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									 Page 9                                                                                           SSEAYP International Cambodia
                                                   Youth and Social Activities

Inspirational Youths of ASEAN: Four Cambodian Youths
Young people are the most valuable resource that can contribute to positive social changes. Four Cambodian youths,
Hav Monirath, Horn Marong, Hul Kolap, and Kang Rithisal have played their role in bringing such contribution and
they have been featured among the 40 inspirational youths of ASEAN. They have their own inspiration, they are inspi-
ration for other youths as well.
The following photos and excerpts on Hav Monirath and Kang Rithisal, the ex-participants of SSEAYP, are from the
publication of YOUNG SOUTHEAST ASIA - 40 Inspiring Youths, published by the ASEAN and ArtPostAsia. For
further information, please contact:

A     Cure for apathy
     Hav Monirath is a prom-
ising would-be medical doctor
                                                                  C      reative Exchanges
                                                                         The third child in a family of four children,
                                                                  Kang Rithisal is a determined, inspired young person
with a strong spirit of volun-                                    ready to take on the challenges of life.
teerism.                                                          Rithisal believes that “engaging in youth exchange
   In 2005, Mon-                                                  programmes enables one to develop leadership capa-
irath, along with                                                 bilities, and helps promote international understand-
28 other Cambo-                                                   ing and encourages cooperation with the youth of
dian youths and                                                   other countries.” These activities allow the partici-
a further 290                                                     pants to not only learn from other cultures, but also,
youths from vari-                                                 to showcase their own.
ous ASEAN na- For Monirath, the youth are a precious
                                                                      A firm believer that ‘it takes nothing but hard
tions,    partici- resource for social development and she
                                                                  work to get
pated    in   the believes that, with proper motivation
32nd SSEAYP –                                                     things      done’,
                    and inspiration, they can be called to
an international                                                  Rithisal      be-
                        action and make a difference.
youth exchange                                                    lieve s      that
programme which inspires the young towards greater                some of his fel-
volunteerism and social action.                                   low youths in
                                                                  Cambodia need
    It was owing to this experience that, in 2006, she
                                                                  to exhibit a bet-
set up a group called Youth for Youth, whose mission
is to gather and encourage young Cambodians to be-                ter work ethic.
come more socially active and aware.                                  He says, “I
                                                                  think that lack
Monirath is a firm believer in a young person’s capac-                                   “Engaging in youth exchange pro-
ity to be an agent of change in society. For her, youths          of discipline is
                                                                  one of the com-      grammes enables one to develop leader-
are a precious resource for social development and
she believes that, with proper motivation and inspira-            mon failings of ship capabilities, and helps promote
                                                                  the youth in Cam-        international understanding.”
tion, they can be called to action and make a differ-
ence.                                                             bodia. They just
                                                                  enjoy too much the current attractions of life.”
   To graduate as a full-fledged doctor in 2007 and
obtain a specialisation in Nuclear Medicine and On-                   Rithisal would like to be an agent of change in
cology in 2012 is still a burning ambition for Mon-               young people’s lives by inspiring them through shared
irath. She says, “My vision is to promote social welfare          experiences and stories.
among Cambodian citizens, specifically women, by                      Through his own good example and dynamic lead-
helping to reduce mortality and morbidity rates of                ership, he may yet contribute to bringing about this
women suffering from cancer.” This noble vision has               change among his peers.
earned for Monirath numerous offers of internships at                 Currently, Rithisal is also a project coordinator for
hospitals in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.
                                                                  a Cambodian based American not-for-profit organiza-
                                                                  tion dedicated to the revival and development of Cam-
                Hul Kolap:                                        bodian cultural performing arts.

                 “I want to show all Cambodian women                               Horn Marong:
                 that we can do it, if we want to. Be brave                          “Cambodian youths should stand up and
                 and positive. What men can do, women                                seek out their own opportunities to do
                 can do too.”                                                        business. “

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