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									Cambodian Children’s Fund
     2008 Annual Report

                            From the Founder
                            2008           was a year of controlled growth for CCF,
                                           including a concerted effort to optimize our
                            existing programs while expanding our services to the sur-
                                                                                              Community Center also operates a daily, on-site free medi-
                                                                                              cal clinic, staffed by medical personnel with referrals to area
                                                                                              hospitals for chronic or emergency care. In partnership with
                            rounding garbage dump communities. Central to this was            HOPE Worldwide, the center housed twice weekly visits of
                            the scaling up of the Community Center, located in close          a mobile medical unit, offering free consultations, counsel-
                            proximity to the garbage dump. This Center became our             ing, treatment and medications
                            operational base for the provision of essential services for           In 2008, we also took the opportunity to improve our
                            the many hundreds of families in the surrounding com-             organizational infrastructure, making investments in staff
                            munities. Our local presence became critical in 2008, as          training for those working directly with our children - our
                            sky rocketing rice prices pushed families from impover-           facility manager, teachers, child care and health workers and
                            ishment to a struggle to survive and increased the rate of        our health care workers.
                            serious illness.                                                       We want to thank everyone who contributed to making
                                 In consultation with our communities, we reassessed          2008 a success. We attracted 972 new donors and sponsors
                            the essential needs of food, water, health care and shelter.      to the CCF family, and we are tremendously grateful for this
                                 As over 80% of illnesses are water related, our first pri-   outpouring of support.
                            ority was the provision of a consistent source of clean, fresh
                            water. A high tech, low cost filtration system was installed,         In gratitude,
                            providing unlimited and free clean water to all families.             Scott
                            We commenced a food program that ensured sufficient
                            sustenance for the most impoverished communities. The

    CCF6 Opens Its Doors
         here was palpable excitement in a building near the         and around-the-clock medical care, all within a caring and
         Steung Meanchey garbage dump. Uniforms were being           secure environment.
         fitted, school books distributed, bedrooms fitted out and        Many of these students had very little to no schooling
    kitchens readying for the rush of hungry, new children. In       prior to enrollment at CCF6. Those who had fallen most
    September 2008, CCF6 became home to 72 boys and girls,           behind in their education enrolled in “Operation Rescue”,
    mostly from the Steung Meanchey garbage dump commu-              providing two full academic grades into one year. Specially
    nity. By the close of the year, the student population had       trained public school teachers ensure each child is given the
    grown to 86.                                                     support needed to catch up on their missed years of educa-
         CCF6 opened up 62 new enrollments at CCF and                tion and CCF reinforces this with special after hours classes.
    helped relieve the crowding of other CCF facilities. The         The success of this program exceeded expectation, with
    new children brought into our circle of care at CCF6, many       100% pass rate for all CCF children in all facilities.
    of whom had been on our waiting list for a year, are now              Many thanks to the wonderful two brothers who donat-
    in a quality education program, receiving nutritious meals       ed anonymously to make CCF6 a reality.

2                                                                                                                               3
Community Outreach Takes Off
     ince the opening of our Community Center and Child         communities, where chronic malnutrition is endemic. The
     Care Center in 2007, CCF has continually expanded          program is designed to provide Cambodia’s food staple in a
     our services in the Steung Meanchey community.             fair, equitable way, to avoid dependence, and greatly mini-
Here’s what we were able to accomplish in 2008, through         mize the opportunity of on-selling.
the support and collaboration of so many:
                                                                Refuge: We provide short-term emergency housing for
Healthcare: The CCF Community Center is home to one of          women and children who are victims of domestic abuse and
Cambodia’s only free, full access, full service medical clin-   follow up with counseling for both perpetrator and victim.
ic, serving over 600 people per month. Everyone is treated;
no-one is turned away. We offer preventative maternal and       Day Care: In 2008 our Day Care program reached new
nutritional health education and hospital referrals for emer-   heights, educating over 50 ‘littlies’ ages 3-6. We employed
gency cases.                                                    three preschool teachers and created childcare and class-
                                                                room staff opportunities for Steung Meanchey residents,
Water: Our advanced water filtration system, supplied by        many of whom are mothers of the children enrolled in our
partner organization A Child’s Right, supplies water to all     program. In October 2008, the first two ‘graduates’ of the
1300 residents of Steung Meanchey. We supply free 20 litre      Community Child Care Center were accepted into the CCF6
containers to families at no cost and provide door-to-door      residential education program. Ten months prior these little
delivery of clean water to the ill and infirm.                  girls were adrift in a sea of hopelessness. Today they’ve
                                                                found a safe new home. We think that’s pretty good cause
Food: Our pioneering subsidized rice program now supplies       for celebration.
5 tons of rice per month to 400 families in impoverished

