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									                                                  Paul John Hale
                   Mobile: 0773 454 4302, E-mail:, Web:

                                     Date: 1st December 2009.
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                                     Domainscanners Ltd : 5th May 2005 – Date.

                                     In 2005 I sold my shares in my first successful start-up and formed my own
                                     company. Domainscanners is a modern forward thinking company focused on
                                     delivering leading edge IT solutions including hosted internet based systems and
                                     services and bespoke software development.

We provide...

          Server and network design \ installations for small and medium sized businesses, specialising in
           Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Active Directory and SQL Server deployments
          Dedicated or shared website hosting for SMB’s with spam & virus protected email using our own high
           specification servers
          Dedicated collocated physical and virtual server hosting
          SQL 2008 database hosting
          Infinitely scalable web and database Cloud hosting for enterprise class clients
          Server consolidation consultancy specialising in Microsoft hypervisor virtualisation
          Hosted Exchange as a service solutions or on site implementation and support
          Domain name registration and management
          Bespoke website development specialising in Microsoft technologies including ASP.NET and
          Bespoke intranet systems development with rapid delivery of Content Management Systems (CMS)
           and Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)
          Website search engine optimisation (SEO) solutions and services
          Modernisation monetization leveraging the benefits of Social Network integration
          General IT Consultancy

All our software development is coded on site at our own small but efficient development office. We never outsource projects. Our hosting
is provided on our own high specification servers. We do not use 3rd party reseller packages.

Other Projects: When time permits I am also working on a social networking project that aims to connect local
residents to local businesses. Each local site (Wondersite) has its own unique domain name that is relevant to the
community it serves. These individual sites are bridged by a common domain being “”. Within
each Wondersite residents and businesses can create their own Wonderpage. Wonderpages are unique to each
owner and can be created in minutes. The sites provide a generic set of templates to start a page off with or
owners can start from a blank page. Each page has its own unique website address chosen by its owner (as long
as the name is available). For example my Wonderpage address will be
Wonderpages are ideal for small start-up companies who want a quick and cost effected web presence within
their local community. Wonderpages are not intended to replace professional websites but can be effective in
driving targeted traffic to established sites.

To summarise each Wonderpage provides the following....

          A WYSIWYG Drag Drop UI (Owners do not need to have knowledge of HTML)
          A unique URL. For example,
          Real time hit statistics
          Personal media vault where owners can upload their own graphics, documents, video etc.

A typical Wonderpage owner may own a local restaurant and publish their opening times and menu. If their
menu changes they can simply login, make the changes themselves and save to instantly modify their page.
Another example may be a local plumber, electrician or handyman.

Each owner also has the option of adding friends to their profile. This provides a good foundation for staying
connected to existing and potential customers. When a Wonderpage owner updates a specific section of their
page (take for example, a wine list from our above restaurant example) all their friends are updated
automatically via a personal home feed that is published direct on each friend’s profile.

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                                                  Paul John Hale
                   Mobile: 0773 454 4302, E-mail:, Web:

Safenames : 7th February 2002 – 31st January 2005: Director \ Lead systems developer.

Safenames was my first start-up company. As one of five directors I was solely responsible for developing and
delivering the companies software that provided Global domain registration for our customers. I developed an
online domain registration and administration system (called the IDP – Internet Domain Portal) that allowed
users to register global domain names 24 x 7.

Skills gained & used: Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, SQL2000, XML, OOP.

Vizzavi \ VodaFone. : 1st February 2001 – 6th February 2002 : WAP Systems developer. (contract)

Vizzavi is a mobile-focused, multi-access portal designed to provide entertainment and information content
services to customers in a consistent format, throughout Europe and across different platforms, including mobile
handsets, personal computers and personal digital assistants.

Vizzavi is the consumer content brand for Vodafone and Vivendi Universal's 95m mobile customers and is a
50/50 joint venture between Vodafone Group Plc, the world's largest mobile network operator, and Vivendi
Universal, one of the World’s leading media companies.

