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carchip pro fuel efficiency mpg


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         Keeping pace with the evolving industry

         In Today's Digital world, how is your shop
         keeping up with the growing
         automotive trends?

         Next-Gen Scan Tools

         Don’t let your money fly out the tank

    In today’s digital world, how
    is your repair business
    keeping up with the fast
    paced world of automotive
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10 Technical Resources               20 Automotive Tool                   30 Automotive
                                           Technology                           Evolution
10 AIRCHECKTECH                       20 The "Ready-or-Not"       tm       30 Compounding Emissions
                                           Test Tool                            In Today's Digital world,
                                           Innovative ways to incorpo-          how is your shop keeping up
10 Repair Resources                                                             with the growing automotive
   ASA Contacts                            rate scan tools to enhance
                                           OBDII testing and improve            trends?
   Emissions Repair Training
   Repair Data On-Line                     customer satisfaction.
                                      21 CarChip Pro ®                    40 Consumer News
                                           Is your business keeping up
                                           with the fast paced world        40 It’s Easy Being “Green”
                                           of automotive engineering?
                                                                            40 Keep your money from
                                                                                flying out the tank!

                                                                                                                 AirCheckTech Resources10

 COMING SOON                                                                                                                          COMING SOON

Visit us online at www.airchecktexas.com for the launch of our new repair section, aimed exclusively at providing online auto-
motive resources to the Recognized Repair Industry. On our site, you’ll not only be able to find links to other automotive web-
sites, but you’ll be able to see what educational resources you have available in your area, such as free seminars or com-
munity sponsored automotive outreach events. And in 2009, stay tuned as we launch our online training series, complete
with streaming videos and training tips. With your continuing support and participation in the Recognized Emissions Repair
Program, we are working toward bringing education and automotive awareness to your shops and your technicians.
                                                                                                               Ronnie Heselmeyer, Automotive Repair Specialist
                                                                                                                            Texas Department of Public Safety

