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									Conway Area
winter edition 2008
voted best wings in orlando

SUPER BOWL PARTY                                    We will still serve chicken wings and our full
Join us at Wing Shack for our annual Super          menu of course. Guinness on tap will be flowing
Bowl Party. The game is on Sunday, February         all day. We will be playing lots of Irish Music and
3rd. The party starts at 4pm and goes till the      will have many other exciting things planned for
end of the game. Domestic buckets of beer are       the evening. Plan your St Patrick’s Day to be at
$9.95, Domestic premium buckets are $12.75,         Casey’s Irish Pub, aka Wing Shack.
and imports are $14.00. There will be plenty
of food and drink specials for you to enjoy         VAN HALEN PARTY
the game and the atmosphere. Come to Wing           Wing Shack is giving away two tickets to the
Shack for the best Super Bowl party in town.        return of Van Halen at the Amway Arena in
                                                    downtown Orlando. The party starts at 8pm
ORLANDO MAGIC                                       on Saturday, February 10th. We will have
Can’t watch the Orlando Magic at home on            music, great food and drink specials and lots
FSN? Come to Wing Shack where we have               of prize giveaways. Come and win those tick-
every televised Orlando Magic game whether          ets and enjoy the party at Wing Shack.
it is on FSN or Brighhouse. Specials during
every Magic game include Domestic buckets           MARDI GRAS PARTY
of beer for $9.95, Domestic premium buckets         Beads, Beads, and more Beads, bring your own
are $12.75, and imports buckets for $14.00.         or get some from Wing Shack. The best look-
Come join us for some exciting NBA action           ing beaded person will win a super prize. The
from our home team as they look to do well          Mardi Gras party starts at 8pm on Saturday
this season and into the playoffs.                  night February 2nd. Neon Dreams will be
                                                    performing at Wing Shack playing some great
CASEY’S IRISH PUB                                   rock n roll music for your enjoyment.
Come celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with us as we
transform the Wing Shack for one day only, to       ORLANDO EAGLES
“Casey’s Irish Pub.” For the fifth year in a row,   The year ended with an 8-8 record and lots of
Shawn Casey, one of Wing Shack’s owner’s and        disappointment of the loyal Eagle following.
an extremely Irish one at that, has decided to      This was the fourth year that Wing Shack hosted
name a pub after himself. Casey’s Irish Pub will    the Philadelphia Eagles fan club, the Orlando
be open all day on Monday, March 17th serv-         Eagles. There are many great memories and
ing authentic Irish cooked meals all day. Have      good times had at Wing Shack. Wing Shack
your Irish meal of Corned Beef and Cabbage,         looks forward to hosting the Orlando Eagles
Sheppard’s Pie, Sausage Rolls and Scotch Eggs.      next season and hope for a Super Bowl year.

