Khmer language software training by pengtt


									                          Khmer language software training
                                            For computer users

Creation of documents and communication

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the course, students will have learned and being able to:
       Type Khmer very fast with UNICODE standard.
       Create professional-looking documents by using OpenOffice (word-processor, spreadsheet,
       presentation tool, or a combination of them).
       Effectively communicate through e-mail in Khmer language, send and receive mail, and do
       basic configuration of the e-mail application.
       Access specific URLs through the Internet, do searches using search engines (google,...)
       Install Khmer software application

Duration: 24 hours

Trainers: One teacher and assistant for every 18 students

Required facility: Training room with one computer for each student, an LCD projector and a screen.
All computers must have installed an operating system and the designated Khmer language software
for OpenOffice (word-processing, spreadsheet, presentation), e-mail and Internet browsing.

       How to type Khmer UNICODE                           2 hours            1 lessons
       Word-processing (OOo Writer)                        8 hours            4 lessons
       Spreadsheet usage (OOo Calc)                        6 hours            5 lessons
       Presentation Tool usage (OOo Impress)               3 hours            3 lessons
       E-mail (Thunderbird - Moyura)                .      2 hours            2 lessons
       Internet Browsing (Firefox - Mekhala)               2 hours            2 lessons
       Installation of Khmer applications                  1 hours            1 lessons

Training materials: Developed and provided by the Open Institute

Software to be used: Khmer language software (word-processing, spreadsheet, presentation tool,
browsing, e-mail). Must be professional quality software that is 100% Khmer.
       CD's with the designated Khmer software and documentations.
       Slide hand-outs for OpenOffice, Internet and Email.

Starting with Writer
Lesson 01:
   •   Course objectives
   •   Lesson objectives
   •   How to type Khmer UNICODE
          How to switch keyboard layout (CA - En)
          Understanding Khmer character located in key
          Understanding the use of common usage keys (space, arrow, enter, back space, delete,
          home, end,..)
          Practicing to type Khmer characters (consonants, vowels, ...)
          How to type combination of consonants and vowels
          How to type Khmer words correctly by UNICODE
          Practicing how to type Khmer words in paragraphs
   •   How to save document
   •   How to quit program

Lesson 02:
   •  Lesson objectives
   •  How to use Writer
           How to open program
           Understanding program window
           Using basic icon on formatting toolbar
             ■ Text formatting (font name, size, bold, italic, underline)
             ■ paragraph formatting (alignment: left, right, center, justify)
           How to select text using mouse
           How indent by using tab key
           How to select text using keyboard
           Copy, Cut and Paste text
           Undo and Redo
           Bullet and numbering using icon on formatting toolbar
             ■ Input bullet and numbering
             ■ Change bullet and numbering
             ■ Delete bullet and numbering
           Save as document
           Close and create new document
           Close program
   •  Practicing to create a document

Lesson 03:
   •  Lesson objectives
   •  Using Writer
           How to open document
           How to set tab stop position on ruler bar
          Formatting text to default
          Using Painting icon to format text and paragraph
          Inserting symbols...
   •   Practicing to create a document

Lesson 04:
   •  Lesson objectives
   •  Using Writer
           Page setup
           Insert Header and Footer
           Formatting Header and Footer
           Insert page number and number of pages in Header and Footer
           Formatting page number to Khmer
           How to set margin (left, right, top and bottom)
           How to Insert new page
           How to indent paragraph using trigon icons on ruler bar
           How to insert picture from file
           Formatting picture (align, wrap text, insert title, ...)
   •  Practicing to create a document

Lesson 05:
   •  Lesson objectives
   •  How to set tab stop position by filling character
   •  How to insert column (insert, edit and delete)
   •  How to insert footnote automatically (insert and format footnote to Khmer)
   •  How to create table
           Inserting and delete table
           Moving cursor in table
           Enter text
           Insert rows and column
           Delete rows and column
           Select table, rows and column
           Adjust rows and column
           Merge cells
           Spit cell (portrait and landscape)
           Practicing to create tables
   •  How to print preview document
   •  How to print document
   •  Practicing to create a document

