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									Free Affiliate Program - 5 Tips to Consider

 1.Outrageous Claims: Free online affiliate programs often will claim that what they have to
offer is going to make you rich with little or no effort on your part. Get rich quick schemes are
every where so be careful. Although Advertising and marketing is necessary to get the word out
about new products, be careful to avoid products that are excessively hyped because most times
the product simply doesn't meet the expectations created by promoting it.

2.Poor quality Products: It is a good idea to test the products you intend to promote before
embarking on expensive marketing campaigns. However, this is sometimes impractical to achieve.
You're going to come across products that simply don't live up to expectation or perform the way
either you or your customers expect. It is wise to do extensive research about the product you
want to promote before you embark on promotional campaingns that can cost you hundreds or
even thousands of dollars. This is also important because it gives you an edge when you have a
good knowledge of the product or service you are promoting.

3.Low demand: It is advisable to understand the market before you get in too deep with a free
online affiliate program. Setting up elaborate marketing campaigns does not guarantee you will
make a sale. Sometimes you might loose more money than you'll make because there is low or no
demand for your product or service. I can not stress the fact that research is important before you
decide to promote free or paid online affiliate products or services. As an affiliate marketer your
aim is to make enough profit to recoup your expenses.

4.Limited profits: Free online affiliate programs often offer more than average commissions but
most times the cost of promoting the product nearly outweighs the potential profit. It is in your
best interest that you find a product that offers a balance between your expenses and earnings, by
doing a thorough analysis of your cost benefit potential. This will save you a lot of time and money
especially when done at the start up stage of your partnership with a free affiliate company.

5.Deceptive copywriting: The free online affiliate program you choose must have a great sales
letter. Avoid programs with cheap and shoddy sales pages or else no matter how great your
marketing campaigns, the product may not sell. Ask your affiliate manager if the sales page can
be updated or if you can create an individual landing page that will link directly to the checkout
page. You do not want to loose sales because you did not ask questions and make changes to suit
your marketing campaigns. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the company you intend to
partner with. Also make sure you undersatnd payment policies and you can easily reach the
support team if you're confused.

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