Ohio CWSRF Provides Loans for Riparian Zone Conservation by EPADocs


									         Clean Water                                                            ACTIVITY
          State Revolving Fund                                                 UPDATE

                         T     he Nature Conservancy of Ohio
                               recently received three CWSRF loans
                         for riparian zone conservation totaling
                         $264,000. The conservation organization
                         used the loan funds to protect 383 acres
                         along Ohio Brush Creek in Adams
                         County, Ohio – it purchased conservation
                         easements on 321 acres and purchased
                         another 62 acres outright. These
     The Nature          purchases have enabled The Nature
                         Conservancy to undertake restoration
 Conservancy used a      efforts such as the planting of the riparian   collections of natural systems in the
                         corridor with hardwood trees for               Midwestern United States. It provides
                         streambank stabilization. This was the         critical habitat for more than 100 rare
CWSRF loan to protect    first time The Nature Conservancy              species of plants and animals.
                         obtained financing from the CWSRF.
385 acres along Ohio                                                    Land acquisition efforts in the preserve
                         By Ohio EPA water quality standards, this      have focused on consolidating land
                         section of Ohio Brush Creek almost             holdings and linking critical areas in the
   Brush Creek, a        achieves an exceptional warm-water             landscape in the interest of creating a more
                         aquatic habitat classification. The creek      functional preserve system. The
significant state-wide   is a significant state-wide water resource     conservation of these properties contributes
                         and is known to contain four endangered        to that goal.
                         aquatic species, including one mussel that
   water resource        occurs in only 12 streams nationwide.          These purchases with CWSRF funds were a
                                                                        key part of a larger acquisition effort on
                         “Conservation easements are an effective       Ohio Brush Creek. For example, on one
                         way to protect the quality of streams and      property, The Nature Conservancy used its
                         their adjacent areas,” said Ohio EPA           own resources to purchase land abutting the
                         Director Donald R. Schregardus.                river and a piece of upland forest but used
                         “Restoring and preserving these riparian       CWSRF funds to purchase a conservation
                         areas is an important part of controlling      easement on the farmland that comprised
                         contaminated runoff that threatens water       the remainder of the parcel.
                         quality and stream habitat.”
                                                                        These loans from Ohio’s Water Pollution
                         These lands will also act as a buffer for      Loan Control Fund address nonpoint source
                         the Edge of Appalachia Preserve, a series      pollution and are consistent with the state’s
                         of eleven nearly contiguous properties         Nonpoint Source Management Plan. The
                         owned and managed by The Nature                loans to The Nature Conservancy carry an
                         Conservancy and the Cincinnati Museum          interest rate of 3.2 percent and have a
                         Center. The nearly 13,000-acre preserve        repayment term of 5 years. The loans will
   Contact:              is the largest privately-owned protected       be repaid by The Nature Conservancy with
   Bob Monsarrat         area in Ohio. It is located at the edge of     funds from membership fees and from its
   Ohio EPA              the Appalachian plateau and contains one       Wills and Bequeaths Program.
   614-644-3655          of the most biologically diverse

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