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									SEO & SMO – Which One To Prefer?

Ever since Internet came into existence, internet advertising has been dominated by SEO only. But as the
time progressed Social Media came into existence and also SMO. We all bloggers do a lot of SEO and a
little bit of SMO to get traffic to our blog.
Though we (bloggers) do not neglect SMO completely, but we give more preference to SEO. But with the
changes going on in the internet world we might have to change our strategy a bit.
So heres DailyTechPost’s article on “SEO & SMO – Which One To Prefer?”

SEO is Loosing its Sheen
As social media is progressing ahead to become most dominant internet application (if not it is already !!),
SEO has started loosing it sheen. With the rise of Facebook, we have entered a new era of digital media:
personal discovery. The balance of power moves: already Wetpaint sites, Facebook and other partners, we
hear more, to search. And with Facebook’s Bing partnership is going to integrate social studies results,
more relevance is added to SMO.
In not so distant future we might see more such integration, and so SMO is all set to gain preference.

SEO Can Never be Ignored
Well what I am trying to say here is that no matter how much social media gets dominant on internet,
users will still search using search engines. So definitely SEO can never be ignored as such. And also such
integrations are not going to happen in near future, so SEO is going to dominate for the next few years.

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