delhomme can do
 were flashes that proved this former       tells you is hot. You know in the end        nothing but help the Carolina Panthers
 Miami Hurricane could be a star            you'll get burned, but you touch it                          Delhomme
                                                                                         passing attack. Delhom is leaps and
 fantasy tight end in a hurry. A weak       anyways. Since a 2004 season of 791          bounds better than the whiter than
 wide receiver core in Chicago should       yards and 4 TDs, fantasy owners have         white gloved David Carr, the older than
 only add to his value this season, off-    convinced themselves that every year is      time Vinny Testaverde, and rookie Matt
 setting the hit his value takes due to     McMichael's year to break out. Thre          Moore that the Panthers put under
 Desmond Clark's presence and the           trouble is he has not yet even matched       center in 2007. With King racking up
 horrendous play you can expect from        those 2004 numbers in any of the past 3      406 yards and 2 scores on 46 receptions
 Da' Bears quarterback position.            years, including 2007, w when a change                   guys,
                                                                                         with those guys it'll be fun to see what
                                            of scenery to St. Louis that renewed         he can do with Delhomme. Still, be
                                            expectations was derailed as the Rams        careful as the Panthers brought in D.J.
                                            needed McMichael to block more often         Hackett and Muhsin Muhammad at the
                                            than not. A healthy oo-line will give        wide receiver position. Both of whom
                                            McMichael more chances to catch              should take opportunities away from
                                            passes, but to think he'll out do his 2004   King.
                                            career year, is unr                          _____________________________

2008 BRUNO BOYS TIGHT END RANKINGS                                                                     BY: MICHAEL WHOOLEY

 23. Leonard Pope -                            26. Ben Troupe - Tampa Bay                    30. Billy Miller –
 Arizona Cardinals (Bye: 7)                    Buccaneers (Bye: 10)                          New Orleans Saints (Bye: 9)

 Despite ranking 35th among tight ends         According to sources, the Bucs simply
                                                                                             The addition of Shockey might actually
 in receiving yards in 2007 with just 238      brought Troupe in to motivate Alex
                                                                                             turn out to be a blessing for Billy
 yards, Pope ranked tied for 8th in the all    Smith, but the Bruno Boys wouldn't be
                                                                                             Miller. First, it took Eric Johnson out of
 important TD category with 5. He'll           surprised to see Troupe end 2008 with
                                                                                             the picture as he was released. Also,
 always be 3rd fiddle behind the               better numbers. Remember, Troupe did
                                                                                             With the way Shockey takes defenders
 Cardinals two stud wide outs, Larry           have 55 receptions for 530 yards back
                                                                                             on, injuries tend to find him, which
 Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, but he          in 2005, and with a solid QB in Jeff
                                                                                             would open the door for Miller.
 does have the body and athletic ability       Garcia throwing him the ball, a return
 that make him a money red zone target.        to some fantasy glory could be in order.
 _____________________________                 _____________________________                2008 TIGHT END TIER RANKINGS

 24. Kevin Boss -                              27. Anthony Fasano -
 New York Giants (Bye: 4)                      Miami Dolphins (Bye: 4)                              TIER ONE               AVERAGE
                                                                                                Jason Witten (Dal)            2
 Boss did show some flashes during the         When you're picking a tight end this           Kellen Winslow Jr. (Cle)       2.17
                                                                                                Antonio Gates (SD)           2.83
 Giants post-season run in 2007,               late, you should strictly be looking for
 including a 45 yard reception in the          upside, and a move for Fasano from                  TIER TWO                AVERAGE
 Super Bowl in which he beat Rodney            Dallas to Miami, where he won't be               Tony Gonzalez (KC)           4.33
 Harrison, but we wouldn't put a whole         behind Jason Witten and will be part of           Dallas Clark (Ind)           6
 lot of stock in that. Even with Jeremy        Dan Henning's offensive system that             Jeremy Shockey (NO)           6.33
 Shockey’s departure, Boss isn’t a lock        utilizes tight ends often is a lot of
                                                                                                   TIER THREE              AVERAGE
 to be a fantasy producer. After all, he       upside to be thankful for.
                                                                                                 Chris Cooley (Was)            8
 has just 9 regular season receptions in       _____________________________                      Todd Heap (Bal)             8.67
 his NFL career. If you’d like, draft him                                                        Vernon Davis (SF)             9
 as your back-up and see how he                28. Desmond Clark -                                Heath Miller (Pit)          9.33
 develops. But, don’t take him as              Chicago Bears (Bye: 8)                           Algre Crumpler (Ten)         10.67
 anything more.                                                                                 Owen Daniels (Hou)           11.67
 _____________________________                                                                  Tony Scheffler (Den)           13
                                               While Clark will still see substantial
                                               playing time despite Greg Olsen's                   TIER FOUR               AVERAGE
  25. Marcedes Lewis -                         expected growth, the Bruno Boys                   Ben Watson (NE)             13.67
 Jacksonville Jaguars (Bye: 7)                 believe most of that time will be when             L.J. Smith (Phi)           14.67
                                               Da' Bears need a tight end that can               Greg Olsen (Chi)              16
 Lewis ended 2007 with the exact same          block on the field, an area Clark is way          Zach Miller (Oak)             17
 yardage and touchdown totals as Greg          ahead of Olsen in. Watch the depth                Donald Lee (GB)              17.5
 Olsen of the Chicago Bears (391 yards         chart, but if things play out as expected,           TIER FIVE              AVERAGE
 and 2 touchdowns), so what pushes             Clark will be the number two tight end.         Randy McMichael (Stl)          21.5
 Lewis, a tight end with speed and size,       ____________________________                     Dustin Keller (NYJ)          22.67
 this much further down in our                                                                    Ben Utecht (Cin)           23.33
 rankings? Simple, as long as Fred                                                                 Jeff King (Car)           23.33
                                               29. Alex Smith - Tampa Bay                       Leonard Pope (Ari)
 Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew are                                                                                           23.67
 around, Jacksonville will be a heavy          Buccaneers (Bye: 10)                              Kevin Boss (NYG)            24.83
                                                                                               Marcedes Lewis (Jax)          25.33
 run-first team.
                                               Smith had just 385 yards and 3 scores
 _____________________________                                                                       TIER SIX              AVERAGE
                                               in 2007, his third year in the league, it
                                                                                                 Ben Troupe (TB)              26.5
                                               leaves us wanting more.
                                                                                               Anthony Fasano (Mia)          26.67
                                               ____________________________                    Desmond Clark (Chi)           27.33
                                                                                                 Alex Smith (TB)             28.33
                                              RANKINGS UPDATED – AUGUST 14TH                     Billy Miller (NO)           30.33
2008 BRUNO BOYS KICKER RANKINGS                                                                          BY: JOEL STUBBLEFIELD

 It’s a love-hate relationship with kickers. We all experience it. The team you love, down a mere point, with less
 than a minute to play calls on its kicker to attempt a last second field goal for the victory. Buffalo Bills fans
 definitely know the hate portion of this relationship (Scott Norwood). New England Patriots fans certainly know
 the love (Adam Vinatieri).

 Fantasy owners likewise know the love and hate. Who doesn’t love the week where your kicker explodes for 2      20+
 points and you snatch victory by a handful of points in a match up you had no business winning. Who doesn’t
 hate losing to that same team when a kicker scores more points than your first round pick? Nevertheless, they’re
 part of the game. If you select one before your final few picks, however, you’re teetering on the brink of insanity.

 Selecting your kicker is like drawing a card. With some exceptions, there’s no great difference in kickers. IN
 fact, many fantasy teams will shuffle them throughout the season, sticking with the hot leg. The Bruno Boys
 suggestion is to spend your final round pick on a kicker with a strong leg and a stronger offense. Who are these
 kickers? Check out the Bruno Boys Fantasy Football 2008 Kicker Rankings

 1.Nick Folk – Dallas Cowboys (Bye: 10)                             2. Stephen Gostkowski –
                                                                    New England Patriots (Bye: 4)
 Largely undrafted in many leagues in 2007, Folk exploded with
 the rest of the Dallas Cowboys offense. He finished the season     Again, a relative unknown from 2007, Gostkowski was a
 converting 26 of 31 field goal attempts and trailed just Stephen   fantastic option almost every week. Sure, there were weeks
 Gostkowski in Extra Points with 53. Again, prolific offenses       when he only kicked Extra Points, but six points for your
 lead to productive fantasy kickers. Folk finished with the third   fantasy team is still six points, whether from two field goals or
 most points (142 fantasy points) amongst kickers, further                            uchdowns.
                                                                    six Point after Touchdowns. When it was all said and done,
 evidencing the reasons you should never spend anything other       Gostkowski broke in NFL record by converting on 74 extra
 than a final round pick on a kicker.                               points. He finished the season as the fifth best fantasy kicker, as
                                                                    he converted on 21-24 field goal attempts and 140 total fantasy
 With the Cowboys looking to be among the league’s elite            points.
 offenses yet again, Folk should takes the cake as our top kicker
 heading into 2008.                                                                ots
                                                                    With the Patriots undoubtedly due to somewhat slow
                                                                    offensively, Gostkowski should have more of an opportunity to
                                                                    increase his field goal chances in 2008.

                                                                    3. Adam Vinatieri – Indianapolis Colts (Bye: 4)

                                                                    Vinatieri’s name almost always carries more value than the
                                                                    kicker himself. In each of the last three seasons, he has finished
                                                                    worse than tenth in total points scored. In 2007, his 118 fantasy
                                                                    points ranked him towards the middle of the league amongst
                                                                    kickers and the fact that all 21 of his field goals were from 40
                                                                    yards or less is a red flag.

 ______________________________________________                     However, the Colts offensive prowess is difficult to ignore,
                                                                    justifying Vinatieri’s ranking. He might not be that kicker that
   K RANKINGS ARE BASED ON           K RANKINGS ARE BASED ON        gives you a 5 field goal game from time to time, but he is
      STANDARD SCORING:                 STANDARD SCORING:           usually a lock for at least 3 Extra Points and 2 Field Goals.
                                                                    Unfortunately, fantasy football awards no points for clutch
  EXTRA POINT: 1 POINT                     49
                                    FG (40-49 YARDS): 4 POINTS
  FG (0-39 YARDS): 3 POINTS         FG (50+ YARDS): 5 POINTS
2008 BRUNO BOYS KICKER RANKINGS                                                                            BY: JOEL STUBBLEFIELD

 4. Nate Kaeding – San Diego Chargers (Bye: 9)                         7. Mason Crosby – Green Bay Packers (Bye: 8)

 Many owners were burned by Kaeding in 2007. With the
                                                                       After beating out David Rayner in training camp, Crosby
 Chargers offense struggling out of the gates, it took Kaeding a
                                                                       exploded in 2007 to lead the league in scoring as a rookie. With
 few weeks to get going. As he finished the season on a fractured
                                                                       Favre playing pitch and catch with the receivers, Crosby had
 leg, Kaeding could only muster 127 fantasy points. Known for
                                                                       plenty of opportunity to nail kick after kick. His instant success
 his big leg, the fourth year kicker converted on 80 percent (8-
                                                                       led to 156 fantasy points, 31 field goals (12 over 40+ yards) and
 10) of his field goals over 40 yards.
                                                                       48 Extra Points.

 With Kaeding playing on a team with an explosive offense in a
                                                                       It is hard to think of a rookie kicker having as big of an impact
 fantastic climate for kicking, you can draft him with ease. Plus,
                                                                       as Crosby but with Favre gone in 2008 you can expect a decline
 the stout San Diego defense doesn’t hurt his opportunities
                                                                       in his numbers. His strong leg is extremely impressive, and he
 either, and Kaeding appears poised to return to the position’s
                                                                       should continue to be atop the league in 40+ yard field goals,
                                                                       but you can expect to see a lot less of Crosby. Still, he is worthy
 ______________________________________________                        of being a starting kicks in all fantasy leagues.
 5. Shayne Graham – Cincinnati Bengals (Bye: 8)
                                                                       8. Rob Bironas – Tennessee Titans (Bye: 6)
 Again sticking with the theme of strong offenses, bank on the
 Cincinnati Bengals giving Graham plenty of opportunities in
                                                                       You should be careful not to overrate his explosive 2007 as the
 2008. Last season was another typical Graham like year, as he
                                                                       Tennessee Titans were positively terrible in the red zone,
 converted on 31 of 34 field goal chances to go along with 37
                                                                       leading to easy chip shots for Bironas (10 of his field goals
 Extra Points. These numbers were good enough to rank him as
                                                                       came from with the 29 yard line). On the season he finished
 the eighth best fantasy kicker in 2007, finishing with 136
                                                                       with a league high 35 field goals and was ranked 2nd overall in
 fantasy points.
                                                                       fantasy points with 150.
 As the Bengals offense fades in and out of consistency, Graham
                                                                       With improvement on both sides of the ball for Tennessee, and
 is metronome steady. Heading into 2008, he will be strong yet
                                                                       an extremely powerful leg for Bironas, he is worthy of owning
 again and should see an increase in Extra Points, as we feel the
                                                                       in all leagues, but don’t expect Bironas to get 39 field goal
 Bengals offense will be more reliable this year.
                                                                       attempts again.

 6. Josh Brown – St. Louis Rams (Bye: 5)                               9. Robbie Gould – Chicago Bears (Bye: 8)

 The Rams signed Brown from division rival Seattle Seahawks in         Gould was the fantasy darling of 2006 when the inept Bears
 the off season after watching him drill multiple game-winning         offense provided kick after kick. 2007 saw the defense falter
 kicks for the opposition. Brown’s leg has always been among           greatly from its previously superior play, and thus a reduction in
 the league’s best, and his accuracy is commendable as well. In        Gould’s production. Despite the fall off in fantasy points (138 in
 2007, he set a career high with 28 field goals and over the past      ’07) Gould was still able to boot 31 field goals and rank as the
 three seasons Brown has booted 30 field goals of 40 or more           seventh best kicking option last year.
 yards. However, it is worth pointing out that in his five year
 career, Brown is just 22 of 30 on field goal chances at indoor        With a little luck, the defense will return to greatness and the
 stadiums. This shouldn’t make you shy away from him, but it           offense will increase its points per game average, which should
 could take him a few weeks to get adjusted.                           lead to an increase in Gould’s opportunities. If you are in a
                                                                       league that rewards points for multiple field goal games, Gould
 On the offensive side of the ball, St. Louis is filled with talent,   had five games in which he had at least 3 field goals.
 and the defense is improving. These are just two of the many
 reasons why Brown should provide great value for his owners.
2008 BRUNO BOYS KICKER RANKINGS                                                                         BY: JOEL STUBBLEFIELD

 10. Phil Dawson – Cleveland Browns (Bye: 5)                        13. David Akers – Philadelphia Eagles (Bye: 7)

                                                                    At one time Akers was a highly sought after commodity in
 The Cleveland offense proved itself in 2007, as they scored 43
                                                                    fantasy leagues. Now, he's just another aging kicker. His leg is
 touchdowns, and once again will prove formidable in 2008.
                                                                    weak, leading to just two made field goals over 40 yards in
 After a dip in his kicking accuracy in 2006, Dawson was back to
                                                                    2007, and his accuracy is falling, down to 75% last season.
 form in ’07 as he converted on 26 of 30 field goal chances. The
 highlight of Dawson’s season came in week 11 against the           Akers owes his spot in these rankings to play of Brian
 Baltimore Ravens, when he converted on a 51 yard field goal in     Westbrook. A one man show, Westbrook provides enough
 the snow as time expired to send the game to overtime. Minutes     offense to give Akers the opportunities he needs to put up
 later, he kicked a game winning 33 yard field goal in overtime.    fantasy points.
 With Derek Anderson, Jamal Lewis, Braylon Edwards, Kellen
 Winslow, and company returning, it will provide plenty of
 punch for this offense to put together a similar season, leading   14. Josh Scobee – Jacksonville Jaguars (Bye: 7)
 Dawson to have plenty of opportunities, which means he’s a
 solid fantasy option in 2008.                                      Jack Del Rio was a defensive coordinator prior to securing the
 ______________________________________________                     job as Jacksonville’s head coach. Why should you care?
                                                                    Defensive minded coaches tend to rely on their defense to win
 11. Neil Rackers – Arizona Cardinals (Bye: 7)                      games, not their offense, which leads to a lot of running plays
                                                                    and short passes. While this can be effective, it’s also a great
                                                                    recipe for easy kicks. Although Scobee was hurt in 2007 (8
 The fantasy darling of 2005, Rackers has since been a mediocre
                                                                    games played) he still connected on 26 Extra Points and missed
 option. With the tandem of Fitzgerald and Boldin, the Cardinals
                                                                    just one field goal (12 of 13).
 have the opportunity to explode on any given Sunday, however,
 this leads to Extra Point chances for Rackers, instead of field
                                                                    A bounce back season could certainly be in order, and if any
 goal chances. 2007 saw Rackers have just 30 field goal
                                                                    kicker can be considered a sleeper, it’s Scobee. Don’t be
 chances, his lowest since 2003, and the fact that he missed 9
                                                                    surprised if you grab him in the last round and he outperforms
 field goals won’t help his cause.
                                                                    his average draft position. The reason we don’t rank him higher
                                                                    is because we are still concerned about his quadriceps injury.
 With the Cardinals expected to use Matt Leinart under helm, it
 could take awhile for them to get rolling, and we feel Rackers
 has enough in the tank to be considered as a flier once the top
 options are off the board.                                         15. Shaun Suisham – Washington Redskins (Bye: 10)
                                                                    Who knows what to make of the Washington offense in 2008
                                                                    under Jim Zorn, but if they're simply solid, Suisham should be
 12. Jason Hanson – Detroit Lions (Bye: 4)
                                                                    too. His shank of a 30 yarder in the playoff loss to Seattle likely
 While Joe Nedney's value gets a boost thanks to Mike Martz's       didn't do any good for his job security, but he should settle into
 arrival in San Francisco, Hanson's takes a hit. The good news      the starting position as he did hit 82.8% of his field goal
 though is that Hanson still plays in a dome with a mediocre        attempts in the regular season.
 offense and improving defense.
                                                                    The Redskins lack consistency from the wide receiver position,
 However, don't expect a repeat of his 2007 season in which he      which often times can lead to drives stalling in the red zone. If
 ranked fifth among fantasy kickers with 133 points. While he       that’s the case again, it will be good news for Suisham. At this
 may not have another great season, Hanson should have solid        time, it is best to target him as a bye week fill in or as a last
 enough numbers to be a border line every week start.               round selection in a 14 or 16 team league.
 ______________________________________________                     ______________________________________________
2008 BRUNO BOYS KICKER RANKINGS                                                                     BY: JOEL STUBBLEFIELD

                                             middle of the league last year in passing
 16. Kris Brown – Houston                                                                          Kasay
                                                                                          21. John Kasa –
                                             yards, but with Garcia, Galloway, and
 Texans (Bye: 8)                             Hilliard all getting long in the tooth, a    Carolina Panthers (Bye: 9)
                                             dip wouldn't be a huge surprise,
                                                                                          Much like Scobee, Kasey benefits from
 2007 saw the emergence of Kris Brown        meaning less opportunities Bryant's
                                                                                          an extremely conservative coaching
 in Houston. After being inconsistent        way.
                                                                                          staff. The Panthers have the potential
 throughout his career, Brown was able       _____________________________
                                                                                          to be solid offensively, though they've
 to knock down 25 of 29 field goal
                                                                                          disappointed substantially the last
 chances last year. As an added bonus        19. Jason Elam –                             several years. The last remaining
 he was a perfect 5 of 5 on field goals
 over 50 yards.                              Denver Broncos (Bye: 8)                         ginal
                                                                                          original Carolina Panther doesn't have
                                                                                          the leg he used to, but he's been quite
                                             Elam was once a premier kicker in            accurate in his career, including an
 If Matt Schaub, and Andre Johnson can
                                             fantasy due to the thin mountain air of      85.7% accuracy rating in 2007.
 stay healthy, and the Texans can find
                                             Denver and his ability to drill 40+ yard     _____________________________
 some consistency in their rushing
                                             kicks with regularity, an ability he still
 attack, this offense has the chance to be
                                             had in 2007, hitting 10 of 14 from that        .
                                                                                          22. Matt Stover –
 extremely explosive. We feel that
                                             distance. And, it might be an ability he
 Brown is as good a flier as any after the                                                Baltimore Ravens (Bye: 10)
                                             has to rely heav on in 2008 as Elam
 top options are off the board.
                                             leaves Denver and heads for Atlanta to
 _____________________________               play for an offense that may have            If only the Baltimore offense wasn’t
                                             trouble getting closer than 40 yards out.    completely awful, Stover would be a
 17. Jeff Reed –                             It’s b to gamble on someone else.
                                                  best                                    highly coveted fantasy kicker. Reason
 Pittsburgh Steelers (Bye: 10)               _____________________________                being, he is one of the most accurate
                                                                                          kickers of our time, missing just 11
                                             20 Lawrence Tynes –                                goals
                                                                                          field goal over the past three seasons.
 We cant say it enough, pick a kicker
                                                                                          However, 2007 was Stover’s lowest
 with an explosive offense. Even when        New York Giants (Bye: 4 )                    point total (115 fantasy points) since
 the field goal opportunities aren’t
                                                                                          2002, in large part because the offense
 plentiful, the Extra Points don’t leave     Yes,
                                             Y the Giants won the Super Bowl.
                                                                                          was able t produce just 26
 you empty handed. In 2007, Reed was         No, you don't get any points for having
 his accurate self, as he knocked down       them on your team. If anything, I'm a
 over 90% (23 of 25) of his field goal       bit wary of Tynes due to Brandon
                                                                                          It is tough to gauge just how wel
 chances and he finished sixth in the        Jacobs. There may not be a better goal
                                                                                          Stover will project in 2008. If the
 league with 44 Point After                  line back in football, meaning few chip
                                                                                          Ravens offense struggles again, you
 Touchdowns.                                                        scoring.
                                             shots to boost Tynes' scorin Though
                                                                                          might need to hover your waiver wire
                                             based on last year, Tynes may prefer
                                                                                          for other option
 You can count on Ben Roethlisberger         the deeper kicks. While Tynes struggles
 and company to be plenty productive         on chip shots, going 15 for 19 from 39
 this year, making Reed a reliable           yards or closer, he nailed the long kick,
 kicking threat for your fantasy squad.      a perfect 8 for 8 from 40 to 49 yards.         .
                                                                                          23. Brandon Coutu –
  However, if you are in a league that       _____________________________                Seattle Seahawks (Bye: 4)
 rewards for long field goals, Reed only
 had 6 chances over 40 yards last year.                                                   Yes, this rookie will have to earn the
 _____________________________                                                            starting job, but Olindo Mare is not
                                                                                          bound for Canton, Ohio. The Georgia
 18. Matt Bryant - Tampa Bay                                                              product kicked well in college and
                                                                                          holds a career long of 58 yards,
 Bucanneers (Bye: 10)                                                                     suggesting he's got plenty of leg.
                                                                                          Seattle's offense has the potential to be
 After totaling a career high in fantasy
                                                                                          quite good if the running game is
 points in 2007 with 119, Bryant looks
                                                                                          serviceable, and we love those kickers
 to build on that success in 2008.
                                                                                          on strong offenses.
 However, Tampa's offense could hold
 him back. The Bucs ranked in the
2008 BRUNO BOYS KICKER RANKINGS                                         BY: JOEL STUBBLEFIELD

                                                             his opportunities, though we've learned
                 24. Ryan Longwell -
                                                             to expect underachievement from the
                 Minnesota Vikings (Bye: 8)                  49ers offense before.
                 If Adrian Peterson, aka Purple Jesus, is
                 the savior Vikings' faithful believe him
                                                             28. Rian Lindell -
                 to be, then Longwell's ranking is a bit
                 too low. But, in reality, as dynamic as     Buffalo Bills (Bye: 6)
                 Peterson is, football is a team game,
                 and right now with Tarvaris Jackson at      This ranking is mostly a reflection of
                 the helm, the Vikings don't have the        teams and weather conditions. There's
                 best. Longwell saw just 24 Field Goal       little fault found with Lindell, who
                 attempts last season, that number won't     missed just 3 Field Goals in 2007, but
                 be growing too much, if at all, in 2008.    Buffalo is downright nasty in the
                 _____________________________               winter, and the Bills' offense, which has
                                                             trouble scoring in perfect weather,
                 25. Mike Nugent -                           slows down even more, limiting
                 New York Jets (Bye: 5)                      Lindell's scoring chances.
                 If you're looking for bonus points from
                 those long range shots, Nugent's not        29. Sebastian Janikowski -
                 your man as he was just 1 for 4 from 50     Oakland Raiders (Bye: 5)
                 yards and out, but if you're looking for
                 a solid, if unspectacular, option, by all
                                                             Worst first round pick ever? That's
                 means bet on the Jets to give Nugent an
                                                             probably a bit harsh, but he's in the
                 opportunity to be a mediocre fantasy
                                                             discussion. And, a season in which he
                 kicker yet again in 2008 as they settle
                                                             missed 9 Field Goals out of 32, isn't
                 for Field Goals rather than punch it in.
                                                             going to help his case. Nor, is 2008, as
                                                             the Raiders will struggle to get things
                                                             going as they hand the reins of their
                 26. Taylor Mehlhaff -
                                                             offense to their young stars, JaMarcus
                 New Orleans Saints (Bye: 9)                 Russell and Darren McFadden.
                 Another sleeper from Wisconsin,
                 Mehlhaff has three things in his favor
                 for 2008. 1) He plays in a dome. 2)         30. Matt Prater -
                 Drew Brees and company light up the         Denver Broncos (Bye: 8)
                 scoreboard. 3) Martin Gramatica is his
                 only competition.                            Inheriting the mile-high air is a good
                 _____________________________               thing for kickers. This, however, is the
                                                             same guy that missed three of his first
                 27. Joe Nedney –                            four attempts in Atlanta last year on his
                                                             way to losing the starting job. Proceed
                 San Francisco 49ers (Bye: 9)
                                                             with caution, but if your league allows
                 A bit of a sleeper who has always been      points for kickoffs, boost the man up
                 fairly accurate, Nedney missed just two     this list. His ability to kick off is the
                 Field Goals in 2007. Unfortunately, he      only reason he was able to find a job
                 had just 19 attempts as the 49ers could     last year after being shown the door in
                 never get their offense going, leading to   Atlanta.
                 a paltry 77 fantasy points. Nedney now      _____________________________
                 has the added benefit of an offense run
                 by Mike Martz, which should increase
2008 BRUNO BOYS KICKER RANKINGS                                                                  BY: JOEL STUBBLEFIELD

 31. Dan Carpenter -                                                  2008 KICKER TIER RANKINGS
 Miami Dolphins (Bye: 4)

 Last year, Jay Feely racked up 96                                                         TIER FOUR              AVERAGE
 fantasy points, earning him the 28th                                                    Neil Rackers (Ari)         13.17
 spot among fantasy kickers. The sad                                                    Jason Hanson (Det)          13.17
 thing is that despite having a solid year                                               David Akers (Phi)          13.83
 in a bad offense, they decided to release                                                            (Jax)
                                                                                         Josh Scobee (Jax             15
 him in favor of Carpenter. This offense                                               Shaun Suisham (Was)           16.5
 is going to be bad, with questions                                                      Kris Brown (Hou)           16.67
 marks at every position, so Carpenter              TIER ONE             AVERAGE           TIER FIVE              AVERAGE
 might get his kicking chances, but we             Nick Folk (Dal)         2.67           Jeff Reed (Pit)           18.17
 recommend staying away from any              Stephen Gostkowski (NE)      3.33         Matt Bryant (TB)            18.33
 kicker that shows up in South Beach. In                                                 Jason Elam (Atl)            18.5
                                                   TIER TWO              AVERAGE
 fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if the                                                Lawrence Tynes (NYG)          18.83
                                               Adam Vinatieri (Ind)         4.5
 Dolphins go through a plethora of                                                      John Kasay (Car)             19.5
                                                Nate Kaeding (SD)          4.83
 kickers during the 2008 season.                                                        Matt Stover (Bal)           19.67
                                               Shayne Graham (Cin)           5
 _____________________________                   Josh Brown (Sea)          5.33             TIER SIX              AVERAGE
                                                                                       Brandon Coutu (Sea)            20
 32. Nick Novak / Connor Barth -                 TIER THREE              AVERAGE
                                                                                       Ryan Longwell (Min           22.16
                                                Mason Crosby (GB)          10.17
 Kansas City Chiefs (Bye: 6)                    Rob Bironas (Ten)           10.5
                                                                                        Mike Nugent (NYJ)           22.67
                                                                                       Taylor Mehlhaff (NO)         24.33
                                                Robbie Gould (Chi)         11.33
 With the Chiefs releasing veteran                                                       Joe Nedney (SF)             25.5
                                                Phil Dawson (Cle)          11.67
 kicker Billy Cundiff, they head into                                                     TIER SEVEN              AVERAGE
 camp with two unproven kickers                                                          Rian Lindell (Buf)         26.33
 battling it out for the starting gig in                                            Sebastion Janikowski (Oak)       26.5
 Kansas City. Novak last kicked as a                                                     Matt Prater (Den)          29.33
 member of the Washington Redskins in                                                   Dan Carpenter (Mia)           30
 ’06. As for Barth, he is an undrafted                                             Nick Novak/Connor Barth (KC)      30.5
 rookie out of North Carolina and not
 much else.
 _____________________________                                                     RANKINGS UPDATED – AUGUST 14TH

 33. Olindo Mare –
 Seattle Seahawks (Bye: 4)

 Why bother? Even if he beats Coutu
 for the job, he'll likely lose it later or
 disappoint you anyway. Something he
 did last year as a member of the Saints
 when he went 10 for 17.

 34. Martin Gramatica –
 New Orleans Saints (Bye: 9)

  See Mare, Olindo. Replace "Coutu"
 with "Mehlhaff" and “10 for 17” with
 “15 for 19.”
2008 BRUNO BOYS TEAM DEFENSE RANKINGS                                                                                  BY: CHRIS ZIZA

A changing of the guard is occurring among fantasy defenses. No longer are the Bears and Ravens the defenses
fantasy owners will be targeting early on in their fantasy drafts. In fact, while the Bears still are hanging on to a top
5 ranking, thanks in large part to Devin Hester and their return team, the Ravens are now looking up at 9 other
squads. So, who are the defenses that fantasy owners are coveting?

Topping the Bruno Boys Fantasy Football 2008 Team Defense Rankings are the San Diego Chargers. That’s right;
the Chargers are more than just LT and Antonio Gates. With the likes of Shawne Merriman, Clinton Hart, and
Antonio Cromartie leading the way, the Chargers defense is not just the best in the West, it’s the best in the NFL. To
see where other teams stack up heading into 2008, the Bruno Boys proudly present the Bruno Boys Fantasy
Football 2008 Team Defense Rankings.

                                                                        league starts their playoffs, the Chargers opponents their last
                                                                        four weeks are the Oakland Raiders (Week 14), the Kansas City
                                                                        Chiefs (Week 15), the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Week 16) and
                                                                        the Denver Broncos (Week 17). Altogether, this makes the
                                                                        Chargers the cream of the crop for defenses rated by the Bruno
                                                                        Boys, with 3 first place votes.