4                                                                                                                              5
The CCF Education Program
                                                                 How We’ve Grown

     he goal for our Education program in 2008 was ambi-
                                                                                                                                Education Stats:
                                                                                          CCF Student Growth
     tious: build a progressive education program that pro-                        2004    2005     2006       2007   2008
     vides the quality and results of Cambodia’s top private                 450

schools. The six month commission of an independent edu-                     350                                                        CCF’s average daily
cation specialist from the United Kingdom saw a thorough                     300
                                                                                                                                        absentee rate

audit of our teaching methods, curriculum, teacher evalua-                   250
tion, teacher training and class sizes, to provide an optimal                150


     All CCF students are involved in the CCF Education                      50                                                         CCF’s 3 year pass rate for
Program, whether vocational training students or those aim-
                                                                                                                                        all students in Operation
ing for a college degree.                                               How We’ve Grown
                                                                                                                                        Rescue (intensive public
                                                                                                                                        school “catch-up” with
Art: Art is an essential aspect of every CCF facility, art                                                                              two academic grades
allows the children in our care to express themselves,            were performed publicly, including on broadcast television.           per year)
recognize their own talents and bring appreciation and an         The introduction of Buddhist monks to our programs reunite
understanding of their own culture. As with our Education         the children with the values and cultures lost during the

Program, an external art education specialist evaluated our       reign of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge.                                 Annual drop out rate
art program, provided teacher training and introduced new
group and individual art projects, bringing the full cathartic    Sports: Confidence and teamwork are the side benefits
art experience to our very deserving children.                    of a comprehensive sports program, and CCF expanded

                                                                  our activities to include soccer, karate, yoga, volleyball
Culture: Each CCF facility has a dedicated cultural program       and traditional Khmer games. These take place within our
                                                                                                                                        Vocational graduate job
of dance, music and drama. We expanded our music pro-             facilities, at sports venues and as part of an inter-league           placement rate
gram to include modern music, and our dramas and dances           competition.

6                                                                                                                                                                    7
       f we are to provide generational change, we must give
       the children in our care the tools required to effect such
       change. Each child must understand their inherent rights,
    their ability to exercise their rights, the resources available
    to them and the training required to teach a community. CCF
    introduces these concepts and practices at an early age and
    identifies those children who show the early traits of leader-
    ship, community engagement and confidence, regardless of
    their education status. CCF then provides the opportunity to
    enter intensive a course in human rights, basic law, gender
    equality, communication skills, community dynamics, mass
    media, environmental issues and political models.
         In 2008, CCF was honored when eight of our students
    were invited to attend the Tony Robbins Global Youth
    Leadership Summit in San Diego, California. There, the
    students engaged in leadership activities and training with
    hundreds of students from around the globe. The conference
    was such a success, that CCF students were invited back for
    the following year.

8                                                                     9
How We                                                                                                                Reasons That
                                                       Community Outreach                                                                                                                              Healthcare


Spent Funds                                                                                                           You Gave
                                                      Vocational Training
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Vocational Training

Expenditures by Purpose                               Healthcare                                                      Donations by Purpose
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Child Sponsorship

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Community Outreach


Statement of Financial Position                                                                                       Statement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets
                                                                                 December 31                                                                                                      Total
                                                                              2008          2007
                                                                                             Nutrition                                                                 Temporarily      Year Ended December 31
ASSETS                                                                                                                                                Unrestricted      Restricted        2008          2007
CURRENT ASSETS                                                                                  Vocational Training
  Cash and cash equivalents                                                 $1,003,859       $492,577                 REVENUE AND SUPPORT
  Accounts receivable                                                           37,718          7,822                  Contributions                    $896,391       $1,112,752       $2,009,143        $2,487,728
  Loans receivable                                                              12,388          6,266                  Program revenue                     25,139                            25,139             8,299
                                                                                                 Child Sponsorship
  Prepaid expenses                                                              14,980               0                 Investment income                   34,826                            34,826           35,008
 TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS                                                        1,068,945        506,665                  Realized gains <losses>            (51,683)                          (51,683)          14,881
                                                                                                                       Unrealized losses                  (12,016)                          (12,016)         (14,947)
     Investments                                                              565,211         763,166                  Loss on abandonment                      0                                 0            (5,111)
                                                                                                Community Outreach                                       892,657        1,112,752        2,005,409         2,525,858
     Fixed assets, net of accumulated depreciation                            175,588         159,871
  Other assets                                                                       0          8,700                 Net assets released
TOTAL ASSETS                                                                $1,809,744     $1,438,402                 from restrictions                  892,218         (892,218)               0                    0