I was based at their central London offices on the Strand and my responsibilities included the day to day
maintenance and up keep of VodaFones UK mobile WAP site. Tasks included keeping a consistent look, feel
and navigation structure to the entire site. The site was maintained within a Content Management System named
Egrail. Some developers (including myself) found this hard and frustrating to work with so I designed some
scripts in JSP to help publish new content to the site. These scripts only took a few days to write and
dramatically reduced time and effort to publish new articles on the mobile site.

Skills gained & used: WML, XML, Java 2 (Servlets), JSP, ASP, Visual Basic 6, ADO 2.5, VBScript \
EMCAScript (JavaScript), XHTML, DHTML, SQL7, IIS, Visual Studio 6 (VB6, InterDev 6, + Associated
tools), Macromedia Flash 5 + Advanced Action Script, NT 4 (Workstation \ Server), Windows 2000 + Active
Directory, Nokia WAP server 2 + 128bit security, WAP 1.1

Also started experimenting with beta versions of Microsoft’s .NET Framework (ASP.NET, C#)

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                                                  Paul John Hale
                   Mobile: 0773 454 4302, E-mail:, Web:

KPNQwest : 1st July 1999 – 22nd December 2001 (Service – 2.5 year contract) : WAP Systems developer

Based at KPNQwest’s HQ, Den Haag, Holland. KPN are a Dutch Telecommunications firm. Qwest are a well
known American bandwidth supplier. KPN and Qwest merged in early 1999 to form a Global distribution
network for high quality, high capacity fibre backbones carrying voice, video and data.

I was originally hired as a consultant to spec out the company’s intranet structure. I completed this successfully
and was then asked to develop a few custom intranet based applications.

Skills gained & used: XML, WML, WMLScript, Java 2 (Servlets \ Swing \ JDBC), Visual Basic 6, ActiveX,
ASP, ADO 2.5, VBScript \ EMCAScript (JavaScript), DHTML, SQL7, IIS, MMC, Visual Studio 6 (VB6,
InterDev 6, + Associated tools), Jbuilder 3, Macromedia Flash 4, NT 4 (Workstation \ Server), Nokia WAP
server 1.0.1 + 128bit security.


WAP \ Web \ Intranet systems analysis.
WAP 1.1 applications using WML, WMLScript, XML. Worked various idea’s including linking WAP phones
(Nokia 7110) to the Intranet hosted phone book system. Also worked on auto synchronisation of NT profiled
outlook Calendars to the WAP enabled mobile phone calendar software, E-mail connectivity and creation of
server side security certificates.
Worked on main web site (backend database connectivity) and Intranet projects.
Coded a fully functional web based internal phone book contact system.
Developed various ActiveX components – i.e. Drag \ Drop upload control for Intranet \ Image capture control
for Web cams \ Various security models.

Mercedes Benz UK Ltd: 23rd November 1998 – 28th June 1999 (contract) : Systems Developer

Mercedes Benz UK Headquarters.

Worked on a Eight Hundred user NT desktop rollout building and distributing applications utilising Novell’s
ZEN distribution tool. Built all Mercedes Benz software (Off shelf plus bespoke) applications and imported into
NDS as portable objects. Target machines included desktops and laptops using NT Workstation 4\ Windows 95
\ 98. Also documented and ran Y2K test scripts on various applications. Intranet design \ maintenance using IIS
4.0. Designed a system using Visual InterDev \ IIS 4 \ ASP \ VB \ JavaScript that tied SQL \ Access call centre
backend databases to the existing intranet to provide real time statistical information such as call log times etc.


Updated existing knowledge of NT \ NetWare & obtained extensive experience of ZEN Works.
Updated existing Intranet technology knowledge (IIS \ ASP \ VB \ JavaScript \ MS Visual InterDev 6).

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                                                  Paul John Hale
                   Mobile: 0773 454 4302, E-mail:, Web:

Mercedes Benz Finance Ltd: 18th August 1997 – 15th November 1998 (Service – 15 Month contract)

Mercedes Benz Finance Ltd deals with all fleet rentals and individual purchases of Mercedes Benz cars
throughout Europe.