                                                                        2. New England Patriots (Bye: 4)

                                                                        The Patriots had a season beyond seasons as far as excitement,
                                                                        thrills and complete domination; except for one minor
                                                                        thing…they lost the Super Bowl to the New York Giants! It is
                                                                        no secret that New York teams hate New England teams and
                                                                        vice versa. So, we here at the Bruno Boys believe that the
  1. San Diego Chargers (Bye: 9)                                        Patriots are going to be even more motivated, more eager, and
                                                                        more willing to just roll over the competition both offensively
  Leading things off on the Bruno Boys’ 2008 Defensive
                                                                        and defensively.
  Rankings are the San Diego Chargers. Led by Shawne
  Merriman, Clinton Hart and Antonio Cromartie, the Chargers            In 2007, the Patriots rated fourth in both points and total
  defense is hungrier than ever before to help this franchise get to    yardage allowed per game. As a team they tallied 1,055 tackles,
  and win the ultimate prize, the Super Bowl!                            7
                                                                        47 sacks, 12 fumbles and 19 interceptions. When you put both
                                                                        the individual categories alongside the Patriots allowed
  As a team in 2007, the Chargers ranked fifth with 17.8 points
                                                                        averages, it will be hard not to grab the Patriots with one of the
  per game allowed and fourteenth in total yardage with 320.2
                                                                        top defensive picks in the draft.
  yards allowed per game. Both their passing and rushing defedefense
  ranked in the middle-of-the-pack in the NFL, leaving their real       The Patriots D went unheralded in 2007, having been
  value to lie in their performance in individual categories.           overshadowed by their offense, but 2008 should see them get a
  Together, the team totaled 1,117 tackles, 42 sacks, 18 fumbles        little more credit as New England will look to manage the clock
  and 30 interceptions. That’s right, 42 sacks and 30 interceptions     more by turning to their running game more often. TThat should
  Not many teams can come close to either of these numbers.             keep the D fresher and also limit opponents putting up cheap
                                                                        points late in the game after being blown out.
  The Chargers have a number of games against outstanding
  opponents, including the Saints, Patriots, Colts, and Broncos           DEF RANKINGS ARE BASED             DEF RANKINGS ARE BASED
                                                                           ON STANDARD SCORING:               ON STANDARD SCORING:
  (twice). But, they also have their fair share of weaker opponents
  in the Jets, Raiders (twice), Dolphins, Falcons and the Chiefs.        SACKS: 1 POINT                     SHUTOUT: 10 POINTS
  For at least two thirds of the fantasy season you will be able to
                                                                         SAFETY: 2 POINTS                   2-6 PTS ALLOWED: 7 POINTS
  plug in the Chargers without a second thought. For the other
  third, there is always your backup D, a waiver wire choice, or         INT: 2 POINTS                      7-13 PTS ALLOWED: 4 POINTS
  you could just ride the Chargers. Depending on when your               FUMBLE REC: 2 POINTS               14-17 PTS ALLOWED: 1 POINT

                                                                         DEFENSIVE TD: 6 POINTS             SPECIAL TEAMS TD: 6 POINTS
2008 BRUNO BOYS TEAM DEFENSE RANKINGS                                                                                    BY: CHRIS ZIZA

 Their tougher opponents this year include San Diego, Denver            have some easier weeks against the Ravens, Bears and Packers
 and Indianapolis, while their weaker opponents include the             sans Brett Favre. Although a very solid defense, the Jags
 49ers, Jets, Raiders and Dolphins. All that being said, it isn’t a     definitely are not top 3 worthy. There is a group of defenses
 surprise the Patriots are slotted at #2 on the Bruno Boys              after the top 3 that are expected to yield similar results, so if you
 Defensive Rankings, having received one first place vote.              did not grab one of the top 3, you may want to wait some and
 ______________________________________________                         work on other positions at the moment. You should still be able
                                                                        to get a similarly ranked defense a few rounds later than what it
 3. Minnesota Vikings (Bye: 8)                                          would cost you to get the Jaguars.
 The surprise defense of the year in 2007, the Vikings came out
 of nowhere to put up solid numbers as a whole almost every             5. Chicago Bears (Bye: 8)
 single week! It does help them that they do play in a weak
 division that includes the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions and            What a major disappointment the Chicago Bears were in 2007, a
 Green Bay Packers, but their effort was much more than just            disappointment that can be likened to that of RB Steven
 facing weaker opponents. The Vikings just finally put it all           Jackson. Both drafted high, most likely neither lower than third
 together on the defensive end of the ball, jelling as a unit.          overall for their respective positions, yet produced miserably,
                                                                        for different reasons of course. The Bears were just a mess with
 As a team, they ranked twelfth in allowing 19.4 points a game          players complaining, off the field problems adding up, and
 and twentieth with 338.1 yards per game. Ironically they ranked        injuries to boot. From day one of the 2007 off-season to the last
 thirty-second in pass defense, but number one in rush defense.         game played in the 2007 regular season, the Bears were a train
 In regards to individual categories, they totaled 1,084 tackles, 38    wreck. But, even with all the negatives, they did show some
 sacks, 16 fumbles and 15 interceptions.                                positives too.

 Their stronger opponents on the 2008 docket include the Colts,         On the negative side, the ELITE (at least they were supposed to
 Saints and Texans, while their weaker match-ups include the            be) Bears ranked sixteenth with a 21.8 points allowed average,
 Packers sans Brett Favre (twice), the Bears (twice), the Lions         twenty-eight with a 354.7 yards per game allowed average, and
 (twice) and the Falcons. As long as the Vikings don’t take a step      neither their passing defense nor rushing defense ranked higher
 back from what they accomplished last year, they will be a very        than twenty-fourth. But, in individual categories, their stats
 solid defense pick on draft day! Given one first place vote by a       rocked. They were able to accumulate 1,111 tackles, 41 sacks,
 Bruno Boys staff writer, there are very few weeks this season in       17 fumbles and 16 interceptions. They also have one of the best,
 which you should have to even consider replacing them as your          if not the best return games in the league, so if your league
 starting defense. The Vikings are the last of three teams that got     counts special team TD’s, Bear owners would have been given a
 a Bruno Boys rating of under 4 (1 being the best possible, 32          nice present of 6 TD’s.
 being the worst possible). After this team the talent falls some to
 the next level.                                                        Led by LB Brian Urlacher, DT Tommie Harris and LB Lance
 ______________________________________________                         Briggs, this team is hungry and wanting to prove that last year
                                                                        was just a fluke. For fantasy owners we sure hope they do! Their
 4. Jacksonville Jaguars (Bye: 7)                                       strong opponents include the Saints, Texans, Colts and Rams,
                                                                        while their weaker opponents include the Falcons, Lions (twice)
 Jacksonville took a big step towards being one of the better           and Favre-less Packers (twice). The Bruno Boys take on the
 defenses in the game last season, digging themselves out of            Bears is that of forgiveness. Oh, Bears while you had taken the
 obscurity and instead putting up averages that rank near the top       hearts of many fantasy players and thrown their love for you
 third in all average categories. They allowed 19.0 points per          into oblivion, we do forgive you and realize that there are times
 game, 313.8 yards per game and both their pass and rush                that people don’t perform up to expectations. With that in mind,
 defenses rated in the top half, but failed to break the top 10. As a   along with the fact that you still put some of the best defensive
 team they only put up 951 tackles, but they did throw in 37            players on the field and the fact that you play in a division that
 sacks, 10 fumbles and 20 interceptions.                                lacks for offense, we like your chances of popping back and
                                                                        performing as a very solid defense.
 This defense was an accumulation of many people doing their
 jobs, instead of a select few stars dominating. In those regards,
 the Jaguars as a whole must play on top of their game once
 again to remain this high in the Bruno Boys rankings. They do
 have some difficult tests along the way as they’ll have to face
 the Colts (twice), Texans, Broncos and Browns. But, they’ll also
2008 BRUNO BOYS TEAM DEFENSE RANKINGS                                                                                  BY: CHRIS ZIZA

 6. Dallas Cowboys (Bye: 10)                                           8. New York Giants (Bye: 4)

 The Cowboys finished the season pretty much where they were           First of all, congratulations to the reigning Super Bowl
 rated going into it, the bottom first third of rankings. This is a    Champions, the New York Giants! To be able to defeat the
 defense that is very solid, yet may be cursed by the fact they are    heavily favored, New England Patriots, in a game like they did
 partnered with an offense that scores quite often, forcing them to    is truly outstanding work! Do you think Michael Strahan is
 be on the field a bit more often than they’d like to be.              happy he gave it one last go? With that being said, the New
                                                                       York Giants D in 2007 played solidly, but unspectacularly.
 In 2007, the Cowboys rated thirteenth with 20.3 points allowed,       Their averages were anywhere from middle-of-the-pack to the
 ninth with 307.6 total yards allowed, and sixth with just 94.6        lower top third, as they ranked seventeenth with 21.9 points
 rushing yards allowed per game. As a unit they combined for           allowed, seventh with 305 total yards allowed, and rated
 1,041 tackles, 46 sacks, 10 fumbles and 19 interceptions. Their       eleventh in pass defense and eight in rush defense. As a team
 stronger opponents for the 2008 season include the Browns,            they combined for 1,049 tackles, 53 sacks, 10 fumbles and 15
 Bengals, Cardinals and Rams. Their weaker opponents include           interceptions.
 the Favre-less Packers, 49ers and Ravens.
                                                                       This year their schedule includes some pretty explosive
 The Cowboys D can be flashy at times and put up huge fantasy          offenses. They play the Rams, Bengals, Seahawks, Browns,
 weeks, but their offense’s love of the passing game and quick         Dallas (twice), and Arizona. As far as weaker offenses go, they
 scoring ability, forces the defense to be on the field more than      do get the 49ers and Ravens. It is always tough coming off a
 they should be. If the time management improves and the               championship season because every team is gunning for you
 Cowboys don’t rely so heavily on the quick strike, you could          hard and tough! Coming into the season as Champions along
 see this defense jumping up a few slots on the rankings board.        with the brutally high amount of good offenses they will be
 ______________________________________________                        facing this year, it’s hard to see the Giants repeat what they did
                                                                       last year. They are a defense that should be drafted as a starting
 7. Pittsburgh Steelers (Bye: 6)                                       squad, but make sure you find another solid D that has fairly
                                                                       easy match-ups on the Giants tougher weeks.
 The Steelers rocked last year on D! The stats don’t lie! They
 ranked second allowing just 16.8 points per game, first allowing
 just 266.4 yards per game, and both their passing and rushing
                                                                       9. Seattle Seahawks (Bye: 4)
 defenses ranked third in the NFL. We, the Bruno Boys, urge you
 not to go just by those stats to rate them this year though, or you   The Seahawks lost the face of their franchise earlier this off-
 will be greatly disappointed! Here is a list of the opponents in      season when they released former star RB Shaun Alexander.
 2007 that they were fortunate enough to face: the Bengals             That could be a very good thing though as the Seahawks are
 (twice), Ravens, Jets, Dolphins, and 49ers. Those are a lot of        now known as a team, not a team made up of individuals. Shaun
 offenses that were struggling at the time they played the             Alexander played horribly and garnered a lot of the negative
 Steelers, because of one reason or another. While that list is not    vibes that made their way around the club house. The Bruno
 meant to downplay what the Steelers did, it does take some of         Boys aren’t saying that he is a trouble maker, but we do believe
 the wind out of their sails.                                          Seattle will be better off not having to deal with all the
                                                                       negativity that came with having him around.
 As a team they were able to put up 36 sacks, 14 fumbles, and a
 solid, but not outstanding 11 interceptions. Those numbers may        The Seahawks ranked about average for their entire yardage
 take a slight dip in 2008 as they will have to face the Texans,       rankings, but were able to rank sixth with a 18.2 points per
 Browns (twice), Colts, Chargers, Bengals (twice), Patriots, and       game allowed average. As a team they went for 1,050 tackles,
 Cowboys. Wow, what a list, huh? It is getting easy to see why         45 sacks, 14 fumbles and 20 interceptions. All solid numbers!
 the Bruno Boys’ are down some on the Steelers this year
 compared to last. Especially, since their weak opponents consist      Their 2008 calendar consists of some tough games against the
 of a rather short list; the Ravens and Titans. The Steelers D is no   Rams (twice), Cowboys, and Patriots, but also some easy ones
 where near the Steel Curtain of the 70’s! They are a very solid       as they face the 49ers (twice), Aaron Rodger’s Green Bay
 group, and one that deserves to be drafted, and drafted as a          Packers, the Dolphins and the Jets. As long as Julius Jones can
 starter because of yesteryear and what they are capable of this       be a solid running back, the offense should flow a bit better this
 year. But, we warn you, if you are looking for a team that you        year, maintaining drives longer and making better use of the
 can confidently put out there week in and week out, you must          clock. That should keep the defense fresher. This is a defense
 search elsewhere!                                                     that could be drafted as a first or second defense, and that is just
 ______________________________________________                        where they belong. They’re a tweener - definitely not a team
2008 BRUNO BOYS TEAM DEFENSE RANKINGS                                                                                 BY: CHRIS ZIZA

 that deserves to be played every week, yet definitely a team that                          oost
                                                                       They should get a boost from their schedule as they face the
 if given the right matchup should excel!                              Falcons (twice), Bears, Packers sans Favre, Chiefs, Lions, and
 ______________________________________________                                                ups
                                                                       Raiders, though match-ups with the Saints (twice), Cowboys,
                                                                       Seahawks, and Chargers should somewhat balance things out.
 10. Baltimore Ravens (Bye: 10)                                                                           n
                                                                       The Bucs strength will once again be their secondary, led by
                                                                       Ronde Barber and made even better with the addition of Eugene
 The Ravens went into the 2007 season as one of the better             Wilson from the Patriots. However, the front line needs to do a
 fantasy football defenses, but once on the field, they fell flat in   better job stopping the run for this unit to become an elite squad.
 most aspects. Baltimore’s D, led by Ray Lewis and Ed Reed,                                              fine
                                                                       Right now, they are walking the f line between every week
 both of whom had another stellar year, failed miserably for the       start and match-up play.
 most part of 2007. They allowed 24.0 points per game, ranking         ______________________________________________
 them twenty-second in the league, despite raking sixth in overall
 yardage with a 301.6 yards per game average. And, they                12. Green Bay Packers (Bye: 8)
 actually won the time clock competition as well, making it
 mystifying on how such a good average in total yards could             For those of you who forgot with all this Brett Favre talk, the
 produce the less-than-stellar points average until you look a bit     Green Bay Packers also play on the opposite side of the ball
 deeper. Baltimore as a team combined for 1,086 tackles, 32            sometimes. Last year, the Pack's defense just missed the top 10
 sacks, 6 fumbles and 17 interceptions. Solid numbers, but no  no-     for total yards allowed, coming in at eleventh, giving up 313.3 a
 where near what was expected of them.                                  ame;
                                                                       game; however, they did crack the top 10 for points allowed,
                                                                       ranking sixth as opponents scored an average of just 18.2 points
 Their 2008 season will not be any easier having to play the           a game against them, something that contributed greatly to
 Bengals (twice), Browns (twice), Colts, Texans and Cowboys.           Favre being able to lead the Pack back to the playoffs. While
 Fortunately, for them though their schedule also includes             Green Bay did tally 36 sacks and 19 interceptions, both good
 Tennessee, Miami and Oakland, so there will definitely be             enough to put them in the top half of the league, they recovered
 games in which they will make a viable option as your starting                                            twenty-third spot for that
                                                                       just 9 fumbles, leaving them in the twenty
 D. If you end up drafting the Ravens as your first D, then            category, and helping to leave them out of the top 10.
 definitely make sure you get a solid second D, so you can play
 roulette with the two squads. In fact, with their studs being
 another year older, you may even see the Ravens take another
 step back this year. With Baltimore, definitely don’t set it and
 forget it! If you do, they could fail miserably and disappoint!
 Check in with the Bruno Boys for their Defensive Rankings
 week after week, and adjust your roster accordingly.

 11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Bye: 10)

  Remember those days when the Bucs were the fantasy Defense
 everyone wanted come draft day. Well, we may soon be seeing
 a repeat of history. The Bucs last year ranked #2 overall in total
 defense giving up just 278.4 total yards a game, a stat greatly
 aided by their superb pass defense, which was tops in the NFL.
 Limiting opponents' yardage, also, helped them to limit the                              hing
                                                                       Perhaps the best thing about the Packers is that they play in the
 points they gave up, a category they ranked third in, allowing                                        match-ups with the Lions (twice)
                                                                       NFC North, giving them nice match
 just 16.9 points a game. The Bucs would crack the top 10              and Bears (twice). It's a good thing they have those games
 heading into 2008 if only they could put up better stats in the                                   ups
                                                                       because except for match-ups with the Titans, their out of
 relevant fantasy categories. Last season, the team combined for                                      hy,
                                                                       conference schedule is a toughy, including games against the
 1,068 tackles, 33 sacks, 16 interceptions and 19 fumble               Cowboys, Seahawks, Colts, Saints, Texans, and Jaguars. A key
 recoveries. While they were tops in fumble recoveries, the rest       component to the how good the Packers defense plays in 2008
 of those stats place the Bucs in the middle of the pack. If they      will be how well Aaron Rodgers does at the quarterback
 could just improve slightly in those areas, the Bucs could end        position. (That is if Favre doesn't come out of retirement!) If
 the year a top 5 defense.                                             Rodgers struggles, the defense will find themselves playing a lot
2008 BRUNO BOYS TEAM DEFENSE RANKINGS                                                                                BY: CHRIS ZIZA
                                                                      Chargers out of conference balance things out. There's no
 more than in 2007, which means fatigue, which will lead to
 missed tackles and missed plays. The Packers are a solid D, but      question that the defense goes as Bob Sanders and Dwight
 not one you can rely solely upon.                                    Freeney go. If both of these guys can avoid spending time on the
 ______________________________________________                       sideline with injuries, than there is no reason that the Colts won't
                                                                      be contending to be a top 10 fantasy team, especially with the
 13. Tennessee Titans (Bye: 6)                                        ability and Peyton and Co. to manage game time. Still, it's a big
                                                                      if, and the low sack totals do worry us a bit. Take caution with
  The loss of Adam "Pacman" Jones prior to the 2007 season was        Indy, but don't be surprised if good things happen.
 supposed to be a devastating blow to the Titans defense;             ______________________________________________
 however, the defense rallied and put forth a strong team effort
 that pushed them into the top 5 in total defense as they allowed a
 paltry 291.6 yards per game and 18.6 points per game, good
                                                                      15. Washington Redskins (Bye: 10)
 enough for eighth in the league. Even without Pacman, the
                                                                      The Redskins incurred a horrible loss as Sean Taylor was shot
 secondary did it's job, ranking tenth against the pass. It helped
                                                                      and killed mid-way through last season. Any team would be hurt
 that they were constantly able to get pressure on opposing
                                                                      when tragedy like that happens, but the Redskins were perhaps
 quarterbacks, bringing them down in the backfield for a total of
                                                                      hit a little bit harder. Taylor was a key piece to the Skins’
 40 sacks. That pressure also led to 22 interceptions, good for a
                                                                      defense, a piece that the Redskins will find it very hard to
 tie for second among NFL squads, something that made up for
                                                                      replace in years to come. In 2007, the Skins’ allowed 19.4
 their mediocre performance in fumble recoveries (12). The
                                                                      points per game, 305.2 yards per game, and In 2007, the Skins’
 question is whether or not the Titans can once again overachieve
                                                                      allowed 19.4 points per game, 305.2 yards per game, and rated
 in 2008?
                                                                      fourth overall in rush defense with a 91.2 average. As a team
 The out of conference schedule does help them out a bit with         they had 1,099 tackles, 33 sacks, 10 fumbles recovered and 14
 match-ups against the hapless offenses of the Ravens, Chiefs,        interceptions.
 Packers, Bears, Jets, and Lions, but havign to face the Colts,
                                                                      Returning to the team are leading tacklers London Fletcher,
 Texans, and Jags twice does hurt. The team went out and
                                                                      Rocky McIntosh and LaRon Landry. Shawn Springs also makes
 brought back "The Freak," Jevon Kearse, to help improve an
                                                                      a return in hopes to getting the Redskins back into the playoffs.
 already solid line, but chances are Kearse is one of the few
                                                                      The Redskins played very well in 2007, perhaps above
 players' names you'll recognize on this squad. But, that's ok
                                                                      expectations, but it is now 2008, a whole new ball game. And,
 because the Titans play as a unit, and with football being such a
                                                                      with the Skins’ playing in a division that sports the Cowboys,
 team orientated game, that's what you want. The Titans readily
                                                                      Giants and Eagles, there is a lot of high-octane offense that
 swarm the ball and each guy does their duty. Do your duty and
                                                                      Washington is going to have to deal with, which should return
 take them as a low-end starting squad or a high-end bench unit.
                                                                      this organization back to reality. They are a solid D2, and one
 ______________________________________________                       that could excel when matched up against the right opponents,
                                                                      but they should not be used on a weekly basis. ALERT – To
 14. Indianapolis Colts (Bye: 4)                                      replace Phillip Daniels, the Redskins went out and secured
                                                                      Jason Taylor from the Miami Dolphins via a trade, upgrading
  It was just a few years ago that the only way in which the
                                                                      their pass rush significantly.
 Indianapolis Colts would win a football game was if Peyton and
 Co. would go out there and light up the scoreboard. That's no
 more as Tony Dungy has helped turned the Colts defense
 around. A turn around that culminated in a third ranking in
                                                                      16. Philadelphia Eagles (Bye: 7)
 yards allowed per game (279.7) and a number one rank in points
                                                                      It's strange seeing a team that ranks in the top ten in yards
 allowed (16.4) in 2007. Despite those rankings and stats
                                                                      allowed per game (311.4), points allowed (18.8), and sacks (37),
 consisting of 22 interceptions and 15 fumble recoveries, there is
                                                                      ranked in the midrange among fantasy defenses, but it shows
 still some room for improvement. Even with Dwight Freeney
                                                                      just how important interceptions and fumble recoveries are to
 coming off the line, the Colts managed just 28 sacks in 2007,
                                                                      your fantasy defense. The Eagles struggled in both categories as
 sixth worst in the league.
                                                                      they only forced 19 total turnovers. While the rest of their
 While they play in the same division, the Colts have a               numbers will help them win games in the NFL, without those
 dramatically easier conference schedule than the Titans, mainly      turnovers, they're not going to help you in fantasy leagues. In
 because rather than face themselves twice, they get to face          order to remedy the situation, the Eagles have brought in Asante
 Tennessee twice. But, match-ups with the Patriots, Bengals, and      Samuel, from the New England Patriots.
2008 BRUNO BOYS TEAM DEFENSE RANKINGS                                                                            BY: CHRIS ZIZA

 Games against the 49ers, Bears,               yards per game. But, it wasn’t all bad as    They were able to trade for massive DT
 Falcons, Ravens, and Giants (twice)           they were in the top ten for rushing         Marcus Stroud, who when healthy is a
 should also help those turnover               yards allowed per game with 90.0. As a       beast! That definitely can help them a
 numbers as those teams rely on                team they had 1,033 tackles, 36 sacks,       great deal in becoming a respectful
 quarterbacks that can at times be             11 fumbles and 18 interceptions. They        defense. DE Chris Kelsay is coming off
 erratic. Those are the match-ups to           did lose DE Calvin Pace, who tied for        of injury, but he should definitely help
 utilize the Eagles. Meanwhile, when           the team lead in tackles and was second      in the pass rush with DE Aaron Schobel
 they face the Cowboys (twice),                on the team in sacks, to the New York        helping from the other end. The Bills
 Bengals, Steelers, and Seahawks, do           Jets. And, they are playing in a division    have the pieces to where they can be
 yourself a favor and leave them on your       in which all three teams, the Rams,          much improved going into the 2008
 bench.                                        49ers and Seahawks are all expected to       season, but it all depends on health. If
 _____________________________                 have much improved offenses from             Stroud and Kelsay can get over the
                                               their 2007 version. With that in mind, it    injury bug, the Bills can take a step up
 17. Oakland Raiders (Bye: 5)                  may be a very long season for this           into low-D2, high-D3 territory.
                                               down and out defense. The Bruno Boys         _____________________________
 The Raiders struggled last season on          take on the Cardinals is one of
 defense, allowing 24.9 points per game        hesitance. As we said, for a stretch of      20. Denver Broncos (Bye: 8)
 and 341.6 total yards per game. The           games last year they were putting up
 Raiders didn’t let the fact that their pass   top 10 defensive numbers. But, that did      Entering 2007, Denver was expected to
 defense was their strong suit prevent         not last long. If you are sitting there      play as a top 10 defense, but that
 them from upgrading even more,                with the Cardinals being your best           quickly dissipated as they struggled
 pulling off a deal with the Falcons for       option for the week, you could do            right from the get go. The culprit was
 star CB DeAngelo Hall. Hall joins             worse. But if the matchups are not           not their pass defense as they held
 leading tacklers Kirk Morrison, Thomas        looking good, definitely check the           opponents’ to a respectable 193.4 yards
 Howard and Michael Huff in hopes of           waiver wire!                                 per game; rather, it was their rushing
 turning things around and giving Raider       _____________________________                defense that set them back as they
 nation something to cheer about. But,                                                      allowed 142.6 yards a game and rated
 unless the run defense improves some          19. Buffalo Bills (Bye: 6)                   higher than only two teams in the NFL
 over last year, being in a division where                                                  in this category. That poor rush defense
 they will have to face LaDanian               There was not much to celebrate              helped opponents throw up 25.6 points
 Tomlinson, Larry Johnson and Selvin           defensively in Buffalo last year as the      per game against the Broncos, all but
 Young each twice may turn 2008 into a         Bills were in the bottom half in both        making Denver a last resort option.
 nightmare! The Raiders are a team that        points per game allowed (22.1) and
 is better used against teams with             yards per game allowed (362.9).              They were able to bring in a handful of
 weaker running games. If for some             Normally, you can look at a defense          solid, but unspectacular veterans this
 reason your top fantasy defense is on a       and say, well, at least their run stopping   off-season to help shore up their
 bye-week or has a horrible matchup,           abilities were good, or at least they had    defense, none of which though are
 ensure that the Raiders are facing a          a solid secondary. But, in regards to the    really news worthy. And, unless those
 weak running game before plugging             Bills, you can’t really say anything         veterans can help add to the run
 them in. If they aren’t, then picking up      positive about what they did last year.      defense, it really doesn’t matter. The
 someone else on the waiver wires could        Their passing defense, twenty-ninth in       Broncos run defense is not the greatest,
 be the better way to go.                      the league, and rushing defense,             and being in a division that hosts LJ,
 _____________________________                 twenty-fifth in the league, were rated       LT and Darren McFadden is not really
                                               equally bad, giving them the thirty-first    a vote of confidence. Use the Bronco’s
 18. Arizona Cardinals (Bye: 7)                rated defense out of thirty-two teams        only during weeks that the opponents
                                               last year.                                   running game is in shambles. They
 There was a stretch of games last year                                                     have the personnel to stop a high flying
 when the Cardinals put it all together        Buffalo’s division consists of the           attack through the air, but their run
 and were a pretty good defensive play,        beauty queen in New England, the ugly        defense is like Swiss-cheese.
 but for the most part they were just          step-sister in Miami and the semi-cute       _____________________________
 mediocre. The Cardinals allowed 24.9          girl next door in the Jets. So, as long as
 points per game, 330.2 total yards per        you watch the matchups, Buffalo could
 game and a horrible 232.2 passing             become a decent play on certain weeks.
2008 BRUNO BOYS TEAM DEFENSE RANKINGS                                                                          BY: CHRIS ZIZA

                                             matchup, could be a solid team to pluck      whole, this group just simply is not that
 21. Carolina Panthers (Bye: 9)
                                             off of the waiver wires. They do play in     good. This squad should not be drafted
 By the end of the year Carolina was         a pretty potent division that includes the                                league.
                                                                                          unless you play in very deep leagu
 considered a middle-of-the-pack             Colts,
                                             Co Jaguars and to a much lesser              _____________________________
 defense, and that is exactly how they       extent, the Titans. So make sure you
                                             play matchups if you are going to use
 performed across the board. They rated                                                   24. Detroit Lions (Bye: 4)
 fifteenth in points allowed per game        them We can see this squads potential
 (21.7), sixteenth in total yardage, and     and within the next year or two they         The Lions are a true case of getting the
 their pass and run defenses were rated      should make the leap to a high rung          good with the bad. They play in a
 seventeenth and eighteenth                  defense, but as far as this year is          division in which all three of their
 respectively. Furthermore, as a team        concerned, their value lies in that of a     opponents, the Vikings, Packers and
 they put up 1,084 tackles, 23 sacks, 16     waiver wire pickup due to a byebye-week          ars
                                                                                          Bears all have glaring weaknesses in
 fumbles recovered and 14 interceptions,     replacement at best.                         their offensive game, and the Lions can
 numbers right around the league             _____________________________                only improve as they rated at the
 average. Led by MLB Jon Beason who                                                       bottom or near the bottom in points and
 had 44 more tackles than the next best                                                   yardage. They allowed a league worst
 on Carolina and DE Julius Peppers, the                                                   27.8 points per game, a league worst
 Panthers will be looking to add to their                                                 377.6 yards per game and their pa  passing
 solid 2007 season. They have the                                                         game was rated 31st in the NFL with a
 fortunate luck to be playing in the NFC                                                  258.2 yards per game allowed average.
 South, home of the Atlanta Falcons, so                                                   Their only somewhat bright spot was
 a few times a year the Panthers should                                                   their defensive line, and they traded
 be a solid play. The Bruno Boys admire                                                   their best DL last year in Shaun Rogers.
 how “average” the Panthers really           23. New York Jets (Bye: 5)                   So things are looking pretty bleak in
 were. Nothing shouted greatness, but                                                                            they
                                                                                          Motown! As a team the had 1,177
 they didn’t have many glaring               The Jets defense was slightly below          tackles, 37 sacks, 18 fumbles recoveries
 weaknesses either. If used properly, that   league average for the 2007 season, but      and 17 interceptions. Those intangible
 Panthers can help you out during a few      a lot of that can be placed on the Jets      numbers give this squad some hope.
 select weeks, but don’t expect anything     offensive play. But when the Jets were       They are led by young guns, LB Ernie
 more than a low-D2, high-D3 rating at       on the field defensively (which was          Sims, DE Dewayne White and DT
 the end of the season.                      often), they were at least respectable.      Cory Redding, all of which are growing
 _____________________________               They did allow 22.2 points per game          together, and the Lions were able to add
                                             and 331.9 yards per game, rating in the      a bunch of veterans that should help
 22. Houston Texans (Bye: 8)                 middle third for both categories, but the    shore up some growing pains. The
                                             real problem lies with their rushing         Bruno Boys take on the Lions defense
 The young Texans were brutal at times,      defense which ranked 29th in the NFL         is that as a whole they are pretty awful,
 serviceable at times, but for the most      while allowing 134.8 yards per game.         but individually there are some really
 part they just struggled. They rated in     Their passing defense was solid,             great pieces to build off of. Lions head
 the lower third of the league in many       ranking 9th with 197.1 yards per game        coach Rod Marinelli has a group of
 key statistical categories. They allowed    allowed. As for the 2008 season,             players that he is really comfortable
 24.0 points per game, 344.2 yards per       leading tackler and sacks men David          with now on defense, so only time will
 game and neither their passing or rush      Harris rreturns in what hopes to be a        tell if things will gel and turn the Lions
 defense was very impressive most of         much improved Jets team.. Having to                  low-D2 team. But as far as 2008
                                                                                          into a low
 the year. Despite their struggles last      face the Patriots and Bills twice each is    goes, unless you are in a real pickle, let
 season the Texans key defensive             not great, but the bad always comes                                   waivers.
                                                                                          the Lions stick on the waive Playing
 players are young and they are growing.     with some good. The Bruno Boys take          in the weak NFC North division will
 DE Mario Williams started to show late      on the Jets is one of which we               offer some solid plays, but they are as a
 in the season why he may have been the      recommend only playing them against                week
                                                                                          bye-week replacement type only.
 right choice as the #1 overall selection    teams that have a horrible run game,         _____________________________
 by Houston a few years back. And all        and even at that make sure that there is
 of their leading tacklers are back,         not any better matchups on the waiver
 making it a real possibility by mid-        wires before playing this squad. The
 season that this group, on the right        Jets D has a few solid players, but as a
2008 BRUNO BOYS TEAM DEFENSE RANKINGS                                                                            BY: CHRIS ZIZA

