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December    16,2008

Re: Rikki Dombrowski        Supervised   Visitation
Case #: 96-D-217

Progress Report:

I was assigned as the worker to this case in August of 2008. I began
supervising visits in mid August for 2 hours, one time weekly between Rikki
Dombrowski and her mother, Claudine Dombrowski. These visits were
scaled back from weekly to bi-weekly, per Rikki's request in approximately
September of 2008. Visits have remained 2 hours, every other week since
that time. This worker staffs visit progress with her clinical supervisor, Drex
Flott, LSCSW one time weekly and as needed.

During visitation this worker has had no concerns in reference to Rikki's
safety. In addition, this worker must commend Claudine Dombrowski for
progress made in not referring to Rikki's father, Hal Richardson, in a
negative manner during any visitation in front of her daughter. It is very
apparent when arriving at each visitation that both mother and daughter are
excited to see one another.

This worker has spoken with Rikki at length about visitation and it's
progress and limitations. On several occasions Rikki has made her wishes in
terms of visitation and her relationship with her mother, very clear to this
worker. There have been many times during visitation that Rikki has
expressed embarrassment in reference to her mother's behavior. Rikki has
also expressed that she wants visits to remain every other week for 2 hours
and does not want them unsupervised at this time. Rikki has expressed
much frustration to this worker in relationship to this case and her
relationship with her mother. Rikki is a bright teenager with a normal
teenage life and an ability to express her wishes and desires clearly. It
would be the recommendation of the agency and this worker that visits
remain status quo until Rikki indicates that she would like something
otherwise. It would also be the recommendation of the agency and this
worker that before and during any lengthened or unsupervised visitation
there shall be weekly therapeutic work between Rikki and her mother. Rikki
states that she loves her mother but is content with the relationship as it
stands. This worker supports Rikki's opinion and trusts that when she is
ready Rikki will express a desire for change.

Respectfully Submitted,

            , i.'" /   ",,"   ,1   "/

Kara Haney, LBSW, MSW Student Intern

<:D -=-'1:>+ ~~J
Drex Flott, LSCSW