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                  Study Abroad
                  Study in India

Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre, Hyderabad
               December 4 & 5, 2010

         23 Koster Blvd., Suite 8B, Edison, NJ 08837, USA
              Tel: (732)205-9810; Fax: (732)205-9811
       E-mail: ; Web:
           SUMMIT 2010

                 Where The Mind is Without Fear
                 WHERE the mind is without fear and the head is held high
                                  Where knowledge is free
                   Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
                                  By narrow domestic walls
                       Where words come out from the depth of truth
                 Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
                    Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
                           Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
                           Where the mind is led forward by thee
                           Into ever-widening thought and action
                Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

                           Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore

Highlights of the Summit 2010

     Most comprehensive educational event of its kind ever held in India
     Convergence of who’s who of the huge Indian educational system
     Participation by an estimated 200 top universities from around the World
     Participation by an estimated 1000 top Indian educational institutions
     Attendance of an estimated 10000 students interested to study abroad / India
     Opportunity to explore study options in several top foreign / Indian universities
     Opportunity to explore study options in several academic fields / programs

Indian educational system has been undergoing a
paradigm-shift in the recent past. India has the           The fast integrating world economy and the
world’s second largest post-Secondary student              corresponding rise of student mobility have made
population of around 12 million. It is expected that       studying in India an attractive option. There is a large
this number will double over the next 12 to 15 years.      number of Indian as well as foreign students who
Faced with a growing demand for post-Secondary             apply every year to Indian universities and colleges.
education and limited resources, India is looking          For all those who wish to study in India, it is very
towards Private sector in India and foreign                important to get prior and correct information about
universities to bridge the projected gap.                  the courses that they would like to undertake, the
                                                           university / institution they would want to apply to
Indian students are interested in degrees, diplomas,       and procedure for application and entrance tests. For
and certificates offered by foreign universities at the    many students, it is also important to know the
Bachelor’s and Master’s levels because of the              accommodation facilities, weather conditions, food
excellent career prospects they offer. This demand is      habits and cost of living in the city in which he or she
reflected by the tens of thousands of students going to    intends to study. The Summit 2010 provides this
foreign countries every year for higher education.         information.
Along with the Government, the Private sector has
been given the opportunity to take initiative in           The Indus Foundation is a non-profit making
developing infrastructure for higher education in          educational organization dedicated to the promotion
India.                                                     of higher education for the growing student
                                                           population of India. The Foundation is well
India is a member of the WTO and has now become a          established in the USA and India for over 14 years. It
signatory to the General Agreement on Trade in             is committed to assisting Indian students to access the
Services (GATS), thereby enabling high quality             best programs available in accredited foreign
educational services to be offered in India from           universities and Indian institutions.
around the world. Further, the Indian economy is
transforming into an international powerhouse              The Foundation has a network of offices in India
requiring India to have the best possible educational      covering the major cities including Ahmedabad,
opportunities for its citizens. India is keen to improve   Amritsar, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Eluru,
the quality of its higher education with the help of       Hyderabad, Jaipur, Jallandhar, Kakinada, Kanpur,
reputed foreign universities.                              Kochi, Kolkata, Ludhiana, Lucknow, Meerut,
                                                           Mehsana, Nagpur, Nashik, New Delhi, Noida,
The staff of the Foundation has significant                Panchkula, Pilibhit, Pune, Sambalpur, Surat, Thane,
knowledge of the foreign and Indian educational            Trivandrum,      Udaipur,      Vadodara,      Vallabh
systems. Over the years, they have developed               Vidyanagar, Vijayawada, and Visakhapatnam. The
extensive contacts with a wide array of accredited         Foundation is in a position to help Indian students to
foreign universities.                                      study abroad or in India.

With the growth in the Indian economy, and the             The Foundation draws upon the latest thinking of the
growing affluence of its large middle class, study in      professional bodies and effectively interacts with
good foreign universities and Indian institutions is no    them in articulating the views of the Indian
longer just a dream for many Indian students. It is        community in the core areas of academic
indeed a very viable option. Indian students are           collaborations and study abroad.
interested in enrolling in programs of foreign
universities and Indian institutions to pursue their       The Summit will be a fast-paced, well-designed
higher education goals and thereby tap international       program. The Indian student community will be able
and national career opportunities. The Foundation          to access a wide array of opportunities for study
assists Indian students in meeting their educational       abroad and in India.

Indo-American Education Summit 2009

The Indus Foundation has been privileged to              Indo-American Education Summit was a unique event
organize the first-ever Indo-American Education          which was held in India for the first time. The Summit
Summit on academic collaborations and study in           was attended by university provosts, deans, and
America recently in New Delhi, Hyderabad and             enrollment / recruitment officers of accredited
Bangalore from November 8 to 13, 2009. The               American universities. Several hundred Indian
objective of the Summit was to explore opportunities     institutions and organizations interested in academic
for academic collaborations between Indian               collaborations participated in the Summit. Several
institutions and American universities. The Summit       thousand Indian students interested in exploring
also guided Indian students about opportunities for      opportunities for study in America attended the
higher education in American universities. By all        Summit.
accounts, the Summit was a phenomenal success. The


        Case Western Reserve University, Ohio
        Clarkson University, New York
        Concordia University , Canada
        Duke University, North Carolina
        D’Youville College, New York
        Drexel University, Pennsylvania
        Florida International University, Florida
        Florida State University, Florida
        Governors State University, Illinois
        John Carroll University, Ohio
        Longwood University, Virginia
        Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, California
        Roosevelt University, Illinois
        Saint Louis University, Missouri
        Sacred Heart University, Connecticut
        South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, South Dakota
        Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Illinois
        Southern University and A&M College, Louisiana
        Temple University, Pennsylvania
        Texas Christian University, Texas
        Tufts University, Massachusetts
        U3 Ventures, Pennsylvania
        University of Alaska, Fair Banks
        University of Bridgeport, Connecticut
        University of Central Arkansas, Arkansas
        University of Massachusetts-Boston, Massachusetts
        University of Oregon, Oregon
        University of Rochester, New York
        University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
        WVU Institute of Technology, West Virginia
        Widener University School of Law, Delaware


