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					                      ELEMENTARY LITERATURE                                                                                           1
                      Preschool through Grade 4

                                                                          Pearl, Barbara
                        ADOPTION                                          MATH IN MOTION: Origami In The Classroom, 1995,
                                                                          120 pages. Grades K-6. Designed to relieve math anxiety in a
Antonio, Nancy
                                                                          fun way. Hands-on creative approach to learning mathematics
OUR BABY FROM CHINA, 1997, 24 pages. Story of a
                                                                          through Japanese paper folding. Incorporates geometry,
baby being adopted from China with real life photos.
                                                                          critical thinking, symmetry, problem solving, sequencing,
ITEM #2786                                    $13.95HB
                                                                          spatial relationships, assessment, manipulatives, polygons,
                                                                          patterns, connections, and cooperative learning techniques.
Walvoord Girard, Linda
                                                                          Includes teacher‟s scripts.
Illustrations by Judith Friedman
                                                                          ITEM #2340                                      $24.95PB
ADOPTION IS FOR ALWAYS, 1986, 30 pages. Tells the
story of Celia and her adoption when she questions the love of
her parents. Full color illustrations.                                                         MULTICULTURAL
ITEM #2787                                     $13.95HB
                                                                          Fassler, C. Richard
Walvoord Girard, Linda                                                    RAINBOW KIDS, HAWAII’S GIFT TO AMERICA, 1998,
Illustrations by Linda Shute                                              92 pages. Full color photo book of multiracial children with
WE ADOPTED YOU BENJAMIN KOO, 1989, 30 pages.                              documentation of their collective heritages. A great book for
Story of a biracial adoption and how Benjamin learns to deal              interracial understanding.
with his differences.                                                     ITEM #2815                                      $24.95HB
ITEM #2790                                    $14.95HB
                                                                          Hamanaka, Sheila
Halpert Kraus, Joanna                                                     ALL THE COLORS OF THE EARTH, 1994, 32 pages. All
Illustrations by Karen Ritz                                               ages. Multicultural theme, bringing in the concept of colors,
TALL BOY'S JOURNEY, 1992, 48 pages. Moving story of                       symbolism identifying colors with the beauty of ethnic
8-year-old Kim Moo Yong's not so easy adjustment from                     children. Celebrates the richness and diversity of the world‟s
Korea to the U.S. into a Caucasian family.                                ethnic heritages.
ITEM #2420                                  $5.95PB                       ITEM #2281                                       $16.95HB

Say, Allen, story and illustrations                                       Hamanaka, Sheila
ALISON, 1997, 32 pages. Say beautifully tells a story of an               I LOOK LIKE A GIRL, 1999, 32 pages. Ages 3-8. Another
Asian child's adoption into a Caucasian family. A little kitten           outstanding art book that provides strong nontraditional
illustrates how love finds a place in a young heart and creates           imagery for girls. A great gift for young girls. AACP
understanding of what adoption is.                                        RECOMMENDED.
ITEM #2586                                      $17.00HB                  ITEM #2824                                       $16.00HB

               CREATIVE LEARNING                                          Lisa, W. Nikola
                                                                          BEIN’ WITH YOU THIS WAY, 1994, 32 pages. Ages 2 to
Lovejoy, Pamela                                                           8. An African American girl visits the park and rounds up a
I’M CHINESE AMERICAN FLIP BOOK. 8½ x 11                                   group of friends for an afternoon of fun and playground
Teacher‟s Guide. A pictorial flip book, featuring a Chinese               games. As they play, they discover that despite their physical
American girl showing her life style of two cultures.                     differences, they are really the same.
Developed to help Kindergarten children learn to read.                    ITEM #2445                                      $14.95HB
Includes a suggestion sheet for lessons.                                  ITEM #2446                                      $6.95PB
ITEM #2342                                      $7.98PB
                                                                          Tokuda, Wendy
Lovejoy, Pamela                                                           Illustrations by Lokken Millis
YEAR OF THE DRAGON FLIP BOOK. A pictorial flip                            SAMSON, THE HOT TUB BEAR, A True Story, 1998,
book of the Chinese zodiacs developed for Kindergarten                    34 pages. Tells of the real life antics of a hot-tub hopping bear
children learning how to read. Includes suggestions sheet for             that wanders out of the forest and into people‟s hearts in
classroom use.                                                            Southern California. Shows how public opinion and public
ITEM #2341                                    $7.98PB                     action can influence a community.
                                                                          ITEM #2650                                         $15.95HB

                                           HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
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                       ELEMENTARY LITERATURE                                                                                    2
                       Preschool through Grade 4

                   ASIAN AMERICAN                                                     CHINESE AMERICAN
Asian American Coalition, compiled on behalf of                       Cheng Andrea
Photography by Gene H. Mayeda                                         Illustrations by Ange Zhang                    NEW!
CHILDREN OF ASIAN AMERICA, 1995. Charming                             GRANDFATHER COUNTS, 2000, 32 pages. Helen‟s
photos of Asian American children. Opening poem by Marie              grandfather comes from China to live with her family.
Villanueva. This collection of Asian American Children‟s              Language barriers haunt Helen until she learns to share
stories and photographs captures the diversity of the Asian           something they both can enjoy.
American community and celebrates twelve years of an Asian            ITEM #2898                                     $15.95HB
American community coalition.
ITEM #2606                                      $18.95HB              Chin, Steven A.,
                                                                      Illustrations by Mou-Sien Tseng
Chin-Lee, Cynthia                                                     DRAGON PARADE, 32 pages. A young man leaves his
Illustrations by Yumi Heo                                             home in China to travel to the “Land of the Golden Mountain”
A IS FOR ASIA, 1997, 32 pages. A beautiful book relating              (America) to start a new life.
the alphabet to Asian things. It covers the broader Asian             ITEM #2057                                     $4.95PB
cultures including West Asia and Russia.
ITEM #2861                                      $16.95HB              Chin-Lee, Cynthia
                                                                      Illustrations by You Shan Tang
Harada, Joyce, story and illustrations                                ALMOND COOKIES & DRAGON WELL TEA, 1993, 32
IT’S THE ABC BOOK, 1984, 32 pages. This popular book is               pages. A story of friendship and understanding. When Nancy
in its third printing. The brightly colored pages are filled with     invites Erica to her home, they both become surprised by how
interesting images.                                                   much they have in common despite their differences.
ITEM #0005                                       $8.95PB              ITEM #2894                                    $14.95HB

Harada, Joyce, story and illustrations                                Chinn, Karen
IT’S THE 0-1-2-3 BOOK, 1985, 32 pages. A book about                   Illustrations by Cornelius Van Wright and Ying Hwa Hu
numbers done in the same bright style as her ABC book.                SAM AND THE LUCKY MONEY, 1995, 32 pages.
ITEM #1053                                    $8.95PB                 Touching story of a young boy who receives lucky money in a
                                                                      special red envelope from his grandparents for Chinese New
Loh, Morag                                                            Year. An encounter with a stranger teaches Sam to appreciate
TUCKING MOMMY IN, Adorable story about a working                      what he has and that the best gifts come from the heart.
mom who is so exhausted that her loving children help put             ITEM #2450                                      $14.95HB
mommy to bed.                                                         ITEM #2587                                      $6.95PB
ITEM #2264                                    $5.95PB                 Lee, Huy Voun
                                                                      AT THE BEACH, 1994, 32 pages. Xiao Ming and his mother
Rattigan, Jama Kim                                                    go to the beach in this brightly illustrated book. Learn some
DUMPLING SOUP, 1994. Ages 4 to 8. Winner of the 1990                  Chinese characters as you follow the story. “Whimsical
New Voices, New Multicultural Fiction Contest. Marisa, a              compositions have a strong sense of pattern, rhythm, and
Korean-Chinese-Japanese-Hawaiian-Anglo girl, makes her                design”                         – Booklist.
first attempt at making dumplings for a New Year‟s                    ITEM #2531                                        $16.95HB
ITEM #2280                                    $15.95HB                Lee, Huy Voun
                                                                      IN THE PARK, 1998, 32 pages. Xiao Ming and his mother
Tokuda, Wendy and Richard Hall                                        decide to go to the park one beautiful spring day. Follow the
Illustrations by Hanako Wakiyama                                      colorfully illustrated story and learn some Chinese characters.
HUMPHREY THE LOST WHALE, 1986, 32 pages.                              ITEM #2658                                      $15.95HB
Illustrated in beautiful watercolor paintings, this story is based
on the true adventures of Humphrey, a humpback whale who              Lee, Huy Voun
wandered into the San Francisco Bay.                                  IN THE SNOW, 1995, 32 pages. Xiao Ming and his mother
ITEM #1221                                        $12.95HB            go for a walk in the winter woods. Together they begin to
                                                                      draw pictures in the snow. Learn more Chinese characters in
                                                                      this special book.
                                                                      ITEM #2483                                     $15.95HB

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                      ELEMENTARY LITERATURE                                                                                           3
                      Preschool through Grade 4
Look, Lenore                                                              Feeney, Stephanie
Illustrations by Stephen T. Johnson              NEW!                     HAWAII IS A RAINBOW, 32 pages. Bright colors portray
LOVE AS STRONG AS GINGER, 1999, 28 pages. This                            the multiethnic children of Hawaii.
story beautifully celebrates culture and family love through              ITEM #1310                             $12.95HB
the adventures of a young girl and her grandmother. Artful
illustrations on each page. AACP RECOMMENDED.                             McDonagh, Barbara S., story and illustrations
ITEM #2808                                       $15.00HB                 NA MOMI HO’OMANA’O: Pearls To Remember, 1993,
                                                                          42 pages. Loving story teaching about Hawaiian culture and
Lum McCunn, Ruthanne                                                      life style.
Illustrations by You-shan Tang                                            ITEM #2600                                   $19.95HB
PIE BITER, 1983, 32 pages. Trilingual
English/Chinese/Spanish. Pie-Biter lived and worked in the                McDonagh, Barbara S.
Pacific Northwest for 20 years. This story was preserved                  MAKANA ALOHA: Gift of Love, 1993. A charming story
orally.                                                                   of friendship between a wise old man and a lonely girl. The
ITEM #0084                                     $15.95HB                   old man makes such a lasting impression on the girl that he
                                                                          changes her life forever.
Waters, Kate and Madeline Slovenz-Low                                     ITEM #2447                                    $14.95HB
LION DANCER, Ernie Wan’s Chinese New Year, 32
pages. Colorful photos about Chinese New Year and the                                        HMONG AMERICAN
meaning of the Lion Dance.
ITEM #1798                                 $3.95PB                        Shea, Pegi Deitz
                                                                          THE WHISPERING CLOTH: A Refugee’s Story, 1995.
Wong, Janet S.                                                            Mai loved to sit and watch her grandmother and the other
Illustrations by Yangsook Choi,                 NEW!                      women work on their beautiful pa’ndau-embroidered story
THIS NEXT NEW YEAR, 2000, 32 pages. This next New                         cloths. Mai wanted desperately to stitch one of her very own,
Year is about to begin. Not the regular New Year, but the                 but what story could she tell? Inspired by her grandmother,
lunar new year, the day of the first new moon. Just like the              Mai creates a wonderful pa‟ndau to tell her special story.
New Year that begins on January 1, the Chinese New Year is a              ITEM #2512                                      $8.95PB
time for hope, a fresh start, and a second chance. In spare,
lyrical verse, Wong speaks in the voice of a child determined             Xiong, Ia
to face the next year with optimism and courage, and                      Illustrations by Gou Run-Lin
Yangsook Choi captures the spirit of celebration in her vibrant           THE GIFT, The Hmong New Year, 1996, 32 pages.
palette and energetic pictures. AACP RECOMMENDED.                         Grandfather teaches Dao about the Hmong Laotian New Year
ITEM #2890                                      $16.00HB                  celebration for a class assignment.
                                                                          ITEM #2779                                 $16.95HB
                FILIPINO AMERICAN
                                                                                           JAPANESE AMERICAN
Astadillo Gilles, Almira
Illustrations by Carl Angel                    NEW!                       Kawamoto McCoy, Karen
WILLIE WINS, 32 pages. What is an alkansiya? A Filipino                   Illustrations by Carolina Yao
boy overcomes peer pressure and learns about love and family              BON ODORI DANCER, by 1998, 32 pages. Keiko works
tradition. Young readers will be cheering for Willie all the              hard to learn the bon odori in spite of her lack of talent. What
way.                                                                      is she to do? Includes information about the bon odori.
ITEM #2928                                     $16.00HB                   ITEM #2806                                        $14.95HB

                        HAWAIIAN                                          Gollub, Matthew
                                                                          Illustrations by Kazuko G. Stone            NEW!
Feeney, Stephanie                                                         TEN ONI DRUMMERS, 2000, 32 pages. Well illustrated,
Photographs by Hella Hammid                                               teaches numbers using very cute oni drummers.
A IS FOR ALOHA, 32 pages. An ABC book in black &                          ITEM #2899                                  $15.95HB
white photos using Hawaiian objects to portray the people,
places and experiences that make up everyday life for children            Mochizuki, Ken
in Hawaii.                                                                Illustrations by Dom Lee
ITEM #1227                                    $9.95HB                     BASEBALL SAVED US, 1993, 32 pages. A touching true-
                                                                          life story of a young boy living in an American concentration
                                           HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
                                        AACP, Inc., - Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                      ELEMENTARY LITERATURE                                                                                       4
                       Preschool through Grade 4
camp during World War II. When there was little to be                be a painter. The man offers him security. A story about
thankful for, baseball became a savior. Recipient of the 1993        dreams and choices for readers of all ages.
Parents Choice Award.                                                ITEM #2889                                     $17.00HB
ITEM #2098                                     $15.95HB
ITEM #2470                                     $6.95PB               Say, Allen
                                                                     STRANGER IN THE MIRROR, 1995. 32 pages. One
Mochizuki, Ken                                                       morning Sam wakes up to find that a stranger is staring back
Illustrations by Dom Lee                                             at him in the mirror. Although he is still a young boy, his
HEROES, 1995, 32 pages. A young boy who thought he had               appearance has changed into an old man. Doctors cannot find
no heroes finds one in his family for all his friends to see.        anything wrong with him so he is sent back to school.
ITEM #2417                                        $15.95HB           Everyone treats him differently. Allen Say has created an
ITEM #2636                                        $6.95PB            intriguing story that subtly explores society‟s reactions to age
                                                                     and the physical differences in people.
Mochizuki, Ken                                                       ITEM #2530                                        $16.96HB
Illustrations by Dom Lee
PASSAGE TO FREEDOM: THE SUGIHARA STORY,                              Say, Allen
32 pages. Ages 6 and up. Told through the eyes of his five-          TEA WITH MILK, 1999, 32 pages. A poignant story of a
year-old son Hiroki, this book is a touching and well-told           Japanese man and woman who meet and discover their unique
account of how one person‟s courage can make a difference.           mutual interests and similarities.
Stunning sepia-toned illustrations add power and dignity to          ITEM #2829                                $17.00HB
this beautiful story.
ITEM #2574                                        $15.95HB           Say, Allen
                                                                     TREE OF CRANES, 1991, 32 pages. American and
Nishimoto, Keisuke                                                   Japanese cultures joyously combine for a day of celebration as
Illustrations by Kozo Shimiau                                        a boy‟s mother shares a glimpse of her childhood with her son.
HAIKU PICTUREBOOK FOR CHILDREN, 1998, 32                             ITEM #1891                                    $16.95HB
pages. Nishimoto, an award-winning author, selects haiku for
this full color picture book were written by some of Japan's         Shigekawa, Marlene
most famous masters. Nishimoto arranges the haiku in a               Illustrations by Isao Kikuchi
seasonal pattern, starting with spring and ending with winter,       BLUE JAY IN THE DESERT, 1993, 32 pages. Story
each with a commentary. Illustrator Shimizu has won both             about a boy and his grandfather interned in Poston, Arizona.
Japanese and international awards for his work.                      The grandfather carves a very special blue jay as a gift and
ITEM #2871                                      $13.95HB             explains what this bird means.
                                                                     ITEM #2114                                      $12.95HB
Saiki, Kimiko
Illustrations by Tomie Arai                                          Shigekawa, Marlene
SACHIKO MEANS HAPPINESS. Ages 6 and up. A                            Illustrations by Isao Kikuchi                       NEW!
moving tale about compassion for the elderly.                        WELCOME HOME SWALLOWS, 2001, 32 pages. A
ITEM #1696                                    $14.95HB               poignant sequel to Blue Jay in the Desert of how Junior
                                                                     adjusts to returning to California. It is filled with issues of
Say, Allen                                                           friendship, racism, tragedies and a family reunion. AACP
GRANDFATHER’S JOURNEY, 1993, 32 pages. A                             RECOMMENDED.
grandfather journeys to America and is torn by a love for two        ITEM #2927                                        $14.95HB
countries. Caldecott Award Winner.
ITEM #2191                                     $16.95HB              Uchida, Yoshiko
                                                                     THE BRACELET, 1976, 32 pages. Poignant story of two
Say, Allen                                                           friends who are forced apart by the internment of Japanese
THE LOST LAKE. A heartfelt tale about Luke and his father,           Americans during World War II. A lost bracelet causes great
and their appreciation of the natural environment.                   concern until mother tells her that her friendship is more
ITEM #1758                                     $6.95PB               important than a symbol of friendship.
                                                                     ITEM #2525                                       $6.99PB
Say, Allen                                     NEW!
THE SIGN PAINTER, 2000, 32 pages. Early one morning a
boy comes into town, hungry, and looking for work. He meets
a sign painter who takes him on as helper. The boy yearns to
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                       ELEMENTARY LITERATURE                                                                                          5
                       Preschool through Grade 4
Uchida, Yoshiko                                                             Wong, Janet S.
Illustrations by Charles Robinson                                           IllustratIions by Bo Jia                        NEW!
THE ROOSTER WHO UNDERSTOOD JAPANESE,                                        THE TRIP BACK HOME, 2000, 32 pages. You are invited
1976, 31 pages. A warm story of people caring about each                    to join Wong on the trip back to Korea, revealing that even
other with beautifully engaging illustrations.                              when family members speak different languages, there is still
ITEM #0018                                     $10.95HB                     much they can share: “These are the gifts brought across the
                                                                            ocean to Korea: leather gloves, an apron with pockets like
Yashima, Taro                                                               flowers, a book with pictures and simple words. What is given
UMBRELLA. A little girl receives an umbrella and anxiously                  in return? Simple gifts like these - and so much more.”
waits for a time to use it. Beautifully illustrated with full color         ITEM #2888                                      $16.00HB
ITEM #2038                                         $16.99HB
                                                                                            OKINAWAN AMERICAN
Looking for stories for young people about internment?
Check out these books in this section…                                      Tokuda, Wendy and Richard Hall
                                                                            Illustrations by Karen Sasaki
Baseball Saved Us, by Ken Mochizuki                                         SHIRO IN LOVE: A True Story, 32 pages. The second
Blue Jay In The Desert, by Marlene Shigekawa                                story by Tokuda and Hall. This is about Shiro, a special dog,
The Bracelet, by Yoshiko Uchida                                             and his adventures in Okinawa.
Heroes, by Ken Mochizuki                                                    ITEM #1633                                     $13.95HB
Welcome Home Swallows, by Marlene Shigekawa
                                                                                                   SOUTH ASIAN
                 KOREAN AMERICAN
                                                                            Atkins, Jeamome
Choi, Sook Nyul                                                             Illustrations by Venantius J. Pinto
Illustrations by Karen M. Dugan                                             AANI AND THE TREE HUGGERS, 1995, 32 pages. Based
HALMONI AND THE PICNIC, 1993, 31 pages. Yummi‟s                             on a true story, village women set out to save a precious forest
grandmother, Halmoni, has just moved to the U.S. from Korea                 from developers.
and is having a difficult time adjusting. Yummi asks her                    ITEM #2912                                       $6.95PB
grandmother to chaperon a class picnic, hoping to help
Halmoni adjust. But Yummi worries, what will the other kids                                VIETNAMESE AMERICAN
think of Halmoni‟s traditional Korean dress and food?
ITEM #2147                                     $14.95HB                     McKay, Lawrence Jr.
                                                                            Illustrations by Dom and Keunhee Lee
Choi, Sook Nyul                                 NEW!                        JOURNEY HOME, 1998, 32 pages. A poignant story of a
THE NAME JAR, 2001, 32 pages. Unhei, who just moved                         Vietnamese mother and her biracial daughter returning to
from Korea, enters school to find that the sound of her name                Vietnam to search for the mother‟s roots.
becomes a problem for her schoolmates. Should she change                    ITEM #2685                                    $15.95HB
her name?
ITEM #2982                                      $16.95HB                    Surat, Michele Maria
                                                                            Illustrations by Vo-Dihn Mai
Kraus, Joanna Halpert                                                       ANGEL CHILD, DRAGON CHILD, 1991. Ages 6 to 9.
TALL BOY’S JOURNEY, 1992, 48 pages. Inspired by                             Story of Ut, the youngest daughter of a family that recently
Kraus‟ experience adopting her son, as well as other adoption               immigrated to the U.S. Unfortunately, Ut and her family are
experiences, this is a moving portrayal of 8-year-old Kim Moo               having difficulty adjusting. Poor Ut is teased mercilessly by
Yong‟s not-so-easy adjustment from Korea to the U.S. Kim                    red-haired Raymond, but after a snowball fight the two find a
Moo Yong learns to adapt not only to new surroundings but                   common ground.
also to a bicultural family.                                                ITEM #1914                                      $4.95PB
ITEM #2420                                      $5.95PB
                                                                            Tran, Quoc, story and illustrations
Paek, Min                                                                   AND THEN IT RAINED, 1996, 32 pages. A bilingual
AEKYUNG’S DREAM. Written in English and Korean. A                           (Vietnamese and English) story of two brothers, a new puppy,
Korean immigrant girl discovers the secret of survival and                  war and rain. Well illustrated.
happiness in her new country.                                               ITEM #2780                                    $16.95HB
ITEM #0572                                     $14.95HB

                                             HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
                                          AACP, Inc., - Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                      ELEMENTARY FOLKTALES                                                                                         6
                      Preschool through Grade 4
                                                                     Louie, Ai Ling
                           ASIAN                                     Illustrations by Ed Young
                                                                     YEH-SHEN: A Cinderella Story From China, 1982.
Bejarano, Valorie Slaughter, Editor                                  Ages 7 and up. Beautifully done in dramatic artwork and
THE BEGINNING, And Other Asian Folktales, 1995,                      easy-to-read text.
125 pages. A group of women authors create a compilation of          ITEM #1505                                    $15.95HB
well-loved stories that have inspired the values and beliefs of
various Asian cultures.                                              Tan, Amy
ITEM #2497                                       $14.95PB            THE CHINESE SIAMESE CAT. Ages 5 to 8. Charming
                                                                     folktale of a mother cat that tells her kittens the true story of
                      CAMBODIAN                                      their ancestry.
                                                                     ITEM #2282                                         $16.95HB
Reinhart Coburn, Jewell                                              Wang, Rosalind C.
Illustrations by Eddie Flottee                                       Illustrations by Shao Weit Liu
ANGKAT, The Cambodian Cinderella, 1998, 32 pages.                    THE MAGICAL STARFRUIT TREE, 1990. This folktale is
An Asian Cinderella story with full color art.                       about sharing and respecting our elders. Ah-Di, a peddler, is
ITEM #2750                                     $16.95HB              chastised for his selfish and disrespectful ways, while little
                                                                     Ming-Ming is rewarded for his big heart and generosity.
Wall, Lina Mao                                                       ITEM #2448                                       $14.95HB
Adapted by Cathy Spagnoli
JUDGE RABBIT AND THE TREE SPIRIT, 1991, 32                           Yen, Clara
pages. In English and Cambodian. “Cambodian refugees tell            WHY RAT COMES FIRST: A Story Of The Chinese
our children stories about Judge Rabbit to teach them self           Zodiac, 1991, 32 pages. Yen says of the book, “My father
confidence, and encourage them to be kind and helpful to             read many of these stories to me. But the story I liked best
others.”                      - Lina Mao Wall                        was the one he made up, which I adapted for this book.”
ITEM #1801                                      $14.95HB             ITEM #1800                                     $14.95HB

                         CHINESE                                     Yep, Laurence
                                                                     THE MAN WHO TRICKED A GHOST, 1993. Ancient folk
Chang, Margaret & Raymond                                            tale about a man who is not afraid of ghosts and even
Illustrations by Lori McElrath-Eslick         NEW!                   outsmarts a ghost by pretending to be one, too.
DA WEI'S TREASURE, A Chinese Tale, 1999, 30 pages.                   ITEM #2153                                      $15.95HB
The story of a poor man and his father who encounter a magic
                                                                     Young, Ed
kitten with surprising results.
                                                                     CAT ANG RAT: The Legend Of The Chinese Zodiac,
ITEM #2809                                    $16.00HB
                                                                     1995. Intriguing illustrations. Caldecott-winning artist, Ed
                                                                     Young, retells the legend of how the twelve zodiac animals
Chin, Charlie
                                                                     were chosen and why the cat and the rat will never be friends
Illustrations by Tomie Arai
Chinese translation by Wang Xing Chu
                                                                     ITEM #2733                                     $6.95PB
Lan. A wonderful, beloved Chinese legend retold by the
                                                                     Young, Ed                                    NEW!
multi-talented Charlie Chin. Brave Hua Mu Lan convinces
                                                                     MONKEY KING, 2001, 32 pages. Traditional story of the
her father that she must go to war to protect the family honor
                                                                     Monkey King beautifully told and illustrated
because there is no eldest son.
                                                                     ITEM #2962                                   $16.95HB
ITEM #2176                                       $14.95HB
ITEM #2526                                       $6.95PB             Young, Russell
                                                                     Illustrations by Civi Cheng                     NEW!
Eimon, Mina Harada
                                                                     DRAGONSONG, A Fable for the New Millennium,
WHY CATS CHASE MICE: A Story Of The Twelve
                                                                     2000, 32 pages. Chiang-An, a small dragon, searches all over
Zodiac Signs. A tale that teaches a valuable lesson in
                                                                     the world for a prize. He contacts dragons all over the world
friendship. The cat and mouse once lived peacefully together,
                                                                     and each shares his wisdom and gives him a meaningful gift.
but competition for an honored position causes greed to break
                                                                     Does he succeed in finding the prize?
the sacred bond of friendship.
                                                                     ITEM #2850                                      $15.95HB
ITEM #2156                                       $12.95HB

