Journal per the Order of the Court January 28th 2010

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					         As of June 27, 2010--- 44 direct Violations per order of the Court

Journal per the Order of the Court January 28th 2010

January 29th,, 2010 Thursday -9:00 pm

       Called Rikki per Court Order we talked a few minutes she stated she was tired but looked
       forward to visit coming Sunday. Call lasted 5 minutes.

Jan 31st, 2010 Sunday-1-3 pm

       Our 1st Visit in 6 years- arrived at Police Station TPD at 12:45 pm. Rikki- Ten minute late g/f and
       her two grown kids dropped her off at SN.CO Sheriffs- Not TPD.

       Rikki and I ate at steak and shake went to Barnes and Nobel drove around for awhile talked
       about the fact that she wanted to go to church and did not know that she was baptized catholic.
       Said she was going to change her FB to that. Stated all her maternal family is catholic. Told her
       to bring her drivers permit next Sunday and we would drive- (She has not driven since she got
       her permit- as no one has time to take her out to drive.

       We arrived at LEC at 2:50 PM as did girlfriend. At which time rikki and I said goodbye and she got
       in car with girlfriend who still had her two adult children with her. Told her I would call her
       around 8pm as per her request as (she was tired on last call)

February 2nd, 2010 Tuesday- Called at 8:15 pm

       Called Rikki at 8:15 pm stated she could not talk as Christopher (g/f’s grown son) and his g/f
       were there and she had to visit with them. She stated she would call me back when they were
       gone. “I love you mommy” she whispered when she hung up.

            9:00 Pm I called back- no answer. Her phone was off. No call was achieved this night-
            February 3rd, 2010 Wednesday- 7:39 PM

       Called Rikki left message as we did not talk last night- that to give me a call before 9:00 pm –if
       she can.

       No Call was achieved.

    February 4th, 2010 Thursday- 8:30 PM

       Called Rikki left message. No call achieved.
February 7th, 2010 Sunday 1:00 PM-3:00 PM Visit

       It Rocked..! We had a great time… she drove w her learners permit- she set the radio with her
       favorite songs.

    February 9th, 2010 Tuesday 8:00 PM

        Called Rikki- left message- no call achieved.

February 11th, 2010 Thursday 8:45 PM

       Called Rikki- was able to talk for 5 minutes told her to bring her DL for our Sunday visit

February 14th, 2010 Sunday Visit 1-3 PM

        Rikki clocked some hours on driving- we got her b/f a V-day card and teddy bear. Visit was great

    February 16th 2009 Tuesday 8:30 PM

        Called Rikki left her message. No call achieved.

    February 18th, 2010 8:00 PM

        Called Rikki left message- No call achieved.

    February 21st, 2010 12:20 PM VISIT CANCELLED

       Rikki called to cancel visit, as ‘dad’ said roads were too bad. She was very sad, I assured her I
       understood and ask if this was a good time to talk- she said no- (Dad was in background) I
       assured her that it was ok and I would call her Tuesday of next week and to have a great
       weekend to stay warm would talk with her next week-

       The roads were fine. It was a light dusting of snow-nothing more.

    February 23rd, 2010 Tuesday Call 8:30 pm

        Called Rikki- left message call unsuccessful

February 25th, 2010 Thursday 8:15 pm

       Called Rikki- we had an awesome conversation (dad not there) call lasted about 25 minutes!

February 28th, 2010 Sunday Visit

       Girlfriend arrived at 1pm with Rikki- we had a fabulous two hour visit- she drove my car – we
       ate- we talked about school and her friends. She asked about her family in Belgium and was
       excited to hear news of them. We arrived back at LEC at 2:55 pm
     March 2, 2010 Tuesday 8:30 pm

        Called Rikki as per order of court- left message- Call unsuccessful

     March 4th, 2010 Thursday 8:29 PM

        Called Rikki per Order of the court- left message –Call Unsuccessful

March 7th 2010 Sunday 1:00 pm-3:00 PM

         Visit went wonderful- when we arrived at TPD Rikki’s dad was there- to pick her up- (his
        girlfriend does all exchanges) and this was not normal. Rikki was extremely stressed when she
        saw him, he blocked my car in instead of letting Rikki come to him he drove his truck up our
        asses. He began yelling at Rikki to ‘hurry up.’ In getting out of my car and into his truck’ Rikki
        with tears in her eyes said “I love you mom”- I told her to hang in there I loved her. Rikki got into
        her dad’s truck He squealed his wheels as they sped away.