Thank you for organizing this wonderful trip. Peggy       get an opportunity to visit US in the near future, I
(vice-provost) and I both found it to be most             would like to extend an invitation for you to visit our
instructive. Exciting things are happening in India,      University.
and it is imperative that we have opportunities such
as this, to get to know each other. Thank you also for     Dr. Ramanarayanan "Vish" Viswanathan, Interim
the magnificent dinner at your home. Please don't                                       Dean and Professor
hesitate to contact me if I can be of service to you in            College of Engineering, Southern Illinois
your efforts to bridge Indian and American higher                                    University Carbondale

                           Dr. Jamshed Bharucha           Thank you for organizing the outstanding Indo-
  Provost & Senior Vice President, Tufts University       American Summit. You and everyone else from the
                                                          Indus Foundation have much to be proud of. The
                                                          event was a phenomenal success, thanks to the
I want to thank you for the wonderful summit and all      dedication and hard work of everyone involved
your hospitality. I feel it was a great success for our
college and I hope that we can develop one or two                                               Dr. Bert Barry
collaborations in 2010                                          Director of International Services, Saint Louis
                                 Dr. Arup K. Sen
  Chair, Business Department Director of Graduate
                                    Business and
            Advance Programs, D'Youville College          First of all, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to
                                                          you and your organization for the excellent job you
Thank you for the truly enlightening experience of the    did with the Summit. Both my wife and I enjoyed our
recent Indo-American Education Summit. It was an          participation immensely. I am now in the process of
extremely enriching and fruitful collaboration in         going through the various proposals I have received
terms of bringing us together with our colleagues         from institutions in India and will be trying to
from across the world in the Indian education sector.     evaluate these with the help of our staff here to see
I also appreciated the opportunity to spend time with     which of these we may wish to pursue. I will be back
a wonderful group of American universities. The           in touch with you once we have decided what our
attention to detail and seamless transition during the    next steps should be.
summit and between cities was a mark of a highly
skilled planning team and was indicative of the care                           Stephen Durrant, Vice Provost
and thought your committee put into this summit and                International Affairs, University of Oregon
your efforts are genuinely appreciated.
                                                          Please know how much we at the West Virginia
                                  Vanessa Vardon          University Institute of Technology appreciated the
   Graduate, Research and International Programs          opportunity to be represented at the Indo-American
                                         Manager          Education Summit last November. To those of you
     Dean's Office, College of Engineering, Drexel        responsible for the logistical matters, please accept
                                        University        my heartfelt thanks for the very smoothly managed
                                                          event and the overall very fine experience. I have so
                                                          many vivid memories it is hard to select the most
It was a great pleasure meeting you and attending the     meaningful; however, among the top of my
summit. I would like to thank you for the excellent       recollections - as of this moment - are the highly
arrangements and for providing the opportunity to         accomplished chief guests, the sincerity of everyone
meet with personnel from Indian higher education          with whom I worked, and the opportunities for future
institutions. Also, I enjoyed talking to your wife and    relationships with Indian professionals and students
sons at the dinner reception at your home. Dr.            alike. Please express my thank you, as well, to Mrs.
Tadisina and I will be following through with some of     Anomolu for her very thoughtful hospitality. The
the contacts we had established at the summit. If you     participation by Indian delegates and students was
                                                          quite inspirational

                                                            by the level of enthusiasm of the participants and the
                           Pamela S. Cutright, D.Ed.        number of opportunities. Since then we have
             Special Assistant to the Campus Provost        established communications with a number of
                       WVU Institute of Technology          institutions and are considering a number of
                                                            collaboration opportunities. Please convey our
                                                            thanks to your staff but in particular to your family
It has been a while since we have returned to the US        who hosted us in Hyderabad.
and I wanted to drop you a note. We enjoyed our trip
enormously and are grateful for your hospitality.                                       Dr. Keya Sadeghipour
While the meetings were intense we were impressed              Dean, Temple University College of Engineering

Summit 2010 Program Details

Indian students interested in studying in India and         Recruitment of Students: Sapphire
abroad will participate in the one-on-one meetings          Ballrooms
with representatives of Indian institutions and
Foreign Universities. Indian students will have the
benefit of referring to the profiles of Indian              One-on-one meetings between
institutions and foreign universities in print as well as   representatives of foreign universities /
on the Indus website at before        Indian sponsors and Indian students &
meeting with the representatives.                           parents
December 4                                                  December 5
9.00 am: Registration of students at Marriott               9.00 am to 1.00 pm (with Coffee/Tea break
Hotel & Convention Centre, Hyderabad                        from 11.00 am to 11.30 am):
9.00 am to 1.00 pm (with Coffee/Tea break                   Recruitment of Students: Sapphire
from 11.00 am to 11.30 am):                                 Ballrooms
Recruitment of Students: Sapphire                           One-on-one meetings between
Ballrooms                                                   representatives of foreign universities /
                                                            Indian sponsors and Indian students &
One-on-one meetings between                                 parents
representatives of foreign universities /
Indian sponsors and Indian students &                       2.00 pm to 6.00 pm (with Coffee / Tea
parents                                                     break from 4.00 pm to 4.30 pm):
1.00 pm to 2.00 pm: Lunch                                   Recruitment of Students: Sapphire
2.00 pm to 6.00 pm (with Coffee / Tea
break from 4.00 pm to 4.30 pm):                             One-on-one meetings between
                                                            representatives of foreign universities /
                                                            Indian sponsors and Indian students &

Benefits of the Summit
Benefits for Indian Students:                                     4.   Students will be able to explore various
                                                                       opportunities for Teaching / Research
                                                                       Assistantships, industry sponsorships, on-
                                                                       campus jobs, part-time work, summer
    1.   The Summit is a unique opportunity for
         the Indian students to meet a number of                       internships, etc.
         Foreign      and      Indian     University              5.   Students will get information about
         representatives face-to-face on one                           housing, living expenses, Indian student
                                                                       contacts, etc., in the Foreign and Indian
    2.   Students get a chance to discuss the                          Universities.
         emerging trends in their academic areas                  6.   A fair amount of clarity will emerge for
         of interest and associated disciplines.                       students and parents with regard to
                                                                       financial       commitment,      security,
    3.   The Summit will provide authentic
                                                                       environment, academic ambience, etc.
         information about the prospects for
                                                                  7.   Expert guidance for students for further
         financial aid such as tuition waiver,
                                                                       study in Foreign countries and in India
         scholarships, etc., in various Foreign and
         Indian Universities.                                          will be available from the Summit

Who should attend?
Indo-Global Education Summit 2010 is a must for any student planning to study abroad or in India.

