women and the glass ceiling

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THURSDAY, MAY 29, 2008                           THE WEEK                                                      Catalonia                                                                     5
TV3 seeks to reverse declines                                              Women bump into glass ceiling
Rosa Cullell takes over public broadcasting agency
                                                                           Many women with further education in Catalonia opt for domestic life
● The new director of the or-                                              BRADEN PHILLIPS
ganisation that manages Catalo-                                            ● A new study says over 32,000
nia’s public TV and radio                                                  women with further education
stations said she would try to re-                                         in Catalonia have abandoned
verse declines in audience                                                 the workplace for lack of ad-
numbers by putting a priority                                              equate employment.
on sports and entertainment                                                   "Women are more underem-
programming, and by reaching                                               ployed than men at a time when
out to immigrants who typically                                            they are better prepared than
opt for other outlets.               Cullell at press conference/A. Puig   ever," said Oriol Homs, director
   "I’m approaching this job                                               of Fundació Centre d’Iniciatives
with the desire to be the leader,       In contrast to entertainment,      i Recerques Europees a la Medi-
not with the idea of looking on      however, the network’s news           terrània (CIREM), which con-
while we lose audience," said        programming has maintained            ducted the study.
Rosa Cullell, head of the Corpo-     its status as the audience leader.       While some companies may
ració Catalana de Mitjans Au-           Cullell also said she would re-    still hesitate to hire women who
diovisuals, which oversees TV3       inforce the impartiality of in-       either have children or plan on      Women are more underemployed than men, a new study says/EUDALD PICAS
and Catalunya Ràdio.                 formation provided by Catalan         doing so, other factors are at
   In her first press conference,    public TV and Catalunya Radio.        work, too. Despite the progress      eering, or jobs that require travel     said that along with a greater in-
Cullell stressed the need to         The political use of Catalonia’s      made by women in the work-           and long hours that make it hard        vestment in education and
widen audiences at TV3, which        public airwaves is a contentious      place, most companies are            to combine domestic and pro-            training, Catalan society needs
in recent years has seen its share   issue, with nationalist parties       dominated by men who, com-           fessional demands – but there           take greater advantage of its
of the Catalan audience drop to      saying it promotes the current        pared with many other coun-          are other more social factors."         underutilised talent.
an average 15% from 24%.             administration, calling it "Tele-     tries in Europe, have been slower       Homs said women are very                Homs would like to see a more
   Gaining viewers is not easy,      montilla," a reference to the So-     to accept women in positions of      poorly represented at the hig-          open debate on the role of
she added, because audiences         cialist president of Catalonia,       higher responsibility.               hest job levels, and, when they         women in society. If women are
are increasingly fragmented.         José Montilla, and with the So-          "This is changing, especially     are, they earn half the salaries        to use their full potential, he
   "The public is going to the       cialists fearing the domination       because women are pushing to         men do for the same work.               says, there are certain costs in-
competition in search of enter-      of a nationalist agenda.              change the situation, but it’s          Homs said the problem of             volved to adapt to their dual do-
tainment," she said. Apart from         The recent appointment of          slower than it should be," said      underemployment for women               mestic and professional respon-
a reference to "new communi-         journalist Mònica Terribas as di-     Homs. "There are intrinsic fac-      hurts Catalonia’s competitive-          sibilities.
cations platforms" to win young      rector of TV3 seemed to please        tors in the workplace – jobs that    ness, and costs the Catalan econ-          "But women are not the ones
audiences, she offered no pro-       the nationalists more than the        are seen as masculine, like con-     omy the equivalent of 0.5% of its       who should be paying the price,"
gramming specifics.                  Socialists.                           struction, transport or engin-       domestic product in 2006. He            he said.

Cannabis use down among teens
GERARD ARIÑO                         to having smoked marijuana at         cohol consumption, on the
● Marijuana use   among adoles-      least once during the previous 30     other hand, increased. More
cents in Catalonia between the       days, while in 2004 it was 30.4%.     alarmingly, the survey indicated
ages of 14 to 18 has dropped for        For the Catalan health min-        a sharp jump in the number of
the first time in 12 years.          ister, Mariana Geli, this decrease    teens who take over-the-counter
  According to the most recent       proves that "prevention works."       tranquilisers. The number of
data provided by the Departa-           Tobacco and cocaine use            minors who had tried these
ment de Salut, 25.5% of teen-        among minors aged 14-18 also          drugs was over 10% for the first
agers surveyed in 2006 admitted      fell in the same time period. Al-     time ever.

                                                                           The dancing egg
                                                                                                                A protest sign hung in Barcelona’s port by striking fishermen/ Andreu Puig
                                                                           ● The   dancing egg, or L’ou
                                                                           com balla, is a Catalan tradi-
                                                                           tion that celebrates Corpus          Fishermen strike over high fuel
                                                                           Christi. Balancing on a jet of
                                                                           water that rises and falls, the      EVA GARCIA PAGÁN                        hermen. "It is something that af-
                                                                           egg looks like it’s about to fall    ● Fishermen    in Barcelona and         fects all European ports and if
                                                                           but never does. The mesmeris-        other coastal towns in Catalonia,       the Generalitat gives Madrid as
                                                                           ing sight has mysterious ori-        including Port de la Selva and          an excuse and Madrid doesn’t
                                                                           gins – some say Italy, others say    Roses, have joined colleagues in        do anything, then we have to
                                                                           the Orient – and a scientific        France in their protest over the        look to Europe to deal with the
                                                                           basis in the fluid dynamics of       exorbitant rise in fuel prices.         problem on a supranational
                                                                           the 18th century Swiss scientist     They are the first in Spain to join     level."
                                                                           Daniel Bernoulli. Emptied and        the international protest by re-           But fuel prices are not the only
                                                                           then sealed with wax, the egg        fusing to set sail.                     concern of local fishermen. The
                                                                           represents the Eucharist,               The strike, which began on           Confraderia de Pescadors of
                                                                           which is why it is tied to the       May 26, is indefinite and could         Sant Telm d’Arenys is also pro-
                                                                           Corpus Christi feast days. The       lead to a shortage of fish in the       testing against "the reduced size
                                                                           tradition is observed over five      city’s markets by the weekend.          of fish stocks, the environmental
                                                                           days at a handful of places in          "This isn’t a problem isolated       impacts of demographic press-
                                                                           Barcelona, including the             to Catalan fishermen," ex-              ures on the coast and the
                                                                           cathedral and Ateneu.                plained Josep Garcia, spokes-           negative effects of globalisation
                                                                                                                man for the Barcelona fis-              on the market."

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