                                                status of throughout the season, and        28 sacks, recovered 10 fumbles and had
 25. New Orleans Saints (Bye: 9)
                                                hope to find a key addition on your         17 interceptions. In the off season they
 The Saints are a tale of two sides,            leagues waiver wire.                        two bulked up at the tackle position and
 awesome offense, not so awesome                _____________________________               added veteran DT’s in Shaun Rogers
 defense! The Saints allowed 24.2 points                                                    and Corey Williams, which all but
 per game, 348.1 yards per game and             27. Kansas City Chiefs (Bye: 6)             should help both the passing and
 their passing defense rated 30th in the                                                    rushing defense. In fact, we feel that
 NFL with 245.2 yards allowed. Their            Defensively the Chiefs were not             these signings very well could be the
 run defense is the only statistic that is in   horrible in 2007. They ranked 14th in       missing piece to the Browns puzzle and
 the top half defensively in the NFL            points allowed (20.9 points per game),      help propel them up in the rankings
 with 102.9 yards per game allowed,             13th in total yardage allowed (319.4        once they gel. Though, their division
 good for 13th overall. It is                   yards per game) and 5th in passing          boasts the Ravens, Bengals and
 recommended to only consider the               yards allowed (188.9 passing yards per      Steelers, all with solid running games,
 Saints defense when they are matched           game). But what killed them was the         and the Brown will have to prove o us
 up against the right team such as the          fact that they allowed the 5th most         that the can stop the run before we
 Falcons, as they could put up solid            rushing yards per game (130.5 rushing       move them up to the next defensive
 numbers for the week. But as far as the        yards per game), and coupling that with     tier. We feel that the additions of
 season in whole, the Saints really don’t       the brutal offense the Chiefs had, the      Rogers and Williams are a definite plus,
 deserve to take up a roster spot on your       Chiefs D was on the field much longer       and if they play as they should be able
 fantasy football club unless you play in       than a defense wants to be. As a team       to, then this defense has just taken a
 a league that you play in some very            they put up respectable numbers in with     huge step forward. But as far as fantasy
 deep league.                                   37 sacks, 8 fumbles and 14                  play goes, they will remain nothing
                                                interceptions but they were unable to       better than a waiver wire play unless
                                                capitalize on other teams mistakes.         other players step up and take
                                                Returning are leading tacklers Donnie       advantage of having one of the best DT
 26. San Francisco 49ers (Bye: 9)               Edwards, Derrick Johnson, Napoleon          tandems in all of football.
                                                Harris and Bernard Pollard as well as       _____________________________
 Although the 49ers defense is not the
                                                solid veteran Patrick Surtain. The
 greatest in the world, they could of put
                                                Bruno Boys feel that the Chiefs             29. Cincinnati Bengals (Bye: 8)
 up a better fight if their league worst
                                                couldn’t play in a worse division for
 offense would of produced a little more,
                                                having a bad run defense, as the have to    Like most recent seasons, the Bengals
 helping to keep the defense off the field
                                                face the Chargers, Raiders and Broncos,     defense once again ranked towards he
 for a few more breathers. The 49ers
                                                all historically good rushing teams,        lower end of all major defensive
 gave up 22.8 points per game, 346.2
                                                twice per season. Heading into 2008,        statistics. They allowed 24.1 points per
 yards per game and were ranked 22nd in
                                                unless the Chiefs can get their offense     game, 348.8 total yards per game and
 both passing and rushing yards allowed.
                                                rolling so the defense can rest from        did not excel in either the passing or
 Led by second year LB Patrick Willis,
                                                time to time, this is a squad that should   run defense. Their 22 sacks ranked
 San Francisco is showing signs of
                                                be undrafted and left on your leagues       amongst the worst in the league, and
 having some of the right pieces in
                                                waive wire.                                 the only bright spot is that they
 position to make a jump to the next
                                                _____________________________               recovered 16 fumbles and hauled in 19
 level. They do play in the NFC West,
                                                                                            interceptions. There is definite room
 all of which have solid offenses, so it
                                                                                            for improvement, but 2008 most likely
 definitely won’t be a cake walk, but           28. Cleveland Browns (Bye: 5)
                                                                                            will not be the year to see it. CB Leon
 they do have the Jets and Dolphins on
                                                The Browns had a year that many             Hall returns in hopes of getting the
 their schedule later on in the year, so if
                                                people did not expect. Everything           Bengals to the next level, but the future
 your top defenses are hurting, the 49ers
                                                seemed to go right and click for them       does not look very bright, but the
 may not be a bad play. The Bruno Boys
                                                offensively, but as far as the defense      departure of Justin Smith could hurt the
 take on the 49ers is that although they
                                                went, it was the same old song and          overall defensive. On weeks last year in
 have a few good IDP (Many Lawson,
                                                dance. Cleveland allowed 23.9 points        which they looked like a solid bye week
 Nate Clements, Michael Lewis and
                                                per game, and rated 30th in overall         fill-in, they burned everyone who took
 Willis) players, they aren’t fantasy
                                                yardage allowed, with both, their           the gamble, so it is probably best to
 worthy until the can prove they can get
                                                passing and run defenses struggling. As     avoid them at all costs. Keep them on
 it done on a regular basis. They should
                                                a team the Browns tallied 1,129 tackles,    the waiver wires and hope your
 be one of those teams that you track the
2008 BRUNO BOYS TEAM DEFENSE RANKINGS                                                                          BY: CHRIS ZIZA

 opponent is feeling frisky enough to            up 27.4 points per game to their         did well is get to the quarterback and
 take a chance on them, and celebrate            opponents. Yardage wise they were all    force turnovers. As a team they
 quietly!                                        in the bottom third; ranking (21st) in   accumulated 31 sacks and forced 27
 _____________________________                   passing yards allowed and (20th) in      turnovers. We feel that the key to the
                                                 rushing yards allowed. What the Rams     Rams defense is actually how the Rams
 30. Miami Dolphins (Bye: 4)                                                              offense controls the time clock. If the
                                                                                          offense can regain its form, the defense
 To give the Dolphins the benefit of the
                                              2008 TEAM DEFENSE TIER RANKINGS
                                                                                          very well could knock off a
 doubt, they could have played much                                                       considerable amount of points allowed,
 worse in 2007. Losing Trent Green,                                                       pushing them into possible waiver wire
                                                      TIER ONE             AVERAGE
 Ronnie Brown and trading away Chris                                                      usefulness. The only way you should
                                                   San Diego Chargers        2.67
 Chambers was definitely not a good                New England Patriots      3.67         consider the Rams is if you are in dire
 thing for a struggling offense, which              Minnesota Vikings        3.67         need of a bye week fill-in and the Rams
 could have easily played into the heads                                                  have a match up that is just too good to
 of the Dolphins defensive players, but                 TIER TWO           AVERAGE        not take a risk on.
 they still ended up plugging away.                 Jacksonville Jaguars     6.33
                                                       Chicago Bears          7
 They did give up a horrible 27.3 points
                                                      Dallas Cowboys         7.17
 per game, and their total yardage per
                                                     Pittsburgh Steelers      8           32. Atlanta Falcons (Bye: 7)
 game was 342.2, but that does not tell
 the whole story. Their passing defense               TIER THREE           AVERAGE        In any way you look at it, the Atlanta
 was outstanding at 188.7, although one              New York Giants          9.5         Falcons defense was miserable in 2007.
 can say that it was that good is because            Seattle Seahawks         9.67
                                                                                          They gave up 25.9 yards per game,
                                                     Baltimore Ravens        10.83
 the run defense was that bad. Teams ran                                                  355.5 total yards per game, and their
                                                   Tama Bay Buccaneers         11
 for a league high 153.5 yards a game                                                     pass and rush defenses ranked amongst
                                                    Green Bay Packers          11
 against Miami. Despite getting their                Tennessee Titans        11.17        the worst in the league. So how does
 butts kicked week in and week out, they                                                  one of the leagues worst defenses
 still managed 30 quarterback sacks and               TIER THREE           AVERAGE
                                                                                          improve itself in the off season? By
 forced 22 turnovers. This was just one              Indianapolis Colts       12
                                                                                          trading your best defensive player, CB
 of those years in which you pack up                Philadelphia Eagles       14
                                                      Oakland Raiders        14.83        DeAngelo Hall to the Oakland Raiders
 your bags at the end of the year and go                                                  and then committing a huge chunk of
 home! Heading into 2008, from a                      TIER FIVE            AVERAGE        change to a running back Michael
 fantasy football perspective, the                  Arizona Cardinals        18.16        Turner, who has never held a full-time
 Dolphins must remain on the waiver                Washington Redskins       19.33        gig in the league and even more money
 wires until they can put together a solid            Buffalo Bills          20.33
                                                                                          to a rookie quarterback (Matt Ryan)
 offense, which would help keep the                  Denver Broncos           20.5
                                                                                          that is expected to be the starter
 overworked defense off the field.                  Carolina Panthers          21
                                                                                          sometime this season. Wow, did we just
 _____________________________                          TIER SIX           AVERAGE        say that? Looking at it from that point
                                                      Houston Texans          22.5        of view, the Falcons front office surely
 31. St. Louis Rams (Bye: 5)                          New York Jets          23.83        didn’t do too good of a job improving
                                                       Detroit Lions         24.67        both sides of the football? Because of
 To sum it up in a nutshell, the Rams               New Orleans Saints       24.67        this, the Bruno Boys feel that it would
 just had one of those bad luck years. On           San Francisco 49ers      26.33
                                                                                          be best to avoid the Falcons in all
 the offensive side of the ball, they lost          Kansas City Chiefs        26.5
                                                     Cleveland Browns         26.5        leagues and it all costs!
 OT Orlando Pace, QB Marc Bulger and
                                                    Cincinnati Bengals       27.17        _____________________________
 RB Steven Jackson for parts of the
 season due to a variety of ailments.                TIER SEVEN            AVERAGE
 Because of this, their defense tried hard           Miami Dolphins           27.5
 to compensate for the Rams lack of                  St. Louis Rams          28.33
 offense, and did a solid job as far as key          Atlanta Falcons          30.5
 stats are concerned, but they simply had
 to spend too many minutes on the field.
                                               RANKINGS UPDATED – AUGUST 14TH
 This led to the Rams ranking 31st in the
 league in points allowed, as they gave
ARIZONA CARDINALS                                                                                           2007 RECORD: 8-8

2007 RECAP                                                      KEY ADDITIONS
The Arizona Cardinals came into the 2007 season with            Dirk Johnson (P) – In a relatively quiet offseason, the Arizona
considerable fantasy football promise at virtually every        Cardinals did help their kicking game with the signing of punter
position, but only two players delivered numbers that           Dirk Johnson. As a member of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2006,
merited their average draft position. Larry Fitzgerald was as   Johnson’s average punt went 42.6 yards and he pinned
advertised, solidifying himself as a WR1 and a future late      opponents inside the 20 yard line on over 25 percent of his
second or third rounder in fantasy football drafts. Savvy       punts (20 out of 78). However, Johnson played in just one game
signal-caller Kurt Warner was also a boon to fantasy            as a member of the Chicago Bears in 2007 and has been pretty
football owners after Matt Leinart tore his ACL in Week 6,      hit or miss throughout his six year NFL career.
throwing for over 3400 yards and 27 touchdowns in 14
games, including 12 touchdowns in the final four weeks of
                                                                KEY DEPARTURES
the season.
                                                                Bryant Johnson (WR) – Johnson spent five seasons in
The buck stopped banging there, however, as Anquan
                                                                Arizona, mostly as a speedy slot receiver who could stretch the
Boldin owners were deprived of the wideout for three
                                                                field and allow Fitzgerald and Boldin room to operate, before
games at the onset of the season due to a hip injury. He did
                                                                bolting further westward to the San Francisco 49ers in attempt
labor through the second half of ’07 with a dislocated toe,
                                                                to compete for a starting position. He has caught at least 40
en route to catching nine touchdown passes, but his scores
                                                                passes in each of the last four years, but has only been
typically came two at a time Edgerrin James was a
                                                                considered a fantasy option if one of the Cardinals receivers
serviceable RB2 for a second consecutive season, garnering
                                                                suffered an injury. Heading to San Francisco, one has to
1224 rushing yards and seven touchdowns, but trudged
                                                                wonder if Johnson can ever turn the page and be an be
through the final six games in which he scored just once.
                                                                considered a reliable fantasy football wide receiver.

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
Early Doucet (WR) – With rumors abound that Boldin was          Matt Leinart (QB) - In what should be Leinart’s first full

unhappy with his contract and wanted out; the Cardinals         season as the starter, it could also be his make-or-break season

perhaps addressed a future need by selecting Doucet. An         after the miserable numbers he posted in five starts last

average runner, Doucet profiles best as a slot receiver, with   year. Strangely, the fractured collarbone just might have been a

scouts touting his exceptional route-running prowess that       blessing in disguise, allowing Leinart to spend more time on the

will augment Fitzgerald’s and Boldin’s abilities to stretch     sidelines digesting Whisenhunt’s playbook while learning from

the field.                                                      an old hand (Kurt Warner).

Doucet will enter the season in a battle for the third wide     With Leinart being ranked as the 14th best quarterback heading

receiver position with Steve Breaston, but even if he wins      into 2008, you can consider him no more than a bye week

the job out of camp his fantasy value will be minimal in        replacement at this juncture. It is far to risky to rely on a young

2008. If you are in a dynasty league Doucet could be a nice     quarterback who has more interceptions (16) than touchdowns

late round pick to stash and keep track of his progression.     (13) in his career.
ATLANTA FALCONS                                                                                             2007 RECORD: 4-12

2007 RECAP                                                       KEY ADDITIONS
For the Atlanta Falcons, the season was pretty much over         Michael Turner (RB) – The Falcons decided to go young,
before it began. With all the controversy surrounding the        ditching the veteran Dunn and signing Turner to a reported six-
Michael Vick dog fighting trial, the Falcons decided it          year, $34.5 million contract. The deal is a good one for the
would be better if he sat out the season and everything          Falcons, because it will allow them to utilize two quality backs
started going downhill from there. Atlanta signed                that haven't been full time starters since college.
quarterbacks Joey Harrington, a cast off from the Detroit        Unfortunately, the usage of two running backs could lead to
Lions and Miami Dolphins, Byron Leftwich, a Jacksonville         less stats, which means less return for the fantasy football
Jaguars flash in the pan, and Chris Redman, a never-was          owners. The good news is that the two backs will complement
formerly from the Baltimore Ravens. Harrington started the       each other well, with Turner serving as the power back and
season for the Falcons, Leftwich got some playing time and       Norwood as the speed back.
then Redman finished the season. From a numbers
standpoint, none of them consistently got the job done, but      KEY DEPARTURES
it was Redman who finished the season with 10 touchdown
                                                                 Alge Crumpler (TE) – It’s no big secret that Crumpler, who
passes over the final five weeks.. Still, the offense was a
                                                                 was Vick’s favorite target, struggled without the
mess. Warrick Dunn averaged just 3.2 yards a carry and
                                                                 aforementioned quarterback under center. In the offseason, he
Alge Crumpler had his worst season since 2002, which was
                                                                 signed a free agent contract with the Tennessee Titans.
just his second year in the league. The only bright spot in
the offense was the emergence of Roddy White, who caught         DeAngelo Hall (CB) – Hall had a major impact on the Falcons
83 passes for 1,202 yards and 6 TD’s. Other than that the        defense and the departure of him to the Oakland Raiders will
Falcons were considered a fantasy disaster.                      only make things worse for a unit that was already bad.

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                 BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
Matt Ryan (QB) – For the Falcons, it all starts with former      Roddy White (WR) – Poor Roddy White. The guy has a

Boston College standout Ryan. Unfortunately, that’s              breakout season on a team that used three washed-up

probably where it ends too, as in years past rookie              quarterbacks and now he loses the second-best receiving target

quarterbacks just haven't got it done enough to warrant          in Crumpler. With teams preparing to focus almost exclusively

fantasy football consideration. A leader with good poise         on White, the Falcons might have to get creative with his route

and a good arm, Ryan has everything a franchise would            running to fend off double teams. Still, White will be able to

look for in a quarterback. The one negative against Ryan in      post solid fantasy football numbers, but to expect a repeat

college was his completion percentage. He went from 62.1         performance should be considered a stretch.

percent his sophomore to 61.6 as a junior to 59.3 as a senior.
That’s not a trend you like to see and is something that the
Falcons have made an effort to address during training
camp. Look for Ryan to be the starter at QB by midseason.
BALTIMORE RAVENS                                                                                          2007 RECORD: 5-11

2007 RECAP                                                      KEY ADDITIONS
After an impressive 2006 season, in which the Ravens            John Harbaugh (Head Coach) – The Brian Billick era has
finished tied for the second best record in the NFL at 13-3     officially come to a close in Baltimore, and maybe when it
and came up just short against the potential Super Bowl         comes down to it, he never should have let Trent Dilfer go after
Champs, the Indianapolis Colts 2007 began with high             winning Super Bowl XXXV. To replace Billick, the Ravens
expectations. After all, the Ravens had the number one          went with John Harbaugh, brother to former Ravens’ QB and
ranked defense in the NFL heading into 2007, so it appeared     current Stanford Coach, Jim Harbaugh. The hire seems strange
just a little more offense would do the trick and get them to   to the Bruno Boys as the area desperately needing the most
the next level. With Steve McNair coming back for his           improvement for the Ravens is their offense, and Harbaugh’s
second season with the club, the Ravens looked to help the      only experience in the NFL has been as a secondary and special
veteran quarterback by bolstering a run game that had           teams coach.
become stagnant. Out was Jamal Lewis, and in came Willis
McGahee from the Buffalo Bills. The Ravens also drafted
                                                                KEY DEPARTURES
two linemen, Ben Grubbs and Marshal Yanda, to help clear
                                                                Steve McNair (QB) – Air McNair, always a warrior on the
defenders out of McGahee’s way. The focus on the running
                                                                football field has decided to hang it up after 13 seasons in the
game seemed to pay off as McGahee totaled 1,207 rushing
                                                                NFL. To the driving range, McNair takes with him 31,304
yards and 7 rushing TD’s. Derrick Mason finished the
                                                                passing yards, 3,590 rushing yards, 211 total TDs, and a co-
season with over 1,000 receiving yards for the 6th time out
                                                                MVP award. McNair’s departure means bad things for the
of the last seven seasons.
                                                                Ravens as an already struggling offense will be in the hands of
Unfortunately for the Ravens, the running game was the
                                                                inexperienced arms. If it wasn’t for some injuries at the end of
lone bright spot in an otherwise dismal 5-11 season.
                                                                his career, McNair would have been a sure Hall of Fame QB.

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
Joe Flacco (QB) – Trading up to the 18th pick, the Ravens       Mark Clayton (WR) – The third year for a wide receiver is

addressed the gaping hole that resulted from Steve              supposed to be their break out year, the time when they have

McNair’s retirement, selecting Delaware quarterback Joe         finally adjusted to the NFL game. With that in mind, fantasy

Flacco. The second quarterback chosen in this year’s draft,     owners were drooling at the possibilities for Clayton, who had

Flacco has all the physical tools one hopes for in a            gone for 939 yards and 5 TDs in 2006, his second season in the

quarterback: strong arm, good size, and solid pocket            NFL, heading into the 2007 season. However, rather than break

presence. However, the fact that he played college football     out, Clayton took two steps backwards, managing just 531

at a school that few people know the mascot of (it’s the        yards and not finding pay dirt once.

Delaware Blue Hens, in case you were wondering) against         Clayton may get his act together in 2008, but we say don’t

inferior competition means the pick is somewhat of a            believe it until you see it. It is recommended that you allow

gamble. Still, if the Ravens struggle, Flacco could get some    Clayton to stay on the waiver wire, until he can string together

experience against quality opponents soon enough.               back to back solid performances.
BUFFALO BILLS                                                                                              2007 RECORD: 7-9

2007 RECAP                                                      KEY ADDITIONS
Last season it seemed the Buffalo Bills just could not make     Courtney Anderson (TE) – Again, with the Bills remaining
up their minds. Was it going to be incumbent J.P. Losman        quiet in free agency, the signing of the former Oakland Raiders
or rookie Trent Edwards at quarterback? Were they going to      and Detroit Lions tight end is one of the only key additions at
use Lee Evans as a deep threat or a possession receiver?        this point. His best season came in 2005 when he caught 24
Should Marshawn Lynch get all the carries or should he          passes for 303 yards and three touchdowns.
share with Fred Jackson and Anthony Thomas? And
                                                                Marcus Stroud (DE) & Kawika Mitchell (LB) – Both are
between all the indecision, the Bills managed to finish with
                                                                instant upgrades and give the Bills playmakers at every level on
a 7-9 overall record, and failed to meet the expectations of
                                                                the defensive side of the football. In 2007, the two combined
many people who felt they should have been a playoff team
                                                                for 5.5 sacks, which will help a pass rush that had just 26 sacks.
in 2007.
However, the biggest story of the Bills’ season was the
injury to tight end Kevin Everett on a kickoff return in the
                                                                KEY DEPARTURES
first game of the season. You only needed to see the play
                                                                Anthony Thomas (RB) – With the emergence of Lynch,
once to know that Everett was severely injured, paralyzed
                                                                losing Anthony Thomas won’t hurt the Bills all that much, but
from the neck down. After an experimental surgery, Everett
                                                                the reality is that Thomas is the only departure that could be
had not only regained feeling in his extremities but he
                                                                considered ‘key’. Thomas was somewhat of a goal line back for
eventually walked again, making for a nice ending to what
                                                                the Bills in ‘06 but saw his role diminish last season, gaining
looked to be a tragic story.
                                                                just 89 yards on 36 carries. Plus, with the emergence of Fred
All in all the only bright spot was the play of Lynch, as he
                                                                Jackson, it made the A-Train expandable, as Jackson is quicker,
finished the season with 1,115 rushing yards a 7 TD’s.
                                                                more agile and a better pass catching running back.

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
James Hardy (WR) – Getting this tall possession receiver        Trent Edwards (QB) – It appears the Bills have settled on

in the second round was a pretty good coup for the Bills as a   Edwards as their quarterback and for good reason; they won

lot of teams had the former Indiana standout as a first round   with him under center. The problem with Edwards is his

pick on their draft boards. Hardy provides a perfect            completion percentage dropped considerably from his first five

complement to Lee Evans and Josh Reed and should                games (66.1 percent) to his last four games (43.7 percent).

immediately help open up the passing game for quarterback       Additionally, all seven of his touchdowns last year came in just

Trent Edwards. Unfortunately, this likely also means more       three of the 10 games he played in. However, Edwards often

opportunities for Evans and Reed and not so many for            displayed poise in the pocket that most other rookies dream of.

Hardy.                                                          The potential is there and the Bruno Boys feel that he should

Hardy’s size (6 feet, 7 inches) and good hands make him a       start delivering on that potential at sometime this year.

good candidate to contribute right away, but don’t expect       Still, he has just 10 games of experience and will continue to

much out of the rookie out of University of Indiana.            experience some growing pains, but overall he will mature.
CAROLINA PANTHERS                                                                                            2007 RECORD: 7-9

2007 RECAP                                                      KEY ADDITIONS
Heading into the 2007 season, just about every national         D.J. Hackett (WR) – The signing of Hackett will help bolster
publication had the Carolina Panthers either making the         a Panthers receiving corps which featured Steve Smith and little
playoffs or making a push for the Super Bowl. However,          to nothing else in ‘07. Despite missing 10 games, because of a
after a 4-2 start things headed south for the Panthers.         nagging ankle injury, Hackett scored a touchdown in three of
Veteran quarterback Jake Delhomme was enjoying                  the 6 games, and went over 100 receiving yards in two of
his quickest start to any season when he suffered a             those. His presence should alleviate some of the double teams
devastating injury that caused him to get Tommy John            Smith has seen in years past.
surgery in his throwing elbow. From there, the Panthers         Muhsin Muhammad (WR) – In his second stint in Carolina,
used a quarterback by committee approach that failed            “Mush” isn’t expected to carry the load, instead he will be used
miserably. The inconsistency at the quarterback position        in the slot and act as a decoy for Smith and Hackett.
caused defense’s to swarm the box and eliminate the
Panthers rushing attack. DeShaun Foster and DeAngelo
                                                                KEY DEPARTURES
Williams could only muster 7 rushing TD’s on 391 carries
                                                                DeShaun Foster (RB) – Calling Foster a key departure might
and averaged just 99.6 yards per game. When it was all said
                                                                be a stretch, but he has been the primary ball carrier in Carolina
and done, just about every member of the Panthers offense
                                                                since 2005. However, Foster never has lived up to the hype out
struggled and had little fantasy football impact in 2007.
                                                                of college, and in 2007 he hit rock bottom, as he averaged a
Even wide receiver Steve Smith (140 points) had his lowest
                                                                career low 3.5 yards per carry on 247 rushing attempts. With
fantasy football point total since 2004.
                                                                DeAngelo Williams picking up steam late in the ’07 season, the
All of this misery led to a 7-9 finish for the Carolina
                                                                Panthers brass made Foster expandable and parted ways with
Panthers and yet another disappointing season.
                                                                the five year veteran.

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
Jonathan Stewart (RB) – Once the Panthers decided to cut        DeAngelo Williams (RB) – After the Panthers released Foster,

ties with DeShaun Foster it wasvevident that they had plans     it looked like Williams was going to be the top rusher in

of drafting a running back to play alongside DeAngelo           Carolina. However, the Panthers used their first round selection

Williams in Carolina. The Panthers did just that, as they       on Jonathan Stewart and Williams once again will be sharing

drafted University of Oregon running back Jonathan Stewart      the load in 2008. The speed and elusiveness is there, as evident

with the 13th overall pick. What the Panthers front office      by his 5.0 yard per carry average, but Williams lacks the size to

liked about Stewart is that despite being 235 pounds,           be a bruising ball carrier around the goal line.

Stewart has the versatility and speed to make defenders         Look for Williams to be used in a similar role in 2008, which is

miss. Plus, he has the strength to run over defenders like a    in between the 20-yard lines and limited around the red zone.

MAC truck. These days NFL scouts consider Stewart your          At this point, the Bruno Boys Fantasy Football staff values him

prototypical NFL running back and if he can recover from a      as a third and fourth running back in most leagues.

nagging toe injury, he could be one of the top rookie rushers
CHICAGO BEARS                                                                                              2007 RECORD: 7-9

2007 RECAP                                                      KEY ADDITIONS
The Chicago Bears were quite the disappointment in the          Marty Booker (WR) – With Berrian bolting for the
2007 season as almost no one lived up to expectations.          Minnesota Vikings, the Bears had no other option but to bring
Unless you played in a canyon-deep league, the Bears were       back Booker for a second stint with the proud franchise. A few
a fantasy football wasteland for the most part. Sure,           years past his prime, Booker still possesses great hands and
Bernard Berrian had the occasional outburst of quality          should be a reliable possession receiver for the likes of Rex
production, but with Rex Grossman at the helm, consistency      Grossman or Kyle Orton. In 2007, as a member of the Miami
was not his forte. Still the speedy receiver tallied 71         Dolphins, Booker caught 50 passes for 556 receiving yards but
receptions, 951 yards, and 5 touchdowns, leading the Bears      could only find pay dirt once. Expect Booker to be a good fit
in all three categories. Cedric Benson, he of the second        in Chicago, but don’t expect him to come close to repeating
round pick in many leagues, danced his way to a shortened       his statistics he posted in Chicago some years ago.
season and four touchdowns in a paltry 674 rushing yards.
Sadly, even the Monsters of the Midway, the once
                                                                KEY DEPARTURES
vaunted Bears defense (again drafted far too early in leagues
                                                                Cedric Benson (RB) – It’s simple. DWI + BWI = released
for my taste) was mediocre at best, finishing 28th in total
                                                                from contract. Benson never learned to do a lot of things,
defense, 27th in passing defense, and 24th in rushing
                                                                including making one cut, hitting the hole with authority, and
                                                                giving the keys to a designated driver. We salute you for
                                                                joining the ranks of the dumbest among professional athletes.
                                                                While most would swear off alcohol for months following an
                                                                intoxication-related arrest, you persevered, culminating,
                                                                perhaps, in the ever so graceful conclusion of your career.

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
Matt Forte (RB) – The Bears gave the fantasy world at           Devin Hester (WR) – Let’s be honest, Devin Hester deserves

least one reason to be excited about their upcoming team        some attention. We ignored Hester in the 2007 recap for a

with the selection of Matt Forte in the second round. After     reason, being that we don’t trust him. The man is an

taking Vanderbilt product Chris Williams (OT) with their        unbelievable special teams player, and Lovie Smith believes

first round selection, the Bears added Forte to the running     he can be a WR1. However, outside of explosive speed,

back mix, repeatedly stating the Tulane product was “a          Hester is a average router runner and it’s suggested to

complete back.” Given Benson’s penchant for failure (and        not make him the same for your fantasy team. His talent in the

alcohol), rumors had swirled of Benson perhaps seeing a         open field is unquestioned, and his hands are rumored to be

limited role if he didn't shape up. However, in the wake of     excellent. However, his quarterback is shaky at best, and

Benson's latest scrape with the law, the Bears released the     we’ve never see him attempt to separate from the top corners

former Texas Longhorn, leaving Forte with a clear path to       in the league.

the starting spot in the windy city.                            Unless your league grants points for return yards and return
                                                                touchdowns, let someone else draft Hester.
CINCINNATI BENGALS                                                                                              2007 RECORD: 7-9

2007 RECAP                                                         KEY ADDITIONS
For a team that had aspirations of winning its division and        Doug Gabriel (WR) — Gabriel was recently signed because
making it to the playoffs, the 2007 season for the Cincinnati      the Bengals not only cut Henry, but they also cut backup
Bengals can only be described as a disappointment. The             receiver Tab Perry. That leaves just Antonio Chatman to play
Bengals finished 8-8 overall and received uninspiring              behind Johnson and Houshmandzadeh. Gabriel did not play in
performances from Carson Palmer, Rudi Johnson and Chad             the NFL in 2007, and last played for the New England
Johnson, all of whom were expected to make big                     Patriots and Oakland Raiders in 2006. If he can claim the third
contributions. Rudi was hurt, but even when he did play he         wide receiver job out of camp, Gabriel is in the right offense to
wasn’t that good as he averaged 2.9 yards per carry. "Ocho         make some noise out of the slot position. In fact, if Johnson
Cinco's" season was on par with his other seasons. Palmer          continues his talks about holding out, he could become a
had his worst season since his first year as a starter and set a   valuable asset to a usually high powered Bengals offense.
career high in interceptions with 20. With Rudi hurt, the
Bengals turned to Kenny Watson, who became a pleasant
                                                                   KEY DEPARTURES
surprise for Cincinnati. Watson set career highs in carries
                                                                   Chris Henry (WR) – Henry was arrested, again. This time it
(178), rushing yards (763), touchdowns (seven), receptions
                                                                   was for allegedly punching a man in the face and throwing a
(52) and receiving yards (374).
                                                                   beer bottle through a car windshield. Henry claims he was
Despite the disappointing season, some things did go well
                                                                   doing it to protect a woman, but regardless of how true that is,
for the Bengals, including TJ Houshmandzadeh's 9 out of 10
                                                                   the Bengals decided to release him. It is a shame to see such
games with double digit fantasy points to start the season
                                                                   talent go to waste but Henry has nobody to blame but himself.
and he tied for the NFL lead with 112 receptions.
                                                                   While he was a Bengal, Henry caught 88 passes for 1,370 yards
                                                                   and 17 touchdowns in three seasons.