         Post Graduates
         Diploma Holders
         Young Executives

Venue of Summit 2010
Hyderabad Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre
Opp Hussain Sagar Lake,Tank Bund Road, Hyderabad 500080
Phone: 91-40-27522999; Fax: 91-40-27522888

                                          Study Abroad
A large number of well qualified and financially able        Foundation assists Foreign Universities to recruit students
Indian students are interested in opportunities for higher   from India. Its staff is in a unique position to offer current
education in good Foreign Universities. The Indus            and relevant advice to Indian students on the one hand and

to the Foreign Universities on the other. During the past 14   counselors located in various parts of India. The
years, the Foundation has emerged as the leading recruiter     Foundation and its experts are thoroughly familiar with the
of students from India. It has secured admission for several   educational systems of India and those of other countries.
thousand students in accredited Foreign Universities.          They are ideally equipped to assist students to go through
                                                               the entire gamut of the admission process. The Foundation
The Foundation offers a comprehensive package of               provides test preparation training to Indian students who
services directed towards assessing and matching students      plan to take tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT,
with the philosophy, requirements, academic offerings, and     GRE, etc. The Foundation provides expert guidance to
resources of Foreign Universities. The Foundation assists      students for obtaining visa from the Foreign consulates.
the students through the entire application process from the   Pre-departure orientation and counseling is also provided to
identification of the programs of study to the actual          all students before they leave for Foreign countries.
enrollment. The Foundation strongly believes in providing      .
honest, up-to-date and accurate information with friendly
and courteous service through its trained educational

Why study in Foreign Universities
Indian students are already the largest group of Foreign students studying in the USA and several other countries.
The number of Indian students studying in Foreign universities is expected to grow at around 20% per year.


Academic excellence: Foreign Universities have                 students. These programs offer financial assistance
finest post-secondary educational systems with                 and enhance career prospects.
excellent programs in traditional disciplines as well          Global acceptability: Degrees of good Foreign
as professional fields. Foreign Universities spend
                                                               Universities are recognized and sought after by
substantial amount of money on each student per
                                                               employers Worldwide. The long-term career
year. For example, the USA spends $20,000, Canada
                                                               prospects of a student are enhanced as studying in a
$12,217, Australia $11,572, and the U.K. $7,225.
                                                               Foreign country boosts and develops one's self-
Quality assurance: A systematic approach to                    confidence, independent thinking and cross-cultural
ensuring quality standards in educational institutions         communication skills.
and academic programs.                                         Campus diversity: Foreign Universities seek the
Variety of options: There are literally thousands of           presence of International students in order to provide
good Foreign Universities to choose from. Some                 cultural diversity and enrichment on their campuses.
Universities provide broad-based education like
                                                               Support services: Most Foreign Universities will
liberal arts education, while others provide specialty         have an office of International Students and Services
programs. There are also vocational or technical               which can provide a variety of services from campus
institutions.                                                  orientation to assistance in resume preparation.
Cutting edge technology: Foreign Universities are              Personal and career counseling services are also
leaders in high quality education and are at the               available.
forefront of technology. Foreign Universities have             Financial assistance: Scholarships, fellowships and
outstanding facilities, libraries and laboratories.
                                                               assistantships are available for eligible International
Flexibility: The academic programs provide students            students. They are also eligible to work for 20 hours a
with a variety of courses and options. Students have           week to partially meet their expenses in several
the freedom to design their majors and programs of             Foreign Universities.
study, switch fields and petition specific courses.
                                                               Practical Experience: After completing studies,
Independent study is also available to suit individual
                                                               opportunities to spend an additional period of time in
needs.                                                         Foreign countries for getting valuable relevant work
Hands on training: Co-operative educational                    experience are available for the International
programs, internship and practical training                    students.
opportunities provide valuable practical experience to


Bachelor’s degrees: Most Bachelor’s Degree                      Degrees awarded and require coursework as well as
programs can be completed in three to four years of             original research and a dissertation.
full-time study. Each year, several million Bachelor
Degrees are granted by Foreign Universities in many             Professional degrees: Medicine, Dentistry and
different fields of study.                                      Veterinary Studies are 4-year programs following the
                                                                4-year Bachelor Degree course. Admission to the
Master's degrees: A Master’s Degree can be                      first Professional Degree programs in medicine or
completed in one to two years of study following the            veterinary medicine is extremely competitive.
Bachelor’s Degree. Master's programs often require a            Students interested in these fields, are encouraged to
major research paper in addition to coursework.                 apply for non-clinical programs, as admission to
                                                                clinical programs is extremely difficult. Professional
Doctoral degrees (Ph.D.): Doctoral programs                     Degrees in Engineering or Architecture can be earned
require an additional three to five years of study              through Undergraduate (Bachelor’s) study. It is also
beyond the Master’s Degree. They are the highest                possible to enter these professions through Graduate
                                                                (Master’s)                                      study.


Accreditation: In many Foreign countries, a rigorous            contributions. Public institutions are State-controlled
and complex system of monitored self-study is used              and give preference to the students of their State.
by accrediting bodies to determine whether or not an            They tend to be less expensive, but usually add out-
Institution is "accredited." This is the word used to           of-State fees to students from other States and
connote "recognized" or "approved."                             Countries. Whether the Institutions are Public or
                                                                Private does not tell anything about their quality -
College and University: In Foreign countries,
                                                                excellent Colleges and Universities are common in
Colleges and Universities are ALWAYS post-
Secondary (past high school) Institutions. Many                 both categories.
people use the terms "College" and "University"                 Credit System: Progress toward graduation in the
interchangeably, and a Degree from a College is                 U.S. and some other Foreign countries is measured
equivalent to a Degree from a University. In fact,              through the accumulation of Credits, rather than in
some of the most selective Institutions are Colleges.           years as in India. Each course/class student
Don't let the name "College" make you think your                successfully completes is worth a certain number of
Institution is less reputable or qualified than a               Credits and a determined number of Credits is
"University." The major differences are that Colleges           required for Graduation (getting the degree).
tend to have smaller student bodies, focus on
                                                                Ability to transfer from one University to another:
Undergraduate education and hire Professors for their           The credit system allows students to "take their
teaching abilities. Universities tend to be larger, offer
                                                                Credits" from one Undergraduate program to another,
Undergraduate and Post-Graduate programs and hire
                                                                or from a two-year College to a four-year College,
faculty to teach and conduct research.                          and not have to begin all over again at the beginning.
Public and Private Universities: Foreign countries              However, each University determines how much
have a great variety of strong Public and Private               Credit they will grant for the previous work and how
Universities. For Private Universities, funding comes           much of that Credit will fulfill their requirements
from tuition, grants for research, and voluntary