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS                                                                                            TOTAL REVENUE AND SUPPORT        1,784,875           220,534       2,005,409          2,525,858
  Accounts payable and accrued expenses                                        $8,956         $51,589                 EXPENSES
                                                                                                                       Program services                1,229,722                         1,229,722          1,115,301
 TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES                                                       8,956          51,589                 General and administrative        212,271                           212,271            222,678
                                                                                                                       Fundraising                       149,441                           149,441            172,850
 TOTAL LIABILITIES                                                               8,956          51,589                TOTAL EXPENSES                   1,591,434                    0    1,591,434          1,510,829

Commitments and contingency
                                                                                                                      CHANGE IN NET ASSETS               193,441           220,534         413,975          1,015,029
  Unrestricted                                                               1,378,254      1,184,813                 NET ASSETS, beginning of year    1,184,813           202,000       1,386,813            371,784
  Temporarily restricted                                                       422,534        202,000
 TOTAL NET ASSETS                                                            1,800,788      1,386,813                 NET ASSETS, end of year         $1,378,254         $422,534       $1,800,788        $1,386,813

TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS                                            $1,809,744     $1,438,402

10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  11
CCF 2008 Donor List
                                             Aliai Inc.                           David & Caroline Ryan            Heather Graham                    Kris Rideout
                                             Alison Estabrook                     David & Gay Campbell             Heidi Hackford                    Larry J. Fitzpatrick
                                             Alissa Hauser & Steve Brown          David & Gloria Hood              Helen & Gabe Halperin             Laurence Welk Family Foundation
                                             Allan Webber                         David & Linda Purcell            Henriette Biro & Janos Simonyi    Leonard Lan
                                             Alliance Bernstein                   David Harris                     Ian Lopatin                       Lesley & Michael Byrne
Angkor Wat Donors • $100,000+                Amy & Jason DiGregorio               David Nickol                     Ignacio Darnaude                  Lesley’s Life Is Sweet, Ltd.
Anonymous                                    Amy Harrison                         Davie & Elouise Ann Clark        J.M. Carmody-Trant                Leslie & Tom Hix
Anonymous                                    Amy M. Hill                          Dean Allan Larkin                Jake & Monika Mitchell-Ressler    Libby Rhys-Jones
Sumner M. Redstone Charitable Foundation     Andrea & David Heginbottom           Deborah Milkowski                Jake Weber                        Lindsay & Brian Sauls
Anthony Robbins Foundation                   Andrew Shoemaker & David Grandin     Dennis & Peggy Boyle             James & Ann Gianopulos            Lisa & David Nasser
The Estate of Richard P. Saunders            Andy & Lindsay Wood                  Dennis Ryan                      James Goldwag                     Lois Hughes & AimÈ Fraser
                                             Angela Ryan                          Derek Fricke                     James Kelly                       Lorene Arey
                                             Antonios Dimitracopoulos             Desmond Henry                    Janet & James Hawley              Mac & Corrine Jones
Bayon Donors • $10,000 - $99,999             Arabian Milo Lodge #882              Diana L. Bowen                   Janine Thomas                     Maria de Lurdes Goncalves Saraiva
Ambassadors for Children                     Asawari Raorane Agrawal              Din & Jennifer Hsin              Jason R. Shuman                   Maria T. Sandoval
Andy & Muffy DiSabatino                      Barbara & Andrew Cervasio            Displaced Yankee Productions     Jason Thatcher                    Marianne Sinram & Bill Miller
ArtAction                                    Barbara Beatrice Vittoria Gasperi    Don Davezac                      Jay & Rachel Kilberg              Maribeth Towers
Barry S. Rosenstein                          Benevolent Vision                    Donna F. Isaacson                Jay S. Vidheecharoen              Mark & Cathy Zoradi
Basil P. Stamos                              Betsy White                          Donna Roth                       Jeff Parkinson                    Marla Dubinsky
Bert Hensley                                 Bill & Susanne Daniell               Douglas Farrell                  Jeffrey A. Boutilier              Mary Brennan
Charles & Taylor Shewmake                    Bin Shabib Associates LLP            Dr. Francesco Saverio Martelli   Jeffrey Hoffen & Cheyl Singer     Mathew & Liza Velkes