Starting with Calc

Lesson 01:
   •  Lesson objectives
   •  Using Calc
           Starting program
           Understanding program window
           Understanding cell, cell pointer, cell address, cell range
           How to enter, edit and delete data in Calc
           Data type in cell (text align left, number and date/time align right)
           How to select cells, rows and columns
           Formatting text in cell (format cells)
           Resize rows and columns
           Insert new rows and columns
           Delete cells, rows and columns
          How to calculate in basic (addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*) and division (/))
          How to calculate using SUM and AVERAGE formulas
   •   Practicing to create spreadsheet and calculating using the above formulas

Lesson 02:
   •  Lesson objectives
   •  Using Calc
           Edit and formatting worksheet
           Formatting cells
           ■   Change fonts name, size, ...
           ■   Alignment (horizontal and vertical alignment, text direction, wrap text, Shrink to fit,...)
           ■   Border
           ■   Number
                   General number
                   Custom formatting
           Merge cells
   •  Practicing to create a spreadsheet and calculation

Lesson 03:
   •  Lesson objectives
   •  Using Calc
           Using formulas
           ■  MAX(), MIN(), COUNT(), COUNTA()
           ■  RANK()
           ■  NOW()
           ■  YEARS(), MONTH(), DAYS()
           ■  COUNTIF()
           ■  IF()
           Understanding cell addresses (absolute and related cell address)
   •  Practicing to create a spreadsheet and calculation

Lesson 04:
   •  Lesson objectives
   •  Using Calc
           Using formulas
           ■  NETWORKDAYS()
           ■  HOUR(), MINUTE(), SECOND()
           ■  DAYS360()
           Using formula wizard to calculate
   •  Practicing to create a spreadsheet and calculation

Lesson 05:
   •  Lesson objectives
   •  Using Calc
           Data management
           ■  Sorting
           ■  Filtering
                   Auto filter
                   Standard filter
                   Advance filter
          Auto numbering and date
   •   Practicing to sort and filter data

Starting with Impress

Lesson 01:
   •  Lesson objectives
   •  Understanding usage of Impress
   •  Starting program
   •  Understanding program window
   •  Creating presentation
           Empty presentation
           From template
           Open existing presentation
   •  Choosing slide layouts
   •  Formatting text
   •  Creating a sample presentation
   •  Copy and paste slides
   •  Insert, rename, show/hide, delete slides
   •   Slide show
   •  Close presentation
   •  Exit program
   •  Practice

Lesson 02:
   •  Lesson objectives
   •  Create textbox
   •  Insert table
   •  Insert auto shapes
   •  Custom animation
           Exit animation
   •  Slides views (normal, outline, notes, handout, slide sorter)
   •  Slide transaction
   •  Practice

Lesson 03:
   •  Lesson objectives
   •  Creating Chart
   •  Insert slide footer
   •  Using slide master
   •  Insert header and footer in notes and slide sorter
   •  Using slide template
           Create template
           Save template
           Using template
   •  Print slides
   •  Practice

Internet – Mekhala web browser
Lesson 01:
   •  Lesson objectives
   •  Understanding about Internet
           Internet services
           Words using with Internet
           What is www and URL?
           What is web browser?
   •  Using Internet browser – Mekhala (firefox)
   •  Starting program
   •  Loading web page
   •  Working on web page
   •  Go back/forward one page
   •  Reloading current page
   •  Opening new tab
   •  Understanding navigation toolbar (search engine – google)
   •  Quit program

Lesson 02:
   •  Lesson objectives
   •  Create free Yahoo! Mail
           How to sign up (register)
           How to log in
           ■ Read mail
           ■ Compose mail
           ■ Send mail
           ■ Reply mail
           How to sign out

E-mail client – Moyura (Thunderbird)

Lesson 01:
   •  Lesson objectives
   •  Understanding about e-mail
   •  Using e-mail client – Moyura (Thunderbird)
   •  Starting program
   •  Understanding program window
   •  How to compose mail, send mail
   •  Understanding e-mail address
   •  How to get mail (receive mail)
   •  Selecting mail and read
   •  Quit program

Lesson 02:
   •  Lesson objectives
   •  How to response mail (understanding about response mail)
   •  How to forward mail
   •  How to delete mail
   •  How to restore mail

How to install Khmer language software
  •   What else inside the CD?
  •   Installing program all or which one you like
  •   Configuration something with OpenOffice after installed

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