Ability to change major fields of study: "Changing Majors" after enrollment is a common practice among
Undergraduate students. Changing a Major may mean more time is needed to complete the requirements of the new
field before being eligible to Graduate (get degree), but it does give students the opportunity to move into the
program best suited to their needs and abilities. While there are many Universities that will be able to give student a
degree, it is well worth student’s time and effort to find ones that truly match student’s ability, personality, budget,
and goals.


Academic program: There are literally hundreds of           Size: Universities vary in size of student body
major fields of study in Foreign Universities, and no       widely; they may have 800 students or 40,000
University offers every one of them. Student will           students. At the smaller Institutions, student will get
want to be sure that the University student selects         to know many of the other students and Professors.
offers the academic program student wants. This is
                                                            At the larger Institutions, students will have a greater
less important for first-year Undergraduate students
                                                            range of course offerings and extra-curricular
who can change Majors or Institutions than it is for        activities, but less personal attention.
Undergraduate students who are interested in
specialized fields that require heavy course work for       Location: Universities can be found in quiet rural
admission to the particular department (for example,        communities, orderly suburban locations, and
some programs in music, architecture, or                    cosmopolitan urban areas. While some students do
engineering) or for Post-Graduate students.                 well in busy, crowded, hectic cities, others prefer
                                                            quieter, calmer environments.
Selectivity: Some Foreign Universities accept a very        Climate: Foreign Universities are located in many
small percentage of those who apply while others            different types of geography: deserts, coastal areas,
accept most applicants. Student’s task is to assess         mountainous regions, tropical climates, and flat
his/her academic ability (rank in class, academic           plains. Some geographic regions have four distinct
grades, and scores on standardized tests), learn about      seasons (winter, fall, spring, summer) while others
the selectivity of the Foreign Universities, and            have more moderate temperatures all year long.
identify Universities that will be appropriate for
him/her.                                                    Character: Each College or University has its own
                                                            personality depending on its size, location, course
Costs: Costs range from about US$15,000 to US$              and extracurricular offerings, selectivity, history, and
40,000 per year for tuition, fees, housing, books,          student body.
insurance, and living.

Submitting a Winning Application: A winning application is one that clearly and neatly provides ALL of the
documents requested by the deadline date and gives the admissions office an accurate picture of who you are as a
student. The university will file all of the correspondence about you by LAST NAME (or FAMILY NAME) and
then by FIRST NAME (or GIVEN NAME). It is critical that all correspondence (application, test scores, letters of
recommendation) be submitted with your LAST NAME capitalized or underlined and with the spelling and order of
your names the same in every document. Many applications have been considered incomplete and not processed
because some pieces of correspondence were filed under one name and some under another, for example
Mohammed Abdul Razak for one document and Abdul Razak for another.

All Universities require the following information

    1.   University application –each University has            5.   Proof of English proficiency – this condition
         its own application form.                                   is usually met by the results of the TOEFL /
    2.   Application fee – in some Universities, these               IELTS exam with test results sent to the
         range from about US$ 25 to $150 and are                     College or University directly from the
         non-refundable.                                             Testing Agency.
    3.   Official transcripts – Grades must be                  6.   Personal essay – this is student’s opportunity
         provided as original copies from the                        to express himself / herself in English and to
         Schools/Universities student has attended                   describe       yourself/your        goals/your
         wherever possible (otherwise provide a                      background in a way that goes beyond the
         certified true copy of the originals), with a               Test Scores and transcripts you submit.
         translation in English                                      Essays and personal statements MUST be
    4.   Statement of financial resources – proof that               written by you, though you can ask others to
         student has the financial resources to attend               read your drafts and provide comments to
         the Institution                                             help you revise.

    7.   Additional standardized test scores –                   to teachers, professors, or counselors
         Undergraduate students are often asked to               (people who know the student and his/her
         submit test scores from the SAT; Graduate               strengths in a classroom setting) asking for
         students are often asked to submit scores               their opinions about the student. Business
         from the GRE; MBA candidates are usually                schools, especially, may also be interested in
         required to take the GMAT test.                         letters from employers focusing on student’s
    8.   Letters of recommendation – Universities                professional skills and accomplishments.
         generally provide forms for student to give

Plan ahead                                                  2.   Private sponsors. In most cases, you will
                                                                 have to have a connection with the
While it is expensive to study abroad, please
                                                                 sponsoring organization (local company,
remember the following:
                                                                 Rotary Club, religious group) for them to
                                                                 sponsor your studies.
    1.   The value of your Foreign Degree is worth          3.   Loans. Loans come from government banks
         the investment.                                         or private sector banks. A guarantor may be
    2.   There is no correlation between the level of            required. Interest rates are low and
         tuition and the quality of an Institution.              repayment begins after graduation.
    3.   Costs vary widely from University to               4.   Employment. In some Foreign Universities,
         University, and from place to place.                    students can work part-time (20 hours a
    4.   Planning for financing your study should be             week) on campus. These jobs (in the
         done before you submit your applications to             cafeteria, bookstore, library, etc.) will give
         the University                                          student some spending money. Permission
    5.   Pay particular attention to deadlines for               to work off campus MAY be granted after
         admission as well as University-sponsored               first year of study.
                                                         Financial Assistance       from     Colleges     and
Calculating expenses                                     Universities

    1.   Tuition: The cost of instruction is generally      1.   While the terms "scholarships" and
         charged as a single amount for the Term                 "financial     aid"     are     often   used
         (Semester / Quarter). Some Universities, and            interchangeably, there is a technical
         many Post-Graduate programs, base their                 difference.
         fees on the number of Credits students take.       2.   A Scholarship is a financial award based on
    2.   Fees                                                    merit, special talent and/or leadership
                  health insurance                               qualities.
                  student activity fee that gives           3.   Financial Aid is based on financial need that
                  students access to the library,                must be documented. In most instances,
                  health center and campus activities            Colleges and Universities only offer
                  Out-of-State fees charged by Public            scholarships to outstanding students.
                  Universities to ALL students who          4.   Only the most prestigious, competitive and
                  cannot prove that they are residents           wealthy Foreign Universities are able to
                  of that particular State.                      offer significant funding for outstanding
    3.   Living Costs                                            students.
                  Room and board, transportation,           5.   Most Public Universities do not offer
                  books and essential personal                   scholarships to International students.
                  supplies.                                      Student must submit all documents
                                                                 (application, test scores, etc.) BEFORE the
Sources of Funding                                               deadline.