                      check out the wing shack web site at
MONDAY NIGHT WINGS                                       two new flat screens for smaller events. Talk to
Wing Shack on Monday nights from 8pm to close,           Litto Rios at 407-381-4798 or send him an email at
has all you can eat of our famous award winning Check out the Gallery page
chicken wings for $9.99. You can choose any of           on our web site for some of the parties we have had
your favorite sauces, mix them up, have them             in the past at
fried, or get them grilled. My favorite is the Honey
Bourbon and Trophy Wings.” Give them a try. You          COMMENT CARDS
can also wash the wings down with our Margarita          We want to hear your feedback on us! Any guest
special of 2 for 1 from 8pm to close.                    over 21 will receive a free draft beer or well drink
                                                         when they fill out one of our comment cards.
NASCAR                                                   We are always looking for ways to improve and
NASCAR starts its season on February 17th with the       new ideas at Wing Shack. The best way for us to
50th running of the Daytona 500. Come join us for all    improve is to listen to our wonderful guests. (One
the races during the season here at the Wing Shack.      comment card per month per guest)
Wing Shack will have its NASCAR bucket specials
for the 2008 season. Domestic buckets of beer are        COLLEGE NIGHT
$9.95, Domestic premium buckets are $12.75, and          Every Saturday night from 9pm to close is College
imports are $14.00. We will also have our famous         Night at Wing Shack. All college students with
chicken wings for $0.40 each for mild, medium, and       proper student ID with receive 20% off all food and
hot only during every SPRINT NASCAR event.               drink for the evening. Come out every Saturday
                                                         and enjoy everything Wing Shack has to offer. See
BUCKET OF WINGS                                          you there!
Wing Shack on Tuesday and Wednesday has a new
twist on the serving of our famous wings. Any 50         AMATEUR POKER LEAGUE
or 100 wing order will now be served in the Wing         Wing Shack now holds Texas Hold-em Poker on
Shack Bucket. Our Bucket special for a 50 wing           Wednesdays at Wing Shack. Sessions start at 6pm
bucket and a pitcher of soda is $21.99, or a pitcher     and a 2nd session starts at 9pm. We have an area
of beer for $23.99. The 100 wing bucket is $39.99        cornered off for the enjoyment of our players. Now
with two pitchers of soda or $43.99 with a two           every Wednesday, you will be playing against other
pitchers of beer. The wings are served in one or         card players, about 40 players each week. Tables
two flavors of your choice. My favorite is “Trophy       are set up just like the casinos and you play for
Wings.” Give them a try.                                 points that allow you to advance to city, regional,
                                                         and state tournaments. The more you play the bet-
WING SHACK ALE                                           ter chance you have to advance to the finals in Las
Wing Shack Ale for $0.99 all month! What a deal!         Vegas where the winner is given a seat at the World
Wing Shack Ale is brewed by Anheuser-Busch spe-          Series of Poker. Hope to see you there.
cifically for the Wing Shack Restaurant and Bars.
Wing Shack Ale is an amber color, smooth tasting,        DART LEAGUE
and full flavored ale. It is not too heavy but packs a   Wing Shack is setting up an in house Dart league
lot of flavor. Give one a try and I am sure you will     in the next month and we are looking for people
like our ale.                                            who are interested in playing. Contact Litto Rios at
                                                         407-381-4798 or email him at
PRIVATE PARTIES AT WING SHACK                            for further details. If will be a fun time for you and
If you are having a birthday party or any other type     your friends, sign up now.
of party, let Wing Shack do all the work for you and
have your party here. We can accommodate any             MARCH MADNESS
size and type of event up to 200 people and at a         The college basketball season is in full swing in
reasonable cost. We can set up a buffet of food,         March and concludes with “March Madness,”
drink specials, entertainers, musicians, and decora-     the elimination tournament to decide the national
tions. Ask for the Wing Shack Private Party Menu.        champion of College Basketball. Join the Wing
We have also a VIP party area on the stage by the        Shack for all of the tournament action during the
craziest 3 weeks of the year. Check out the Gators      that says my gorilla can hit the ball longer and
as they try to repeat as National Champions for the     straighter than anybody here at this club. In fact, he
third year in a row. Ask your bartender or server       hits it 500 yards right down the middle . . . every
about the game you would like to watch and we           time!”
will accommodate as best as possible.                     Everyone in the pro-shop started laughing. After
                                                        a moment, the newest pro at the club and the lon-
WILL SELLARS FOUNDATION                                 gest hitter in the area spoke up, “I gotta see this!”
Eleven year old Ian Casey performed a magic show        he said. “You know, what? I’ll take you up on that
and hosted a raffle in December to raise money for      wager! Meet you on the first tee.”
a PCCA classmate, Will Sellars, who passed away
                                                          When they reached the 585-yard par-5 first tee the
from an amoeba infection. Wing Shack proudly
                                                        trainer led the gorilla to the tee box, put a driver in
sponsored this event and raised $1000.00 for the
                                                        his hands, set a tee in the ground. The gorilla did
foundation. We wanted to thank Ian Casey, Bob
                                                        the rest.
MacQueen and all Wing Shack friends and fam-
ily who attended and generously gave money to             Sure enough, he smashed his drive right down
the foundation. For more information on the Will        the middle and clear out of sight. When the ball
Sellars Foundation, please go to their web site at      finally came to rest it was on the green -- 6 inches                          from the cup.
                                                          The pro was astonished. “That’s incredible!”
HIRING                                                  he exclaimed. “How did you train him to hit
Wing Shack is always looking for new and ener-          the ball like that!” There’s no need for me to tee
getic people to become part of the Shack Team.          off. I couldn’t beat him with a stick. Here’s your
Contact the manager on duty if you are interested       money.”
in becoming part of our team. We are accepting
                                                         As the pro walked off the green, still shaking his
applications for all positions.
                                                        head, he turned back to the trainer and said, “Oh,
                                                        by the way, how does he putt?”
Keep up to date on all upcoming events by log-           The trainer responded,”Just like he drives: 500
ging on to You can go to the         yards. Right down the middle. Every time.”
web site to view our menu and telephone number
for you to place your takeout order, you can sign
                                                        Things You Wouldn’t Know Without
up for the monthly newsletter, comment about            The Movies
the restaurant, and keep up to date on upcoming         • Police Departments give their officers personality
events at Wing Shack. Check out the web site for          tests to make sure they are deliberately assigned
directions to our other location in the South Chase       a partner who is their total opposite.
and Hunters Creek area.                                 • When they are alone, all foreigners prefer to
                                                          speak English to each other.
CHICKEN MAN                                             • You can always find a chain saw when you need
Have you seen the Chicken Man? He sure has                one.
a set of hot wings! Ha, Ha. Yes that is the Wing        • Any lock can be picked by a credit card or a paper
Shack Chicken you see out on Conway Road and              clip in seconds, unless it’s the door to a burning
Michigan Street during afternoon rush hour. When          building with a child trapped inside.
you are driving in you can check out our daily spe-
                                                        • An electric fence, powerful enough to kill a dino-
cials the Chicken is advertising. Give him a beep
                                                          saur will cause no lasting damage to an eight-
and let him know you are going to Wing Shack.
                                                          year-old child.
HAVE A LAUGH ON US                                      • Television news bulletins usually contain a story
                                                          that affects you personally at that precise moment
Gorilla Golf                                              you turn the television on.
A guy walked into a pro-shop with a gorilla. “Is        • Most laptop computers are powerful enough
anyone interested in a little wager?” he said, flash-     to override the communication systems of any
ing some large bills around. “I’ve got $500.00 here       invading alien civilization.
   Voted Best Wings
     In Orlando
       • Happy Hour • Live Music
        • pooL • Darts • GaMes
    We Have It All!
check out the wing shack web site at

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