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                   BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
Keith Rivers (LB) – Unless you play in a league that uses          Carson Palmer (QB) – Palmer is now in the prime of his

IDPs, you probably won’t be picking up Rivers. But Rivers          career and despite throwing a career-high 20 interceptions last

provides an immediate playmaker at a position where the            year, actually put up some numbers to get excited about when

Bengals were left using backups and practice-squad guys            looking towards this season. First of all, he passed for a career

last season. With a solid secondary and a serviceable              high 4,131 yards and was sacked a career-low 17 times. His

defensive line, perhaps the Bengals defense was just one           numbers are also trending up in completion percentage,

good linebacker away from being fantasy football relevant.         attempts and completions which are not only positive signs that

Pay attention to how Cincinnati plays in its first three games     he has rebounded well since his knee injury three years ago but

before picking up the defensive unit, as they have the             that he still has not reached his ceiling.

playmakers to get the job done but always seem to                  The loss of Henry won’t hurt as much as people think, but the

underperform.                                                      situation with Chad Johnson is a sticky one. Basically, if
                                                                   Johnson plays, you can expect big things from Palmer.
CLEVELAND BROWNS                                                                                          2007 RECORD: 10-6

2007 RECAP                                                      KEY ADDITIONS
The Cleveland Browns were the fantasy darlings of 2007          Donte’ Stallworth (WR) – Coming over from the AFC
with the emergence of Derek Anderson and Braylon                powerhouse New England Patriots, Stallworth enters a perfect
Edwards as legitimate fantasy threats. Further, the             situation. However, the Browns likely grossly overpaid with the
resurgence of Jamal Lewis and the continued impressive          seven year, $35 million contract. While some fantasy
performance of Kellen Winslow Jr. made the 2007 version         football pundits are torn as to the value of Stallworth next
of the Browns delightful to many fantasy owners.                season, his addition provides a significant boost to the
The two biggest offseason additions of linemen Eric             Cleveland offense as a whole. When Stallworth’s showing off
Steinbach and Joe Thomas, the third overall pick in the         his track-star speed 50 yards from the line of scrimmage,
2007 NFL Draft, paid immediate dividends as Cleveland not       Winslow and Edwards will likely be running underneath and
only managed to keep a signal caller upright, but also          intermediate routes with significantly less attention. Lewis will
produced an extremely solid ground game. The result?            likely face only seven men in the box the majority of the
Lewis, after signing a one-year deal to come to Cleveland       season, as teams won’t be able to bring the additional safety
from division rival Baltimore, averaged 4.4 yards per carry,    help to the line with the improvement to an already potent
producing 1,552 total yards and 11 touchdowns. Not bad at       passing game.
all for what most owners picked up in the third or perhaps
even fourth round. Anderson, after taking over for perennial    KEY DEPARTURES
fantasy football scrub Charlie Frye in the first half of week   After a 10-6 season the Browns return one hundred percent of
1, started the remainder of the season despite the presence     their offense and should be geared for a big showing in 2008.
of first-rounder Brady Quinn. 3700+ yards and 29
touchdowns later, the Browns signed Anderson to a three
year deal, forcing Quinn to the bench for at least one more     BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
season. Perhaps in part due to Anderson’s success, and          Kellen Winslow Jr. (TE) – He’s a soldier. <<crickets chirp>>
perhaps more so due to added NFL savvy and personal             Ok, so maybe not, but his production is incredibly stable, when
maturity, Edwards exploded for a team record in                 he’s not stupid enough to do things forbidden by his contract. A
touchdowns (16) and receiving yards (1289). Finally,            product of “The U,” we are not convinced Kellen’s winning
Winslow, Jr. produced a season line of 82 receptions, 1106      any IQ contests any time soon. However, after losing almost all
yards, and five touchdowns.                                     of his rookie season in 2004 due to injury, then all of 2005 for
                                                                his best Poncherello (in all fairness, Winslow wasn’t speeding
                                                                or performing tricks… he hit a curb – now that IQ contest jab is
                                                                making more sense), Winslow has produced back-to-back
With their first pick number 104 overall, the Browns Rookie     strong years. In 2006 he compiled 89 receptions, 875 yards, and
cupboard is about as bare as it gets. The addition of tight     three touchdowns. In 2007, Winslow Jr. produced another 82
end Martin Rucker from the University of Missouri can help      receptions, 1106 yards, and five touchdowns.
spell Winslow at times, but he has no immediate fantasy         For those in point-per-reception leagues, it doesn’t get much
football impact.                                                better than Winslow. For everyone else, he’s still firmly in the
                                                                first TE tier.
DALLAS COWBOYS                                                                                              2007 RECORD: 13-3

2007 RECAP                                                       KEY ADDITIONS
It's hard to imagine the 2007 fantasy football season going      Pacman Jones (CB) – While the Cowboys’ defense did rank
any better for the Dallas Cowboys than it did. In fact, out of   9th in the NFL last season, there was some room for
all 32 NFL teams, the Cowboys were the lone team to have         improvement when it came to their pass defense, which gave
a player rank in the top 10 in fantasy points at each position   up 213.1 yards per game and ranked 13th in the NFL. With that
Like with all good teams, Dallas' fantasy dominance began        in mind, the Cowboys took a gamble swapping a 4th round
with solid play from their quarterback position. With strong     pick for the services of Pacman Jones. Along with those
numbers in his 2006 debut, Tony Romo demonstrated that           services comes all the baggage and headaches that surround a
he had the physical tools needed to belong in the NFL. In        troubled star, beginning with a fight to get Jones reinstated and
2007 he was even better, as Romo went for 4,211 yards and        back on the field. If they’re successful, the Cowboys will have
38 Total TDs, placing him behind just Tom Brady. Romo's          added a nice piece to the puzzle for a discounted price.
stellar poise and precise passes also elevated the games of
wide receiver, Terrell Owens, who ranked second among            KEY DEPARTURES
wide receivers, and tight end, Jason Witten, first among
                                                                 Julius Jones (RB) – Perhaps seeing the writing on the wall,
fantasy tight ends. As for the running game, for the first
                                                                 with Barber handling more and more of the running back
time in the past three years, the Cowboys’ coaches realized
                                                                 duties last season, Julius Jones, who never quite materialized
what we knew all along, that Marion Barber is more
                                                                 into the type of back that the Cowboys thought he would be, is
valuable than Julius Jones, giving him 40 more rushing
                                                                 hoping a change of scenery will bring new life to his career.
attempts on the year. Barber made the most of all of his
                                                                 Jones will head to the Seattle Seahawks where he will battle
attempts, averaging 4.8 yards per carry for a total of 975
                                                                 with TJ Duckett and Maurice Morris for carries.
yards and 10 rushing TDs.

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                 BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
Felix Jones (RB) – Homerun hitter! That's perhaps the best       Marion Barber III (RB) – With Julius Jones heading to

way to describe the lesser known Arkansas running back           Seattle, it appeared that Barber would finally be freed from the

that the Cowboys took with the 22nd selection in this year's     dreaded running back by committe; however, with the draft

draft. Jones isn't a between the tackles runner and he's not     come and gone, it seems Barber just can't shake the Jones', as

going to grind it out on the ground for you, but the good        Dallas selected former Arkansas running back, Felix Jones,

news is that's not how the Cowboys will look to use him.         with the 22nd selection overall. Jones' arrival to Dallas means

Like he did in college to Darren McFadden, Jones will play       that Barber is in for another year of shared carries, resulting in

second fiddle to Marion Barber's lead chair as the Cowboys       around 15-20 a game. While splitting carries will once again

look to keep Barber fresh. With his speed, ability to get to     prevent Barber from being one of the elite running backs in

the corner, and his knack for getting pass the first defender,   fantasy circles, he showed last year that he can do enough with

don't be surprised to see Jones take some of his carries for     the carries he gets to be one of the top 10 backs in fantasy,

big gains.                                                       going for 1257 total yards and 12 total TDs. Fantasy owners
                                                                 can expect similar numbers once again in 2008.
DENVER BRONCOS                                                                                              2007 RECORD: 7-9

2007 RECAP                                                       KEY ADDITIONS
Before the Denver Broncos even reported to training camp         Michael Pittman (RB) – If you think Pittman was brought in
in 2007, they were already dealing with major adversity.         to Denver to mold the young running backs, you are wrong.
Unfortunately, starting corner back Darrent Williams was         Head Coach Mike Shanahan (the man who loves to play
shot outside of a Denver nightclub and just six weeks later      fantasy games) is having an open competition for the starting
running back Damien Nash collapsed and died during a             job in training camp and is determined to play the running back
charity basketball event.                                        who gives the team the best chance to win. In all likelihood,
Despite the tragic losses, they went out and signed Travis       Pittman will lose the job to Selvin Young, but serve as the
Henry in attempt to beef up the running game, had started to     team’s third-down option. Still, with this signing, the Broncos
groom quarterback Jay Cutler at the end of 2006 and added        add leadership, great intangibles and a much needed veteran to
Dre’ Bly and Sam Adams to bolster the defense. However,          a backfield full of youngsters.
outside of the emergence of wide receiver Brandon
Marshall (1,325 receiving yards, 7 receiving touchdowns)
                                                                 KEY DEPARTURES
and the growth of Cutler (3,497 passing yards, 20 passing
                                                                 Javon Walker (WR) – Javon Walker never really found his
touchdowns), things didn’t go well for the Broncos. After a
                                                                 groove as a member of the Denver Broncos. He enjoyed a fine
2-0 start, the Broncos dropped five of their next 6 games,
                                                                 2006 season, and was primed to be a top 15 wide receiver
had to deal with Henry’s legal problems, and finished with a
                                                                 heading into the 2007, but multiple right knee injuries but a
7-9 overall record. Outside of Cutler and the only other
                                                                 damper to his season. In March, the Broncos decided to part
bright spot was second year tight end Tony Scheffler.
                                                                 ways with Walker, and he somehow signed a ludicrous six-
Scheffler missed the first four games, but finished with 49
                                                                 year, $55 million contract with the Oakland Raiders.
receptions, 549 receiving yards and five touchdowns.

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                 BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
Ryan Torain (RB) – As always, the Broncos organization           Selvin Young (RB) – When you are the running back in a

heavily recruited the college ranks and landed Torain in the     Mike Shanahan offense, if given sufficient touches; you have

5th round out of Arizona State University. At just 213           the potential have quite an impressive season. With the

pounds, Torain is lean in terms of NFL running backs, but        Broncos releasing trouble making Travis Henry, it looks like

he brings quickness to the table, as evident by his 5 yard per   Young will get the first shot to be the primary ball carrier in

carry average during his final year of college. He will enter    Denver. If Young can take advantage of the opportunity and

training camp battling with Young, Pittman and Andre Hall        prove to Shanahan that he is an every down back, he could

for playing time, but don’t be surprised if Torain gets his      very well be the fantasy football surprise pick of 2008. If not,

chance at some point during the season. We all know it is a      we all know that the Broncos will use an abundance of running

matter of time before Shanahan starts playing games with         backs in attempt to keep opposing defenses off guard. It is still

the fantasy football owners in 2008.                             early to make a dead lock projection on Young, but it hasn't
                                                                 been since the 2003 season that the Broncos haven't used some
                                                                 type of running back by committee approach.
DETROIT LIONS                                                                                               2007 RECORD: 7-9

2007 RECAP                                                       KEY ADDITIONS
The Detroit Lions, were one of the biggest, if not the           Simply put, outside of bulking up in the draft, the Lions front
biggest, disappointments as a whole in the fantasy football      office did nothing to improve the overall status of the team
world. Going into the season, the Lions sported explosive        through free agency in 2008.
Roy Williams, possible ROY candidate Calvin Johnson,
Kevin Jones and Jon Kitna. Needless to say, none of these
players lived up to expectations.                                KEY DEPARTURES
The Lions started the 2007 season 6-2, showing great             Kevin Jones (RB) – Drafted in the first round of the 2004
promise, although it was very sloppy at times, much like         draft out of Virginia Tech, the Lions thought enough of Jones
their fantasy stats, but then it all came crashing down.         to trade up to grab him as their second first round pick that
Starting in week 10 they slapped together a 6 game losing        year. In his only season topping 1,000 yards, Kevin put up
streak, and finished with a disappointing 7-9 record. With       1,133 in his rookie year. After that he failed to even bring 700
that came a dismal Lions fantasy showing as 2006 star            rushing yards to the table the following three years. In the
contributors Williams and Kitna never really got on a roll       offseason, the Lions released him for salary-cap reasons.
during the 2007 season. Their running game was
                                                                 Mike Martz (O.C.) – Granted, he is not a player, but his
unimpressive and their star rookie (Johnson) definitely went
                                                                 departure should have a profound effect on the Lions offensive
through a ton of growing pains. New acquired Tatum Bell,
                                                                 roster. Martz, known as a pass-first coach, never fit in well
also failed to put any stats up, as he rode pine most of the
                                                                 with the Detroit media or his team. He allowed the running
season because offensive coordinator Mike Martz did not
                                                                 game to dwindle and probably knocked a few years off of
like his style of play. Finally, after a big 2006, Mike Furrey
                                                                 Kitna’s career as he was sacked at an unmentionable pace.
failed to play a prominent role.

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                 BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
Kevin Smith (RB) - Just falling short of breaking former         Roy Williams (WR) – A new balanced attack should take

Lions great Barry Sanders NCAA single-season rushing             away from Roy’s stats… Or will it? Now that the defenses

record of 2,628 yards, Smith’s college coach at Central          have to respect the partially solid running attack of Tatum Bell

Florida states that Smith put his team above the chase of        and the Swiss cheese offensive line that the Lions will be

glory. “He cared more about winning than the record. That’s      throwing out there, Roy could get some deep ball attempts that

just how he feels. Give me the ball and let’s win the game.”     were not previously available to him.

Rod Marinelli describes him as, “Tough, durable and              Look for at the minimum a top-20 performance from this

physical.” Smith has all the tools and confidence that that      young stud, possibly jumping into the top-10. The only thing

Lions organization was hoping to acquire at the RB               holding him back in my crystal ball rankings is a brand-new

position, and had him ranked #1 overall for running backs        offensive coordinator and Williams having to recover from an

coming into the draft. You can expect him to be the Lions        injury that forced him to miss time in 2007.

primary ball carrier at some point during the 2008 season.
GREEN BAY PACKERS                                                                                           2007 RECORD: 13-3

2007 RECAP                                                       KEY ADDITIONS
On the strength of Brett Favre’s last hurrah (so we are led to   Brian Brohm (QB) – Brohm elected to skip the draft and
believe), many Green Bay Packers found themselves on             return to Louisville for his senior year after a solid junior
fantasy championship teams in 2007. The silver-haired            season under then-head coach Bobby Petrino. At the time, he
picture of indecisiveness threw for the third most yards         was projected as a high first round pick, but saw his draft stock
(4,155) of his storied 17-year career while connecting on        depreciate last year despite a statistically robust season.
66.5 percent of his pass attempts. Greg Jennings was the         Brohm was subsequently drafted at the tail end of the second
greatest benefactor of Favre’s resurgence, going for 920         round in 2008 and is expected to win the backup gig behind
receiving yards and 12 scores while effectively displacing       Aaron Rodgers. Head coach Mike McCarthy is giving
Donald Driver as alpha ball-catcher in Green Bay. Driver         Rodgers enough rope to make mistakes and learn on the job,
himself was no slouch, but the downturn in yardage and           but Brohm could step in if Rodgers falters.
touchdowns from the previous three seasons probably
signals his descent from borderline WR1 to premium WR3
                                                                 KEY DEPARTURES
                                                                 Brett Favre (QB) – He was kind of important, even more so
Favre’s proficiency also lifted the Packers’ oft-criticized
                                                                 to that kid in Connecticut who wore his No. 4 jersey for 1,581
ground game, allowing undrafted 2005 rookie Ryan Grant
                                                                 consecutive days before killing the streak on April 23. It’s
to remain inconspicuous for most of the season as opposing
                                                                 officially the dawn of a new era in the land where tundra is
linebackers dropped back in pass coverage. By the end of
                                                                 reputable for being frozen. We all know that the Packers fans
the year, Grant had amassed 956 yards and eight
                                                                 will miss him dearly and it is going to be difficult to watch
touchdowns on his way to becoming one of the shiniest
                                                                 someone else chuck the football in Green Bay. Plus, in his
gems of last season’s free agency crop.
                                                                 prime, Favre was the elite fantasy football quarterback.

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                 BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
Jordy Nelson (WR) – This was an offense-heavy draft for          Mason Crosby (K) – Despite the New England Patriots
the Pack, as witnessed by seven of their first nine selections   setting a new NFL record for most points scored in a season, it
being allocated to that side of the ball. They are clearly       wasn't Stephen Gostkowski who topped all fantasy kickers.
occupied with surrounding their trio of young QBs with as        Rather, that distinction went to Mason Crosby, who ended up
many weapons as needed, and that’s what they did with            with 15 more Field Goal attempts than Gostkowski. No doubt
their first of three second round selections. Scouts report      about it, Crosby's value takes a hit with the departure of Favre
that Nelson is a burner with good mitts, and catching 122        as the Pack probably won't put up the same amount of points
balls last year as a senior at Kansas St. would seem to affirm   as they did last season, but at the same time, with Rodgers at
this. He will likely slot in as the no. 4 WR behind Greg         the helm, potential TD drives might stall a bit more often in
Jennings, Donald Driver and James Jones this season, but         Field Goal territory. In the end, look for a dip in Crosby's
he’s a viable candidate for the no. 2 gig in 2010 as Driver      totals, but still target him as a top 10 kicker, as he has a golden
nears the end of his go-to days.                                 leg and should convert on plenty of 40+ yard field goals.
HOUSTON TEXANS                                                                                               2007 RECORD: 8-8

2007 RECAP                                                        KEY ADDITIONS
Looking back on the Houston Texans’ 2007 season, it’s             Chris Brown (RB) – Signed from the Tennessee Titans,
hard to believe that this is a team that finished 8-8 overall.    Brown will be nothing more than a backup for Green. Think of
After all, free agent quarterback Matt Schaub missed the          Brown more as an insurance policy should Green get hurt or
better part of six games, wide receiver Andre Johnson was         under-perform. Plus don’t forget that coach Gary Kubiak
out from week three to week 11 and free agent running back        comes from the Denver school of thought that you can never
Ahman Green carried the ball 10 or more times in a game           have too many running backs. All in all, Brown will get his
just four times. Instead, Sage Rosenfels threw 15                 opportunity to shine, but it could be another year of the
touchdowns to Schaub’s nine, Ron Dayne led the team in            revolving door at running back for the Texans, which means a
rushing with 773 yards and six touchdowns on 194 carries          complete headache for fantasy owners nationwide.
and Kevin Walter led the team in receptions with 65.
With their top three players at each position missing
significant time, the Texans still managed to have a
                                                                  KEY DEPARTURES
respectable season, at least by their standards. The benefit of
                                                                  Ron Dayne (RB) – Dayne had the best season of his career
those players being injured was it allowed other players to
                                                                  with the Texans, receiving most of his playing time due
demonstrate their potential. Tight end Owen Daniels caught
                                                                  to injuries to Green. However, it is the middle of June and
63 passes for 768 yards and three touchdowns and running
                                                                  Dayne is still out of job for 2008. There are rumors that he
back Darius Walker had 264 yards and one touchdown on
                                                                  could resign with the Texans, but with Green, Walker and
58 carries.
                                                                  Slaton on the depth chart, the Texans likely won’t have much
With some better offensive line play the Texans could
                                                                  of a role for the ex Heisman Trophy winner.
contend for a postseason appearance in 2008.

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                  BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
Steve Slaton (RB) – There couldn’t be a better fit for            Ahman Green (RB) — Green’s finest years were left in

Slaton than the Texans. Coach Gary Kubiak comes from              Wisconsin as a member of the Green Bay Packers, though he

the Denver mindset that anybody can become a good                 can still be a productive back as evidenced by his 3.7 yards per

running back if they display certain traits and Slaton has        carry average. If healthy for a full season, Green could

those. Slaton’s lateral speed and ability to cut and go will      approach 900-1,000 rushing yards, but it’s unrealistic to expect

translate well in the Texans’ offense. Ahman Green and            him to play in that many games. We are making his projection

Chris Brown will get the majority of the carries early, but       based on the assumption that he gets injured, so about 500 -

with the injury issues those two have had, don’t be surprised     550 rushing yards and three touchdowns should do for Green.

to see Slaton get a significant amount of carries by the end      To make it simple, unless he is targeted as your 4th or 5th

of the season. If this is the case, he could have some            running back, consider a more reliable option with a fresher set

significant value towards the end of the season for your          of legs.

fantasy football team.
INDIANAPOLIS COLTS                                                                                            2007 RECORD: 13-3

2007 RECAP                                                         KEY ADDITIONS
Indianapolis, Indiana. Headquarters of the NCAA, state of          Dominic Rhodes (RB) – Rhodes returns to the Colts after a
the movie Hoosiers, and home to one of the most potent             year in exile in Oakland where he was largely a forgotten
offenses of the last 5 years, the Indianapolis Colts. 2007         man. While the Colts backfield is clearly the Addai show at
somewhat saw the passing of the torch. For years we’ve             this point, it’s important to remind owners that in his last stint
waited for the decline of Marvin Harrison and the                  in Indy as the “starter”, Rhodes totaled 641 rushing yards, 36
“breakout” of Reggie Wayne. Those banking on 2007 being            receptions, and five touchdowns. Rhodes’ contract is
the year of Wayne’s movement from elite WR2 to elite               extremely cheap, and there are no guarantees he’ll even make
WR1 were handsomely rewarded with a season of 102                  the team, but he knows the system, is a quality compliment to
receptions, 1510 yards, and ten touchdowns. Harrison, on           Joseph Addai, and could steal a lot of third down work,
the other hand, suffered through a lingering knee injury that      proving a thorn in the side of Addai owners in PPR leagues.
frustrated fantasy owners for the majority of the season.
2007 was also the emergence of Joseph Addai as a fantasy
                                                                   KEY DEPARTURES
asset, though he likely disappointed some owners. Entering
                                                                   Ben Utecht (TE) – We don't think Peyton Manning will have
his first year as a featured ball carrier, Addai battled nagging
                                                                   a down season due to the loss of Utecht. But, his departure is
injuries all year, and experienced a late season fade, but he
                                                                   noteworthy as 31 receptions are now up for grabs in
still totaled 1072 rushing yards and 15 total touchdowns.
Dallas Clark also became a hot commodity hauling in58
catches for 616 yards, while leading the Colts in receiving
                                                                   BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
touchdowns with 11. Peyton Manning was Peyton
                                                                   Anthony Gonzalez (WR) – Said Tony Dungy about
Manning, garnering 4040 yards and 34 total touchdowns.
                                                                   Gonzalez, ““I think you’re going to see that second-year jump
                                                                   with him (next season), just more consistency. The ability to
ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                   make the big play is what we’re used to seeing around here. I
                                                                   think he’s going to just fit right in that way. He’ll be so much
Mike Hart (RB) – The former Michigan Wolverine doesn’t
                                                                   better next year. It should be fine for him.” Surely the return
jump out in terms of any measurables, and frankly doesn’t
                                                                   of a healthy Harrison limits the potential of Gonzalez for
wow observers with any single skill. That being said,
                                                                   2008, but he’s definitely someone to keep your eye on. His
Hart’s a tough football player, is durable, and is smart.
                                                                   ability to find space in coverage will lead to a lot of success at
He’ll compete with Rhodes for the back-up position to
                                                                   some point for this Colts team. If Harrison isn’t fully healthy
Joseph Addai, and could win the job despite Rhodes’
                                                                   for the start of the year, or if another Colt succumbs to injury,
additional experience. Our guess is that both make the
                                                                   pounce on Gonzalez and expect quality numbers for your
roster with Kenton Keith being the odd man out. Hart’s not
                                                                   WR2-WR3 slot.
someone you need to concern yourself with, unless you own
Addai, in which case, make sure you know who wins the
Hart vs. Rhodes showdown that will be taking place
throughout the preseason.
JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS                                                                                        2007 RECORD: 11-5

2007 RECAP                                                        KEY ADDITIONS
There's no doubt about it. What made the Jacksonville             Jerry Porter (WR) – After a one reception season in 2006
Jaguars go in 2007 were the legs of running backs, Fred           that was a result of a rift between Porter and former coach, Art
Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew. While the passing game             Shell, Porter bounced back in 2007 with a solid season of 705
mired in mediocrity, ranking 17th in the league, Taylor and       receiving yards and 6 TDs. Porter’s numbers are even more
Jones-Drew led a running attack that ranked 2nd in the            impressive when you consider that they came for a team that
league, behind only the Minnesota Vikings. While most             ranked 31st in passing offense last season, the Oakland
running backs peter out as they past their 30s, Taylor seems      Raiders. Porter will be the Jags number 1 receiver heading
to be getting stronger with age as he once again stayed           into 2008 and should improve on his 2007 numbers, but that
healthy enough to play in 15 games, most likely due to the        improvement will be limited based on Garrard’s desire to
rest he's able to get now with Jones-Drew in the mix.             spread the ball around.
Taylor's health allowed him to put together one of his best
seasons in 4 years, going for 1202 rushing yards and 5
                                                                  KEY DEPARTURES
rushing TD’s
                                                                  Ernest Wilford (WR) – One of four wide receivers to put up
The Jags made a huge move prior to the beginning of the
                                                                  solid numbers for the Jags in 2007, catching 45 passes for 518
2007 season, letting go of quarterback, Byron Leftwich,
                                                                  yards and 3 TDs, Wilford now heads to the Miami Dolphins,
once the future of the franchise, and handing the reins over
                                                                  where he’ll most likely start opposite of Ted Ginn, Jr.
to David Garrard. Playing in 12 games, Garrard didn’t put
                                                                  Wilford’s departure isn't exactly a huge blow to the Jags as
up huge yardage or TD totals, but he did manage to get solid
                                                                  they still have Reggie Williams, Dennis Northcut, and Matt
fantasy numbers each and every week and help the Jags win
                                                                  Jones to go along with the new additions of Jerry Porter and
games, thanks to his penchant for avoiding interceptions.
                                                                  Troy Williamson.

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                  BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
Derrick Harvey (DE) - Though ranked a respectable 12th            Maurice Jones-Drew (RB) - In his rookie season in 2006,

in the league on the defensive side of the ball, the Jags still   Jones-Drew won over fantasy football owners with his

went all out in this year's draft shoring up their defensive      diminutive size, thunder thighs, and big play ability. Despite

front. In what has been dubbed the draft to stop Peyton           getting off to a slow start in 2007, in which he failed to net 5

Manning, the Jags went out and took two Defensive Ends            fantasy points in each of the Jags first three games, Jones-

with their first two selections. The first of those two came at   Drew's sophomore season turned out quite similar to his

number 8 overall in the form of Derrick Harvey. Harvey            inaugural year in the league as he finished the season by going

may not be a pass rusher in the sense of a Jevon Kearse or        for 8+ fantasy points in 10 of the Jags last 13 games. Jones-

Michael Strahan mold, meaning he may not rack up the              Drew totaled 1175 yards and 10 trips to the end zone in 2007,

sacks, but he is an all-around player. He's solid at stopping     and with the Jags looking to continue to get their most

the run, can disrupt plays before they really have a chance       dynamic player the ball often, 2008 should yield similar, if not

to develop and has a knack for batting down passes.               better, numbers.
KANSAS CITY CHIEFS                                                                                         2007 RECORD: 4-12

2007 RECAP                                                       KEY ADDITIONS
The 2007 season was supposed to be a year of new                 Devard Darling (WR) – The Bruno Boys Fantasy Football
beginnings for the Kansas City Chiefs. For the first time in     staff is mind-boggled by the fact that the only offseason move
almost a decade, they were going to be without quarterback       the Chiefs made to address their wide receiver issues was the
Trent Green and instead turned to lifelong backup Damon          signing of Devard Darling. While a member of the Baltimore
Huard to lead the offense. However, before the season even       Ravens, Darling was nothing more than a third wide receiver
started the Chiefs were forced to deal with running back         in a bad offense. In a career year, Darling finished 2007 with
Larry Johnson holding out of training camp for more              18 receptions for 326 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns.
money, which led to abundance of media interest and far          Darling never has been a cutting edge receiver during his
from needed pressure on a struggling franchise. Despite the      career, and we don’t think a change of uniform will help his
emergence of rookie Dwayne Bowe (129 fantasy points),            cause. In simple words, stay away from him.
nothing went right for the Chiefs on the offensive side of the
football. Johnson, who was drafted in the first round of         KEY DEPARTURES
many fantasy football leagues, missed a good portion of the
                                                                 Jared Allen (DL) – The loss of Jarred Allen will not only
season with a bummed foot and had a measly 98 fantasy
                                                                 hinder the production of an already mediocre defense, it also
points to show for a lost season. The quarterbacks, Brodie
                                                                 could lead to fewer opportunities for a close to non-existent
Croyle and Huard, combined for just 17 touchdown passes
                                                                 Kansas City Chiefs offense. Allen led all NFL defenders with
against 19 interceptions and it was so bad the Chiefs used 3
                                                                 15.5 sacks in 2007, was the catalyst of the Chiefs defense and
different kickers in a 16 game season.
                                                                 will be tough to replace. Now a member of an already stout
                                                                 Minnesota Vikings defense, Allen could have a career year in
ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                 the “Twinkie Dome”.

Will Franklin (WR) – It’s not often that you see a fourth
                                                                 BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
round pick get a chance to start in his first NFL season, but
                                                                 Tony Gonzalez (TE) – Touchdown Tony, as we like to call
the Chiefs are in desperation mode. If Franklin can prove to
                                                                 him, had his best season in four years, despite the fact that the
the coaching staff that he can grasp the playbook, the speed
                                                                 offense couldn’t score points to save their lives. He finished
of the game and show impressive skills on the field, he will
                                                                 with 99 receptions, 1,172 receiving yards and was able to find
have a chance to win the job out of training camp. In
                                                                 pay dirt 5 times. In 2008, we know Gonzalez will be an
college, at the University of Missouri, Franklin showed off
his speed and his ability to get the home run balls, which are   integral part of the offense, but with Johnson expected to get

two tools the Chiefs are lacking.                                20-25+ touches a game, we very well could see a decline in
                                                                 his production. Still, Gonzalez is considered a top 5 fantasy
Jamal Charles (RB) – With the 76 overall pick in the             football tight end and should be swooped up once you have
NFL draft, the Chiefs nabbed Charles fresh out the               drafted your primary running backs and wide receivers.
University of Texas. With Larry Johnson expected to be
back to full force, fans will have to wait to see his
breakaway speed on a regular basis.
MIAMI DOLPHINS                                                                                               2007 RECORD: 1-15

2007 RECAP                                                       KEY ADDITIONS
No one was happier to see the Miami Dolphins season end          Tony Sparano (HC) - Sparano is widely respected on the
more than the team itself. Fans watched in amazement as          offensive front and may be able to squeeze some edible juice
Miami produced one of the worst NFL seasons, ever!               out of these rotting apples! He doesn’t have much to work
Miami’s first and only win came in game #14 in which they        with, will be heading into 2008 with two injured running
defeated the Baltimore Ravens 22 to16. That is about the         backs, as his top two RB’s Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams
only highlight that came from South Beach. Ronnie Brown          both suffered season ending surgeries. His most experienced
was enjoying what was one of the better seasons by any           QB is Josh McCown, and the rest is almost nonexistent. It is a
running back in the league, having accumulated 991 total         very tall task to ask someone to create a masterpiece painting
yards through his first seven games and scoring a combined       with dirty oil, mustard and ketchup, but that is exactly what
5 touchdowns before suffering a season ending ACL tear.          Sparano has in the cards for the 2008 season.
Miami’s only other possible fantasy contributor; Chris
Chambers was shipped to the San Diego Chargers mid-              KEY DEPARTURES
season for a 2008 second round draft choice.
                                                                 Trent Green (QB) – Granted he is one hit away from being
Miami didn’t sit around long, hiring Bill Parcells to run the
                                                                 completely taken out of the game of football, but he was the
organization. Soon after, Parcells fired Head Coach Cam
                                                                 Dolphins only real chance at having a respectable QB for the
Cameron, replacing him with Tony Sparano. These hirings
                                                                 2008 season. He was cut and now takes his game to the St.
can only be seen as a positive sign for a franchise that is in
                                                                 Louis Rams. He takes with him a very solid veteran presence,
dire need of making an impact in the NFL.
                                                                 great leadership and possibly Miami’s only shot at giving their
                                                                 WR’s a chance to make some type of fantasy impact.