    1.   Personal & family funds. Talk with your         Post-Graduate Awards
         family about how much money they can
         give you for your education.                    Post-Graduate Awards come directly from the

Departments rather than the University and they fall               quantitative, and analytical skills that have
into three categories:                                             been developed over a long period of time
                                                                   and are not necessarily related to any
    1.   Merit Awards - for students with exceptional              particular field of study.
         academic ability                                     2.   GMAT: Graduate Management Admissions
    2.   Research Assistantships – for students who                Test The GMAT has been designed to help
         will conduct research during their stay                   business schools assess the qualifications of
    3.   Teaching Assistantships – for students who                applicants for advanced study in business
         will teach sections of Undergraduate                      and management. It measures basic verbal,
         courses. For these awards, the ability to                 quantitative, and writing skills that are
         speak and teach students in English is                    developed over a long period of time. .
                                                          Visa Matters: To obtain a Student Visa, student
Reduce Educational Costs                                  must demonstrate that he/she:

    1.   Look for "best buys"; i.e., Colleges and             1. Has the ability and intention to pursue a
         Universities that offer a quality education at       course of full-time study. This can be
         a reasonable cost.                                   demonstrated by official acceptance from the
    2.   Consider Public Universities.                        College or University that student wishes to
    3.   Earn transfer Credit locally (i.e. in India)         attend. Visa officers will also want to see
         and shorten your stay in the Foreign                 transcripts and test scores or discuss student’s
         University.                                          plans further. Be prepared to tell the visa officer
                                                              what you want to study, where you want to
                                                              study, how you are going to finance your stay in
English Proficiency
                                                              the Foreign country, and what you intend to do
Most Universities require scores from TOEFL /                 with your Degree when you return to India. Be
IELTS while some Universities administer their own            prepared to do this clearly and quickly.
test on arrival on their campus.                              2. Possesses adequate funds to cover all of the
Undergraduate Exams:                                          costs listed by the University. These costs
                                                              include tuition, fees, living expenses, and
Find out what the Institutions that you want to apply         incidental expenses. As a general rule, the
to require. In general, students applying to selective        Consular official will want to see the
American Universities and/or engineering programs             documentation for first year’s expenses and
should sit for the SAT I.                                     documentation showing how the money will be
The SAT I: Reasoning Test                                     found for the future years.
                                                              3. Has sufficiently strong social, economic,
The SAT measures your verbal reasoning, critical              and other reasons to leave the Foreign country
reading, and math problem-solving skills. It indicates        upon completion of the projected program of
how well you can apply the skills in these areas that         studies. Such reasons can be shown during the
you have developed both in and out of school.                 Visa interview, by such means as showing strong
Post-Graduate Tests:                                          family ties in India and/or excellent employment
                                                              prospects when you return home with a Foreign
Again, check with the programs to which you plan to
apply to find out what your testing options are.
                                                              4. Is able to articulate his/her reason for
                                                                   studying at a specific Institution.
    1.   GRE: Graduate Record Examination. The
         GRE General Test measures verbal,

                                       Study in India
With several thousands of colleges, hundreds of           education system in India is one of the largest in the
universities, institutes of national importance and       world.
various other vocational institutes, the higher

The education system in India has nurtured a special       University     departments impart  postgraduate
bond between the teacher and the pupil since time          education and conduct and promote research in a
immemorial. In fact, India was the country to have         variety of disciplines.
established what we know as the 'gurukul' system of
education. However, with the coming of the British,        Advantages of Studying in India
English has become a part and parcel of Indian
education system. Today, English is a major medium         India is fast becoming a major economic power in the
of instruction in India.                                   world today. And if its growth trend continues for
                                                           some more years, it would soon be playing a major
India today is the second largest higher education         role in the world economy along with China.
network in the world. Universities in India are set up     Moreover, India's successful stint with democracy
by the Central or State Governments by means of            has also been a major magnetic force for scholars
legislation, while colleges are established by the State   around the world. Following are some of the
Governments or private bodies / trusts. All colleges       advantages for study in India.
are affiliated to some university.
                                                             * Low Cost: The cost of education in India is quite
The different types of universities are:                   low as compared to many other countries of the
Central or State Universities -- while the former are
funded directly by the Ministry of Human Resource             * Quality Education: Quality of education is not
Development, the latter are set up and funded by the       uniform throughout the length and breadth of the
various state governments.                                 country. However, there are several educational
                                                           institutions in India that provide world class
                                                           education. Indian Institutes of Technology, Indian
Deemed Universities -- which enjoy the same
                                                           Institutes of Management, Indian Institutes of
academic status and privileges as a university.
                                                           Science, National Law Schools, Jawaharlal Nehru
Examples are the Deccan College of Post Graduate
                                                           University and Delhi University are some such
and Research Institute, Pune; Tata Institute of Social
                                                           Institutions. The government of India is also speeding
Sciences, Mumbai; Indian Institute of Sciences,
                                                           up the efforts to establish more such Institutions that
Bangalore; etc.
                                                           can offer quality education in India.
Institutions of National Importance -- are                   * Financial Assistance: Various scholarships,
university-level institutions that are established or      education loans and other forms of financial
designated by Acts of Parliament and funded by the         assistance are now available for studying in India
Central Government. These include the Indian               today.
Institutes of Technology, Indian Institutes of
Management and the All India Institute of Medical            * Unique Courses: Apart from above mentioned
Sciences, etc.                                             advantages, one can also study some unique courses
                                                           that were discovered and developed by the traditional
Most universities are 'affiliating universities', which    knowledge system of India. Ayurveda, Sanskrit,
determine the admission criteria, courses of study,        Yoga, Hindi are some such courses that enthuse
examination pattern, and award of degrees.                 many      Indian    and    international    students.

