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					What                             is                            data                          quality?
Within SAP, data quality is defined as postal validation, duplicate checking, and error tolerant
searching. Postal Validation enhances address information by comparing data against address
directories provided from local postal authorities around the world. Duplicate Check avoids duplicate
entries by scanning the database for potential duplicates before new customer data is committed to
the database. Finally, Error Tolerant Searching provides flexibility by giving users the ability to
conveniently search their SAP system for business information as required. Involvement of a data
quality initiative helps you maintain a reliable source of information for all departments within your
own organization while simultaneously maximizing interactions with your vendors, customers, and
business partners.

When and where should I integrate data quality into my SAP Suite of applications or
other                  projects                  in                  my                  enterprise?
Data quality should be integrated any place where data is entered, loaded, processed, or updated.
Data quality should be built into the beginning phases of all Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer
Relationship Management, and Business Intelligence projects. Too many projects focus on data
quality as an afterthought, at the back-end of a data repository or when a project has failed. By not
incorporating data quality measures at every customer touch point, on both front and back-end
operations, the cost of cleansing the data dramatically increases as well as how long the cleansing
process takes to complete.

Can I integrate a data quality solution within other software applications?
Data quality solutions can be fully integrated into CRM, ETL (Extract Transform Load), ERP, or BI
solutions and have the advantage of being "seamless" to the end user - reducing the learning curve,
as well as decreasing the implementation timeframes. Your data process flow should not have to be
modified to add a new data quality solution. Through integration and strategic partnerships you are
assured that you are getting a best-of-breed solution. However, keep in mind it is not absolutely
necessary for the solution to be fully integrated. Firstlogic also provides tools that your organization
can easily integrate on your own, and oftentimes stand-alone solutions may be more effective for
specific projects.

Will Firstlogic's Global Data Quality Connector for SAP manage my international data?
Yes. Built on a global framework capable of validating address information for over 190 countries in
a single processing pass, Firstlogic's Global Data Quality Connector for SAP allows you to identify
country names, format and standardize addresses, correct missing address information, and assign
postal codes for each respective country. Furthermore, Firstlogic's Easy IQ technologyoffers the
ability to complete/populate addresses with minimal data or offer suggestions for possible matches.
This easy address system is ideal in call centers or any transactional environment where data needs
to be cleansed at the point-of-entry. The software improves real-time transactions for your call
centers, sales, and support centers by providing accurate address data for your customer facing

How easy is it to maintain Firstlogic's Global Data Quality Connector for SAP after
Ongoing maintenance should be minimal. Once the solution is implemented and configured,
typically maintenance will only be required when you receive postal directory updates, upgrade to a
new data quality release, or decide to change your application or business rules.

What         are      the        benefits     of      a       data       quality        solution?
The biggest benefit is the confidence you have that your data is accurate. A data quality solution
also allows you to:

       Manage customer data in different formats initially residing in separate databases
       Build and maintain successful relationships
       Better understand and service your customers
       Enhance knowledge management and business intelligence initiatives with reliable and
        accurate information
       Deliver clean, reliable data throughout your expanding information supply chains to all
        varieties of operational and analytical applications throughout your enterprise

How does Firstlogic's Global Data Quality Connector for SAP Systems work?
Firstlogic's Global Data Quality Connector is integrated at the BASIS layer and communicates with
the SAP Applications via TCP/IP leveraging SAP's Remote Function Call (RFC) interface. As users
make postal validation inquiries in either batch or real-time, calls are made outside of the
SAPApplication to Firstlogic's RFC Server. Once the customer's address has been received by
Firstlogic's technology, our Information Quality Suite parses, standardizes, and corrects records
according to configurable business rules and local postal authority standards. To ensure your
customer view is optimized, Firstlogic's technology catches duplicates at the point of entry; not after
redundant information has infected your SAP Environment. Before any customer, vendor, or
business partner is committed to the database, Firstlogic's Information Quality suite will
immediately inspect the data upon input. The connector scans the entire database for duplicates
and assigns a similarity match score to potential duplicates. At that point, the user can determine
whether the entered record is unique or a duplicate that should be eliminated from the system. In
addition, convenient Error Tolerant Searching is available for prompt and precise address
recognition. This improves transaction processing, saves time locating records, and optimizes
system efficiency.

Explain the architecture of Firstlogic's Global Data Quality Connector for SAP Systems.
Integrated at the BASIS/WAS layer, Firstlogic has developed Business Add-Ins (BAdI's) that can be
leveraged with a single instantiation; allowing for all SAP modules that utilize SAP's Business
Address Services framework to leverage the compelling advantages of Firstlogic technology.
Furthermore, Firstlogic's Information Quality Suite has been developed as a Remote Function Call
(RFC) Server: the most common integration component of SAP software. Utilizing SAP's RFC
interface, SAP makes calls to Firstlogic technology for address check, updates, duplicate checks, and
error tolerant searches.

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