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                      ELEMENTARY FOLKTALES                                                                                          7
                      Preschool through Grade 4

Young, Ed, translator and illustrator
LON PO PO: A Red Riding Hood Story From China.
Folklore for ages 5 to 9. Illustrations in full color.
ITEM #2701                                         $5.99PB                Coburn, Jewell R. with Tzexa C. Lee, adopted by
                                                                          Illustrations by Anne S. O'Brien
                                                                          JOUANAH, The Hmong Cinderella, 1996, 32 pages.
                         FILIPINO                                         Jouanah's shocking introduction to her newly transformed
                                                                          mother is the unforeseen crisis point where her young life
De la Paz, Myrna, Adapted by                            NEW!              takes a sudden and decisive turn. Her story takes readers to
ABADEHA: The Philippine Cinderella, 2001, 32 pages.                       the remote mountains of Southeast Asia.
On a sunny island lived two loving parents and their daughter,            ITEM #2730                                      $15.95HB
Abadeha. Abadeha‟s mother passes away and her father
remarries an evil woman with three daughters. Abadeha is                  Livo, Norma J. and Dia Cha
mistreated by her evil stepmother, but with a little help, she            FOLK STORIES OF THE HMONG PEOPLES, Of Laos,
manages to find happiness.                                                Thailand, and Vietnam, 1991, 150 pages. Caution,
ITEM #2338                                       $16.95HB                 scatological references.
                                                                          ITEM #1920                               $25.50HB
Philippine American Women Writers
Illustrations by Fred Carrillo                                            Livo, Norma J., and Dia Cha
SEVEN STORIES FROM SEVEN SISTERS, 1992, 43                                FOLK STORIES OF THE HMONG, Audio Tales From
pages. An anthology of Philippine folk tales familiar to                  The Peoples Of Laos, Thailand, And Vietnam, 1999,
Filipino Americans.                                                       cassette tape. Includes: Legend of the Rice Seed, Why the
ITEM #1994                                     $10.95PB                   Hmong Live on Mountains, Why Animals Cannot Talk, The
                                                                          Story of the Owl, Another Age of Happiness, and 11 more.
Romulo, Liana, retold by                                                  ITEM #2820                       cassette tape $10.50
Illustrations by Joanne De Leon                                           ITEM #1920                                 book $25.50HB
pages. Why Mosquitoes Buzz Around Our Ears, The Battle of                 Xiong, Blia, Told by
the Wind and the Rain, The Magic Lake, The Deer and the                   Adapted by Cathy Spagnoli
Snail, A Bridge of Flowers, Why the Cock Crows, and others.               Illustrations by Nancy Hom
ITEM #2903                                  $16.95HB                      NINE-IN-ONE GRR! GRR!, 1989. A folk tale from the
                                                                          Hmong of Laos about a lonely tiger and a clever bird.
                                                                          ITEM #1627                                    $14.95HB
                        HAWAIIAN                                          ITEM #2065                                    $6.95PB

Guard, David, Retold by
Illustrations by Caridad Sumile                                                                   INDONESIAN
HALE-MANO: A Legend Of Hawaii, 1993, 90 pages. A
love story of rich tradition and magic. Hale-Mano falls in love           Terada, Alice M., Told by
with Princess Kama, who visits him in his dreams. Despite                 THE MAGIC CROCODILE AND OTHER FOLKTALES
the taboo that surrounds her, he sets off to win the girl of his          FROM INDONESIA, 1994, 148 pages. With 200 to 300
dreams.                                                                   different languages and cultural groups, each with its own
ITEM #2506                                        $8.95PB                 myths and legends to tell, the islands of Indonesia are rich
                                                                          with stories. Twenty-nine stories were selected to give an
Thompson, Vivian L.                                                       understanding of the Indonesian people through their myths,
HAWAIIAN MYTHS OF EARTH, SEA AND SKY, 1966,                               legends and folktales.
83 pages. These tales originate from the “talk story” tradition           ITEM #2458                                      $17.95HB
of Hawaii. They were used to explain the world to Hawaii
ITEM #2987                                      $9.95PB

                                           HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
                                        AACP, Inc., - Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                      ELEMENTARY FOLKTALES                                                                                   8
                      Preschool through Grade 4
                                                                    Uchida, Yoshiko
                       JAPANESE                                     Illustrations by Richard C. Jones
                                                                    THE DANCING KETTLE AND OTHER JAPANESE
Gollub, Matthew, story and translations                             FOLK TALES. Reprint of a popular collection of Japanese
Illustrations by Kazuko G. Stone                                    folktales as retold by Toshiko Uchida.
COOL MELONS - TURN TO FROGS, The Life And                           ITEM #2857                                $8.95PB
Poems Of Issa, 1998, 36 pages. Haiku poems in Japanese
and English are beautifully illustrated. RECOMMENDED.               Uchida, Yoshiko
ITEM #2727                                   $16.95HB               THE SEA OF GOLD And Other Tales From Japan,
Hamanaka, Sheila, retold and illustrated by                         ITEM #2859                         $8.95PB
SCREEN OF FROGS, Koji took nature for granted – until a
frog opens his eyes to nature‟s wonders. Koji decides to                                    KOREAN
protect the frog‟s surroundings and in appreciation, the frogs
give Koji a mystical gift.
ITEM #2265                                      $15.95HB            Carpenter, Frances
                                                                    TALES OF A KOREAN GRANDMOTHER, 1973, 287
Nishimoto, Keisuke                                                  pages. Third printing. Korean folktales for children.
Illustrations by Yoko Imoto                                         ITEM #0818                                     $9.95PB
JAPANESE FAIRY TALES, VOL 1, 1998. 32 pages.
Includes: The Old Man Who Made The Flowers Bloom,                   Farley, Carol
Mouse Wrestling, Kitty's New Vest, Kintaro, and The Crane's         Illustrations by Benrei Huang
Gift.                                                               MR. PAK BUYS A STORY, 1997, 32 pages. A wealthy
ITEM #2765                                   $12.95HB               couple gives their servant some money to go to the village and
                                                                    buy a story for their amusement. There are unexpected
Nishimoto, Keisuke                                                  consequences! Beautifully told in full color art.
Illustrations by Yoko Imoto                                         ITEM #2803                                      $15.95HB
JAPANESE FAIRY TALES, VOL 2, 1998. Includes: The
Straw Millionaire, The Contest, The Bouncing Rice Ball, The         Holt, Daniel D. proverbs selected and translated by
Monkey's Statue, Little One Inch Boy, and Tail Fishing.             Illustrations by Soma Han Stickler
ITEM #2766                                    $12.95HB              TIGERS, FROGS AND RICE CAKES, A Book Of
                                                                    Korean Proverbs, 1999. 32 pages. Bilingual. A proverb on
Nishimoto, Keisuke                                                  each illustrated page in English, Korean characters and
Illustrations by Yoko Imoto                                         romanized Korean.
JAPANESE FAIRY TALES, VOL 3, 1998. Includes: The                    ITEM #2744                                     $15.95HB
Shining Princess, The Goblin's Fan, Peach Boy, The Cat's
Dance and The Stone Statues.                                        Toy Hong, Lily, story and illustrations
ITEM #2934                                   $13.95HB               TWO OF EVERYTHING, 1993, 32 pages. Beautifully
                                                                    illustrated story of an old couple who comes into money from
Nishimoto, Keisuke                                                  a mysterious pot.
Illustrations by Yoko Imoto                                         ITEM #2802                                      $15.95HB
JAPANESE FAIRY TALES, VOL 4, 1998. Includes: The
Monkey And The Crab, The Gold Coin, Drying Field, The Cat                                   SAMOAN
and Crab Race, and Urashimataro.
ITEM #2935                                $13.95HB
                                                                    Pouesi, Daniel and Michael Igoe, Retold by
Sakade, Florence                                                    Illustrations by Michael Evanston
Illustrations by Yoshisuke Kurosaki                                 THE STONE MAIDEN And Other Samoan Fables,
JAPANESE CHILDREN'S FAVORITE STORIES, 1953,                         1994, 44 pages. These tales include traditional themes of
50th printing, 120 p. Includes twenty well-known Japanese           revenge, punishment of greed and selfishness, and also new
folktales with full color illustrations. A classic Japanese         situations, which arise in the contemporary Samoan world.
folktale book.                                                      ITEM #2454                                      $12.00PB
ITEM #0032                                         $16.95HB

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                      ELEMENTARY FOLKTALES                                                                                           9
                      Preschool through Grade 4

                                                                         Vathanaprida, Supaporn, Retold by
                     SOUTH ASIAN                                         Illustrations by Margaret Reed McDonald
                                                                         THAI TALES: Folktales Of Thailand, 1994, 150 pages.
Sharma, Rashmi, story and illustrations                                  Twenty-seven tales to help understand the world of Thai
THE BLUE JACKAL, 1992, 32 pages. How does a jackal                       folklore and culture. Fun, humorous stories, animal tales,
get blue? An amusing folktale in full color.                             teachings of Buddhist monks, and tales of magical events.
ITEM #2749                                   $14.95HB                    ITEM #2288                                     $27.00HB

Sharma, Rashmi, story and illustrations                                  Vathanaprida, Supaporn, narrator
A BRAHMIN'S CASTLES IN THE AIR, 1994, 32 pages.                          Introduction by Margaret Read MacDonald
An Indian punchtuntre story. A story with a moral about work.            THAI TALES, Audio Folktales From Thailand,
ITEM #2748                                    $14.95HB                   Includes: If I Belongs to Us, It Will Come, The Good Boy,
                                                                         and seven more.
JATAKA TALES, 20 pages each book. The Jataka Tales                       ITEM #2821                        cassette tape $10.50
celebrate the power of action motivated by compassion, love,
wisdom and kindness. They teach that what we all think and                                       VIETNAMESE
do profoundly affects the quality of our lives. Selfish words
and deeds bring suffering while selfless action gives rise to
goodness. While based on traditional accounts, the stories are           Lum, Darrell, Retold by
adapted for today‟s young people.              $7.95PB Each              Illustrations by Makiko Nagano
                                                                         THE GOLDEN SLIPPER: A Vietnamese Legend, 1994,
ITEM #2944 GOLDEN FOOT                                                   32 pages. A Vietnamese “Cinderella” story. A mysterious
ITEM #2945 HEART OF GOLD                                                 woman rewards Tam for her strength, kindness, and purity of
ITEM #2946 THE SPADE SAGE                                                heart.
ITEM #2947 A PRECIOUS LIFE                                               ITEM #2487                                  $3.95PB
ITEM #2949 COURAGEOUS CAPTAIN                                            Terada, Alice M., Editor
ITEM #2950 THE BEST OF FRIENDS                                           UNDER THE STARFUIT TREE: Folk Tales From
ITEM #2951 THE KING AND THE GOAT                                         Vietnam, 1989, 160 pages. Twenty-seven folktales that
ITEM #2952 THE HUNTER AND THE QUAIL                                      reflect, shape, and convey the culture of the people of
ITEM #2953 THE PARROT AND THE FIG TREE                                   Vietnam.
ITEM #2954 PROUD PEACOCK AND THE MALLARD                                 ITEM #2404                                       $12.95PB
ITEM #2956 A KING, HUNTER, AND A GOLDEN GOOSE                            Tran, Ngoc-Dung, proverbs selected and translated by
ITEM #2957 THE KING AND THE MANGOES                                      Illustrations by Xuan-Quanf Dang
ITEM #2984 THE VALUE OF FRIENDS                                          TO SWIM IN OUR OWN POND, A Book Of
ITEM #2958 THE RABBIT IN THE MOON                                        Vietnamese Proverbs, 1998, 32 pages. A bilingual book
ITEM #2959 THE POWER OF A PROMISE                                        in full color art. A proverb on each illustrated page is told in
ITEM #2960 THE MAGIC OF PATIENCE                                         English, Vietnamese and romanized Vietnamese.
ITEM #2961 THE FISH KING’S POWER OF TRUTH                                ITEM #2745                                        $15.95HB


Ho, Minfong                                  NEW!
Illustrations by Holly Meade
HUSH! A Thai Lullaby, 1996, 32 pages. A Caldecott
Honor Book. A lullaby, which asks jungle animals to be quiet
and to not disturb a sleeping baby.
ITEM #2860                                   $16.99HB

                                          HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
                                       AACP, Inc., - Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                       ELEMENTARY BILINGUAL                                                                                     10
                       Preschool through Grade 4
                                                                      THE EMPEROR AND THE NIGHTINGALE, continued.
Vuong, Lynette Dyer
THE BROCADED SLIPPER AND OTHER                                        Chinese-English             ITEM #2390            $16.95HB
VIETNAMESE TALES, 1982, 111 pages. Five enchanting                    Hmong-English               ITEM #2366            $16.95HB
tales that are reassuringly familiar and at the same time,            Khmer-English               ITEM #2367            $16.95HB
wondrously different.                                                 Korean-English              ITEM #2384            $16.95HB
ITEM #2706                                          $3.95PB           Lao-English                 ITEM #2368            $16.95HB
                                                                      Tagalog-English             ITEM #2354            $16.95HB
Vuong, Lynette Dyer                                                   Thai-English                ITEM #2378            $16.95HB
THE GOLDEN CARP And Other Tales From Vietnam,                         Vietnamese-English          ITEM #2395            $16.95HB
1993, 128 pages. Six stories of courage, bravery, and honesty
rewarded by fairy spirits and dragon kings. A delightful              THE MOUSE BRIDE: A Chinese Folktale
collection, beautifully illustrated and captivating for all ages.     The leader of the mouse village is having trouble finding a
ITEM #2331                                        $15.00HB            suitable husband for his beautiful daughter. He wants one that
                                                                      can protect the village from the vicious cat and sets off on a
                                                                      journey to find the most powerful husband for his daughter.
                                                                      Chinese-English             ITEM #2391            $16.95HB
DANCE, MICE, DANCE!                                                   Hmong-English               ITEM #2372            $16.95HB
When Jimmy Tune, known as Jimmy the Magic Flute, plays                Khmer-English               ITEM #2373            $16.95HB
his flute, people yell, “ENCORE!” Jimmy becomes very                  Korean-English              ITEM #2386            $16.95HB
successful, but soon realizes that his music is losing its magic.     Lao-English                 ITEM #2374            $16.95HB
He befriends some mice and together they create a new life            Tagalog-English             ITEM #2356            $16.95HB
that has a magic of its own.                                          Thai-English                ITEM #2380            $16.95HB
                                                                      Vietnamese-English          ITEM #2397            $16.95HB
Chinese-English             ITEM #2387           $16.95HB
Hmong-English               ITEM #2357           $16.95HB             SEVEN MAGIC BROTHERS
Khmer-English               ITEM #2358           $16.95HB             A woman is visited by a good spirit and is given seven golden
Korean-English              ITEM #2381           $16.95HB             pills to take each day so that she may have a child. Overjoyed,
Lao-English                 ITEM #2359           $16.95HB             she swallows all seven pills at once and has seven boys. Each
Tagalog-English             ITEM #2351           $16.95HB             of the seven boys is born with a special gift.
Thai-English                ITEM #2375           $16.95HB
                                                                      Chinese-English             ITEM #2388            $16.95HB
Vietnamese-English          ITEM #2392           $16.95HB
                                                                      Hmong-English               ITEM #2369            $16.95HB
                                                                      Khmer-English               ITEM #2361            $16.95HB
                                                                      Korean-English              ITEM #2382            $16.95HB
A kind giant finds the spirit of spring outside his window in
                                                                      Lao-English                 ITEM #2371            $16.95HB
the freezing snow. As the giant cares for spring, he grows to
                                                                      Tagalog-English             ITEM #2352            $16.95HB
love him and decides to keep him. Realizing that it is selfish
                                                                      Thai-English                ITEM #2376            $16.95HB
to keep spring from the rest of the world, the giant sets Spring
                                                                      Vietnamese-English          ITEM #2393            $16.95HB
free. In appreciation of the giant‟s kindness, spring continues
to return each year.                                                  STORY OF THE CHINESE ZODIAC
Chinese-English             ITEM #2398           $16.95HB             The Heavenly God decides that there needs to be a way to
Hmong-English               ITEM #2369           $16.95HB             keep track of time and sets up a big race. The first twelve
Korean-English              ITEM #2385           $16.95HB             animals to cross the finish line will take their rightful place in
Lao-English                 ITEM #2371           $16.95HB             the Zodiac calendar.
Tagalog-English             ITEM #2355           $16.95HB             Chinese-English             ITEM #2389            $16.95HB
Thai-English                ITEM #2379           $16.95HB             Hmong-English               ITEM #2365            $16.95HB
Vietnamese-English          ITEM #2396           $16.95HB             Khmer-English               ITEM #2363            $16.95HB
                                                                      Korean-English              ITEM #2383            $16.95HB
                                                                      Lao-English                 ITEM #2364            $16.95HB
The Emperor had but one wish, to become immortal. He
                                                                      Tagalog-English             ITEM #2353            $16.95HB
prays to the gods for immortality. The God of Heaven tells
                                                                      Thai-English                ITEM #2377            $16.95HB
the Emperor the key to immortality and gives him a way of
                                                                      Vietnamese-English          ITEM #2394            $16.95HB
becoming invisible.

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                       ELEMENTARY BILINGUAL                                                                                           11
                       Preschool through Grade 4

                          CHINESE                                                                         HMONG

CHINESE/ENGLISH FLASH CARDS AND LABELS. Set                                 Vang, Lue and Judy Lewis
of 110 in color designed to assist in English language                      GRANDMOTHER’S PATH, GRANDFATHER’S WAY,
development and enrichment activities.                                      1984, 197 pages. Includes geographic information, folktales,
ITEM #0075                                       $72.00 SET                 poetry, expressive language, and traditional needlework. Can
                                                                            be used for a wide range of grade levels.
An, Jiang                                                                   ITEM #1497                                      $14.95PB
CHINESE WORD BOOK, 1991, 96 pages. Two hundred
words are beautifully illustrated from categories including
anatomy, food, clothing, numbers, nature, school, home and
Chinese life and customs. Each illustration is captioned in
Chinese characters, pinying transliteration, and English.                   JAPANESE/ENGLISH FLASH CARDS AND LABELS.
ITEM #1686                                       $25.95 SET                 Set of 110 in color designed to assist in English language
                                                                            development and enrichment activities.
Goldstein, Peggy                                                            ITEM #0563                                       $72.00 SET
LONG IS A DRAGON: Chinese Writing For Children.
A way to teach children Chinese writing through a comparison                Han, Mieko
with the “pictures” that the different characters represent.                ENGLISH AND JAPANESE, 1984, 41 pages. Bilingual
ITEM #1790                                        $18.95HB                  reader series designed to help learn about U.S. culture.
                                                                            English text is identical in different languages of the series.
Han, Mieko
                                                                            ITEM #0602               Student Book 1           $7.95PB
ENGLISH AND CHINESE, 1994, 41 pages. Bilingual
                                                                            ITEM #0603               Student Book 2           $7.95PB
reader series designed to help learn about U.S. culture.
                                                                            ITEM #0604               Student Book 3           $7.95PB
English text is identical in different languages of the series.
                                                                            ITEM #0605               Student Book 4           $7.95PB
ITEM #0597             Student Book 1             $7.95PB                   ITEM #0606               Student Book 5           $7.95PB
ITEM #0598             Student Book 2             $7.95PB
ITEM #0599             Student Book 3             $7.95PB                   NEW OXFORD PICTURE DICTIONARY
ITEM #1612             Student Book 4             $7.95PB                   JAPANESE/ENGLISH. A subject-oriented picture
ITEM #0601             Student Book 5             $7.95PB                   dictionary. Some knowledge of Japanese is needed.
                                                                            ITEM #1667                                   $11.95PB
Parnell, E. C.
NEW OXFORD PICTURE DICTIONARY                                               Green, Yuko
CHINESE/ENGLISH, 1989. A subject-oriented picture                           JAPANESE WORD BOOK, 1990, 106 pages. Two
dictionary illustrating 2,400 words. Some knowledge of                      hundred Japanese words illustrated and captioned using
Chinese is needed.                                                          romanized spelling, kanji, hiragana, and katakana with
ITEM #1592                                    $11.95PB                      pronunciation guide. For beginners of all ages.
                                                                            ITEM #1941                                      $26.95 SET
Syndham, Robert, Editor
Illustrations by Ed Young                                                   Yoneji, Noriko
CHINESE MOTHER GOOSE RHYMES, 1968, 46 pages.                                HIRAGANA FOR FUN, 1987, 64 pages. Omoshiroi
Some rhymes contain questions answered on the following                     hiragana is a fun way of learning hiragana through pictures
page. Text in English and Chinese.                                          and its related English sounds.
ITEM #1550                                  $7.95PB                         ITEM #0478                                     $13.95PB

                                                                            Yoneji, Noriko
                         HAWAIIAN                                           KATAKANA FOR FUN, 1987, 65 pages. Features the use of
                                                                            English sound illustrations to aid the learning of katakana.
Burningham, Yoko                                                            ITEM #1705                                       $13.95PB
Foreword by Lokomaika’iokalani Snakenberg
HAWAIIAN WORD BOOK, 1990, 95 pages. A set including
a book and cassette tape.
ITEM #1687                             $25.95 SET

                                             HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
                                          AACP, Inc., - Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                       ELEMENTARY BILINGUAL                                                                                  12
                       Preschool through Grade 4

                                                                       Han, Mieko
                          KOREAN                                       PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, 1981. An explanation of the
                                                                       pledge. Black and white illustrations.
Han, Mieko                                                             ITEM #0949 TEACHER’S GUIDE             $9.95PB
ENGLISH AND KOREAN, 1984, 41 pages. Bilingual                          ITEM #0583 STUDENT BOOK                $3.95PB
reader series designed to help learn about U.S. culture.
English text is identical in different languages of the series.        Han, Mieko
                                                                       A VISIT WITH OUR GOVERNMENT, 1979, 66 pages. A
ITEM #0609             Student Book 1             $7.95PB
                                                                       class takes a trip to Washington, D.C.
ITEM #0610             Student Book 2             $7.95PB
                                                                       ITEM #0982 TEACHER                     $9.95PB
ITEM #0611             Student Book 3             $7.95PB
                                                                       ITEM #0663 STUDENT                     $3.95PB
ITEM #0612             Student Book 4             $7.95PB
ITEM #0613             Student Book 5             $7.95PB
                                                                       Parnell, E. C. and Andrew-Inseok Kim
                                                                       NEW OXFORD PICTURE DICTIONARY
                          SAMOAN                                       VIETNAMESE/ENGLISH, 1989. A subject-oriented picture
                                                                       dictionary. Some knowledge of Vietnamese is needed.
Feu’u, Fatu                                                            ITEM #1767                                  $11.95PB
‘O LE TUSI PI, 1991, 32 pages. Features the Samoan
alphabet, numbers, and colors. Each letter of the alphabet is          Tran-Khanh-Tuyet
introduced through illustrations designed to promote correct           THE LITTLE WEAVER OF THAI-YEN VILLAGE, 1986.
pronunciation and to foster an awareness of Samoan culture.            Hien, a young Vietnamese girl, loses her family in the war and
ITEM #1836                                      $17.95PB               comes to the U.S. This is the story of her struggle to adjust.
                                                                       ITEM #1236                                      $15.95HB


Han, Mieko
ENGLISH AND VIETNAMESE, 1984, 41 pages. Bilingual
reader series designed to help learn about U.S. culture.
English text is identical in different languages of the series.
ITEM #0614             Student Book 1             $7.95PB
ITEM #0615             Student Book 2             $7.95PB
ITEM #0616             Student Book 3             $7.95PB
ITEM #0617             Student Book 4             $7.95PB
ITEM #0618             Student Book 5             $7.95PB