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                 BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
Jake Long (OT) – Listed at 6-7, 315 pounds, Long                 Ricky Williams (RB) – Ricky has only six carries the past

dominated in his career at Michigan. That is why the             two years combined thanks to his love for Marijuana as well as

Dolphins did not hesitate to make him the #1 overall pick in     his inability to stay healthy. He definitely has skills, but it

this years draft, having signed him to a multi-year deal         hasn’t been easy to have him on the field to show them off,

before draft day even started. Long, who is expected to fill     nor has his dedication to the NFL policy on banned substances

in at the Left-tackle position, must strengthen his pass         made him a desirable first option for NFL teams. He is

protection skills some, but for the most part should be a        expected to cut into Brown’s touches if healthy, and his

solid foundation for a team that is looking for anything and     fantasy value would probably have to go to the owner that

everything. As Long says, "I’m just going to come in here        would want to handcuff him to Brown. Other than that, you

and do the same things I’ve been doing, which is work hard,      shouldn’t waste your roster room on him unless he becomes

try to be a good leader, make myself better and help make        the primary back due to an injury and he is proving capable of

the team better."                                                carrying the full load in such a circumstance.
MINNESOTA VIKINGS                                                                                         2007 RECORD: 8-8

2007 RECAP                                                     KEY ADDITIONS
Until the arrival of Adrian Peterson, the Minnesota Vikings    Bernard Berrian (WR) – With no upgrades via the draft, at
could be referred to collectively as a fantasy football        least the Vikings thought it wise to add an accomplished
wasteland. Currently, the team’s strengths (offensive line,    wideout to their receiving corps. But Berrian has to be
defense) offer little in the way of helping you win your       wondering what he has to do in order to play for a quarterback
fantasy league, and the rest of the point-producing skill      that has thrown more touchdowns than interceptions.
players still have a ways to go before you see multiple
Vikings being drafted in the first five rounds. The obvious    Jared Allen (DE) – Adding one of the NFL’s top five
exclusion from this group, Peterson, was exceptional in        defensive ends to an already stout line signifies that the
2007: 1341 yards and 13 total touchdowns in spite of           Vikings’ front office is seizing the moment in what looks to be
missing three and a half games to injury. Tarvaris Jackson     a down year for the rest of the Norris Division.
experienced the usual growing pains of a young signal-
caller and never emerged as anything more than a desperate     KEY DEPARTURES
bye week option in standard leagues.                           Troy Williamson (WR) – The Vikings drafted Williamson in
Chester Taylor was a necessary handcuff for Peterson           the first round of the 2005 draft with the intention of him
owners, but only merited a spot in active lineups during the   becoming Daunte Culpepper’s primary downfield target.
weeks AP needed to recover. Little can usually be expected     Instead of becoming a serviceable replacement for Randy
from rookie wide receivers, but Sidney Rice showed flashes     Moss, however, Williamson has effectively turned into a
of his WR3 potential. The Minnesota Vikings Team               modern-day James Jett. His granitic hands are now property of
Defense, however, placed in the top-10 in both sacks and       the Jacksonville Jaguars.
fumbles recovered.

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                               BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
John David Booty (QB) – Although JDB won’t merit               Tarvaris Jackson (QB) – Tarvaris Jackson is the transsexual

fantasy consideration unless both Jackson and Gus Frerotte     of NFL quarterbacks. What could we possibly mean by that?

are sidelined (or the Vikings somehow flounder in what         He’s trapped inside the wrong body, essentially. Watch him

looks to be the weakest division in the NFC this season), he   run (or watch his T-Rex delivery), and it becomes apparent

will be an interesting guy to watch during the preseason.      that the good Lord borrowed from the DNA pool that is

Booty is considered to be the prototypical quarterback for     typically reserved for running backs and wide receivers.

the west coast offense, so if he doesn’t succeed in            YouTube seems to confirm my suspicion, as the majority of

Minnesota, there’s not much reason to think he’ll succeed      “Tarvaris Jackson highlights” are of the 6-foot-2 quarterback

elsewhere.                                                     escaping blitzes and galloping into the opposition’s secondary.
                                                               The Vikings’ coaching staff has offered Jackson their praise
                                                               throughout the offseason, but we would venture to say that
                                                               most of what you have heard to date is propaganda to bolster
                                                               his confidence.
NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS                                                                                        2007 RECORD: 16-0

2007 RECAP                                                       KEY ADDITIONS
So what can be said about the 2007 season for the New            Kelley Washington (WR) / Marcus Pollard (TE) - While
England Patriots that hasn’t already been said?                  Washington and Pollard were mainly added for depth, you
Contributing greatly to my overall happiness, they didn’t        just never know who Tom Brady will turn into the next
win the Super Bowl. But, they did complete a perfect 16-0        fantasy darling. Still, if that turns out to be the case with either
regular season, and had some incredible performances             of these two guys, we're sure you'll be able to find them on the
fantasy football wise. In fact, if you owned Tom Brady,          waiver wire.
Randy Moss, or Wes Welker in many leagues, you had
quite the season.
                                                                 KEY DEPARTURES
Brady was absolutely surgical last year. His final numbers
                                                                 Donte Stallworth (WR) – In the offseason, Stallworth signed
of 398 completions, 4,806 yards, and 50 touchdowns were
                                                                 a ludicrous deal to join the Cleveland Browns. While
simply filthy. Moss managed a bounce-back year of epic
                                                                 technically Stallworth is listed as a “key departure” the Pats
proportions, harkening back to the days of purple and gold
                                                                 likely won’t even notice him missing.
in the Metrodome and totaling 98 receptions, 1493 yards,
and 23 touchdowns. Welker? What’s 112 receptions, 1175
                                                                 Asante Samuel (CB) & Randall Gay (CB) & Eugene
yards, and eight touchdowns? Paltry compared to Moss. Of
                                                                 Wilson (S) – Come 2008, the Patriots secondary, which was
minor disappointment, however, was Laurence Maroney,
                                                                 a big contributor to the team's 6th ranked pass defense, will
who likely cost you a first round pick, finishing with 835
                                                                 look a whole lot different with Samuel off to Philadelphia,
rushing yards and six touchdowns. To sum it up, the
                                                                 Gay heading to the Saints, and Wilson joining Tampa Bay.
Patriots had the best season in NFL history.                     Losing three key members of their pass coverage team in one
                                                                 off-season will be a true test to the Patriots.

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                 BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
Jerod Mayo (LB) – When the Patriots drafted Mayo with            Laurence Maroney (RB) – Maroney was supposed to have a

the 10th overall pick, they did a great job of adding youth to   monstrous 2008 after taking sole possession of the running

linebacker corps that is averaging well over 30+ years of        back job from Corey Dillon. However, retread vagabond

age. What you will like about Mayo is his athletic ability       Sammy Morris emerged from nowhere to split carries with

and competitive drive to always be around the football.          Maroney early in the season, only losing his role due to a

During his last season at the University of Tennessee, Mayo      chest injury suffered against the Cowboys in week 6. Further

finished with a team lead 140 tackles and he should be able      clouding Maroney’s fantasy value was the presence of

to provide an immediate spark for the Patriots defense.          Patriots’ favorite Kevin Faulk, who garnered most of the 3rd
                                                                 down duties and two minute drill situations due to his pass
                                                                 catching proficiency.
                                                                 Maroney enters camp as the unquestioned starter, and could
                                                                 very well realize the expectations of 2007 in 2008.
NEW ORLEANS SAINTS                                                                                       2007 RECORD: 7-9

2007 RECAP                                                     KEY ADDITIONS
After an incredible 2006 season, the New Orleans Saints        Aaron Glenn & Randall Gay & Jonathan Vilma (DEF) –
came back to earth last year as they finished 7-9 overall      General Manager Mickey Loomis quickly got to work in the
with sub-par performances all around. The Saints lost their    offseason, trading for Vilma from the New York Jets and
first four games, with quarterback Drew Brees throwing         signing corner backs Glenn and Gay to beef up a terrible pass
nine interceptions and just one touchdown in those games,      defense. With Vilma in the mix, the Saints linebacking corps
and were simply unable to recover. Brees actually finished     immediately goes from one of the weakest in the NFC to
strong, setting career highs in passing yards (4,423),         respectable. While there is still much work to be before the
attempts (652), completions (440), completion percentage       New Orleans defense can be considered one of the top ones,
(67.5) and passing touchdowns (28). Unfortunately he           the Saints will be much improved in 2008. Still you should
added nine fumbles, four of them lost, and a career-high 18    probably hold off drafting them.
interceptions. The running back tandem of Deuce
McAllister and Reggie Bush took a major hit when               KEY DEPARTURES
McAllister was lost for the season with another knee injury    Olindo Mare (K) – Not often does a team go the whole
in the week. Without McAllister, Bush’s production             offseason without having a key loss, but that can be said about
suffered, as he finished with 581 rushing yards and 417        the Saints. Olindo Mare had little to no fantasy football value
receiving yards and just 6 touchdowns. Wide receiver           in 2007, but he makes the list because he is the only notable
Marques Colston enjoyed his second straight fine season as     name. In fact, Mare was expected to join the Saints high
he caught 98 passes for 1,202 yards and 11 touchdowns.         powered offense and become a top 10 fantasy kicker, instead
                                                               he finished the season having played in just 13 games and

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                               converting on just 58.8% (10-17) of his field goal chances.

Sedrick Ellis (DT) and Tracy Porter (CB) — Neither
                                                               BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
player will get drafted in your fantasy football league,
                                                               Drew Brees (QB) – Forget about how Drew Brees played in
unless you consider them in an IDP league, but the additions
                                                               the first four games last year and remember that his numbers
of Ellis and Porter are huge for the growth of the New
                                                               are trending up in all the right areas. The only reason
Orleans defense. The Saints, who ranked 25th in points
                                                               his interceptions went up was because the lack of running
allowed, 26th in yards allowed and 30th in passing yards
                                                               game in New Orleans, had him trying to carry the team and he
allowed realized they needed to make a commitment to
                                                               forced a lot of passes. With the running game expected to be
defense and during the offseason they did just that.
                                                               back in full force, it should lead to more openings down the
Combine Ellis and Porter with newly acquired linebacker
                                                               field and because of this we believe Brees should be able to
Jonathan Vilma and the signings of defensive back's Aaron
                                                               put together what could be his best season yet in 2008. Expect
Glenn and Randall Gay, and all of a sudden the Saints
                                                               4,100 passing yards, 28-30 touchdowns and 14-16
defense has a chance to be a surprise in 2008. However, it
seems that every year the Saints are improving on defense,
only to falter during the season.
NEW YORK GIANTS                                                                                          2007 RECORD: 10-6

2007 RECAP                                                      KEY ADDITIONS
Up until their amazing playoff run, capped by Eli's escape      David Carr (QB) – While Carr hasn’t quite found the success
and David Tyree's miracle grab, the Giants' 2007 season         many envisioned he would in the NFL, he does make for a
was a solid, but not spectacular one. Carried mostly by a       more suitable back-up to Eli Manning than Jared Lorenzen.
defense that ranked 7th in the league, despite giving up 45     However, we doubt that Carr will be asked to come in to solely
and 35 points in weeks 1 and 2 respectively, the Giants were    push the pile like Lorenzen was.
able to play themselves to a 10-6 record. However, with an
offense that ranked just 16th in the league, it appeared the    KEY DEPARTURES
Giants were headed for an early playoff exit and Tom            Gibril Wilson (S) –It’s never easy replacing a guy who racks
Coughlin would be filing for unemployment. But, as they         up 92 tackles on the season and has more than a quarter of
say, that's why the play the game, and after the games were     your team’s interceptions on the year, especially when his
played, the Giants were the ones who hoisted the Lombardi       likely replacement will be a rookie. But, with Wilson leaving
trophy. Beware though, because come draft day 2008 you          town for “richer” pastures in Oakland, that’s what the Giants
don’t want to be one of those owners who remembers the          will be looking to do.
Giants of 2007 for their playoff run.
However, with that warning in mind, also note that there are    BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
players on these New York Giants that won't be overvalued.
                                                                Derrick Ward (RB) – Ward came out of nowhere to help
Most notable of which are wide receiver, Plaxico Burres,
                                                                numerous fantasy teams early in 2007, going for 10 or more
and running back Brandon Jacobs. Burress won't be
                                                                fantasy points in each of the Giants first 5 games. But, like
overvalued because he showed last season that he simply is
                                                                with Jacobs, injuries limited him the rest of the year, including
as good as advertised. Playing with a banged up ankle,
                                                                a broken leg that landed him on the IR, and brings his status of
Burress still gave cornerbacks fits, going for 1025 receiving
                                                                Jacobs back-up into question. Ward will, once again, best help
yards and 12 TD’s. As for Jacobs, despite missing five
                                                                you as a waiver wire pick-up if Jacobs goes down. Otherwise,
games due to injury, he still managed to rush for 1,009
                                                                stay away until the Giants reveal how they want to use this tiny
yards on just 202 carries and find the end zone on six
                                                                back. Keep in mind that the Giants also have speedy Ahmad
different occasions.
                                                                Bradshaw and he is expected to see some action also.

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                Lawrence Tynes (K) – Had the Giants lost their NFC
Kenny Phillips (S) – The loss of safety, Gibril Wilson,         Championship match-up against the Packers, Tynes, who had
forced the Giants to draft for needs with the 31 selection of   missed 2 FGs in the game, would most likely be looking to
the 2008 draft. To that end, the team went with Phillips,       latch on with another NFL team. However, that’s not how
who comes to the NFL from the U. Phillips has athletic          things played out. Rather, Tynes kicked the game winner in
ability; however, he’s not polished when it comes to playing    overtime of that game to get the Giants to the Super Bowl, and
the safety position. Look for the rookie to make some           with that kick, earned himself a new contract. However, while
amazing plays, but also to make some bonehead mistakes as       the Giants feel comfortable with Tynes, you shouldn’t.
he learns the NFL game.
NEW YORK JETS                                                                                                2007 RECORD: 4-12

2007 RECAP                                                         KEY ADDITIONS
After coming off an impressive 10-6 campaign in 2006,              Alan Faneca (OT) – Considered one of the best offensive
everyone thought the Jets would compete with the New               linemen in football, the Jets addressed an off season need by
England Patriots for the AFC East title, but inconsistency on      signing Faneca. With that came a big payout for the ex-
both sides of the football led to a disappointing 2007 season.     Pittsburgh Steelers superstar and a vastly improved offensive
The Jets finished with a 4--12 record, lost eight of their first   line for the J-E-T-S. When the deal was all said and done,
9 games and failed to win consecutive games. A big issue           Faneca's five-year $40 million contract makes him the highest
that led to the Jets downfall was the play at quarterback.         paid offensive lineman in all of football. What comes to mind
Chad Pennington started the season under center, but battled       when looking at the 300-pounders resume is his durability,
rocky play which eventually led to the Kellen Clemens era          as Faneca hasn't missed a game since the 2001 season, and
in New York. However, Clemens failed to find his groove            should be able to help the value of Thomas Jones.
and could manage just five touchdown passes in 10 games.
Newly acquired running back Thomas Jones surpassed the
                                                                   KEY DEPARTURES
1,000 rushing yard mark, but it took him twelve games until
                                                                   Jonathan Vilma (LB) – Unless you played in a league in
he scored his first touchdown in a Jets uniform. As for the
                                                                   which you start Individual Defensive Players (IDP), Vilma was
receivers, both Jerricho Cotchery and Laveraneus Coles had
                                                                   of no use to you in 2007. But after missing nine games because
respectable seasons and can be considered the most
                                                                   of injury, the Jets decided it was time to cut ties with Vilma,
consistent part of the offense. Cotchery hauled in 80+
                                                                   and they traded him to the New Orleans Saints for a
receptions and had over 1,100 receiving yards but couldn't
                                                                   conditional 4th round pick. When healthy, Vilma is a middle
find pay dirt, while Coles receptions and yardage total were
                                                                   of the road linebacker, who is usually around the football and
down from '06, but he matched his touchdown total (6).
                                                                   he should be considered in an IDP league.

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                   BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
Dustin Keller (TE) – With the 30th pick in the first round,        Leon Washington (RB) – It's the little things that make Leon
the Jets decided it would be wise to take a pass catching          Washington worth mentioning. It seems that every time he gets
tight end. With the tight end position starting to become a        his hands on the football something exciting happens, and this
bigger part of offensive schemes around the league, the Jets       is evident by his three kick return touchdowns he had in 2007.
felt Keller could join the party. The University of Purdue         Add those to his three rushing touchdowns and Washington
graduate has all of the intangibles to put together a fine         totaled 6 on the season, which was four more than primary
rookie season, but the question mark surrounding the Jets          running back Thomas Jones. Washington is shifty with the
quarterback play could damper his chances. Plus, if you            football, low to the ground and has breakaway speed, but with
look at rookie tight ends, it usually takes them a few years       durability being an issue, the Jets use him as a role player.
to develop, unless you are Kellen Winslow. Keller should           Therefore, you should monitor his status, but if your leagues
be targeted in leagues that play two tight ends, but his main      rewards kick return yardage points, target Washington early
value is in dynasty leagues.                                       on.
OAKLAND RAIDERS                                                                                            2007 RECORD: 4-12

2007 RECAP                                                       KEY ADDITIONS
What was once considered a very proud franchise, finding         Javon Walker (WR) – Having signed a 6 year contract with
its energy through Raider Nation, now finds itself on a          the silver and black this off-season, Walker is already making
downward spiral in which they still haven’t been able to         news as a Raider. Unfortunately, it's not the good type as
recover. Following the 2007 draft in which they drafted          Walker was found bloodied in a Las Vegas street. Not quite
highly touted quarterback, JaMarcus Russell, all hopes were      the start the Raiders were hoping for for the guy they believe
high for the silver and black. That soon changed though as       can fill the shoes of recently departed receivers Randy Moss
Russell held out until almost mid-September, which turned        and Jerry Porter, though the Bruno Boys Fantasy Football staff
out to be the longest holdout by the top pick in the draft in    highly doubt that that happens. Walker could have a solid
over two decades!                                                season, if he remains healthy, as he should become Russell’s
The Raiders went on to win only 4 games in 2007. Free            first and favorite option, but that knee remains a concern.
agent running back, Dominic Rhodes, bombed, and 2006
holdout wide receiver, Jerry Porter, never got back on track.    KEY DEPARTURES
2007 ended on a sour note with the team losing its last 4
                                                                 Jerry Porter (WR) – Porter left California for Florida, having
match-ups, but with a few roster moves having been made
                                                                 signed a 6 year deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars this off-
during the off-season, and the arrival of another offensive
                                                                 season. The impact on the team should be minimal as his role
stud, Darren McFadden, through the draft, 2008 looks to
                                                                 was severely reduced last season after having held out for most
have the makings of a season that can produce better results.
                                                                 of the 2006 season. Although he is a very skilled wide
                                                                 receiver, his departure from the Raiders was two years in the
                                                                 making. The Raiders won’t miss the self proclaimed NFL’s
ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                 best wide receiver.

Darren McFadden (RB) – McFadden, taken fourth overall
by the Raiders brings to Oakland the type of skills that have    BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
been lacking in the backfield since the Marcus Allen and Bo      JaMarcus Russell (QB) – We have never been a fan
Jackson days. Skilled both as a runner and a receiver, he can    quarterbacks with less than one full year under their belt and
also pass the ball if need be. With the Raiders relying on a     Russell really is no exception to this rule. In the limited time
young QB this year, some trick plays would not surprise the      Russell did see in 2007, he did not have many passing
Bruno Boys Fantasy Football staff. In 2007, he rushed for        attempts, threw for more INT’s than TD’s, and did not have a
over 1800 yards and scored 17 TD’s for the University of         completion over 40 yards. What this tells us is that the Raiders
Arkansas. Had there not been concerns about his off-the-         were being easy on him last year, letting him get his feet wet,
field problems, McFadden could have possibly gone higher         and this year could be more of the same. Although he is
in the draft, which is saying something seeing as he was         expected to get the majority of the playing time, don’t be
selected 4th overall. He has all the skills to be talked about   surprised if you see a more watered down offense that features
in the same category as Barry Sanders and LaDainian              a lot of McFadden and Justin Fargas. You can consider Russell
Tomlinson, but it is up to him if he can reach his potential.    a backup quarterback in a 12 team league, but his value should
                                                                 probably come from the waiver wire.
PHILADELPHIA EAGLES                                                                                          2007 RECORD: 8-8

2007 RECAP                                                       KEY ADDITIONS
Determined to reclaim the starting quarterback position with     Lorenzo Booker (RB) — Booker comes to Philadelphia in a
authority after backup Jeff Garcia led the Philadelphia          trade for a fourth round draft pick. Booker spent last season as
Eagles to a playoff berth in 2006, Donovan McNabb started        a member of Miami Dolphins, where he had just 28 carries for
the season in solid fashion. The sports hernia injury he         125 yards and no touchdowns. Booker will likely be a third
suffered that paved the way for Jeff Garcia two years ago        running option behind Westbrook and Buckhalter.
was healed and McNabb proved he still had it in him as he
played in 14 games and throw for 3,324 yards, 19                 Asante Samuel (CB) – While the Eagles defense was solid as
touchdowns and seven interceptions while completing 61.5         usual, the pass defense was the weak link as it ranks 19th in
percent of his passes. From a fantasy perspective, we saw        yards allowed. Samuel immediately makes a mediocre unit one
the McNabb of old beginning to emerge again. It was his          of the best and will help bolster an already solid defensive unit.
best season, statistically, since the 2004 season, which was
by far the greatest of his career thus far. Supporting           KEY DEPARTURES
McNabb was running back Brian Westbrook, who rushed
                                                                 Jevon Kearse (DE) – Injuries and inconsistent performances
for 1,333 yards and seven touchdowns out of the backfield.
                                                                 led to Kearse failing to live up to his nickname as “The Freak”.
Westbrook was also the team’s leading receiver as he
                                                                 Kearse was incredible in five seasons with the Tennessee
caught 90 passes for 771 yards and five touchdowns. The
                                                                 Titans before signing with the Eagles as a free agent prior to
receivers left a lot to be desired for McNabb but Kevin
                                                                 the 2004 season but was never able to regain the form that
Curtis emerged as a good deep threat. Curtis caught 77
                                                                 netted him such a big contract. The departure of Kearse won’t
passes for 1,110 yards and six touchdowns. Reggie Brown,
                                                                 hurt the Eagles defense that much as they have the depth to
had his best season in terms of receptions, finishing with 61.
                                                                 make up for his combined seven sacks in the last two years.

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                 BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
DeSean Jackson (WR) — The Eagles predictably spent               Donovan McNabb (QB) – If last year proved anything about

most of the draft focusing on the offensive and defensive        McNabb, it’s that he still has the skills that he displayed in the

lines but got an absolute steal when they took Jackson with      2004 season when he threw 31 touchdowns and eight

the 18th pick of the second round. Jackson is a playmaker in     interceptions. The line is solid, the running backs are good and

every sense of the word. He is fast, agile and explosive at      the receivers now have some experience. Barring health issues,

the receiver position. Size issues ultimately caused Jackson     we should see one of McNabb’s finest seasons in the NFL this

to fall in the draft, as he is 6’0’’ but weights just 178        year.

pounds. Jackson will fit perfectly in the slot for the Eagles
                                                                 Brian Westbrook (RB) – The Eagles’ Swiss-army knife of a
and is also a dangerous punt returner. He should be one of
                                                                 running back has had injury issues in the past, but we saw the
the few rookie receivers that will make an impact this
                                                                 full potential of Westbrook last season when he is able to stay
season and you should target him in deep leagues, as well as
                                                                 on the field. Similar to McNabb, he looks primed for another
leagues that reward points for extra long touchdowns.
                                                                 huge season, though don’t expect his numbers
PITTSBURGH STEELERS                                                                                         2007 RECORD: 10-6

2007 RECAP                                                       KEY ADDITIONS
The Steelers were solid as usual in 2007, winning games          Mewelde Moore (RB) – Maybe a reach, but the signing of
and making it to the playoffs with stifling defense and a        Moore signals that Pittsburgh wants to add depth at running
less-than-usual conservative offense under first-year coach      back to take carries away from Parker, who simply should not
Mike Tomlin. Offensively, the Steelers flashed a few new         carry the ball 321 times in a season. You may remember
formations but for the most part stuck to their tried-and-true   Moore from his days as a Minnesota Viking, a guy that flashed
formula of running the ball, racking up 511 carries for 2,151    some potential a few times, but got hurt before he was able to
yards. Willie Parker rushed 321 times for 1,316 yards but        capitalize on it. At this time Moore is third on the depth charts
had just two touchdowns while backup and spot starter            behind Parker and Mendenhall, so he can’t really be
Najeh Davenport had five touchdowns. Hines Ward had a            considered an option worth drafting for your fantasy squad.
typical season, catching 71 passes for 732 yards and seven
touchdowns. Santonio Holmes only caught three more
passes in 2007 than his rookie year but went for 118 more        KEY DEPARTURES
yards and six more touchdowns. Tight end Heath Miller had        Clark Haggans (LB) & Alan Faneca (G) – Both of these
his best season, catching 47 passes for 566 yards and seven      players had a big impact on the Steelers. Faneca was unhappy
touchdowns, setting career highs in each category.               with his contract situation last year and finally bolted for the
All those receiving yards had to come from somewhere and         New York Jets shortly after free agency began. The loss of
Ben Roethlisberger was the man as he enjoyed his finest          Faneca could hurt Parker’s value, though the Steelers are
season as a pro, throwing for 3,145 yards, 32 touchdowns         traditionally good at finding new interior linemen. The loss of
and 11 interceptions while completing 65.3 percent of his        Haggans could hurt one of the top defenses, if only the
passes.                                                          Steelers weren’t so good at finding new linebackers as well.

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                 BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
Limas Sweed (WR) – While other teams were gambling on            Rashard Mendenhall (RB) – What a steal it was for the

receivers with upside, one of the most polished receivers in     Steelers to pick up Mendenhall so late in the first round. The

the draft fell right into the Steelers’ laps. Sweed’s size and   addition of Mendenhall will take some pressure off Parker, and

speed are a great combination and he should fit in well as       will help open up the offense. Mendenhall will have to make

the third or fourth receiver with the Steelers. If Sweed is      the transition from a zone-read offense at the University of

able to wrangle away the third receiver position from Nate       Illinois to a more traditional one in Pittsburgh, but it is not as

Washington, then he could put up some fantasy-relevant           difficult for running backs to do it compared to quarterbacks

numbers this year. Most receivers struggle as rookies but if     and wide receivers.

anybody can make a quick transition it’s Sweed. With teams       In attempt to keep Parker fresh and to maximize the full

focusing a lot of attention on both Hines Ward and Santonio      potential of Mendenhall, you can expect Tomlin to give both

Holmes, Sweed could find himself matched up against bad          running backs their fair share of touches. What’s nice about

cornerbacks and overmatched linebackers.                         the duo is that they both feature a different running style that
                                                                 should keep defenses off balance.
SAN DIEGO CHARGERS                                                                                      2007 RECORD: 11-5

2007 RECAP                                                    KEY ADDITIONS
Last season was supposed to be the year for the Chargers…     Derek Smith (LB) & L.J. Shelton (OL) – When taking a look
supposed to be. Following a 1-3 start, many questioned the    at the San Diego Chargers offseason acquisitions, the likes of
team, especially that first overall pick for many fantasy     Derek Smith and L.J. Shelton are miles away from making a
owners, LaDanian Tomlinson. Tomlinson had a whopping          fantasy football impact. Although, Shelton will add some bulk
130 yards rushing entering week 4, however,                   upfront and should be able to help an already impressive
congratulations to those of you who bought low early.         offensive line. As for Smith, he was hit or miss as a member
Tomlinson finished the season with 1474 yards, 19 total       of the San Francisco 49ers, and later found himself without a
touchdowns (including the one he threw), 60 receptions, and   job once Patrick Willis stepped foot in the Bay Area.
475 receiving yards. Not too shabby. Further, the massive
stretch run weeks 14-16 likely carried many of his owners
to the championship.
                                                              KEY DEPARTURES
The Chargers themselves did just fine following that 1-3      Michael Turner (RB) – Turner was never more than a backup

start as well, finishing 11-5 and advancing to the AFC        running back during his tenure with the Chargers, but when he

Championship game. As for the rest of the Chargers,           got his opportunity to make an impact, he often shined. Thus

Phillip Rivers was a bit of a rollercoaster. Antonio Gates    far, the four year veteran has totaled 1,257 rushing yards, 6

was pretty much himself, nearly identically reproducing his   touchdowns and a 5.5 yard per carry average on just 228

2006 numbers. Vincent Jackson was supposed to add a           rushing attempts. Despite his success in a limited role, the

vertical compliment to Gates, and to some extent, did just    Chargers realized he wasn’t worth the money he would

that. Chris Chambers, acquired from Miami in week 7,          demand in the open market, and Turner signed a free agent

nearly out produced Jackson in six fewer games.               contract with the Atlanta Falcons

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                              BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
Jacob Hester (RB) – Hester was selected out of LSU with       Antonio Gates (TE) – For years, Gates dominated as the top

San Diego’s third round pick (No. 69 overall). The            tight end in the fantasy game. Over the last two years,

Chargers evidently like him quite a bit, as they traded a     however, Gates has still been great, but has been just average

2008 fifth rounder and a 2009 second rounder to obtain the    in terms of the draft spot it takes to get him. Offseason foot

pick from the New England Patriots. Hester will be a full-    surgery currently has Gates missing OTAs, but he’s still saying

time, do everything tailback for the Bolts, and will likely   he’ll be ready in September. He does admit, however, that

immediately assume the back-up role once occupied by          he’s likely to miss the start of training camp.