Systems Developer

Tasked with implementing a Central European Print Management System. Ultimate goal was to reduce traffic
over Mercedes Benz European Wide Area Network. Designed a system where only ASCII data is broadcast
over the WAN as to save bitmaps and other binary files from being transmitted. All Mercedes Benz logo’s and
other common graphic files are now stored in a central database and assembled locally on each individual
European LAN, therefore reducing overall traffic on the Wide Area Network. The system receives ASCII data
from all systems which produce customer facing documents including a large SAP installation that Mercedes
Finance have implemented throughout Europe. System developers no longer have to code their systems to
produce complicated output and document design as this is now all handled by the Central Printing System. All
the programmers have to do is pass the Central Printing System a compatible ASCII file containing all non static
data. The system is also multilingual and can produce documents in an array of multiple languages by referring
to a preferred language flag which the systems pass in the ASCII data file.

As all documents are designed centrally this now gives a common look and feel to all customer facing
documents. The whole system was designed and coded in a modular form. All data such as company telephone
numbers, postal and e-mail addresses etc are held in a single SQL database that is called by all forms within the
system. Previously if any static data such as a company address or telephone number changed all systems and
forms had to be updated individually with the new data. This was costly and time consuming and was often
performed out of sync. As all static data for all forms is now called via the single database, any updates are
made easily and will replicate across the entire European System instantly.

Remote dealers not connected to the company WAN collected their PCL files via the Internet. This consisted of
a basic DHTML site that provided a bespoke ActiveX component to ease site naviagation and the downloading
of the dealer specific PCL files.

Deutsche Morgan Grenfell: 1st June 1997 – 17th August 1997 (contract) : Intranet Specialist

DMG is the one of the largest merchant banks in the world. Based at the main office situated in Moorgate, London forms
part of the TAG (Technical Architecture Group) team which is responsible for reviewing new hardware and software for
global distribution.

Based at Deutsche Morgan Grenfell’s head office in London.

Responsibilities \ Duties.

Tasked with designing and implementing a Global Intranet strategy for the bank and to migrate existing systems
once in place.


Provided technical specifications on a Production Intranet Server, Software and Protocols.
Designed and coded a web based production database for all DMG technical release documents published via
the World wide 3rd line support team.
Migrated various other systems over to the Intranet topology.

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                                                  Paul John Hale
                   Mobile: 0773 454 4302, E-mail:, Web:

BP Oil UK Ltd: 9th December 1996 – 31st May 1997 (Service – 6 Month contract)

Worked on BP’s COE (Common Operating Environment) rollout to over thirty three thousand desktops world-

Microsoft NT Technical Author

Based at BP’s Hemel Hempstead office. Worked with various support \ rollout groups situated around the globe.

Responsibilities \ Duties.

Tasked with writing technical documentation relating to the COE (Common Operating Environment) rollout.
Duties included testing proposed procedures relating to Microsoft NT versions 3.51 and 4 \ Exchange and SMS
plus publishing the information on the web so that support personnel around the globe have access to the
approved technical documents. This stage took three months. I was then asked to join the Desktop Development
Team and build bespoke versions of Windows 95 \ NT Workstation \ Office 97 etc. for distribution via SMS. I
also coded several diagnostic tools which hooked in with the COE environment using Visual Basic. This took
another three months.


Tested \ documented all NT related design and rollout procedures.
Designed a user friendly publishing medium using BP’s existing Intranet topology.
Designed and coded various Visual Basic diagnostic tools.
Built several packages using WinInstall 5.1 \ SMS for world-wide distribution.

Nera Telecommunications Ltd: 9th September 1996 - 6th December 1996 (Service - 3 Month contract)

Nera Telecommunications design and manufacture Satellite up-link and data transmission hardware.

I.T. Consultant

Worked on a three-month contract tasked with identifying LAN infrastructure problems and implementing


Provided Technical Specification’s on new LAN servers and resolved various LAN infrastructure problems.
Implemented a new e-mail strategy using Lotus Notes (4.1)
Designed and implemented an internal Intranet.