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                        ACTIVITIES                                                                                                   13
Ethnic Cultural Heritage Program, Seattle Public Schools                    SUMI SET. Includes medium size bottle of ink, small brush,
RAINBOW ABC’S. Grades K – 8. Each set includes 26                           medium brush, ink stick, water holder and paperweight in a
illustrated cards presenting positive concepts of cultural                  boxed set. Especially made for brush painting and
pluralism, and a 76-page workbook with activities for teaching              calligraphy.
understanding, clarifying feelings and values.                              ITEM #0130                                    $36.00SET
ITEM #1896                                       $15.95SET
                                                                            Kuiseko, Ryokushu
Temko, Florence                                                             BRUSH WRITING: Calligraphy Techniques For
JOYFUL NAPKIN FOLDING, Books 1 and 2, 1996, 14                              Beginners, 103 pages. Includes background information on
pages each. Want to make an impression? Fold a napkin                       brush writing, implements, and wonderfully clear directions
flower, rabbit, carrot, bird, hen, fish, turtle and crab in Book 1.         on how to begin brush writing. Well illustrated with patterns
Make a napkin place card, ribbon, spoon holder, breadbasket,                to follow. Also demonstrates more advanced forms.
silver holder and coaster in Book 2. Color photographs.                     ITEM #1468                                     $24.00PB
ITEM #2791 Book 1                                   $3.95PB
ITEM #2792 Book 2                                   $3.95PB                                              CHINESE
Temko, Florence, and V'Ann Cornelius                                        COLORING BOOK OF ANCIENT CHINA, 48 pages.
MONEY FOLDING, Books 1 and 2, 1995, 13 pages each.                          Ancient figures in costume, animals and designs accompanied
Great ideas on how to fold and give money, make a money                     by a brief narrative.
tree, money jewelry, animals and hearts. Color photographs.                 ITEM #1302                                    $3.95PB
ITEM #2793 Book 1                             $5.95PB
ITEM #2794 Book 2                             $5.95PB                       MAH JONG SET. Comes complete with scoring sticks, dice
                                                                            and a carrying case with handle. Specify hard plastic set or
                          ABACUS                                            natural bamboo inlay.
                                                                            ITEM #0837                                    $90.00SET
ABACUS. Japanese abacus in protective case.                                 Kanai, Shozo and Margaret Farrell
ITEM #2349                                 $15.95                           MAH JONG FOR BEGINNERS, 1979, 64 pages. Based on
                                                                            the rules and regulations of the Mah Jong Association of
Kojima, Takashi                                                             Japan.
JAPANESE ABACUS: Its Use And Theory, 1954, 102                              ITEM #0124                                    $10.95PB
pages. How to use the abacus, includes exercises for practice.
ITEM #0118                                    $6.95PB                       Krach, Maywan Shen
                                                                            Illustrations by Hongbin Zhang
Yabuki, Shinichi R.                                                         D IS FOR DOUFU, An Alphabet Book Of Chinese
MODERN ABACUS: An Effective Mathematical Tool,                              Culture, 1997, 32 pages. Features 23 aspects of the Chinese
1990, 130 pages. Wonderful resource for anyone who wants                    culture in full color illustrations.
to learn how to use the abacus. Includes sections on history,               ITEM #2807                                   $17.95HB
addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, decimals,
algebra, money matters and mental calculations.                                                          FILIPINO
ITEM #2350                                       $14.95PB
                                                                            Krasno, Rena
   CALLIGRAPHY AND BRUSH PAINTING                                           Illustrations by Eleana C. Lee
                                                                            KNEELING CARABAO & DANCING GIANTS,
PAPER FOR SUMI PAINTING. 12” x 18” practice sheets,                         Celebrating Filipino Festivals, 1997, 48 pages. Many
100 sheets per package. Especially made for brush painting                  great ideas for activities including history, food, festivals,
and calligraphy.                                                            music, and folk stories.
ITEM #1084                                    $8.95PKG                      ITEM #2717                                        $19.95HB

SUMI INK. 60 cc (2.11 oz.) liquid ink in plastic bottle for                 Rodriguez Lopez, Zoe,
brush painting or calligraphy.                                              Edited by Mutya Lopex Solis
ITEM #1081                                     $4.95                        ITUGYUAN: A Collection Of Pilipino Music For
                                                                            Individual, Home And School Use, 1999, 243 pages.
SUMI BRUSH. Medium size brush for calligraphy or sumi                       Filled with music that you can play. A treasure for everyone
painting.                                                                   interested in Pilipino music.
ITEM #1083                               $9.00                              ITEM #2904                                      $27.95HB
                                             HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
                                          AACP, Inc., - Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                       ACTIVITIES                                                                                           14
                                                                      Ota, Kimi
                        HAWAIIAN                                      SASHIKO QUILTING, 1981, 44 pages. A well illustrated
                                                                      how-to book on Japanese quilting. A first in English.
                                                                      ITEM #0129                                     $7.95PB
Ancient figures in costume accompanied by a brief narrative.
ITEM #1301                                   $3.95PB                  Sun, Ming-ju
                                                                      JAPANESE KIMONO PAPER DOLLS in Full Color,
                        JAPANESE                                      1986, 32 pages. Two dolls and 26 period costumes
                                                                      accompanied by explanation of period. For children and
COLORING BOOK OF JAPAN, 48 pages. Artwork of                          collectors alike.
historic places and people by famous artists of Japan. Includes       ITEM #1170                                   $4.95PB
folktale figures and animals accompanied by a brief narrative.
ITEM #1300                                      $3.95PB                                       ORIGAMI
HANA CARDS. A boxed set including two sets of Japanese                ORIGAMI JEWELRY KIT. Ages 8 and up. Make an
hana cards.                                                           elegant kimono pin, a sea creature necklace, zigzag bracelet
ITEM #0127                              $17.95SET                     and many more wearable art treasures. Includes keepsake box,
                                                                      instructions, origami paper with all the elements to make all
Chiba, Reiko                                                          the pieces. A Great New Gift Idea!
                                                                      ITEM #2800                              boxed set $14.95
tied, red cloth bound book with folded, colored pages
illustrated with beautiful drawings. Contents give predictions        Araki, Chiyo
on the Japanese zodiac calendar birth years.                          ORIGAMI IN THE CLASSROOM #1: Activities For
ITEM #1475                                      $17.95HB              Autumn Through Christmas, 1965. 40 illustrated pages.
                                                                      Designed especially for use in elementary school.
Ekiguchi, Kunio and R. S. McCreery                                    ITEM #0109                                    $14.95HB
perfect gift for the craft lover. Filled with informative essays      Araki, Chiyo
on the customs and festivals of Japan, in addition to many            ORIGAMI IN THE CLASSROOM #2: Activities For
craft projects with detailed instructions.                            Winter Through Summer, 1968. 40 illustrated pages.
ITEM #2062                                         $19.00PB           Projects based on traditional American holidays and events.
                                                                      ITEM #0110                                    $14.95HB
Hornung, Clarence, Editor
TRADITIONAL JAPANESE CREST DESIGNS, 1986, 44                          Gray, Alice and Kunihiko Kasahara
pages. A set of 44 black and white drawings of Japanese crest         MAGIC OF ORIGAMI. World famous origami experts
motifs such as bamboo, crane, lightning, cherry blossoms,             present the ultimate beginner‟s book with a special Christmas
peony, plum blossoms, and more.                                       appeal. Fully illustrated.
ITEM #1282                                     $5.95PB                ITEM #1080                                     $15.00PB

Krasno, Rena                                                          Honda, Isao
                                                                      THE WORLD OF ORIGAMI, 1965, 182 pages. Fully
Illustrations by Topru Sugita                 NEW!                    illustrated, includes history and tradition.
FLOATING LANTERNS AND GOLDEN SHRINES,                                 ITEM #0114                                   $24.00PB
Celebrating Japanese Festivals, 2000, 50 pages.
Includes chapters on setsubun, obon, kodomo no hi, hina               Kobayashi, Hazuo and Makoto Yamaguchi
matsuri, osahogatsu, yuki matsuri, sakura matsuri and many            ORIGAMI FOR PARTIES, 48 pages. Personalize your next
others traditions.                                                    party with unique origami decorations. Twenty-nine origami
ITEM #2851                                    $19.95HB                projects designed especially for parties.
                                                                      ITEM #1416                                   $9.50PB
Nihonmachi Little Friends
JAPANESE CHILDREN’S SONGS, 1983. Thirty                               Montroll, John
commonly known folk songs in both Japanese and English.               ANIMAL ORIGAMI FOR THE ENTHUSIAST, 128 pages.
Includes music.                                                       Step-by-step instructions in over 900 diagrams.
ITEM #0015                SONG BOOK $15.95                            ITEM #1489                                      $8.95PB
ITEM #0016                  CASSETTE $15.95

                                 Order on-line at or call (800) 874-2242
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                       ACTIVITIES                                                                                                 15
Takahama, Toshie                                                           ORIGAMI PAPER NO. 13. 100 sheets: 3½” gold foil.
ORIGAMI FOR DISPLAYS AND ORNAMENTS, 1983,                                  ITEM #1408                            $2.95PKG
32 pages. Contains illustrations on how to make paper
ornaments. Twelve ornaments, including a butterfly,                        ORIGAMI PAPER NO. 14. 100 sheets: 3½” silver foil.
Christmas tree, coaster, elephant, and more.                               ITEM #1409                            $3.00PKG
ITEM #0475                                    $6.95PB                      ORIGAMI PAPER NO. 15. 50 sheets: 3½” red foil.
                                                                           ITEM #0115                            $1.25PKG
Takahama, Toshie
ORIGAMI TOYS. Fifteen simple paper models, including a                     ORIGAMI PAPER NO. 16. 20 sheets: 5⅞” kimono and
bean picking chicken, boxer, bustling rooster, captain‟s shirt,            Japanese folk art design; four designs, 5 sheets each design.
feed bird, and others.                                                     ITEM #1432                                       $2.50PKG
ITEM #0476                                      $6.95PB                    ORIGAMI PAPER NO. 17. 20 sheets: 4½” kimono and
                                                                           Japanese folk art design; four designs, 5 sheets each design.
Temko, Florence                                                            ITEM #1433                                       $2.50PKG
1000 CRANES, 1998. 13 pages. Everything you need to
know about how to fold and arrange origami cranes. Includes                ORIGAMI PAPER NO. 18. 60 sheets: mixed size, 8” square
a starter set of origami paper.                                            and smaller.
ITEM #2795                                   $5.95PB                       ITEM #2274                            $3.95PKG

ORIGAMI PAPER NO. 1. 100 sheets: 9¾” square.                               ORIGAMI PAPER NO. 19. 100 sheets: 3” silver foil.
ITEM #1403                            $12.95PKG                            ITEM #2826                             $2.50PKG

ORIGAMI PAPER NO. 2. 60 sheets: 9¾”, 6¾”, 4½”.                             ORIGAMI PAPER NO. 20. 60 sheets: mixed size, 7” square
ITEM #0116                            $4.95PKG                             and smaller.
                                                                           ITEM #2841                            $4.20PKG
ORIGAMI PAPER NO. 3. 100 sheets: 7” square.
ITEM #0117                             $6.95PKG
                                                                                            JAPANESE AMERICAN
ORIGAMI PAPER NO. 4. 100 sheets: 5¾” square.
ITEM #0689                            $5.50PKG                             Aihara, Chris
ORIGAMI PAPER NO. 5. 20 sheets 7” square:                                  NIKKEI DONBURI, A Japanese American Cultural
10 embossed floral patterns and 10 matching solids.                        Survival Guide, 1999, 124 pages. Black and white photo
ITEM #1085                                    $3.95PKG                     illustrations and art. Contains 68 short elements of the
                                                                           Japanese American culture, some specific to Los Angeles.
ORIGAMI PAPER NO. 6. 50 sheets: 6” gold foil.                              Ranges from festivals, etiquette, living, food, and more.
ITEM #1404                             $3.95PKG                            ITEM #2731                                       $18.95PB
ORIGAMI PAPER NO. 7. 100 sheets: 6” silver foil.
                                                                           Araki, Nancy K. and Jane M. Horii
ITEM #1352                              $5.50PKG
                                                                           MATSURI FESTIVAL: Japanese American
ORIGAMI PAPER NO. 8. 50 sheets: 6” red foil.                               Celebrations And Activities, 1984, 150 pages. A guide to
ITEM #1350                              $3.25PKG                           Japanese American celebrations for the classroom and home.
                                                                           Includes activities and traditions; well illustrated.
ORIGAMI PAPER NO. 9. 50 sheets: 4¾” gold foil.                             ITEM #0105                                         $9.95PB
ITEM #1329                            $3.50PKG
ORIGAMI PAPER NO. 10. 50 sheets: 4¾” silver foil.                          Tatsuno, Melanie and Ko Hata
ITEM #1405                            $2.95PKG                             OH! MATSURI!! A Bilingual Coloring Book Of
                                                                           Japanese American Festivals, 1983, 11 pages. Japanese
ORIGAMI PAPER NO. 11. 50 sheets: 4¾” red foil.                             and American holidays depicted by Japanese Americans.
ITEM #1406                            $3.50PKG                             ITEM #0017                                  $5.95PB
ORIGAMI PAPER NO. 12. 50 sheets: 4¾” red flat.
ITEM #1407                            $1.95PKG

                                            HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
                                         AACP, Inc., - Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                      ACTIVITIES                                                                                           16
                      VISUAL AIDS                                                     CUSTOM T-SHIRTS
CAMP PHOTOS: DPA Series Relocation of Japanese
Americans. Fifteen 11” x 14” black and white photos for
classroom use. Each photo is explained with notations. A
necessary complement to books and audiovisuals about the
Japanese American experience.
ITEM #0411                                   $28.00SET

EVACUATION NOTICE 1942. 14” X 20” reproduction of
the original 1942 evacuation poster.
ITEM #0219                           $5.00

AACP, Inc.
WARTIME HYSTERIA: The Role Of The Press In The                       JAPANESE CRANES. Exclusive to AACP! This heavy
Removal Of 110,000 Persons Of Japanese Ancestry                      all-cotton shirt is jet black with two beautiful cranes flying
During World War II, 1971, 40 pages of actual newspaper              across a bamboo-style background. Japanese characters on the
and magazine clippings. A collection of racist newspaper             left translate to "our world is a precious resource." Specify
clippings from 1942 to 1945. An amazing demonstration of             adult size Small, Medium, Large.
false propaganda and provoking accusations.                          ITEM #2726                                         $15.95EACH
ITEM #2988                                     $8.00PB               Specify size S, M, L

Embrey, Sue Kunitomi
THE LOST YEARS 1942 - 1946, 1976, 58 pages.
Overview of events that brought about the evacuation, life in
the ten relocation centers, segregation and resettlement.
ITEM #0715                                       $7.95PB

                                                                     WARRIORS. Exclusive to AACP! A heavy, all-cotton shirt
                                                                     with names of Asian American women warriors forming a
                                                                     white circle below a bold red title, “Warriors.” Women listed
                                                                     include: Amy Tan, Maya Lin, Ngoan Le, Phua Xiong, Patsy Saiki,
                                                                     Michelle Kwan, Sumi Sevilla Haru, Ruth Asawa, Yuri Kochiyama,
                                                                     Sue Kunitomo Embrey, Sucheng Chan, Elaine Kim, Nonotcha Rosca,
                                                                     Yoshiko Uchida, Peggy Nagae, Ruthanne McCunn, Ida Chen, Patsy
                                                                     Takemoto Mink, Manuela Albuquerque, Angela Eujin Oh, Shamita
                                                                     Das Dasgupta, Karen Tei Yamashita, Maxine Hong Kingston, Kristi
                                                                     Yamaguchi, Ceceilia Manguerra Brainard, Florence M. Hongo,
                                                                     Michi Weglyn, Hisaye Yamamoto,Teresita Ramos, Mitsuye Endo,
                                                                     Vivian Kim, Young Shin and Mine Okubo.
                                                                     ITEM #2729                                      $15.95EACH
                                                                     Specify size S, M, L, XL

                                Order on-line at or call (800) 874-2242
                                       AACP, Inc. – Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                      INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION                                                                                    17
                      Grades 5 through 8

                  ASIAN AMERICAN                                                            CHINESE AMERICAN

Asian American Research Workshop                                          Ling, Bettina
ASIAN AMERICAN COMIC BOOK, 1991, 72 pages.                                MAYA LIN, AWARD WINNING ARCHITECT, 1997, 48
Realistically and lovingly illustrated, “The Internee‟s Story,”           pages. She won! Shocked and surprised, Maya Lin hung up
“The Student‟s Story,” “The Refugee‟s Story” and “The                     the telephone in her dorm room at Yale University. It was
Garment Worker‟s Story,” tells the individual stories of Asian            May 1981, and Maya was a 21-year-old student. This is the
American groups and generations. The emphasis is on the                   fascinating story of young greatness.
similar experiences Asians in America have had over the two               ITEM #2843                                   $24.95HB
centuries they have been in this country.
ITEM #1884                                       $8.00PB                  Lum McCunn, Ruthanne
                                                                          CHINESE AMERICAN PORTRAITS, Personal
Gan, Geraldine                                                            Histories 1828-1988, 1988, 173 pages. A fine collection of
LIVES OF NOTABLE ASIAN AMERICANS: Arts,                                   personal histories that relive the past.
Entertainment, Sports, 1995, 115 pages. Biographies of                    ITEM #1555                                $18.95PB
Michael Chang, Sammy Lee, Zubin Mehta, Wayne Wang,
Kristi Yamaguchi, Maya Lin, Isamu Noguchi, Anna May
Wong, Yo-Yo Ma, and Margaret Cho.
                                                                                             FILIPINO AMERICAN
ITEM #2433                                 $19.95HB
                                                                          Solis, Melchizedek
Marvis, Barbara J.                                                        Illustrations by Leo Bravo Partible
CONTEMPORARY SUCCESS STORIES: Famous                                      PILIPINAS A TO Z: A Barangay Activity Book, All
People Of Asian Ancestry, 1994. A series of biographies                   You Need To Know And Do To Begin Understanding
developed for the classroom, with questions to think about.               Pilipinas, 1995, 71 pages. A great source of reference for the
Great resource about Americans with diverse cultural, socio-              whole family to enjoy. An introduction to Pilipino culture
economic, and occupational backgrounds.                                   with basic information and short discussions of relevant issues
VOLUME 1: Pat Suzuki, Minoru Yamasaki, Kristi                             and much more!
Yamaguchi, An Wan, Connie Chung, Carlos Bulosan.                          ITEM #2479                                     $12.95PB
ITEM #2193                                     $10.95PB
                                                                          Takaki, Ronald
VOLUME 2: Dalip Singh Saund, Patsy Takemoto Mink,                         IN THE HEART OF FILIPINO AMERICA: Immigrants
Daniel K. Inouye, Yoshiko Uchida, and Haing Ngor.                         From The Pacific Isles, 1995, 124 pages. In the 1900s,
ITEM #2194                                  $10.95PB                      Filipinos began to immigrate to the U.S. Filipinos, although
VOLUME 3: Samuel Hayakawa, Vivian Kim, Isamu                              successful, experienced many hardships in America.
Noguchi, Ida Chen, and Michael Chang.                                     ITEM #2428                                     $19.95HB
ITEM #2195                             $10.95PB
VOLUME 4: Amy Tan, Martin Yan, Mine Okubo, Rocky                                           JAPANESE AMERICAN
Aoki and Dustin Nguyen.
ITEM #2266                             $10.95PB                           Hongo, Florence M., editor
                                                                          JAPANESE AMERICAN JOURNEY: The Story Of A
VOLUME 5: Florence M. Hongo, I. M. Pei, Maxine Hong
                                                                          People, 1985, 181 pages. Supplementary text of history,
Kingston, Sammy Lee, and Joan Chen.
                                                                          biographies, short stories, a glossary and bibliography. “The
ITEM #2267                               $10.95PB                         authors and participants are to be commended for producing a
                                                                          text aimed at the pre-high school student…serves admirably as
Ragaza, Angelo                                                            a primer to whet the appetite for more extensive information.”
                                                                          ITEM #1047                                       $22.95HB
Politics, Science, 1995, 141 pages. Biographies of Ellison
                                                                          ITEM #1002                                       $13.95PB
Onizuka, Subramanyan Chandrasekhar, Connie Chung,
Senator Daniel Inouye, Dr. David Ho, Josefina Cruz Natoria,
Norman Mineta, Loida Nicolas Lewis, Chan-Lin Tien, Robert
Matsui, and Ieoh Ming Pei.
ITEM #2434                                    $19.95HB

                                           HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
                                        AACP, Inc., - Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                      INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION                                                                           18
                      Grades 5 through 8

Hoobler, Dorothy and Thomas
Introduction by George Takei
                                                                                    KOREAN AMERICAN
128 pages. A well illustrated book of history, culture, and          Wellman, Sam
family. Includes biographies of outstanding personalities.           MICHELLE KWAN, 1998, 64 pages. Michelle follows a life
ITEM #2690                                      $25.00HB             long dream to be a championship ice skater. Her skill and
ITEM #2691                                      $12.95PB             grace have earned her many medals.
                                                                     ITEM #2849                                   $16.95HB
Japanese American Citizen’s League
National Education Committee                                                     VIETNAMESE AMERICAN
In American History, 1993. Learn the importance of
individual rights of every citizen. The curriculum guide             Rutledge, Frank H.
includes a historical overview, important dates, book lists,         VIETNAMESE IN AMERICA. Describes Vietnam,
resources, and learning activities in a loose-leaf binder.           immigration and adjustment to America, and includes
ITEM #2241                                        $15.00             biographies of notable Vietnamese.
                                                                     ITEM #2130                                   $15.95HB
Motoyoshi, Michelle                                                  ITEM #2129                                   $5.95PB
JAPANESE IN CALIFORNIA, 1999, 64 pages. Includes a
short history of the Japanese in California and six biographies
of outstanding Japanese Americans.
ITEM #2925                                       $14.95PB

National Japanese Historical Society
San Francisco Unified School District
Guide, 1992, 90 pages. Teacher‟s guide for grades 4-12
emphasizing a time human rights were neglected. Includes
lesson plans on the importance of protecting our rights.
ITEM #2206                                     $10.00PB

National Japanese American Historical Society, Inc.
Women, 1985 – 1990, A Study Guide, 1990, 55 pages.
Includes history, chronology, biographies and activities.
ITEM #1643                                     $6.95PB

Wellman, Sam
KRISTI YAMAGUCHI, 1999, 64 pages. Born with a foot
defect, Kristi Yamaguchi went on to become an Olympic ice
skating champion. Read the exciting story of her fight to win.
ITEM #2844                                    $16.95HB

                                Order on-line at or call (800) 874-2242
                                       AACP, Inc. – Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                      INTERMEDIATE LITERATURE                                                                                      19
                      Grades 5 through 8

                                                                          Lum McCunn, Ruthanne
                  ASIAN AMERICAN                                          WOODEN FISH SONGS, 1995, 384 pages. The songs of
                                                                          lament sung by Chinese women left behind by their husbands,
Yep, Laurence
                                                                          sons, and brothers looking for a better life on "Gold
AMERICAN DRAGONS: Twenty-Five Asian American
Voices, 1993, 237 pages. A compilation of stories, poems
                                                                          ITEM #2475                                       $22.95HB
and essays by Asian Americans, probing the minds of Asian
                                                                          ITEM #2559                                       $12.95PB
American youth as they search for identity between two vastly
different worlds.                                                         A limited number of autographed copies of Ruthanne Lum
ITEM #2576                                     $4.95PB                    McCunn's books are available upon request.