Michael Turner. Make no mistake… we are not saying            Those risk-averse managers should look elsewhere this fall, as

Hester is Michael Turner, but he’s your must have handcuff    Gates could be a substantial risk/reward proposition in 2008.

if you’ve got Tomlinson. Plus, with Tomlinson climbing the    If he proves his health, don’t hesitate to make him your

charts in career touches, you might see a slight decline in   starting tight end, just please don’t waste a third rounder doing

his carrier in 2008.                                          it.
SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS                                                                                           2007 RECORD: 5-11

2007 RECAP                                                         KEY ADDITIONS
After finishing the 2006 season on a hot streak, many league       Issac Bruce (WR) – Despite getting up there in age (35),
officials thought that the 2007 version of the San Francisco       Bruce still has performed at a high enough level that will
49ers could compete for the NFC West title. Unfortunately,         benefit the 49ers. The true definition of a professional, Bruce
this was before offensive coordinator Norv Turner bolted to        hauled in 55 receptions for 733 receiving yards and four
San Diego and the 49ers were stuck with unproven Jim               touchdowns last season. Heading to San Francisco, Bruce
Hostler calling the offensive plays.. The offense was              will step in as the veteran leader the 49ers offense has been
supposed to flourish under the breakout season of running          lacking for years. Plus, with the hiring of offensive
back Frank Gore and quarterback Alex Smith showed signs            coordinator Mike Martz in the off season, the 49ers are
of promise towards the end of the '06 campaign. The 49ers          rekindling bits and pieces of the "Greatest Show on Turf" that
got off to a hot start, winning their first two games, but after   Bruce was a part of for many years.
the quick start it all went downhill. The 49ers proceeded to
drop eight straight games, en route to finishing the season        KEY DEPARTURES
with a 5-11 record and another disappointing season for the
                                                                   Bryant Young (DE) – With the way free agency works today,
once proud franchise. Statistically the 49ers had one of the
                                                                   you just don't see many superstars playing their whole career
worst seasons in NFL history. The offense finished 32nd in
                                                                   with one franchise, unless you are Bryant Young. After being
the NFL in Points Per Game (13.7), Yards Per Game
                                                                   a staple in the San Francisco 49ers defense since 1994, Young
(237.3) and Passing Yards Per Game (145.0). If that wasn't
                                                                   decided that it was time to call it quits. This means the 49ers
bad enough, the defense ranked 25th in the NFL in Yards
                                                                   lose their defensive captain, leader and still at the age of 36 a
Allowed Per Game (346.2) and suffered a week two injury
                                                                   pretty good player. Young finished his career with 620 tackles
from key contributor Manny Lawson.
                                                                   and an impressive 89.5 sacks.

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                   BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
Kentwan Balmer (DT) – It might not have been the                   Alex Smith (QB) - After making great strides in '06 (16 TD's

trendiest pick in the draft, but with the taking of Balmer the     and 16 INT's), Smith was far from productive in 2007.

49ers addressed a need with the loss of Bryant Young               Despite the 49ers getting off to a 2-0 start, Smith was never

upfront. Balmer was an underachiever until he had a                able to find his groove from week 1, as he finished the season

breakout senior season at the University of North Carolina.        with 914 passing yards and two touchdown passes in 7 games.

The 6’ 4’’ 300-pounder finished the season 113 tackles to          Part of his digression came from a shoulder injury that forced

go along with 12 sacks and he should his versatility be            him to miss the 9 games and ended his season in week 10.

recovering six fumbles on the season. If the 49ers plug            Excuses aside, Smith completed an NFL worst 48.7 percent of

Balmer into the mix right away, you should see the skills          his passes (94 for 193) and averaged just 4.7 yards per

that come with the package, as Balmer was one of the best          completion. Poor play aside, the Bruno Boys feel the future is

pass rushers entering the 2008 draft.                              bright for Smith in 2008 and beyond, reason being the addition
                                                                   of offensive genius Mike Martz. You should target him as your
                                                                   second quarterback in a twelve or 14 team leagues.
SEATTLE SEAHAWKS                                                                                         2007 RECORD: 10-6

2007 RECAP                                                     KEY ADDITIONS
The Seattle Seahawks found themselves in a familiar place      Julius Jones (RB) – From 2001 to 2005, the Seahawks
at the end of the 2007 regular season, atop the NFC West       could look in their backfield, see Shaun Alexander and know
standings, but the way they got there differed greatly from    that they would get 1100+ yards and 14 TDs from the
years past. In recent history, the Seahawks had been driven                              ,
                                                               running back position. But, two down years from Alexander
by their running game. That's what happens when you have       and now his release from the team, leaves the Seahawks
an MVP type back lining up behind your quarterback. But,       wondering what they'll get in 2008 out of their backs. Jones
as Shaun Alexander's skills deteriorated, a change in          is one of those backs the Seahawks hope can shoulder some
philosophy was needed. And, in 2007, the Seahawks did a                                                       averaged less
                                                               of the load. A consistent underachiever, who's ave
180, deciding to hand the reins to quarterback Matt            than four yards per carry in his career, Jones is looking to
Hasselbeck and become a pass first team. Hasselbeck, who       turn his career around in Seattle after losing his gig in Dallas.
put up the best numbers of his career, completing 62.6% of
his passes for 3966 yards and 28 TDs to 12 INTs, had no        KEY DEPARTURES
trouble becoming the focal point of the offense. The change
                                                               Shaun Alexander (RB) – Football is a fickle game, and one
of philosophy also made Seattle's wide receivers viable
                                                               simply needs to look at Alexander for the case and point.
fantasy football options throughout much of the season.
                                                               Alexander had one of the best seasons by a running back
Bobby Engram had the best year of his career, with 1,147
                                                               ever in 2005 as he went for 1880 rushing yards and 28 total
yards and 6 touchdowns. The rushing attack ranked 20th in
                                                               TDs. He was an elite back and considered a for sure top 3
the NFL, Maurice Morris (101 fantasy points) and Shaun
                                                               pick in fantasy circles, but in the course of just two years,
Alexander (99 fantasy points) combined for just 200 fantasy
                                                               Alexander finds himself no longer wondering whether or not
points, which was far lower than in years past.
                                                               he'll be selected in fantasy drafts ahead of Tomlinson.

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                               BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
John Carlson (TE) – What does Carlson have in common           Maurice Morris (RB) - Since 2002, Morris has toiled in the

with the likes of Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez Like
                                         Gonzalez?             shadow of Shaun Alexander (though he did have more

those super stud TEs, Carlson played some college              fantasy points last season). This year, though, there is

basketball while at Notre Dame. That means you know the        daylight as Alexander no longer dawns the Seahawks colors.

TE has hands, but does he have the speed needed to get                                                           double
                                                               Morris has shown flashes in the past, including 5 do

open. After his 4.89 forty at the draft combine, that became   digit weeks in 2007, and could very well help some fantasy

a question on every team's mind. The Seahawks though took      teams again in 2008, but we advise taking a wait and see

a gamble and Carlson could reward them with some solid         approach as the daylight may fade with Morris once again

outings if he gets the starting nod.                                                                    (see Julius Jones).
                                                               finding himself in someone else's shadow (
ST. LOUIS RAMS                                                                                             2007 RECORD: 3-13

 2007 RECAP                                                        KEY ADDITIONS
 The Rams suffered through a rough 2007 season as they             Josh Brown (PK) – Brown left the Seattle Seahawks to sign
 went 3-13, 1-5 in their division. But unlike most crappy          with the Rams for a reported 5 years and $14.2 million. He
 teams, they have a very valid excuse, injuries! Suffering         brings with him a strong, accurate leg, hitting at a 80% clip
 through a slew of injuries, they had star running back            throughout his career. Still young at age 28, Brown brings
 Steven Jackson out with a torn groin muscle for 4 weeks.          what could be a breath of fresh air in what was beginning to be
 QB Marc Bulger missed 4 weeks with a long-list of nagging         an aging kicking game. Best known as (Ram Killer) in St.
 injuries. WR Torry Holt started all 16 games but was clearly      Louis, as he has beaten the Rams time and time again with
 affected by his bum knee. OT Orlando Pace played in just          field goals, Brown jokes that he is no longer called that, by
 one game and Return Specialist Dante Hall, who played in          teammates or fans.
 only 7 games due to a high-ankle sprain, was also missed.
 If the Rams can avoid the injury bug to key players it would
 not surprise me to see this teams compete for the NFC West
                                                                   KEY DEPARTURES
 title. That is a big if though as Holt, Pace and Bulger are not
                                                                   Isaac Bruce (WR) – Bruce, who will turn 37 during the 2008
 getting any younger, Hall is just a smidgen of what he used
                                                                   NFL season, signed a 2 year contract to go to the 49ers after
 to be with the Chiefs, and Steven Jackson’s injury involves
                                                                   the Rams parted way with him this winter. He is just a glimpse
 a muscle that men just clearly do not enjoy having hurt.
                                                                   of what he used to be, so his on-the-field skills will not be
                                                                   sorely missed. What will be missed is his leadership, but with
                                                                   Torry Holt still at the helm, the transition of Bruce to San
Chris Long (DE) - Chris, the son of former NFL star,               Francisco should not be a hard one to cope with in Saint Louis.
Howie Long, is an outstanding DE prospect. At 6-4, 275 he
excelled in his senior year. He tallied 14 sacks and an
interception and almost had many more as he broke up               BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
several passes from the opposing quarterback. Long has
                                                                   Marc Bulger (QB) – 2008 is a welcomed beginning for
great physical attributes, with his long arms and big hands
                                                                   Bulger, as his 2007 season was spent mostly on the sidelines
to go along with a good physically toned body. All-in-all he
                                                                   or on his back. A healthy Orlando Pace would help
should become a star in the league for years to come.
                                                                   significantly to rectify that problem. In 2007, Bulger’s
                                                                   accuracy percentage dropped to 58.5, the lowest of his career
Donnie Avery (WR) – With the departure of Isaac Bruce,
                                                                   and it was also the first year in his career in which he threw for
the Rams were looking to add to the wide receiver position
                                                                   more INT than TD’s. If healthy Bulger could be a steal in
by drafting Avery in the second round. Avery possesses
                                                                   fantasy drafts around the world, as before the season started he
incredible speed, break-away ability and can cut on a dime,
                                                                   was a legitimate top-5 quarterback. A healthier OL, WR
but he has trouble getting going, a lot of which comes when
                                                                   tandem and Steven Jackson should all help turn back the clock
he is bumped by his defender at the line. He has very large
                                                                   and bring back the Bulger of old.
hands, and we feel he could turn into one of the best wide
outs, if not the best, in this years draft.
TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS                                                                                         2007 RECORD: 9-7

2007 RECAP                                                        KEY ADDITIONS
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ offense could have withstood            Warrick Dunn (RB) – With Pittman’s departure, Tampa
a facelift before last season, and can certainly make use of      Bay needed a third down back. Dunn returns to the team
one now. There were no legitimate questions surrounding           that drafted him in 1999 and should provide enough
Jeff Garcia’s ability to perform sufficiently as a QB2, but he    competition in training camp to put a little giddy-up in
did not offer the upside that owners typically look for in the    Earnest Graham.
middle rounds of their draft. Some hung their hopes on
third-year running back Cadillac Williams, but he sustained       Antonio Bryant (WR) – Bryant adds an element of
a hideous, season-ending knee injury (torn patellar tendon)       explosiveness to an sluggish passing attack. He could
in Week 4 against the Carolina Panthers that left his owners      challenge Hilliard for the starting flanker job after sitting out
scrambling for Michael Pittman and then, Earnest Graham,          the last season for violating the league's drug policy.
who turned out to be one of the three hottest free agent
grabs of the season. Joey Galloway posted numbers atypical
                                                                  KEY DEPARTURES
of a 35-year-old receiver, and Ike Hilliard scored his fourth
                                                                  Michael Pittman (RB) – Pittman signed with the Denver
touchdown in four years. Alex Smith, just like his
                                                                  Broncos and will compete for third down duties after serving
quarterback counterpart, was also not worth owning,
                                                                  the Bucs in that capacity for the last three years. His
combining with Hilliard to give Garcia that aforementioned
                                                                  departure gave the team reason to bring back Warrick Dunn
minimal upside. Matt Bryant was a benefactor of the overly
                                                                  after he spent his last six seasons with the Atlanta Falcons.
deliberate offense, turning in a career season by converting
                                                                  With Dunn's homecoming and the anticipated return of
28 of 33 field goal attempts. To put it in perspective, it was
                                                                  Cadillac Williams, Earnest Graham will need to be sharp
a pretty bland fantasy season in Tampa Bay.
                                                                  throughout training camp and the preseason to remain the

ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                  BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
Dexter Jackson (WR) – The burner out of Appalachian               Ike Hilliard & Maurice Stovall & Antonio Bryant (WR) –

State should appear as a faint glimmer on your waiver             It’s difficult to justify a draft choice on Tampa Bay’s No. 2

radar. He was drafted as a return specialist and is not           receiver, so that’s why we will list them all. Ike Hilliard has

expected to contribute as a receiver, at least not this season.   been reliable at both the flanker and slot position, but his

However, Jackson did have 3 receptions for 92 receiving           primary function is to keep a safety honest while Galloway

yards and two touchdowns in the Mountaineers upset over           sprints down the sideline. Maurice Stovall likewise does not

University of Michigan last year.                                 have game-breaking ability. And Antonio Bryant has
                                                                  seemingly been a man without a country since entering the
                                                                  league, now on his third team in five years. We just don’t
                                                                  have a lot of praise for a guy who couldn’t emerge as the go-
                                                                  to guy in Cleveland when Dennis Northcutt and Andre’
                                                                  Davis were his main competition for targets. All three of
                                                                  these guys are simply undraftable in standard leagues.
TENNESSEE TITANS                                                                                         2007 RECORD: 10-6

 2007 RECAP                                                      KEY ADDITIONS
 A quick look at the offensive statistics for the Tennessee      Alge Crumpler (TE) – Because the Titans are hell-bent on
 Titans last season reveals nothing eye-opening. The             upgrading every position but wide receiver, they decided to
 quarterback threw more interceptions than touchdowns, the       sign Crumpler despite the emergence of Scaife. This
 running back had over 1,000 yards, but averaged just 3.7        signing makes sense however, as it will allow the Titans
 yards a carry and no receiver had more than 800 yards. Yet,     more passing options out a two-tight end formation, which
 the Titans somehow managed to go 10-6 and advanced to           is a formation the team also likes to run out of, meaning
 the playoffs. Quarterback, Vince Young, had what can only       defenses will be kept on their toes. Crumpler comes from
 be called a transitional year. He threw for 2,546 yards, nine   the Atlanta Falcons, where he was a favorite target of the
 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. Comparatively, he threw        since incarcerated Michael Vick. Crumpler is best in the
 for 2,199 yards, 12 touchdowns and 13 interceptions as a        red zone, and should be a favorite of Vince Young.
 rookie. Young also had four more rushing touchdowns and
 157 more rushing yards as a rookie. However, there were
                                                                 KEY DEPARTURES
 some positives, as Young increased his completion
                                                                 Chris Brown (RB) – The oft-injured Brown has seen his
 percentage, from 51.5 in 2006 to 62.3 in 2007. Meanwhile,
                                                                 days with Tennessee come to an end. Through five seasons,
 running back, LenDale White, finally made good on some
                                                                 Brown totaled 2,757 yards and 16 touchdowns, but
 of his potential, rushing for 1,110 yard and seven
                                                                 ultimately failed to become the Titans’ next power back
 touchdowns on 303 carries. On the receiving end, Justin
                                                                 following the release of Eddie George. His best season
 Gage caught 55 passes for 750 yards and two touchdowns,
                                                                 came in 2004 when he rushed for 1,067 yards and six
 while Roydell Williams caught 55 passes as well, going for
                                                                 touchdowns in just 11 games. He will enter the 2008 season
 719 yards and four touchdowns.
                                                                 as a backup behind Ahman Green in Houston.

 ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
 Chris Johnson (RB) – The Titans again avoided the issues        Justin Gage (WR) — Flying under the radar was Gage,

 at wide receiver and picked a running back in the first round   who had the best season of his career in his first year with

 of this year’s draft. This may appear to be a questionable      Tennessee. Prior to last year Gage had never caught more

 call to some, as the Titans took White and Ahmard Hall in       than 31 passes in a season. Gage is a good fit for the Titans

 the draft two years ago and Henry last year. But, the move      offense because he can stretch the defense and has good

 is a good one as Johnson’s speed will complement White’s        size, something the other receivers lack. Still, Young

 power perfectly in the Titan’s offense. Johnson also opens      doesn’t have a favorite receiver so to expect Gage to take a

 up options in the passing game, which could lead to better      big step forward would be a mistake. Expect 65 receptions,

 opportunities for Williams, Gage, Scaife, Crumpler and          900 yards and three touchdowns.

 Brandon Jones. If you are in a dynasty draft, Johnson would
 be a great guy to target and stash away on your bench. But,
 if you are looking for immediate impact, it’s probably best
 to see what Johnson’s role will be before jumping the gun.
WASHINGTON REDSKINS                                                                                        2007 RECORD: 9-7

 2007 RECAP                                                        KEY ADDITIONS
 The Washington Redskins finished 2007 with a 9-7 mark,            Jim Zorn (Head Coach) – Replacing the man, the myth, the
 and then quickly forgot to show up in the playoffs, exiting       legend Joe Gibbs, Zorn has his work cut out for him,
 before anyone could notice. Bye bye Joe Gibbs, welcome            handling an overactive owner, erratic Quarterback, and
 Jim Zorn. Who? Zorn has been the quarterbacks coach for           smurfs for receivers that do not fit his west coast system.
 the Seattle Seahawks for the past seven years, and evidently      Zorn is a good fit for the ‘Skins though, and should have the
 Snyder was impressed enough with the 35 points Seattle            offense producing much better in short order. Often, Gibbs
 dropped on his team to offer Zorn a job. What was there to        had Campbell throwing 25 yard routes on 3rd and 6. Zorn
 like? Not a ton, but Clinton Portis was a great value for         will have Campbell throwing rhythm passes that mesh
 where he was taken in many drafts, providing a strong             perfectly with the hard-nosed running style of Clinton
 season of 1262 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns. Perhaps           Portis.
 more impressive was the 47 receptions and 389 receiving
 yards he added. But wasn’t Ladell Betts supposed to               KEY DEPARTURES
 significantly cut into Portis’ carries? Well, 93 carries for
                                                                   Outside of losing a few role players on both sides of the
 335 yards is not significantly cutting into anything. Jason
                                                                   football, the ‘Skins return the bulk of their talent on both
 Campbell suffered from a significant lack of weapons
                                                                   sides of the football.
 outside of Portis and Chris Cooley, but did show ability
 before his season ended in week 14. In fact, it could be said
                                                                   BRUNO BOYS SPOTLIGHT
 the whole receiving corps was a bust, with Santana Moss
                                                                   Jason Campbell (QB) – Campbell was unquestionably Joe
 producing 61 receptions for 808 yards and three
                                                                   Gibb’s guy. Since being selected with the 25th pick in the
                                                                   2005 NFL Draft, Campbell has been largely up and down.
                                                                   He’s blessed with good size and mobility and a cannon for

 ROOKIES TO WATCH                                                  an arm, and I happen to think Jim Zorn could get the most
                                                                   from Campbell by installing the methodical, rhythmic
 Devin Thomas (WR) & Malcolm Kelly (WR) – Thomas
                                                                   passing game that made Matt Hasselbeck a star. If Campbell
 was the Redskin’s selection early in the second round with
                                                                   is accurate, there’s plenty of hope for good things. Draft
 the number 34 overall pick, and many pundits pointed to
                                                                   him as a reserve and hope he blossoms under Zorn’s
 Thomas as having the best overall upside in this year’s draft
 at the WR position. While he’ll likely be eased into the
 system, Thomas absolutely has all the measurables (6’2”
                                                                   Santana Moss (WR) – There’s no question Moss has
 218 lbs) of a big-time wide out. Kelly likewise has
                                                                   ability. There are not many faster in the game, and he’s
 substantial size and collegiate production backing his
                                                                   quite elusive in the open field. However, he drops too many
 entrance to the pro game. At 6’4”, he could be an
                                                                   passes and has the uncanny ability to completely disappear
 immediate red zone threat for the ‘Skins, despite his
                                                                   in some games. Zorn’s system should make Moss a bit like
 notoriously slow 40 time. Zorn has already stated both
                                                                   Seattle comparable Deion Branch, which has substantial
 rookies will see a lot of action in 3 and 4 wide receiver sets.
RANK    QUARTERBACKS                RUNNING BACKS              WIDE RECEIVERS              TIGHT ENDS                  KICKERS                    DEFENSE

 1        Tom Brady (NE)          LaDainian Tomlinson (SD)      Randy Moss (NE)           Jason Witten (Dal)         Nick Folk (Dal)          San Diego Chargers

 2      Peyton Manning (Ind)        Adrian Peterson (Min)      Reggie Wayne (Ind)       Kellen Winslow (Cle)    Stephen Gostkowski (NE)      New England Patriots

 3        Tony Romo (Dal)           Brian Westbrook (Phi)      Terrell Owens (Dal)       Antonio Gates (SD)          Josh Brown (Stl)         Minnesota Vikings

 4        Drew Brees (NO)            Steven Jackson (Stl)     Braylon Edwards (Cle)      Tony Gonzalez (KC)       Shayne Graham (Cin)            Chicago Bears

 5      Carson Palmer (Cin)          Joseph Addai (Ind)        Larry Fitzgerald (Ari)     Dallas Clark (Ind)        Nate Kaeding (SD)         Jacksonville Jaguars

 6     Ben Roethlisberger (Pit)       Frank Gore (SF)          Andre Johnson (Hou)      Jeremy Shockey (NO)         Josh Scobee (Jax)          New York Giants

 7     Donovan McNabb (Phi)         Clinton Portis (Was)      Marques Colston (NO)       Chris Cooley (Was)        Adam Vinatieri (Ind)        Pittsburgh Steelers

 8     Matt Hasselbeck (Sea)         Larry Johnson (KC)      TJ Houshmandzadeh (Cin)      Vernon Davis (SF)         Rob Bironas (Ten)           Dallas Cowboys

 9        Marc Bulger (Stl)        Marshawn Lynch (Buf)         Chad Johnson (Cin)         Todd Heap (Bal)          Phil Dawson (Cle)          Seattle Seahawks

 10     Derek Anderson (Cle)       Marion Barber III (Dal)      Steve Smith (Car)       Tony Scheffler (Den)       Mason Crosby (GB)          Green Bay Packers

 11       Brett Favre (NYJ)       Maurice Jones-Drew (Jax)    Plaxico Burress (NYG)      Owen Daniels (Hou)        Robbie Gould (Chi)          Indianapolis Colts

 12       Matt Leinart (Ari)       Brandon Jacobs (NYG)         Wes Welker (NE)           Heath Miller (Pit)       Jason Hanson (Det)        Tampa Bay Buccaneers

 13      David Garrard (Jax         Willis McGahee (Bal)          Torry Holt (Stl)       Alge Crumpler (Ten)        Kris Brown (Hou)           Tennessee Titans

 14      Matt Schaub (Hou)         Laurence Maroney (NE)       Anquan Boldin (Ari)        Ben Watson (NE)         Shaun Suisham (Was)           Houston Texans

 15      Eli Manning (NYG)            Ryan Grant (GB)           Roy Williams (Det)        Greg Olsen (Chi)          Matt Bryant (TB)            Oakland Raiders

 16       Jay Cutler (Den)            Jamal Lewis (Cle)       Brandon Marshall (Den)      Donald Lee (GB)           David Akers (Phi)            Buffalo Bills

 17        Jon Kitna (Det)           Reggie Bush (NO)         Santonio Holmes (Pit)     Randy McMichael (Stl)       Neil Rackers (Ari)         Baltimore Ravens

 18     Jake Delhomme (Car)         Michael Turner (Atl)        Roddy White (Atl)           LJ Smith (Phi)           Jason Elam (Atl)         Philadelphia Eagles

 19      Philip Rivers (SD)         Ronnie Brown (Mia)         Greg Jennings (GB)         Ben Utecht (Cin)            Jeff Reed (Pit)        Washington Redskins

 20    Jason Campbell (Was)         Earnest Graham (TB)       Marvin Harrison (Ind)       Zach Miller (Oak)      Lawrence Tynes (NYG)          Arizona Cardinals

 21      Vince Young (Ten)            Willie Parker (Pit)      Calvin Johnson (Det)     Anthony Fasano (Mia)       Mike Nugent (NYJ)             New York Jets

 22       Jeff Garcia (TB)           Selvin Young (Den)          Hines Ward (Pit)       Marcedes Lewis (Jax)        John Kasay (Car)          New Orleans Saints

 23     Aaron Rodgers (GB)         Darren McFadden (Oak)         Lee Evans (Buf)         Dustin Keller (NYJ)      Ryan Longwell (Min)            Detroit Lions

 24    Tarvaris Jackson (Min)       Thomas Jones (NYJ)         Dwayne Bowe (KC)          Kevin Boss (NYG)           Olindo Mare (Sea)         San Francisco 49ers

 25    JaMarcus Russell (Oak)       Edgerrin James (Ari)     Jerricho Cotchery (NYJ)    Desmond Clark (Chi)         Matt Stover (Bal)         Cincinnati Bengals

 26     Trent Edwards (Buf)         LenDale White (Ten)        Donald Driver (GB)                                    Joe Nedney (SF)           Carolina Panthers

 27       Alex Smith (SF)          Jonathan Stewart (Car)       Kevin Curtis (Phi)                              Sebastian Janikowski (Oak)      Denver Broncos

 28      Brodie Croyle (KC)           Fred Taylor (Jax)      Laveranues Coles (NYJ)                                Saints Kicker (NO)          Cleveland Browns

 29      Kurt Warner (Ari)           Rudi Johnson (Cin)        Joey Galloway (TB)                                   Matt Prater (Den)           St. Louis Rams

 30    Chad Pennington (Mia)      DeAngelo Williams (Car)      Chris Chambers (SD)                                  Rian Lindell (Buf)        Kansas City Chiefs

 31        Matt Ryan (Atl)           Kevin Smith (Det)         Santana Moss (Was)                                  Dan Carpenter (Mia)          Miami Dolphins

 32       Kyle Boller (Bal)           Matt Forte (Chi)         Patrick Crayton (Dal                              N. Novak/C. Barth (KC)         Atlanta Falcons

 33       Kyle Orton (Chi)        Rashard Mendenhall (Pit)    Anthony Gonzalez (Ind)

 34      JT O’Sullivan (SF))          Felix Jones (Dal)         Derek Mason (Bal)

 35      Chris Redman (Ari)           Julius Jones (Sea)      Bernard Berrian (Min)

 36     Rex Grossman (Chi)          Ahman Green (Hou)          Reggie Brown (Phi)

 37     Sage Rosenfels (Hou)         Justin Fargas (Oak)      Donte Stallworth (Cle)

 38      Brady Quinn (Cle)          Jerious Norwood (Atl)        DJ Hackett (Car)

 39      Chad Henne (Mia)           Chester Taylor (Min)       Bobby Engram (Sea)

 40       Troy Smith (Bal)           Pierre Thomas (NO)          Isaac Bruce (SF)

 41                               Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG)           Jerry Porter (Jax)

 42                                  Warrick Dunn (TB)         Nate Burleson (Sea)

 43                                 Maurice Morris (Sea)       Javon Walker (Oak)

 44                                  Chris Brown (Hou)          Sidney Rice (Min)

 45                                  Chris Johnson (Ten)       Vincent Jackson (SD)

 46                                 Ricky Williams (Mia)      Amani Toomer (NYG)

 47                                   Andre Hall (Den)          Ted Ginn Jr. (Mia)

 48                                Leon Washington (NYJ)       Ronald Curry (Oak)

 49                                   Tatum Bell (Det)         Bryant Johnson (SF)

 50                                 Kenny Watson (Cin)          Drew Bennett (Stl)

 51                                                             Deion Branch (Sea)

 52                                                            Kevin Walter (Hou)

 53                                                           Reggie Williams (Jax)

 54                                                             Jabar Gafney (NE)

 55                                                              Justin Gage (Ten)
RANK    QUARTERBACKS                RUNNING BACKS              WIDE RECEIVERS              TIGHT ENDS                  KICKERS                    DEFENSE

 1        Tom Brady (NE)          LaDainian Tomlinson (SD)      Randy Moss (NE)           Jason Witten (Dal)         Nick Folk (Dal)          San Diego Chargers

 2        Tony Romo (Dal)            Steven Jackson (Stl)      Terrell Owens (Dal)      Kellen Winslow (Cle)    Stephen Gostkowski (NE)        Indianapolis Colts

 3      Peyton Manning (Ind)        Adrian Peterson (Min)      Reggie Wayne (Ind)        Antonio Gates (SD)         Nate Kaeding (SD)         Jacksonville Jaguars

 4        Drew Brees (NO)           Brian Westbrook (Phi)     Braylon Edwards (Cle)      Tony Gonzalez (KC)       Shayne Graham (Cin)        New England Patriots

 5     Ben Roethlisberger (Pit)      Joseph Addai (Ind)        Andre Johnson (Hou)        Dallas Clark (Ind)       Adam Vinatieri (Ind)         Dallas Cowboys

 6      Carson Palmer (Cin)         Clinton Portis (Was)       Larry Fitzgerald (Ari)   Jeremy Shockey (NO)          Josh Brown (Stl)        Tampa Bay Buccaneers

 7      Derek Anderson (Cle)          Frank Gore (SF)           Steve Smith (Car)        Chris Cooley (Was)         Phil Dawson (Cle)          Tennessee Titans

 8       David Garrard (Jax)       Marshawn Lynch (Buf)       Marques Colston (NO)        Heath Miller (Pit)        Rob Bironas (Ten)         Minnesota Vikings

 9     Matt Hasselbeck (Sea)       Marion Barber III (Dal)   Brandon Marshall (Den)      Tony Scheffler (Den)       Josh Scobee (Jax)          Seattle Seahawks

 10    Donovan McNabb (Phi)          Larry Johnson (KC)      TJ Houshmandzadeh (Cin)     Owen Daniels (Hou)        Robbie Gould (Chi)          New York Giants

 11       Brett Favre (NYJ)         Maurice Jones-Drew         Chad Johnson (Cin)        Alge Crumpler (Ten)        Kris Brown (Hou)          Green Bay Packers

 12       Jay Cutler (Den)          Willis McGahee (Bal)      Plaxico Burress (NYG)       Vernon Davis (SF)       Shaun Suisham (Was)          Baltimore Ravens

 13       Marc Bulger (Stl)         Earnest Graham (TB)        Anquan Boldin (Ari)          LJ Smith (Phi)          David Akers (Phi)         Philadelphia Eagles

 14      Eli Manning (NYG)            Jamal Lewis (Cle)           Torry Holt (Stl)         Todd Heap (Bal)            Jeff Reed (Pit)           Oakland Raiders

 15      Philip Rivers (SD)        Brandon Jacobs (NYG)       Santonio Holmes (Pit)       Zach Miller (Oak)         Neil Rackers (Ari)         Pittsburgh Steelers

 16       Matt Leinart (Ari)          Ryan Grant (GB)           Wes Welker (NE)           Donald Lee (GB)          Mason Crosby (GB)            Houston Texans

 17        Jon Kitna (Det)          Michael Turner (Atl)      Marvin Harrison (Ind)       Ben Watson (NE)          Jason Hanson (Det)        Washington Redskins

 18     Jake Delhomme (Car)          Reggie Bush (NO)           Roy Williams (Det)        Greg Olsen (Chi)          John Kasay (Car)             Chicago Bears

 19    Jason Campbell (Was)        Darren McFadden (Oak)        Roddy White (Atl)       Randy McMichael (Stl)      Saints Kicker (NO)          Arizona Cardinals

 20       Jeff Garcia (TB)           Ronnie Brown (Mia        Jerrich Cotchery (NYJ)     Leonard Pope (Ari)         Olindo Mare (Sea)            Buffalo Bills

 21      Vince Young (Ten)         Laurence Maroney (NE)       Greg Jennings (GB)        Dustin Keller (NYJ)        Matt Bryant (TB)           Carolina Panthers

 22      Matt Schaub (Hou)           Willie Parker (Pit)        Kevin Curtis (Phi)        Kevin Boss (NYG)       Lawrence Tynes (NYG)            Detroit Lions

 23     Aaron Rodgers (GB)           Selvin Young (Den)          Lee Evans (Buf)           Jeff King (Car)         Mike Nugent (NYJ)          Cincinnati Bengals