            Automotive Service Association (ASA)
          For repair training and other automotive class information contact:
    ASA of Texas                              ASA Dallas                             ASA Ft Worth Area                      ASA Houston Area
    Charles Parker, Executive Director        Scott Blair                            David Markovic                         Glenn Young, AAM
    329 Mack Hollimon Dr                      Barry's Automotive                     Chambers Automotive                    Young’s Automotive Center
    Kerville TX 78028-6636                    4101 Forest Lane                       716 Secretary Dr                       6117 Ridgemont St
    Phone: (830) 896-6842                     Garland, TX 75045-6818                 Arlington TX 76015                     Houston, TX 77087-2011
    Fax: (512) 692-1923                       (972) 494-3650 shop                    (817) 274-0469 shop                    (713) 641-1594 shop
    cparker@asatx.org / www.asatx.org         (972) 272-6145 fax                     (817) 460-235@sbcglobal.net            (713) 643-9738 fax
                                              _barry_@msn.com                                                               glennyoung@asatx.org
    ASA Austin Area
    Dell Shaw                                 ASA El Paso Area
    Doug Scales Body Shop                     Dwight Wallum
    2707 S 1ST ST                             Wallum's Paint & Body
                                                                                                                      Repair Data
    Austin, TX 78704-5453                     1505 S Midkiff Rd                                                         On-line
    (512) 443-6464 shop                       Midland, TX 79701-8563
    (512) 442-2252 fax                        (432) 686-0317 shop                    OBDII Technical Resources              Automotive Maintenance Information
    dell@dougscales.com                       (432) 620-9922 fax                     www.epa.gov/obd                        www.carcare.org
                                              dwallum@marshill.com                   www.obdii.com                          www.helminc.com (Service manuals)
                                                                                     www.obdiicsu.com                       servicemycar
                               Emissions Repair                                      www.sierraresearch.com                 CARB Exemptions Information
                                   Training                                                                                 California Air Resources Board (CARB)
                                                                                     Technical Service Bulletins (TSB's)    www.arb.ca.gov
    Austin Area                              Houston Area                            www.OBDclearinghouse.com
    Austin Community College                 TDJ Events Automotive Training          www.nhtsa.dot.gov                      New & Used Auto Information
    (512) 223-7542                           P O Box 924371                                                                 www.autosite.com
    40 Hr Course                             Houston, Texas 77292-4371               Diagnostic Repair Information          www.edmunds.com
                                             Phone: (713) 725-1895                   www.alldata.com
    Dan Petit, Petit Technical Services      Fax: (713) 957-9441
    Hi-Definition Diagnostic Waveform                                                www.Diagnostichotline.com              ASE Study Guides & Cert Information
                                             Email: jenny@tdjautotraining.com        www.iatn.net                           www.asecert.org
    Training. ASE-Examined L-1 Educator.
                                             website: www.tdjautotraining.com                                               www.motor.com
    Curriculum/ educational software
    developer and author of 14 automo-                                               Emissions Parts Information            www.motorage.com
                                             National Trainers
    tive tech books.                         Kevin McCartney                         www.acdelco.com
    Office: (512) 834-2141                   Provides emission related technical     www.automotix.net                      Automotive Service Associations
    Cell: (512) 470-6844                     training throughout the country,        www.edelbrock.com                      www.asashop.org
                                             including Texas. He worked in           www.rockauto.com                       www.nastf.org
    DFW Area                                 research for California emission pro-   www.siaelec.com                        www.automobile.sae.org
    Eastfield College                                                                www.partsvoice.com
                                             grams and served as a Master trainer
    3737 Motley Dr                                                                   www.usedpartscentral.com
                                             for California's advanced level emis-
    Mesquite, TX 75150                                                               www.usedpartslive.com
                                             sion instructors. He can be contacted
    (972) 860-7100                                                                   www.volition.com
                                             at crashh@prodigy.net or
    40 Hr Course
