wizard of oz flying monkeys by jongordo

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									Wizard of Oz

Scene 1

Dorothy runs from the back of the Church down the aisle, Auntie
Em is on the stage.

Dorothy: Auntie Em, Auntie Em, Mrs. Weiner is so mean to Toto
just because he was in her garden.

Auntie Em : Oh Dorothy, you know how she is. Keep Toto away
from her garden. Dorothy, do not cause any trouble.

Dorothy: I won’t Auntie Em but isn’t there a safe place in this
world without any trouble or worries?

Auntie Em: Oh Dorothy, I’m sorry I don’t think there is such a
place. She exits

Dorothy sings “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

There is a knock at the door.

Auntie Em: (opening the door) How can I help you Mrs. Weiner?

Mrs. Weiner: I came to take this dog – he’s a menace!

Auntie Em: Oh please, we will keep Toto out of your yard.

Mrs. Weiner: Nope! I’m calling the police.

Dorothy: Oh Please, Auntie Em, please stop her.

Auntie Em: For 23 years I have been wanting to tell you where to
go, but being a Catholic women I just can’t say it.
Dorothy cries and runs off….

Mrs. Weiner: The police are on their way to get that mut!

Everyone walks off stage……..
Scene 2

Dorothy: (with suitcase) Come on Toto we have to run away from
this awful place. (She rolls her suitcase to the piano)

Wizard: Oh, hello little girl. How can I help you?

Dorothy: Oh I ran away, I have a terrible woman after my dog.

Wizard: Wait, say no more…(he puts his hand on her forehead)
You don’t need to say another word. I can see into the future. I see
you have an Auntie Em. I think she is crying……

Auntie Em on stage in the chair crying….

Auntie Em: (calling) Dorothy, Dorothy…

Wizard: I think someone broke her heart. She looks like she is
having a heart attack.

Dorothy: Oh, I gotta go to my Auntie Em. (She runs to Auntie Em)

Dorothy: Auntie Em, Auntie Em, I am so sorry I left you.

Auntie Em: Oh, Dorothy. Thank God you are home. A big twister
is coming. We need to get into the basement.

Noise, sheet comes out…fade to black….yellow brick road comes
out, colorful “thing” come out.
Scene 3

Dorothy: (waking up slowly, looking around) Toto we are not in
Kansas anymore. Do you think we are somewhere over the

Enter Glenda….

Glenda: Are you a good witch or a bad witch?
Dorothy: Oh, I’m not a witch at all. I’m Dorothy from Kansas.

Glenda: Well, Dorothy from Kansas, all the Lollipop kids are so
happy because you saved them from the Wicked Witch of the

Lollipop Kids come out…

Kid #1: Thank you Ms. Dorothy.

Kid #2: Look you have the shoes.

Kid #3: Let’s get the Mayor, get the Mayor.

Kid #4: How did you get the house to land on her?

Dorothy: Oh, but I really didn’t mean to kill her. My house was
spinning from the tornado and landed on her.

Mayor: We welcome you on this day of Independence. The
Wicked Witch is dead.

Lollipop kids Mayor dance/sing DING DONG the witch is dead

As they are dancing enter the Wicked Witch….

Witch: (cackles)
Dorothy: Oh my, I thought she was dead.

Glenda: No, you killed her sister. She is here for the ruby slippers.

Witch: I want those slippers. Take those off now!

Glenda: Oh no there they are and there they will stay. She has the
power of the ruby slippers.

Witch: You stay out of this Glenda. (turning to Dorothy). I will get
you my pretty, and your little dog too! (She exits)

Dorothy: I just want to go home!
Glenda: You need to see the wizard, he lives in Emerald City.
Please remember to keep those ruby slippers on. That witch will be
after you.

Dorothy: How do I get to Emerald City?

Glenda: Well, my dear, follow the Yellow Brick Road.

Lollipop Kids: Follow the yellow brick road.