Choosing a Program
Choosing a Program of study and identifying an             level (i.e. Undergraduate / Post Graduate or Pre-
Institution that meets student’s requirement is a          doctoral / Doctoral level or short duration programs).
matter of research and analysis. This becomes very         Then student needs to look at options of institutions
complex when the program offerings are huge and            and specializations available in the subject area. After
number of institutions is large. First step in making      identifying the institution that offers specialization in
the right choice is to look for various options            student’s interest area, more details on different
available for area of study of student’s interest in       institutions      have        to      be       obtained.
terms of programs and institutions for a particular

Indian System
In the Indian system, higher education includes the        In addition to the degree programs, a number of
education imparted after the 10+2 stage - ten years of     diploma and certificate programs are also available in
primary and secondary education followed by two            universities. Their range is wide and they cover
years of higher secondary education. The first degree,     anything from poetics to computers. Some of them
the Bachelor's degrees, is obtained after three years      are undergraduate diploma programs and others are
study in the case of liberal arts, and four years in the   post-graduate programs. The duration varies from
case of most professional degrees (four and half in        one year to three years.
case of medicine and five/six years in case of law}.
The Master's program is usually of two years               Universities, deemed universities and institutions of
duration. The research degrees (M.Phil and Ph.D)           national importance are largely autonomous
take variable time depending upon the individual           institutions entitled by law to design, develop and
student.                                                   offer programs which they consider relevant and
                                                           appropriate for the national needs. Colleges and other
The postgraduate degree programs involve 2 years of        institutions in turn are expected to be regulated by the
study after first degree. These include M.Tech, MD,        Universities with which they are affiliated or
MS and MDS programs that take 2 years after                associated. Given the wide reach and variety of
B.Tech and MBBS/BDS respectively.                          institutions and programs of higher education, a
                                                           number of professional, regulatory bodies and
The M.Phil. program, is of one and-half year               councils have been established to ensure proper
duration. It is a preparatory program for doctoral         development of higher education in the country in a
level studies. PhD program is research study for two       coordinated manner
years and can take several years while D.Sc. and
D.Litt. are awarded by some universities after PhD
for original contributions.

Main Fields of Study
    1.  Arts, Humanities and Social Science:
    2.  Commerce/ Business Studies/ Accounting/ Finance
    3.  Natural Sciences
    4.  Physical Education
    5.  Fine Arts/ Art Education
    6.  Performing Arts
    7.  Engineering & Technology
    8.  Computer Application/ Information Technology
    9.  Management/ Business Administration
    10. Architecture/ Planning
    11. Modern Medicine & Surgery
    12. Dental Care
    13. Homeopathic Medicine
    14. Ayurvedic Medicine
    15. Unani Medicine
    16. Pharmacy
    17. Nursing
    18. Physiotherapy
    19. Agriculture/ Fisheries/ Veterinary Sciences
    20. Law
    21. Education

Recruitment during the Summit 2010
The Indus Foundation has been organizing periodic               universities have participated in the events over the years.
recruiting events in the Indian cities for the past 14 years.   Recruiting events involve one-on-one meetings with Indian
The events have become increasingly popular with Indian         students (and parents). These events provide Foreign
students. The events offer an efficient and cost-effective      University representatives and students with valuable
means of study options in Foreign and Indian Universities       interaction    with      mutually      beneficial    results.
to prospective students in India. Several dozens of

1. Activities during the Summit include one-on-meetings         3. The Summit will provide opportunities for students to
between representatives of Foreign / Indian Universities        get recruited in Graduate and Post-Graduate programs in a
and Indian students. Summit will provide an excellent           wide range of good Foreign / Indian Universities whose
opportunity to meet with and get recruited in top Foreign /     tuition costs match the ability of students to pay.
Indian Universities.                                            Meritorious students may look for financial aid and
2. The Summit will help several thousand students to get
recruited to Engineering & IT, Business &                       4. The Foundation will help the students by following up
Management, Life Sciences & Biomedicine, and                    with Foreign / Indian Universities until the admission
General Fields (Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, and         formalities are completed and students actually enroll.
Natural Sciences) in Foreign / Indian Universities.

Recruitment & Enrollment Services
1. The Foundation recruits well-qualified and                   6. The Foundation distributes application forms,
financially able students from India for admission to           catalogs, test forms, etc., to Indian students in a
the programs of the Foreign / Indian Universities               prompt manner. The Foundation provides students
throughout the year. The Foundation will be                     with proper estimates of tuition, and other expenses.
responsible until the students actually enroll.
                                                                7. The Foundation pre-processes all applications
2. The Foundation organizes periodic recruiting                 before they are sent to the Foreign / Indian
events in India for Foreign / Indian Universities. The          Universities for further scrutiny. The Foundation
Foundation will plan and design the most relevant               ensures the authenticity of all the documents
procedures for Indian students to be recruited and              submitted by the students.
                                                                8. The Foundation ensures that: a) the students are
3. The Foundation remains in                  constant          serious students; b) they can reasonably fund their
communication with the Foreign / Indian Universities            studies in the Foreign / Indian University; c) the
with regard to all aspects of application process until         students have a definite plan for themselves after
the students get admission and actually enroll.                 studies and d) the students have a high level of
                                                                awareness of the institution they are going to attend.
4. The Foundation provides test preparation training
to Indian students who plan to take entrance /                  9. The Foundation ensures complete documentation
admission tests. Indian students are recruited for all          including declaration of finances, when applications
Undergraduate, Post-Graduate, Doctoral, and                     are sent to the Foreign / Indian Universities. In cases
Professional programs. The Foundation also recruits             where the students are in need of funds, the
students for the distance learning programs.                    Foundation arranges educational loans through Indian
5. The Foundation gives accurate and up-to-date
information about programs to Indian students and               10. The Foundation assists in the selection of
helps them understand and interpret that information            Universities and programs. The Foundation provides
correctly. The Foundation also advises students and             expert guidance to students for obtaining Visa from
their parents about the admission criteria.                     the Foreign Consulates. .The Foundation also
                                                                provides Pre-departure orientation and counseling to
                                                                all students before they leave for study abroad.