             CAMBODIAN AMERICAN                                           Namioka, Lensey
                                                                          APRIL AND THE DRAGON LADY, 1994, 214 pages. How
Crew, Linda                                                               does a teenager deal with an overbearing grandmother and a
CHILDREN OF THE RIVER, 1989, 213 pages. This ALA                          relationship with a non-Asian boyfriend?
Best Book For Young Adults and multiple award winner tells                ITEM #2528                                    $10.95HB
the story of Sundara, a teenage Cambodian refugee who                     ITEM #2529                                    $3.95PB
escapes to America. She soon finds herself pulled between
Cambodian traditions and the new American culture.                        Namioka, Lensey
ITEM #2031                                    $5.50PB                     Illustrated by Kees de Kiefte
                                                                          YANG THE SECOND AND HER SECRET ADMIRERS,
Ho, Minfong                                                               1998, 130 pages. Another story of the Yang sisters learning to
THE CLAY MARBLE, Fourth printing 1995, 163p. Fleeing                      adapt to the United States. Namioka an outstanding writer for
their war-torn Cambodian village in early 1980, 12-year-old               young adults.
Dara and her family establish a makeshift home at a refugee               ITEM #2679                                    $15.95HB
camp on the Thai-Cambodian border. Then shelling and
fighting, inescapable even there, separate Dara from her                  Namioka, Lensey
family, and she must overcome her fear and lack of confidence             Illustrated by Kees de Kiefte
to find them again.                                                       YANG THE THIRD AND HER IMPOSSIBLE FAMILY,
ITEM #2603                                        $4.95PB                 1995, 143 pages. The third sister stars in this story of
                                                                          Thanksgiving in a Caucasian family's home. A continuing
                CHINESE AMERICAN                                          story of the Yang family adjusting to life in America.
                                                                          ITEM #2661                                        $3.99PB
Lum McCunn, Ruthanne                            NEW!
MOON PEARL, 2000, 316 pages. Another great historical                     Namioka, Lensey
novel from a prolific writer. This book is about the courage,             YANG THE YOUNGEST AND HIS TERRIBLE EAR,
ingenuity and determination girls have to find joy in their               1992, 134 pages. Everyone in the Yang family is a talented
harsh lives in China.                                                     musician except for 9-year-old Yingtao, the youngest Yang.
ITEM #2913                                      $24.00PB                  Father is a teacher and a recital is coming. How does Yingtao
                                                                          tell his family that there are things he likes better than music?
Lum McCunn, Ruthanne                                                      ITEM #2660                                         $3.99PB
SOLE SURVIVOR, The True Account Of 133 Days
Adrift, 1985, 231 pages. The amazing fete of a man who                    Say, Allen
survives a shipwreck.                                                     EL CHINO, 1990. Stereotype-defying story of a Chinese
ITEM #1073                                    $12.00PB                    American matador whose “can do” spirit helps him in the
Lum McCunn, Ruthanne                                                      ITEM #1770                                   $16.00HB
Novel, 1981, 310 pages. Lalu Nathoy, a 13-year-old girl,
survives poverty and slavery to find courage, adventure and
love. A true Chinese American heroine.
ITEM #0150                                      $13.00PB

                                           HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
                                        AACP, Inc., - Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                      INTERMEDIATE LITERATURE                                                                                20
                      Grades 5 through 8
                                                                     ITEM #1496                                      $4.95PB
Yep, Laurence
THE CASE OF THE GOBLIN PEARLS, 1997, 161 pages.                      Yep, Laurence
The first in a series of mysteries by Yep. What would you do         DRAGON WAR. The Dragon saga continues in this sequel
if your famous movie-star aunt asked you to be a jar of              to Dragon Cauldron, as Monkey opens this narration of the
ointment in Chinatown‟s New Year‟s parade? And what if               Dragons‟ efforts to reclaim their home.
disaster struck in the middle of the parade and someone stole a      ITEM #2009                                   $15.00HB
priceless pearl necklace right in front of you?
ITEM #2845                                       $15.95HB            Yep, Laurence
ITEM #2657                                       $4.95PB             DRAGON’S GATE, 1993, 273 pages. Ages 12 and up.
                                                                     Based on the Chinese who built the transcontinental railroad.
Yep, Laurence                                                        Otter has always dreamed of going to “Golden Mountain, but
CASE OF THE LION DANCER, 1998, 214 pages. The                        when he arrives his vision is shattered. He struggles to rebuild
second in Yep‟s Chinatown mystery series. A grand                    his dreams against overwhelming obstacles..
restaurant opening goes awry!! Someone steals the money!!            ITEM #2486                                      $15.00HB
ITEM #2834                                   $14.95HB
                                                                     Yep, Laurence
Yep, Laurence                                                        DRAGONWINGS, 1977, 248 pages. Award-winning novel
CASE OF THE FIRECRACKERS, 1999, 179 pages. When                      of a Chinese immigrant who built a flying machine. Based on
a big TV heartthrob comes into town, Tiger Lil takes Lil and         a true story.
her brother Chris to the set. A loaded gun finds its way onto        ITEM #1333                                   $16.95HB
the set and chaos breaks out.                                        ITEM #0094                                   $4.95PB
ITEM #2835                                      $14.95HB
                                                                     Yep, Laurence                                     NEW!
Yep, Laurence                                                        DREAM SOUL, 2000, 244 pages. Sequel to Starfisher. It‟s
CHILD OF THE OWL, 1977, 220 pages. An ALA Notable                    Christmas in 1927 in West Virginia. Joan and her family are
Book For Children. Her mother dead and her father ill, a             invited to celebrate the holiday with Miss Lucy, their landlady
young girl is sent to Chinatown to live with her grandmother         and friend. Joan is particularly intrigued by the glamorous
who teaches her about her real Chinese name and about the            Victoria Barrington, who has a mysterious past and is so
owl that is her family‟s charm.                                      unlike her.
ITEM #1339                                      $4.95PB              ITEM #2887                                        $15.95HB

Yep, Laurence                                                        Yep, Laurence
THE COOK’S FAMILY, 1998, 184 pages. A delightful                     Illustrated by Benrei Huang
sequel to Yep‟s Ribbons.                                             THE IMP THAT ATE MY HOMEWORK, 1998, 87 pages.
ITEM #2656                            $15.99HB                       Join Jim and his grandpop on a wild, magical ride that teaches
                                                                     Jim there's more to Grandpop and Chinatown than meets the
Yep, Laurence                                                        eye.
DRAGON CAULDRON, 1991, 312 pages. Long ago,                          ITEM #2767                                     $14.95HB
dragons lived in magnificent palaces of coral and pearl in the
Inland Sea. A witch stole the sea and cast out the dragons.          Yep, Laurence
Join the dragon princess, Shimmer, and her friends in their          LATER, GATOR, 1995, 122 pages. Ages 8 to 12. Teddy is
quest to restore the sea.                                            told to give his brother a birthday gift that is a little more
ITEM #1797                                      $19.95HB             thoughtful than cotton socks. He finds the perfect gift that
                                                                     unites the two brothers.
Yep, Laurence                                                        ITEM #2456                                          $13.95HB
DRAGON OF THE LOST SEA, 1982, 213 pages. A                           ITEM #2738                                          $4.50PB
fantasy brimming over with magic, excitement and
unexpected twists and turns.                                         Yep, Laurence
                                                                     THE LOST GARDEN, 1991. Laurence Yep‟s
                                                                     autobiography. He shares the sources of his inspiration,
                                                                     including his father‟s stories of life in China and his own
                                                                     experiences growing up Chinese American.
                                                                     ITEM #2632                                        $4.95PB

                                Order on-line at or call (800) 874-2242
                                       AACP, Inc. – Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                       INTERMEDIATE LITERATURE                                                                                       21
                       Grades 5 through 8
Yep, Laurence                                    NEW!                      they rented for the summer is really haunted. That is, until the
MY NAME IS AMERICA, The Journal Of Wong Ming-                              ghost of a woman accused of witchcraft over three hundred
Chung, A Chinese Miner, 2000, 219 pages. “July 18…the                      years ago appears!
American miners blame us for everything. A month before I                  ITEM #2906                                     $7.95PB
came, in other districts, the Americans threw the Chinese                  Soliven Blanco, Marivi
out…Uncle says that this is proof that gold is a curse. It twists          THE SUBWAY CYCLOPS, NO. 4, 1996, 80 pages. Jenny
people's minds and makes them act like beasts. I am beginning              blinked. A single glowing eye was staring at her out of the
to think Uncle is right. I feel like shivering, but not from the           darkness. "You look like you've just seen a ghost," Jay
cold. America is so lovely - and yet so frightening.”                      remarks. Armed with only a few clues, junior detectives Jenny
ITEM #2852                                        $10.95HB                 and Jay descend underground to solve the terrifying mystery
                                                                           of the one-eyed monster stalking Boston's subway tunnels.
Yep, Laurence                                                              ITEM #2907                                     $7.95PB
RIBBONS, 1992, 180 pages. A Notable Children’s Trade
Book in the field of social studies. Story of a young dancer.                               JAPANESE AMERICAN
ITEM #2655                                        $5.99PB

Yep, Laurence                                                              Chin, Steven A.
THE STAR FISHER, 1991. In this unforgettable novel, Yep                    WHEN JUSTICE FAILED: A Fred Korematsu Story.
tells his own mother‟s story of growing up Chinese American,               Through the eyes of Korematsu‟s daughter, this moving story
of following dreams, and learning how to “fish for the stars.”             unfolds as she learns of her father‟s stand against the
ITEM #2026                                     $3.99PB                     mistreatment of the Japanese Americans during World War II.
                                                                           ITEM #2056                                       $6.95PB
For a complete listing of books by Laurence Yep, visit our
website at                               Denenberg, Barry
                                                                           THE JOURNAL OF BEN UCHIDA, CITIZEN 13559,
                                                                           Mirror Lake Internment Camp, California 1942. 1999,
                 FILIPINO AMERICAN                                         157 pages. “Tuesday, April 21, 1942 - I never thought I
                                                                           looked different from the other kids. Never once, even though
Nunes, Susan                                                               most of them are Caucasian, except for Billy, who's a Negro,
TO FIND THE WAY, 1992, 43 pages. Story of courage and                      and Charles Hamada, who's part Japanese, part jerk. But now
survival, of coming of age, and learning to trust the ancient              I realized my face was different. My hair was black. My skin
knowledge.                                                                 was yellow. My eyes were narrow. It never seemed to matter
ITEM #2008                                       $12.95HB                  before, but it sure did matter now. Now my face was the face
                                                                           of the enemy.”
Soliven Blanco, Marivi                                                     ITEM #2866                                     $10.95HB
Illustrations by Remus San Diego
THE PILLOWCASE CAT CAPER NO.1, 1996, 64 pages.                             Hamanaka, Sheila, story and illustrations
Jenny was embroidering a cat onto a pillowcase for her mom's               BE-BOP-A-DO WALK, 1995, 32 pages. Emi‟s father takes
birthday. It wasn't unusual except for its three yellow stripes            Emi and Martha on a very long walk from New York City‟s
and mischievous gold eyes. And one night, the thread cat                   Chinatown to Central Park. Join them in their discovery of
miraculously comes to life!                                                many interesting people and places.
ITEM #2904                                       $7.95PB                   ITEM #2862                                    $16.00HB

Soliven Blanco, Marivi                                                     Pearce, Jonathan                                   NEW!
Illustrations by Remus San Diego                                           JOHN BROWNE’S BODY AND SOLE: A Semester Of
THE CASE OF THE CRIME-CATCHING CAMCORDER                                   Life, 2000, 182 pages. When John Browne, a mixed heritage
NO. 2, 1996, 76 pages. Something strange happens to Jay's                  Japanese American, gets into a fight at school, the Principal
new video camera after it's struck by lightening. Now it can               gives him and the other two students involved, the task of
record events that happened in the past!!                                  studying Aikido. The students are asked to develop skits,
ITEM #2905                                      $7.95PB                    using their new skills, to teach the rest of the school to respect
                                                                           each other and how to handle conflict without violence.
Soliven Blanco, Marivi                                                     ITEM #2969                                         $9.95PB
Illustrations by Remus San Diego
pages. The Garcia family doesn't believe that the old cottage
                                            HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
                                         AACP, Inc., - Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                       INTERMEDIATE LITERATURE                                                                               22
                       Grades 5 through 8

Saiki, Patsy Sumie                                                    who have old country expectations. Her schoolwork is less
SACHIE: A Daughter of Hawaii, 1980, 143 pages. A girl                 than stellar - but she finds a way to solve her problems.
who is half child, half adult; half Japanese, half American;          AACP RECOMMENDED.
half naïve, half aware; half submissive, half questioning. As         ITEM #2816                                      $15.00HB
she transcends from childhood to adulthood, she can no longer
rely on the age-old traditions her parents taught her. Hers will      Lee, Marie G.
have to be a mix of her American-Hawaiian environment and             NIGHT OF THE CHUPACABRAS, 1998, 120 pages. Mi-
her Japanese heritage.                                                sun, her brother JuWon and their friend Lupe think the old
ITEM #2509                                        $10.95PB            man they meet in the village square is just trying to scare them
                                                                      with his stories of chupacabras, blood sucking night creatures
Uchida, Yoshiko                                                       but…! AACP RECOMMENDED.
JOURNEY HOME, 1978, 131 pages. In this poignant sequel                ITEM #2700                                       $14.00HB
to Journey to Topaz, Yuki and her family face the hostility and
hardship awaiting them upon their return to California. It is a       Lee, Marie G.
warm, dignified, optimistic and candid story.                         SAYING GOODBYE, 1994, 219 pages. Ellen Sung, a
ITEM #0091                                     $13.95HB               Freshman in college, becomes best friends with Leecia, an
                                                                      African American. Ellen soon finds herself being asked to
Uchida, Yoshiko                                                       choose between the Korean American students and African
JOURNEY TO TOPAZ, 1985, 149 pages. The moving                         American students.
World War II story of 11-year-old Yuki and her family as they         ITEM #2410                                     $14.95HB
are uprooted from their California home and sent to a desert
concentration camp.                                                   Lee, Marie G.
ITEM #0945                                    $9.95PB                 IF IT HADN’T BEEN FOR YOON JUN. Alice Larsen, an
                                                                      adopted Korean American girl, made the cheerleading squad
Uchida, Yoshiko                                                       and the cutest guy on the football team is showing a special
SAMURAI OF GOLD HILL, 1985, 119 pages. The vivid                      interest. She is on her way to having the perfect year until
story of young Koichi and the Wakamatsu Colony who came               Yoon Jun moves to town.
from Japan to start an ill-fated tea and silk colony in post-gold     ITEM #2556                                      $3.99PB
rush California. “A Moving narrative of courage and patience
in the face of adversity.”            - Booklist
                                                                      Munyol, Yi                                        NEW!
ITEM #2858                                        $8.95PB
                                                                      OUR TWISTED HERO, 2001, 128 pages. When a 12-year-
                                                                      old moves from Seoul to a small town and enrolls in the local
                 KOREAN AMERICAN                                      elementary school, he‟s confident that his big city
                                                                      sophistication will establish him as a natural leader. He is
Choi, Sook Nyul                                                       shocked to find his new classmates and teacher under the spell
Illustrations by Corenelius Van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu                of the charismatic class monitor, who uses fear and violence to
THE BEST OLDER SISTER, 1997, 47 pages. A new little                   keep the other students in line and assure his dominance in the
brother? What a drag it is to be asked to baby sit when there         school‟s social hierarchy. A brilliant portrait of a conformist
were more exciting things to do!!                                     society crippled by fear and a powerful statement about
ITEM #2697                                       $13.95PB             individual liberty.
                                                                      ITEM # 2983                                       $21.95HB
Choi, Sook Nyul
YEAR OF IMPOSSIBLE GOODBYES, 1991, 169 pages.                                            THAI AMERICAN
A fictionalized account of the last months in Pyongyang, then
under Japanese rule. Making a harrowing escape with her 7-
year-old brother across the 38th parallel, the narrator leaves        Ho, Minfong
behind family, tradition, religion and culture.                       RICE WITHOUT RAIN, 1990. Set in the 1970s amid student
ITEM #1913                                        $4.99PB             unrest in Thailand, a 17-year-old village girl learns how
                                                                      economic struggle affects her countryside, where people are
Lee, Marie G.                                                         caught between traditional and modern ways.
F IS FOR FABULOSO, 1999, 176 pages. Jin Ha feels                      ITEM #1769                                        $16.95HB
American but part of her is definitely Korean with parents

                                 Order on-line at or call (800) 874-2242
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                      INTERMEDIATE LITERATURE                                                                                23
                      Grades 5 through 8

                                                                         Nakagawa, Keiji
             VIETNAMESE AMERICAN                                         BAREFOOT GEN: The Day After, 1988, 177 pages.
                                                                         ITEM #1547                           $12.95PB
Nhuong, Hyung Quang
THE LAND I LOST: Adventures Of A Boy In Vietnam.                         Nakagawa, Keiji
ITEM #1318                          $3.95PB                              I SAW IT: The Atomic Bombing Of Hiroshima, 1982,
                                                                         48 pages. A survivor‟s true story in comic book form. Color.
                   ANTI-NUCLEAR                                          ITEM #0085                                    $2.50PB

                                                                         Yep, Laurence
Coerr, Eleanor                                                           HIROSHIMA, 1995, 56 pages. On August 6, 1945, the Enola
MIEKO AND THE FIFTH TREASURE, 1993, 77 pages.                            Gay, an American bomber, carries a deadly cargo – the atom
Mieko has the four treasures for painting Japanese word                  bomb. That morning, 12-year-old Sachi and her sister walk
pictures: the brush, ink stone, water and paper. She also has            down the streets of Hiroshima. Later, the plane drops the
the fifth treasure – beauty in the heart. When the atomic bomb           bomb and Sachi never sees her sister again.
drops on Nagasaki, Mieko‟s hand is badly hurt. She is                    ITEM #2438                                     $9.95HB
convinced she will never paint again…until a new friendship              ITEM #2644                                     $2.99PB
brings out Mieko‟s fifth treasure once again.
ITEM #2501                                       $13.95HB
ITEM #2411                                       $3.50PB

Coerr, Eleanor
1979, 64 pages. A poignant story of an 11-year-old track
runner who gets leukemia from her exposure to the atom
bomb during World War II.
ITEM #0102                                   $4.99PB

Coerr, Eleanor and Ed Young
SADAKO, 1993. Beautifully illustrated classic, moving
story of Sadako and her brave struggle to battle against
leukemia, the “atom bomb disease.”
ITEM #1542                                      $17.95HB

Nakagawa, Keiji
BAREFOOT GEN: A Cartoon Story Of Hiroshima,
1987, 304 pages. The powerful, tragic story of the bombing
of Hiroshima as seen through the eyes of a young boy. Black
and white.
ITEM #0820                                    $12.95PB

                                          HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
                                       AACP, Inc., - Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                       LITERATURE                                                                                             24
                       High School and Adult
                                                                     Kan Gotanda; "Kokoro" (True Heart) by Velina H. Houston;
                    ANTHOLOGIES                                      "Dance of the Wandering Souls"by Huynh Quang Nhoung;
                                                                     "Bondage" by David Henry Hwang; "Junk Bonds" by Lucy
Asian Women United of California, Elaine H. Kim,                     Wang; "Kimchee and Chitlins" by Elizabeth Wong; "A
and Lilia V. Villanueva, Editors                                     Language of Their Own" by Chay Yew and more.
MAKING MORE WAVES: New Writing By Asian                              ITEM #2720                                  $24.95PB
American Women, 1997, 309 pages. New writings
covering history, memory, sexuality, culture, and spiritual,         Houston, Velina Hasu, Editor
artistic, and generational conflicts by established and              POLITICS OF LIFE. Four plays by Asian American women.
respected writers, poets, journalists and scholars.                  ITEM #2072                              $44.95HB
ITEM #2573                                        $18.00PB           ITEM #2100                              $20.95PB

Bruchac, Joseph                                                      Kono, Juliet and Cathy Song, Editors
BREAKING SILENCE: An Anthology Of                                    SISTER STEW: Poetry And Fiction By Women, 1992,
Contemporary Asian American Poets, 1983, 293 pages.                  200 pages. These new works of fifty women writers, many of
ITEM #0136                           $11.95HB                        them Hawaii residents, reflect a multicultural diversity of
                                                                     voice and style within the Asian Pacific community.
Chan, Sucheng                                                        ITEM #1944                                      $10.00PB
ASIAN CALIFORNIANS, 1991, 220 pages. Today, even
when most Americans agree that tolerance should be shown,            Lim, Shirley Geok-Lin, Mayumi Tsutakawa and Margarita
many still look upon Asian Americans with suspicion. While           Donnelly, Editors
praising them as “model minorities” some nonetheless resent          FORBIDDEN STITCH: An Anthology, 1989, 290 pages.
them for working “too hard,” living too frugally, and showing        An ambitious collection of short stories by Asian American
an almost frightening desire to succeed.                             women from all walks of life.
ITEM #1791                                      $11.95PB             ITEM #1516                                      $16.95PB

Chow, Claire S.                                                      Minnesota Humanities Commission
LEAVING DEEP WATER, Asian American Women At                          BRAIDED LIVES: An Anthology Of Multicultural
The Crossroads Of Two Cultures, 1999, 302 pages.                     American Writing, 1992, 287 pages. Contains selections of
"Moving testaments to the collective strength and resilience of      Native American, Hispanic American, African American, and
a wide variety of Asian American women and a valuable                Asian American writing.
resource for those seeking a deeper understanding of a quiet         ITEM #2015                                  $13.95PB
minority. Chow's own stories and comments are particularly
illuminating and resonant" - Amy Ling, Director, Asian               Nam, Vickie, Editor                           NEW!
American Studies Program, University of Wisconsin.                   YELL– OH GIRLS! Emerging Voices Explore Culture,
ITEM #2818                                     $13.95PB              Identity, And Growing Up Asian American, 2001, 297
                                                                     pages. “Yell-Oh Girls! Gives voice to an energetic group of
Gupta, Sangeeta R., Editor                                           young Asian American women. The collection is alternately
EMERGING VOICES, South Asian American Women                          poignant and funny, tender and tough. Mentor pieces are
Redefine Self, Family, And Community, 1999, 259                      written by Helen Zia, Lois Ann Yamanaka and U.S.
pages. By eleven writers. Includes sections on redefining self,      Representative Patsy Mink.”      - Elaine Mar, Author
family and community.                                                ITEM #2985                                    $13.00PB
ITEM #2783                                      $31.95PB
                                                                     Trueblood, Kathryn and Linda Stovall, Editors
Hara, Marie and Nora Okja Keller, Editors       NEW!                 HOMEGROUND, 1996, 238 pages. This collection
INTERSECTING CIRCLES: The Voices Of Hapa                             celebrates ethnic diversity in the United States, the struggle to
Women In Poetry And Prose, 2001, 396 pages. Sections                 keep cultural identity intact, and the expanded visions that are
include Citizen of Nowhere, Thru Yesterday to Grasp her              formed when different life styles and customs intersect.
Wholeness, and My Heart‟s Own Cathedral.                             ITEM #2536                                        $12.95PB
ITEM #2976                                   $18.00PB
                                                                     Uno, Roberta, Editor
Houston, Velina Hasu, Editor                                         UNBROKEN THREAD: An Anthology Of Plays By
BUT STILL, LIKE AIR, I'LL RISE, New Asian                            Asian American Women. A welcome and much-needed
American Plays, 1997, 517 pages. Includes "Talk-Story"               addition to texts in the field, further evidence that Asian
by Jeanine Barroga; "Day Standing on It's Head" by Philip            American literature is not only alive, but flourishing.
                                                                     ITEM #2179                                         $45.00HB
                                                                     ITEM #2180                                         $18.95PB
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                       LITERATURE                                                                                                    25
                        High School and Adult
Watanabe, Sylvia and Carol Bruchac, Editors                                 ITEM #1972                                     $15.00PB
HOME TO STAY: Asian American Women’s Fiction.                               Criddle, Joan D.
Includes 33 selections, many from well-known authors such as                TO DESTROY YOU IS NO LOSS: The Odyssey Of A
Amy Tan, Maxine Hong Kingston and Hisaye Yamamoto.                          Cambodian Family, 1987, 291 pages. “Should be read by
ITEM #1654                                   $14.95PB                       those who wish to understand this or any genocide, by those
                                                                            who would like to better know the Cambodians among us, and
Watanabe, Sylvia and Carol Bruchac, Editors                                 by those who are concerned about the still-unresolved tragedy
INTO THE FIRE, Asian American Prose, 1996, 389                              of the world‟s refugees.”    - Providence Sunday Journal
pages. Includes works from 37 authors. Nora C. Keller,                      ITEM #1973                                     $16.95PB
Shirley G. Lim, Larisa Lai, Dung T. Nguyen, Vince Gotera,
Jason L. Baluyut, Sylvia Watanabe, Lois Ann Yamanaka, R.                    Ung, Loung                                       NEW!
Zamora Linmark, Darrell Lum, Marie Hara, Cedric                             FIRST THEY KILLED MY FATHER, A Daughter Of
Yamanaka, Garrett Hongo, Wakako Yamauchi, William P.                        Cambodia Remembers, 2000, 240 pages. "This book left
Osborn, Jeanne W. Houston, Hisaye Yamamoto, Ruth                            me gasping for air. Ung plunges her readers into a
Shigezawa, Sesshu Foster, Joseph Won, Marianne Villanueva,                  Kafkaesque world - her childhood robbed by Pol Pot's Khmer
Carol Roh-Spaulding, R. A. Sasaki, Neela Sastry, Shawn                      Rouge - and forcers them to experience the mass murder,
Wong, Usha L. McFarling, Mabelle Hsueh, Kiyoshi Y. Najita,                  starvation and disease that claimed half her beloved family. In
Connie S. Chan, Alan Wald, H.T. Tsiang, Adrienne Tien,                      the end, the horror of the Cambodian genocide is matched
Leslie Lum, and Thelma Seto.                                                only by the author's indomitable spirit” - Iris Change, Author
ITEM #2722                                    $17.95PB                      ITEM #2869                                       $23.00HB

White-Parks, Annette                                                                          CHINESE AMERICAN
AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, 1994, 250 pages. Thirty                                Berssenbrugge, Mei Mei
articles on the Asian American experience and the impact this               SUMMITS MOVE WITH THE TIDE: Poems And A Play.
group has made on the society. Topics include pop culture,                  Berssenbrugge, an award-winning poet, was born in Peking
educational challenges, cultural clashes, self-identity, tradition          and raised in Massachusetts.
and changing society, and insider/outsider perspectives.                    ITEM #1772                                  $4.00PB
ITEM #2249                                       $32.95PB
                                                                            Chang, Diana
Wong, Shawn                                                                 FRONTIERS OF LOVE. Three Eurasians experience love
ASIAN AMERICAN LITERATURE, A Brief                                          and betrayal, disillusionment and fulfillment in wartime
Introduction And Anthology, 1996, 462 pages. Includes                       Shanghai.
25 selections from Frank Chin, Maxine Hong Kinston, Amy                     ITEM #2236                                       $14.95PB
Tan, Traise Yamamoto, Connie Ching, Sui Sin Far, Toshio
Mori, Bienvenido Santos, Carlos Bulosan, Hisaye Yamamoto,                   Chin, Frank
Lonny Kaneko, Bharati Mukherjee, Janice Mirikitani, Sylvia                  BULLETPROOF BUDDHISTS And Other Essays,
Watanabe, T.C. Huo, Robert Ji-Song Ku, Monique Thuy-                        1998, 429 pages. "Chin's gifts as novelist, as dramatist, as
Dung Troung, Russell Leong, Vince Gotera, and more.                         literary gangster are fully realized when they are brought to
ITEM #2709                                   $16.95PB                       bear on the cultural scene - in this case, one that stretches from
                                                                            San Francisco to Tijuana." - Russell C. Leong, Author
                       MAGAZINES                                            ITEM #2673                                        $19.95PB

YOLK Magazine. For the “new GenerAsian young aware,                         Chin, Frank
English speaking Asian American.” Focuses on pop culture                    CHICKENCOOP CHINAMAN: The Year Of The
from an Asian American perspective.                                         Dragon, 1981, 142 pages. Two plays written by the talented
ITEM #2330                                 $4.95PB                          and controversial writer whose characters defy accepted
                                                                            stereotypes and conventions.
              CAMBODIAN AMERICAN                                            ITEM #0142                                     $14.95PB

