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Minutes - 20/10/10 by bowlingpark


									                            School Council – Minutes – 20.10.10

   Introductions
   Callum discusses with the group what the job of the school council is. After talking in pairs,
    the school council come up with these ideas:
         o To help children make progress
         o To encourage children to have good manners
         o To be role models to other children
         o To improve school
         o To improve behaviour and attendance
         o To represent other children
         o To help children ‘go the extra mile’
   Aminah and Ifrah tell the rest of the school council what our general aims are for this year.
    They talk about the aims given to us by OFSTED and how we can go the extra mile:
         o We must work at a good standard which is at the level of the national average.
         o We must ‘go the extra mile’ and encourage other children to do this as well.
         o We must take a big step and push ourselves to do our best. Our ideas need to help
            other children in school to do this too.
         o Help children work independently.
         o Help children to put effort in and make sure work isn’t too easy for them.
   The school council has decided to split into groups so they can focus on certain aspects of
    school that they want to improve. Each half term they will all meet to discuss what they
    have been doing in their groups.
         o Group A will be – Akbar, Alek, Ifrah, Sumaiyah, Tyler, Aminah, Stephanie and Callum.
            This group will be trained with Mr Herrington to do lesson observations. Usher
            Street children will observe New Cross Street lessons and New Cross Street children
            will observe Usher Street. They will also do a health and safety walk on Wednesday
            3rd November on both sites.
         o Group B will be – Hoa, Alysha, Madiyah, Abbey-Gayle and Ijaz. This group will be
            doing writing scrutiny to look at presentation, marking and work etc… The first
            meeting of the writing scrutiny team will be Thursday 4th November (PM)
         o Group C will be – Maha, Casey, Hamza, Jordan and Maaria. They will be doing
            learning walks to look at behaviour, displays, GEM charts and working walls. The first
            learning walk meeting will be on Wednesday 3rd November (PM).
         o Each group will meet 3 times a year and then we will meet as a full school council to
            feedback what we have found.
         o The next full school council meeting will be on Wednesday 10th November.
   This year we will be having two very special GEM assemblies. In the assemblies each class
    will choose a couple of pieces of work that are outstanding and have really gone ‘the extra
         o The first assembly will be after Christmas and the second will be after Easter. We will
            have two separate assemblies at New Cross Street – one for Years 1, 2 and 3 and
            then one for 4, 5 and 6. Usher Street will be whole school assemblies.
         o As a school council we will decide how we can make it a special event.
         o The work will be put on the screens in the entrance halls
   SMILE week questionnaire
        o Before SMILE week we will do a questionnaire to find out what children like about
           school. It will cover learning, behaviour and school etc…
        o In January the school council will meet to write the questions which will go on the
   Blogs
        o After each school council meeting we will film a short flipcam video to tell the rest of
           school what we have been doing. This will be uploaded to the blog so that everyone
           can see it. Children will be able to watch the video and comment on it with their
           ideas and feedback.

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