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                                                  Paul John Hale
                   Mobile: 0773 454 4302, E-mail:, Web:

EDS - Electronic Data Systems: 3rd May 1994 - 30th August 1996 (Service - 2 Years, 4 Months contract)

EDS. is one of the largest in-house computing companies throughout the world. Floated by General Motors in
early 1996, with UK Headquarters located in Stockley Park is a dominate figure in the world of Information

European Project Manager - Network Consultant.

Based in Milton Keynes with frequent travel abroad to European customer sites. Led some large projects in
Europe involving NT \ NetWare installations and Lotus Notes \ MS Exchange rollouts.

Responsibilities \ Duties.

Project development \ Team leadership.
Installation & configuration of Novell \ NT LAN’s.
LAN Administration, Development and support (2nd \ 3rd Line).


Obtained a good working knowledge of Windows NT v3.51, NT Workstation, Windows 95, Lotus Notes 3.1
Became fully Compaq Authorised (ASE).

De Montfort University: 26th October 1992 - 29th April 1994 (Service - 18 Months Permanent).

De Montfort University has two sites located in Milton Keynes and Leicester. The Milton Keynes campus
opened in March 1992.

Computer Facilities Manager.

Based at Milton Keynes (School Of The Built Environment) and occasionally travelling to Leicester to help
other divisions of the University overcome technical difficulties.


Planned, designed and installed three networks within the first six months of employment.
Became an active member of the I.T. Steering Committee that was introduced for the administration of major
I.T. projects undertaken by the University, such as fibre optic links between LAN’s, video conference facilities
and the implementation of documentation to meet BS5750 standards.

SD - Scicon UK Ltd (Networks Division): 3rd October 1988 - 9th October 1992 (permanent).

SD - Scicon provided networking solutions for a wide range of internationally known companies throughout the
world. Scicon merged with Systems Designers (SD) back in 1989 and became a leading contender for I.T. with
over twenty offices based in the UK. The company was then acquired by EDS in 1993.

Computer Engineer.

Based at Milton Keynes and responsible for over twenty sites throughout the UK inclusive of well-established
organisations such as BP OIL, The Daily Telegraph, Lloyds Of London Press and Trust House Forte.

Responsibilities \ Duties.

Attending Hardware & Software fault calls in the field.
Network installations & administration. (Novell, Dec Pathworks, LAN Manager).
Meeting workshop deadlines to repair various I.T. equipment.
Systems analysis & modular programming of support databases.

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                                                  Paul John Hale
                   Mobile: 0773 454 4302, E-mail:, Web:

Micro Management Systems Ltd: 2nd July 1990 - 5th November 1991 (Freelance).

Micro Management Systems are a small firm based in Milton Keynes that offer Hardware support and systems

Freelance Computer Programmer.

Worked on a freelance basis on a number of projects whilst still maintaining a full time position with SD -
Scicon. Projects involved systems analysis, design, coding and implementation of computer systems and a small
amount of Hardware support.

Main Skill Set Summary

Development           ASP.NET, C#, VB, AJAX, LINQ, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, OOP, WebParts, XPath,
                      XQuery, WWF (Windows Workflow Foundation), WCF (Windows Communication
                      Foundation), WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), XAML, Silverlight, Webservices
IDE                   Visual Studio Professional, Blend
Database’s            SQL 2000, 2005, 2008
DBA                   Stored Procedures, XML, DML, DTS, Functions, Triggers.
Servers               Microsoft NT Server 3.5 – 2008 R2, IIS 5, 6, 7, 7.5, Exchange
Virtualisation        Microsoft Hypervisor Virtualisation
E-Mail                Microsoft Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010

Main Experience Summary

Systems Analyst
Systems Development (Microsoft .NET, C#, VB, JAVA)
Internet \ Intranet
Project Management
Team Leadership
Service Level Agreements
Dell Servers
Active Directory
Technical Documentation

Personal Details.

Date of birth                 18th July 1971
Nationality                   British
Marital status                Married
Children                      None
Leisure interests             Rugby, Formula One

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