     March 9th 2010 Tuesday Called at 8:45 pm

        Called Rikki per order of the court. Call unsuccessful again

     March 11, 2010 Thursday 8: 50 pm

        Called Rikki per order of court Call unsuccessful left message for her to have a great day and I
        loved her.

March 14th, 2010 Sunday 1:00 pm-3:00 PM

        Rikki arrived at 1:05 pm via the girlfriend Julie.

        As usual our time went great we talked about her friends and issues at school Rikki clocked
        more time driving, we went to Wal-Mart, Kohl’s just doing that girl thing, talking and laughing.
        We arrived back at LEC at 2:55 PM

     March 16th, 2010 Tuesday

        Called Rikki per order of court left message. No call achieved.

     March 18th, 2010 Thursday

        Called Rikki per order of court left message. No call achieved.

March 21st, 2010 Sunday Visit Rikki arrived late at 1:05 PM via girl friend at pu and drop off at 3:00 pm.
       Rikki drove more working on parking, and some hi-way driving, we went to the humane society
       and she asked to go to my apartment- she wanted to see her cat Gus and her room, I told her
       we were not allowed to go to apartment yet. We went to Dicks Sporting goods as she is going
       full swing in track she wanted so very bad, but said it’s ok to not get them- I called it her x-mas
       Birthday and Easter present-(as I was not able to do for her) She happily said ok and we got
       them. She loved them ‘They are perfect mom” she said.

    March 23rd, 2010 Tuesday Called at 8:35 PM

       Call per order of court Left message. No call achieved.

    March 25th, 2010 Thursday called at 8-:15 PM

       Called per order of court Call Denied

March 28th, Sunday visit arrived at 1 pm returned at 3 pm

       Rikki brought back the track shorts we had gotten her the week before as her dad made her. She
       was quite angry. She really loved them. I told her that was ok I would keep them at home with
       me like I keep the rest of her special things. We talked about, track, school she asked about her
       grandfather and aunt Sabrina were doing. We talked about the Ocean and places of interest and
       what our vacation dream would be- we both concurred it had to be the ocean. We talked about
       Myrtle Beach as a goal. She had been to Florida with Dad and did not like it but it might be
       different if she actually went to the beach. She said “I could drive” where ever- she loves driving
       and is very good at it.

    March 30th, 2010 Tuesday Called at 8:05 PM

        per order of court Call Denied

    April 1st, 2010 Thursday 2010 Called at 8:15 PM

       per order of court Call Denied

April 4th, 2010 Easter Sunday arrived at 1pm returned at 3 pm

       We had a blast driving and for Easter since it was not ok to get her something we did get her dog
       and my cat Easter Green treats, she did accept the rosary that her deceased grandmother had
       wanted her to have.

    April 6th, 2010 Tuesday, called at 8:10 PM

       Called per order of court Call denied

    April 8th, 2010 Thursday Called Rikki 8:25 pm

       Called per order of court Call denied
April 11th, 2010 Sunday Visit

        Rikki arrived late at 1:05 PM re the girlfriend, we had Lunch and she clocked time behind wheel,
        we went to Barnes and Nobel talked about books, our mutual love, She picked out a book for
        me to read, it was Stephen Kings Bag of Bones about a cruel custody case where the paternal
        grandfather wants to hurt the mother, so he goes after custody of the her daughter.