 24       Alex Smith (SF)           Thomas Jones (NYJ)           Hines Ward (Pit)       Marcedes Lewis (Jax)      Ryan Longwell (Min)         Kansas City Chiefs

 25     Trent Edwards (Buf)           Fred Taylor (Jax)        Donald Driver (GB)          Ben Utecht (Cin)         Matt Stover (Bal)           Denver Broncos

 26    Tarvaris Jackson (Min)       LenDale White (Ten)        Chris Chambers (SD)                                   Jason Elam (Atl)           St. Louis Rams

 27    JaMarcus Russell (Oak)       Edgerrin James (Ari)       Calvin Johnson (Det)                                  Joe Nedney (SF)            New York Jets

 28     Rex Grossman (Chi)         Jonathan Stewart (Car)      Dwayne Bowe (KC)                                 Sebastian Janikowski (Oak)     Cleveland Browns

 29    Chad Pennington (Mia)          Matt Forte (Chi)         Joey Galloway (TB)                                   Rian Lindell (Buf)        San Francisco 49ers

 30      Brodie Croyle (KC)          Rudi Johnson (Cin)        Santana Moss (Was)                                   Matt Prater (Den)         New Orleans Saints

 31       Kyle Boller (Bal)       Rashard Mendenhall (Pit)     Patrick Crayton (Dal)                             N. Novak/C. Barth (KC)         Atlanta Falcons

 32        Matt Ryan (Atl)            Julius Jones (Sea)       Derrick Mason (Bal)                                 Dan Carpenter (Mia)          Miami Dolphins

 33      Chris Redman (Atl)         Maurice Morris (Sea)       Bobby Engram (Sea)

 34       Joe Flacco (Bal)        DeAngelo Williams (Car)       Deion Branch (Sea)

 35      JT O’Sullivan (SF)          Kevin Smith (Det)           Jerry Porter (Jax)

 36      Kurt Warner (Ari)          Ahman Green (Hou)          Nate Burleson (Sea)

 37      J.P. Losman (Buf)         Deuce McAllister (NO)      Bernard Berrian (Min)

 38    Kellen Clemens (NYJ)         Chester Taylor (Min)     Laveranues Coles (NYJ)

 39      Brady Quinn (Cle)           Warrick Dunn (TB)        Anthony Gonzalez (Ind)

 40     Sage Rosenfels (Hou)          Felix Jones (Dal)       Donte Stallworth (Cle)

 41                                 Kenny Watson (Cin)         Javon Walker (Oak)

 42                                  Justin Fargas (Oak)       Reggie Brown (Phi)

 43                                  Chris Brown (Hou)         Bryant Johnson (SF)

 44                               Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG)           DJ Hackett (Car)

 45                                  Pierre Thomas (NO)       Brandon Stokley (Den)

 46                                   Tatum Bell (Det)          Ted Ginn Jr. (Mia)

 47                                Leon Washington (NYJ)       Vincent Jackson (SD)

 48                                  Chris Johnson (Ten)     Antwaan Randle El (Was)

 49                                 Ricky Williams (Ind)       Kevin Walter (Hou)

 50                                 Jerious Norwood (Atl)     Amani Toomer (NYG)

 51                                                            Ronald Curry (Oak)

 52                                                             Andre Davis (Hou)

 53                                                              Isaac Bruce (SF)

 54                                                           Shaun McDonald (Det)

 55                                                             Devin Hester (Chi)
RANK    QUARTERBACKS                RUNNING BACKS              WIDE RECEIVERS              TIGHT ENDS                  KICKERS                    DEFENSE

 1        Tom Brady (NE)          LaDainian Tomlinson (SD)      Randy Moss (NE)          Antonio Gates (SD)     Stephen Gostkowski (NE)       San Diego Chargers

 2      Peyton Manning (Ind)        Adrian Peterson (Min)      Reggie Wayne (Ind)         Jason Witten (Dal)         Nick Folk (Dal)          Minnesota Vikings

 3        Tony Romo (Dal)            Joseph Addai (Ind)        Terrell Owens (Dal)      Kellen Winslow (Cle)        Phil Dawson (Cle)          New York Giants

 4        Drew Brees (NO)           Brian Westbrook (Phi)      Larry Fitzgerald (Ari)    Tony Gonzalez (KC)        Adam Vinatieri (Ind)          Chicago Bears

 5     Ben Roethlisberger (Pit)      Larry Johnson (KC)       Braylon Edwards (Cle)      Chris Cooley (Was)          Josh Brown (Stl)           Dallas Cowboys

 6      Carson Palmer (Cin)          Steven Jackson (Stl)     Marques Colston (NO)        Dallas Clark (Ind)        Nate Kaeding (SD)         Jacksonville Jaguars

 7     Donovan McNabb (Phi)         Clinton Portis (Was)          Torry Holt (Stl)        Heath Miller (Pit)        Rob Bironas (Ten)          Pittsburgh Steelers

 8     Matt Hasselbeck (Sea)          Frank Gore (SF)           Steve Smith (Car)       Jeremy Shockey (NO)       Shayne Graham (Cin)        New England Patriots

 9       David Garrard (Jax)       Marshawn Lynch (Buf)       Plaxico Burress (NYG)        Todd Heap (Bal)          Neil Rackers (Ari)       Tampa Bay Buccaneers

 10     Derek Anderson (Cle)       Marion Barber III (Dal)   TJ Houshmandzadeh (Cin)      Vernon Davis (SF)         David Akers (Phi)          Seattle Seahawks

 11       Jay Cutler (Den)        Maurice Jones-Drew (Jax)     Andre Johnson (Hou)       Owen Daniels (Hou)         Kris Brown (Hou)          Green Bay Packers

 12    Jason Campbell (Was)         Willis McGahee (Bal)       Anquan Boldin (Ari)       Alge Crumpler (Ten)       Mason Crosby (GB)          Philadelphia Eagles

 13       Marc Bulger (Stl)        Darren McFadden (Oak)     Brandon Marshall (Den)     Tony Scheffler (Den)        Josh Scobee (Jax)          Baltimore Ravens

 14      Eli Manning (NYG)          Ronnie Brown (Mia)          Roy Williams (Det)        Donald Lee (GB)           Olindo Mare (Sea)           Oakland Raiders

 15      Vince Young (Ten)           Reggie Bush (NO)          Chad Johnson (Cin)           LJ Smith (Phi)         Jason Hanson (Det)          Indianapolis Colts

 16      Matt Schaub (Hou)            Ryan Grant (GB)         Santonio Holmes (Pit)       Zach Miller (Oak)           Jeff Reed (Pit)          Tennessee Titans

 17       Matt Leinart (Ari)        Michael Turner (Atl)      Marvin Harrison (Ind)       Greg Olsen (Chi)          John Kasay (Car)             Buffalo Bills

 18        Jon Kitna (Det)         Laurence Maroney (NE)         Lee Evans (Buf)         Leonard Pope (Ari)       Shaun Suisham (Was)            New York Jets

 19      Philip Rivers (SD)        Brandon Jacobs (NYG)         Wes Welker (NE)           Ben Watson (NE)          Saints Kicker (NO)        Washington Redskins

 20     Jake Delhomme (Car)        Deuce McAllister (NO)        Roddy White (Atl)       Randy McMichael (Stl)      Mike Nugent (NYJ)            Denver Broncos

 21       Jeff Garcia (TB)          Thomas Jones (NYJ)           Hines Ward (Pit)        Dustin Keller (NYJ)       Robbie Gould (Chi)          Arizona Cardinals

 22     Trent Edwards (Buf)         Earnest Graham (TB)        Greg Jennings (GB)         Ben Utecht (Cin)          Matt Bryant (TB)           Cleveland Browns

 23     Aaron Rodgers (GB)            Willie Parker (Pit)      Dwayne Bowe (KC)         Desmond Clark (Chi)      Lawrence Tynes (NYG)            Detroit Lions

 24     Rex Grossman (Chi)          LenDale White (Ten)        Calvin Johnson (Det)     Anthony Fasano (Mia)         Jason Elam (Atl)         San Francisco 49ers

 25    Tarvaris Jackson (Min)       Edgerrin James (Ari)       Chris Chambers (SD)       Robert Royal (Buf)       Ryan Longwell (Min)           Houston Texans

 26    Chad Pennington (Mia)         Selvin Young (Den)        Joey Galloway (TB)                                   Matt Stover (Bal)         New Orleans Saints

 27    JaMarcus Russell (Oak)         Jamal Lewis (Cle)       Bernard Berrian (Min)                             Sebastian Janikowski (Oak)     Carolina Panthers

 28      Brodie Croyle (KC)           Julius Jones (Sea)     Laveranues Coles (NYJ)                                 Matt Prater (Den)         Kansas City Chiefs

 29       Alex Smith (SF)             Fred Taylor (Jax)        Javon Walker (Oak)                                   Rian Lindell (Buf)          Miami Dolphins

 30       John Beck (Mia)         DeAngelo Williams (Car)       Kevin Curtis (Phi)                                   Joe Nedney (SF)          Cincinnati Bengals

 31        Matt Ryan (Atl)         Michael Pittman (Den)     Jerricho Cotchery (NYJ)                               Dan Carpenter (Mia)          St. Louis Rams

 32      Kurt Warner (Ari)          Ahman Green (Hou)          Santana Moss (Was)                                N. Novak/C. Barth (KC)         Atlanta Falcons

 33    Kellen Clemens (NYJ)           Matt Forte (Chi)        Anthony Gonzalez (Ind)

 34       Kyle Boller (Bal)         Chester Taylor (Min)       Donald Driver (GB)

 35       Joe Flacco (Bal)           Rudi Johnson (Cin)        Bobby Engram (Sea)

 36        Shaun Hill (SF)            Tatum Bell (Det)         Patrick Crayton (Dal)

 37      Todd Collins (Was)         Jerious Norwood (Atl)      Nate Burleson (Sea)

 38     Sage Rosenfels (Hou)       Leon Washington (NYJ)       Ronald Curry (Oak)

 39     Josh McCown (Mia)            Ladell Betts (Was)          Jerry Porter (Jax)

 40      Damon Huard (KC)           LaMont Jordan (Oak)       Donte Stallworth (Cle)

 41                                   Felix Jones (Dal)        Bryant Johnson (SF)

 42                                 Maurice Morris (Sea)       Derrick Mason (Bal)

 43                                  Chris Brown (Hou)         Marty Booker (Chi)

 44                                 Ricky Williams (Mia)       Reggie Brown (Phi)

 45                                  Chris Johnson (Ten)        James Hardy (Buf)

 46                                  Justin Fargas (Oak)        Mark Clayton (Bal)

 47                                  Pierre Thomas (NO)        Vincent Jackson (SD)

 48                               Rashard Mendenhall (Pit)       Justin Gage (Ten)

 49                                 Kenny Watson (Cin)          Sidney Rice (Min)

 50                                  Warrick Dunn (TB)           Isaac Bruce (SF)

 51                                                            DeSean Jackson (Phi)

 52                                                           Reggie Williams (Jax)

 53                                                             Deion Branch (Sea)

 54                                                          Mushin Muhammad (Car)

 55                                                             Jabar Gaffney (NE)
 RANK    QUARTERBACKS                RUNNING BACKS              WIDE RECEIVERS              TIGHT ENDS                 KICKERS                    DEFENSE

  1        Tom Brady (NE)          LaDainian Tomlinson (SD)      Randy Moss (NE)          Antonio Gates (SD)    Stephen Gostkowski (NE)      New England Patriots

  2      Peyton Manning (Ind)         Steven Jackson (Stl)      Reggie Wayne (Ind)        Jason Witten (Dal)       Adam Vinatieri (Ind)       San Diego Chargers

  3        Tony Romo (Dal)           Adrian Peterson (Min)       Steve Smith (Car)        Dallas Clark (Ind)         Nick Folk (Dal)          Minnesota Vikings

  4      Carson Palmer (Cin)          Joseph Addai (Ind)        Terrell Owens (Dal)      Kellen Winslow (Cle)        Josh Brown (Stl)          New York Giants

  5        Drew Brees (NO)           Brian Westbrook (Phi)    TJ Houshmandzadeh (Cin)    Tony Gonzalez (KC)         Matt Stover (Bal)         Jacksonville Jaguars

  6        Marc Bulger (Stl)           Frank Gore (SF)         Braylon Edwards (Cle)     Alge Crumpler (Ten)      Shayne Graham (Cin)          Baltimore Ravens

  7     Ben Roethlisberger (Pit)      Larry Johnson (KC)        Larry Fitzgerald (Ari)     Todd Heap (Bal)          Nate Kaeding (SD)           Dallas Cowboys

  8      Matt Hasselbeck (Sea)       Clinton Portis (Was)      Plaxico Burress (NYG)      Vernon Davis (SF)         Rob Bironas (Ten)           Oakland Raiders

  9      Derek Anderson (Cle)       Marshawn Lynch (Buf)        Andre Johnson (Hou)       Ben Watson (NE)           Phil Dawson (Cle)          Pittsburgh Steelers

  10    Donovan McNabb (Phi)           Ryan Grant (GB)             Torry Holt (Stl)       Chris Cooley (Was)       Mason Crosby (GB)             Chicago Bears

  11       Jay Cutler (Den)         Marion Barber III (Dal)    Marques Colston (NO)       Heath Miller (Pit)     Lawrence Tynes (NYG)        Washington Redskins

  12       Matt Leinart (Ari)         Reggie Bush (NO)           Roy Williams (Det)      Owen Daniels (Hou)        Jason Hanson (Det)          Seattle Seahawks

  13      Vince Young (Ten)            Jamal Lewis (Cle)       Brandon Marshall (Den)    Jeremy Shockey (NO)        Neil Rackers (Ari)         Tennessee Titans

  14        Jon Kitna (Det)        Maurice Jones-Drew (Jax)      Chad Johnson (Cin)         LJ Smith (Phi)          John Kasay (Car)          Philadelphia Eagles

  15     Jake Delhomme (Car)         Willis McGahee (Bal)      Marvin Harrison (Ind)     Tony Scheffler (Den)       David Akers (Phi)         Green Bay Packers

  16      Eli Manning (NYG)            Julius Jones (Sea)        Wes Welker (NE)           Donald Lee (GB)         Robbie Gould (Chi)           Denver Broncos

  17      Philip Rivers (SD)           Willie Parker (Pit)      Anquan Boldin (Ari)       Zach Miller (Oak)       Shaun Suisham (Was)         New Orleans Saints

  18      Matt Schaub (Hou)         Darren McFadden (Oak)      Santonio Holmes (Pit)       Greg Olsen (Chi)       Ryan Longwell (Min)        Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  19      David Garrard (Jax)        Earnest Graham (TB)        Chris Chambers (SD)       Kevin Boss (NYG)           Jason Elam (Atl)          Arizona Cardinals

  20     Jason Campbell (Was)       Brandon Jacobs (NYG)        Greg Jennings (GB)       Dustin Keller (NYJ)        Kris Brown (Hou)           Indianapolis Colts

  21       Jeff Garcia (TB)          Michael Turner (Atl)         Lee Evans (Buf)           Jeff King (Car)         Matt Bryant (TB)           Carolina Panthers

  22       Alex Smith (SF)           Edgerrin James (Ari)        Roddy White (Atl)        David Martin (Mia)       Mike Nugent (NYJ)          Kansas City Chiefs

  23    JaMarcus Russell (Oak)      Laurence Maroney (NE)       Calvin Johnson (Det)      Leonard Pope (Ari)    Sebastian Janikowski (Oak)       Detroit Lions

  24     Aaron Rodgers (GB)           Rudi Johnson (Cin)        Javon Walker (Oak)       Marcedes Lewis (Jax)       Olindo Mare (Sea)            Buffalo Bills

  25    Tarvaris Jackson (Min)        Kevin Smith (Det)        Bernard Berrian (Min)       Alex Smith (TB)            Jeff Reed (Pit)           St. Louis Rams

  26      Brodie Croyle (KC)         Ronnie Brown (Mia)          Kevin Curtis (Phi)                                Saints Kicker (NO)           New York Jets

  27    Chad Pennington (Mia)       Jonathan Stewart (Car)      Joey Galloway (TB)                                  Josh Scobee (Jax)         Cincinnati Bengals

  28     Trent Edwards (Buf)         Thomas Jones (NYJ)           Jerry Porter (Jax)                                 Joe Nedney (SF)           Cleveland Browns

  29      Chris Redman (Atl)          Selvin Young (Den)        Donald Driver (GB)                                 Dan Carpenter (Mia)          Houston Texans

  30     Rex Grossman (Chi)            Fred Taylor (Jax)        Dwayne Bowe (KC)                                    Rian Lindell (Buf)          Miami Dolphins

  31       Kyle Boller (Bal)       Rashard Mendenhall (Pit)       DJ Hackett (Car)                                  Matt Prater (Den)           Atlanta Falcons

  32       Kurt Warner (Ari)         LenDale White (Ten)      Laveranues Coles (NYJ)                             N. Novak/C. Barth (KC)       San Francisco 49ers

  33        Matt Ryan (Atl)        DeAngelo Williams (Car)      Bobby Engram (Sea)

  34     Kellen Clemens (NYJ)       Michael Pittman (Den)     Jerricho Cotchery (NYJ)

  35       Trent Green (Stl)          Chris Johnson (Ten)         Hines Ward (Pit)

  36     Sage Rosenfels (Hou)        Chester Taylor (Min)       Nate Burleson (Sea)

  37     Josh McCown (Mia)             Tatum Bell (Det)          Sidney Rice (Min)

  38      Chad Henne (Mia)             Felix Jones (Dal)        Vincent Jackson (SD)

  39       Joe Flacco (Bal)            Matt Forte (Chi)         Derrick Mason (Bal)

  40       John Beck (Mia)            Justin Fargas (Oak)       Patrick Crayton (Dal)

  41                                 Jerious Norwood (Atl)     Anthony Gonzalez (Ind)

  42                                  Steve Slaton (Hou)         Deion Branch (Sea)

  43                                  Ryan Torian (Den)         Reggie Brown (Phi)

  44                               Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG)           Isaac Bruce (SF)

  45                                  Aaron Stecker (NO)         Marty Booker (Chi)

  46                                   TJ Duckett (Sea)         Santana Moss (Was)

  47                                 Ahman Green (Hou)         Donte Stallworth (Cle)

  48                                 Kenny Watson (Cin)        Reggie Williams (Jax)

  49                                   Kevin Jones (FA)          James Jones (GB)

  50                                Deuce McAllister (NO)        Devin Hester (Chi)

  51                                                             Drew Carter (Car)

  52                                                            Darrell Jackson (Den)

  53                                                             Ted Ginn Jr. (Mia)

  54                                                            Ronald Curry (Oak)

  55                                                             Terry Glenn (Dal)
RANK    QUARTERBACKS                RUNNING BACKS              WIDE RECEIVERS             TIGHT ENDS                  KICKERS                    DEFENSE

 1        Tom Brady (NE)            Adrian Peterson (Min)       Randy Moss (NE)         Antonio Gates (SD)        Robbie Gould (Chi)          Pittsburgh Steelers

 2      Peyton Manning (Ind)      LaDainian Tomlinson (SD)      Steve Smith (Car)       Kellen Winslow (Cle)     Shayne Graham (Cin)        New England Patriots

 3        Drew Brees (NO)            Steven Jackson (Stl)      Reggie Wayne (Ind)       Jeremy Shockey (NO)        Nate Kaeding (SD)          Baltimore Ravens

 4        Tony Romo (Dal)           Brian Westbrook (Phi)     Braylon Edwards (Cle)      Jason Witten (Dal)         Jason Elam (Atl)            Chicago Bears

 5      Carson Palmer (Cin)          Joseph Addai (Ind)        Larry Fitzgerald (Ari)   Tony Gonzalez (KC)        Mason Crosby (GB)          Minnesota Vikings

 6     Ben Roethlisberger (Pit)       Frank Gore (SF)             Torry Holt (Stl)        Todd Heap (Bal)         Adam Vinatieri (Ind)       Green Bay Packers

 7        Marc Bulger (Stl)          Larry Johnson (KC)        Terrell Owens (Dal)      Chris Cooley (Was)          Nick Folk (Dal)          Jacksonville Jaguars

 8     Donovan McNabb (Phi)         Willis McGahee (Bal)        Chad Johnson (Cin)       Vernon Davis (SF)        Jason Hanson (Det)         San Diego Chargers

 9     Matt Hasselbeck (Sea)       Marshawn Lynch (Buf)       Marques Colston (NO)      Alge Crumpler (Ten)        Neil Rackers (Ari)         Indianapolis Colts

 10       Jay Cutler (Den)         Marion Barber III (Dal)      Roy Williams (Det)       Heath Miller (Pit)    Stephen Gostkowski (NE)         Dallas Cowboys

 11     Derek Anderson (Cle)       Brandon Jacobs (NYG)      TJ Houshmandzadeh (Cin)     Dallas Clark (Ind)         Joe Nedney (SF)         Tampa Bay Buccaneers

 12      Eli Manning (NYG)            Ryan Grant (GB)          Anquan Boldin (Ari)       Ben Watson (NE)           Olindo Mare (Sea)          Tennessee Titans

 13      David Garrard (Jax)          Jamal Lewis (Cle)        Andre Johnson (Hou)         LJ Smith (Phi)           Josh Brown (Stl)          Carolina Panthers

 14     Jake Delhomme (Car)       Maurice Jones-Drew (Jax)    Plaxico Burress (NYG)       Greg Olsen (Chi)         Matt Stover (Bal)          Seattle Seahawks

 15      Matt Schaub (Hou)          Clinton Portis (Was)      Brandon Marshall (Den)    Owen Daniels (Hou)         David Akers (Phi)           Denver Broncos

 16        Jon Kitna (Det)         Laurence Maroney (NE)      Santonio Holmes (Pit)      Kevin Boss (NYG)          Rian Lindell (Buf)        Philadelphia Eagles

 17      Philip Rivers (SD)          Reggie Bush (NO)            Lee Evans (Buf)          Ben Troupe (TB)            Jeff Reed (Pit)          New York Giants

 18       Matt Leinart (Ari)          Willie Parker (Pit)     Marvin Harrison (Ind)      Zach Miller (Oak)         Matt Bryant (TB)          San Francisco 49ers

 19      Vince Young (Ten)          Ronnie Brown (Mia)          Wes Welker (NE)            Jeff King (Car)         John Kasay (Car)            Miami Dolphins

 20     Aaron Rodgers (GB)          Michael Turner (Atl)       Donald Driver (GB)       Tony Scheffler (Den)    Lawrence Tynes (NYG)           Oakland Raiders

 21       Jeff Garcia (TB)          LenDale White (Ten)          Hines Ward (Pit)       Gary Barnidge (Car)       Mike Nugent (NYJ)          New Orleans Saints

 22    Jason Campbell (Was)        Jonathan Stewart (Car)      Calvin Johnson (Det)     Dustin Keller (NYJ)      Ryan Longwell (Min)           Houston Texans

 23       Alex Smith (SF)         DeAngelo Williams (Car)       Deion Branch (Sea)       Billy Miller (NO)         Josh Scobee (Jax)        Washington Redskins

 24    Tarvaris Jackson (Min)        Rudi Johnson (Cin)        Reggie Brown (Phi)       Daniel Graham (Den)     N. Novak/C. Barth (KC)        Arizona Cardinals

 25     Trent Edwards (Buf)         Edgerrin James (Ari)     Laveranues Coles (NYJ)      Brad Cottam (KC)          Rob Bironas (Ten)            Buffalo Bills

 26      Brodie Croyle (KC)         Earnest Graham (TB)        Bobby Engram (Sea)                                  Kris Brown (Hou)            St. Louis Rams

 27     Rex Grossman (Chi)          Thomas Jones (NYJ)       Jerricho Cotchery (NYJ)                              Dan Carpenter (Mia)        Kansas City Chiefs

 28    Chad Pennington (Mia)       Darren McFadden (Oak)       Santana Moss (Was)                                Shaun Suisham (Was)         Cincinnati Bengals

 29       Joe Flacco (Bal)          Ahman Green (Hou)          Javon Walker (Oak)                              Sebastian Janikowski (Oak)      New York Jets

 30    JaMarcus Russell (Oak)         Fred Taylor (Jax)         Mark Clayton (Bal)                                 Matt Prater (Den)          Cleveland Browns

 31        Matt Ryan (Atl)           Justin Fargas (Oak)       Dwayne Bowe (KC)                                    Phil Dawson (Cle)            Detroit Lions

 32    Kellen Clemens (NYJ)          Kevin Smith (Det)        Donte Stallworth (Cle)                              Saints Kicker (NO)           Atlanta Falcons

 33      Kurt Warner (Ari)            Julius Jones (Sea)       Derrick Mason (Bal)

 34        Shaun Hill (SF)        Rashard Mendenhall (Pit)     Joey Galloway (TB)

 35     Josh McCown (Mia)             Matt Forte (Chi)          Roddy White (Atl)

 36      J.P. Losman (Buf)          Jerious Norwood (Atl)      Greg Jennings (GB)

 37       John Beck (Mia)          Michael Pittman (Den)       Vincent Jackson (SD)

 38      Chris Redman (Atl)        Deuce McAllister (NO)       Chris Chambers (SD)

 39      Chad Henne (Mia)           Chester Taylor (Min)      Bernard Berrian (Min)

 40      Brady Quinn (Cle)           Ryan Torian (Den)           DJ Hackett (Car)

 41                                  Chris Brown (Hou)          Kevin Curtis (Phi)

 42                                  Selvin Young (Den)        Nate Burleson (Sea)

 43                                 Shaun Alexander (FA)         Justin Gage (Ten)

 44                                  Steve Slaton (Hou)          Matt Jones (Jax)

 45                                 Brandon Jackson (GB)     Mushin Muhammad (Car)

 46                                   TJ Duckett (Sea)         Eddie Kennison (KC)

 47                                   Felix Jones (Dal)       Anthony Gonzalez (Ind)

 48                                  Warrick Dunn (TB)         Ronald Curry (Oak)

 49                                 Dominic Rhodes (Ind)         Isaac Bruce (SF)

 50                                   Tatum Bell (Det)         Bryant Johnson (SF)

 51                                                             Drew Bennett (Stl)

 52                                                          Devery Henderson (NO)

 53                                                             Ted Ginn Jr. (Mia)

 54                                                            Patrick Crayton (Dal)

 55                                                             Devin Hester (Chi)
RANK    QUARTERBACKS                RUNNING BACKS              WIDE RECEIVERS               TIGHT ENDS                   KICKERS                    DEFENSE

  1       Tom Brady (NE)            Adrian Peterson (Min)       Randy Moss (NE)           Jason Witten (Dal)           Josh Brown (Stl)         Minnesota Vikings

  2     Peyton Manning (Ind)      LaDainian Tomlinson (SD)     Reggie Wayne (Ind)        Kellen Winslow (Cle)          Nick Folk (Dal)             Chicago Bears

  3       Tony Romo (Dal)            Joseph Addai (Ind)       Braylon Edwards (Cle)      Tony Gonzalez (KC)          Adam Vinatieri (Ind)       San Diego Chargers

  4       Drew Brees (NO)           Brian Westbrook (Phi)      Terrell Owens (Dal)       Jeremy Shockey (NO)      Stephen Gostkowski (NE)        Seattle Seahawks

  5     Derek Anderson (Cle)         Steven Jackson (Stl)      Andre Johnson (Hou)        Chris Cooley (Was)          Nate Kaeding (SD)        New England Patriots

  6     Carson Palmer (Cin)         Clinton Portis (Was)        Steve Smith (Car)          Dallas Clark (Ind)       Shayne Graham (Cin)          Tennessee Titans

  7    Ben Roethlisberger (Pit)      Larry Johnson (KC)        Larry Fitzgerald (Ari)     Antonio Gates (SD)          Rob Bironas (Ten)          Arizona Cardinals

  8      Eli Manning (NYG)         Marshawn Lynch (Buf)       Marques Colston (NO)         Heath Miller (Pit)        Mason Crosby (GB)            Dallas Cowboys

  9    Donovan McNabb (Phi)         Willis McGahee (Bal)     TJ Houshmandzadeh (Cin)       Todd Heap (Bal)           Robbie Gould (Chi)          Pittsburgh Steelers

 10    Matt Hasselbeck (Sea)       Marion Barber III (Dal)    Plaxico Burress (NYG)       Vernon Davis (SF)         Shaun Suisham (Was)        Tampa Bay Buccaneers

 11       Marc Bulger (Stl)        Brandon Jacobs (NYG)           Torry Holt (Stl)         Ben Watson (NE)            Phil Dawson (Cle)         Philadelphia Eagles

 12       Jay Cutler (Den)        Maurice Jones-Drew (Jax)     Chad Johnson (Cin)        Owen Daniels (Hou)           Josh Scobee (Jax)         Jacksonville Jaguars

 13      David Garrard (Jax)          Frank Gore (SF)         Santonio Holmes (Pit)      Alge Crumpler (Ten)          Matt Bryant (TB)          Green Bay Packers

 14      Matt Schaub (Hou)           Reggie Bush (NO)        Brandon Marshall (Den)        Greg Olsen (Chi)           David Akers (Phi)          Baltimore Ravens

 15     Jake Delhomme (Car)           Jamal Lewis (Cle)        Anquan Boldin (Ari)          LJ Smith (Phi)           Jason Hanson (Det)          Indianapolis Colts

 16        Jon Kitna (Det)            Ryan Grant (GB)          Greg Jennings (GB)          Zach Miller (Oak)          Neil Rackers (Ari)         New York Giants

 17       Matt Leinart (Ari)        Earnest Graham (TB)         Roddy White (Atl)          Donald Lee (GB)         Lawrence Tynes (NYG)           Oakland Raiders

 18    Jason Campbell (Was)         Michael Turner (Atl)        Roy Williams (Det)         Ben Utecht (Cin)             Jeff Reed (Pit)          Carolina Panthers

 19      Philip Rivers (SD)        Laurence Maroney (NE)        Wes Welker (NE)         Randy McMichael (Stl)         Kris Brown (Hou)             Buffalo Bills

 20      Vince Young (Ten)            Willie Parker (Pit)      Bobby Engram (Sea)          Alex Smith (TB)             Jason Elam (Atl)           Denver Broncos

 21     Trent Edwards (Buf)        Darren McFadden (Oak)         Lee Evans (Buf)            Jeff King (Car)         Ryan Longwell (Min)           New York Jets

 22     Aaron Rodgers (GB)            Matt Forte (Chi)       Jerricho Cotchery (NYJ)      Leonard Pope (Ari)         Saints Kicker (NO)          Cleveland Browns

 23       Jeff Garcia (TB)           Selvin Young (Den)        Chris Chambers (SD)       Anthony Fasano (Mia)         Matt Stover (Bal)           Miami Dolphins

 24    Chad Pennington (Mia)        Edgerrin James (Ari)         Hines Ward (Pit)        Marcedes Lewis (Jax)         Rian Lindell (Buf)       Washington Redskins

 25       Alex Smith (SF)           Ronnie Brown (Mia)         Dwayne Bowe (KC)         Visanthe Shiancoe (Min)   Sebastian Janikowski (Oak)      Atlanta Falcons

 26    Tarvaris Jackson (Min)        Rudi Johnson (Cin)        Calvin Johnson (Det)                                   Olindo Mare (Sea)            Detroit Lions

 27    JaMarcus Russell (Oak)        Justin Fargas (Oak)      Marvin Harrison (Ind)                                   John Kasay (Car)          Kansas City Chiefs

 28      Chris Redman (Atl)         LenDale White (Ten)         Kevin Curtis (Phi)                                    Matt Prater (Den)           Houston Texans

 29      Brodie Croyle (KC)           Julius Jones (Sea)        David Patten (NO)                                    Mike Nugent (NYJ)          Cincinnati Bengals