Dance….down the middle of the aisle, stop at pew 10..scarecrow
crouched down in pew 10

Scene 4

Dorothy: Oh, Toto which way should we go?

Scarecrow pops up from the pews into the aisle behind Dorothy..

Scarecrow: (crossing her arms) You should go that way!

Dorothy: Who said that?

Scarecrow: I did, where are you off to…

Dorothy: I am going to see the wizard, who are you?

Scarecrow: I don’t know I don’t have a brain.

Dorothy: Oh, I bet the wizard could give you a brain. I’m asking
for him to send me home back to Kansas.

Scarecrow: You really think I can get a brain there? I can’t work in
this field anymore. The crows just land all over me. I can’t scare
anything or anyone. I just need a brain.

Dorothy: You can come with me, but beware I have a witch after
Scarecrow: I’m not scared of witches, I’m only scared of matches.

Dorothy: Let’s go scarecrow (arm and arm) let’s follow the yellow
brick road (walk back up the aisle).

Tin man comes out from tabernacle stands frozen…

Scene 5

They walk by the tin man (makes a noise)..

Dorothy: What was that?

Scarecrow: It came from this?

Dorothy: Oh, look it’s a man made of tin. He is trying to say
Scarecrow: I think he is saying oil…look here is an oil can. Let’s
oil him. (lifts up the oil can and oils him).

Tin Man: Oh thank you! I could talk again, I can move my legs
and elbows. I have been rusted solid for years. But I am still
hallow they forgot to give me a heart. If only I knew where to find

Scarecrow: You should come with us! We are going to see the
wizard. He is going to give me a brain and get Dorothy home to

Dorothy: But, I just need to warn you – I have a bad witch after

Witch: (pops out from behind the piano) Where do you think you
are going my pretty?

Dorothy hides behind Tin Man and Scarecrow.

Witch: I will destroy both of you! Tin Man I will throw you in the
lake. Scarecrow I will throw in the fireplace.
Dorothy: Go away! We didn’t do anything to you.

Witch: I want those slippers.

Dorothy: NO! We are off to Oz.

They all run off…….

Scene 6

Arm and arm they walk through the forest…

Dorothy: This is scary, do you think we are going to see animals.

Tin Man: Maybe we will see lions, tigers, and beards oh my!

ALL: Lions, tigers, and bears oh my!

Lion jumps out!


They hold on to each other.

Lion: Put your arms up, out your arms up! We are going to fight.
We are going to fight.

Dorothy hides behind Tin Man and Scarecrow.

Tin Man: What’s your problem? (hits him on the nose)

Lion: (crying) My nose is bleeding! Why did you do that?

Scarecrow: I thought you wanted to fight.

Lion: I tried, but I really am a coward. I’m afraid of everything. I
can’t sleep.

Scarecrow: Why don’t you count sheep?
Lion: I am afraid of them.

Tin Man: Maybe you need to see the wizard.

Dorothy: He can give you some courage. Beware – there’s a
wicked witch after me.

Lion: Well, do you think you can protect me on the way to
Emerald City.

Sing, We are off to see the Wizard….they walk off…

Scene 7

Witch and Flying Monkeys looking into crystal ball.

Witch: Look into crystal ball - I want you to get these slippers.
When I get the slippers I will have all the power in the world.

Monkey #1: How are supposed to do that WW?

Monkey #2: Easy, we will sell her a poison apple.

Monkey #3: I want to sell her the apple.

Witch: Quiet down all of you! As we arguing she getting closer to
the Wizard.

Monkey #4: Let’s set up an apple stand in the forest.

Monkey #5: I bet they are really hungry now.

Monkey#1: Hurry we don’t have much time.

Witch: First monkey back with my ruby slippers gets a raise.

They all run off…….
Scene 8
Arm in arm….

Lion: Are we almost to Emerald City?

Scarecrow: I don’t know but I am hungry.

Tin Man: Look ahead – there’s a Monkey Bar and Grill!

