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					Snoring - Natural Remedies For Snoring
One of the most effective alleviators of the symptoms of snoring is the nasal dilator. These wonderful plastic devices have become extremely popular due to their effectiveness combined with the total lack of any unpleasant side effects. They work by allowing in more air to the nostril by either widening it, or simply preventing its collapse. If you do a simple test in front of a mirror, you can ascertain for yourself whether a device like this will help you. Just close one nostril by holding it shut with your finger, close your mouth and see if you can breathe easily. If not and your breathing improves with the nostril being artificially propped open, there is a strong possibility that a nasal dilator will help you. If you plan to use natural remedies to combat snoring, it obviously makes sense to start by cutting out the known contributory factors that make so many cases noticeably worse. Smoking affects so many aspects of our health in a negative way that it makes obvious sense to stop if you possibly can. Alcohol needs to be moderated, especially in the late hours before bedtime. A sensible diet needs to be followed, with special attention paid to the levels of saturated fat. Getting the basics of your diet and lifestyle right, before embarking on a curative campaign with natural remedies, can only be sensible. One of the most popular and long standing natural remedies used to combat snoring is simple steam. Using a steam vapourizer has a proven history of clearing nasal congestion. Alternatively, just boil some water in a kettle, pour it into a bowl and inhale the steam with a towel over your head. This can be used in conjunction with aromatherapy, with oil such as Marjoram, which is the favoured treatment for snoring among aromatherapy enthusiasts. No clinical tests have yet proven the effectiveness of these remedies, but they are safe to try with no possible dangerous side effects. Throat sprays are available that have been proven in clinical trials to reduce or eliminate snoring problems in around 97% of cases. These combine natural oils with vitamins and contain no synthetic compounds or drugs. Peppermint is believed to clear the passageways, allowing for smoother movement of breath around the head. The vitamins used are vitamin E and vitamin B6. These ingredients are contained in liposome, which covers the throat and helps them to be properly absorbed. There are also herbal sprays, which you apply directly through the nostrils. These have again proven safe for long-term use and effective in countering nasal congestion. There is now no need for a snorer to just put up with the condition, or to rely exclusively on potentially dangerous drugs with multiple side effects. Firstly, try the basic guidelines of a healthier lifestyle and diet. This will increase your quality of life, even if it doesn't have any direct effect on your snoring. Then, try a nasal dilator. Again, this can only help. There are no drugs or potential side effects. If these don't solve the problem, try one of the natural remedies that have been proven to work in clinical trials.

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