 30       Kyle Boller (Bal)         Ricky Williams (Mia)      Donte Stallworth (Cle)                                 Dan Carpenter (Mia)        San Francisco 49ers

 31       John Beck (Mia)          Jonathan Stewart (Car)      Santana Moss (Was)                                      Joe Nedney (SF)          New Orleans Saints

 32       Kyle Orton (Chi)            Tatum Bell (Det)           Jerry Porter (Jax)                                N. Novak/C. Barth (KC)         St. Louis Rams

 33     Rex Grossman (Chi)          Thomas Jones (NYJ)         Donald Driver (GB)

 34      Kurt Warner (Ari)        DeAngelo Williams (Car)     Bernard Berrian (Min)

 35    Kellen Clemens (NYJ)       Rashard Mendenhall (Pit)     Joey Galloway (TB)

 36        Shaun Hill (SF)            Felix Jones (Dal)        Darrell Jackson (Den)

 37      Gus Freroote (Min)           Fred Taylor (Jax)        Derrick Mason (Bal)

 38      Chad Henne (Mia)           Ahman Green (Hou)          Patrick Crayton (Dal)

 39       Joe Flacco (Bal)         Deuce McAllister (NO)     Laveranues Coles (NYJ)

 40      Brian Brohm (GB)         Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG)         Ronald Curry (Oak)

 41                                  Chris Brown (Hou)       Mushin Muhammad (Car)

 42                                  Kevin Smith (Det)         Reggie Brown (Phi)

 43                                 Chester Taylor (Min)        Ted Ginn Jr. (Mia)

 44                                  Chris Johnson (Ten)      Reggie Williams (Jax)

 45                                 Jerious Norwood (Atl)      Marty Booker (Chi)

 46                                  Ladell Betts (Was)        Nate Burleson (Sea)

 47                                  Kenton Keith (Ind)        Kevin Walter (Hou)

 48                                   Ron Dayne (FA)          Amani Toomer (NYG)

 49                                 Shaun Alexander (FA)      Anthony Gonzalez (Ind)

 50                                   TJ Duckett (Sea)          Sidney Rice (Min)

 51                                                            Vincent Jackson (SD)

 52                                                            Javon Walker (Oak)

 53                                                           Shaun McDonald (Det)

 54                                                              Justin Gage (Ten)

 55                                                              DJ Hackett (Car)
RANK    QUARTERBACKS                RUNNING BACKS              WIDE RECEIVERS              TIGHT ENDS                  KICKERS                    DEFENSE

 1        Tom Brady (NE)          LaDainian Tomlinson (SD)      Randy Moss (NE)           Jason Witten (Dal)         Nick Folk (Dal)          San Diego Chargers

 2      Peyton Manning (Ind)        Adrian Peterson (Min)      Reggie Wayne (Ind)       Kellen Winslow (Cle)    Stephen Gostkowski (NE)      New England Patriots

 3        Tony Romo (Dal)           Brian Westbrook (Phi)      Terrell Owens (Dal)       Antonio Gates (SD)        Adam Vinatieri (Ind)       Minnesota Vikings

 4        Drew Brees (NO)            Steven Jackson (Stl)     Braylon Edwards (Cle)      Tony Gonzalez (KC)         Nate Kaeding (SD)         Jacksonville Jaguars

 5      Carson Palmer (Cin)          Joseph Addai (Ind)        Larry Fitzgerald (Ari)     Dallas Clark (Ind)      Shayne Graham (Cin)            Chicago Bears

 6     Ben Roethlisberger (Pit)       Frank Gore (SF)          Andre Johnson (Hou)      Jeremy Shockey (NO)          Josh Brown (Stl)           Dallas Cowboys

 7     Donovan McNabb (Phi)         Clinton Portis (Was)      Marques Colston (NO)       Chris Cooley (Was)        Mason Crosby (GB)           Pittsburgh Steelers

 8      Derek Anderson (Cle)       Marshawn Lynch (Buf)      TJ Houshmandzadeh (Cin)       Todd Heap (Bal)          Rob Bironas (Ten)          New York Giants

 9      Matt Hasselbeck (Pit)      Marion Barber III (Dal)      Steve Smith (Car)         Vernon Davis (SF)        Robbie Gould (Chi)          Seattle Seahawks

 10       Marc Bulger (Stl)          Larry Johnson (KC)           Torry Holt (Stl)        Heath Miller (Pit)        Phil Dawson (Cle)          Baltimore Ravens

 11      David Garrard (Jax)      Maurice Jones-Drew (Jax)    Plaxico Burress (NYG)      Alge Crumpler (Ten)        Neil Rackers (Ari)       Tampa Bay Buccaneers

 12       Brett Favre (NYJ)           Ryan Grant (GB)           Chad Johnson (Cin)       Owen Daniels (Hou)        Jason Hanson (Det)         Green Bay Packers

 13      Eli Manning (NYG)         Brandon Jacobs (NYG)        Anquan Boldin (Ari)       Tony Scheffler (Den)       David Akers (Phi)          Tennessee Titans

 14       Jay Cutler (Den)          Willis McGahee (Bal)        Roy Williams (Det)        Ben Watson (NE)           Josh Scobee (Jax)          Indianapolis Colts

 15       Matt Leinart (Ari)         Reggie Bush (NO)         Santonio Holmes (Pit)         LJ Smith (Phi)        Shaun Suisham (Was)        Washington Redskins

 16        Jon Kitna (Det)            Jamal Lewis (Cle)         Wes Welker (NE)           Greg Olsen (Chi)          Kris Brown (Hou)          Philadelphia Eagles

 17      Philip Rivers (SD)         Michael Turner (Atl)      Marvin Harrison (Ind)       Zach Miller (Oak)           Jeff Reed (Pit)           Oakland Raiders

 18      Matt Schaub (Hou)         Laurence Maroney (NE)      Brandon Marshall (Den)      Donald Lee (GB)           Matt Bryant (TB)           Arizona Cardinals

 19     Jake Delhomme (Car)         Thomas Jones (NYJ)           Lee Evans (Buf)        Randy McMichael (Stl)        Jason Elam (Atl)            Buffalo Bills

 20      Vince Young (Ten)          Earnest Graham (TB)         Roddy White (Atl)        Dustin Keller (NYJ)     Lawrence Tynes (NYG)           Denver Broncos

 21    Jason Campbell (Was)           Willie Parker (Pit)      Calvin Johnson (Det)        Ben Utecht (Cin)         John Kasay (Car)           Carolina Panthers

 22       Jeff Garcia (TB)         Darren McFadden (Oak)       Greg Jennings (GB)          Jeff King (Car)          Matt Stover (Bal)           Houston Texans

 23     Aaron Rodgers (GB)          Ronnie Brown (Mia)           Hines Ward (Pit)        Leonard Pope (Ari)        Brandon Coutu (Sea)           New York Jets

 24     Trent Edwards (Buf)         Edgerrin James (Ari)     Jerricho Cotchery (NYJ)      Kevin Boss (NYG)        Ryan Longwell (Min)            Detroit Lions

 25    Tarvaris Jackson (Min)        Selvin Young (Den)        Dwayne Bowe (KC)         Marcedes Lewis (Jax)       Mike Nugent (NYJ)          New Orleans Saints

 26    JaMarcus Russell (Oak)       Lendale White (Ten)        Chris Chambers (SD)                                Taylor Mehlhaff (NO)        San Francisco 49ers
                                                                                          Ben Troupe (TB)
 27       Alex Smith (SF)            Rudi Johnson (Cin)        Donald Driver (GB)                                    Joe Nedney (SF)          Kansas City Chiefs
                                                                                        Anthony Fasano (Mia)
 28    Chad Pennington (Mia)          Fred Taylor (Jax)         Kevin Curtis (Phi)                                  Rian Lindell (Buf)         Cleveland Browns
                                                                                        Desmond Clark (Chi)
 29      Brodie Croyle (KC)           Matt Forte (Chi)       Laveranues Coles (NYJ)                             Sebastian Janikowski (Oak)    Cincinnati Bengals
                                                                                           Alex Smith (TB)
 30     Rex Grossman (Chi)        DeAngelo Williams (Car)      Joey Galloway (TB)                                   Matt Prater (Den)           Miami Dolphins
                                                                                          Billy Miller (NO)
 31      Kurt Warner (Ari)         Jonathan Stewart (Car)     Bernard Berrian (Min)                                Dan Carpenter (Mia)          St. Louis Rams

 32       Kyle Boller (Bal)       Rashard Mendenhall (Pit)     Santana Moss (Was)                                N. Novak/C. Barth (KC)         Atlanta Falcons

 33       JT Sullivan (SF)           Kevin Smith (Det)         Derrick Mason (Bal)
                                                                                                                    Olindo Mare (Sea)
 34        Matt Ryan (Atl)          Ahman Green (Hou)          Reggie Brown (Phi)
                                                                                                                 Martin Gramatica (NO)
 35      Chris Redman (Atl)          Justin Fargas (Oak)       Patrick Crayton (Dal)

 36      Chad Henne (Mia)           Chester Taylor (Min)      Donte Stallworth (Cle)

 37       Kyle Orton (Chi)            Julius Jones (Sea)       Nate Burleson (Sea)

 38     Sage Rosenfels (Hou)          Felix Jones (Dal)       Anthony Gonzalez (Ind)

 39     Byron Leftwich (Pit)        Jerious Norwood (Atl)      Bobby Engram (Sea)

 40       JP Losman (Buf)             Tatum Bell (Det)           DJ Hackett (Car)

 41                                 Ricky Williams (Mia)        Deion Branch (Sea)

 42                                  Pierre Thomas (NO)        Vincent Jackson (SD)

 43                                  Chris Brown (Hou)           Jerry Porter (Jax)

 44                                 Maurice Morris (Sea)       Javon Walker (Oak)

 45                                  Chris Johnson (Ten)        Sidney Rice (Min)

 46                               Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG)         Ronald Curry (Oak)

 47                                  Warrick Dunn (TB)           Isaac Bruce (SF)

 48                                    Ray Rice (Bal)           Drew Bennett (Stl)

 49                                 Kenny Watson (Cin)          Ted Ginn Jr. (Mia)

 50                                Leon Washington (NYJ)      Reggie Williams (Jax)

 51                                                            Bryant Johnson (SF)

 52                                                             Devin Hester (Chi)

 53                                                           Amani Toomer (NYG)

 54                                                          Mushin Muhammad (Car)

 55                                                             David Patten (NO)
                                                                      PASSING   PASSING          RUSHING   RUSHING
     QUARTERBACK              ATTEMPTS   COMPLETIONS   COMPLETION %                       INTs                       FUMBLES
                                                                       YARDS      TDS             YARDS      TDS
      Tom Brady (NE)            578          398          68.86%       4806       50       8       98         2         4

     Tony Romo (DAL)            520          335          64.42%       4211       36       19      129        2         2

   Peyton Manning (IND)         515          337          65.44%       4040       31       14      -5         3         1

   Ben Roethlisberger (PIT)     404          264          65.35%       3154       32       11      204        2         3

      Drew Brees (NO)           655          443          67.63%       4428       28       18      52         1         4

   Derek Anderson (CLE)         527          298          56.55%       3787       29       19      70         3         2

      Brett Favre (GB)          535          356          66.54%       4155       28       15      12         0         3

   Matt Hasselbeck (SEA)        562          352          62.63%       3966       28       12      89         0         5

    Carson Palmer (CIN)         575          373          64.87%       4131       26       20      10         0         1

     Kurt Warner (ARI)          451          281          62.31%       3417       27       17      15         1         6

      Jay Cutler (DEN)          467          297          63.60%       3497       20       14      205        1         4

   Donovan McNabb (PHI)         473          291          61.52%       3324       19       7       236        0         5

       Jon Kitna (DET)          562          355          63.17%       4068       18       20      61         0         6

    David Garrard (JAX)         325          208          64.00%       2509       18       3       185        1         2

     Eli Manning (NYG)          529          297          56.14%       3336       23       20      69         1         7

      Philip Rivers (SD)        460          277          60.22%       3152       21       15      33         1         6

       Jeff Garcia (TB)         327          209          63.91%       2440       13       4       116        1         2

     Vince Young (TEN)          382          238          62.30%       2546        9       17      395        3         3

   Jason Campbell (WAS)         417          250          59.95%       2700       12       11      185        1         8

   Tarvaris Jackson (MIN)       294          171          58.16%       1911        9       12      260        3         3

    Sage Rosenfels (HOU)        240          154          64.17%       1684       15       12      51         1         3

     Cleo Lemon (JAX)           309          173          55.99%       1773        6       6       102        4         3

     Marc Bulger (STL)          378          221          58.47%       2392       11       15      13         0         3

     Damon Huard (KC)           332          206          62.05%       2257       11       13      -1         0         3

     Matt Schaub (HOU)          289          192          66.44%       2241        9       9       52         0         3

   Chad Pennington (NYJ)        260          179          68.85%       1765       10       9       32         1         0

   Joey Harrington (ATL)        348          215          61.78%       2215        7       8       33         0         0

      Brian Griese (TB)         262          161          61.45%       1803       10       12      28         0         1

      Kyle Boller (BAL)         275          168          61.09%       1743        9       10      89         0         4

    Trent Edwards (BUF)         269          151          56.13%       1630        7       8       49         0         0

   Daunte Culpepper (FA)        186          108          58.06%       1331        5       5       50         3         3

    Chris Redman (ATL)          149          89           59.73%       1079       10       5       16         0         1

      Quinn Gray (Hou)          144          80           55.56%        986       10       5       57         0         1

    Kellen Clemens (NYJ)        250          130          52.00%       1529        5       10      111        1         1

    Josh McCown (MIA)           190          111          58.42%       1151       10       11      143        0         3

     Luke McCown (TB)           139          94           67.63%       1009        5       3       117        0         2

   Jake Delhomme (CAR)           86          55           63.95%        626        8       1       26         0         0

     J.P. Losman (BUF)          175          111          63.43%       1204        4       6       110        0         2

     Brodie Croyle (KC)         224          127          56.70%       1227        6       6       18         0         3

     Todd Collins (WAS)         105          67           63.81%        888        5       0        1         0         2

    Rex Grossman (CHI)          225          122          54.22%       1411        4       7       27         0         3

     Todd Collins (WAS)         105          67           63.81%        888        5       0        1         0         2

     Gus Frerotte (MIN)         167          94           56.29%       1014        7       12       3         0         1

       Shaun Hill (SF)           79          54           68.35%        501        5       1       14         1         2

       Alex Smith (SF)          193          94           48.70%        914        2       4       89         0         5

     Todd Collins (WAS)         105          67           63.81%        888        5       0        1         0         2

      David Carr (NYG)          136          73           53.68%        635        3       5       59         0         0

      Troy Smith (BAL)           76          40           52.63%        452        2       0       54         1         2

      Kyle Orton (CHI)           80          43           53.75%        478        3       2       -1         0         0

     Matt Leinart (ARI)         112          60           53.57%        647        2       4       42         0         0

     Matt Moore (CAR)           111          63           56.76%        730        3       5        5         0         0

     Kerry Collins (TEN)         82          50           60.98%        531        0       0       -3         0         1

      John Beck (MIA)           107          60           56.07%        559        1       3       12         0         5

     Aaron Rodgers (GB)          28          20           71.43%        218        1       0       29         0         0

   LaDainian Tomlinson (SD)      315         1474        4.68       60             475            19          0

    Brian Westbrook (PHI)        278         1333        4.79       90             771            12          1

      Joseph Addai (IND)         261         1072        4.11       41             364            15          0

     Adrian Peterson (MIN)       238         1341        5.63       19             268            13          3

     Clinton Portis (WAS)        325         1262        3.88       47             389            12          5

      Jamal Lewis (CLE)          298         1304        4.38       30             248            11          2

     Marion Barber (DAL)         204          975        4.78       44             282            12          0

    Willis McGahee (BAL)         294         1207        4.11       43             231             8          3

     Edgerrin James (ARI)        325         1224        3.77       24             204             7          0

        Frank Gore (SF)          260         1102        4.24       53             436             6          3

     Earnest Graham (TB)         222          898        4.05       49             324            10          1

    Marshawn Lynch (BUF)         280         1115        3.98       18             184             8          1

   Maurice Jones-Drew (JAX)      167          768        4.60       40             407            10          2

     Steven Jackson (STL)        237         1002        4.23       38             271             7          2

       Fred Taylor (JAX)         223         1202        5.39       9              58              5          1

       Ryan Grant (GB)           188          956        5.09       30             145             8          1

     LenDale White (TEN)         304         1108        3.64       20             114             7          5

     Kenny Watson (CIN)          178          763        4.29       52             374             7          2

      Willie Parker (PIT)        321         1316        4.10       23             164             2          3

    Brandon Jacobs (NYG)         202         1009        5.00       23             174             6          4

     Chester Taylor (MIN)        157          844        5.38       29             281             7          4

      Thomas Jones (NYJ)         310         1119        3.61       28             217             2          0

      Justin Fargas (OAK)        222         1009        4.55       23             188             4          1

     Ronnie Brown (MIA)          119          602        5.06       39             389             5          0

       Reggie Bush (NO)          157          581        3.70       73             417             6          3

    Laurence Maroney (NE)        185          835        4.51       4              116             6          0

       Ron Dayne (FA)            194          773        3.98       17             112             6          0

       Kevin Jones (CHI)         153          581        3.80       33             199             8          1

   DeAngelo Williams (CAR)       144          717        4.98       23             177             5          1

      Warrick Dunn (TB)          228          718        3.15       37             238             4          2

      DeShaun Foster (SF)        247          876        3.55       25             182             4          5

     Maurice Morris (SEA)        140          638        4.56       23             213             5          1

     Najeh Davenport (FA)        107          499        4.66       18             184             7          0

     Shaun Alexander (FA)        207          716        3.46       14             76              5          0

     Adrian Peterson (CHI)       151          510        3.38       51             420             4          2

      Larry Johnson (KC)         158          559        3.54       30             186             4          1

     Derrick Ward (NYG)          125          602        4.82       26             179             4          1

       Travis Henry (FA)         167          691        4.14       7              65              4          1

      Cedric Benson (FA)         196          674        3.44       17             123             4          2

     LaMont Jordan (OAK)         144          549        3.81       28             247             3          0

     Selvin Young (DEN)          140          729        5.21       35             231             1          1

    Jerious Norwood (ATL)        102          615        6.03       28             277             1          0

      Aaron Stecker (NO)         114          444        3.89       37             215             5          1

      Julius Jones (SEA)         165          585        3.55       23             203             2          0

    Leon Washington (NYJ)        71           353        4.97       36             213             6          2

      Kenton Keith (IND)         121          533        4.40       13             77              4          0

      Chris Brown (HOU)          101          464        4.59       19             128             5          1

      Rudi Johnson (CIN)         170          497        2.92       13             110             4          2

       Kolby Smith (KC)          112          407        3.63       22             148             2          0

     Jesse Chatman (NYJ)         128          515        4.02       27             161             1          1

    Reuben Droughns (NYG)        85           275        3.24       7              49              6          0

      Sammy Morris (NE)          85           384        4.52       6              35              3          0

    Correll Buckhalter (PHI)     62           313        5.05       12             87              4          0

       Kevin Faulk (NE)          62           265        4.27       47             383             1          0
      T.J. Duckett (SEA)         65           335        5.15        4              54             3          0
      Pierre Thomas (NO)         50           251        5.02       19             152             2          0
     Ladell Betts (WAS)          93           335        3.60       21             174             2          1
     Ahman Green (HOU)           70           360        5.14       14             123             2          0

           Randy Moss (NE)            98            1493         15.23         0            23          0

         Terrell Owens (DAL)          81            1355         16.73         5            15          0

        Braylon Edwards (CLE)         80            1289         16.11         0            16          2

         Reggie Wayne (IND)          104            1510         14.52         4            10          3

        Larry Fitzgerald (ARI)       100            1409         14.09         0            10          3

         Chad Johnson (CIN)           93            1440         15.48        47             8          1

       TJ Houshmandzadeh (CIN)       112            1143         10.21        14            12          1

        Marques Colston (NO)          98            1202         12.27         0            11          1

       Brandon Marshall (DEN)        102            1325         12.99        57             7          1

        Plaxico Burress (NYG)         70            1025         14.64         0            12          0

          Greg Jennings (GB)          53             920         17.36         0            12          0

           Wes Welker (NE)           112            1175         10.49        34             8          0

           Torry Holt (STL)           93            1189         12.78         0             7          1

          Kevin Curtis (PHI)          77            1110         14.42         0             6          0

         Roddy White (ATL)            83            1202         14.48        -2             6          2

         Bobby Engram (SEA)           94            1147         12.20         0             6          1

        Santonio Holmes (PIT)         52             942         18.12        17             8          0

          Steve Smith (CAR)           87            1002         11.52        66             7          1

         Anquan Boldin (ARI)          71             853         12.01        14             9          1

          Joey Galloway (TB)          57            1014         17.79         1             6          0

         Andre Johnson (HOU)          60             851         14.18         0             8          1

         Derrick Mason (BAL)         103            1087         10.55         0             5          1

         Nate Burleson (SEA)          50             694         13.88         4            11          2

         Dwayne Bowe (KC)             70             995         14.21         0             5          0

        Jerricho Cotchery (NYJ)       82            1130         13.78        38             2          1

        Shaun McDonald (DET)          79             943         11.94         2             6          2

        Bernard Berrian (MIN)         71             951         13.39         0             5          1

         Chris Chambers (SD)          66             970         14.70        12             4          0

        Reggie Williams (JAX)         38             629         16.55         8            10          2

           Hines Ward (PIT)           71             732         10.31        11             7          0

          Donald Driver (GB)          82            1048         12.78         4             2          0

         Roy Williams (DET)           63             836         13.27         1             5          1

           Lee Evans (BUF)            55             849         15.44         0             5          0

        Patrick Crayton (DAL)         50             697         13.94         0             7          1

         Calvin Johnson (DET)         48             756         15.75        52             5          0

         Kevin Walter (HOU)           65             800         12.31        30             4          0

          Jerry Porter (JACX)         44             705         16.02         0             6          0

         Reggie Brown (PHI)           61             780         12.79        36             4          0

        Laveranues Coles (NYJ)        55             646         11.75         0             6          0

           Isaac Bruce (SF)           55             733         13.33        -4             4          0

         Ronald Curry (OAK)           55             717         13.04         1             4          0

        Brandon Stokley (DEN)         40             635         15.88        -6             5          0

         Santana Moss (WAS)           61             808         13.25        13             3          2

          Andre Davis (HOU)           33             583         17.67         0             6          1

        Roydell Williams (TEN)        55             719         13.07        -17            4          0

          David Patten (NO)           54             792         14.67        -5             3          1

         Deion Branch (SEA)           49             661         13.49         0             4          0

        Amani Toomer (NYG)            59             760         12.88         0             3          0

           Arnaz Battle (SF)          50             600         12.00         4             6          1

        Donte Stallworth (CLE)        46             697         15.15        12             3          0

          Justin Gage (TEN)           55             750         13.64         0             2          0

        Dennis Northcut (JAX)         44             601         13.66        27             4          0

       Antwaan Randle El (WAS)        51             728         14.27        -3             1          0

          Bobby Wade (MIN)            54             654         12.11        -9             3          1

         Joe Jurevicius (CLE)         50             614         12.28         0             3          0

         Vincent Jackson (SD)         41             623         15.20         0             3          0

          Devin Hester (CHI)          20             299         14.95        -10            8          1
        Michael Jenkins (ATL)         53             532         10.04         0             4          0
        Nate Washington (PIT)         29             450         15.52         0             5          0
       Anthony Gonzalez (IND)         37             576         15.57         0             3          0

           Jason Witten (DAL)          96            1145         11.93       7          1

           Antonio Gates (SD)          75             984         13.12       9          0

           Tony Gonzalez (KC)          99            1172         11.84       5          0

          Kellen Winslow (CLE)         82            1106         13.49       5          1

           Dallas Clark (IND)          58             616         10.62      11          0

           Chris Cooley (WAS)          66             786         11.91       8          0

            Heath Miller (PIT)         47             566         12.04       7          0

            Donald Lee (GB)            48             575         11.98       6          1

          Owen Daniels (HOU)           63             768         12.19       3          3

          Tony Scheffler (DEN)         49             549         11.20       5          1

         Jeremy Shockey (NYG)          57             619         10.86       3          0

          Desmond Clark (CHI)          44             545         12.39       4          0

            Ben Watson (NE)            36             389         10.81       6          0

          Alge Crumpler (TEN)          42             444         10.57       5          0

            Vernon Davis (SF)          52             509         9.79        4          1

         Randy McMichael (STL)         39             429         11.00       3          0

            Chris Baker (NYJ)          41             409         9.98        3          1

            Alex Smith (TB)            32             385         12.03       3          0

           Zach Miller (OAK)           44             444         10.09       3          2

           Leonard Pope (ARI)          23             238         10.35       5          1

            Greg Olsen (CHI)           39             391         10.03       2          0

          Marcedes Lewis (JAX)         37             391         10.57       2          0

             Jeff King (CAR)           46             406         8.83        2          1

            Eric Johnson (NO)          48             378         7.88        2          0

          Jerramy Stevens (TB)         18             189         10.50       4          0

            Billy Miller (NO)          27             328         12.15       2          0

           David Martin (MIA)          24             303         12.63       2          0

            Bo Scaife (TEN)            46             421         9.15        1          2

           Robert Royal (BUF)          25             248         9.92        3          2

            Ben Utecht (CIN)           31             364         11.74       1          1

           Marcus Pollard (NE)         28             273         9.75        2          0

          Daniel Graham (DEN)          24             246         10.25       2          0

         Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN)       27             323         11.96       1          1

           Justin Peelle (MIA)         29             228         7.86        2          0

           Bubba Franks (NYJ)          18             132         7.33        3          0

            Todd Heap (BAL)            23             239         10.39       1          0

          Michael Gaines (DET)         25             215         8.60        2          0

             L.J. Smith (PHI)          22             236         10.73       1          1

         Quinn Sypniewski (BAL)        34             246         7.24        1          1

            Will Heller (SEA)          13             82          6.31        3          0

           Kevin Boss (NYG)            9              118         13.11       2          0
           KICKERS               1 to 39   40 to 49   50+    TOTAL   FG %      EXTRA POINTS

       Mason Crosby (GB)         19/20      9/14      3/5    31/39   79.49%        48/48

        Rob Bironas (TEN)        22/24      9/10      4/5    35/39   89.74%        28/28

     Stephen Gostkowski (NE)     18/19       3/5      0/0    21/24   87.50%        74/74

         Nick Folk (DAL)         17/19       7/7      2/5    26/31   83.87%        53/53

        Josh Brown (STL)         17/17      8/12      3/5    28/34   82.35%        43/43

       Jason Hanson (DET)        15/18      11/13     0.75   29/35   82.86%        35/36

      Shayne Graham (CIN)        25/26       6/7      0/1    31/34   91.18%        37/37

       Robbie Gould (CHI)        19/20      12/14     0/2    31/36   86.11%        33/33

        Kris Brown (HOU)         13/14      7/10      5/5    25/29   86.21%        40/40

        Phil Dawson (CLE)        18/20       7/8      1/2    26/30   86.67%        42/43

        Nate Kaeding (SD)        16/17       7/8      1/2    24/27   88.89%        46/46

      Shaun Suisham (WAS)        18/20      10/14     1/1    29/35   82.86%        29/30

        Jason Elam (ATL)         17/17      9/12      1/2    27/31   87.10%        33/33

         Matt Bryant (TB)        22/23       6/7      0/3    28/33   84.85%        34/34

          Jeff Reed (PIT)        19/19       4/5      0/1    23/25   92.00%        44/44

      Lawrence Tynes (NYG)       15/19       8/8      0/0    23/27   85.19%        40/42

       Adam Vinatieri (IND)      23/26       0/2      0/1    23/29   79.31%        49/51

        Neil Rackers (ARI)       13/15       5/6      3/9    21/30   70.00%        47/48

        Mike Nugent (NYJ)        22/24       6/8      1/4    29/36   80.56%        23/24

        Matt Stover (BAL)        19/19      8/12      0/1    27/32   84.38%        26/26

      Ryan Longwell (MIN)         9/9       10/11     1/4    20/24   83.33%        39/40

    Sebastian Janikowski (OAK)   10/11      7/10      6/11   23/32   71.88%        28/28

        John Kasay (CAR)         16/17       6/9      2/2    24/28   85.71%        27/27

        David Akers (PHI)        22/22       1/6      1/4    24/32   75.00%        36/36

        Rian Lindell (BUF)       18/18       4/6      2/3    24/27   88.89%        24/24

          Jay Feely (FA)         13/13       7/9      1/1    21/23   91.30%        26/26

         Joe Nedney (SF)         12/12       4/4      1/3    17/19   89.47%        22/22

        Josh Scobee (JAX)         9/9        3/4      0/0    12/13   92.31%        26/27

        John Carney (KC)         10/10       2/4      0/0    12/14   85.71%        27/28

        Olindo Mare (SEA)         7/9        2/3      1/5    10/17   58.82%        34/34

        Dave Rayner (FA)         10/13       5/8      0/1    15/22   68.18%        14/14

      Martin Gramatica (NO)       2/2        2/2      1/1     5/5    100.00%        8/8

       Justin Medlock (STL)       1/2        0/0      0/0     1/2    50.00%         0/0

        Matt Prater (DEN)         0/1        1/3      0/0     1/4    25.00%         1/1
                                     FUMBLE                      POINTS
     TEAM DEFENSE           INTs                SAFETY   SACK             KR TD   PR TD   BLOCK
                                   RECOVERIES                   ALLOWED

     San Diego Chargers      30        18         0       43      284       1       1       0

    New England Patriots     19        12         0       47      274       2       0       1

      Seattle Seahawks       20        14         1       45      291       2       1       0

        Chicago Bears        16        17         1       41      348       2       4       8

     Minnesota Vikings       15        16         1       38      311       1       0       0

      Indianapolis Colts     22        15         2       28      262       0       1       1

     Green Bay Packers       19        9          0       36      291       0       2       0

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers     16        19         0       33      270       1       0       1

       Dallas Cowboys        19        10         0       46      325       0       0       1

      Tennessee Titans       22        12         0       40      297       0       0       2

      New York Giants        15        10         0       53      351       1       0       1

      Pittsburgh Steelers    11        14         0       36      269       1       0       0

     Jacksonville Jaguars    20        10         0       37      304       1       0       0

      Arizona Cardinals      18        11         0       36      399       0       1       0

    Washington Redskins      14        10         2       33      310       0       0       2

        Buffalo Bills        18        12         2       26      354       1       1       0

     Cincinnati Bengals      19        16         1       22      385       1       0       1

        Detroit Lions        17        18         1       37      444       1       0       4

       Houston Texans        11        14         0       31      384       4       0       2

     Kansas City Chiefs      14        8          1       37      335       0       0       2

      Cleveland Browns       17        10         1       28      382       2       1       0

      Carolina Panthers      14        16         0       23      347       0       0       2

       New York Jets         15        6          0       29      355       3       0       1

      Baltimore Ravens       17        6          0       32      384       1       2       1

     New Orleans Saints      13        10         1       32      388       0       0       1

       Denver Broncos        14        16         1       33      409       0       1       1

     Philadelphia Eagles     11        8          0       36      300       0       0       0

     San Francisco 49ers     12        10         1       31      364       0       0       2

       Oakland Raiders       18        8          1       27      398       0       0       2

       St. Louis Rams        18        9          1       31      438       0       1       1

       Atlanta Falcons       16        12         0       25      414       0       0       0

       Miami Dolphins        14        8          0       30      437       0       1       1
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