April 13th, 2010 Tuesday called at 8:07 PM

        Called per order of court she was in her bedroom and we quietly talked about her track and her
        frustration through tears that her parents were not able to attend her events and that caused
        the coaches to not spend time with her on pole vaulting. I explained that I would be at every
        one if I could; she replied that she knew the courts and her dad would not let me. I hugged her
        tight through the air waves let her know that I was with her in heart to close her eyes and to
        sleep well and start the day fresh tomorrow. She then had to go as her dad was yelling at her.

     April 15th, 2010 Thursday

        Called per order of court Call denied

April 18th, 2010 Sunday Visit 1-3 pm LEC (dad tried a set up for failure) he failed

        Rikki called twice before visit about drivers ed class on May 28th, 201.. She was in tears as her
        dad said that I her mom had to pay $ 202.00 on this day as the deadline to turn it in was
        tomorrow April 19th, Monday or she would not get to do drivers ed. Fortunately I was able to
        get her a Money Order on our Sunday Visit so she could do it. We spent the rest of the visit
        driving to Barnes and Nobel where she picked out a book for herself. We laughed and talked
        about ‘boys’ and her other friends who were not real friends. She loves to drive- which is good
        as I hate to drive- and that if we ever go on vacation she was going to do all the driving- ‘fine by
        me’ I stated.

     April 20th, 2010 Tuesday

        Called per order of court Call denied

     April 22nd, 2010 Thursday

        Called per order of court Call denied

April 25th, 2010 Sunday Visit

        Rikki arrived at 1:07 pm with the Girlfriend Julie and her two kids.

        Rikki drove and asked if we could shop for shoes and camy as Julies mother just died and funeral
        was tomorrow on Monday. Rikki explained how she knew (Julies kids) would feel as they were
       close to their grandmother- like she was close to her grandmother. And that she wanted to be
       there to support them through her death as there was no one to support her through her own
       grandmothers death. Of course we got the shoes and camy. Via a trip to the mall and three shoe
       stores later. 

       We talked about her grandma and that she would begin to start healing when she could place
       some flowers on her grave and tell her she loved her. Rikki was tearful in that she wanted very
       much to go to her own grandmothers funeral and that she looked forward to beginning to put
       closure on the awful circumstances surrounding her grandmothers death and to begin healing.
       By supporting the children she is in effect doing exactly that. She also apologized for all the
       missed calls but stated “you know how it is” I concurred told her not to even think twice about
       it. She then asked me to attend her Wednesday afternoon track meet ( as she would not be able
       to ask me on our Tuesday call that will not succeeded) I said I would be there.

       We arrived at the LEC at 3:00 pm- the 17 year old daughter of the girlfriend Julie was the only
       one to pick Rikki up.

    April 27 Tuesday call 8:25 PM

       No call achieved

    April 29 Thursday call

       No call achieved

May 2nd Sunday visit Girlfriend arrived with Rikki at 1:00 pm

       We went to Michaels to get crafts poster board for her class project- we did pretty good in our
       crafty imaginations- we used to do crafts all the time- it came back to both of us. She was
       excited to begin her assignment for school- a geography about a country and the theme for it
       was ‘heaven’. We had fries at her favorite place steak and shake w BBQ sauce- We clocked some
       hours and ended up at Barnes and Nobel where we just sorta hung out looking through books.

    May 4th, 2010 Tuesday Called per order of the court 8:30 pm

       Call denied

    May 6th, 2010 Wednesday Called per order of the court 8:27 pm

       Call denied
May 9th Sunday Visit- Mothers day dad brought Rikki to LEC

       By the time dad was done giving Rikki instructions for whatever we left the LEC for our visit at
       1:08 pm We went to sprint to have her mobile replaced they had to order a replacement for her
       all she has to do is make it in during the week and they will transfer it for her- no cost it is a
       hardware malfunction.

       Rikki was quite upset as she stated that no one would take her to sprint. Like everything else she
       stated- they are to busy. I told her that if by chance the girl friend was unable to then the
       replacement would still be there the following Sunday for our next visit- we take care of it then.
       We went shopping for her for some summer clothes for school- 2 pair of shorts and two tank
       tops. She and I both had a great time- Rikki said I like shopping w you ur fun” I love to shop I say
        must be a girl thing I tease here.