Criddle, Joan D.                                                            Chin, Frank
BAMBOO AND BUTTERFLIES: From Refugees To                                    CHINAMAN PACIFIC & FRISCO R.R. CO., 1988, 224
Citizens, 1992. A poignant, often humorous glimpse into                     pages. A collection of stories by the vocal author/playwright.
what it is like to start from scratch in an alien land. Also
includes NAFEA American/Asian Value Contrast Table.
                                             HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
                                          AACP, Inc., - Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                      LITERATURE                                                                                            26
                       High School and Adult
ITEM #1511                               $10.95PB                    masculinity head-on without apology, constantly questing
                                                                     where hapas fit in, in a country that ignores multiracial
Chin, Frank                                                          identity.
DONALD DUK, 1991. Twelve-year-old Donald Duk is a kid                ITEM #2939                                      $18.95PB
with an ethnic chip on his shoulder. Burdened by a name he
hates, parents who embarrass him, and a culture he doesn‟t           Jen, Gish
understand, he dreams of being the next Fred Astaire. His            WHO'S IRISH? 1999, 208 pages. In eight wonderfully alive
journey through one magical Chinese New Year in San                  stories, Jen chronicles Chinese and other Americans as they
Francisco‟s Chinatown is one you‟ll never forget.                    exuberantly win, lose, love, hate, overachieve, underachieve,
ITEM #1785                                    $11.95PB               and generally take on America - with sometimes comic,
                                                                     sometimes heartbreaking results.
Chin, Frank                                                          ITEM #2840                                      $22.00HB
GUNGA DIN HIGHWAY, 1994, 404 pages. "Ancient and
contemporary myths of China and America propel this                  Jin, Ha
provocative, multi-layered tale…through the sweeping                 WAITING, 1999, 307 pages. The National Book Award
changes of four decades, from the 1950's to the present."            winning author creates a novel about a man living in two
Publishers Week                                                      worlds, struggling with the conflicting claims of two different
ITEM #2516                                     $14.95PB              women as he moves through the political minefields of a
                                                                     society designed to regulate his very move and stifle the
Chin, Marilyn                                                        promptings of his innermost heart. A complex and fascinating
DWARF BAMBOO. Chin's strong and personal voice is                    love story.
heard in these strikingly original poems. Recommended for            ITEM #2836                                      $24.00HB
contemporary literature collections.
ITEM #1773                                    $9.95PB                Kingston, Maxine Hong
                                                                     TRIPMASTER MONKEY: His Fake Book. An
Chock, Eric                                                          Anguished, free-spirited, American poet struggles with his
LAST DAYS HERE, 88 pages. Forty-four poems, including                Chinese heritage in San Francisco during the rebellious 1960s.
“In A Lullaby,” “The Meaning Of Fishing,” “Last Days                 A remarkable display of wit and rage.
Here,” and “Home Free.”                                              ITEM #1598                                     $19.95HB
ITEM #1690                                  $6.00PB                  ITEM #1707                                     $11.00PB
Chock, Eric, Darrell H.Y. Lum, and Hawaii Writers                    Kingston, Maxine Hong
Quarterly, Editors                                                   WOMAN WARRIOR: Memoirs Of A Girlhood Among
PAKE: Writings By Chinese In Hawaii, In Celebration                  Ghosts, 1975, 245 pages. Kingston‟s historic first novel.
Of The 200 Anniversary Of Chinese Immigration In                     ITEM #1684                                   $11.00PB
Hawaii, 237 pages. Includes short stories, poetry, and plays
by 22 Hawaii-born Chinese.                                           Lai, Him Mark, with Genny Lim and Judy Young
ITEM #1689                                    $8.00PB                ISLAND: Poetry And History Of Chinese Immigrants
                                                                     On Angel Island 1920-1940. Text and poetry from the
Far, Sui Sin                                                         early immigration prisons on Angel Island.
Edited by Amy Ling and Annette White Parks                           ITEM #1264                                 $17.95PB
1995, 296 pages. A collection of essays dating back as early         Lee, Gus
as the 1880's to record early writings by an Asian American          CHINA BOY, 1994. Whether describing a Chinese family
woman. She was the first to write sympathetically of her             feast or a left hook to the jaw, whether his characters are
heritage during a time of anti-Chinese climate. Her classic          Chinese, Anglo, African American or Hispanic, Gus Lee has
writings are central to the study of Asian American literature.      the rare ability to make his pages vibrate with life.
ITEM #2882                                      $15.95PB             ITEM #2304                                        $12.95PB
Fulbeck, Kip                                                         Lee, Gus
PAPER BULLETS, A Fictional Autobiography, 2001,                      NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE, A Courtroom Novel,
273. Fulbeck taps into his Cantonese, English, Irish, and            1998, 387 pages. A gripping, page-turning novel of a lawyer
Welsh heritage, weaving a fictional autobiography from 27            divided between cultures and torn by grief. Acclaimed author
closely linked stories, essays, and confessions. By turns            Gus Lee creates an electrifying novel of legal suspense with
sensitive and forceful, passionate and callous, Fulbeck              an intense courtroom showdown as several lives hinge on the
confronts the politics of race, sex and Asian American               verdict of one shocking case.
                                                                     ITEM #2711                                      $24.95HB
                                Order on-line at or call (800) 874-2242
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                       LITERATURE                                                                                                   27
                       High School and Adult
ITEM #2854                               $6.99PB                           Meanwhile, her daughter Ruth, a ghostwriter for authors of
Lee, Gus                                                                   self-help books, is losing the ability to speak up for herself in
TIGER’S TAIL, 1996. On an isolated Army base along the                     front of the man she lives with and his two teenage daughters.
DMZ between South and North Korea during the bitter winter                 Then Ruth starts to suspect that something is terribly wrong
of early 1974, Kan has been sent to find another missing                   with her mother….
prosecutor. Aided by two tough sidekicks, one a woman, he                  ITEM #2939                                        $25.95HB
sees his mission expand to include deposing the base‟s power-
mad commander.                                                             Tan, Amy
ITEM #2681                                     $24.00HB                    HUNDRED SECRET SENSES, 1995.
                                                                           ITEM #2477                                       $24.95HB
Leong, Russell                                                             ITEM #2678                                       $6.99PB
a 1994 PEN Oakland Josephine Miles Award. Eloquent and                     Tan, Amy
mystical, rings with music – lyrics tense with longing,                    JOY LUCK CLUB, 1989, 337 pages. Tan‟s best-selling first
pulsating with images of anguished migrant visionaries                     novel. “A wonderful and unnerving novel about eight Chinese
clashing with the blood and guts of history.                               women exploring what it is to be American, a Californian, a
ITEM #2253                                       $8.95PB                   woman, mother, daughter, lover, wife, sister and friend.”
                                                                                                     - San Francisco Chronicle
Lim, Genny                                                                 ITEM #1685                                     $7.99PB
WINTER PLACE. San Francisco‟s Genny Lim, poet,
playwright, and performance artist.                                        Tan, Amy
ITEM #1774                            $8.00PB                              KITCHEN GOD’S WIFE, 1991, 415 pages. Feeling forced
                                                                           by circumstances, Winnie confesses the past to her daughter
Louie, David Wong                                NEW!                      Pearl, revealing dark secrets she kept for decades. In the end,
THE BARBARIANS ARE COMING, 2000, 372 pages.                                she shows her daughter – and herself – why it is still possible
"Louie is elegant, funny, a touch spooky and has as fine a hair-           to change the past, and claim the future, to go beyond the fate
trigger control of alienation and absurdity as any of the best of          of the Kitchen God‟s Wife.
his generation." - Richard Eder, New York Newsday                          ITEM #2029                                       $12.00PB
ITEM #2870                                       $23.95HB
                                                                           White-Parks, Annette
Mah, Adeline Yen                                                           SUI SIN FAR/EDITH MAUDE EATON, A Literary
FALLING LEAVES, The True Story Of An Unwanted                              Biography, 1995, 268 pages. The first full-length biography
Chinese Daughter, 1997, 178 pages. An international                        of the first published Asian North American fiction writer.
bestseller. "Riveting. A marvel of memory. Poignant proof of               The book portrays a gifted, unsung woman and a world rarely
what the human will do to endure."- Amy Tan. "This is a true               seen. Sui Sin Far is being rediscovered today as part of
story. Much of it was painful and difficult to write, but I felt           America‟s literature and history. Her literature presented
compelled to do so. In order to understand I have to go back to            portraits of turn-of-the-century Chinese with an insider's
the very beginning. A Chinese proverb says, „Falling leaves                sympathy. She gave voice to Chinese American women and
return to their roots‟" - A.Y. Mah.                                        children, breaking the stereotypes of silence and invisibility.
ITEM #2812                                      $22.95HB                   ITEM #2883                                      $24.95HB

                                                                           Wong, Jade Snow
Ng, Fae Myenne                                                             FIFTH CHINESE DAUGHTER, 1945. The return of a
BONE. This moving story takes place in Chinatown, where                    classic early Chinese American novel with a new introduction
two parents, instilled with customs of their homeland, leave               by the author.
three daughters to provide a life for themselves. The story is             ITEM #1556                                    $13.95PB
narrated by Leila, who tries to understand her past, unlocking
the bones of her family‟s past.                                            Wong, Nellie
ITEM #2303                                      $12.00PB                   STOLEN MOMENTS, 1997, 443 pages. Eighteen new
                                                                           poetry selections from Nellie Wong.
Tan, Amy                                          NEW!                     ITEM #2759                           $10.00PB
BONESETTER’S DAUGHTER, 2001, 351 pages. LuLing
Young searches for the name of her mother, the daughter of                 Wong, Shawn
the famous Bonesetter from the Mouth of the Mountain.                      HOMEBASE, 1979. A pioneer novel in Asian American
Trying to hold on to the evaporating past, she begins to write             literature. Wong‟s unique and beautifully written novel of
all that she can remember of her life as a girl in China.                  alienation, longing, and desire gives a fascinating insight into
                                                                           the Asian American experience.
                                            HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
                                         AACP, Inc., - Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                      LITERATURE                                                                                            28
                      High School and Adult
ITEM #1756                              $10.95PB                    FICTION BY FILIPINOS IN AMERICA, 1993, 240 pages.
Yin, Xiao-huang                                                     A comprehensive anthology of 23 stories by Filipino writers.
CHINESE AMERICAN LITERATURE Since The                               Together these stories paint a picture of the Filipino, whether
1850's, 2000, 307 pages. This book traces the origins and           in the Philippines or in America, and it is a wonderful picture,
development of the extensive and largely neglected body of          a person who struggles, fails at times, but keeps on, a most
literature written in English and in Chinese, assessing its         resilient human being.
themes and styles and placing it in a broad social and              ITEM #2218                                        $16.95PB
historical context. This essential volume, a much-needed
introduction and guide to the field, shows how change and           Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra
continuity in the Chinese American experience are reflected in      PHILIPPINE WOMAN IN AMERICA: Essays, 1991, 113
the writings of immigrants from China and their descendants         pages. These selected essays deal with politics, history,
in the United States.                                               discrimination, as well as personal reminisces, and have been
ITEM #2884                                       $34.95HB           noted for giving a glimpse of Philippine culture and history,
                                                                    candidly and artfully written.
Yu, Connie Young                                                    ITEM #1846                                      $12.50PB
Americans, 1987, 155 pages. Portraits of 36 outstanding             Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra
Chinese Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area.                    SONG OF YVONNE, 1991, 183 pages. Set during World
ITEM #1523                                  $9.95PB                 War II in mythical Ubec, in the Philippines. A way for
                                                                    documenting the triumph of the Filipino spirit over foreign
                FILIPINO AMERICAN                                   oppression.
                                                                    ITEM #1847                                      $17.95PB
Bacho, Peter
DARK BLUE SUIT, And Other Stories, 1997, 150 pages.                 Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra
“Bacho pays homage in form and content to the earlier               WOMAN WITH HORNS And Other Stories, 1988, 96
generation of Filipino writers - Bulosan, Santos, Gonzalez.         pages. . A pioneer novel in Asian American literature.
But his stories provide a transition from that bachelor             Wong‟s unique and beautifully written novel of alienation,
generation to the generation of Filipino families. His stories      longing, and desire gives a fascinating insight into the Asian
are an important link for teaching Asian American Literature.”      American experience.
                 - Shawn Wong, University of Washington             ITEM #1756                                       $10.95PB
ITEM #2654                                       $16.95PB
                                                                    Bulosan, Carlos
Bacho, Peter                                                        AMERICA IS IN THE HEART: A Personal History,
CEBU, 1991, 208 pages. Bacho‟s dramatization of the                 1973, 352 pages.
conflict between Filipino and Filipino American cultures            ITEM #0187                         $14.95PB
conveys the concerns of the post-World War II generation
with boldness and skill.                                            Bulosan, Carlos
ITEM #1844                                    $25.00HB              Edited and with an introduction by E. San Juan, Jr.
ITEM #1845                                    $14.95PB              THE CRY AND THE DEDICATION, A Novel, 1995, 305
                                                                    pages. Bulosan, a prophetic writer, an artisan of lush and
Brainard, Cecilia Manguaerra, Collected and Edited by               evocative prose who blended traditional class struggle and
CONTEMPORARY FICTION BY FILIPINOS IN                                anti-racist traditions with themes of national liberation in the
AMERICA, 1997, 253 pages. This collection includes stories          colonized world. The appearance of this nearly „lost‟ novel of
by Fatima Lim-Wilson, Mila Faraon Huebeck, Eileen Tabios,           guerrilla warfare in the Philippines extends his achievement in
John L. Silva, Veronica Montes, Lilia V. Illanueva, Mar C.          fresh and unexpected ways.
Puatu, Vince Gotera, Oscar Penaranda, Luis Cabalquinto, F           ITEM #2641                                        $22.95PB
Delor Angeles, Melissa R. Aranzamendez, Eulalio Yerro
Ibarra, Nadine L Sarreal, Jay Ruben Dayrit, Ligaya Victorio         Carbo, Nick, Editor
Truto, Edgar Poma, Marianne Villanueva, Linda Ty-Casper,            RETURNING A BORROWED TONGUE, An Anthology
Paulino Lim, Jr., Greg Sarris, Lee Respicio Colomby, N.V. M         Of Filipino And Filipino American Poetry, 1995, 238
Gonzalez, and Alma Jill Dizon                                       pages. An impressive collection of poetry from 50 Filipino
ITEM #2683                                     $22.95PB             American poets.
                                                                    ITEM #2811                                    $14.95PB
Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra, Editor
                                                                    Cerenio, Virginia

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                      LITERATURE                                                                                                  29
                       High School and Adult
TRESPASSING INNOCENCE. The San Francisco author‟s                         JAPANESE EYES, AMERICAN HEART, Personal
poems with photos by Tony Remington.                                      Reflections Of Hawaii's World War II Nisei Soldiers,
ITEM #1776                                      $8.95PB                   1998, 448 pages. Told in their own words, 54 contributors.
Cordova, Fred                                                             Includes sections on Hawaii's Nisei soldiers, Pearl Harbor, the
FILIPINOS: Forgotten Asian Americans, 1983, 254                           love of a parent, the front lines, bonding, building bridges, and
pages. Pictorial essay with sweeping vistas of the life of                peace. Also has a roll of WWII Americans of Japanese
Filipinos in America from 1763 to 1963.                                   Ancestry.
ITEM #0189                                      $27.95PB                  ITEM #2782                                        $24.95PB

Hagedorn, Jessica                                                         Hara, Marie
DOGEATERS, 1991, 251 pages. Winner of the 1991                            BANANA HEART And Other Stories, 1994, 150 pages.
American Book Awards, Hagedorn‟s first novel features a                   One hundred years of experiences of Japanese women in
“disparate cast” of Filipinos living in the heyday of the                 Hawaii, this collection of stories introduces a picture bride, a
Marcos regime where American pop culture and Filipino                     plantation worker, and a hapa-haole girl, as well as the
tradition mixed flamboyantly.                                             women‟s successful but often-troubled middle-class children.
ITEM #1817                                       $11.95PB                 ITEM #2290                                       $8.00PB

Santos, Bienvenido                                                        Maruyama, Milton
THE SCENT OF APPLES, 1979, 178 pages. A collection                        ALL I ASKING FOR IS MY BODY, 1988, 103 pages. First
of stories by the distinguished writer.                                   in a series about Toshio Oyama. Written in pidgin, this book
ITEM #0192                              $14.95PB                          has become a Hawaiian literature classic.
                                                                          ITEM #0174                                    $9.95PB
Tagami, Jeff
OCTOBER LIGHT. Poems accompanied by photographs by                        Maruyama, Milton
Lenny Limjoco. By fusing the bitterness and sweetness into                FIVE YEARS ON A ROCK, 1994. The continuing story of
each image line, Tagami forces us to see more clearly the                 Toshio Oyama and his family, this book is of Sawa Oyama,
contradictions in our experience as American minorities.                  who tells of her arrival in Hawaii as a bride and hopes and
ITEM #1777                                    $8.95PB                     dreams of one day returning to Japan.
                                                                          ITEM #2291                                       $9.95PB
Villa, Jose Garcia                                 NEW!
THE ANCHORED ANGEL, Selected Writings, 1999,                              Murayama, Milton
255 pages. "Villa, brought back into print, interrupts our                PLANTATION BOY, 1998, 181 pages. The third book in the
current assumptions, and particularly our assumptions about               continuing saga of the Oyama family. Follows All I Asking
poetry, by insisting on a spiritual vigilance that seeks its own          For Is My Body and Five Years On A Rock. This book covers
tone and form. His experiments with rhyme, momentum, and                  the World War II years, 1941-1945 and more. It follows the
the pause as lyric elements demand and heighten a reader's                evolution of Asians in Hawaii as they struggle to gain political
attention and intelligence. For this writer, poetry may have              and economic power. An excellent book for its historical
been a kind of worship, both exacting and exhilarating. Yet he            content as well as its personal story.
was also a dissenter whose precision is itself a version of               ITEM #2675                                      $15.95PB
abandon. Though new to some of us, Villa seems a member
of a familiar and enveloping clan whose other kin include                 Nakano, Jiro
Hopkins and Dickinson, Moore and Stain"                                   PARKER RANCH PANIOLO, Yutaka Kimura. There
           - Molly McQuade, author of Stealing Glimpses.                  have been many outstanding paniolo, or cowboys, at Parker
ITEM #2880                                         $14.95PB               Ranch. Most have been Hawaiians, but one who ranked with
                                                                          the best was Yutaka Kimura, the son of Japanese immigrants.
Villanueva, Marianne                                                      ITEM #2152                                    $14.95PB
120 pages. Set in the Philippines, these beautiful and poignant           Ogawa, Dennis M. and Glen Grant
stories reveal characters trapped in extremity in urban violence          ELLISON S. ONIZUKA: A Remembrance, 1986. Full
or the crushing poverty of the provinces.                                 color photographic tribute to the Challenger astronaut.
ITEM #1919                                       $9.95PB                  ITEM #1223                                      $24.95HB

               HAWAIIAN AMERICAN                                          Yamanaka, Lois Ann
                                                                          BLU'S HANGING, 1997, 262 pages. "Ms. Yamanaka fluidly
                                                                          explores the brutal divide between family duty and self-
                                                                          preservation, between the power of love and the power of
                                           HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
                                        AACP, Inc., - Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                       LITERATURE                                                                                              30
                         High School and Adult
shame…providing a redemptive conclusion that is as arresting          Demptster, Brian Komei, Editor                     NEW!
as its character." - The New York Times Book Review                   FROM OUR SIDE OF THE FENCE: Growing Up In
ITEM #2578                                        $12.00PB            America’s Concentration Camps, 2001, 152 pages.
Yamanaka, Lois Ann                                NEW!                Contributors: Florence Ohmura Dobashi, Kiku Hori Funabiki,
FATHER OF THE FOUR PASSAGES, 2001, 233 pages.                         Sato Hashizume, Funi Manabe Hayashi, Florence Mihi
Sonia, a streetwise young mother, lounge singer, and artist           Nakamura, Ruty Y. Okimoto, Yoshito Wayne Osaki, Toru
who single-handedly raises her child, Sonny Boy. In vivid             Siato, Daisy Uyeda Satoda, Harunmi Serata, Michi Tashiro.
sequences alternating between the past and the present, we            ITEM #2965                                  $15.007PB
learn of Sonia's childhood; her abandonment by her father and
mother; her own abandonment of the church; her contentious            Embree Harris, Catherine
relationship with her sister; her string of bad lovers; her           DUSTY EXILE, Looking Back At Japanese
problems with drugs - and of her wish to reconcile with her           Relocation During World War II, 1999, 135 pages. “Told
father and make something of her life by being a good parent.         by a free Caucasian woman who opted to work as a teacher in
ITEM #2937                                        $23.00HB            the desert camp (Poston, Arizona) where we JA's were
                                                                      interned during WWII, our experiences take on a Rashomon-
Yamanaka, Lois Ann                                                    like aspect. In clear, swift-flowing prose, she describes the
HEADS BY HARRY, 1999, 311 pages. This boisterous                      government's frequently misguided directives and the camp
novel is about a family, who live in Hilo above Heads by              residents' reactions expressed in strikes and boycotts.”
Harry, the family's taxidermy shop. Every day a group of                                           - Noriko Sawada Bridges Flynn
opinionated old futs gathers outside Harry O's shop, where            ITEM #2814                                       10.95PB
they discuss everyone in town (loudly), drink beer and eat
smoked meat into the pau hana hours. "Yamanaka's scrappy              Embrey, Sue Kunitomi
characters endure poverty, racism and sexual abuse, but never         LOST YEARS 1942 - 1946. Overview of the events that
lose their capacity for humor."                                       led to the evacuation, relocation centers, and resettlement.
                   - Jessica Hagedorn, Harper's Bazaar                ITEM #0715                                       $7.95PB
ITEM #2746                                      $24.00HB
                                                                      Furutani, Dale
                                                                      DEATH AT THE CROSSROADS, A Samurai Mystery,
               JAPANESE AMERICAN                                      1998, 210 pages. Matsuyama Kaze is a ronin, or masterless
                                                                      samurai, destined to travel the countryside until he fulfills the
Abe, Frank, written, producer and director               NEW!         dying wish of his lord's wife. With humor and intrigue
CONSCIENCE AND THE CONSTITUTION, They                                 Furutani tells a great story.
Fought On Their Own Battlefield, 2000, 50-minute video.               ITEM #2672                                      $22.95HB
Produced in association with the Independent Television
Service, with funding provided by the Corporation for Public          Furutani, Dale                                   NEW!
Broadcasting and the Civil Liberties Public Education Fund.           KILL THE SHOGUN, A Samurai Mystery, 2000, 230
In World War II, a handful of young Americans refused to be           pages. "In Kill the Shogun, award-winning mystery writer
drafted from an American concentration camp. They were                Dale Furutani presents the latest in his popular samurai
ready to fight for their country, but not before the government       mystery series. He returns to the journey of Matsuyama Kaze,
restored their rights as U.S. citizens and released their families    the masterless warrior destined to travel the 17th century
from camp. This led to the largest trial for draft resistance in      Japanese countryside until he fulfills the dying wish of his
U.S. history. This powerful film has moved audiences                  murdered lord's wife.
nationwide and changed the way we look at this period of              ITEM #2891                                       $23.00HB
American history. With the voices of George Takei ("Star
Trek") and Mako ("The Sand Pebbles").                                 Furutani, Dale
ITEM #2930                                      $29.95VIDEO           TOYOTOMI BLADES, 1997, 212 pages. Another Ken
                                                                      Tanaka mystery, a mystery with a Japanese environment.
Davidson, Sue                                                         Furutani fascinates with his writing style as he tells another
A HEART IN POLITICS: Jeanette Rankin And Patsy                        very Japanese tale.
Takemoto Mink, 1994, 183 pages. Two stories of two                    ITEM #2856                                       $5.99PB
remarkable women who paved a way for women in politics.
Mink crossed gender and racial barriers to become the first
woman of color elected to Congress. She fought for
legislation to benefit women, education, civil rights and
environmental protection.
ITEM #2301                                       $9.95PB
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                       LITERATURE                                                                                                    31
                        High School and Adult
Guterson, David                                                            Inada, Lawson Fusao
SNOW FALLING ON CEDARS, 1995, 460 pages. Winner                            LEGENDS FROM CAMP, 177 pages. Poetry of one of the
of the Pen/Faulkner Award. Captivating story of a murder                   giants in the field. “A masterwork of American poetry.”
trial of a local fisherman who mysteriously drowned and the                                               - Leslie M. Silko
accused Japanese American named Kabuo Miyamoto.                            ITEM #2082                                      $11.95PB
ITEM #2550                                     $13.00HB
                                                                           Inada, Lawson Fusao, Editor                         NEW!
Hill, Kimi Kodani                                NEW!                      ONLY WHAT WE COULD CARRY, The Japanese
TOPAZ MOON - Chiura Obata's Art Of The                                     American Internment Experience, 2000, 439 pages.
Internment, 2000, 147 pages. An inspiring collection of                    "Contained in these pages are what we have carried…our
Obata art through the traumatic period of internment during                indomitable spirit and dignity, an implacable quest for justice
World War II from Tanforan near San Francisco to the dessert               to redeem the crimes committed against an entire race - indeed
of Topaz, Utah. This book contains 100 sketches, sumi                      an entire nation."                      - Janice Mirikitani
paintings, and watercolors. A great tribute to the artistic genius         “It's as if we have a seat at a family dinner, listening to stories
and spirit undefeated by adversity.                                        passed down from one generation to another, feeling the pain
ITEM #2846                                       $19.95PB                  and the spirit of hope.”            - David Mas Masumoto.
                                                                           ITEM #2886                                          $18.95PB
Hongo, Garrett
RIVER OF HEAVEN, 1987, 67 pages. Awarded the Lamont                        Iritani, Frank and Joanne, Revised by
Poetry Selection of the Academy of American Poets. This                    TEN VISITS: Accounts Of Visits To All The Japanese
book covers his search for roots in Hawaii.                                American Relocation Centers, 1999, 68 pages. Color
ITEM #1465                                   $12.95PB                      photos. Shows how to find each of the ten concentration camp
                                                                           sites today with a narrative about each site. An invaluable
Hongo, Garrett                                                             resource.
VOLCANO: A Memoir Of Hawaii, 1995, 342 pages.                              ITEM #2233                                       $15.95PB
Hongo‟s rediscovery of a past his parents rarely discussed and
a rich heritage he wants to pass on to his son. A memoir as                Kanazawa, Tooru J.
beautiful and enduring as the volcano itself.                              SUSHI AND SOURDOUGH, 1989, 255 pages. A well-
ITEM #2465                                       $24.00HB                  written account of life in early Alaska, in an area never before
Hongo, Garrett                                                             ITEM #1652                                        $19.95HB
YELLOW LIGHT, 1982, 78 pages. Poems about Japanese                         ITEM #1853                                        $12.95PB
living in Hawaii and California. A well-known Asian
American poet, Hongo has received numerous awards and is                   Kikumura, Akemi
published widely in journals and anthologies.                              PROMISES KEPT: The Life Of An Issei Man, 1991, 144
ITEM #1311                                    $10.95PB                     pages. From the author of Through Harsh Winters, this is a
                                                                           story of Saburo Tanaka, an issei who promised to enforce
Houston, Jeanne W. and James D.                                            traditional values and customs to help his family survive.
FAREWELL TO MANZANAR, 1973, 145 pages. Jeanne‟s                            Though hardships threatened to split the family, Saburo kept
personal story of her experiences before, during, and after                his promise. A testament to the indomitable issei spirit.
World War II.                                                              Item #1855                                      $9.95PB
ITEM #0161                                      $5.50PB
                        ND                                                 Kikumura, Akemi
STORY OF THE 442 COMBAT TEAM, 44 pages. A                                  THROUGH HARSH WINTERS: The Life Of A
short book of the military activities of the 442 nd.                       Japanese Immigrant Woman, 1981, 157 pages. A
ITEM #0173                                         $6.95PB                 fascinating and moving study of one woman‟s will to triumph
                                                                           over countless barriers of family, community and country.
Inada, Lawson Fusao                                                        ITEM #0349                                    $12.95PB
DRAWING THE LINE, Poems By Lawson Fusao
Inada 1997, 140 pages. This book discusses many issues
surrounding Inada's life. Themes are: I Just As I Thought; The
Real Inada; Ringing The Bell; Putting Back The Rain; and
Drawing the Line.
ITEM #2547                                      $12.95PB