                                             (209) 873-1155
    Tarrant County College Continuing                                                Diagnostic Tools Information
    Education                                “G” Jerry Truglia                       www.aeswave.com
    (817) 515-4217                           A.T.T.S. Inc.                           www.autologicco.com
    40 Hr Course                             10 Lupi Plaza                           www.autotap.com
                                             Mahopac, New York 10541                 etools
                                             Phone: (845) 628-1062                   www.freeautomechanic.com
                                             Fax: (845) 628-9109                     www.obd2.com
                                             Email: gt@attstraining.com              www.vetronix.com
                                             website: www.attstraining.com           www.scantool.net

20                                                                   AUTOMOTIVE TOOL
                     20 "Ready-or-Not" tm Test Tool

                     21 CarChip Pro®


The "Ready-or-Not" Test Tool
Innovative ways to incorporate scan tools to enhance OBDII testing and

i m p r o v e c u s t o m e r s a t i s f a c t i o n . Article provided by the manufacturers of “Ready-orNot”tmTest Tool

The "Ready-or-Not" tm test tool can be used                                       2. If the vehicle is “Not-Ready”, the red Not-
by technicians to determine if an OBDII vehi-                                     Ready light will be illuminated. If the readi-
cle is ready to receive an OBDII test (U.S.                                       ness criteria have been met, then the green
Patent # 7,012,512). One of the biggest com-                                      “Ready” light will be illuminated and the
plaints that shops receive after repairing an                                     speaker will chirp approximately once a
OBDII vehicle is "Why can't you retest my car                                     minute. "Ready-or-Not" tm can be easily set
now?" and this is always followed by "Just                                        so that it indicates that it is ready when any
drive my car? How will I know when it is                                          number of monitors are Not-Ready.
ready?" The "Ready-or-Not" tm test tool
solves this problem! The device simply con-                                       How does a shop benefit?
nects to the vehicle’s OBDII port, and indi-                                      Shops could use the "Ready-or-Not" tm test
cates if or when the vehicle is ready for an                                      tool to do a quick check of a vehicle to deter-
OBDII test. The device can be loaned to a                                         mine if it is ready to receive an OBDII test,
motorist and left in place, and the motorist                                      without the hassle of connecting the vehicle to
instructed that when the device beeps or the                                      an emissions analyzer or having to use a
"Ready" light goes on, the vehicle is ready to                                    complicated scan tool - which in the long run
be retested, reducing "ping-pong" to the shop                                     will save you and your customer time and
to check if the vehicle is ready.                                                 money. Anyone working in the shop, even a
The tool comes programmed and ready to                                            receptionist can use the "Ready-or-Not" tm
use, but also includes software and cable in                                      test tool, it is that simple to use.
the event the user wishes to change the
default configuration (default configurations                                     The "Ready-or-Not" tm test tool is a versatile
for each state are included with the device).                                     tool that shops can use to enhance OBDII
                                                                                  testing and improve customer satisfaction.
"Ready-or-Not" tm has the following features:          "Ready-or-Not" tm
                                                                                  For more information please contact
1. "Ready-or-Not" tm has six individual readi-             Test Tool              ScanTool.net at www.ScanTool.net and look
ness monitor lights on it to indicate the status        www.ScanTool.net
                                                                                  under "Products" - "Scan Tools", or call 866-
                                                       or call 866-923-1870
of the monitors that may be not ready. If the                                     923-1870.
light for a monitor is off, the monitor is not
supported, if it is red the monitor is "Not-
Ready" and if it is green the monitor is             Want more information on repair tools or technology?
"Ready". This feature can be helpful to tech-          Visit www.airchecktexas.com and look for us in the
nicians trying to quickly check if a vehicle is            AirCheckTech section. We are making it more
ready for testing and, if it is not ready, which
monitors still need to be run.                           convenient for you to get the most up-to-date repair
                                                              resources for your growing repair needs.
                                                                                                         Automotive Tool Technology                                      21