       Rikki then stopped at Walgreens on our way back to LEC- she bought me my 1st mother’s day
       rose. She said it was great to finally spend a mother’s day with her mom even though it was only
       two hours we had a wonderful- fantastic day

       We arrived back at LEC at 2:55 pm- the girlfriend was there to pick up Rikki and she had brought
       the cookie dough that I had ordered for Rikki on behalf of her track team.

May 11, 2010 Tuesday call called 8:15 pm call lasted 7 minutes.

       Rikki stated she was done with tack would be be out of school soon- dreads the summer as she
       is always trapped at home. No one has the time to take her to any events or encourage her to
       participate in any summer activities. She is excited about drivers ed May 28th. She then asked
       me if a certain color shirt would look ok with the shorts we got her for school the next day- we
       settled on the gray camisole under white out of three possibilities. Then her dad came in to her
       room said she had to go take shower. That’s ok I say get some rest for school and will talk with
       you later.

    May 13th Thursday call 8:05pm

       No call achieved

May 16 2010 Sunday Visit

       Rikki arrived at 1:05 PM

       We went to sprint together to get her phone replaced as no one else would take her- Rikki also
       informed me that this was our last visit en re next visit cancelled because the girlfriends son was
       graduating high school and our visit interfered as qe only had two hours and it did not start until
       2pm. We arrived back at LEC at 2:55 PM the Girlfriend was waiting for her. We hugged and said
       good bye.

    May 18th, 2010 Tuesday 8:07 PM Called per order of the court

       No call achieved

    May 20th, 2010 Thursday call per order of court 8:20 PM

       No call achieved

May 22nd, 2010 Saturday Called Rikki at 3:00 pm

       To confirm that our visits had indeed been cancelled- she stated yes- I wished her a good time at
       prom as she never gets to go anywhere she said thx mom I love you!! “Diito” baby Right back at

    May 23rd, 2010 Visit Sunday


    May 25th called 8:15 pm per order of the court


    May 27th called 8:28 PM per order of the court


May 30th Visit

       Rikki arrived LATE at 1:15 pm by the girl friend Julie.

       Rikki was mad as hell at me for cancelling the hearing and asked me point blank without any
       “bullsit” why I cancelled. I told her that the asshole qaucko wrote a letter “I told her what was in
       the letter” and how the GAL from hell planned to use it to stop even the visits we are having-
       she was angry hurt and sad- she had so badly wanted to JUST HAVE NORMAL TIME WITH HER

       I explained to her we had to rebut- she said same shit different year- they will never let us be
       together. They are trying to STOP her from driving time ( They will not allow her to drive) and
       she is stuck out at dads with absolutely no one and no summer activities past the drivers ed I
       paid for.)
        During our short visits we did manage to shop, eat and she did clock some more driving hours.

         Who wouldn’t be depressed? We arrived back at LEC at 2:55 PM were the girl friend
        /replacement mommy picked her from real mommy.

     June 1, 2010 Tuesday Phone call denied
     June 3, 2010 Thursday Phone call denied

June 6, 2010 Sunday Visit- Rikki arrived late again for visit

         We went straight to stake and shake where rikki was looking fwd to meeting Tuck he never
        showed we called tuck twice rikki in last msg said its ok if we do it next weekend mom

     June 8, 2010 Tuesday call denied
     June 10, 2010 Thursday call denied

June 11, 2010 Rikki called said that “DAD” said she was busy and could not make our Sunday June 13th
visit. no excuse other than “DAD “ said so-- and that he was standing there by her and she had to hang

       June 13, 2010 Visit Cancelled
       June 15th, 2010 Call Denied
       June 17th, 2010 Call Denied
       June 20th, 2010 Visit- NO SHOW- NO CALL
       June 22nd, 2010-Call Denied
       June 24th, 20100 call denied
       June 27th, 2010 Sunday Visit- DENIED AGAIN