                                            HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
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                      LITERATURE                                                                                             32
                        High School and Adult
Kiyama, Henry (Yoshitaka)                                            Mori, Toshio
Translated by Frederik L. Schodt                                     YOKOHAMA CALIFORNIA, 1985, reprint from 1949, 176
THE FOUR IMMIGRANT MANGA, A Japanese                                 pages. A well-respected classic.
Experience In San Francisco, 1904-1924, 1999, 152                    ITEM #1022                                        $14.95PB
pages. In translated cartoons - from servants in fancy homes         Mueller, Marnie
to workers in the fields, through earthquakes, riots, a World's      THE CLIMATE OF THE COUNTRY, 1999, 309 pages.
Fair, war, and Prohibition - the true story of four young            This powerful new novel by award winning author Marnie
Japanese men who pursued their dreams in the rough and               Mueller tells the tragic story of Tule Lake Japanese American
tumble of American history. An honest portrayal of life in the       Segregation Camp during WWII. It is told through Denton
U.S. for early Japanese immigrants.                                  Jordan, a conscientious objector, and his wife Esther, who
ITEM #2708                                        $12.95PB           both lived and worked in the camp. In this gripping tale of the
                                                                     disintegration of loyalty, love, and friendship, we experience a
Knaefler, Tome Kaizawa                                               disturbing piece of American history.
OUR HOUSE DIVIDED: Seven Japanese American                           ITEM #2755                                        $24.95HB
Families In World War II, 1991, 144 pages. Focuses on
seven families as they struggle with the emotions and events         Mura, David
brought on by the war. The dilemma of the issei, who were            WHERE THE BODY MEETS MEMORY: An Odyssey
torn between the country of their birth and the land they chose      Of Race, Sexuality And Identity, 1996, 272 pages. Mura
as their home; and the dilemma of the nisei whose loyalty to         explores how the shame of the Japanese American internment
the U.S. was questioned even though they were citizens.              has affected his own sexuality: an interracial marriage,
ITEM #1856                                       $19.95HB            compulsive promiscuity, and an obsession with pornography
                                                                     that equates beauty with whiteness. In facing his own
Kudaka, Geraldine                                                    demons, Mura illustrates why the troubling connections
NUMEROUS AVALANCHES AT THE POINT OF                                  between desire and race are rarely discussed, and how certain
INTERSECTION, 1979, 83 pages. Poetry.                                taboos continue to haunt this country‟s understanding of itself.
ITEM #2975                            $5.00PB                        ITEM #2621                                      $22.95HB

Masumoto, David Mas                                                  Nishimoto, Richard S.
HARVEST SON: Planting Roots In American Soil,                        Edited by Lane Ryo Hirabayashi
1998, 302 pages. “A peach of a book, as delectable as the Sun        INSIDE AN AMERICAN CONCENTRATION CAMP.
Crest peach Masumoto is struggling to save…. Masumoto's              The University of California recruited Nishimoto as a
book reveals his commitment to the land and his family; it is        researcher to report on camp life. Through the prism of
also a cogent commentary on American agriculture.”                   Nishimoto‟s writings, Hirabayashi demonstrates the many
                        - Publishers Weekly                          ways, from labor strikes to illicit gambling, that internees
ITEM #2710                                    $22.95HB               waged resistance to their confinement.
                                                                     ITEM #2602                                       $24.95PB
Modell, John, Editor
KIKUCHI DIARY: Chronicle From An American                            Okada, John
Concentration Camp, 1993, 253 pages. Kikuchi‟s personal              NO NO BOY, 1957, 260 pages. A moving novel concerning
diary from December 7, 1941 to September 1942. A lively              the loyalty issue of Japanese Americans in World War II.
and intensely human record of being interned by a country you        ITEM #0176                                    $14.95PB
had faith in, but which did not have faith in you.
ITEM #2401                                       $18.95PB            Okada, Victor N., Editor
                                                                     TRIUMPHS OF FAITH: Stories of Japanese American
Mori, Toshio                                    NEW!                 Christians During World War II, 1998, 173 pages.
Introduction by Lawson Fusao Inada                                   Includes essays by Roy Sano, Victor Okada, George Aki,
UNFINISHED BUSINESS, Selected Works Of Toshio                        Sadaichi Asai, Harry Baba, Frank Koo Endo, Tad Fujita,
Mori, 2000, 242 pages. Well-crafted, humorous, and wise              Michito Frank Fukuzawa, Ben Hara, Ruby Hayashi, William
tales celebrating the Japanese American community that Mori          Hohri, Roy Y. Ishihara, Maggie Ishino, Toshi Ito, Donald
knew so well. Includes 15 stories, a novella, correspondence,        Iwahashi, May Wake Iwahashi, Nick Iyoya, Rhoda A. Iyoya,
and an interview with Toshio Mori.                                   Marian Maruko Kadomatsu, Frances Kaji, Penny Kakimi,
ITEM #2895                                      $15.95PB             Midori W. Kamei, Ren Kimura, Kei Kokubun, Marie
                                                                     Kurihara, Akira Kuroda, Shiro Masuda, Hazel K. Morikawa,
                                                                     Kay K. Murakami, Grace Nakano, Molly Nishimoto, Oliver
                                                                     Nishimura, Jiro Oishi, Muts Okada, Arnie Ono, Ruth Ono,

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                       LITERATURE                                                                                                 33
                      High School and Adult
Kary K. Sasaki, Tai Shigaki, Dan Shinoda, Kayoko A.                       Sasaki, R. A.
Suzukida, Alpha Takagi, Michi Tanioka, Dave M. Tatsuno,                   THE LOOM AND OTHER STORIES, 1991, 112 pages.
Itsuko Teragawa, James Toda, Arthur Tsuneishi, Sally K.                   This collection of stories propels its readers into the daily
Tsuneishi, Yasushi Wada, Lloyd K. Wake, Iku Watanabe,                     experiences of three generations of Japanese Americans.
Virginia S. Yamamoto, Tets Yamashita, Carl Yoshimine.                     ITEM #1936                                        $10.00PB
ITEM #2864                                   $25.00HB
                                                                          Shimada, Shigeo
Okihiro, Gary Y.                                                          A STONE CRIED OUT, The True Story Of Simple
WHISPERED SILENCES: Japanese Americans And                                Faith In Difficult Days, 1986, 207 pages. "You are no
World War II, 256 pages. Memories and images of the                       longer my son. Get out of my house!" shouted his Buddhist
Japanese American internment camps during World War II.                   father. This is the engaging autobiography of an Issei
Includes photos of the camps as they appear today.                        Christian who defied his heritage to become a minister in
ITEM #2524                                     $29.95PB                   America. This is a story told with love and compassion.
                                                                          ITEM #2679                                     $13.95PB
Okubo, Mine                                                                                             SALE PRICE $5.95PB
CITIZEN 13660. Poignantly written and beautifully
illustrated memoir of Okubo‟s life in two relocation centers.             Sone, Monica
ITEM #0086                                     $14.95PB                   NISEI DAUGHTER, Reprint 1953, 238 pages. The story of a
                                                                          northwest Japanese American girl.
Raineri, Vivian McGuckin                                                  ITEM #0180                             $14.95PB
THE RED ANGEL: The Life And Times Of Elaine
Black Yoneda 1906-1988, 1991, 322 pages. Yoneda was a                     Tsuchida, John Nobuya
remarkable woman whose contribution to labor and civil                    REFLECTIONS: Memoirs Of Japanese American
rights in the 1930s establishes her place in history. Her                 Women In Minnesota, 1994, 464 pages. This anthology
honesty and consistency resulted in friendships and alliances             vividly depicts how U.S. citizens of Japanese ancestry were
that so often crossed political lines.                                    uniquely affected by racism during World War II, as well as
ITEM #1811                                        $10.95PB                how they achieved personal success.
                                                                          ITEM #2292                                     $35.00HB
Saiki, Patsy Sumie
EARLY JAPANESE IMMIGRANTS IN HAWAII, 1993,                                Tunnel, Michael O. and George W. Chilcoat
118 pages. Great adult and young adult reading. A whirlwind               THE CHILDREN OF TOPAZ: The Story Of A
of emotion in these touching vignettes, fiction and non-fiction.          Japanese American Internment Camp, 1996. Based on
ITEM #2203                                       $12.95PB                 a classroom diary, Lillian “Anne” Yamauchi Hori taught a
                                                                          third grade class to keep a daily diary during her internment in
Sakamoto, Kerri                                                           camp at Topaz, Utah. Includes commentary and archival
THE ELECTRICAL FIELD, 1998, 305 pages. This a post-                       photographs to place the diary in historical context.
WWII novel involving murder and intrigue and relates it to the            ITEM #2608                                       $17.95HB
past. “A quite extraordinary first novel, The book is surefooted
and sophisticated with a depth of feeling that comes though on            Uchida, Yoshiko
every page.”                        - Toronto Glove and Mail.             DESERT EXILE: The Uprooting Of A Japanese
ITEM #2813                                       $23.95HB                 American Family, 1982, 154 pages. Personal account of a
                                                                          Berkeley, California family facing the tragic World War II
Sakauye, Eiichi Edward                                                    internment. A moving account of a not-so-noble period in
                                                                          American history.
Edited by Ernest W. Kozato                     NEW!
                                                                          ITEM #1060                                     $14.95PB
RELOCATION CENTER - A Photo Essay, 2000, 181                              Uchida, Yoshiko
pages. Photographic essay on the World War II incarceration               PICTURE BRIDE, A Novel, 1987, 216 pages. In 1917,
of Japanese Americans at Heart Mountain, Wyoming, 1942-                   young Hana Omiya arrived in San Francisco with only a photo
1945. Sakauye, an outstanding Japanese American leader,                   of her husband. Her story is intertwined with her husband‟s
carefully chronicled his unique experience and here provides              and friends‟ stories and includes the turmoil of World War II.
his view of the camp. Photos in black/white and color.                    ITEM #2653                                       $14.95PB
ITEM #2892                                     $27.95PB

                                           HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
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                      LITERATURE                                                                                               34
                       High School and Adult
Uyeda, Clifford I.                              NEW!                 ITEM #2037                                      $12.95PB
SUSPENDED: Growing Up Asian In America, 2000,                        Yamashita, Karen Tei                            NEW!
247 pages. Uyeda, a longtime activist and leader in the              CIRCLE K CYCLES, 2001, 147 pages. This stunning book
Japanese American community, reflects upon his coming of             of hybrids merges fiction, essay and pop culture to illustrate a
age during the tumultuous years before and during World War          global society that resists heritage-by-hyphenation and opens
II. Part meditation on the problems of race and part declaration     the door to important issues of the new century: global labor,
of healing and understanding, Suspended is a moving account          Tran nationalism and cultural appropriation.
of one man's struggle to find a place in America.                    ITEM #2979                                      $16.95PB
ITEM #2863                                      $14.95PB
                                                                     Yamashita, Karen Tei
Uyematsu, Amy                                                        THROUGH THE ARC OF THE RAIN FOREST, 1990,
NIGHTS OF FIRE, NIGHTS OF RAIN, 1998, 91pages.                       212 pages. An extraordinary novel about the rain forest of
Amy Uyematsu is winner of the 1992 Nicholas Roerich Poetry           Brazil, a contemporary arena for miracles and greed. A story
Prize. "Uyematsu has long been a singular and passionate             full of cultural confusion, political insanity and the rape of the
voice in American poetry. She transforms words into sandals          earth unfolds, tempered by humor. “Yamashita plays out
for our feet as she takes us on her journey. Trust her words -       today‟s soap opera of the futility of man‟s faith in technology
and wisdom - and you will get there"          - Russell Leong        on the stage where it is currently most brutal, stupid and
ITEM #2734                                      $12.00PB             immoral: Brazilian Amazonia.”
                                                                      - Charles Hogue, Curator, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles
Yamamoto, Hisaye                                                     ITEM #1695                                        $11.95PB
SEVENTEEN SYLLABLES And Other Stories, 1988,
143 pages. Winner of the American Book Award for Lifetime                             KOREAN AMERICAN
Achievement from the Before Columbus Foundation.
ITEM #1527                                $14.00PB                   Bishoff, Tonya and Jo Rankin, Editors
                                                                     SEEDS FROM A SILENT TREE, An Anthology By
Yamashita, Karen Tei                                                 Korean Adoptees, 1997, 180 pages. Poetry and essays by
TROPIC OF ORANGE, 1997, 270 pages. An apocalypse of                  Koreans adopted in the United States. Issues include recalling
race, class, and culture, fanned by the media under the harsh        roots, image of self, and reunions. FIRST OF ITS KIND!
Los Angeles sun. If you‟ve enjoyed her past books, Brazil-           ITEM #2696                                     $15.00PB
Maru and Through the Arc of the Rain Forest, you will enjoy
this one. Essential reading for the 21st century.                    Charr, Easurk Emsen
ITEM #2664                                        $14.95PB           Edited and with an Introduction by Wayne Patterson
                                                                     GOLDEN MOUNTAIN, The Autobiography Of A
Yamauchi, Wakako                                                     Korean Immigrant 1895-1960, 1996, 315 pages. "At the
Introduction by Garrett Hongo                                        age of ten, Easurk Charr came to Hawaii, alone, in 1904. He
SONGS MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME, 1994. Yamauchi                            hoped to earn enough money to acquire an education and
writes about the experiences of Japanese (particularly women)        return to Korea as a Christian medical missionary. The story is
in the United States.                                                of his early life in Korea, his migration to Hawaii and the
ITEM #2284                                      $35.00HB             mainland, and the joys and pains of his life as one of some
ITEM #2283                                      $14.95PB             7,000 Koreans who migrated to the U.S. between 1903 and
Yasui, Robert                                                        1905."                                      - Wayne Patterson
YASUI FAMILY OF HOOD RIVER, OREGON. Minoru                           ITEM #2881                                       $14.95PB
Yasui gained fame as one of the protestors of World War II           Hyunn, Peter
curfew and evacuation orders. His case was one that reached          MAN SEI! The Making Of A Korean American, 1986,
the Supreme Court. This is a chronicle of his family.                192 pages. Autobiography of one man‟s struggle to succeed
ITEM #1438                                      $10.95PB             in America.
                                                                     ITEM #1198                                  $18.95PB
Yamashita, Karen Tei                                                 Lee, Chang-rae
BRAZIL-MARU, 1992. A fictional account of educated                   A GESTURE OF LIFE, A Novel, 1999, 356 pages. Lee
Japanese Christians with Socialist sentiments who immigrate          leads us with dazzling control through a taut, suspenseful story
to Brazil. Four narrators trace the community‟s story from           about love, family, and community - and the secrets we
1925 to the present, and reveal another facet in the story of        harbor…
Japanese emigration.                                                 ITEM #2837                                       $23.95HB

                                Order on-line at or call (800) 874-2242
                                       AACP, Inc. – Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                      LITERATURE                                                                                                35
                       High School and Adult
Lee, Mary Paik                                                           Huong, Duong Thu                               NEW!
QUIET ODYSSEY: A Pioneer Korean Woman In                                 MEMORIES OF A PURE SPRING, 2000, 340 pages. From
America, 1990, 201 pages. Promises to be an important                    Vietnam's most acclaimed writer and famous dissident comes
addition to Asian American literature.                                   a mesmerizing novel set during and after the Vietnam War.
ITEM #1665                                  $14.95PB                     Through the story of Suong, a celebrated singer, and Hung,
                                                                         her composer husband, Memories of a Pure Spring depicts the
Pai, Margaret K.                                                         strengthening of a marriage amidst the chaos of war, and its
DREAMS OF TWO YI-MIN, 1989, 216 pages. A                                 subsequent deterioration following the war's end.
personalized account of early Korean immigrants in Hawaii.               ITEM #2842                                     $23.95HB
ITEM #1544                                   $22.95HB
                                                                         Huynh, Jade Ngoc Quang
                     SOUTH ASIAN                                         SOUTH WIND CHANGING, 1994, 305 pages. The story
                                                                         takes Jade through the wartime shattering of his family, the
Visit our website at and                      brutality of prison camp, numerous attempts at escape, and a
watch this section grow.                                                 struggle to resettle in a new land. Huynh‟s story resonates with
                                                                         hope and displays a unique respect for his homeland and his
Bharati, Mukherjee
                                                                         resilience in adapting to the culture he encounters in the
THE HOLDER OF THE WORLD, 1993, 285 pages. The
                                                                         United States.
remarkable story of Hannah Easton, a unique woman born in
                                                                         ITEM #2642                                       $16.00PB
the American colonies in 1670, a person undreamed of in
Puritan society. Inquisitive, vital and awake to her own                 Karlin, Wayne, Le Minh Khue and Troung Vu, Editors
possibilities, Hannah travels to Mughal, India.                          THE OTHER SIDE OF HEAVEN, Post-War Fiction By
ITEM #2472                                       $12.00PB                Vietnamese And American Writers, 1995, 411 pages.
                                                                         Sections include: A Walk in the Garden of Heaven; The
Women of South Asian Descent Collective, Editors
                                                                         Honored Dead; Wounds; Hauntings; and Exiles.
                                                                         ITEM #2519                                   $17.95PB
Asian Diaspora, 1993, 372 pages. The first collection of its
kind, a compilation of stories from South Asian women.                   Pham, Andrew X.
Captivating reading through deeply felt emotion.                         CATFISH AND MANDALA, A Two Wheeled Voyage
ITEM #2250                                     $14.95PB                  Through The Landscape And Memory Of Vietnam,
                                                                         1999, 342 pages. An award-winning novel of an American
             VIETNAMESE AMERICAN                                         odyssey - a solo bicycle voyage around the Pacific Rim to
                                                                         Vietnam - made by a young Vietnamese-American man in
Elliott, Duong Van Mai                                                   pursuit of both his adopted homeland and his forsaken
THE SACRED WILLOW, Four Generations in the Life                          fatherland. Intertwined with an often humorous travelogue
of a Vietnamese Family, 1999, 504 pages. This                            spanning a year of discovery is a memoir of war, escape, and,
unforgettable family saga is a unique achievement - the first            ultimately, family secrets.
book to show us what Vietnamese history has meant to the                 ITEM #2838                                     $25.00HB
Vietnamese people.
ITEM #2810                                    $30.00HB                                         ANTI-NUCLEAR
ITEM #2929                                    $16.95PB
                                                                         Yamazaki, James N.
Freeman, James M.
                                                                         CHILDREN OF THE ATOMIC BOMB: An American
HEARTS OF SORROW, 1989. Fourteen refugees speak
                                                                         Physician’s Memoir Of Nagasaki, Hiroshima, And
about their struggles to survive in Vietnam and in America.
                                                                         The Marshall Islands, 1995, 200 pages. This report takes a
ITEM #1651                                      $45.00HB
                                                                         medical look at the victims of atomic bombs and reviews
ITEM #1882                                      $18.95PB
                                                                         some of the genetic abnormalities resulting from fetal
                                                                         exposure. Yamazaki also relates his personal story as a
Hayslip, Le Ly
                                                                         Japanese American whose parents were in an internment camp
                                                                         while their son fought for America in the Battle of the Bulge.
woman who left her home in Vietnam to find herself going to
                                                                         ITEM #2469                                      $16.95HB
the land of the enemy in hopes of having a better life. She
learns to mend old wounds to go on to a brighter future.
                                                                         See the Intermediate Literature Section for more books on
ITEM #2060                                     $22.50HB
                                                                         this topic.
ITEM #2300                                     $12.95PB

                                          HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
                                       AACP, Inc., - Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                      LANGUAGE                                                                                            36
                                                                    ITEM #1159 BOOK & CASSETTE                     $16.95SET
                                                                    Tong, Keith S. T. and Gregory James
Smith, Dsvid                                                        COLLOQUIAL CANTONESE: A Complete Language
COLLOQUIAL CAMBODIAN, A Complete Language                           Course. Written by teachers for self-study or classroom use,
Course, Written by teachers for self-study or classroom             this course offers you a step-by-step approach to written and
use. Offers step-by-step approach to written and spoken             spoken Cantonese. Includes book and two 60-minute
Cambodian.                                                          cassettes.
ITEM #2491                                 $39.95                   ITEM #2491                                      $39.95SET
Sos, Kem with Hak Kheang and Medline E. Ehram
CAMBODIAN-ENGLISH, ENGLISH-CAMBODIAN                                                         FILIPINO
DICTIONARY, 1990, 355 pages. Words are classified
according to familiar or formal use.                                Costantino, Ernesto
ITEM #1635                                 $16.95PB                 ILOKANO DICTIONARY, 1971, 504 pages. Contains 7,000
                                                                    Ilokano entries.
                        CHINESE                                     ITEM #0535                           $24.95PB

Boyle, Elizabeth                                                    Ramos, Teresita
CANTONESE BASIC COURSE, 1995, 392 pages. Full-                      CONVERSATIONAL TAGALOG: A Functional
length instructional course designed for both the classroom         Situation Approach, 1985, 341 pages. Beginning level text
and self study. Each of the thirty lessons includes                 created for adult foreign and second language students.
conversational dialogue, pronunciation, grammar, practice           ITEM #1167                                     $19.00PB
drills, vocabulary, and a quiz.
ITEM #2463                                       $19.95PB           Ramos, Teresita
                                                                    INTERMEDIATE TAGALOG: Developing Cultural
Chen, Janey                                                         Awareness Through Language.
PRACTICAL ENGLISH-CHINESE PRONOUNCING                               ITEM #0537                       $21.95PB
DICTIONARY, 1980, 601 pages. English, Chinese
characters, romanized Mandarin and Cantonese.                       Ramos, Teresita and Resty M. Cena
ITEM #0236                                  $19.95PB                MODERN TAGALOG: Grammatical Explanations And
                                                                    Exercises For Non-Native Speakers, 1990, 184 pages.
Go, Ping-gam                                                        Expands upon the descriptions and lessons in Dr. Ramos‟
AN EASY-ACCESS DICTIONARY OF 5,000 CHINESE                          books and gives many new examples. This volume is valuable
CHACTERS, 1995. With this book, anyone can find the                 for all students who have advanced beyond beginner.
meaning of a Chinese character.                                     ITEM #0535                                    $24.95PB
ITEM #2490                              $17.95PB
                                                                    Ramos, Teresita V.
Go, Ping-gam                                                        TAGALOG DICTIONARY, 1982, 330 pages.
UNDERSTANDING CHINESE CHARACTERS BY                                 Tagalog/English. Contains 4,000 Tagalog roots, affixes,
THEIR ANCESTRAL FORMS: A Walk Through                               stems, compounds, and idioms.
Chinatown, third edition. Contains 72 color photographs             ITEM #0538                                  $14.95PB
and flashcards. Includes ancestral forms and explanations of
288 characters. Helps to increase your appreciation of the
beautiful Chinese characters seen in Chinatowns throughout
                                                                    D’Amours, Mike
ITEM #2464                                     $13.95PB
                                                                    RAPANESE: The Musical Method For Learning
                                                                    Japanese. Four cassette tapes with frequently used words
Lay, Dr. Nancy Duke
                                                                    and phrases in Japanese and English, all superimposed on
SAY IT IN CHINESE: Phrase Book For Travelers,
                                                                    rhythmic music. For use in beginning Japanese language
1980, 187 pages. Over 2,100 up-to-date practical entries.
                                                                    instruction, this blend of words and music is an enjoyable and
ITEM #1143                                    $4.95PB
                                                                    effective learning tool.
                                                                    ITEM #1629 CASSETTE #1                          $7.95
Peking University Faculty
                                                                    ITEM #1745 CASSETTE #2                          $7.95
MODERN CHINESE: A Basic Course, 249 pages.
                                                                    ITEM #1860 CASSETTE #3                          $7.95
Textbook with every word spoken on three cassettes that
                                                                    ITEM #2053 CASSETTE #4                          $7.95
include pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar practice.
ITEM #1574 BOOK                              $4.95PB
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                     LANGUAGE                                                                                                37
Hyojun, Kai Romaji                                                      Sato, Esther M.T. and Loren I. Shishido
ALL ROMANIZED ENGLISH-JAPANESE                                          JAPANESE NOW: Volume I, 1983. Focuses on the
DICTIONARY, 1974, 732 pages.                                            student and his/her friends and gives the student a basic
ITEM #0244                     $12.95PB                                 vocabulary of useful words and expressions.
                                                                        ITEM #1034 TEACHER                              $18.00PB
Iwasaki, T.                                                             ITEM #1062 EXERCISE SHEETS                      $5.40
KENKYUSHA’S NEW POCKET ENGLISH-JAPANESE                                 ITEM #0553 STUDENT                              $18.00HB
DICTIONARY, 1,555 pages. From English to Japanese kanji.                ITEM #1644 AUDIO TAPE                           $75.00
ITEM #0247                               $45.95PB
                                                                        Sato, Esther M.T. and Loren I. Shishido
Kai, Miwa                                                               JAPANESE NOW: Volume II. Acquaints the student with
SAY IT IN JAPANESE: Phrase Book For Travelers,                          his/her immediate surroundings, including family and
1983, 20 pages. Pocket sized with 2,200 practical entries.              neighborhood.
ITEM #1144                                    $4.95PB                   ITEM #1035 TEACHER                            $18.00PB
                                                                        ITEM #1061 EXERCISE SHEETS                    $5.40
Kai, Miwa                                                               ITEM #0554 STUDENT                            $24.00HB
LISTEN AND LEARN JAPANESE. A complete practical                         ITEM #1059 AUDIO TAPE                         $75.00
at home language learning course. Includes books and
cassette tapes.                                                         Sato, Esther M.T. and Loren I. Shishido
ITEM #1345                                   $9.95SET                   JAPANESE NOW: Volume III. Expands the student‟s
Masuda, K.                                                              knowledge of Japan and its natural beauty, economy, and
KENKYUSHA’S NEW POCKET JAPANESE-ENGLISH                                 national treasures.
DICTIONARY, 1,491 pages. From romanized Japanese and                    ITEM #1355 TEACHER                            $27.00PB
kanji to English.                                                       ITEM #1356 EXERCISE SHEETS                    $5.40
ITEM #0248                             $39.95PB                         ITEM #1312 STUDENT                            $24.00HB
                                                                        ITEM #1645 AUDIO TAPE                         $75.00
Mitamura, Yasuko Kosaka
LET’S LEARN HIRAGANA: First Book Of Basic                               Sato, Esther M.T. and Loren I. Shishido
Japanese Writing, 1985, 75 pages. In clear, simple steps,               JAPANESE NOW: Volume IV, 1990.
shows how to write all the hiragana symbols and their                   ITEM #1736 TEACHER                            $24.00PB
combinations. Fifty exercises. Designed for elementary use.             ITEM #1737 EXERCISE SHEETS                    $7.00
ITEM #1327                                    $13.00PB                  ITEM #1655 STUDENT                            $27.00HB