CarChip Pro®
Technology Records Emissions,
Saves Money and Lives Article provided by Davis Instruments
Imagine having a simple way to ascertain how your           ing fuel efficiency, even when emissions testing is not     drugs, alcohol or violence but the family car. Teens
car or your client's car will perform during emissions      required, so consumers are very interested in this          have the highest crash rate per mile traveled of any
testing at an authorized test station - before the actu-    emissions data.                                             age group. The problem is worst among 16 year olds,
al test. CarChip Pro (www.carchip.com) by Davis                                                                         whose limited driving experience and immaturity often
Instruments is a tiny, low-cost, easy-to-use device
that will make pre-emissions testing simpler and more
                                                            Saving Shops and                                            leads to risk-taking. (In fact, studies performed by the
                                                                                                                        National Institute of Health show that the risk assess-
accessible to both automotive shops and car owners.
It requires no installation beyond plugging it in, and
                                                            Consumers Money                                             ment areas of the frontal cortex of the brain do not
                                                                                                                        fully develop until 25 years of age.) The Insurance
immediately begins to diagnose the car's engine per-        One of CarChip Pro's features is that it diagnoses          Institute for Highway Safety www.iihs.org recom-
formance as well as emissions readiness. Being able         emissions readiness and engine performance while            mends that the number one thing parents can do to
to correct any emissions problems before testing will       the vehicle is being driven under normal driving con-       reduce the risk of their teen being involved in a fatal
save consumers time and money, and give automo-             ditions and not just while being tested in an emis-         auto accident is to become more involved in monitor-
tive shops a competitive edge in service provision.         sions center. CarChip Pro records vehicle perform-          ing their teen's driving habits.
CarChip Pro will also diagnose engine trouble codes,        ance by time and date stamp every time the vehicle's
turn off check engine lights, alert drivers when they       ignition is turned on. Vehicle trouble codes and            While no parent can ride along every time their teen
exceed self-set speed and brake limits, provide an          descriptions are recorded in the Trouble Log so that        drives the car, every parent can simply plug in a
accident log, and monitor the                                                      even a non-professional can          CarChip. CarChip provides parents with a way to
driving habits of new drivers.                                                     understand the problem.              track driver performance as well as the ability to put
Although it is about the size of a                                                 CarChip Pro records up to 300        an audible alarm in the vehicle when speed limits (as
9-volt battery, CarChip Pro packs                                                  hours of continuous driving-time     set by the parent) are exceeded or heavy braking and
a mighty punch in value to both                                                    data before overwriting the old-     hard accelerations occurred. After downloading driv-
consumers and automotive pro-                                                      est trip records. If the vehicle's   ing data, CarChip's Trip Log highlights excessive
fessionals.                                                                        "Check Engine" light comes on,       speed and severe braking in red, making risky driving
                                                                                   CarChip Pro will provide the         patterns very clear to teens and parents. In the event
CarChip Pro plugs into any 1996                                                    trouble code, a "snapshot" of        of an accident, CarChip records second-by-second
or later model vehicle via the On-Board Diagnostic          engine parameters at the time, and best of all, allow       speed and braking input and vehicle performance 20
(OBD) port. (OBDII ports were federally mandated by         the user to turn the light off.                             seconds prior to an impact in an Accident Log.
the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, for
emissions controls and are required to be within three
feet of the steering wheel, under the dash in the pas-
                                                                                                                        CarChip Fleet Pro® for
senger compartment, and be in view and easily
                                                                                                                        Business Owners
                                                                                                                        CarChip Fleet Pro provides business owners and
Once plugged in, CarChip Pro immediately begins                                                                         Fleet Managers with an easy way to monitor vehicle
recording the vehicle's operating parameters. Unplug                                                                    performance, detect maintenance issues and imple-
it, connect it to a standard PC with the supplied                                                                       ment driver safety programs. CarChip Fleet includes
CarChip desktop software and USB cable, and get                                                                         the additional capabilities of wireless downloads and
reports of the car's engine performance as well as the                                                                  GPS tracking to help Fleet Managers keep track of
driver's behavior, trip logs, and emissions readiness.                                                                  their vehicles and drivers.
CarChip can monitor up to four of 23 different engine       Automotive professionals know that worn spark plugs
parameters at once, in addition to vehicle speed and        or a faulty oxygen sensor can reduce fuel mileage as
braking. CarChip Pro provides an "Emissions                 much as 30 - 40% (see AAA Alert: "The Five to                              CarChip Fleet Pro®
Readiness" test under the CarChip Tools menu. The           Waste Gas"). With CarChip Pro, users can actually                              is available on-line at
CarChip readiness test includes an oxygen sensor            keep an eye on spark plugs and oxygen sensors, as                                 www.carchip.com
rating, catalyst condition, and nine other tests to veri-   well as track fuel mileage and costs. Diagnostic                        For more information on CarChip
fy a vehicle's readiness for emissions testing. Any         reporting is provided through easy-to-read charts and                                 please visit
malfunctions can be identified and repaired before          graphs in the CarChip desktop software.                                         www.carchip.com or
the vehicle is tested. The California Air Resources
                                                                                                                                     call toll free, Davis Instruments
Board reports that fifty percent of the total emissions
from vehicles are the results of emissions related          Saving Lives and                                                               Customer Service at
                                                                                                                                              1- 800-678-3669
malfunctions (reported in "Facts About OBDII
Systems Jan 2001). Most vehicle owners are eager            Tracking Accidents
to do their part in maintaining clean air and maximiz-      The number one killer of teenagers in the U.S. is not