Dorothy: Ah, let’s get something to eat.

They walk up to the stand…

Lion: How much for the apples?

Monkey #2: Special today! 3 for a dollar1

Monkey#3: But, for the lady they are free!

Monkey#4: They’re good!

Dorothy: Thank you so much!

They start eating their apples, Glenda enters and scares off the
monkeys. Dorothy falls to the ground.
Lion: What’s wrong with Dorothy?

Tin Man: These apples must have been poison.

Glenda: Oh, it’s the wicked witch. She will stop at nothing, she
sent her flying monkeys with the poison apples.

Scarecrow: Can you help her?

Glenda: Yes, I can but then you must go straight to Oz.

Glenda waves her wand and Dorothy wakes up.

Dorothy: Thank you Glenda….
Glenda: You are welcome – you must all go…

They exit except for Glenda.

Witch enters…

Witch: Glenda, I told you to stay out of this!

Glenda: I am sick and tired of you being such a witch all the time.
Every time someone new comes to town you are the big bully, you
and your five flying monkeys.

Monkey #5: Hey – I was never a bully, speak for yourself. We are
just following the rules.

Witch: (turning to the Monkey #5) You are fired!

Glenda: I hope for your sake you change your ways. This might be
the end of the road for you.

Witch: We will see about that!

They all exit…..

Scene 9

Dorothy: Finally, we made it to Oz.

They knock on the door….

Wizard: Who are you? How can I help you? Who sent you here?

Dorothy: Glenda the Good Witch said maybe you could help us.
We all need a favor.

Wizard: I can’t grant any favors unless they can do a favor in
return. I want my monkeys returned to me?

Tin Man: How do we do that?
Wizard: You need to go to the witch and throw water on her so she
will melt, then bring me my monkeys back. She stole them from

Lion: Oh no! I give up I can’t do that!

Wizard: What did you want from me, courage? Once you face your
fears you will have courage.

Scarecrow: If we can do this I will be the wisest man in the land.

Tin Man: If we bring those monkeys back you will my heart
beating from miles away.

Dorothy: Let’s go! What are we waiting for? We can do this!

Scene 10

Dorothy knocks on the witch’s door….witch answers..

Dorothy: I know you wanted my ruby slippers but I brought you
these UG boots instead!

Witch: Oh you think you are so funny. I am going to get you my

Dorothy: (screams) Get her lion!

Lion throws the water on her, she melts..

Witch: I’m melting….

Monkeys run in…

Monkey#4: What happened?

Tin Man: We went to see the powerful Oz. He really wants you all
Monkeys: Yeah! We got our old job back! Three cheers for

Lion: Let’s go to the Wizard and get our wishes granted.

Scene 11

All arrive with the monkeys…monkeys run to the Wizard and hug

Wizard: My monkeys have come back to me.

Lion: I am ready for my courage.

Wizard: You already have it. Who killed the witch?

Lion: I did.

Wizard: Everyone has courage, you just can’t be afraid to use it.

Scarecrow: What about my brain?

Wizard: Well, you already have it. Who helped Dorothy along the
way? You are true friend, with a brain.

Tin Man: What about my heart?

Wizard: You always have had a heart of gold. You always stick up
for your friends.

Dorothy: Well, what about me?

Wizard: Oh, honey, I can’t help you.

Glenda enters….

Dorothy: You told me the Wizard would help me.
Glenda: You have had the power to do it for yourself all along.
You just have to believe that there is no place like home. Walk
through the door my dear.

Dorothy walks through door, turns back and waves good bye to her

Auntie Em sitting on the chair…

Dorothy: (running to her) Auntie Em, I’m so happy to be home.

Auntie Em: What are you talking about my dear? Do you think you
had a bad dream?

Dorothy: Oh, I must of. But there was a Tin Man, Scarecrow, and a
Lion. And scary witch…

Auntie Em: No more sweets before bed.

The end

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