Mitamura, Yasuko Kosaka                                                                              KOREAN
LET’S LEARN KATAKANA: Second Book Of Basic
Japanese Writing, 1985, 88 pages. Companion to Let‟s                    Eccardt. Thomas, with Oh Wonchl
Learn Hiragana. Teaches when and how to use this alternative            HIPPOCRENE HANDY DICTIONARIES, KOREAN,,
Japanese writing syllabary.                                             1993 178 pages. English to Korean words with translations in
ITEM #1328                                 $12.00PB                     Korean letters. Includes Korean alphabet, some notes on
Nelson, Andrew N.                                                       ITEM #2992                                   $8.95PB
CHARACTER DICTIONARY, 1974, 1,109 pages. Lists                          Jones, B. J.
5,000 selected characters with their 10,000 current readings            STANDARD ENGLISH-KOREAN DICTIONARY FOR
and almost 70,000 compounds in current use, all with concise            FOREIGNERS, 1982. Romanized 12,000 useful and
English definitions.                                                    essential entries, special “hangul-in-a-hurry” charts and
ITEM #0527                                      $69.95PB                romanized table of Korean alphabet.
                                                                        ITEM #1054                                       $10.95PB
Sakade, Florence
GUIDE TO READING AND WRITING JAPANESE:                                  Kim, In-Seok.
1850 Basic Characters And Kanji Syllabaries, 1983,                      COLLOQUIAL-KOREAN A Complete Language
312 pages. Includes stroke order for kanji users.                       course, 2000, Book & 2 tapes Offers step-by-step approach
ITEM #0528                                     $16.95PB                 to written and spoken Korean..
                                                                        ITEM #2990                                  $39.95PB

                                         HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
                                      AACP, Inc., - Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                      LANGUAGE                                                                                               38
                            LAO                                                            VIETNAMESE
Hoshino                                                              Khanhn, Le-Ba and Le-Ba-Kong
LAO FOR BEGINNERS: An Introduction To The                            HIPPOCRENE STANDARD DICTIONARY –
Spoken And Written Language Of Laos, 209 pages.                      VIETNAMESE-ENGLISH/ENGLISH-VIETNAMESE,
ITEM #0533                           $16.95PB                        1991.
                                                                     ITEM #1865                      $19.95PB
Marcus, Russell
ENGLISH-LAO, LAO-ENGLISH DICTIONARY, 1981,                           Nguyen, Dinh-Hoa
415 pages.                                                           COLLOQUIAL VIETNAMESE, 1974, 384 pages
ITEM #0555                      $16.95PB                             ITEM #1983                         $41.00PB

                            THAI                                     Nguyen, Dinh-Hoa
                                                                     ESSENTIAL ENGLISH-VIETNAMESE DICTIONARY,
Allison, Gordon H.                                                   1983, 316 pages. Concise translations of over 16,000 entries.
EASY THAI: An Introduction To The Thai Language,                     Many entries include useful compounds and phrases,
1969, 105 pages. Includes exercises and answer key. A                indicating actual usage of the word.
gradual and cumulative system with little time wasted.               ITEM #1890                                    $14.95PB
ITEM #0539                                     $12.95PB
                                                                     Nguyen, Dinh-Hoa
Lexus with Manat Chitakasem and David Smyth                          LANUAGE IN VIETNAMESE SOCIETY, 1980, 142 pages.
HIPPOCRENE HANDY DICTIONARY - THAI, 1988, 116                        ITEM #2466                       $24.95PB
pages. More than just a dictionary, easier to use than a
phrasebook, for people who want to communicate or the                Vuong, Tuan Duc and John Moore
traveler with an independent spirit.                                 COLLOQUIAL VIETNAMESE: A Complete Language
ITEM #1863                                      $6.95PB              Course. Written by experienced teachers for self-study or
                                                                     class use, this course offers a step-by-step approach to written
Moore, John and Saowalak Rodchue                                     and spoken Vietnamese.
COLLOQUIAL THAI: A Complete Language Course.                         ITEM #2493                                       $39.95PB
Written by experienced teachers for self-study or class use, the
course offers a step-by-step approach to written and spoken
ITEM #2492                                      $39.95SET

Tu’inukuafe, Edgar
This comprehensive dictionary is the first to be composed by a
Tongan scholar. Includes Tongan to English and English to
Tongan, additional features include a pronunciation guide,
guide to grammar and much more.
ITEM #2101                                      $27.00PB

                                Order on-line at or call (800) 874-2242
                                       AACP, Inc. – Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                      LANGUAGE                                                                                                     39
                                                                          ITEM #0444                                       $40.00HB
                   ASIAN COOKING                                                                       KOREAN
Kushi, A. T.                                                              Chung-shil, Shim
HOW TO COOK WITH MISO, 1978, 127 pages. Discusses                         KOREAN RECIPES, 1984, 79 pages. Emphasis on home
miso as health food and includes miso recipes.                            style cooking with easily acquired ingredients. Includes 62
ITEM #0480                                     $8.95PB                    recipes from soups to main dishes and desserts.
                                                                          ITEM #0921                                      $13.95PB
Watanabe, Tokuji and Asako Kishi
BOOK OF SOYBEANS, 1984, 191 pages. History,                               Ok, Cho Joong
characters and recipes for soybeans – the super foodstuff that            HOME STYLE KOREAN COOKING IN PICTURES,
is changing eating habits across the country.                             1981, 96 pages. In full color.
ITEM #0682                                      $15.95PB                  ITEM #0446                     $15.95HB
Chu, Lawrence C.
CHEF CHU’S DISTINCTIVE CUISINE OF CHINA, 1983,                            Chang, Dr. Stephen Thomas
224 pages. San Francisco restaurateur Chu does a                          COMPLETE BOOK OF ACUPUNCTURE, 1976, 244
commendable job of acquainting home cooks with the basic                  pages. Discusses history of theories, describes acupuncture
philosophy and techniques of Chinese cooking.                             points, and the treatment for common disease.
ITEM #0436                                    $23.95PB                    ITEM #1429                                      $9.95PB
                                                                          CANCER AND HEART DISEASE: The Macrobiotic
Alejandro, Renaldo G.                                                     Approach To Degenerative Disorders, 1985, 224 pages.
THE FOOD OF THE PHILIPPINES, 1998, 120                                    A revised edition that discusses disease prevention through a
pages. Each recipe illustrated in full color photos.                      macrobiotic diet.
ITEM # 2735                             $16.95HB                          ITEM #1109                                      $14.95PB
                    HAWAIIAN                                              Brown, Michael D.
Corum, Ann Kondo                                                          VIEWS FROM ASIAN CALIFORNIA 1920-1965.
HAWAII’S SPAM COOKBOOK, 160 pages. Ninety-eight                           Beautifully illustrated in color, this book is a compilation of
favorite island recipes for Spam, collected from friends and              Brown‟s personal art collection. Includes photographs of
fans.                                                                     artwork and background information of Asian American
ITEM #1514                                      $9.95PB                   artists in California.
                       JAPANESE                                           ITEM #2063                                         $29.95PB

Moriyama, Yukiko                                                          Coerr, Eleanor and Ed Young
QUICK AND EASY TOFU COOK BOOK, 1982, 104                                  SADAKO, 1993. Beautifully illustrated classic, moving
pages. Written by a Japanese cooking instructor, this book has            story of Sadako and her brave struggle to battle against
90 pages of color photos with easy step-by-step instructions.             leukemia, the “atom bomb disease.”
ITEM #0490                                     $18.95HB                   ITEM #1542                                      $17.95HB
Omae, Kinjiro and Yuzuru Tachibana
BOOK OF SUSHI, 1981, 128 pages. Everything you ever                       Yosemite Association
wanted to know about sushi, including 40 color illustrations.             OBATA’S YOSEMITE, 1993, 151 pages. Chiura Obata was
ITEM #0484                                     $19.95HB                   instrumental in perfecting watercolor techniques merging
                                                                          Eastern and Western art. Full color reproductions of
Sugano, Kimiko                                                            magnificent works of art. A series of sumi ink paintings,
KIMIKO’S WORLD: Cooking, Culture, And Festival Of                         watercolors, and woodblock prints.
Japan. In Japan, meals reflect the season. Festivals such as              ITEM #2190                                     $24.95PB
hina matsuri (doll festival) and jogoya (moon viewing) dictate
foods to be served. Also, every meal of every day must be                                    CHINESE CULTURE
delectable, varied and nourishing.
ITEM #1075                                     $10.95PB                   Jou, Tsung Hwa
                                                                          TAO OF I CHING: Way To Divination, 1984, 409 pages.
Tsuji, Shizu
                                                                          ITEM #0512                            $19.95HB
JAPANESE COOKING, A Simple Art, 1980, 517 pages.
A comprehensive guide with 220 recipes.
                                                                          Kaplan, Frederic
                                           HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
                                        AACP, Inc., - Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                      CULTURE                                                                                              40
CHINA GUIDEBOOK, 1992, 800 pages. World‟s bestseller                ITEM #1475                                      $15.95HB
on China. Covers every aspect of travel, includes maps,
history, culture, economy, food, health, religions, arts and        Ekiguchi, Kunio and R. S. McCreery
crafts plus information on cities and provinces.                    JAPANESE CRAFTS AND CUSTOMS: A Seasonal
ITEM #1702                                       $18.95PB           Approach, 1992, 136 pages. Perfect gift for the craft lover.
                                                                    Filled with informative essays on the customs and festivals of
Mingqiu, Cui                                                        Japan in addition to craft projects with detailed instructions.
WISDOM OF THE CHINESE PROVERB. Bilingual                            ITEM #2062                                        $19.00PB
English-Chinese. Enjoyable reading for anyone interested in
gaining ancient wisdom. You will find a unique proverb for          Lebra, Takie Sugiyama
that special occasion.                                              JAPANESE PATTERNS OF BEHAVIOR, 1976, 295
ITEM #2044                                   $9.95PB                pages. Second printing.
                                                                    ITEM #0706                     $15.95PB
Wee, Thomas Tsu
YOUR CHINESE ROOTS: The overseas Chinese                            Lebra, Takie Sugiyama
Story, 1987, 262 pages. Explores the meaning and origin of          JAPANESE CULTURE AND BEHAVIOR, 1974, 460
47 common Chinese surnames, and the development of                  pages. Selected readings.
overseas Chinese communities in Singapore, Thailand,                ITEM #0256                                   $18.95PB
Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom.             Yumoto, John M.
ITEM #0480                                   $8.95PB                SAMURAI SWORD: A Handbook, 1958, 191 pages. A
                                                                    complete handbook of the samurai sword, including history.
               JAPANESE CULTURE                                     ITEM #0264                                   $21.95HB

Britton, Dorthy                                                                   VIETNAMESE CULTURE
JAPANESE CRANE: A Bird Of Happiness.
Photographs by Tsuneo Hayashida. The return of a classic.           Cohen, Barbara
Beautiful photos of the Japanese crane, capturing the               VIETNAM GUIDEBOOK: The First Guide For Tourist
gracefulness and elegance that has made it a symbol of eternal      and Business Travelers. Contains information on people,
happiness in Japanese culture.                                      life styles, customs, history, geography, climate, economics,
ITEM #2096                                      $30.00HB            trade, foreign relations and much more. Includes 75 photos
                                                                    and 14 maps.
Chiba, Reiko                                                        ITEM #1701                                       $19.95PB
bound book with folded, colored pages illustrated with
drawings. Contents give predictions on Japanese zodiac
determined by birth year.

                               Order on-line at or call (800) 874-2242
                                      AACP, Inc. – Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                      REFERENCE                                                                                                  41
                                                                          a broad range of subject...Students, practitioners,
                  MULTICULTURAL                                           researchers, policy makers, and academics will want this
                                                                          book in their personal libraries,"”Rita Takahashi, PhD,
Chin-Lee, Cynthia                                                         San Francisco State University, California
IT’S WHO YOU KNOW: The Magic Of Networking In                             ITEM#2968                                        $39.95PB
Person And On The Internet, 1998, 185 pages. A                            Costa, Shu Shu
practical, step-by-step guide for making the personal and                 WILD GEESE AND TEA: An Asian American
business contacts which are critical to success. If you know              Wedding Planner, 1997, 162 pages. Planning a wedding?
how to network, you can enhance your business and personal                Here‟s a book that explains traditional wedding customs from
life significantly. You will learn how to use networking to get           different Asian cultures and gives ideas for incorporating these
what you want out of life whether that be landing a new job or            customs into your own wedding. Also gives ideas for
launching your new business.                                              updating traditional customs to blend into today‟s ceremonies.
ITEM #2986                                       $14.95PB                 ITEM #2853                                       $15.00PB

Cortes, Carlos, with Sue Stanley, et al.                                  Endo, Russell, Virgie Chattergy, Sally Chou, and
BEYOND LANGUAGE; Social And Cultural Factors In                           Nobuya Tsuchida, Editors
Schooling Language Minority Students, 1986, 343                           CONTEMPORARY PERSPECTIVES ON ASIAN AND
pages.                                                                    APCIFIC AMERICAN EDUCTION, 1990, 193 pages. A
ITEM #1206                               $34.95PB                         research anthology examining language, higher education,
                                                                          social psychological, and curriculum issues in Asian and
Takaki, Ronald                                                            Pacific American education. Of particular interest to teachers,
A DIFFERENT MIRROR: A History Of Multicultural                            professors, educational administrators, students, social
America, 1993, 508 pages.                                                 services providers and researchers.
ITEM #2467                         $12.95PB                               ITEM #1810                                      $13.95PB

                  ASIAN AMERICAN                                          Endo, Russell, Clara C. Park,
                                                                          and John Nobuya Tsuchida, Editors
Ancheta, Angelo N.                                                        CURRENT ISSUES IN ASIAN AND PACIFIC
RACE, RIGHTS AND THE ASIAN AMERICAN                                       AMERICAN EDUCATION, 1998, 202 pages. A publication
EXPERIENCE, 1998, 209 pages. Ancheta suggests that U.S.                   of the National Association for Asian Pacific American
race relations have been framed by a black-white model of                 Education. Includes sections on: School Intervention for
race that typically ignores the experiences of other groups,              Urban Asian and Pacific American Students Facing Academic
including Asian Americans. The book centers on the                        Challenges; Troubled Southeast Asian Refugee Youth;
distinctive experience of racial discrimination faced by Asian            Educational and Occupational Aspirations of Korean Youth in
Americans and how the American legal system fails to                      L.A.; An Exploratory Study of Asian American College
recognize that discrimination can differ among racial and                 Students; Diversity and the Campus Climate at a Multiethnic
ethnic groups.                                                            University; Korean Parent Perceptions and Attitudes Toward
ITEM #2649                                       $14.95PB                 Bilingual Education; Effect of Cultural Experience on the
                                                                          Cognitive Style of Laotian Hmong Students in the U.S.
Chan, Sucheng                                                             ITEM #2781                                     $14.95PB
ASIAN AMERICANS: An Interpretive History, 1991. A
comparative history of Asian American groups, illuminating                Espiritu, Yen Le
the patterns of adaptation and survival that marked each                  ASIAN AMERICAN PANETHNICITY. An in-depth study
group‟s entry into American society.                                      of how Asian Americans are beginning to understand the
ITEM #1780                                      $29.95HB                  benefits of speaking with one voice.
ITEM #1781                                      $12.95PB                  ITEM #2069                                  $39.95HB
                                                                          ITEM #2229                                  $20.95PB
ITEM #2986                                      $14.95PB
                                                                          Espiritu, Yen Le
Choi, Namkee G PhD, Editor                                                ASIAN AMERICAN WOMEN AND MEN: Labor, Law
Psychosocial Aspects of the Asian American                                And Love, 1997, 145 pages. Chapter 1: Labor, Laws, and
Experience, Diversity Within Diversity, 2001 340                          Love; 2 Stretching Gender, Family, and Community
pages. Contributors include Harry Kitano and Stanley                      Boundaries; 3 Changing Lives: WWII and the Postwar Years;
Sue. “This timely book is AN IMPORTANT RESOURCE                           4 Contemporary Asian America: Immigration, Increasing
FOR TODAY, and it will be a valuable source of                            Diversity and Changing Resources; 5 Ideological Racism and
reference for many years to come. Rarely does one
encounter a book on Asian Americans that covers such
                                           HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
                                        AACP, Inc., - Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                      REFERENCE                                                                                             42
Cultural Resistance: Constructing Our Own Images; 6 Beyond           Families; Assessment of Depression Among Young Students
Dualisms: Constructing an Imagined Community.                        from Taiwan and Hong Kong; and personal reflections from
ITEM #2771                                  $20.95PB                 students.
                                                                     ITEM #2777                                  $19.95PB
Fong, Timothy P.
THE CONTEMPORARY ASIAN AMERICAN                                      Lott, Juanita Tamayo
EXPERIENCE, Beyond The Model Minority, 1998, 322                     ASIAN AMERICANS, From Racial Category to
pages. Chapters include: History of Asians in America; Right         Multiple Identities, 1998, 115 pages. Chapter 1: Race, A
to Excel: Asian Americans and Educational Opportunity;               Major Organizing Principle; 2 Directive 15 Origins, 3
Workplace issues: Beyond Glass Ceilings; Anti-Asian                  Continuing Utility of Directive 15, 4 Asian Americans: A
Violence; Asian Americans and the Media; Asian American              Racial Category; 5 Asian Americans: A Multiplicity of
Families and Identities; and Asian American Political                Identities.
Empowerment.                                                         ITEM #2774                                       $21.95PB
ITEM #2684                                      $36.95PB             Min, Pyong Gap and Rose Kim, Editors
Friday, Chris                                                        STRUGGLE FOR ETHNIC IDENTITY, Narratives By
ORGANIZING ASIAN AMERICAN LABOR: The Pacific                         Asian American Professionals, 1999, 240 pages.
Coast Canned Salmon Industry 1870 - 1942, 1994, 386                  Includes sections on ethnic culture; bicultural identity;
pages. Asian American workers established formal and                 blending in; the first generation experience; and forming one's
informal codes of workplace behavior, negotiated with                ethnic identity.
contractors and recruiters, and formed alliances to organize the     ITEM #2770                                       $29.95PB
ITEM #2222                                      $34.95HB             Nakanishi, Don T. and Tina Yamano Nishida, Editors
                                                                     THE ASIAN AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL
Kim, Elaine                                                          EXPERIENCE: A Sourcebook For Teachers And
ASIAN AMERICAN LITERATURE: An Introduction To                        Students, 1995, 404 pages. A most comprehensive reader
The Writings And Their Social Context, 1982, 391                     on Asian American education. Combines the best scholarship
pages.                                                               on subjects including ethnic studies, education, psychology,
ITEM #1033                             $22.95PB                      sociology, urban studies, and Asian American studies.
                                                                     Examines the most significant issues and concerns in Asian
Kim, Hyung-chan, Editor                                              American education. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
DISTINGUISHED ASIAN AMERICANS, A Biographical                        ITEM #2480                                      $20.95PB
Dictionary, 1999, 430 pages. A compilation of short
biographies including approximately one hundred Asian                Okihiro, Gay Y.
Americans with photographs.                                          MARGINS AND MAINSTREAMS: Asians In American
ITEM #2908                                   $69.95HB                History And Culture, 1994, 216 pages. Six thought
Kitano, Harry and Roger Daniels                                      provoking essays that examine the Asian American experience
ASIAN AMERICANS: Emerging Minorities, 1988, 214                      through historical consciousness, race, gender, class, and
pages. Includes coverage of Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos,            culture.
Koreans, Indians, Pacific Islanders, and Southeast Asians.           ITEM #2296                                      $25.00HB
ITEM #1426                                     $29.95PB              ITEM #2295                                      $13.95PB

Lim, Shirley Geok-Lin and Amy Ling                                   Pang, Valerie Ooka and Li-Rong Lilly Cheng
This unique collection of essays, compiled by authors of             Asian Pacific American Children, 1998, 362 pages.
diverse cultural backgrounds, provides and excellent resource.       Sections include cultural profiles, critical issues in the
ITEM #2070                                     $44.95HB              development of APA children, mental health issues, cultural
ITEM #2071                                     $19.95PB              translators, schooling, families with disabilities, language
                                                                     assessment, meeting instructional needs, educating Asian
Lin, Josh Chia Hsin, Editor                                          newcomer secondary students, student empowerment,
IN PURSUIT OF EDUCATION, Young Asian Students                        educating the whole child, and creating positive images.
In The United States, 1998, 154 pages. Sections include:             ITEM #2902                                         $21.95PB
Young Taiwanese Students in the U.S.; Unaccompanied
Minors from Hong Kong; Overseas Study by Unaccompanied               Sumida, Stephen
Korean Minors; Young Korean Students in the U.S.;                    AND THE VIEW FROM THE SHORE: Literary
International Students from Japan; Young Students from               Traditions of Hawaii, 1991, 320 pages. A groundbreaking
China; Effects of Father Absence in Chinese American                 study of a little explored branch of American literature. Takes

                                Order on-line at or call (800) 874-2242
                                       AACP, Inc. – Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
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the multicultural approach, including the spectrum of native               ITEM #2932                                      $35.00HB
Hawaiian, colonial, tourist, and polyethnic local literatures.
ITEM #1867                                      $30.00HB                   Zia, Helen                                        NEW!
                                                                           ASIAN AMERICAN DREAMS, The Emergence Of An
Takaki, Ronald                                   NEW!                      American People, 2000, 356 pages. This groundbreaking
DOUBLE VICTORY, A Multicultural History Of                                 book is about the transformation of Asian Americans from
America In World War II, 2000, 281 pages. “Ron Takaki                      small, disconnected, and largely invisible ethnic groups into a
gives us a troubling look at the underside of the 'good war'.              self-identified racial group that is influencing every aspect of
The war against fascism, presumably for democracy, was                     American society. It explores the juncture that shocked Asian
tarnished by the racist treatment of Asians, Mexicans, and                 Americans into motion and shaped a new consciousness,
African Americans and by the official coldness in the face of              including the murder of Vincent Chin, the apartheid-like
the Jewish Holocaust. Takaki writes with undisguised passion,              working conditions of Filipinos in the Alaska salmon
and lets us hear again and again the eloquent voices of those              canneries, the boycott of Korean American greengrocers in
who fought the double fight, against the enemy abroad, for                 Brooklyn, the L.A. riots, and the casting of non-Asians in the
justice at home.”              - Howard Zinn, Author.                      Broadway musical “Miss Saigon”. The book also examines
ITEM #2885                                       $27.95HB                  stereotyping, which has an impact on key issues concerning all
                                                                           Americans, from affirmative action and campaign finance to
Tuan, Mia                                                                  popular culture and national security.
FOREVER FOREIGNERS OR HONORARY WHITES?                                     ITEM #2847                                        $26.00HB
The Asian Ethnic Experience Today, 1998, 202 pages.
Sections include: Racialized Ethnics Compared to White                                    CAMBODIAN AMERICAN
Ethnics; Growing Up Asian Ethnic; Childhood Neighborhood
Influences; The Continuing Erosion of Cultural Traditions in               Welaratna, Usha
Adulthood; and Emerging Identities and Practices.                          BEYOND THE KILLING FIELDS: Voice Of Nine
ITEM #2801                                    $17.95PB                     Cambodian Survivors In America, 1993, 400 pages.
                                                                           Enhances the understanding of Cambodians. Traces the
Wei, William
                                                                           journey to the U.S., reliving the traumatic survival and the
THE ASIAN AMERICAN MOVEMENT, 6 x 9 illustrations.
                                                                           hopes and dreams, only to find difficulty adjusting to a new
Wei evaluates the Movement‟s effort to develop a unique but
cohesive ethnic identity and the internal struggles between
                                                                           ITEM #2157                                       $17.95PB
reformist and revolutionary approaches to social change.
                                                                           Vickery, Michael
ITEM #2067                                       $44.95HB
                                                                           CAMBODIA 1975-1982, 1984, 369 pages.Presents a unique
ITEM #2228                                       $20.95PB
                                                                           and carefully researched analysis of the Democratic
                                                                           Kampuchea regime of Pol Pat and the “Khmer Rouge” and the
Wong, William                                 NEW!                         early years of the People‟s Republic of Kampuchea.
YELLOW JOURNALIST: Dispatches From Sane                                    Item#2917                                      $21.00PB
America, 2001, 272 pages. Sections include: Hometown;
Family; History; Immigration; Identity and Acculturation;                                    CHINESE AMERICAN
Anti-Asian Racism; Class; Affirmative Action; Gender; Race
Relations. AACP RECOMMENDED.                                               Kwong, Peter
ITEM #2966                                    $22.95PB                     NEW CHINATOWN, 1988, 198 pages. A study of the
                                                                           changing forces reshaping America‟s Chinatowns, emerging
Wu, Diana Ting Liu                                                         in a new Chinatown.
ASIAN PACIFIC AMERICANS IN THE WORKPLACE,                                  ITEM #1412                                  $19.95HB
1997, 276 pages. Sections include: The Emergence of Asian
Pacific Americans in the Workforce; Individual Attributes,                 Lim, Christina M.
Group Interactions, and Organization Issues; and Strategies                IN THE SHADOW OF THE TIGER: The 407 Air

for Change.                                                                                th
                                                                           Squadron, 14 Air Service Group, 14 Air Force