30                                                                   EVOLVING INDUSTRY
In   Today's Digital world,
how is your shop keeping up with
the growing automotive trends?
To the average driver, the loss of fuel economy by 10% may not be noticed until the second or third
tank of gas; however the loss of 20% fuel economy is more likely to get immediate attention due to the               Article by: Dan Petit
rising price of gas. There is a direct correlation between increased exhaust emissions and increased                 Petit Technical Services
fuel consumption. Higher emissions outputs equates to a reduction in fuel efficiency and when this                   Auto Technical
                                                                                                                     Advising & Curriculum
occurs, the polluting motoring public ignites a domino effect, compounding emissions outputs, in other
related industries.

7COMPOUNDING                                        Understanding the basic laws of             WHERE WE ARE TODAY
EFFECT ON EMISSIONS                                 elementary physics;
                                                                                            Let's face it, the latest models rolling off
Think about how the increase in fuel                Having the proper equipment to
                                                     diagnose today's vehicles; and         the showroom floor are mobile computer
consumption impacts the refining                                                            processors hundreds of times faster,
industry and the emissions outputs by               Proper training to put it all
                                                    together.                               cleaner and smarter than their prede-
those refineries and how having to                                                          cessors of 5 years ago. Car manufac-
transport additional fuel creates more                                                      turers pride themselves in using smart
                                            Accurate automotive diagnostics have
exhaust emissions by the shippers                                                           technology aimed at reliability and keep-
                                            elements of these common threads.
and transporters. And to bring this                                                         ing the check engine light off. But what
                                            However, what sets a good tech apart
back full circle, the emissions created                                                     happens when the MIL is on and that
                                            from a great tech is the consistent and
by manufacturers having to produce                                                          customer is at your shop for repairs?
                                            systematic use of these elements.
more catalytic converters and oxygen                                                        Add to that less discretionary funding for
sensors to replace those ruined by                                                          repairs because of rising fuel costs and
                                            Understanding how a component
insufficient services or delayed MIL                                                        you've got a scenario where your cus-
                                            works isn't good enough if you're not
illumination due to compound-complex                                                        tomers don't have room for service pri-
                                            working with the right diagnostic tools.
emissions software strategies. And                                                          ority errors.
                                            High tech diagnostic equipment falls
because automotive technicians have
                                            short of its full potential without effec-      I estimate that 30% of your potential
the capacity to instantly reduce emis-
                                            tive training. Striking a balance               income or earnable flag hours go right
sions and improve fuel efficiency,
                                            between how much you know, getting              back out the front door, because techni-
these are some of the reasons that
                                            a hold of the right equipment and con-          cians aren’t adequately trained at per-
our jobs as well equipped and well
                                            tinuing your education to keep pace             forming accurate and thorough diagnos-
trained technicians is a critical mission
                                            with new vehicle technology is a seri-          tics. Once a good tech realizes that
economically, environmentally and
                                            ous challenge that plagues the auto-            there IS a proven diagnostic system
                                            motive repair industry and the finan-           available - “good” diagnostics can turn
                                            cially stressed customer.                       to “very good” diagnostics and “very
COMMON THREADS OF                                                                           good” diagnostics evolve into “great”
                                                                                            diagnostics in just a few short months.
After having spent the last seven                                                           We've seen processors grow from
years researching the "common                                                               OBDI, OBDII and now explode with
threads" of automotive diagnostics,                                                         CAN, but has the repair industry kept
I’ve concluded that there are three                                                         up? In today’s digital society, customers
essential elements to effective diagno-                                                     have the expectation that you will be
sis:                                                                                        able to fix the problem, fix it quickly, for
                                            Sample of Hi-Definition Diagnostic Waveforms.   a price that's affordable and not have to
                                                                                            come back until their next oil change.

40                                                                                    CONSUMER NEWS
                             40 It’s Easy Being “Green”
                                    Keep your MONEY