CIT Group Inc.                               Bob & Annie Cunningham               Dr. Jan & Jeff Myers             Jennifer & Troy Wagner            Matthew & Annie Wheeler
Claudia Daniela Ziegler                      Brent Kessel & Britta Bushnell       Dr. Uyen T. Nguyen               Jenny & Michael McMurray          Matthew & Deborah Augustine
Goldman Sachs Gives / The Ryan Family Fund   Brian Gavin & Barbara Lien           Eric & Sarah Sorensen            Jesse Tan                         Matthew McCaughey
Hurlbut-Johnson Charitable Trusts            Bronwyn Preston                      Erin Meredith Williams           Jessica Hubley                    Meg Ryan
Julie B. Harkins                             Carol L. Baldwin                     Eugene Thomas Eddy, Jr.          Jewish Community Endowment Fund   Meredith Momoda & Sal Sarado
Margret Pahl Stewart Foundation, Inc         Carol Richey                         Evelyn & Barry Levitt            Jill Blakeway                     Mesa Unified School District
Paul Saunders                                Caroline Carty                       Eye Associates, Ltd.             Jillian Nelson                    Michael & Carolyn Rossip Malcolm
Planet Wheeler Foundation                    Caroline Thompson                    Fearless In Life                 Jim & Jeannie Gater               Michael & Susan Lange
Praful Patel                                 Catherine Paura                      Forrest Rogers                   Jim Sedge                         Michael Ah Fat Wong
Robert Reverman                              Cathey L. Paine                      Francis & Angela Gallinagh       Jo Champa-Farrell                 Michael B. Krupnick
Scott Neeson                                 Celluloid Heroes, Inc.               Frank Ponzio, Jr.                Joe & Christelle Egan             Michael McIntyre
Sterling Stamos Capital Management, L.P.     Chris Meledandri & Leslie Benziger   Freda Erlich                     John & Cynthia Chvatal-Keane      Michael McLaughlin & Chharvy Svay
SurveyMonkey.com, LLC                        Christine Deferrari                  Gary Bloom                       John C. Whaley                    Michael W. Joukowsky
The Jackman Family Foundation                Christopher & Kendra Shearer         Geoffrey S. Brewer               Jon & Amy Dobrin                  Micharl & Linda Walley-Rias
The Laffey McHugh Foundation                 Christopher Vila                     Geoffrey W. Parris               Jonathan Rodwin                   Michele Casiraghi
TM Productions / Tim Misenhimer              Christopher Wagner                   Gina Kilberg                     Josh & Daniel Bernstein           Michele Wang
Tom & Brenda Spezialy                        Colin McDonald                       Gina White                       Jude C. Monteserrato              Mike & Megan Goodrich
V F Asia Limited                             Cornelia & Hubert Pfeil              Glen & Cindy Davis               Julie Jones                       Mike Davis & Mary Freeman
                                             Cynthia Daniel                       Glen & Michiyo Michel            Kaily Smith                       Mitchell Hersh Pearlman
                                             Dan Marian Caranda                   Glenn Harcourt                   Kanoline You                      Monterey Fund, Inc
Angkor Thom Donors • $1,000 - $9,999         Danica S. You                        Gordon Steel                     Karen & Chet Opalka               Nancy & Mike Carr
Adam Braun                                   Daniel & Laurie Roundtree            Grace Day                        Karen Cole                        Nancy E. Cotton
Adam Halperin                                Daniela M. Beyrouti                  Hanna Masterson                  Kevin Goetz                       Nancy Spooner
Albert D. Manganelli                         Danielle Levy                        Harry Lambert                    Kevin Schoeler                    Nicholas Seaver & Michella Limantour
Alessandro Mancini                           David & Burgit Erath                 Heather Cherry                   Kim Kathryn Comeaux               Nicole Meek
Pamela & Roy Lobenhofer               Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc.
                                                                           Ta Prohm Donors                            Annalise Oberts                         Bin Ma                             Chamroeun Nhay
Pamela Cote                           Sophie S. Kim
                                                                           $1 - $999                                  Annamaria Sacco                         Bo Uce                             Chang Bae Choi
Pamela D. Kentner                     Spiritual Gangster                                                              Anne Grunow                             Bonnie Cameron Wells               Chantal Peou
Patrick McKinlay                      Stephanie Davis                                                                 Anne Saunders                           Bonnie Goldberg                    Chantha Chum
                                                                           Abacus Wealth Partners LLC Philanthropic
Paul & Audrey Nicholls                Stephen & Beth Seligman                                                         Annelise Kjaer                          Bopha S. Kchao                     Chanthy Sek
Paul Estergaard                       Stephen A. Allen                                                                Ann-Elizabeth Crotty                    Bradley Krauskopf                  Charlene Chua
                                                                           Abby L. Farr-Petterson