Interested Students and Parents may contact:                    Opp-Swathi Restaurant, Hyderguda
Mr. Ashok Kallam                                                Tel: 91-9912881199, 91-40-40079023
Director-India Operations, The Indus Foundation                 E-mail:
308,3rd Floor, Mallik Chambers

Mr. S.B.Anumolu
Mr. S.B.Anumolu, 64, is the President of the Indus              Government service. He received letters of commendation
Foundation, New Jersey, which was founded in 1995. Mr.          from the Government for the good work done. He worked
Anumolu obtained his Master’s degree from the Indian            as Managing Director of an industry for six years and later
Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM-B). Mr. Anumolu         as Managing Director of a management consulting
joined the Indian Police Service (IPS) in 1969 and was          company for six years and led several business delegations
trained at Mussorie and Mt. Abu in India. He worked for 18      to the United States of America, Canada, Japan, the United
years in various senior level positions including that of       Arab Emirates, and other Gulf countries.
Deputy Inspector General of Police before leaving

Indo-Global Education Summit 2010 has attracted an excellent response from universities and educational
organizations of over 50 countries around the World. Given below is a select list of international institutions that are
expected to participate in the Summit 2010. Final list of participants will be available by September 2010.

    1.    Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland                         21.   Carleton University, Canada
    2.    Adelphi University, USA                                    22.   Chinese University, Hong Kong
    3.    Algonquin College, Canada                                  23.   Cleveland State University, USA
    4.    American University, Afghanistan                           24.   College of Neohumanist Studies, Sweden
    5.    American University of Ras Al Khaimah,                     25.   College of Southern Maryland, USA
          UAE                                                        26.   College of William & Mary, USA
    6.    American University of Sharjah, UAE                        27.   Columbia University Teachers College,
    7.    Amur State University of Humanities and                          USA
          Pedagogy, Russia                                           28.   Columbus State University, USA
    8.    Armenian State University of Economics,                    29.   Delegation of the European Union to India
          Armenia                                                    30.   Digital Hollywood University, Japan
    9.    Avans University of Applied Sciences,                      31.   Donbas National Academy of Civil
          Netherlands                                                      Engineering & Architecture, Ukraine
    10.   Azerbaijan Technological University,                       32.   Drexel University, USA
          Azerbaijan                                                 33.   Dublin City University, Ireland
    11.   Azusa Pacific University, USA                              34.   Effat University, Saudi Arabia
    12.   Baylor University, USA                                     35.   EIA (School of Engineering of Antioquia),
    13.   Bellarmine University, USA                                       Colombia
    14.   Bowling Green State University, USA                        36.   Euromed Management, France
    15.   Bunkyo University, Japan                                   37.   Fairleigh Dickinson University, USA
    16.   Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy                    38.   Federal University of Technology, Nigeria
    17.   California State University – San                          39.   Fiji School of Medicine, Fiji
          Bernardino, USA                                            40.   Florida Agricultural and Mechanical
    18.   California State University- San Marcos,                         University, USA
          USA                                                        41.   Florida Atlantic University, USA
    19.   Can Tho University, Vietnam                                42.   Florida International University, USA
    20.   Cape Peninsula University of Technology,                   43.   Florida Memorial University, USA
          South Africa                                               44.   Free University of Brussels, Belgium

45.   George Washington University, USA            91.  Monash University, Australia
46.   Georgetown University, USA                   92.  Monmouth University, USA
47.   Georgia Southern University, USA             93.  Montana State University, Billings, USA
48.   Graceland University, USA                    94.  Moscow Power Engineering Institute,
49.   Harvard University, USA                           Russia
50.   Hofstra University, USA                      95. Mount Allison University, Canada
51.   Ilia State University, Georgia               96. National Institute of Education, Singapore
52.   Independent University, Bangladesh           97. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University,
53.   Indiana University - Purdue University,           South Africa
      USA                                          98. Netherlands Business Support Office, India
54.   Institute of Development and Management,     99. New York Institute of Technology, USA
      Ghana                                        100. Mykolayiv State Agrarian University,
55.   Institute of International Education, USA         Ukraine
56.   Institut Polytechnique des Sciences          101. Newcastle University, UK
      Avancées, France                             102. North Carolina Agricultural and Technical
57.   Interactive College of Technology, USA            State University, USA
58.   Ithaca College, USA                          103. North Park University, USA
59.   Jackson State University, USA                104. Northeastern University, USA
60.   John Marshall Law School, USA                105. Northern Arizona University, USA
61.   Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, USA     106. Norwegian University of Science and
62.   Kansas City Art Institute, USA                    Technology, Norway
63.   Kaposvar University, Hungary                 107. Northwestern University Law School, USA
64.   Karelian State Pedagogical University,       108. Novosibirsk State University, Russia
      Russia                                       109. Ohio University, USA
65.   Kean University, USA                         110. Okanagan College, Canada
66.   Kent State University, USA                   111. Oklahoma State University, USA
67.   Keiser University, USA                       112. Otsuma Women’s University, Japan
68.   Kennesaw State University, USA               113. Pennsylvania State University, USA
69.   Kent State University, USA                   114. Pepperdine University, USA
70.   Kingdom University, Bahrain                  115. Presidency University, Bangladesh
71.   Kodolanyi Janos University of Applied        116. Regent’s College, UK
      Sciences, Hungary                            117. Richard Stockton College of New Jersey,
72.   Kursk State University, Russia                    USA
73.   Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Canada      118. Richmond The American International
74.   Laidlaw College, New Zealand                      University, UK
75.   Leeds Metropolitan University, UK            119. Riga Stradins University, Latvia
76.   Leeds University Business School, UK         120. RIKEN, Japan
77.   Lesley University, USA                       121. Royal University for Women, Bahrain
78.   Liverpool John Moores University, UK.        122. Sabanci University, Turkey
79.   Long Island University, C.W.Post, USA        123. Saint Louis University, USA
80.   Longwood University, USA                     124. Samford University, USA
81.   Louisiana State University Health Sciences   125. Seattle University, USA
      Center, USA                                  126. Simon Fraser University, Canada
82.   Lutsk National Technical University,         127. Solusi University, Zimbabwe
      Ukraine                                      128. St. Thomas University, Canada
83.   Macquaire University, Australia              129. St. Thomas University, USA
84.   Management College of Southern Africa,       130. State Environmental University, Ukraine
      SA                                           131. Stratford University, USA
85.   Manitoba International Education Branch,     132. Suffolk University, USA
      Canada                                       133. Sumy National Agrarian University,
86.   Maryville University, USA                         Ukraine
87.   Massey University, New Zealand               134. Syracuse University, USA
88.   Memorial University of Newfoundland,         135. Tallinn University, Estonia
      Canada                                       136. Temple University, USA
89.   Middle Tennessee State University, USA       137. Texas Tech University Health Science
90.   Mississippi State University, USA                 Center, USA