It's Easy                                                          Keep your
Being "Green"
by ASE
                                                                   MONEY from
Motorists can do their part to help the environment by practic-
ing a few 'earth-friendly' car care habits, note the experts at
                                                                   flying out the
the non-profit National Institute for Automotive Service
Excellence (ASE). It all comes down to timely vehicle mainte-
nance and non-aggressive driving.
Here are specific suggestions from ASE:                            When it comes to your car, here’s a few
                                                                   tips motorists can use to prepare their
Slow down. Speeding and hard accelerations waste gaso-             vehicles for emissions testing that can
line. Use cruise-control on highways to maintain a steady          save time & money.
pace. When waiting for friends or family, shut off the engine.
Consolidate daily errands.                                         Ignoring the signs. The check engine light is a warning sign, so don’t ignore it. If your check
                                                                   engine light is on, take your vehicle to a qualified emissions service facility and have it diagnosed
Lighten up. Remove unnecessary items from the vehicle              and serviced before the inspection. Additionally, never ignore a flashing check engine light as this
to reduce weight.                                                  type of warning is an indication of engine misfiring which could result in a damaged catalytic con-
Don't pollute. Dispose of used motor oil,
antifreeze/coolant, and old batteries properly.                                 Insufficient Diagnostics. Receiving a complete and thorough diagnosis will help
Some repair facilities accept these items. Or                                     you target problematic areas which saves motorists time and money. Insufficient
                                                                                   diagnostics not only costs the consumer, but also results in comebacks for repair
call your local government. Keep the                                                technicians. Unfortunately, this step is often times overlooked and subsequently
engine running at its peak-a misfiring                                               kicks off a series of unneccessary repairs.
spark plug can reduce fuel efficiency as
much as 30%. Replace filters and fluids                                               Throwing parts at your car. Let’s say that your check engine light is on and
as recommended by the owner's manual.                                                 you’ve got an EGR Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC). Do you automatically
                                                                                     replace the EGR? No. In fact, the problem could lie in any number of spots with-
Get pumped. Keep the tires properly inflat-                                         in the entire EGR System. So to avoid spending money on unnecessary parts or
ed and aligned. Under-inflated tires waste                                        repairs, get a proper diagnosis by a qualified automotive repair technician.
fuel by forcing the vehicle's engine to work
harder. Moreover, properly maintained tires last                              Drive 100 miles. There is NO required mileage to drive a vehicle in order to set the
                                                                          monitors back to READY. Your vehicle has a specific “DRIVE CYCLE” and conditions that it
longer, saving you money and lessening the burden at               must meet before it can check all the systems. Which means a 2005 Ford Taurus drive cycle will
landfills.                                                         not be the same as a 2005 Nissan Sentra, so simply driving 100 miles is not a “one size fits all”
                                                                   solution to getting your vehicle Ready for inspection.
Know your limitations. If you are not a do-it-yourselfer,
find a good technician. Ask friends for recommendations.           Preventative Maintenance. Proper vehicle maintenance is the first step in ensuring that the vehi-
Check the reputation of the repair shop with your local con-       cle operates efficiently and avoids major breakdowns. A poorly maintained vehicle not only pro-
                                                                   duces excess emissions, it increases the cost of ownership and fuel efficiency.
sumer group. Check out the technicians' credentials. ASE-cer-
tified professionals have passed one or more national exams
in specialties such as engine performance and air condition-          Gas Saving Tips for Your Auto
ing.                                                                  These conservation tips will not only save gasoline, they'll help extend the life of your vehicle.
Don't try this at home. Your car's air conditioner should
be serviced only by a technician certified to handle and recycle      Monitor tires. Under inflated tires or poorly aligned wheels waste fuel.
refrigerants. The air conditioners in older vehicles contain          Remove excess weight. Less weight means better mileage.
ozone-depleting chemicals, which can be released into the             Consolidate trips and errands.
atmosphere through improper service.
                                                                      Avoid excessive idling. Shut off the engine while waiting for friends and family.
Instant karma. In addition to helping the environment,                Observe speed limits. Speeding decreases your miles per gallon.
routine maintenance will help your vehicle last longer, get bet-
                                                                      Drive gently. Sudden accelerations guzzle gas.
ter gas mileage, and command a higher resale price. Pretty
cool.                                                                 Use windows and air conditioning wisely. Your mileage should improve if you keep the windows
                                                                      closed at highway speeds, since air drag is reduced. But turn the air conditioning off in stop-
                                                                      and-go traffic to save fuel.
                                                                      Keep your engine "tuned up." A well-maintained engine operates at peak efficiency, maximizing
                                                                      gas mileage.

                                                                                                             PRSRT STD
                                                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                              AUSTIN TX
Texas Department of Public Safety                                                                         PERMIT NO. 1265
Vehicle Inspection & Emissions
PO Box 4087, MSC 0543
Austin TX 78773-0543
w w w. a i r c h e c k t e x a s . c o m
or call 1-800-493-5486




          Automotive                                                  10 Technical Resources
                                                                           10 AIRCHECKTECH
                                                                           10 Repair Resources

                                                                                ASA Contacts
                                                                                Emissions Repair Training
                                                                                Repair Data On-Line

                                                                      20 Automotive Tool Technology
                                                                           20 The "Ready-or-Not"tm Test Tool
          Keeping pace with the                                                 Innovative ways to incorporate scan tools to
                                                                                enhance OBDII testing and improve customer

          evolving industry                                                21 CarChip Pro ®
                                                                                Is your business keeping up with the fast paced
                                                                                world of automotive engineering?

                                                                       30 Automotive Evolution
                                                                           30 Compounding Emissions
                                                                                In Today's Digital world, how is your shop keep-
                                                                                ing up with the growing automotive trends?

                                                                       40 Consumer News
                                                                           40      It’s Easy Being “Green”
                                                                           40      Keep your money from flying out the

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