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									                                                                      DRESS CODE

 There shall be no clothing worn depicting the following
 Drug, alcohol or tobacco messages.
 Messages with implications of a sexual nature.
 No clothing or insignia related to racist or hate groups.
 Clothing depicting violence.
 Consistent with the current weapons policy, there shall be no chains worn, other than those designed as jewelry.
 All clothing shall be worn as designed. Specifically, pants, slacks and shorts shall be worn with the belt line at the waist. No pants shall be worn below the
  waist. Additionally, pants and slacks shall be worn so as not to extend over the heel of the shoe.
 BODY PIERCING – For the overall well being and safety of our students, jewelry that involves piercing is allowed only in the ears. ALL other body
  piercing must be removed before entering the school.
 Hair color of a fluorescent or non-typical color shall not be permitted.
 No half-shirts, cut-off shirts, sleeveless shirts, shirts with revealing necklines, off the shoulder shirts, shirts with spaghetti straps, or any clothing that
  reveals a midriff on any student.
 No gym shorts, boxer shorts, short-shorts, sweat shorts, or any kind of shorts that are not KNEE LENGTH.
 Dresses, skirts, or shorts must be NO SHORTER than KNEE LENGTH.
 No Spandex of any kind or length. Spandex may be worn under KNEE LENGTH shorts, dresses, or skirts.
 No cut-up jeans, cut-off jeans, cutout jeans, ripped or torn jeans, pajama bottoms, cut-off sweats, or any type of cut-off apparel, regardless of
  length, including those purchased as torn.
 No sunglasses, hats, bandanas, or caps of any type are to be worn inside the building. Sunglasses may be worn only for medica l reasons.
 Coats and jackets are to be stored in lockers and not worn in school.
 Out of respect to fellow students and faculty, all students are required to maintain their personal hygiene.

                                                     IF IN DOUBT, DON’T WEAR IT TO SCHOOL!

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