138. Tokyo Jogakkan College, Japan                 184. University of Manitoba, Canada
139. Troy University, USA                          185. University of Miami, USA
140. Turku University of Applied Sciences,         186. University of Michigan, USA
     Finland                                       187. University of Missouri, Columbia, USA
141. Ukrainian Catholic University, Ukraine        188. University of Missouri School of Law,
142. Unica University, Colombia                         Kansas City, USA
143. Universal College of Learning, New            189. University of Nairobi, Kenya
     Zealand                                       190. University of Nevada, USA
144. Universidad EAFIT: Abierta Al Mundo,          191. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill,
     Colombia                                           USA
145. Universidad De Los Llanos, Colombia           192. University of North Texas, USA
146. University of Dublin, Trinity College,        193. University of North Texas Health Science
     Ireland                                            Center, USA
147. Universidad Autonoma Del Estado, Mexico       194. University of Nottingham, UK
148. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México,      195. University of Ontario Institute of
     Mexico                                             Technology, Canada
149. Universidad Panamericana, Mexico              196. University of Ottawa, Canada
150. Universidad Señor de Sipán, Peru              197. University of Paris-Sorbonne, France
151. Universidade Fernando Pessoa, Portugal        198. University of Portsmouth, UK
152. Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia              199. University of Rochester, USA
153. Universitat Jaume I, Spain                    200. University of San Diego, USA
154. University of Agder, Norway                   201. University of Saskatchewan, Canada
155. Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain        202. University of Scranton, USA
156. University of Alberta, Canada                 203. University of South Africa, South Africa
157. University of Applied Sciences, Germany       204. University of Southern California, USA
158. University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands   205. University of Southern Indiana, USA
159. University of Applied Sciences Technikum      206. University of Split, Croatia
     Wien, Austria                                 207. University of St. Thomas, USA
160. University of Arkansas, Little Rock, USA      208. University of the Pacific, USA
161. University College Plymouth St Mark and St    209. University of Trento, Italy
     John, U.K.                                    210. University of Toronto, Mississauga, Canada
162. University of Baghdad, Iraq                   211. University of Turku, Finland
163. University of Baltimore, USA                  212. University of Utah, USA
164. University of Bergen, Norway                  213. University of Virginia, USA
165. University of Bradford, U.K.                  214. University of Waterloo, Canada
166. University of Bridgeport, USA                 215. University of West Florida, USA
167. University of British Columbia, Canada        216. University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA
168. University of Calgary, Canada                 217. University of Wisconsin System, USA
169. University of California, Berkeley, USA       218. Vaal University of Technology, South
170. University of California, Davis, USA               Africa
171. University of California, San Diego, USA      219. Valparaiso University, USA
172. University of Canberra, Australia             220. Virginia Commonwealth University, Qatar
173. University of Central Florida, USA            221. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State
174. University of Colorado, Colorado Springs,          University, USA
     USA                                           222. Virginia State University, USA
175. University of Debrecen, Hungary               223. Virginia Union University, USA
176. University of Dublin Trinity College,         224. Wagner College, USA
     Ireland                                       225. Wake Forest University, USA
177. University of Dundee, UK                      226. Western Michigan University, USA
178. University of Gdansk, Poland                  227. Widener University School of Law, USA
179. University of Georgia, USA                    228. World Education Services, USA
180. University of Hawaii, Manoa, USA              229. Yaroslavl State University, Russia
181. University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong            230. York University, Canada
182. University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign,     231. Zurich University of Applied Sciences,
     USA                                                Switzerland
183. University of Maine, USA

                            THE INDUS FOUNDATION
     23 Koster Blvd., Suite 8B, Edison, NJ 08837, USA. Tel: (732) 205-9810, Fax: (732) 205-9811
                       E-mail:, Web:

                       Indo-Global Education Summit 2010
                                    REGISTRATION FOR STUDENTS

                               December 4 & 5, 2010 (9 am to 6 pm)

Please register yourself by giving the following details so that you may be given the opportunity to meet with the
officials of the Foreign and Indian Universities. Please use capital letters. Entry fee is Rs. 50 for students and
parents. Please use capital letters.

Name: _________________________________________________________Age: _____________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________________


City: ______________________________ State: ___________________________ Pin: _________________

Tel/ Mobile: ___________________________________E-mail: ____________________________________

I am interested to study: in India ( ); Abroad ( ); Both ( )

I require admission for: ( ) Fall 2011: August-September 2011; ( ) Spring 2012: January 2012

Current level of Education:

Percentage marks obtained in 12th Standard:

Percentage marks obtained in BA/B.Sc./B.Com./B.E./Etc.(mention field):

Percentage marks obtained in M.A./M.Sc./M.Com./M.E./M.Tech/Etc.:
(mention field):

Outstanding Extra-curricular activities, if any:

The specific program of interest:
(Please indicate Bachelor’s, Master’s, Master’s cum Doctoral, or Doctoral level)

Signature: ___________________________________________Date: ____________________________________

Please fill up this registration form and bring to the venue of the Summit at Katriya Hotel & Towers,
Rajbhavan Road, Somajiguda, Hyderabad 500082.

For any clarifications, please contact: Mr. Ashok Kallam, Director-India Operations, The Indus Foundation, 308, 3rd
Floor, Mallik Chambers, Hyderguda, Hyderabad-500029, Tel: 91-40-40079023,


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