Paula & Peter Noah                    Stephen Singh                                                                   Anonymous                               Brandon J Meister                  Charles M Turner, III
                                                                           Abby Weis
Perla Ni & Mike Lanza                 Steve Bergman                                                                   Anthony Augi                            Brenda Siman                       Charles M. Gossett
                                                                           Abigail C. Newbigging
Philip & Andrea Provenzale            Steve Chapman                                                                   Arist P. Niciforos                      Brent N. Phillips                  Charles Tseng
                                                                           Adi Peery
Prue E. Salter                        Steven & Gloria Whittlesey                                                      Armen Amiramirian                       Brian D. Mays                      Charlotte M. Lucas
                                                                           Ailsa E. Early
Rachael Eiermann                      Steven Streit                                                                   Arun Thach                              Brian J. Seidel                    Charlotte S. Hoshi
                                                                           Ajay Kshatriya
Rae Sanchini                          Sue Ann Latterman                                                               Ashlee Mueller                          Brian McKinstry                    Charlynn J. Lok
                                                                           Alan Jacobson
Ralph Greenlee & Mylene Moreno        Sue Axelband                                                                    Ashley D. Manners                       Brian O’Connell                    Cheryl Jean Smith
                                                                           Aleksey Novicov
Ralph Hoffman                         Susan Baldwin                                                                   Asian Fruit Farm, Inc.                  Brian Strauss                      Cheryl Kampe
                                                                           Alex Aguilar
Ranlyn Tilley Hill & Robert Wrede     Suzanne & Miles Cary                                                            ASP Global Services                     Briandy Walden                     Cheryl Pond
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Rebecca Dall                          Suzanne De Stefvano & Andy Beggs                                                Audrey & Paul Hanneman                  Bridget M. Landry                  Chhoeuth Bou
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Reynolds & Becky Cafferata            Tat Leung                                                                       B.E. Castle                             Bridget M. Stokes                  Chhoung Mam
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Rich & Karen LeFurgy                  Teletronics Technology Corporation                                              B.M. Sloyan                             Britta Gampper                     Ching Kour Ma
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Rick Peterson                         Terence & Yuko McDonough                                                        Bank of America Matching Gift Program   Brittany A. Daniel                 Chinhay Kho
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Robert & Beth Kraft                   The Amazin Grace Foundation                                                     Barbara Bailey                          Brittney McChristy                 Chris Marsh
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Robert & Bonna Neang Weinstein        The Bank of Nova Scotia                                                         Barbara Driggers                        Brooke Barthels                    Christian J. Gurry
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Robert & Marlese Gourley              The Vranos Family Foundation                                                    Barbara E. Cooper                       Bruce Applebach                    Christian Oxholm Zigler
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Russell & Julie Christopher           Thomas & Yumi Kelley                                                            Barekensiek, Leavitt & Pleger, LLP      Callae Walcott-Rounds              Christine Kuhn
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Sal Sardo & Meredith Momoda           Thomas Clifford & Pin Sareebutr                                                 Barry Richardson                        Calvin Guy                         Christine Murphy
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Sally A. Brown                        Tim & Sui Ing Lim                                                               Beatriz Karasik                         Cambodian Association of Greater   Christine R. Machado-Carrillo
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Sam Leonard                           Tim Masterson                                                                   Becky Pilon                             Philadelphia                       Christine Rioux
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Sandra Ortiz                          Tim Rann                                                                        Bectima Sinn                            Candace Bohanon                    Christopher Braun
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