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It is all about business and tips to succeed online.

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									 Why You Must Use Internet For Your Online
           Businesses (Part I)
The invention of computer and its accessories with the presence of internet has brought a lot of
opportunities with millions of people taking advantage of the internet to show case their products.
With a touch of mouse at the tip of your fingers and a computer connected to internet, you can
reach millions of internet users all over the world within a micro seconds. The internet has become a
platform which can simply be referred to as online market place where both sellers of products and
potential buyers of products converge to negotiate and ultimately carried out their business

Even if you don’t have any product to sell or buy you can still profit from online activities by selling
or promoting other people’s products and pocket your profit at the end of the day. More so, you
don’t have to be a computer operator not even a computer programmer before you can cash on the
internet. You can start cashing on internet and make it your personal damaged ATM even if you are
newbie in the business, all you need is basic information on how to convert your traffic (people
directed or re-directed to your website), convince them to buy your affiliate products and you
pocket your earnings instantly.

While searching for a good area of specialisation (NICHES) to establish your presence online, you
must also be wary of people who are on internet to fraud the innocent and desperate new comers.
Making money online is a gradual process and you need to earn your first $1 to break the barrier of
internet businesses. If you have products to sell or you want to promote other people’s products,
your first target is to look out for where you can get customers and watch out if such product is a
seasonal product.

Having good information about your customer’s base is a sure way to make money like an autopilot.
The number of people searching for your products in a particular region is a pointer to the fact that
you will make your money if you target a region with high monthly search results. You can get such
result by carrying out a good keyword research using Adwords.Google.Com, KeywordSpy.Com,
Alexa.Com or Spyfu.Com etc. These are relevant tools you can use to analyse the strength of your
competitors, organic keywords, Cost Per Click, Pay Per Click, monthly searches both locally and
globally, Ad Position, URL and relevant other information will give you an edge over your


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