ITEM #2772                                     $28.95PB                    World War II, 1993, 225 pages. The first book about
                                                                           Chinese American veterans in World War II. A unique group
Yu, Henry                                      NEW!                        in an extraordinary situation – Chinese Americans, some who
THINKING ORIENTALS, Migration, Contact, And                                had immigrated to the United States less than two years
Exoticism In Modern America, 2001, 262 pages. The first                    before, were sent back to fight a war in China.
intellectual history of Asian Americans, Thinking Orientals is             ITEM #2177                                      $32.00HB
necessary reading for anyone who wants to understand the
history of race in the United States. RECOMMENDED.
                                            HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
                                         AACP, Inc., - Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                      REFERENCE                                                                                             44
Ling, Amy                                                           consider it to be the best work on the subject. For this reissue,
BETWEEN WORLDS: Women Writers Of Chinese                            Roger Daniels has updated the bibliography to 1991.
Ancestry, 1990. An impressive group of women writers                ITEM #1871                                       $9.95PB
whose works span the better part of a century in a provocative
discussion that provides historical context, rich biographical      Sung, Betty Lee
detail and illuminating insights.                                   ADJUSTMENT EXPERIENCE OF CHINESE
ITEM #1754                                       $17.95PB           IMMIGRANT CHILDREN IN NEW YORK CITY, 1987,
                                                                    350 pages. Written in easy, anecdotal, case-study style.
Loo, Chalsa M.                                                      ITEM #1573                                     $24.95HB
CHINESE AMERICA, Mental Health And Quality Of
Life In The Inner City, 1998, 286 pages. Includes: A                Sung, Betty Lee
Historical Overview; The Nature of Community and Desired            CHINESE AMERICAN INTERMARRIAGE, 1990, 250
Residential Mobility; Neighborhood Satisfaction:                    pages. Includes tables, figures, and an index.
Development Versus Preservation; Crowding Perceptions,              ITEM #1717                                     $24.95HB
Attitudes and Consequences; Language Acquisition, Cultural
Shift, and the English-only Movement; Pulse on Chinatown:           Tung, May Paomay, PhD.                        NEW!
Health Status and Service Use; Mental Health Status and             CHINESE AMERICANS AND THEIR IMMIGRANT
Attitudes; Gender Differences and Women's Status; and               PARENTS: Conflict, Identity, And Values, 2000, 111
Quality of Life.                                                    pages. Understand how culture and history shape and
ITEM #2769                                     $34.95PB             influence Chinese American identity and social behavior.
Louie, Emma Woo                                                     ITEM #2910                                    $22.95PB
Transition, 1998, 230 pages. Sections include Chinese Name          Yin, Xiao-huang                                  NEW!
Traditions; Names as Clues to Identity; Chinese American            CHINESE AMERICAN LITERATURE SINCE THE
Name Customs; and What‟s in a Surname Character?                    1850'S, 2000, 307 pages. “Yin has provided us with a broad
ITEM #2964                                     $32.50HB             survey of Chinese American literature informed by original
                                                                    and illuminating insights…Without question, he has set a new
Low, Jeanie W. Chooey                                               standard for the socio-historical analysis of Chinese American
CHINA CONNECTION, Finding Ancestral Roots For                       literature, and scholars of Asian American studies will be
Chinese In America, 1996, 65 pages. A compact guide for             indebted to his careful and imaginative scholarship.”
researching Chinese family history and Chinese Americans in                                          -Franklin Ng
the United States.                                                  ITEM #2884                                       $34.95HB
ITEM #2896                                    $11.95PB
                                                                    Yu, Connie Young
Low, Victor                                                         CHINATOWN SAN JOSE, USA, 1991, 127 pages.
UNIMPRESSABLE RACE: A Century Of Educational                        Illustrated with black and white photographs. Documents the
Struggle By The Chinese In San Francisco, 1982, 236                 history of the Chinese in the Santa Clara valley. Produced by
pages.                                                              the Chinese Historical and Cultural Project of San Jose.
ITEM #0309                            $10.95PB                      ITEM #2963                                      $22.95PB
Minnick, Sylvia Sun
SAMFOW: The San Joaquin Chinese Legacy, 1988,                       Yu, Connie Young
352 pages. A sensitive, yet revealing portrait of Chinese           PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE: Peninsula Chinese
people in San Joaquin Valley.                                       Americans, 1987, 155 pages. Portraits of 36 outstanding
ITEM #1515                                      $15.95PB            Chinese Americans in the San Francisco bay area.
                                                                    ITEM #1523                                   $9.95PB
Nee, Victor G. and Brett DeBary
LONGTIME CALIFORN: A Documental Study Of An                         Yung, Judy
American Chinatown, 1973, 438 pages.                                UNBOUND FEET, A Social History Of Chinese
ITEM #1202                           $15.95PB                       Women In San Francisco, 1995, 395 pages. Sections
                                                                    include: Chinese Women in the 19th Century; Chinese
Sandmeyer, Elmer Clarence                                           Immigrant Women, 1902-1929; The Second Generation,
Forward by Roger Daniels                                            1920's; The Great Depression; The War Years.
THE ANTI-CHINESE MOVEMENT IN CALIFORNIA,                            Limited number of autographed books available.
1991, 144 pages. Originally published in 1939, this book was        ITEM #2735                                   $16.95PB
the first objective study of the anti-Chinese movement in the
west. Some historians of the Asian American experience still

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                                                                           ITEM #2220                                      $44.95HB
                 FILIPINO AMERICAN                                         ITEM #2221                                      $16.95PB
Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra,
                                                                           Moore-Howard, Patricia
and Edmundo F. Litton, Editors                 NEW!                        HMONG: Yesterday and Today, 1982, 72 pages.
JOURNEY OF 100 YEARS, Reflections On The                                   Resource book with history, culture, customs, adjustment
Centennial Of Philippine Independence, 2000, 260                           problems, lesson plans and bibliography.
pages. Contributions by Damon Woods, Elizabeth Pastores-                   ITEM #1538                                     $12.95PB
Palffy, Santiago Sia, John Silva, Rosita Galang, Felice                    Quincy, Keith
Peuswnrw Sta Maria, E, San Juan, Jr, Susan Evangelista,                    HARVESTING PA CHAY’S WHEAT, THE HMONG &
Valorie Slaughter Bejarano, Susan N Montepio, Herminia                     AMERICA’SSECRET WAR IN LAOS, 2000, 590 pages.
Menez, Ruel de Vera, Paulino Lim, Jr., and more.                           “We can no longer doubt that the war the Hmong waged to
ITEM #2848                                     $17.95PB                    defend their homeland is every bit as deserving of the name
                                                                           “patriotic war” …Robin Vue-Benson, Editor of Hmong
Churchill, Thomas
                                                                           Studies Journal.
TRIUMPH OVER MARCOS, 1995, 176 pages. Based on
                                                                           ITEM#2918                                    $18.95PB
the lives and assassination of two Filipino American union
organizers. It is also a story of so many young Filipino
Americans who, looking for their identity, find it in the social                              IU MIEN AMERICAN
movement of the Union of Democratic Filipinos (KDP).
ITEM #2528                                      $14.95PB                   Moore-Howard, Patricia, PhD.
Cordova, Fred                                                              THE IUMIEN: Tradition And Change, 1989, 112 pages.
FILIPINOS: Forgotten Asian Americans, 1983, 254                            Provides information on Southeast Asia‟s newest emigrants to
pages.                                                                     the Unites States.
ITEM #0189                                      $27.95PB                   ITEM #1838                                   $12.95PB

Hieb, Col. Harley F.                                                                        JAPANESE AMERICAN
HEART OF IRON, 1987, 410 pages. Chronicles the
experience of a Filipino soldier who survived in the jungles of            Bailey, Paul
the Philippines during the Japanese occupation in World War                CITY IN THE SUN, 1971, 224 pages. A study of life in
II, and eventually joined the U.S. Army.                                   Poston, the largest wartime relocation center used by the U.S.
ITEM #1589                                      $20.00HB                   government for the forced evacuation of Japanese heritage
                                                                           people living on the west coast.
Manila, Estela L.                             NEW!                         ITEM #1384                                      $20.95HB
Digital Resource Guide, A Selected Annotated                               Conrat, Maisie and Richard
Bibliography On The Filipino American Experience,                          EXECUTIVE ORDER 9066: The Internment of 110,000
2000, 90 pages. A good resource guide including digital                    Japanese Americans, 1971, 120 pages. The return of a
resources.                                                                 classic pictorial essay on the Japanese American World War II
ITEM #2915                                    $10.00PB                     internment based on the 1971 photo exhibit at the Presidio of
                                                                           San Francisco.
Tompar-Tiu, Aurora, M.D.,                                                  ITEM #1990                                     $14.95PB
and Juliana Sustento-Seneriches
                                                                           Crost, Lyn
                                                                           HONOR BY FIRE: Japanese Americans At War In
ISSUES: The Filipino American Experience, 1995, 180
                                                                           Europe And The Pacific, 1994, 346 pages. A moving
pages. Includes psychosocial cultural profiles, a study on
                                                                           story of men who fought first for the right to fight then went
depression, a section on schizophrenia, acute psychoses, and
                                                                           on to show a rare courage and tremendous spirit.
culture-bound syndromes, and guidelines for assessing
                                                                           ITEM #2719                                        $16.95HB
Filipino American clients.
ITEM #2909                                       $44.95HB                  Daniels, Roger
                                                                           CONCENTRATION CAMPS OF NORTH AMERICA:
                 HMONG AMERICAN                                            Japanese In the U.S. And Canada During World War
                                                                           II, Revised 1981, 226 pages.
Chan, Sucheng, Editor                                                      ITEM #0331                           $24.95PB
HMONG MEANS FREE: Life In Laos And America.
Three generations of Hmong refugees expose the trauma and
share the joy of their lives.
                                            HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
                                         AACP, Inc., - Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
                       REFERENCE                                                                                             46
Daniels, Roger                                                        group of Japanese Americans challenged the constitutionality
DECISION TO RELOCATE THE JAPANESE                                     of their racially based, wartime interment by demanding their
AMERICANS, 1986, 135 pages.                                           freedom as a condition of their conscription into the U.S.
ITEM #0332                     $16.95PB                               Army. The book examines this controversial event and
                                                                      develops the legal theory that the Selective Service Act did not
Daniels, Roger,                                                       permit young men who were imprisoned even to register for
Sandra C. Taylor and Harry H.L. Kitano, Editors                       the draft. Includes accounts of Japanese American trials and
JAPANESE AMERICANS FROM RELOCATION TO                                 subsequent imprisonment at MacNeil Island, Washington.
REDRESS, Revised 1991, 264 pages. This expanded                       One of the leaders of the resistance writes of his trial,
revision presents the most complete and current account of the        imprisonment, and eventual victory and release. Resistance
Japanese American experience from the evacuation order of             also describes the opposition to the resisters by other Japanese
World War II to the public policy debate over redress and             Americans.
reparations.                                                          ITEM #2933                                        $6.00PB
ITEM #1873                                     $22.95PB
                                                                      Ichioka, Yuji
Daniels, Roger                                                        ISSEI: The World Of The First Generation Japanese
PRISONERS WITHOUT TRIAL: Japanese Americans                           In America 1885 - 1924, 1988, 317 pages.
In World War II. Examines the internment of the Japanese              ITEM #1703                               $16.95PB
Americans – the treatment during and after World War II.
ITEM #2094                                   $7.95PB                                         ND
                                                                      STORY OF THE 442 COMBAT TEAM.
                                                                      ITEM #0173                                      $6.95PB
Fujita, Stephen S. and David J. O’Brien                               Japanese American National Museum
THE JAPANESE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, 1991, 192                           A VIEW FROM WITHIN: Japanese Art From The
pages. This concise history brings to life the remarkable story       Internment Camps 1942-1945, 1992, 100 pages.
of a century of the Japanese American experience in America.          Compilation of magnificent works of art, this is the exhibition
ITEM #1875                                       $34.95HB             commemorating the 50-year anniversary of the Japanese
ITEM #1876                                       $12.95PB             American internment.
Glenn, Evelyn Nakano                                                  ITEM #2294                                      $24.95PB
ISSEI, NISEI, WAR BRIDE: Three Generations Of
Japanese American Women In Domestic Service,                          Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Northern
1986, 312 pages.                                                      California
ITEM #1445                                       $18.95PB             GENERATIONS, A Japanese American Community
                                                                      Portrait, 2001, 136 pages. A photo history of San
Hata, Donald Teruo, and Nadine Ishitani Hata                          Francisco’s Japanese American community from it’s
JAPANESE AMERICANS AND WORLD WAR II:                                  earliest days to the present.
Exclusion, Internment, And Redress, Second Edition                    ITEM#2931                                  $45.00HB
Pamphlet, 1995, 30 pages. A good brief overview of the
Japanese American experience from pre-WWII through the                Kashima, Testuden, Forward by
redress period.                                                       PERSONAL JUSTICE DENIED, Report Of The
ITEM #2718                                 $3.50PB                    Commission On Wartime Relocation And Internment
                                                                      Of Civilians, 1983, 493 pages. Tells the extraordinary oral
Hatamiya, Leslie T.                                                   history of the incarceration of mainland Japanese Americans
RIGHTING A WRONG, 1993, 288 pages. An in-depth look                   and Alaskan Aleuts during World War II.
at the factors that helped the redress legislation into passage.      ITEM #2643                                     $16.95PB
To “right a wrong” was the motivation behind the
congressional landmark legislation, history in the making.            Kawaguchi, Gary
ITEM #2064                                         $29.50HB           LIVING WITH FLOWERS: History Of The California
ITEM #2275                                         $16.95PB           Flower Market, 1993, 120 pages. One of the oldest and
Hohri, William Minoru                                                 most successful Japanese American owned corporations in the
REPAIRING AMERICA: Account Of The Movement                            U.S., The California Flower Market has been the center of the
For Japanese American Redress, 1988, 247 pages.                       wholesale flower industry in the San Francisco Bay Area for
ITEM #1460                                         $10.95PB           nearly a century. Includes interviews, historical photographs
                                                                      and beautiful color photos, this book provides a glimpse into
Hohri, William Minoru, Editor        NEW!                             the world of the Japanese American flower grower.
RESISTANCE: Challenging America's Wartime                             ITEM #2682                                      $34.95HB
Internment Of Japanese-Americans, 2001, 170 pages. A

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                      REFERENCE                                                                                               47
Kitano, Harry H. L.                                                      ITEM#2343                                   $14.95PB
GENERATIONS AND IDENTITY: The Japanese                                   Issei Christian Oral History Project
American. Builds upon his first book, The Evolution Of A                 NISEI CHRISTIAN JOURNEY: Its Promise And
Subculture. Change and diversity of the Japanese American                Fulfillment, 1988, 152 pages. Oral history of nisei struggles
sets the theme for this book. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.                        and the role of religion.
ITEM #2168                                    $37.95PB                   ITEM #1552                                    $12.00PB

Kobashigawa, Ben, Translator                                             Niiya, Brian, Editor
HISTORY OF THE OKINAWANS IN NORTH                                        Forward by Senator Daniel K. Inouye
AMERICA. Illustrated.                                                    JAPANESE AMERICAN HISTORY: An A To Z
ITEM #1590                     $29.95HB                                  Reference From 1868 To The Present, 1993, 386 pages.
                                                                         Encyclopedia style with four sections: a chronology of major
McKivor, June Mukai, Editors                                             events in Japanese American history; more then 400 A-to-Z
KENJIRO NOMURA: An Artist’s View Of The                                  entries on significant individuals, organizations, events and
Japanese American Internment, 1991, 44 pages.                            movements; a thorough bibliography including all major
Retrospective of paintings by internationally renowned artist            works on Japanese Americans; and a historical overview by
Kenjiro Nomura. Beautiful color reproductions of his                     Professor Gary Okihiro.
paintings combine with commentary to reveal Nomura‟s view                ITEM #2248                                       $50.00HB
of camp life in Camp Harmony and Minidoka relocation
centers.                                                                 Noda, Kesa
ITEM #1939                                      $11.95PB                 YAMATO COLONY 1906-1960 Livingston, California,
                                                                         1981, 231 pages. Chronicles the history of the Japanese in
MIS Association of Northern California                                   Livingston, California, an early farming community. Includes
PACIFIC WAR AND PEACE: Americans Of Japanese                             old photographs and lists of names.
Ancestry In Military Intelligence Service 1941-1952,                     ITEM #2652                                     $15.95HB
1991, 95 pages. Celebrating the Military Intelligence
Service‟s 50th anniversary, this book takes a comprehensive              Ogawa, Dennis M. and Glen Grant
look at Japanese Americans in the MIS during World War II.               ELLISON S. ONIZUKA: A Remembrance, 1986. Full
ITEM #1897                                      $10.00PB                 color photographic tribute to the Challenger astronaut.
                                                                         ITEM #1223                                      $24.95HB
Moulin, Pierre
U.S. SAMURAIS IN BRUYERES. Fifty years have passed                       Ogawa, Dennis
since the 442nd Regimental Combat Team liberated the small               JAN KEN PO: The World Of Hawaii’s Japanese
town of Bruyeres, France during WWII. Relations between                  Americans, 1974, 183 pages.
the nisei soldiers and townspeople continue to remain strong.            ITEM #0361                          $8.95PB
Accounts of that historic period are told by the French and
442nd Combat Team as well as Germans and other U.S. units.               Ogawa, Dennis
ITEM #2171                                       $47.00HB                KODOMO NO TAME NI: For The Sake Of Our
Muller, Eric L.                                                          Children, The Japanese American Experience In
FREE TO DIE FOR THEIR COUNTRY, The Story of                              Hawaii, 1978, 614 pages.
the Japanese American Draft Resisters in World War                       ITEM #0362                           $18.95PB
II, 2001, 229 pages. The story of a long misunderstood
part of Japanese American history during World War II.                   Takagi, Dana Y.
ITEM# 2993                                       $27.50HB                RETREAT FROM RACE. Examines the controversies of
Nakano, Mei                                                              Asian American admissions at Berkeley, UCLA, Brown
JAPANESE AMERICAN WOMEN: Three Generations                               Stanford, Harvard, and Princeton. Explains the important
1890-1990. The first historical survey of Japanese American              developments in the politics of race.
women.                                                                   ITEM #2090                                    $35.00HB
ITEM #1661                                       $14.95PB                ITEM #2089                                    $17.95PB
Nakashima, Tyler                                                         Tamura, Eileen H.
AMACHE, The Granada Relocation Center,                                   AMERICANIZATION, ACCULTURATION, AND
1994. 96 pages. A physical description of Amache                         ETHNIC IDENTITY: Nisei Generation In Hawaii.
                                                                         Examines the wartime hysteria that swept through Hawaii
land plus information about Amache the person.                           during and after World War II. The nisei were targets of
                                                                         racism and were forced, by Hawaii‟s organized effort, to
                                                                         become “Americanized.”
                                          HB: Hardback Book PB: Paperback Book
                                       AACP, Inc., - Thirty Years of Non-Profit Educational Service
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ITEM #2164                                     $49.95HB              ITEM#2919…                                  $29.95PB
ITEM #2165                                     $19.95PB              Moore-Howard, Patricia
                                                                     THE ETHNIC LAO: Who Are They?, 1992, 96 pages. Dr.
Tamura, Linda                                                        Howard continues to provide vital information about the
HOOD RIVER ISSEI: An Oral History Of Japanese                        Southeast Asians who have emigrated to the U.S. A collection
Settlers In Oregon’s Hood River Valley. About how the                of history, culture, literature, and activities.
issei, the first generation Japanese, overcame the hardships of      ITEM #2010                                       $12.95PB
life in America from immigration to incarceration during
World War II. Tamura captures issei pride in their                                   SAMOAN AMERICAN
accomplishments and overcoming great oppression.
ITEM #2163                                       $19.95PB            Pouesi, Daniel
                                                                     SAMOANS IN CALIFORNIA: An Illustrated History,
Taylor, Sandra C.                                                    1994, 85 pages. Sponsored by Pat H. Luce-Aoelua, National
JEWEL OF THE DESERT: Japanese American                               Office of Samoan Affairs, instrumental in the advocacy of
Internment At Topaz. Tells the history of Japanese                   American civil rights. Includes sections on Samoans in
Americans of San Francisco and the Bay Area and of their             history, migration, the military, entertainment, sports,
experiences of relocation and internment during World War II.        business, organizations, and their youth.
ITEM #2136                                     $35.00HB              ITEM #2467                                       $12.95PB
Yamada, David T. & Oral History Committee, Monterey                  Sutter, Frederick Koehler
Peninsula Japanese American Citizens League                          SAMOANS: A Global Family, 1989, 232 pages.
JAPANESE OF THE MONTEREY PENINSULA, Their                            Autobiographies of over 100 Samoans worldwide. Illustrated
History And Legacy 1895-1995, 1995, 276 pages. Black                 in color.
and white photos throughout. A well-written and illustrated          ITEM #1577                                 $34.95HB
documentary. Also includes many current residents.
Limited number of autographed books available.                                       TONGAN AMERICAN
ITEM #2878                                   $23.95HB
                                                                     Morton, Helen
Yoo, David K.                                   NEW!                 BECOMING TONGAN: An Ethnography of Childhood,
GROWING UP NISEI: Race Generation, And Culture                       1996, 343 pages. Includes sections on: The Kingdom of
Among Japanese Americans Of California, 1924-49.                     Tonga; Having Children; Becoming Poto; Children's
2000, 244 pages. In this provocative work, Yoo broadens the          Everyday Lives; Punishment and Aggression in Tonga; The
scope of Japanese American history beyond its usual confines         Socialization of Emotion; and Becoming Tongan: The Future.
to examine how the second generation - the Nisei - has shaped        ITEM #2742                                    $24.00PB
its identity and negotiated its place within American society.
"Richly captures the complex racial dilemmas faced by the                         VIETNAMESE AMERICAN
Nisei and the creative solutions they formulated. A major
contribution to Asian American history and American                  Rutledge, Paul James
studies."                 - Yuji Ichioka, UCLA                       THE VIETNAMESE EXPERIENCE IN AMERICA, 1992,
ITEM #2875                                      $21.95PB             192 pages. Based on first hand interviews, this concise
                                                                     interpretation of the Vietnamese experience in America begins
Weglyn, Michi                                                        with the fall of Saigon in 1975, and details Vietnamese flight
YEARS OF INFAMY, The Untold Story Of America's                       to asylum in Asia and then the United States.
Concentration Camps, 1976, 351 pages. Still the classic              ITEM #1948                                       $12.95PB
book on the concentration camps and the theory of
responsibility for this event.                                                      MORE GOOD BOOKS
ITEM #0593                                   $14.95PB
                                                                     Anderson, C. LeRoy,
                LAOTIAN AMERICAN                                     Joanne R. Anderson and Yunosuke Ohkura, Editors
                                                                     NO LONGER SILENT: World-Wide Memories Of The
Evans, Grant, Editor                                                 Children Of World War II, 1995, 370 pages. Children from
LAOS, CULTURE AND SOCIETY, 1999, 313                                 all over the world recall their World War II experiences.
Pages. First comprehensive social and cultural study                 Includes Kathy Reyes, Rhoda Akiko Nishimura Iyoya, and
of this fascinating part of the world in forty years.                Winston H. Churchill.
                                                                     ITEM #2485                                      $22.95PB

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                      REFERENCE                                                                       49
Grubbs, Thomas W., Assisted by J. Lawrence Driskill
SYSTEM, 1998, 140 pages. Reverend Grubbs is well
remembered for his work in the Tule Lake Concentration
Camp and Sturge Presbyterian Church in San Mateo,
California. “Extremely helpful in providing insight both into
the biblical understanding of kingship and of the
contemporary emperor system in Japan. It also makes very
clear the dangers of emperor worship both for the future of
democracy in Japan as well as for the future of the freedom of
religion”       - Clifton Kirkpatrick, State Clerk of the
             General Assembly, Presbyterian Church, U.S.A
ITEM #2699                                       $14.95PB

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