Panasonic ProCurve Electric WetDry Shaver ES7024sc NIP

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					  Panasonic ProCurve Electric Wet/Dry Shaver ES7024sc NIP

Panasonic's ES7024SC Men's Pro Curve triple blade shaver delivers 10,000 blade strokes per minute
- faster than any other shaver except Panasonic's Linear series. You will love the way the shaver
handles with its Pro Curve shape.
A sleek, powerful shaver that can be used either in or out of the shower, this Panasonic gives a clean,
close shave every time. Three individual floating heads automatically adjust to the curves of your face.
10,000 blade-strokes per minute ensure that you’ll never want for smoothness or efficiency. A
full-width trimmer will keep your sideburns and mustache looking spry. An overnight charge of eight
hours yields approximately 40 minutes of shaving time. The shaver comes with charging unit and travel
pouch. --Chris deMaagd
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